【ENG SUB】致我们单纯的小美好 09 | A Love So Beautiful EP09 胡一天、沈月校园甜宠爱恋,融化少女心!

♫ I love your eyes, your eyelashes, your arrogance and pride. ♫ ♫ I love your dimples, your lips and your smile. ♫ ♫ I love you, everyone knows and mocks me but don’t be annoyed. ♫ ♫ I’ll keep going, just get ready for it! ♫ ♫ I love your shirt, your fingers and your smell. ♫ ♫ I wanna be your coat, your gloves or your heart. ♫ ♫ I love you, everyone knows. It’s a little awkward but don’t be angry, please. ♫ ♫ I’m patient enough, just see it! ♫ ♫ Love you for each minute, each second. ♫ ♫ Love you, everywhere, every corner. ♫ ♫ Loving you is my unchangeable habit. ♫ ♫ How much I love you? Just don’t know. ♫ ♫ My love for you stops the rain and makes the sun rise. ♫ ♫ My love for you warms the snow. ♫ ♫ My love for you is my belief, just can’t give up. ♫ ♫ How much I love you? Some day you would know. ♫ The Manchester United is going to play a friendly match in Hangzhou I want to go watch with Jiang Chen Did Chen Xiaoxi really get together with Wu Bosong? Jiang Chen. Wait! Let’s go home! If Chen Xiaoxi can fall in love with Wu Bosong, we at least have a couple among us, right? – Here you are – How much? My life is so long that I won’t love you alone! This time, he really pissed me off If I talked with him again, I would be the dog See what dad has bought you Have a look The Tour of Manchester United Wow! Thanks, daddy! The secret on the scrip. What have you written? I don’t want to play this game Episode 09 Our Opponents, Please Pay Attention I fell in love with someone, but I’ll keep the secret I fell in love with someone, but I’ll keep the secret I love Xiaoxi I don’t want to play this game Good morning You looks like a panda Did you go stealing last night? No. I stayed up to study – So you don’t need to copy my homework today – Don’t do that to me He didn’t come again. It’s very nice to be an athlete because they don’t need to have class

How much longer will you be mad at me? Quiet! I have one thing to say There will be some leaders inspecting our school next week So our school wants to organize an activity to let you show your talents – I have no talents, but you have – No, I don’t But will other activities be helpful to your study? So I signed you up for a debate competition to train your critical thinking skills The monitor is in charge of this matter for the time being Li Wei, have you drawn up the list? Madam, Qiao Lu and I will participate, but I haven’t asked Jiang Chen and Zhao Jinhan yet Jiang Chen and Zhao Jinhan, you two just connect with Li Wei later Anyone else who are interested? You will be in Jiang Chen’s group. Raise your hand! Okay, if you are interested, just tell the monitor You don’t talk much recently. It’s not your style – Your weekend dating failed? – Not this – Then what? – I made a mistake What happened? I thought Jiang Chen wrote this But it was written by Wu Bosong Holly crap! It is really dramatic I’m in the deep trouble now and you talk like this! Fine, fine What are you going to do? No idea How about… Wait, let me think – How to do it? What’s up? – Don’t turn around. Wu Bosong is in front of us Are you going to hide from him forever? You are in the same class and you will see each other frequently. How to hide? What’s more, I think it’s inappropriate to do this I know, you’re right But once I talk with him about this, we can’t be friends anymore Or you just say yes He looks good and has amazing figure And he can earn tens of thousands for one competition Do you know what the tens of thousands means? It roughly equal a school canteen – One competition for a canteen. Two… – Do you think I am this kind of person? – A bunch of canteens – Then I will think about that Go away! But Jiang Chen means a supermarket to me Okay, that’s all for today. Class is over Goodbye Let’s go home together Li Wei is waiting for me at the ladder classroom to discuss the debate competition Then I’ll go first Don’t you know that I gave up a canteen for you? – Let’s go home – My supermarket go with another girl – What a perfect match – Stop talking, or I will kick you – The landlady of the supermarket was changed – Stop! Bosong, why do you swim here all the time? Did you have an argument with your little girlfriend? See you – Jiang Chen – Your manuscript book was left there Thanks I think the order of the debate needs to be adjusted

Shall we discuss it in the ladder classroom after school? Okay It’s been a long time since we went to school and went home together Are you jealous? Then join them What can I do? I can’t even succeed in quarreling with others You can be a logistic personnel to serve them some water or tea So Jiang Chen can see you once he turns around Does your debate group need some people taking dictation and serving water? – No – Did I ask you? Let Chen Xiaoxi join you. She hasn’t taken part in the debate, so she is curious about that – Okay? – Sure – No problem? – No problem Zhao Jinhan, if Chen Xiaoxi joins you to help you take dictation, do you agree? Okay – Chen Xiaoxi, what’s your opinion? – Me? Fine, I will give you my opinion We are the counter party this time I think the good grades is important for the students, but the most important is the cultivation of their quality, for example Qian Zhongshu, the famous litterateur in China, only got 15 points in math But he still became a well-known writer Yes! I have another example Think about Wu Bosong He is the most excellent student in our class now He only scored nine points in the last exam, but he is still the national champion I think that’s a good point, please continue He is already the national champion now, so he is very successful That is to say, he needn’t worry about his future anymore No, that’s not right, but he will have a successful career Because his starting point is high – I’ll go first – Jiang Chen, wait for me. I’m off, too Jiang Chen, wait for me Why did you want to go home suddenly? Are you angry? No Is it because I mentioned Wu Bosong just now? No Dad, drink some water Have you taken part in some debate competitions? – What? – Debate competition Debate competition. I’m not boasting My eloquence was indeed extraordinary every time Do you have any silver bullet? Stand up – What’s up? You can’t find the remote control? – First, take them by surprise to let them confused – What? – Second, be threatening and overwhelming Next… don’t go! Mom, why can’t I find a pair of socks? There’s always one of them missed Hurry up! You will be late. Just find two socks Now I will play the pro speaker We think that studying is the only task for us, the students The grades is the only standard to inspect our task and also the most fundamental task Haven’t you gone back yet?

I am about to go – You go back without riding your bike? – Yes Do you want to go somewhere? This is Jiang Rui’s new bike and I have to help him press the tires I want to go the riverside Get on – Will you go to the ladder classroomtomorrow? – No – Why? – No reason Chen Xiaoxi, sit well Chen Xiaoxi, can you carry another person when you ride your bike? – Yes, I can – Then you carry me It’s difficult because your legs are so long Hold me tight – Ocean, I am coming – This is the river – What are you doing? – Getting off my shoes. The water must be cozy – What’s up? – I think it’s not good, so… – There is a big hole in your sock – I couldn’t find my socks this morning So I didn’t want to get off my shoes You’re too heartless The gracious boy should give his garment to the girl, shouldn’t he? Look, Jiangchen, I have no arms Jiang Chen, wait for me!

Wu Bosong Wu Bosong? – Bosong – You called me? – Xiaoxi – What’s up? Are you okay? Let me see No, I can’t understand. Let’s go to the infirmary You are fine. Just a hit to your head It’s not a big deal But he has a competition in several days It won’t matter, will it? His forehead is a little swollen. It won’t matter You can go back to have classes later I have something to deal with. I have to get out Wait a moment I have seen your scrip. Sorry, I don’t like you If you hate me, I can understand that Please don’t be like this You can’t be serious I was joking – Really? – Nobody would play such a foolish game Do you know how many gifts I will get after each competition? You scared me to death Look at your attitude Is it that terrible to be like by me? Of course, I will be torn to pieces by your fans I promise you, that won’t happen Don’t touch my hair. You will ruin my hair style – Rest assured. You are my boss forever – Then I’m off Xiaoxi, I think the story of Wu Bosong can be a good point You are more familiar with him. Can you collect more stories of him and dip a little deeper? – We can use that at the debate competition – Okay – You already settled the problem between you two? – Yes, it was misunderstanding – I think something is wrong – What? Nothing is wrong As the deskmate of Wu Bosong, what do you think of him? I think Wu Bosong is very nice – Why? – Because he needn’t have classes As the front side deskmate of Wu Bosong, what do you think of him? He started from scratch and he is the hero of the youth – Why do you think so highly of him? – None of your business – It’s none of your business – Shut up You are so mean, Lu Yang Wu Bosong is an excellent swimmer. What are you? Are you an enchanting little wild cat? Meow Meow Wu Bosong Come here Can I ask you some questions? You started to learn swimming when you were six years old, right? Did you cry while you swam? So you confused the water of the swimming pool with the tears No, I enjoyed staying in the water when I was young

That’s because you were too young to remember Crying while swimming Did you break your leg when you were 10 years old? And you thought you would say good bye to swimming forever But you came to the peak again through your perseverance I didn’t break my legs Or your arms? You didn’t break your arms, either? Once broke his arms Have you suffered some kind of phobias? Did you want to vomit when you saw the water? Or hit the wall when you heard the gunshot? Bulimia? Anorexia? Yes. Let me see Okay Hurry up I prone to cramp when the water is too cold Omce got mental problem Okay, then I won’t bother you to swim. Good luck – Have some water? – Put it there. Thanks Our teacher said the debate topic is common this time So we need to start from some more novel perspectives I think Wu Bosong’s story Chen Xiaoxi mentioned last time is a good point He is well-known in our province and he is a person around us. So he is closer to our life So I let Chen Xiaoxi prepare more materials Xiaoxi, have you prepared? I think we should start from the historical celebrities. Because he can’t reach that level The historical celebrities That sounds so grand, huh? Wu Bosong will be the historical celebrity after a century While, you will be just a name on the tombstone – It’s none of your business, okay? – So what? That’s okay. We need to listen to others’ opinions I think Wu’s story is a good idea, but we can start from different perspectives We can give more examples of the historical celebrities. It’s easy to make contrast What’s up? Stomachache? The beverage. There is something wrong with the beverage – Don’t drink that – Xiaoxi, you bought that? I don’t know That doesn’t matter. Send her to the infirmary Let’s send her to the infirmary Chen Xiaoxi, take that bottle of beverage It’s not your problem Qiao Lu asked for leave for physical reasons But our debate competition will begin tomorrow Who wants to take the place of Qiao Lu? Madam, Chen Xiaoxi She helped them prepare these days. She can do it Okay, Chen Xiaoxi, get ready for it Jiang Chen, give her some guidance later, okay? Okay, madam. I will work hard Lu Yang. Stop! Come back! Why did you run? Now, you Bean Lu have learned to run Where is Riz? Now you break up with Riz? – Zhao Yue, I gave you money – It was not enough. You need to complement – That’s all I have – Are you kidding? That little? Who is he? Who are you? Come here, I will tell you who I am Listen, I never hit girls. Today, I just let you go Let’s go! What are you doing? Go! Lu Yang, hold me. Let’s go

– Now confess – Yes It’s no big deal. There is no need to have everybody here Don’t waste our time. Just say it I was in poor health when I was a child, so my mom didn’t let me go out to play So I played the video games at home I liked Contra very much I can’t remember how many times I completed the game I was very thin that time So there were some people bullying me in the school Zhao Yue is one of them I was so scared, so I thought of one method There are two people in the Contra One is Bean Lu, the other is Rizer So I call myself as Bean Lu and called Rizer as Riz When Zhao Yue bullied me, I would tell him that I would let Riz retaliate for me But I don’t know how he knew that I made it up about Riz He laughed at me because of this and said I was a psycho They were less willing to play with me Once they took down my pants and threw me into the lady’s room I don’t want to tell you because it’s really embarrassing I have few friends when I was a child So I am very happy to play with you guys I thought it was a serious problem It seemed that you killed some people when you were young Who had no imaginary friend in the childhood? I imagined that Hanawa was my boyfriend He bought snacks for me every day Yes, I imagined that I was the White Lady I sticked a broom behind me to make a tail My dad dragged me out and beat me for that I was more embarrassing I was taken down the pants So what? Who didn’t take off pants in public? Boy, tell us your story Last year, I changed my clothes in the locker room Then I got out to train Then I found I hadn’t worn my swimming trunks – Amazing – It’s your turn In a summer holiday, I drank my mother’s osmanthus wine I was drunk, then I rang the doorbell of my neighbor’s And sang the “Black Cat Detective” the whole day in their house – Whose house? – Yours – Why wasn’t I at home? – What would you do if you were at home? What would you do to our Jiang Chen? Thanks – Can I help you? – A ticket of “Curiosity kills the cat” please Here. Thanks a lot – Hello – Which ticket that man bought just now? Well… Listen He is my brother His mental state is not so good recently My mom let me keep an eye on him. I don’t have… All right. Pick a seat

– This. – 25 yuan Thanks. You are so beautiful Excuse me. Thanks I want to vomit when I think of me getting on the stage this afternoon, quite nervous Don’t be afraid. No matter what you say, I will applaud for you Don’t you have a match this afternoon? Yes What’s wrong with you? It seemed that your brain was burnt out – I had a dating yesterday – How was it going? Tell me – What are you doing? – I was so nervous. I want to pee Why are you nervous? Are you playing the ostrich? Recite it to me Exam results only means students… What? Exam results only means… I am so nervous. I want to go to the restroom Good job! Hello, Coach Wu We are the reporters of the Urban Sports We want to interview Bosong, shall we? Not today, sorry Dad, I have to go – I still didn’t catch that – What are you doing here? Are you okay? It’s all your fault. Putting diet bills in the beverage. Watch out next time Will student’s grade decide his future? I have a question for my opponent, do you want to go to the university? Do you need good grades to enter the university? So do you think that going to the university means bright future and success? We think that going to the university can’t… No If you go to the university, you may not be successful. That’s not right, either The person who made great achievements more often than not had great grades in youth From Qian Xuesen, the father of the air, to Tong Dizhou, the father of the clone to phenology founder Zhu Kezhen and so on They were ranked top in the class when they were young So we can draw the conclusion the grades can promote greatly the achievements of a person While, the second debater, what’s your opinion? We think… We think… Wu Bosong Let me take an example I think you all know Wu Bosong in our class How many scores does he often get? We’ve got the paper of math exam this morning, he just received five point But how long does the 100-meter freestyle take him? 50.84 second How many times has he received the national champion? 27 times All of you can do better than him in exams

But who can make sure that you will be more successful than him in the future? So everyone has some fields where he can do well and can’t do well Using grades to frame a person is very… – One-sided – It’s one-sided So we think that the exam results can’t decide whether a person is promising or not What can decide a person’s future is the student himself – Wu Bosong, you got 27 national champion? – No, only 7 ♫ Black Cat Detective Ah ah ah… Black Cat Detective. ♫ ♫ Forest citizens salute you, salute you, salute you. ♫ ♫ Eyes stare like copper bells Ears raise like antennas. ♫ ♫ Black Cat Detective. ♫ What’s the matter? The smell of alcohol! ♫ Salute you. ♫ ♫ Maybe it’s fairy’s magic, I think. ♫ ♫ She makes you talk to me. ♫ ♫ This prosperous world is so noisy and crowded, ♫ ♫ where is my stop? ♫ ♫ Don’t care about it, the doubt or sufferings. ♫ ♫ Calm down and follow the answer in your heart. ♫ ♫ What you lost and makes you feel sorrow, ♫ ♫ you must know. ♫ ♫ Tell me I’m in dream, ♫ ♫ I’m in somniloquy, ♫ ♫ drawing my future home, the home full of what I love. ♫ ♫ In my dream, all the struggling has gone. ♫ ♫ You stand there with smile, ♫ ♫ talk to me gently, ♫ ♫ “come here, be easy.” ♫ ♫ The dream ♫ ♫ makes me sleepless. ♫ ♫ Full of bitterness and sobs. ♫ ♫ That’s my original intention, that’s my youth. ♫ ♫ Tell me ♫ ♫ it will come true. ♫ ♫ Tell me I’m in somniloquy, ♫ ♫ drawing my future home, ♫ ♫ the home I live with all I love. ♫ ♫ In my dream, ♫ ♫ all the obstacles have been overcome. ♫ ♫ You stand there with smile, ♫ ♫ talk to me gently,”come here, be easy.” ♫ ♫ You talk to me gently,”come here, be easy.” ♫