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Sir, we are from City International Bank in Delhi Your company, The Oberoi Industries had applied for a loan of Rs. 500 crores from our bank for The Oxygen Cylinder Project Yes, yes I know it Yes, I know it This was my grandson Raju’s dream project Our bank has sanctioned the loan Sir, we would like to give this good news to Raj Oberoi Where is he, sir? My Raju My grandson That genius and intelligent boy The one who would talk about big businesses My Raju My grandson My grandson He’s just like a kid now Because of an accident, he lost his mental stability He has nothing left in his life, except a few memories Sir, we are very sorry We don’t require the loan Give this loan to the companies that are in need and where the labours can get jobs And with their blessings, I hope Raju recovers soon Okay, sir We’ll leave Dad, your feelings for Raj and your tears make us feel low The truth is, we can’t see you depressed Father-in-law, refusing Rs. 500 crores isn’t a good business Dad, when we can manage so many factories we can take care of this new project as well Yes. 100 percent If you say, I’ll do it myself Dad, my son Vicky is also your grandson just like Raj Dear, it’s not about being a grandson It’s about attributes and capabilities There may be many mangoes in the garden But some are sour and a very few are sweet Yes, that’s right According to you I’m a rotten mango which should be thrown into the trash This is his quality Yes I’m sure father-in-law won’t mind his words He knows him since childhood Dad, hand over that project to him Then you’ll see. He’ll manage the entire property Daughter-in-law how will he take care of such a huge project when he can barely manage to stand firmly? Take care of your son He’s worthless according to me I hope he doesn’t fall on the ground Told you Dad! – Tell me, dear Dad – Yes? What’s the difference between that psycho and me? There’s not much of a difference, son That fellow drinks milk in the morning And my son drinks beer every morning That fellow massages my dad’s feet every day Whereas my son thinks of strangling my dad every day That’s the only difference between him and you Wow! What a fun! This green coloured ice-cream was superb And the white one felt like I had snow and it went into my tummy There are no words to describe the chocolate flavour And the orange flavour was also awesome I really enjoyed it. I felt like I ate up a sugar factory Mr. Raju, you shouldn’t eat too much of ice-cream Else, you’ll suffer from pneumonia I’m spending my grandpa’s money Not your dad’s money Don’t do this drama I need to stay slim after eating the ice-cream Hey! Mr. Murari! Come here. I need to tone down, help me jog Come fast – That’s ridiculous Since 2 hours, I’ve been jogging like a donkey just for you I’m so tired Mr. Murari, if you jog only then I can become slim Look at how much I eat – Will you become slim if I jog? What a crazy man I’ve met – Hey, I’m not crazy I just have one shortcoming Everything else is perfect

I hope you screw up with all that’s perfect. Idiot! Hey, don’t call me a monkey Else, I’ll cancel all the rounds you’ve completed Come on Start from the top Count from the beginning! Again? – Yes, once again. One God! I’ve already completed 10 rounds – One! Take out 25 ice-creams – Around 25 more? Yes, 25 more – You’ve already eaten 50 You don’t understand I want to break Meena’s record Who’s Meena? – Meena is my girlfriend I’m going to marry her We have an affair from a long time Give it to me! When I kiss the ice-cream, I feel like I’m kissing Meena Is that so? Then you kiss her Meena, right? I love you, Meena Hey, Mr. Murari Murari, one minute Listen to me – Yes. What is it? Come here I feel like shooting a question at you A question should be asked, not shot But I shoot it Once, there was an elephant and an ant They were good friends One day, they were playing hide and seek And the ant The ant was hiding in a temple How was the elephant able to find out that the ant is in the temple? Perhaps another elephant informed this elephant that the ant is in the temple – The elephant is very smart He never asks anybody He thinks all by himself I don’t know I lose Answer me – I don’t get it Do you accept defeat? – Yes The elephant saw the ant’s slippers outside the temple so he figured out that the ant is inside the temple Such a tiny ant, with tiny slippers spotted by an elephant? – Yes, that’s right I’ll go for another 30 rounds – Okay Okay – I’ll commit suicide I asked for 50 ice-creams Why have you given me just one? This is cheating! – Will you have the rest of it here or shall I pack it for you? – Listen to me Send this ice-cream stall to my bungalow Sure – Send it by today Okay? – Get him! Hey, what are you doing? What’s happening? We are kidnapping you – Kidnapping? Okay. Most welcome Careful! Careful! I’ll get hurt – My money! Forget it – Murari will give it. I’m busy Scoundrels What’s the matter? Something that I feared would happen What fear? – Which you didn’t have What are you trying to say? – What do I say now? When you get the call, you’ll understand Hello? – Hello, Grandpa These people are useless Don’t give them any money I’ll trick them and run away Don’t you dare hit my grandson – Enough! Enough! I have understood you love your grandson a lot Now, your grandson is a cash token of 10 crores The next time I call you I’ll tell you the place where you will come with the ransom Else, I’ll cut your grandson into tiny pieces and send him to your home – It’s not your right Why are you shivering? Were you selling peanuts before? Dad, I understand that we need to save Raj But wasting such a huge amount for nothing isn’t wise Son, what’s the use of all this money if it cannot save a life? There was an elephant and an ant They were travelling on a scooter passing the Gateway of India Suddenly, a truck came and hit them The elephant died, but the ant survived. How? Very simple Very simple The ant must have jumped from the scooter Was there a swimming pool? Was there a swimming pool? – No She must have hidden behind the elephant Were they playing hide and seek? Don’t talk rubbish Do you accept defeat? – Okay Okay The ant was wearing a helmet Safety first Now, I’ll run away – No! No, no My cash token of Rs. 10 crores It’s not easy to escape from my trap Never mind I’ll tell you what Hold me here tightly – Okay You, too, do the same – Okay You, hold my collar. Collar! – Hold him tightly! You, hold my back Okay? – Yes Is everyone ready? – Yes One, two, three, four, five! Five, four, three, two, one! One, two, three, four, five! He ran away! Catch him! Catch me. Catch me! Come and catch me One minute! One minute! Time, please. Time, please Time, please. Time, please I’m out. I’ll be out Time, please! Time, please! Stay in there! Time, please! What’s going on here? – Inspector, it’s me Oh! Raj. It’s you – Yes They had kidnapped me – What! I ran away from there, they chased me I ran to the road, they followed me to there Then I went to the garden, they followed me there, too When I came to the police station, they still followed me What are you saying? – Look Something may be wrong with your speech but your brain is absolutely fine I have been saying from the very beginning that only my speech is impaired, else everything is fine Quiet! – Don’t cry! Dogs cries are inauspicious Inspector, I shall leave now My grandpa is an old man He must be worried I have to take care of him – Okay, go Grandpa, I’m here!

Raju, my dear! My dear Raju! My darling! My dear Raju! – I’m here! Did they let you go? No, grandpa. They weren’t ready to leave me I left them – really? But how did you manage to let yourself out? Running! Jogging! I was ahead of them And I always come first in running Ask Mr. Murari about how good I am at jogging Please don’t remind me The very thought of it chokes me Mr. Murari, Raju has returned due to his jogging skills I don’t mind if he keeps jogging the entire day Well, I don’t agree to that – Do you want your job? You don’t know He doesn’t jog at all He keeps having ice-cream and I’m the one who jogs in his place Mr. Murari, lying isn’t good Good morning, Mr. Oberoi He hasn’t just escaped He has also handed over the kidnappers to us What? – Yes Your grandson is really smart He’s very smart I have come to congratulate you The government had placed a bounty of Rs. 10 lakhs for whoever hands over the criminals And your grandson has earned that money Look They’re gone What’s wrong with them? They can’t control themselves when it comes to money And you mentioned such a huge amount Please take it slow There’s no hurry Mr. Oberoi, I shall take my leave Thank you Good luck Aren’t all of you very fond of money? Do you want me to deposit that Rs. 10 lakhs in your account? Grandpa, why would you give the money to them? I shall spend that money on myself I shall throw a party for Rs. 5 lakhs and buy ice-cream with the rest of the money If you eat ice-cream for Rs. 5 lakhs you’ll fall sick or catch pneumonia I can never catch pneumonia I’ll eat the ice-cream and you’ll be the one to suffer Mr. Murari.. Grandpa, Mr. Murari is saying something What is it? – I was just showing my affection We shall throw a party and celebrate my birthday Yes. Your birthday – Isn’t it, grandpa? If we celebrate my birthday, Meena shall come Meena will get presents for me She shall sing for me, cut the cake and after that, she’ll peck me on my cheek right here ‘The heart become helpless’ ‘when it falls in love..’ Hey, lunatic! Come downstairs! ‘Love is knocking’ ‘at your door..’ – Lunatic! Come downstairs to cut the cake! Uncle, why are you yelling? It’s my party, I will be the one cutting the cake and Meena will be the one to have it Why are you in such a hurry? Can’t you see that I’m getting dressed? Does it take so long to get dressed? Even you take time to get dressed! You take two hours to dye your hair black Then you apply your lenses and your false teeth Half of the things in your body are artificial How do you know? – I saw everything once Should I give you the details? – No, no! No! – I know all the details! Dear Yes, I know – Come downstairs Everyone’s waiting for you At the party? Has Meena arrived? No, she hasn’t arrived A party won’t be a party without Meena Let’s kill time until she arrives Listen – Let me ask you a question No, no, no! Ask me any question except the one with ant and elephant Mr. Murari, my life revolves around ants and elephants There was an elephant and an ant – Look! Ant – It’s time to go to the party and not solve riddles Uncle, what is this? – What is it? Oh! Accident! Uncle, what’s that? What is it? – Accident! Uncle, what’s this? – What? Accident! Uncle! Uncle! – What are you doing? Accident! Will you come or shall I start an accident? How? – What’s that? That Do you think I lack brains? I just have one shortcoming Everything else is perfect All my shortcomings are getting highlighted at your expense Mr. Murari, let me say something What? – You are great! You are out of the world! Let’s go Does that mean, I’m not from this world? Look, friends There were two elephants They were standing near a lake And there was a boat in the middle of the lake Both of them had to cross the lake Tell me How did they cross it? In my opinion, they swam – They didn’t know to swim They are elephants, they can’t swim They sit on the boat and cross the lake The boat is small. They can’t fit and thus they can’t cross Then tell us the answer – Why don’t you answer? We don’t know the answer – Then, shall I say? Go ahead – They didn’t, as they had no death wish! One sec Yes – Raj, is the story over? Now, come here and cut the cake – Please don’t interrupt me I’m not cutting the cake until Meena arrives Meena isn’t coming Her parents have stopped her Even if the entire world stops her, my Meena will surely come Look, Meena is here! Oh, Meena! Shall I tell you something? You’re looking great! You’re out of the world! Thank you, Raj! You know what, Meena? Everybody was saying that you won’t come But I knew you would surely come Could it ever happen that you call me and I don’t turn up? That’s the reason I love you so much! Come Everyone’s waiting for you Come, come Grandpa, Meena is here

Greetings, grandpa – Meena, come here Hey, move! Come, Meena! Come here! Let’s celebrate! – That moron! “I made a drum of pumpkins.” “Cymbals made from lemons.” “Ridge gourd taps a clap.” “Zucchini sings along!” It is not ‘Zucchini’, it is ‘Cucumber’ I am saying it! A cucumber! – Ok, say it. A cucumber “The bitter gourd – The bitter gourd..” “The bitter gourd got engaged Sweet potatoes came to dance.” “The bitter gourd got engaged Sweet potatoes came to dance.” “Sweet potatoes came to dance.” “Cauliflowers turned into drums!” “Cauliflowers turned into drums!” “The bottle gourd turned into a clarinet” “Sweet potatoes came to dance.” “Sweet potatoes came to dance.” “Splendid! Amazing!” “Splendid! Amazing!” “The potato was mad at the onions.” “He was being teased by the yam.” “It was colocasia that helped out.” “Sweet potatoes came to dance.” “The bitter gourd got engaged Sweet potatoes came to dance.” “Sweet potatoes came to dance.” Let me show you how to dance “Crawl like an insect! Crawl along.” “Crawl like an insect! Crawl along.” “Be it Delhi, Mumbai or Bhatinda.” “Everyone asks for an eggplant or an apple gourd.” “Okra is loved by all!” “Sweet potatoes came to dance.” “The bitter gourd got engaged Sweet potatoes came to dance.” “Sweet potatoes came to dance.” “The cheeks are as red as tomatoes and they trouble all.” “The pointed gourd made peace.” “Sweet potatoes came to dance.” “Sweet potatoes came to dance.” “Cauliflowers turned into drums!” “The bottle gourd turned into a clarinet” “Sweet potatoes came to dance Sweet potatoes came to dance.” “The bitter gourd got engaged Sweet potatoes came to dance.” “Sweet potatoes came to dance.” Grandpa! It was fun, grandpa I had forbidden you from entering this house, right? Brother-in-law, what are you saying? Even you have entered this house Then, why are you stopping her? Shut up. Come on, Meena No! – No, Meena. Don’t go You can’t take her away I’m keeping quiet because you are Meena’s brother

No, brother – Let go of her hand Come, Meena – You can’t take her No, Meena – I said, come on, Meena No. No, brother He’s forcefully taking her – No, brother Shut up and come home Somebody, stop him Leave me alone – Come Brother – Grandpa! Why don’t you stop him? Let him take her Mr. Murari, take care of him Come – No, brother. Please I knew this would happen Come here Did you see that? People don’t have an ounce of respect for you You were all gaga about Meena What happened? Her brother came and took her away You couldn’t even do anything Nobody helped you None of them tried to stop him Leave the rest Even your grandpa Even he didn’t make an effort to help you Do you know why? It’s because nobody in this house loves you You’re a troublesome, useless and a good-for-nothing ‘thing’ for everyone You’re a perennial pain in the eye If I were in your shoes and had the slightest of self-respect I would have hung myself to death Yes! Suicide! If I were in your shoes and had the slightest of self-respect I would have hung myself to death Yes! Suicide! What’s happening? What’s this? I want to commit suicide I don’t want to live anymore What are you talking about? I’m telling the truth Nobody loves me Nobody at all When Meena was being taken away by her brother nobody even tried to stop him Even you didn’t make an effort I don’t want to live Being my grandson, you’re talking like a coward No, dear Suicide is a criminal offence It’s wrong Do you want to upset God? No – Do you want to fight with God? No – Are you greater than God? No Forgive me, grandpa Forgive me, grandpa It’s okay, dear Grandpa I’ve been trying to die since two hours I’ve been roaming for two hours with a rope around my neck I was wondering why I wasn’t dying What would’ve happened if I had died? God would’ve been angry, right? No, my dear Listen to me Forget about him Else I’ll snap your neck and kill you! I’ll get you married soon to a man of my choice. Got it? Come on, girls. Hurry up! I’m getting late We know that a prospective groom is coming to meet you Amidst the dance competition how did the issue of marriage crop up? I was dining with mom and dad yesterday The guy’s grandpa saw me there and he liked me Is the alliance 100 percent fixed? No. No One percent is still left It will be complete when we see each other Oh, no! The tyre is punctured! How will I reach on time? Wow! What a car! Girls, this is our lucky day You’re an excellent businessman, Mr. Raj Do you really want me to believe it? Thank you – You have an intelligent mind Yes – During our last project Hold on Who is taking my car? Hello, hey.. Hello! Hello Excuse me Please step out of the car Why? Did I take your permission before hopping onto it? If you want to hop on, you may do it on a train, plane or even a missile for that matter But please step out of this car Why? Did I break a signal? Are you a police officer? Are you a CIA or FBI agent? You don’t know me Please vacate the car – I don’t want to listen to you I don’t care who you are Listen to me I don’t want your advice By the way, what’s your problem with me? There’s a connection I’m tensed because of your action. – What? You can be arrested I’ll take this matter to the police What are you saying? I’m saying that I like you What! – I mean, I like your innocence What do you mean? – I mean the way you’re trying to portray your innocence Are you trying to flirt with me? No. No way Excuse me, gentlemen. Please I need some help here This man is trying to flirt with me No, no! – Excuse me No way. She’s lying.. Hey! No. No! Mom, dad I’m on time. Right? Come, dear They must be on their way

What have you done to yourself? You hair is messed up Actually, my car had a puncture Is it the same problem again? But still, I’m on time Nobody has come yet I’m right here Please come, Mr. Oberoi We were waiting for you Please come She’s my wife, Anju Hello – Hello He is Raj’s grandpa Bless me, Mr. Oberoi – She’s our daughter, Meena She pays heed to traditional values. I’m glad These are for you Thank you – I saw your show It was awesome I chose you for my grandson We’ll fix the dates by today itself But where is your grandson? Hello, everybody I’m here Oh, no! Who are you? I’m Raj Raj would never dress in such a manner But he has It has been a tough time How? – What do I say? I stepped out of the house in a dignified appearance But I met a beautiful girl on my way who is responsible for this condition You look like an international beggar – I know In reality I belong to a wealthy household, grandpa ‘Grandpa’? Are you my grandson, Raj Oberoi? If you don’t believe me, I’ll have to prove it Dear Did you go to wrestle wearing a suit? What do I say, grandpa? I met a beautiful girl on my way She’s responsible She’s there! She’s right there! Grandpa, this is her Oh, my God! She is – Please hear me out What do you have to say? You didn’t pay heed to me I won’t even listen to half a word Actually, I didn’t know I was beaten up and you didn’t know They wanted to kill me I’m glad you have met each other already It’s fun – ‘Fun’? They were going to kill me, grandpa It isn’t a big deal Tell me something Will you marry her? Well, I’m really very sorry All this happened because I was supposed to meet you Actually, I was getting late You should’ve thought about it You were just getting late But my name could have been prefixed with ‘late’ Don’t you dare talk about death I’ll kill you I’m sorry, grandpa I’m so sorry It’s good to see this bond between a grandpa and his grandson ‘If you talk about death, I’ll kill you.’ “All these times, I never felt like this.” “Never before have I ever felt such joy.” “Never before I felt such rush, such passion.” “What has happened to me? What has happened to me?” “What has happened to me? What has happened to me?” “I cannot rest easy since dusk and I shivered at your name.” “I cannot rest easy since dusk and I shivered at your name.” “I know the loneliness you felt, I carry the same pining for you.” “Never had I longed for dreams and had such thoughts.” “What has happened to me? What has happened to me?” “What has happened to me? What has happened to me?” “What has happened to me? What has happened to me?” “I thank you for loving me, I surrender my heart to you.”

“I thank you for loving me, I surrender my heart to you.” “For it is these words of yours that win my heart.” “Never before I had such a pleasure and joy.” “What has happened to me? What has happened to me?” “What has happened to me? What has happened to me?” Hey, Raj What happened? – Nothing Why did you call me here all of a sudden? I had something in mind I wanted to clear it up That’s why I called you here alone – What is it? Take a seat Let’s sit down and talk Look, Meena Everyone’s life has a past Everyone has a past which we shouldn’t hide We should share it What do you mean? – I mean, I am honest That’s why I want to tell you everything In everyone’s life there is a boy or a girl – You mean to say that in your life – There was a girl Really? Girl can only be a girl I can’t change it to a boy Don’t get tensed, please Look, this is life All this happens in life, right? But who was she? Koko ‘Koko’? – Yes Once I went to an ice-cream parlour to have Choco bar There I met Koko before I could get a Choco We looked at each other Eyes twitched Hearts throbbed and loud thunders ripped through the sky And the thunder scared her so much that Koko leaned on me – What happened then? Don’t ask me that Koko was in my arms I was in Koko’s arms Again, Koko was in my arms and I was in Koko’s arms Why did you had to keep her in your arms for so long? Don’t ask me that Why are you standing? Why don’t you sit down? Please Please So.. When I opened my eyes, the rain had stopped And we were knee-deep in the water Koko’s house was right in front She said ‘please come’ I said ‘welcome’ I was inside Koko’s house, the door was locked from outside What happened then? – Don’t ask me that Soothing breeze was blowing outside It was really cold inside There was one blanket and two people – So? So We both got under the blanket And what happened under the blanket? So much happened and it went on What happened then? – Don’t ask me that The friendship between me and Koko really deepened Our friendship became very strong But I got to know one day that Koko left the town without informing me – That’s really good! And then I met her suddenly at a hill station one day That’s really bad! She was ice-skiing there Even I was ice-skiing While Koko was skiing, her legs slipped and she fell off the mountain – Did she die? She survived I saved her I saved her I pulled her up But even my legs slipped and I fell on Koko Koko was below and I was above her – Then? Don’t ask me that Why do you keep getting up? Take your seat Sit down, please Please sit down Yes Koko fell ill She was losing breath Hospital was very far from there I was taking her by car On the way, suddenly Suddenly – She would’ve died, right? I didn’t let her die She could have died But before she stopped breathing I started blowing air into her mouth I kept blowing into her mouth again and again You gave her a mouth to mouth resuscitation! Meena, I didn’t have any other option – Oh, you! Go to hell! Go to hell and take your Koko with you! Meena! Meena, where are you going? Are you going to meet Koko? Take her address Koko Street, Koko Building, flat number: Koko Koko! Koko Look, my absence shouldn’t affect the business Just a minute. I’ll speak later My fiancee is here I’ll speak later Hey, Meena!

What are you doing here? – Why? Didn’t you like me coming here? No, nothing as such I was thinking, you might have not liked what I told about Koko the other day Look, Raj That was your past Everyone has his own past, right? What do you mean? Sit down, Raj – No, it’s all right No, please sit down – No, it’s all right. Tell me I’ll explain it to you See, Raj You are a very honest person You told me everything about you Why should I hide something? That means, there was someone in your Boy Boy! There was a boy! Raj, boy can only be a boy, right? I can’t change it to a girl Don’t get tensed This is life All this happens in life Listen, I want to tell you everything about my life today To heck with your past Tell me this first What was his name? Popo ‘Popo’? – Yes Who is this Popo? Don’t ask me that Popo had the habit of flirting right from his childhood Actually, Popo used to follow me everywhere I went And one day, he caught me – What happened then? Don’t ask me that One day I was going home, drenched in rain Popo came after you with an umbrella How do you know that? – It’s a very common formula Anyway, carry on – So I was going drenched in rain and Popo came with an umbrella and then suddenly he brought his lips closer to mine behind the umbrella and What happened then? – Don’t ask me that Hey, why are you standing? Please sit down. Sit Let’s sit and talk. Sit down – Okay Meena, by the way, don’t you think Popo is crossing my Koko too fast? Yes. Popo was crazy about me since childhood Why did you get into a relationship with a lunatic? I didn’t do it My dad forced me Look, he has followed me here as well Why did he follow you here? – Don’t ask me that Hey, what’s this? Tell me Why did he follow you? Hold on I am telling it Well, Popo says that he will marry only me and not anyone else – But what does he mean by that? – Don’t ask me that Hey, what’s this? – Hey! I’ll ask for sure Don’t get angry I am telling you, right? Actually, I was bathing, the other day Okay – And Popo snuck into the bathroom That stranger entered your bathroom and you let him enter! He wasn’t a stranger at that time – Oh, my God! A stranger enters your bathroom and you don’t consider him as a stranger Do you think that I’ll accept you after this? Go to hell! – Hey! You and your Popo, go to hell! – Hey! Hey, Raj! Raj! Raj, where are you going? Are you going to meet Popo? Take his address and go Popo Street, Popo Road, flat number: Popo Popo To heck with your Popo! Hello. Who? You? I don’t want to talk to you at all Raj, hear me out I don’t want to hear anything Go to your Popo Why? Are you going to your Koko? I don’t want to discuss about Koko or Popo Shut up! – It’s strange! You talked so much about Koko yesterday Did I say anything? Today, I just talked about Popo you got so upset! – I was kidding I don’t know any Koko, okay? I don’t know any Popo either – What! You were pulling my leg! – Look! The way you had created Koko I had to create Popo to get rid of Koko Anything wrong? – Meena You know what? You got me so worried! I am driving my car at a speed of 180 kmph Darling, please calm down Take a U-turn and just come back to me Okay, sweetheart I am taking a U-turn, okay? Raj, what happened? Raj! Mr. Oberoi I just met the doctor There is a very bad news Raj’s life is safe But his mental condition What has happened to him? – He has gone to his childhood He hasn’t forgotten anything But his behaviour is like that of a eight or ten year old kid He might recover completely after the operation or he might lose his life as well – No No! I can’t take that risk I will wait I will wait for a better treatment Mr. Oberoi, he is your grandson You can wait But we are her parents We can’t wait for long What do you mean? – I don’t want to say anything

You are elder than us I would like to ask you Had you been in our shoes, what would you do? Let’s go – No, mom I will marry only Raj It’s the decision of my life and I’ll be the one to take it I am telling you Let’s go You can take a decision after returning to India No, dad I won’t go anywhere without Raj No, dear You shouldn’t talk to your parents like that No! Moreover, you should take everyone’s consent for a wedding – Mr. Oberoi And if God wishes one day, you will be Raj’s wife Yes Raj I love you I used to love you I love you even today And I will love you forever Mr. Murari, why are you in such a hurry? Are you going to commit suicide? Whenever you start talking, you talk rubbish Why would I commit suicide? I thought you wanted to commit suicide after seeing your face No problem. Commit suicide tomorrow – What! Shall I ask you a question? A question is better than the topic of suicide. Go ahead There were an ant and an elephant Oh, God! – Both of them were swimming together The elephant got out of water but the ant didn’t get out of water Tell me why – I don’t know Tell me – I didn’t see all that Have you lost to me? – Yes, I have lost Shall I tell you? – Yes The ant didn’t come out because it didn’t have it’s swimming costume on It felt shy The ant didn’t have it’s swimming costume on? No! – It felt shy? Yes, the ant I’m leaving – Hey, tell me Where are you going? I was thinking of committing suicide But I’ll postpone it as I have pending work Hey, listen – Get lost I’ll slap you Hey, transfer this money to my village. Hurry up Murari, looks like you’re making a fortune by dancing to the tunes of that crazy person. – Shush! You’re not aware that an elephant is always over my head and an ant in my ears Send the money – Okay Hey, Murari, you’re caught in your act Do you send a lot of money to your home concealing from my grandpa? – No Are you saying that I’m a thief? No. I’m not accusing you of being a thief I am calling you a thief! – Hey, if you talk like this Listen, please don’t tell your grandpa Or else, who will listen to your elephant and ant riddles? Right? – That’s true On that note, give me money for ice-cream Money? – For ice-cream I don’t have any You lend me some, I’ll pay you back later – Okay Here you go – Listen I have only one loose screw, the rest are tight! – Why? The rest are tight. I’m like that. Give your own money Oh! My bad Here you go – Okay How much did you steal? Leave! – Hey Mister, give me an ice-cream A pink one That crazy person is over there Got it? Wow! A very nice ice cream Hey! Hey! Are you crazy? I dropped my ice-cream Give me a yellow one Don’t forget to give me the change. Okay? Hey! Hey.. Hey, are you bumping into me on purpose? Do you think I’m mad? – I didn’t do it on purpose Hey, you’re copying me Are you copying me? I’m not copying I’m like this So, are you’re just like me? – Indeed Hey, if I slap you, you’ll melt like an ice cream and you’ll fall in the gutter And if you fall in the gutter your mom will searching for you, forever Will you slap me? Yes, I will Hey! I have two hands – I have ten I can’t see them – Here they are These are not hands, but goons Just goons Indeed, we are goons You are a goon? – Yes I will not fight you guys My grandpa says don’t mess with goons That’s your path and my path is over there Mister, give me another ice cream Hey, I’ll show you the right path Hey! Hey! What are you doing? Why are you thrashing me? What are you doing? Why are you doing it? Are you all mad or what? Hey, stupid! Stupid! Hey Hey, I will beat you up I’ll thrash you with stones Hey, what are you doing? What are you doing? Murari, they beat me Beat me up But, why do you mess with the goons? Drop that Let’s go My yellow ice cream. Hang on – Come on Who pelted the stones? Quickly inform the police Ma’am, the police can’t do anything Do you know Kishan Oberoi? The big business man? Raj is his grandson He’s a bit crazy He injured a couple of kids in our area too Just treat the injury Nothing will happen How can we ignore this? He’s not my grandson Rather, he’s my weakness Mr. Oberoi, there’s a possibility that I’ll have his arrest orders by tomorrow

After that, I’ll have to Listen, Mr. Oberoi If you want to save him admit him to a mental hospital immediately or send him away from this city Away from this city? “My heart is beating, keeps only beating.” “I’m waiting for you..” Mr. Murari, if my marriage with Meena doesn’t take place the moment I reach Shimla then – Hey, reach there first You will be married the moment you reach Okay. Okay Wait here I’ll be back in a minute Hey, where are you going? To commit suicide? – Yes Fine. Don’t do it here at the airport Let’s go to the railway station We’ll save some of grandpa’s money I’ll be torn apart by the train but your marriage will be in ruins. Is that fine? I have only one loose screw, the rest are tight! Come back quickly “My heart is beating..” – I know “…keeps on repeating.” “My heart is beating.” “keeps on repeating.” “I’m very sorry..” By bringing Meena into the picture I made him agree Murari, you’re taking him along based on such a big lie But what will you do when he gets to know the truth? Sir, you don’t worry Just take care of the expenses I’ll manage the rest Murari, with immense pain I’m giving you the responsibilities of my beloved one Take good care of him I’ll treat your grandson like my own grandson Forty I feel as if I’m the Reserve Bank of India He may be a crazy person for the world but he’s a bearer cheque for me I can cash in anytime I want to But tell me something Did you miss me when I was gone? Silly concern I missed you a lot Whenever I came across a thief, I missed you a lot A thief reminded you of me? – Indeed N-No When that thief ran away with my purse on our honeymoon, you had caught him That’s the reason – Okay I thought of something else Also, you know, whenever I came across a beggar I missed you a lot – Hey, have you lost it? Why did a beggar remind you of me? I meant Yes. I know you make donations at the temple That’s why Is it? Didn’t you remember me when you saw a dog? Yes, of course The dog in our area – Shut up This is strange A thief reminded you of me A beggar reminded you of me Dogs reminded you of me Thank God, I didn’t enquire further No, actually – Shut up The imbecile broke my window again! Murari! Murari? Murari, what is this? What is this? Look, he broke my window pane again Go and bowl – You should appreciate his courage Whatever – You should put a garland around his neck You should pray for him You should thank him These kind of shots create cricketers like Sachin Tendulkar Sourav Ganguly and Rahul Dravid This is the future team of Indian Cricket Is it necessary to break my glass for creating a cricket team? And that, too, every day What the You broke such an expensive window Mr. Murari, if you talk too much I’ll call up grandpa and tell him about the money order Why are you shouting at him? He played such a great shot You should appreciate him You should pray for him You should thank him They are the future of Indian cricket, after all They will become like Sachin Tendulkar Rahul Dravid There’s a Punjabi, too, he’ll be Harbhajan Singh Play on, boys. Don’t worry I’m here Hey. Go now. Come on I was saying that I’m here, ma’am What? He is here? If he’s here, then where am I? – You’re here, too Am I here, too? I mean You’re the only one Mr. Kulkarni – Yes, sir There’s Rs. 25 lakh in my account Please transfer that to Mr. Murari who’s in Shimla But, sir.. You transferred that money to Vicky Vicky? A sum of Rs. 25 lakh? When? When I was at the bank tomorrow for the statement Vicky was encashing the cheque with your sign on it Send Vicky to me Right away What reminded you of Vikram Oberoi, grandpa? You faked my signature on a cheque Yes. I did Did you withdraw Rs. 25 lakh? – Yes. So what? My son is young Hi, dad – He has expenses Perhaps you forgot that he’s entitled to the property, too Does that mean he can steal from me? And that he is allowed to fake my sign and keep betraying me? Dad the greed of money can compel a son to betray their parents nowadays Just imagine He’s the son a wealthy dad Grandson of a wealthy grandpa If he doesn’t spend money

will you spend it? Shut up! I had raised roses How did the thorns grow? I am in my senses now I’ve understood now I’ve understood all of you clearly And now I’ll change just like you, from now on Got it? I’ve earned this property and wealth on my own I’ll disown you all from this Go and learn to be independent Make your own mark in this world Get out Dad, listen to me – I said, get out This is unfair Move away Stop it – Don’t say that Go and hold the money Who am I earning for? It’s for you Is it? Then why did you turn down the jewelry offer for me? It was a slip of the tongue I’ll agree to it That’s strange During the day, all husbands say ‘no’ but ‘yes’ during the night All husbands? – Yes How many husbands have you seen? I mean.. A husband All men are like this They agree during the night and forget it during the day Why? – I haven’t forgotten I remember everything You see Raj is the gateway to money – Is it? I want to have all the wealth he can give me I want to make a room filled with currency Currency filled roof Currency filled floor Currency filled furniture Currency filled cooker Currency filled utensils We’ll cook currency We’ll eat currency And then we’ll be together – It’ll be fun What the – What are you doing, Mr. Murari? You’re romancing at this old age You should knock before entering, idiot! Did you just call me an idiot? Should I tell your wife that you are romancing with two women? You see, in the park when we take our dog for a walk, a beautiful woman comes there with her dog and he flirts with her No! No! – Is he saying the truth? He’s lying – What is he saying? He is mad! No, Mrs. Murari I have just one shortcoming otherwise I’m fine Listen to me – What is he saying? He’s lying – Am I? Once, it so happened Tell me this You’re helping your own romance Why don’t you help me and Meena? Meena will be here in two days I’ll fix your marriage, too In two days? – In two days Don’t worry – Meena will be here That’s great – He ruined everything Did you leave? – Yes If you’ve left, where’s the sound coming from? I have so much money Alas! What happened? – My money! Is this your tip for begging? – Who, me? Did you steal all my money? – Me? Don’t speak rubbish I’ll go with someone else I’m ready What did you say? Will you marry my wife? Aren’t you ashamed? No, I mean, the boy who has come here with you I’m ready to go to his wedding His wedding? Who told you he is marrying? He said it He said it’s his wedding We have to go there We’ve to get ready He had huge bundles of money with him Money bundles? – Yes I’ve been looted I’m finished He’s the one who’s marrying How are you destroyed? Shut up! Which way did he go? He said that he’s going to the band master to give him advance payment Band master? – Yes I’ll be right back. Disappear Oh, God! He disappeared So what? I’m here No! No! Hey, stop it Hey, stop it It isn’t my sister’s wedding It’s my wedding Play some other song Why are you playing such songs? Hold on! I’ll change it right away One, two, three, four! – Four! Okay! I just said that was okay Okay Here is Rs. 20,000 as the advance – Okay I’ll pay the remaining later Okay – Where is the confectionery? Take this route for that – Okay What’s this? That’s mine – Okay! Hey, listen – What is it? Ma’am, I was saying I am not a female Are you male? – Yes How is that possible? – My voice is such since my childhood Since your childhood? – Yes, since then It’s none of my business Where is the person who gave you this money? He? He went – Yes in search of the best priest Post that he will donate money to all the poor people in the village In my village everyone is poor I can’t keep checking each house He has ruined my life What trouble is this? – Wait up This belongs to me I have lost everything Can’t you lose a little? “I have forgotten everything.” “There is nothing that I remember.” “There is only thing that I haven’t forgotten’ ‘and that’s Julie” “I love you.” I have made arrangements for the wedding Shut up Wedding Who is getting married? You have wasted my money You just drained my wealth You spent my hard earned money

I am broke thanks to you We can earn that money but when will Meena come? Who are you talking about? Meena won’t be coming Forget about her But you said that Meena I had lied What I had said was a lie Meena’s entire family hates you and your stupidity You cannot marry her in this life Forget about her You cannot get married to her I will not get married to Meena! I cannot get married to Meena! I cannot get married to Meena! Meena! Oh, my God! Listen to me I looked for him everywhere but I cannot find him He isn’t there in his room or in our locality You didn’t find him! – No Where could he go? Meena left me Meena left me It’s been so many days that we have been looking for him I wonder where he is lost Let it be Anyway, he was a trouble for you That’s fine But he was my bearer cheque He was my key to wealth He isn’t lost but the key to my wealth is lost Moreover, if sir asks about him then what would I tell him? Good morning, dad We are here to apologize to you Yes, grandpa Forgive me as well Forgive me for one last time Dad, henceforth we wish to achieve something on our own Yes, grandpa Dad, we are here to bid farewell to you Dad, as a good luck charm please give us Rs. 50,000 It’s good that you have realized and you wish to achieve something on your own Grandpa, can we have tea with you for one last time? You never know when we would meet again Sure Send four cups of tea Not four, sir Make it five Who are you? Grandpa, he is our new business partner Dad, we would be starting afresh with this noble person Dad, not only will he change the direction of our lives but he will do the same to yours too He is very powerful Sir, soon they will have properties equivalent to that of yours Wow! What do you do? I am into export-import business As you know it deals in exchanging goods of different places Very good! Very good! Have some tea Dad, if you don’t mind can you give us Rs. 50, 000 as the good luck charm we could have tea after that Sure Thank you very much Thank you, dad And God forbid if you suffer any loss in your business then keep in mind that I am still alive Game over! Money, money! – Look here Fantastic! Very good! What’s this? He has become such a pro with forging his grandpa’s signature that he has written a suicide note in his name Why do we delay in something good? Hurry up and keep it there Throw his body Sure Hurry up Listen to me are you certain that in the post mortem report there would be no trace of the medicine that you have given to him? Charles knows what he is doing

The medicine that was mixed is still in his body But it would be gone by the time post mortem results are out The report would conclude that it’s a suicide “Gently, I began” “to unveil my face.” “As the people witnessed me.” “They saw a face that rivals the moon in beauty.” “Someone lowered their gaze.” “Lowered their gaze.” “Someone gasped for breath.” “Someone gasped for breath.” “Someone lowered their gaze – Lowered their gaze.” “Someone gasped for breath – Someone gasped for breath.” “The curtains were dropped.” “Thus raising one’s heartbeat.” “The curtains – Were dropped.” “Thus raising – One’s heartbeat.” “Here I am, to spice things up!” “Now I shall bring joy!” “Just wait and watch what unfolds next!” “Just wait and watch what unfolds next!” “Just watch what unfolds next! – Just watch what unfolds next!” “Just wait and watch what unfolds next!” “I am the one who rivals nature in beauty.” “I am the one who stands amongst the stars.” “If I wish, I can subdue even desire.” “I possess the ability to put ice on fire.” “To such a man..” “I make such a man dance to my tunes.” “Make him dance to my tune Make him dance to my tune.” “I don’t just do it, I make it a spectacle.” “I don’t just do it, I make it a spectacle.” “I shall eliminate you in a manner..” “that there shall be no trace of you.” “I shall crush you in a place” “where there is no hope but only despair.” “Take me not for innocent for I am cunning.” “I am as formidable as sweet I seem.” “Wail not for this is a game of love.” “Wail not for this is love – Just watch what unfolds next!” “Just watch what unfolds next!” “Just watch what unfolds next! – Just watch what unfolds next!” “Just watch what unfolds next!” “Splendid! You have no match! Splendid! You have no match!” “Splendid! You have no match! Splendid! You have no match!” “For many have fallen..” “Yet many failed who claimed they were mighty.” “Vanished from the earth are those who tried to vanquish me.” “Gone are those who wished to snuff me out.” “To dust they belong who wished to smite me.”

“Slaughtered are those who showed me the blade.” “The fireflies merely carry a glint.” “They cannot bring light.” “No matter how much dust they stir up” “they cannot cover the sun.” “One who is not ready to lay down their life in the path of love” “can never reach the goal of love.” “These who claim to be strong can never stand against me.” “They can never face me – Never ever.” “Come to your senses Do not space out.” “Wake up! – Just watch what unfolds next!” “Just watch what unfolds next! Just watch what unfolds next!” “Just watch what unfolds next! – Just watch what unfolds next!” “Just watch what unfolds next! – Just watch what unfolds next!” “May the God kill the father of my beloved.” “May the God kill the father of my beloved.” “Thus taking out the problem that darkens my path.” “Am I right?” “Splendid! You have no match! Splendid! You have no match!” “Splendid! You have no match! Splendid! You have no match!” “O’ my beloved! My dearest!” “Do not challenge me, O’ gentle one.” “Come to me as my beloved and I shall offer you my life.” “His words are soothing and precise.” “His nature is fine and he is indeed wise.” “I let my heart pierced by the arrow of your love.” “I let my heart pierced by the arrow of your love.” “You are the one who never misses his mark.” “You are the one who never misses his mark.” “Sway your thoughts in a rightful manner.” “Stop looking down on people.” “Only the will of God is what matters.” “Drop this arrogance of yours.” “Drop this arrogance of yours.” “The God knows everything.” “Have you thought of that?” “Just watch what unfolds next!” “Just watch what unfolds next!” “Just watch what unfolds next!” “Just watch what unfolds next!” “Just watch what unfolds next!” “Just watch what unfolds next!” “Just watch what unfolds next!” “Just watch what unfolds next!” He’s gone! – Oh God! What about me now? I’m here for you – Shut up! You couldn’t handle your wife She eloped with someone else and you’re eyeing me? So what? Every man always eyes somebody else’s wife! Tell me, will you come with me to Khandala? Lonavala – Lonavala? Take this! Who slapped? Who slapped? N-No one, it was a neighbour I slapped him and he went away I’m not talking about him – Then? Where did that folk singer go? Who? – That folk singer! Oh, yes! He was from Hyderabad So he must have gone back there You stupid woman, why didn’t you stop him? Why did you let him go? But why would I stop him? You just don’t understand Can’t you use your brains? Whom does that singer resemble? Think! Whom? – Think, think Oh! He looks exactly like that insane man, Raj! Yes! – Isn’t it? I’ll make that singer act like Raj and present him to Oberoi family as it’s heir I’ll earn lots of money through him I’ll come back only after I make lots of money Oh God, if you go away who’ll look after me? I’m here for you And I’m here too – Yes

But, I’m still here Mister, did you see Qawwal Banne Khan boarding the train to Hyderabad? My name is Banne Khan too I didn’t ask for Gadde Khan, I asked for Banne Khan! That’s what I said – Shut up Hello! – Hello, hello! I said, hello! – Hello! What are you doing here? What am I doing! Can’t you see I’m talking to them? You are a father of five kids but still you are busy flirting! Follow me! Hello, hello! – How dare you imitate me! Stop mocking me Leave, now! What’s so funny? I swear, after marriage and kids a man loses all his freedom What are you doing, mister? I was buying snacks for your kids Are you blind? What’s wrong with you! How could you hug me like that? You seem to be a man with bad intentions Can’t you mind your age? You shameless man! Learn to respect women Why are you staring at me like that? I’ll pull your eye balls out and play with them! I’ll then give it to my kids to play with How could you misbehave with me? I’ll thrash you to death I’ll tear you and your clothes apart What happened, dear? Did he misbehave with you? Even the government is scared of her so how dare you? I regret having touched her so, don’t do that mistake I’m taking him to task Are you shouting at me? Did you think I’m praising you! It didn’t sound so, any ways, even I want to shout at you Shout at me? – Sorry, I won’t to talk to you Then make it soon, don’t waste my time Or else, I’ll pull your tongue out knot it and throw it away and render you speechless! Really? – Yes! I didn’t quite get it! This isn’t a good place to talk We shall sit there and talk – Where are we going? Let’s go with them – What did I do? Okay! I have no problem There’s another who resembles me and he’s a millionaire! Wow! Anyways, I was tired of singing Qawwali I agree to the deal But only if I’m paid Rs. 50,000 for 4 hours We’ll come with you only if you pay us so much Be patient, old man Do I look like an old man? What’s his problem? Nothing! He has a habit of singing We are discussing something serious Shut up for some time! I just wanted to say – Oh, shut up! Where is this train headed to? Hyderabad, will you join me? – Stupid! Stupid! I was just kidding, don’t get angry Now, listen to me I can only pay Rs. 50,000 per day and not for four hours Are you okay with it? I’m okay with it, my wife will make further discussions I’ll go check what my children are up to Hope they aren’t lost I’ll ask a few people So, I’ll pay Rs. 50,000 per day! – Okay But, I have two conditions Condition number one, he should shave his moustache No, no! What are you saying? I liked him because of his moustache! I’ll charge a hundred thousand extra for that! Alright, fine! I agree! Condition number two, you can’t come with him But, why? Because the man whom he is impersonating has no wife, but only a girlfriend, so! Girlfriend! He’s crazy about girls I need to keep an eye on him I can’t let him go! Alright, I’ll take you along on one condition You can come as his nurse and not as his wife Do you agree to that? Yes! – I-I’ll be the ward boy Shut up, idiot! – You are an idiot Where is my husband? Hey, mister! Stop singing! You gave me a headache Where the hell did he go? Hello! – Hello! Once again – He’s flirting not just with one girl but the entire ladies’ compartment! I said, hello! – Hello! Now you are teaching the kids how to flirt too! Fishes need not be taught how to swim They were just copying me! – What a husband I have! D-Dad left us Sir, why did you leave us? I could have died instead of you Whose grandpa was he? Mine or yours? – Yours! Then let me do the crying! Grandpa! Grandpa! G-Grandpa Grandpa! Grandpa! Grandpa! – He is acting well He is after all, an expert in that! People are watching us, what are you doing! Grandpa, you left me alone and went away And what scoundrels have you left your property with! Those rascals don’t know the value of it If not for me, they would have ruined it all They would have blown up your entire property, grandpa!

Now that I’m here, I will protect your property Bless me, grandpa! Bless me! You left me, now I have no one to call my own! Who’ll love me, grandpa? Who’ll love me? I’m here for you, Raj If my grandpa were alive he would have hugged me Now, who will give me a hug! I’ll give you a hug Meena! Meena, I can’t live without you anymore Oh, Raj – Meena, grandpa committed suicide If I was here, I would never let him do that Don’t cry, Raj I’m with you now Yes, it’s just you for me hereafter, no one else Look at him hugging her, as if he’ll never let her go! If you want money you need to bear all this He’s hugging her so tight! He’s stuck to her like an iron scrap to a magnet! Shall I go stop him? If you do that, our plan will be ruined and you’ll go to jail Do you want that? – N-No! Meena, I’m feeling uneasy I’ll take my medicine and come back. Nurse Nurse! Nurse, my medicines! Oh, I’m just acting dear What are you doing? I’ll slap you Please understand, I’m doing this only for money Yes, I won’t pay otherwise Come aside for a moment Where are you going? – You said you won’t pay! I was just kidding – Then, I won’t go What is this, dear! What are you doing? I’ll break your head if you overact now Come on, dear I was just acting Don’t you think it’s too much? No, I was flirting with her Thanks for the medicine, thanks for it Meena, my dear Darn this Meena! Meena! From now on, come home every day to take care of me I’ll surely come, Raj – Okay, thank you! Today, on my grandpa’s funeral I announce that my eldest uncle, from his share of property will donate ten million rupees to the poor And my uncle, my youngest uncle will do community service on bare foot And my two aunts, God bless them, God bless them They are so large-hearted that my eldest aunt will distribute her jewelry among poor women and widows And my youngest aunt will not do the same She’ll give away jewelry worth just 2000 rupees to poor women Isn’t it? – She fainted That’s all for today I’m very tired now I’ll rest in my bedroom Uncle, where is my bedroom? It’s upstairs – Yes I know, I was just kidding I know that idiot’s room is downstairs. But, where is he? Who is that shouting? Idiot! Where were you? Come – You are back! Grandpa has passed away yet you are drunk! Oh yes, you never liked him after all! If you had your way, you would have murdered him! Nurse, let’s go, I need to rest Murari, come here! Come here! Hey! Watch it! – Sit! Sit! I had ordered you not to bring this lunatic here! I had called from Shimla and told you clearly to send 50,000 rupees towards his expense You said he is not your responsibility anymore Now suffer! – Alright We’ll give you 60,000 rupees now Leave the house immediately with him We don’t want to be disturbed I cannot go now – Why can’t you go? We are paying you 60,000 rupees, aren’t we? You have a five thousand million worth of property and want to get rid of me with just 60,000! Sir, it’s my day today Now Raju is my puppet Whatever I say, he’ll obey He will inherit the property now and will be under my control He will be the king and I’ll be the minister You will be reduced to beggars! So, you won’t go from here! I will go, but not with 60,000 rupees but with 600 million rupees! Mr. Murari, forget 600 million, you won’t even get a penny! Is that so? – Yes, you wait and watch Don’t play games behind my back Wow! What a song! ‘I can no longer wait to meet you..’ ‘I can no longer..’ – Say the next line, ‘wait to meet you, wait to meet you..’ ‘I yearn to meet you..’ – Have you gone mad? How long will you yearn? By this time, you could have met her and come back! What else can I compose, master? Oh God, what lyrics you write I’ll change the tune now – Change it, master Listen to the other tune – Go ahead, master ‘I’m unfaithful..’ Okay, okay – Will you let me sing? Listen, when you thrash him his screams should be heard till here No problem, boss ‘I became unfaithful..’ – Wow! Wow! Hey, stop your Qawwali and Bhangra! Hey! Who are you guys? Hey, he is the one who who had troubled us by making us listen to his stupid stories

He also ate our ice cream – Yes But, why are you here? – Who are you? We are here to thrash you But, who sent you to thrash us? I will not tell you that Why should I tell you that he sent us to thrash you such that your screams should be heard till there Also remember, I won’t tell you that he is your brother! Okay! – Idiot, you don’t know him yet You don’t recognize him! He is the terror! You can never hit him! Who is he? Don’t you know them Move, move now Just a moment, I have asthma I’m suffering from Tuberculosis and his father had cancer! If you guys are so sick, why did you become thugs? Now do this, whoever sent you here to thrash me go hit them till he screams Okay, Sir – If not, who’s this? My younger brother You will hear the loudest scream from him! Catch hold of him My brother, sacrifice yourself and let me go Hello! Hello! You idiot, sit here! Sit here, quietly! Do you want to hear Qawwali? – Yes You have to! – Yes You have no other choice! Sir, we’ll sing a good tune for him Okay Hey, I hired you guys to thrash him, not me! Who is that? – It’s none other than my son Your son was not like this before! Looks like someone beat him mercilessly No, no, nobody hit him He fell down and got hurt Okay, okay – Yes What else will happen if he drinks all the time! One day he’ll fall to death Murari, be in your limits! I was just trying to make him realize My son is suffering so badly here and this man is rubbing salt on his wounds! I’m not rubbing salt on his wounds It’s his ill-fate if he can’t understand what I’m saying Shut up! You can take care of that lunatic When he goes mad I’ll take care of him too Murari! – Hello, everyone! Beware! I’m here! He makes the atmosphere light whenever he is here and when he goes out Will you go out, please! – What! What happened to my brother? Who hit him so badly? Oh, who hit him? Who hit him? Who hit him? Who hit him? Who – Shut up! My son is in pain here and you are singing Qawwali! You are dancing and enjoying! This is how people sing when someone dies My son isn’t dead yet! How long will it take for that? Keep quiet, Mr. Murari Don’t say that! He’s my brother It’s okay! So what if he looks like a dead man now? But we’ll care for him so well that he should soon start running like a horse all around Let it not be too late, let it not be too late Nurse, get the balm soon and smear some upon him with your soft hands – Sister, sister She’s a sister for you, but a nurse for me Sit straight – Lift your hands Massage your chest! Raise your hands and massage your back Then massage, massage, massage Massage, massage, massage Son! Son! What did you apply on him? What did you apply? He’s on fire, he’s on fire he’s on fire He’s on fire, he’s on fire Stop! Stop! Listen to me, stop I think it’s burning, it’s burning him Why is he eating an apple? My son, what happened to him? What is all this? He is running It’s burning, it’s burning him It’s burning! Somebody, help him! Help him, somebody! Call the doctor! – Help! Shut up! Here are 25 lakh more I’ve paid you 75 lakh No, no, I’m the owner of this whole property Mr. Murari, ask them to pay me more Oh, yes – Right! Right! Right! Listen, pay him more! – Be quiet I’ll pay you 25 lakh more It’s a total of 10 million I won’t pay more! No, it’s not a good amount Uncle, tell him to pay more! Or I’ll slap you Brother – Sir, he is an expert He can thrash you He can kick or slap you! – Yes, I do He is very dangerous So, you better listen to him Am I right, sir? Give us some more! – Give us some more! Give us some more! – Give us some more! Shut up! Why does he break into a Qawwali always? he lived next to a Qawwal in Shimla He’s picked up the habit from him Greetings! But, he wasn’t like this earlier! Why do you say so? I was always like this Rascal, get up! Your time is up, get lost from here! Get lost now! – Idiot, leave my collar! Leave his collar, idiot! – Leave the collar! Shut up! Shut up! It’s enough now! Listen, answer me this question I’m throwing a new question at you There was an ant and an elephant who Shut up, shut up! No stories! I’m fed up of your stories

Lawyer, read out grandpa’s will to them Mr. Krishna has mentioned very clearly in this will I shall read it out for you Just a moment, what’s written in it? Let me also see Let me see too I, Krishna Oberoi leave all my wealth and property all my business, movable and immovable property all my bank balance and each and everything in the house in my complete senses with all my will and wish to my grandson, Vicky Oberoi Yeah! Yeah! Mr. Lawyer, you got the name wrong, read it again Get lost from here and take that lunatic along too Where should we go? – Wherever you came from! That’s a faraway place, give us some money to travel Walk all the way Walk so far? The very thought hurts my legs! At least, give some money to look after him Why don’t you beg? I don’t know how to beg, if you can teach me, I’ll learn It’s no big deal Stand on a road and beg! It’s no big deal! Go, have fun! Y-You gave me alms! You did well! Keep it up! Get lost from here, idiot! Get lost from here – Send us out gently What is this! You’ll get a tight slap from me You spoiled our plans! What did I do? They were ready to pay 50,00,000 rupees but you asked for more! This is wrong! This is an unpardonable mistake! That’s enough now You missed such a chance! What chance did I miss? What are you saying? There’s a young man in this house So, should I have held his hands? My God! Are you crazy? We could have got a chance to perform Qawwali in his marriage Not a bad idea They would have showered us with money I’ll go speak to them now, will you come along? Hey, idiot! Do you plan to send us all to jail? If they get to know that you are an impostor and not Raj Oberoi, I’ll go to jail? You’ll go to jail! Why should we bother? We just want to earn our livelihood Is that so? We lost the money, and I lost the girl too Girl! – Girl! Which girl? Don’t you know her? I’m missing her so much, Meena Think of the devil and there she is! Meena! Correct! Please stop! Meena, Meena! I say, hello to you! Raj, what’s wrong with you! What shall I say, Meena My mind is not in a good state I’ll go mad! My family threw me out of the house That’s alright, though I’m penniless I have you, my love – Of course, Raj. Come with me I’ll see how they can throw you out of the house! Okay! – Come, Raj. Come in I’ll see who’ll throw you out of the house now Sing at the right time! Or you’ll get a tight slap from me Hey! Stop this song and dance Hey, girl! With whose permission did you enter? This is legally our property now Get out from here! Rights and relationships will now become clear when grandpa’s original Will will be read out Please come, Mr. Bansal Lawyer Bansal will now read out grandpa’s original will which he had left behind with me The tables have turned, dear At the next right opportunity we’ll take the money and slip off Of course, there’s so much confusion here Shut up! What are you singing! I, Krishna Oberoi in my complete senses am making this will With all my blessings and wish I give away all my wealth and property and all factories to my grandson, Raj Oberoi Not just that, but this mansion where the entire family lives in Brother – if for some reason, my grandson doesn’t wish or has any discomfort he has the rights to throw everyone out Because, the owner of this mansion after my death would be my grandson, Raj Oberoi Heard that, uncle and aunt? There’s a twist in the story! But, don’t worry I’m not as bad as you all I won’t throw you out of the house But if you wish to continue living here, you need to work Work? – Yes, you need to work Well done! My eldest uncle will clean the windows The youngest uncle will wash the curtains My two aunts, my beautiful aunts will sweep and swab the floor from tomorrow And this idiot, this idiot will work too

What will he do? – Somebody suggest something for him What will he do? – Somebody suggest He will polish the shoes Mr. Murari! Mr. Murari! – Master? You’ll be the most beloved servant of the owner you’ll be the security guard Meena! Security guard! – Greetings! Oh, Meena, my love! You saved my life You helped me get my legal rights! Oh! Thank you very much, very much, very much! Meena, Meena, Meena! – Rascal! Did she say something? I didn’t hear anything You didn’t? – No Hey, you! What are you doing here? Go and get some water, go! Go! So, what was I saying? Yes, I want to read a poem for you, shall I? ‘No one can teach you how to love.’ ‘Once you fall for it, you can never forget too.’ ‘This sweet pain cannot be contained in heart.’ ‘And if someone asks, cannot be explained too!’ Oh my God! What is this? What’s happening here? I’ll get another glass of water No need for that, one glass was enough! No matter what you do what Meena has done for me has made me happy! She’s made me fall deeply in her love! I want to tell you something – Yes Meena, you are great! And you are out of the world! ‘These sweet nothings’ ‘has some hidden meanings’ ‘that says ‘You love me’..’ Shut up, you idiot! He talks big! I’ll teach him a lesson soon or change my name Hyderabad has improved a lot! “You beautiful one! O’ dearest of mine!” “You make my heart pound Stop right there!” “Where are you headed? Where are you going?” “I will win her heart but gently and slowly.” “I will win her heart but gently and slowly.” “I will appease her but gently and slowly.” “She took my heart She made me fall for her.” “She took my heart and made me fall for her, I’ll tell the world” “But gently and slowly Gently and slowly.” “I will win her heart but gently and slowly.” “I will appease her but gently and slowly.” “She is finer than silk and the Gods blessed me with her.” “The Gods have blessed me with her.” “Fighting in love has a joy unrivalled.” “Denial has more pleasure than a mere acceptance.” “The fun, the joy! The pleasure!” “It is a great joy!” “I will lay down my life for her but gently and slowly.” “I will appease her but gently and slowly.” Get lost! I won’t fall for that! Trying to trick me, are you? “Talk some sense in my man for he comes late”

“after his frivolous escapades!” “I love him and that is indeed my fault.” “For he knows not the love I have for him! He knows not” “He knows not! He knows not!” “I will bring him to senses but gently and slowly.” “I will show him what I am but gently and slowly.” “She took my heart She made me fall for her.” “She took my heart and made me fall for her, I’ll tell the world” “But gently and slowly Gently and slowly.” “But gently and slowly Gently and slowly.” “You tender flower like being! O’ beloved of mine!” “Listen to me! I shall take you to lush gardens! To walks!” “I shall take you to movies and nice places” “But gently and slowly Gently and slowly.” “But gently and slowly Gently and slowly.” I wouldn’t have worked so much all my life! Daddy I completed all the work! I even cleaned the servants’ bathroom! I have become a hard worker now What a son I have! He’s so happy as if he’s won a medal! So, what shall I do next? Did you polish the shoes? I did it yesterday Should I do it again? You are in the right profession now So, what shall I do next? Tell me! Don’t do anything! I’m so tired, press my legs Sure, dad Hey! Hello! Hey! What are you doing! – What? We just cleaned the floors, you made a mess! I’m the owner of the house I can do anything I want – Yes Your job is to clean the house If you don’t, I’ll throw you out of the house Dad, shall I clean it? You first list out all the work you completed since morning Since morning, I have cleaned the bathrooms, chandeliers and polished the boots – Are you imitating me? I’m not imitating you, idiot! You called me an idiot! – He’ll get us killed! He called me an idiot! Did you hear that? – Sorry, sorry How dare you! Don’t you know who he is? He is the heir to the property and the owner of the house He is the king of this house He gives you food and shelter You should obey his orders If not, you’ll repent it And you’ll be punished for disobeying him, idiot Rights, rights, rights He has all the rights! He is imitating you too Why is he behaving so? I guess, he has lost it Alright, you go now Okay – I’ll keep an eye on him He’s out of his mind – Hope he has not gone mad! Do you mean, all those who stutter are mad? Are you indirectly calling me mad? I’m naive, but not mad Go and do your work. Go! Okay, I’m tired of working I’ll go to my son now Okay? The whole atmosphere has changed. Hasn’t it? I have no clue, I’m myself confused Why are you speaking Hyderabadi? How am I to know that? Don’t trouble me now, get lost! Get lost! He asked me to get lost and he himself went away! Oh, God! – Oh, God! What have you reduced them to! Can’t you see they are working, you new servant! Come on, you too join them Dear, I’m not a servant, but your maternal uncle I know you are my cunning uncle Join them in work, come on Dear, this job will not suit me when I’m in this attire He is right, he can’t work in this attire Turn that side, remove your coat, now get going You better do it, or else this idiot – Hey! I was saying, you don’t like idiots I thought, you were calling me an idiot! No, I never meant it for you But I felt it was meant for me No, never Alright, Raj, tell me something Why were you speaking Hyderabadi? You cleverly find new ways to drive me away from here Hey, my coat! – One minute! Bye. Bye Goodbye Just go! Why was he speaking Hyderabadi? – Give my coat, please Brother! – Brother! Don’t cry, don’t cry Everything will be fine Don’t cry

But why was he speaking Hyderabadi? – Oh, shut up! What! This property could be ours? Dad! Why did you slap me? Why are you stuttering like Raj? Is it me or you? No! Don’t slap me – Why? Because I’m your father – Okay Why did you slap me? – Because you were stuttering But I’m your elder brother! Alright, but why was he speaking Hyderabadi? You want to know why? – Yes You slapped me! – Hey, keep quiet Before we all go mad, we need to usurp the property – Yes Someone should be made the caretaker for that I’ll be the caretaker! I’ll be a good one Why? Why can’t I be? Quiet, everyone! I’m the eldest of the house, so I’ll be the caretaker No. I’m his brother, so I’ll become the caretaker Why can’t I be? No, no – It’s final! Stop fighting! This is not the time to fight Somehow, we need to acquire this property Let the proceedings begin Your Honour, spare a thought Can this man handle a property worth millions? No, never! As per his grandpa’s will, he’s the sole heir to the property But legally, an insane person can’t be named as the heir Therefore, his name should be struck off the will and his relatives should be appointed as caretakers What are you saying, sir? I’m just naive, but not mad And who would become my caretaker? Is it this idiot? Hey, idiot! Will you become my caretaker? Do you even deserve it? Keeping the situation in mind the court has arrived at a decision that Raj Oberoi is mentally unstable Therefore, his entire property shall be taken care of by his relatives The caretakers are Ashish Oberoi – Dad,, that’s you Dilip Oberoi, Vicky Oberoi Anju Oberoi and Meenakshi Oberoi No, Your Honour! No! This is unfair, Your Honour! I cannot take this! I-I’ll commit suicide like my grandpa! Suicide! Suicide! Suicide! Suicide! – Raj, what’s wrong with you? I don’t want to live anymore Listen to me, Raj! – Move! Let me do the drama – Wait! Raj! Raj! – Suicide! I don’t want to live anymore Suicide! – Stop it, Raj I want to commit suicide! Oh, no! I really got hurt! Raj! You are bleeding! Meena, what are you doing here? Raj, you have regained your memory! What was wrong with my memory? – Your memory! You had lost your memory and you have regained it now! What are we doing in the court? Our case is being heard in the court, Raj Our case is going on! Let’s go and see – Yes, hurry Let’s go inside – Explain me on the way Please wait for one minute, Your Honour! He’s alright now, Your Honour He’s coming Please come to the witness stand and then, speak Thank you, Your Honour! I’ll teach them a lesson now Even he was acting smart! Your Honour, I’ve just been informed that you are making them the caretakers of my entire property But let me introduce you with this fact that these people are not Oberois! They are ‘Moneyrois’! Yes, for them, life is money, money and only money! They can cry for money, tie for money, lie for money kill for money and die for money! And that’s why, I humbly request, sir that you let this property be only on my name I will not only take care of this entire property but I will also take care of them very well and I think I will take care of them…better! Seeing a change in the situation, the court is compelled to change its decision Since Raj Oberoi seems to be mentally sound now the court reverses its decision of appointing caretakers to his property and will let himself to be the owner It was a good decision – Justice was served Oh, Raj! I can’t express how happy I’m for you! Now come on, I want to ask you one question There was an ant and an elephant Please, Raj! Come on, I am fooling around Greetings! You just go ahead, I’ll join you in a moment, okay? Come soon – Yes, darling Hey, come here! What are you doing? – What are you doing? What are doing in front of her? So, should I dance? Tell me something You have never seen Raj How did you start speaking in English like him, then? It’s so simple! He belongs to a posh family hence it’s understood that he spoke English well Moreover, last night I heard them planning to get me out of their way

So, I got ready with my counterplans I spent the whole night watching Raj’s videos And this morning, I spoiled their plans Now, you wait and watch I’ll sell every piece of furniture in the house! I won’t leave the commode too I’ll sell that also You’ll sell the commode too! – Yes Then where will they That’s not our problem, let them find a way Let’s go – Alright Greetings! – Good morning, sir! Hello! How can I relax with such pretty girls around! Hey! – I was just flirting Sir, you have lots of other work too, let’s go Bye Greetings! – Good morning, sir! Welcome! – Hello! Hello! – Hello! Let’s go – We shall meet again Okay? – Come on Manager – Yes? Whose cabin is this? This is your elder brother, Vicky Oberoi’s cabin Vicky Oberoi’s cabin! Sell it off And deposit that money in my new bank account Yes – And whose cabin is this? This is both your uncles’ – Sell them off too Yes – And deposit the money In your new bank account Yes, you are intelligent – Thank you! To whom does these two cabins belong to? These are toilets, sir Sell them too But what about the staff? What will they do, sir? Come on! Don’t they do it in the mornings? Why dirty our office? Ask them to use public toilets – Yes, sir Mr. Raj, there’s a fax from Gujarat The aluminum factory has closed down Sell that too And deposit that money in your new bank account You are so intelligent! – Raj, it’s you! Who the heck is he? Meena’s father So, it’s him! Hello! – I want to discuss something with you Let’s go inside the cabin Yes, give me a moment – Alright What are you thinking? Extract money from him too Yes, I’ll manage I won’t speak Hyderabadi – Listen first Don’t worry, I’ll take care of him Uncle, I’m ready to marry Meena, but I want 50 crore rupees in dowry I see! When you had lost your memory I had refused to get my daughter married to you So, are you avenging that now? No, uncle, it’s not so Fact is, I’m starting a new business for which I require 200 crore rupees If I had 50 crore rupees now, it would be easy to move ahead Alright! So, my son-in-law wants to move ahead! Yes, uncle. I want to move ahead leaving my enemies far behind Alright, I’ll give you the money Thank you, uncle! Thank you very much! Dear, I can do anything for you and Meena But where is Meena? She’s downstairs talking to the nurse Talking to the nurse! But why? Because she is a nice woman Nice woman? But she always spits fire at me! I’m leaving Where are you going? I’m going to douse the fire I have been looted by two beautiful women with long black hair and lovely cheeks Why is he singing Qawwali? Tell me the truth How close are you to him? This much? This much? Or this much? I can’t tell you that! Look at the way you are stuck to him all the time We are one soul in two bodies And very soon, we’ll What will you do soon? You plan to be the mother of his kids? What is your intention? You don’t know me I’m from Hyderabad I’ll squeeze your eyes out and play with them Why are you staring at me? I’ll cut your throat like a chicken and prepare biryani out of it Nurse! Behave yourself! I said.. Hello! I said, behave yourself! – Yes Talk to her with respect – You are teaching me respect? I won’t spare you! Be in your limits! This is my girl! Hey! Have you gone mad? You have printed five calendars at home. What about them? They change when the year changes, don’t they? I’m thinking of replacing the printing press also Meena! Meena, I can’t live without you anymore What did you say? – Meena! What did you say? – Meena! What did you say? – Meena! What – Let’ go, Meena! Where will you escape? I’ll see how you’ll marry her! “This gaze of yours, made me fall for you.” “I swear on all the lovers of this world.” “Day in and day out, I only speak of you.” “This gaze of yours, made me fall for you.” “I swear on all the lovers of this world.”

“What if I break my promises of love?” “What if I leave you?” “Beloved, I’ll kill myself.” “For I cannot take the pain of betrayal.” “I’ll never betray you!” “You placed your faith on me and I’ll never break it.” “This gaze of yours, made me fall for you.” “I swear on all the lovers of this world.” “Every breath of mine is dedicated to you.” “I know that my love is only for you.” “See, what your love has done to me?” “For I am eternally caught in your dreams and thoughts.” “O’ dearest!” “My very life!” “I wish to live within your arms and keep you in my heart.” “This gaze of yours, made me fall for you.” “I swear on all the lovers of this world.” “Day in and day out, I only speak of you.” “This gaze of yours, made me fall for you.” “I swear on all the lovers of this world.” Cheat! He’s having fun with her when I, his wife, is right here Let him come home today, I’ll give him a tight slap You are back! What happened? What happened now? Because of wives like you men don’t like to return home Have you lost your mind? – Hey, what are you doing? You’re hurting me! You’re flirting with her, and I’m tolerating it You had an affair when we were in Hyderabad and I tolerated that, too But you want to marry her now and that I can’t tolerate I’ll go to Hyderabad and tell your dad, my dad and the whole world about this Dear, come here Come here Okay – Come here I’m just flirting with her to while away the time To heck with you! My eye Hey, what are you? Who do you think you are! Your dad, what did your dad give me in marriage? A glass and a plate to eat, and his stupid daughter You always think I’m good for nothing Move aside Where is my beloved Meena? I’ll see how you’ll get married to Meena! Remember you’re my husband! I’ll tell everyone about it – Hey, what did you say? You heard it right – That guy pretending to be mad is he your husband? – Yes But why was he speaking Hyderabadi.. Oh, you hit me If this is your husband, then where is Raj? How will I know? These men are weird, also rogues and scoundrels They might have chopped and him buried somewhere So, is that guy your husband? To tell you the fact, we have five children I have proof of that in Hyderabad Okay, take this 500 rupees, take a train to Hyderabad and get me the proof Why don’t you get me a return ticket by flight? I have less money nowadays Take this and come back soon I’ll come back soon – Yes, come back soon Let’s nab that impostor and find out about Raj Very good – Let’s go Let’s leave, quietly I’ve spent all the money and if they catch me now – You are running away! listen everybody – What They are running away! Come soon, come soon! – Hey, what are you doing! Hello, hello! Let’s go, friend Oh, no! They fooled me!

Where the hell did this fraud go? I’ll show him what I am once we catch him Why did you let him go in the first place? What can I do, he got away! – How did he get away? He’s slippery, what can I do? That scoundrel is not Raj Oberoi He is a fraud, a fraud! He took a loan of Rs. 50 crore from me and got it transferred to his personal account Mister, I’ve come across many scoundrels in my life but he far exceeds all of them! He sold one of our houses in parts! Sir – What is it? Why was he speaking Hyderabadi? He is from Hyderabad and so he was speaking Hyderabadi That’s fine, but why was he speaking Hyderabadi? Just come here – Yes, yes Stand here, this side Take this! – Hey, he hit me! That doesn’t matter Where could’ve he escaped with the money? “Money is my life, my pride, my code and my honour.” “Money is what I want, my hope The world follows the rich.” “Money is grace or sin Money is everything.” “Money brings friends, love and money is fate.” “Money brings fame and purpose It shines and it gleams.” “Money is what attracts and money is what chimes!” “Money makes one smile!” “Money makes one cry.” “It keeps up and puts you to sleep, it sings and makes you dance.” “And that’s why my friend” “I want money, I want money.” “I want only money! I want money!” “Good money, bad money, wrong money right money, black money, white.” “Oh my God! I love money!” “I want money, I want only money I love money!” “He wants money! He wants only money.” “Money can buy me everything A bungalow, car and diamond ring.” “Everyone treats me like a king For me they’ll do anything.” “Money can make me dance and sing in London, New York and Beijing.” “You are so sexy and wise. I like your style, I love your eyes.” “I think I – She wants money.” “She wants money! She loves money! She loves only money!” “Good money, bad money, wrong money right money, white money, black.” “Oh my God! I love money!” Money is my only passion “What happened? Are you lost? Where is your Mother? Father?” “He wants money! He wanted only money!” “Look at that He only loves money.” “I am your brother – I am your sister.” “I am your father – I am your friend.” “Do you all have money? – No! – No!” “No one believes in relations since money is only thing in fashion.” “If there is no money, life is nil Money can be my everything.” “With money you’ll see how great you feel.” “whether you beg, borrow or steal.” “Pound, Rupee, Dollar, Dinar If you got money, you are a star.” “Money is money, whatever the name with it you can play any game.” “You live for money You kill for money.” “You lie for money You die for money.” “Money! Money! – Money!” “Wow! Somewhere in the air! Money is there!” “Look at that he is no more still he wants more money.” “Money! I want money!” “Good, good man Good baby.” “Money! – Yeah! I want money!” “All right! Everyone wants money!”

“Money! I want money! – We want money!” “Money! – I want money!” “Everyone wants money.” “Listen, everyone carefully This is only a song.” “Everyone should just chat.” Hey, what is this! You follow me everywhere Why aren’t you giving me my share of the money? Take Rs. 5 lakh and leave me alone Rs. 5 lakh only! Have you gone mad? You are an impostor pretending to be Raj Oberoi I’m the servant of that house So, I should be getting the lion’s share Who is the Hyderabadi? It’s you – Are you imitating me? No It was by mistake, sorry All right, take everything Shall I take everything? – Yes, everything Are you serious? – Yes, do you want more? This is black money So, please give me some white money, too Look at the way you’re begging me for money! I’ll give you a cheque of Rs. 200 crores Rs. 200 crores! Are you serious? If you ask for more, I’ll change this to 2 crores Here you go But you’ve written only Rs. 100 crores Keep staring at it if it doesn’t increase to Rs. 200 crores then I’ll change my name What! It disappeared! Hey, it has disappeared! I’m left with nothing You, you thief! Let me take this at least before it disappears There! There he is! Murari! – Oh, what a fate! Rascal What were you doing with such a huge amount? This is all our money, it’s ours No, I have earned it through hard work These are fake notes, they are fake! What! The money is fake, too! What do you mean? He had given me this cheque This is a blank cheque He wrote this cheque for Rs. 100 crores Then? And asked me to keep staring at it and that it would increase to Rs. 200 crores and then the ink disappeared, it turned blank I can help you guys out, but there’s a price for it How much? Out of the entire 500 crore property 100 crore shall be mine! Yes – We agree to that Wow! – But where will we find him? My dear My dear, come, come – Dad, dad, he’s here! Come here! Come here, you impostor! Else, I’ll shoot you right away! Uncle! Uncle, what are you doing? I’m Raj, Raj! No, he is not Raj – We are tired of you now Did that impostor come here? – Yes! He is a very cunning guy He first spoke to me What did he say? – He just spoke casually He just spoke He first spoke with me and befriended me he then took me to his home and locked me up in a room and came here to loot our property I hope he didn’t get away with our money How can we believe that you are Raj and not that impostor? If you see both of us together, will you then believe? Yes – Show him now, quickly! I forgot the address, turn the gun point towards him Yes! I remember now! – Do you? Then let’s go I don’t know what is happening in my life But I’m very happy with lots of money and without wife Let me enjoy Why is the phone ringing now? What’s happening here! Hello! Who the heck is it? My wife! It’s you, my dear! What shall I say? Three large suitcases filled with money is getting me tensed! I have an idea Let’s donate 90 % of the money to the poor And in the remaining 10 %, let’s distribute the 90 % of it to your family as they are very poor And the remaining 10 % shall be kept aside for our grandchildren Let’s just enjoy with what we have left! What! Did Raj escape? Even I shall escape from here Hang up now He was tied up, how could he escape? Cheers! Our work is done! Await your death, you rascals What did you give him? – He’s gone, he’s gone! Uncle, if he dies, all of you will be hung to death No, dear That will not happen Why not? Do you control the law? His post-mortem report will reveal how he died You are mad, then how could you think so cleverly? I’m perfect with just one shortcoming! But, dear, we all have a sound mind and we are clever! We gave him pills that’ll make him unconscious for half an hour

And when he is still alive, we’ll push him off the building and then he’ll die Everyone will think that he committed suicide Hey, who taught you all this? Who taught you? Shut up! Idiot! They’ll get to know all this during the post-mortem You guys will be caught and shall be hanged! You’ll be hanged! You’ll be hanged And you’ll be hanged! No, we’ll not be hanged – Yes, you will be! It will definitely not happen! – It will! I had killed your grandpa in the same manner! Yes, we all planned it together We gave him the same pills and pushed him to death Did his post-mortem report reveal that? Did any of us get caught? No, right! So, you were the ones who killed him! Yes, we killed your grandpa! – Yes, we killed him! You threw him down from here! Yes, from here! – We threw him down from here He went all the way down from here Brother, how is he speaking so clearly now? Oh! Yes He is not mad but we are! He is a fraud, a fraud! Brother, if he is the impostor, then who is this? Hey, don’t hit him As long as he is alive we will be in danger Uncle, where are you going? I’m stuck, I’m stuck! You are fond of ice-cream, aren’t you? Do you want some ice-cream? You’ve become all right! – But you are not! You rogue, scoundrel, good for nothing! I won’t spare you – My clothes The rest of it will be gone, too Rascal! Help me! Please spare me! Don’t harm me, please! Bee! Spider! Sniper! Tiger! You are going to lose! Take this! What is this? Remove your spectacles What is it? Move aside! Have you gone crazy? Take this Take this.. And this, too Give that, take this! Give that and take this! Run, run for your life now Take this, hold One for your eye and one for your behind! Brother, I’m sorry Just a moment Brother, you had given him sleeping pills So, how did he wake up? Those two have partnered with each other He had replaced the sleeping pill container Okay, but why was he speaking Hyderabadi? Scoundrel! Rascal! You killed my grandpa! I won’t spare you! Don’t move! Don’t move! Rights! Rights! Rights! Officer Salma Khan has complete rights to fire at anyone! Why is his wife dressed like a cop?

Let me tell you I’m Inspector Salma Khan! On charges of Krishna Oberoi’s murder I arrest all of you! Hands up! Thank God! You look shocked! Now, get introduced to me I’m CBI Officer Banne Khan My wife and I were in Shimla to solve a case when some crooks attacked us all of a sudden When they started firing at us we hid behind a small hill to escape from them That is when we saw a body that was almost buried We dug the body out and found the person was still breathing And the person resembled me! It was then, that my wife and I decided to solve this case though it wasn’t assigned to us They saved my life As soon as I was out of coma I tried to get in touch with grandpa But I couldn’t contact him in any ways The next day I read in newspaper that he had committed suicide And then I thought how could the person who stopped me from committing suicide could do that to himself! I was sure there was some foul play! I then sought Banne Khan’s help The only way for Banne Khan to reach up to you guys was through Mr. Murari All our efforts have paid off The case stands solved today As Qawwal and Qawwalan, we came in contact with Murari Hold on, just a moment, madam What evidence do you have against us? You just heard us talking about the murder, that’s it! But that’s not enough It’s not a valid evidence No wonder Raj calls you a fool Look up and look around you’ve been aired live on all TV channels at the moment Not just the Commissioner of Police but the entire city knows your truth now! There’s no chance of escaping It’s all about rights, rights – Yes I learnt a lesson from you that nobody ever gets more than what they deserve in life Looking at the justice bestowed upon you by God I can’t help but say, Wow! You are amazing! Wow! You are amazing! – Mr. Murari Raj! Raj! Oh, Hello! I’m the one Meena, he resembles me and God sent him to help me out I’m sorry, Meena I had to keep you in dark But all that was I got my Raj back, so I have no complaints against you All that you did was to help him get back his rights “I want money, I want money.” “I want only money! I want money!” “Good money, bad, wrong money right money, black money, white.” “Oh my God! I love money!” “I want money, I want only money I love money!” “He wants money! He wants only money.” “Money can buy me everything A bungalow, car and diamond ring.” “Everyone treats me like a king For me they’ll do anything.” “Money can make me dance and sing in London, New York and Beijing.” Click on the bell icon to get regular update from Venus