Chevy Silverado Door Latch Assembly

hey everybody Dennis here today we’re gonna be working on the Chevy Silverado wanting to try and finally replace this door lock actuator here um I want to get it off and disassembled I got some other stuff to show y’all parked off we have to pop this cover off here let’s trim piece I remember out doing it right after breaking it go see hey you actually going to need to pop this off just comes off pretty easily on this truck anyway next we’re going to take the master switch off and unplug it’s three connectors next we have two seven millimeter screw person in right here that hold the door panel own next ones right here kind of hard to see from the camera more than his amount least we’ll find out a minute and the or panel should be ready to come off actually I take it that at this trim piece up here in the corner just pops off yeah should be ready to come off try to remember is there’s a way you can break this door panel and actually this one is kind of heartbroken okay you got a lift up on this door panel you can’t pull out most of the cars I’ve ever dealt with the Lexus and Toyota and Subaru they all have clamps hold the door panels in this one you have to lift up pull back because if you don’t go into something like this show y’all I just gotta unplug this fancy life how not to break it move the store panel out the way so this is what you’ll end up with if you do not lift that door panel up the right way you got to lift it up because it hooks in it does not pull straight out and that’s what I think the guy that first on the truck did and then I repeated it when I’m holding off before anyway so now what we’re going to do is focus on this area where the door lock actuator actually is try to remember I had this out before wasn’t too terribly hard to do the bulb came loose inside of the house

inner feeling there are three connectors on this this is actually a latch actuator and I’ll explain y’all and a little bit one I had to go this route it’s a rather expensive route but it’s what I had to do I actually was able to get the actuator for I think as a hundred and ten bucks but none of the actuators came with this third wind just blew the door panel over there yay none of the lock actuators came with this third connector here which is actually glued on to the back and it has this rod that’s attached to it right here I’m not sure what its function is but you know this whole latch assembly was two hundred and thirty dollars and I’ll show y’all when I get the old one out some other stuff so anyway trying to remember because likes has been a little while oh this came out matter of fact I didn’t bring up the flashlight and one truck through this new act winter came with some of these clips normally you would just unplug the rod but it came with new clips on it so I don’t have to worry about necessarily breaking them or whatever on the way out and do it to me have a little easier just blah blah and that was sharp good good good win the trick watch out that’s how you sharp kind of see there’s a couple of these frauds inside of here and it had these little clips that you have to unlock there that one’s kinda loose that one is for bead or what is that that’s the key lock I think that for a lock and then there is a another one right here and that one is prison handled so it’s just you’re going to have to kind of get in there yourself I can’t get a camera in there to show you all there’s gonna be all those things that I’ll pop it loose and bring y’all back how about that all right so I got the two rods loose from the key block and the door handle now there’s actually two more one more right here the handle and to get that one off it’s easiest to just unbolt the door handle and then remove the rod and it’s a 10 millimeter bolt now once you remove that pull this actuator turn this handle forward pops out once you do that it’s a little easier to get this tab retaining clip off this rod nor fat well I got this still in there almost I’m gonna show y’all this is what all those other clips look like inside the door okay get your focus little buddy sorry about that tripods a little stiff there I don’t like took a minute anyway this is what they all look like and you have

to pop them open we’re gonna move my hands just a proud – I can’t run on the words that so I don’t have to do without for now what’s that no anyway so try see them go out just a little bit make up a single better try and get my fingers behind the back side of this tab and push it forward it’s not happening for me okay there we go see how it went from see if I can show you all this close would be where that tab is on top of the rod and it open is like that 90 degrees off and then the rod should either simply lift out or sometimes it tops out so let’s see there’s another little close-up of that clip so that rods loose go ahead and pull that out of the way and this road is actually for the lock and you have to careful of these XC count me make sure you see these are for the pocket you want to make sure you’re careful with these don’t break them so alright yeah those two rods are loose like said there’s those three clips we can focus on actually unbolting and then unplugging the actuator which is going to be over here just a little I’m gonna go ahead and unplug it they’re actually unbolt it there’s a t-33 these three bolts over here in the corner then you see how it just a movable as you heard it fell down so please all right now that I’ll take a little bit of maneuvering to get this thing out for Freddie a little bit cut myself some more as I’m pulling it down and getting better access to the plugs I’ll go ahead and plug like I said there’s three here are here is door lock actuator latch assembly as it is commonly called with all the rods and stuff on there and I’m going to swap them the best that I can and I want to explain to y’all how I come to find out that I was going to have to get this whole latch to start off there is a part number on top of this latch you can’t really see it anymore it leave it as a 1 506 – 36 81 I may be wrong in that because I can’t really see it anymore but the part number ended up being this is a 2000 Silverado that part number I’ll end up being for a 2003 to 2007 and that’s why I couldn’t ever find it only the parts list so I had to do a little research and found this exact actuator for an O 3 Silverado when it mm but that’s what it used so and as you can see they’re identical Raj cut the camera when it got a color

difference in the connector but it’ll work so like I said I got a unplug these rods and I’m gonna try to put them in almost the exact same position on this one and hopefully that’ll be alright so anyway that’s 157 I’ll bring out back when I got everything swapped over all right I got all the rods swapped over and I forgot to show you what the actual problem was here is the I think this is myself here is the new lock actuator as you can see this is the actual latch or lock plunger for the actuator see how it goes all the way down and has that little black rubber mount on it right there here is the let’s see the old one it’s actually broken off so you gotta see that anyway so that is why this dog was not locking or unlocking with switch ever since I’ve owned this truck it has been that way so what we’re gonna go ahead and do now is we got all the rods swapped over where I’ll go ahead and install the new latch assembly I don’t remember had to this Oklahoma backlight the door doesn’t matter I can go ahead and plug it in and out put in later trouble go ahead look at these two rods for the door facing up I got it in there go ahead go ahead try to get some of these bolts started way I have something to work with back a nap both of my hands-free hope I’m getting all this on camera because I can’t see the screen so what I’m going to do is I’m gonna go ahead and reattach the rods first before I get this bolted that one’s own and real quick along here I’m going to go ahead and plug everything in this wire runs behind the rods or in front of I should say want to go ahead you can see all the connections really close alright let’s unplug in put the rods back in place and then I’ll worry about this one in a minute once I get actuator bolted down

tighten the bolts down now go ahead grab my flashlight out of there get run this rod I’m good to go back out I guess good run a fraud back through this weather coding whatever y’all want to call it which customer and I’ll reattach the interior door handle rod to the handle snap it a little bit so funny easy way yes I’d be a little easier right there really I get that 10 millimeter back in and I’ll bring out back and just sing alright so we’re going to reattach this Gopal it’s kind of because it piece is broken I don’t have any poxy to fix it okay just connected right it’s in the lobbying away good now all that has to be done is put all the hardware back on the mirror switch or sensei master swish and walk you’ve seen their switch and the two seven millimeter screws door handle put on this a pillar trim piece which doesn’t really see me tango goes up here that’s put on the lock/unlock switch I guess button I call it

do not want to go home maybe because I’m trying to put it on reference that probably want try to put it on back here anyway I’ll worry about the cursor life a minute we’re gonna go ahead get a little pissed ample the reboot doesn’t yell any other sublet do the blood works oh that’s nice I love that and that is how you replace a door lock actuator latch assembly on a 2000 Chevy Silverado thanks for watching y’all please comment rate and subscribe y’all have a great day