How to measure a copper line to fit a tub spout with threads

this is how I measure from the tub spouts that take the male adapters so I take that I take my melt after I look down inside there and see how deep that thing is and then I’ll get a guesstimate of where I believe it’s going to bottom out so I’m thinking right there my fitting is about that deep so that’s the more that we’re going to go with because I don’t like putting galvanize in here for the tub spout and you might get you know if you’re an eighth inch you can pull in a little bit you know you got a little bit of play on that line so don’t have to be a hundred percent accurate obviously you want to get it as close as you can there’s been times where I’ve cut it too short you know our fitting is that deep if need be you can pull it out a little bit you know obviously the more you pull it out the more the solder joint is going to be weak so at any rate right there is basically what I’m coming up with um another thing that I’ve found that works for me is where the threads start on here I always put that top up so the threads start right there I’m going to put a top up it seems to always be for me if I have it in that location as I’m turning our tub spout it finally gets tight about there so I have found that to be a good place for me to leave it obviously with soldering I haven’t done many videos talking about the tricks of soldering but most the time all that’s you have to worry about as it’s in your preparation you know it’s like painting a car or anything for that matter if your surface isn’t clean where you’re painting are trying to you know braze or brazing don’t matter because you get it so hot to burn off impurities and there is a flux that you use for brazing to but add in your rates not to get too sidetracked because I tend to do that want to clean your stuff up if you got nice and scratched nice and clean and you use plenty of flux that’s another key in my opinion you know don’t be bashful on the plug that’s cheap you can’t put two dollars worth of flux on there I’ve have to kiss your could but let me come on now when you rather have a joint that’s gonna seal up that or if I don’t have my brush handy soon enough matter of fact that doesn’t settle in Xbox graduate I tend to like use throw inside of fitting than over around the pipe like that sometimes if there’s water actually every time there’s water inside a pipe you’re gonna you’re going to fight a little bit that just depends on how big the fight is going to be and of course I don’t have the torch head long okay sorry

hope of it’ll kill ow hey I don’t have a whole lot of room on my phone for videos