In Her Defense (Full Movie) Thrilling Courtroom Drama

From Robert St. Laurent, Crown prosecutor, to the Honourable James Faulkner Presiding Judge Your Lordship Is there such a thing as the perfect murder? People attempt to commit the perfect murder all the time But if a murder is indeed perfect how can one know how many have gone undetected? What does it take for a murder to be perfect? To begin with you need the right place A peaceful, small backwater the city of St. John, in the province of New Brunswick, in Eastern Canada It happened so fast. I just knocked it from her hands Then she ran to the bathroom and I followed her and then you shot her? – She started screaming at me I couldn’t get her to shutup I pointed the gun at the ceiling. I thought it would help stop the screaming And then you shot her – I didn’t shoot at her Why did you wait from uh eight hours before you called the police? I did not know what to do I swear I loved my wife No further questions You may proceed, Mr… Richard Your Lady I would like to take a 5 minutes recess Yes we will recess for 5 minutes Thank you You are asking me for a deal? we’re Dutch. Humff I’ll reduce it to 2nd degree that’s the best I can do Thanks. Thank you I knew I could count on you Hey… What? wanna come with me tonight for the opening of a movie? Still trying trying to seduce me huh? – Just like old days I’m busy Listen there will be plenty free food and guess what maybe you’ll meet someone Free food? See you there Bye Nice So you started without me – I shoulda stayed home Umhh Stop it. Don’t be so banal This is art. appreciate it Look at this Hmm What? I like this. Madness Yeah This is so complex And yet… vulnerable listen are we seeing the same painting because I don’t get it The texture. Debra in this kind of art you gotta look at the texture, you gotta look at the colour, the sizer, look at the shapes, everything The subtle beauty I’m sorry I thought you were someone else. She just left me like that. She always does

Nice painting You do signs? Do you read lips? Andrew Garfield. Nice to meet you How doI know sign? I know signs because I I had uh… uh a deaf… girlfriend You look wonderful You’re obviously not a wolf I do not know all the gestures. Sorry That’s yours? I love this Let’s get a Let’s get out of here! I’m bored Nice meeting you – What was that about? I can’t believe what just happened – What? I just met a wonderful, a uh… a beautiful artist She is deaf. I complimented her – uh huh I called her a wolf I mean I can’t believe it I finally come here You feel goofy She’s beautiful Andrew Debra: – hi Nice to see you again Yes and you Are you here um drumming up some new clientel? No actually I was just going to the bathroom. Excuse me Something I said? No, it’s just bad timing He’s on the other side now Ah Yes and he is still blaming me for his mistakes Every time I turn around Hey, you are stealing my food – Fishy… Haa Samson and Delilah huh Something not kosher about you two liking each other What are you talking about? – Are you tryin g to cut a deal Garfield? Be nice. guys Hey you both may be partners one day Fish: See you later Yeah. Take it easy Fish My father always used to tell me there’s two roads to eternal happiness Religion and stupidity – Come one and Fies first You filled the void if you didn’t try so hard to be mother Theresa. It would be fair. Know what I mean? You used to be just like him What’s that supposed to mean? Committed – Look what it got me Still wallowing in the bath? Take some advice It’s gonna hold you back You know something Debra, I really miss being on your side Look at your opportunity A few key cases and you’re in the money Not as long as St. Laurent is around He is bad mouthing me no major in town will touch me You knew you were doing when you took him on It comes at a high price You know think I’ll leave this crumby city and start somewhere fresh. maybe Florida You’ve been saying that since we graduated from Law School Good morning Mr. Garfield a Mrs. Claire is waiting in your office Uh Huh umm You are umm This is a nice surprise

Am I a… a good lawyer? Depends Divorce law Well… I… urhhump I I have first hand experience in divorce. law Have somethink for you A prenuptial Oh… Let me look at it Well In a divorce, the settlement… is more than adequate It’s just in the event of his… death that you’re the sole beneficiary Yes, we can contest it but it will be a long, ugly fight Yeah, that’s my job If you think you can help me let me know This is for you Anytime Hi You look great I’ve done some preliminary work in regards to your prenuptial What is this Yeah I’m sorry Anyway… It’s right here I’ll show you. I’ve worked Okay, you want to show me something. Okay What is this? – This is my studio Where… I’ll show you. Come on Your husband did this? You like it? I am good? Thank you I should probably go Wait Try this Jane… I should probably go I know… hard to leave I mean tea is great The company is great I called several times Where were you?

I’m coming home tonight Do you hear me? I said I am coming home early See you soon Bye We better stop Stop The perfect murder requires something more… the right characters A long suffering wife, Jane Claire A rich abusive husband Norbert. Noby Claire And an over ambitious criminal lawyer, Andrew Garfield A murder is perfect because we are not perfect We do not see the obvious What did you find? – The Claire character he is bad news Not only is he dirty but he is dangerous Tell me He is connected at the hip with our old friend Fabrizi Claire owns a cement and trucking company. He supplies half of Canada He is in Montreal as we speak closing some deal for the entire subway renovation Good, good – Where you going? See a client Andrew… come one… waiting for you Chicken! Jane:

Oh. Gosh What a surprise Where have you been?? Oh… Painting I have been calling you for three days I’m ah… I’m sorry You look great What’s… What’s that? Nothing Wait let me see Let me see Noby did that It has to end? Jane, he’s dangerous You… You need to get away from him I’d… I I understand that you’re scared Jane… Please I love you You smell nice You make me happy I never, ever, never, ever… never Want to leave you What’s that? What’s that? What, What. What’s that? What? Your husband Go, Go Honey, please no No, wait No! Do you still let me to be threatened by you! No please… Ouch Yeow! My wife’s a good lay isn’t she! You probably think you’re the only one I’m sorry I didn’t mean it No, no, no… No Dont’! Don’t call the cops!.. No Please No. It doesn’t matter It was self-defense It was self-defense it doesn’t matter Jane, think. Just think… Think I know what we can’t do that’s to confess and go to trial your prenuptial gives them motivation He had enemies. He had enemies! People who would like to see him dead People capable of murder. Right Right? – Yeah! Where’s the gun? – Gun? What did you do with the gun? – I throw throw it away

No, you can’t – Why not? The place will be crawling with cops tomorrow – Cops? Yes. They find it we’re through The cops The cops will try to break you You will be able to handle it There is no physical evidence besides you know you didn’t do it Right Yet? Okay? Yes I love you. I love you Bye bye How is Mrs. Claire coping? Hysterical. She’s at the hospital What is her story? – She slept right through it She didn’t hear the gunshots – Uh-uh she’s deaf Mr. Mioka So? An exit wound. Mr. Norbert Claire was killed by a wound to the chest The result of a shot by a 3:57 Magnum Did Mr. Claire own a gun? Registration didn’t have it – Whoever killed him wasn’t a big fan No, they… they never are The body has been in the water for maybe 12 hours After I get him to pathology I will be more specific I wonder whty they took his clothes off – Post mortem bruises on hips and waist Maybe he was swimming naked then bang A money clip. By the way the police are calling this burglary three houses have been robbed in the nieghbourhood in the last four months So… Claire was surprised swimming in the pond Whoever it was knew he would be there Debra Why can’t you look past the obvious He did have quite a number of enemies and most wanted nothing more than to remove him out of the way Start checking them out – Have you got something for me? What is that? Some dried blood we found from Mrs Claire’s art studio

Send it to forensics They are trying to commit the perfect murder, every day You’re late We got hung up at the office – Yeah Expected clients – Yeah St. Laurent got me under his thumb in the Claire case Claire case? – Yeah. Haven’t you seen it This guy got shot – Oh, yeah. You got any leads? What. Looking for clients? You said yourself: A few big cases and I am in the money Now I will tell you this whoever did it picked the wrong town. Should have gone to Montreal St. Laurent is on the war path And this he thinks can make him famous He thinks the wife did it Really? That would be a big case – Huh You got a lead on her? Not yet though he thinks she’s having an affair You could do that all the time Doesn’t mean you’re a murderer Yuh. You should know. about that You got to get into that? Huh? Allright We are better off as friends anyway So… tell me… what’s her name? I already told you – You’re so predictable Yeah And you’re still in love with me – prrff I can’t I’ve told you everything What was your relationship with your husband like? Like any other normal husband and wife relationship We loved each other But there at times we argued Is that what you are asking me Miss Turner? Were you aware of any enemies he might have had? You’ve gotta be kidding me Just answer the questions Jane, we can end this right now No. No it’s allright Let me see There are a couple of people – Do you remember their names? Do you remember meeting them? Oh wait He could not get along with Something crazy, but I am getting along with the mailman or the guy who comes to Claire to clean the pond for that matter Maybe that is why they killed him in the pond – Look I don’t want to be here anymore than you want me here Are you married, Miz. Turner? No It is pretty obvious that you’ve never had any body you loved die I’m just doing my job. I I want you and your friend to leave right now I have had enough disrespect for today Thanks for the coffee – We will come back if there is anything else Jane… You could have been followed

Three ounces of crack in the glove compartment, a firearm, stolen property I am listening – I want a deal Oh. A real professional I think this is a waste of our time Mr. Biles The deal is you tell me what you know about Norbert Claire I need to ask her a few more questions – She’s told you everything she knows I must apologise but we have new information that was not available to missTurner at the time You have to help us – She is not answering anymore questions It concerns the weapon that killed her husband – Robert, what the hell is this about Have you ever seen a handgun like this one? No Have you purchased or had in your possession a handgun like this one? She is not answering that question – Look John, what we got is not pretty Robert, what’s going on here? – I must ask her officially one more time In the last 3 months have your purchased a handgun like this one? What’s going on here? Are you charging my client? Mrs. Claire, we must read you your rights You’re under arrest Jane I’ll arrange bail We are going to clear you Jane You have nothing to worry about Andrew Garfield. What is this? He can’t handle this case Have you checked him out? Yes He was almost disbarred for jury tampering He working as a prosecutor and a good one too And then he tried to put away Anthony Fabrizi Does that sound familiar? Well it should your husb and was a business with him He rebuilt half the city Fabrizi was being tried for fraud Garfield was running the show Only it’s not going so well He is losing the case, So he tampers with a juror Then all hell breaks loose. Fabrizi gets off, Garfield resigns He’s lucky he wasn’t disbarred for jury tampering No Ask him, Jane How you doing? You and I know… I am the only one that can defend you Rightt? In Texas they call it a Smith and Wesson divorce She shoots him Marriage over So what next? What do you mean? – Claire. What do we do now? Listen Frank I don’t need you on this case. It’s open and shut What is this nonsense, Andrew? I thought we were friends We are – I was already working on this for you Look I understand you, but I don’t need you anymore. There will be other cases What’s the matter with you? Is someone saying crap about me?

No Frank You’re just push too hard That allright, just push too hard Pushed? Screw you I wanna talk to you Okay You wanna tell me what you are doing it? What do you mean? – Why I had no idea you knew her I didn’t. Met her that night with you at the charity event, remember Listen no offense, but I think they are using your something Well what I learned about St. Laurent is everybody uses every body Andrew, listen to me Look in the mirror. Look at your track record There’s no deals here and then off for a drink and a sandwich St. Laurent is using this. He’s been all for look for a judge and he sees this as his ticket Your going to have to go the distance – It’s my coming out party Oh, oHuh She’s no debutante. This isn’t middle America There are no white picket fences surrounding this mess This is not your common and happy marriage and divorce and everything is allright This is a complicated messy murder – And you’re jealous You know damn well right this could be a million dollar paycheck And you’re afraid I am not going to talk to you anymore Right? Hmm – Okay What? – Okay You didn’t hear this from me but we think she is involved with ssomeone What do you mean? Well the security guy saw a beat up car at Claire’s house, outside in the drive leaving at weird hours – Maybe she was unhappy There was more In morning after the murder he saw the car driving away from the house in a manner that he describes as being suspicious Is this evidence you are sharing with me? No… No It’s just being investigative making a car and a couple of other things a bit hazy A couple of other things? Theories When all of your theories turned to facts… we’ll talk Is that it? – It may be too late Do you have any comments, Ms. Claire? The Province of New Brunswick will show evidence That Jane Claire with premeditation purchased a handgun, with the sole intent and for the only purpose of murdering her husband Mr. Garfield Jane Louise Claire… is innocent That is a fact You see woman is not only innocent she’s a victim She is being used… as a pawn Murder based on what? No physical evidence Only circumstantial He talks about motivation Anyone can have a motive I can have a motive The question becomes substantiating the motivation That’s justice If we lisgten to the prosecution we have already judged her guilt based on her status of life That is not justice It is not theduty of the court Francis Bacon once said, and I quote: “In order to be just

We must cleanse all the idols of the mind.” Like false phantoms we must not be swayed by any illusions that clog our perceptions but we must be swayed by only only Facts Facts Thank you Congratulations, This is gonna be a very big case for you I always tried to go up against you – You were a good prosecutor And I even respected you back then – Why I whipped you nine times out of ten Most of the people I represent are guilty I just give them fairness I mean I am in for the dollar as much as the next guy. I just got to feel right about given it So when I’m there I could live with myself What happens to the ones you missed and the ones that get away? You were a prosecutor for too long No, No No Fishy I’m telling you, the law has limitations God has limitations – Well you can keep your faith Look, our job, the thing we do we are living with, It’s not be judge or jury. It’s to uphold the Laws So when we go home we can live with ourselves You livin g by that? – You do also You just choose to avoid it A form of self defense for self preservation Mr. Norbert Claire was killed by a wound to the chest. a shot in the chest The result of a shot by a 3:57 Magnum He probably was probably swimming when he was surprised by the pond Approximately how much did Mr Claire weigh At the time of death he was approximately 160 poinds Could you personally lift him up and carry him… say all the way to the pond No What if he killed in the studio and then put in the pond Well there would have been some bruises and other marks on the body What if he was carried No blood was found anywhere else in the house Wrapped and cleaned and carried. Only one shot was fired it would have been an easy mess to clean up I suppose it’s possible What if her husband was killed somewhere else and then moved to the pond In your opinion would it be an impossible feat for a woman of Mrs Claire’s size to do? I guess No further questions No questions Mr. Claude Martin You were in the employment of Norbert Claire, were you not? Yes, I was in charge of operation for his trucking and cement company Did he ever discussed personal matters with you? Namely his wife? Yes, on occasion Did he discuss his marriage with you? He was convinced that she was having an affair He was in the process of proving it So he could file for divorce When he mentioned divorce Did he say when he was planning to do this? Did he give you a time frame? So according to the prenuptial agreement Mrs. Claire would have received a relatively small sum had her husband divorced her Now you are the executor of the will Yes Who are the beneficiaries? Mrs. Jane Claire is the sole beneficiary – I see Isn’t that a rather unusual prenuptial agreement? Well Mr. Claire didn’t care what happened to his m, oney after he died So it was a concession for Mrs Claire for aggreeing top the terms And what is the total value of the estate? – About 20 million 20 million So. In other words Ms. Claire had very little to gain by divorcing her husband but everything to gain by killing him Objection – Sustained The jury will disregard Mr St. Laurent’s statement It will be stricken from the record

We will resume tomorrow morning 9 o’clock Somethings wrong Someone knows about us Someone was in my apartment I’m going crazy I can’t help you I can’t help it – You can Quiet Take a deep breath Look at those ears Mr. Biles, you were positive that Jane Claire is the same woman to whom you sold an illegal 3.57 Magnum hamdgun Uh yes. She even got me to scratch the serial number off No more questions Mr. Garfield You’ve got quite a record Ten drug charges, selling, possession One grand theft auto. – I was never prosecuted on that charge. – Sorry And now you say that this woman drove to Ottawa to buy a gun from you That’s right Weren’t you recently picked up on a possession charge? How does he know? – I have no idea Objection your Lordship The witness was never prosecuted Overruled Where you offered leniency in exchange for your testimony? Objection! The right situation is also necessary for a murder to be perfect Here we have a shadowy figure named Anthony Fabrizi A greedy employee of Noby Claire, named Claude Martin And a gun dealer named Biles Hence the perfect murder is easy So Andrew says maybe he was killed in the house and then put in the pond Let Mioka’s answers there would have been some bruises and other marks on the body And he says what if he was carried Now this is where Mioka really lost it What do you make of it? – He either knows something we don’t, or he’s got quite an imagination – I don’t think he will sweep the jury That doesn’t concern me. What concerns me is when Martin mentioned the amount of the estate He reacted to her I think you are reaching, Robert He had to know something we don’t Or he’s screwing her Who wouldn’t? Okay, page 24 We would like to call to the stand Karlene Trifthauser Objection! She’s not included in this covering Your Lordship, a reluctant witness I’ll allow it Do you swear that the evidence you shall give touching the matter in question before this court be the truth, the whole truth and and nothing but the truth, so help you God Yes Miz Trifthauser what is your occupation? I worked in the line at General Motors, but right now I am out of work And where do you live? Today I am staying at the Mission down town What is your relationship with Jane Claire? Eleanor is my daughter She has always dreamed of marrying a millionaire And what was the last time you spoke to your daughter? The last time I spoke to my Ellie she was in high school We were poor. I had to leave her in a foster home

I think she hated me for it Thank you for coming down Mr. Garfield Your Lordship, since this is a reluctant witness I would like some time to consult with my client Recess is until 10 tomorrow morning Thank you Damn I vaguely remember her name Oh yes here we are She left in the 80s Why was she here? – Abandoned She was a pretty exceptional student Occasionally one or two turn out that way Look if you find anything else of interest here is where you can reach me Come on No. I can not Okay, listen You and I… three rounds Three rounds You win, she gets off If I win, she gets life Tell me… what’s going on between between you two? hey What are you talking about? – Okay, let me rephrase that How long has it been going on? Ooh, a Non-denial Hey – What I’m your friend, remember Yeah At least… wait until she’s clear right till later Right it’s the Chinese – Gee, Frank old times What the hell do you want? Noby Claire got a call the night of the murder I’m not in the mood Oh you gonna wanna hear this What the hell is wrong with you I’m worried about you kid Geez what’s the matter with you? I told you I can handle this case – Yeah well I gotta few leads And I told you can handle it Now get out. Okay ju ju… just get out, I’m tired Get out She’s protecting him… for now – What are you rattling about? She’s got a reason still he’ll never know them all He’s not stupid either, but she’s smarter He needs her insurance if things goes sour, He knows it and he is scared A day before he died Noby Claire called his wife from Detroit Big deal? – At the Ritz Carlton, Montreal Frank, you don’t know what you’re talking about. She found his body I don’t think she was supposed to Something went wrong Let’s eat some You go ahead and eat. I’m not hungry Mr. Wheelock, you practice Law in Montreal Yes Do you know why Mrs. Jane Claire sought out your services? She wanted to know if she could have her prenuptial agreement invalidated Did she tell you why? She wanted a divorce, but she did not want to end up with nothing I told her half a million dollars didn’t sound like nothing Indeed. Now there are plenty good lawyers here in St. John Why did Mrs. Claire go all the way to Montreal to find you? My guess is she didn’t want to draw attention to herself How much did she pay you for your services? She didn’t – She didn’t? No more questions Mr. Garfield, you can begin your cross-examination Mr. Wheelock You were formerly exmployed with the Montreal firm of Kern, Dollard and Garnier? And you weret fired for falsifying evidence in a case your firm represented I left because of a conflict of interest The Bar association suspended you for one year It was during this time you represented Jane Claire. isn’t that highly unethical? I had no money, a family So you’re here today to rip apart Mrs Claire’s character and to clear your conscience It wasn’t like that – You acted unethically If you are looking for redemption go to church – Objection!

Withdrawn. No further questions You may step down Your Lordship, I would like to question under redirect, please Go ahead Mr. Wheelock In your opinion, what was the real reason that Mrs Claire came to you? I didn’t really care to question her intentions Were you having an affair with Mrs Claire? Yes Were you married at the time? – I was separated So Obviously things didn’t work out with Mrs. Claire that is It all came down to her husband We could never really be together He would always be in the way Do you think Mrs. Claire wanted her husband out of the way permanently? Objection! – Sustained Did she ever bring the subject up? – No She never got the chance I gueaa my wife was keeping her Your Lordship, no more questions The prosecution rests it’s case Mr. Garfield, You can call your first witness Monday morning Thank you, Your Lordship I want to tell you what happened It’s okay Aah, here it is. Mrs. Claire checked in with us on the 24th I don’t find a record of her leaving – What do you mean? She had paid for four days, she would have checked out on the 29th, What about travel arrangements? Trifthauser that’s a German name, isn’t it? Eleanor – Do you have it? Chevy Lumina, rented November 24th. No drop-out Oh wait a minute. Drop-out St. John November 25th Don’t worry Don’t worry. You won’t go to jail No Why? How you doing, Andrew? – I feel fine Frank I know you told me to stay out of it, but I’ve got something coming thats gonna blow your socks off Leave it alonet, Frank – I just want to help you You mean a lot to me Andrew If it wasn’t for you I would still be hitting the booze I’m sober ever since you paid for the rehab I… I can’ thank you enough I guess I am just trying to prove that I’m as good as anyone else You are, Frank You are Fish do you ever crack, feel it’s too much

Of course I do I did this to him. I did it Hello? Hello? – You’re in some trouble Who is this? – I have some information regarding the death of Nortbert Claire What kinda joke is this? – Write this down 1267 Boulevard Labelle, in the basement Do you have it.? Yes Good. This can save your life Annual Claire Enterprises Let’s get started Mr. Garfield I would like to recall Claude Martin to the stand May I remind you that you are still under oath Noby Claire took good care of you Financial, your salary – Yes How good specifically? – Objection. I don’t see how this is relevant Your Lordship I will show that it will become clear – Okay, but make your point Mr. Martin your salary, what is it? $ 59.000 a year, plus a $ 5.000 bonus at Christmas At Easter you took your family to Bermuda Objection, Your Lordship Overruled. But Mr. Garfield stay on course I have here a vacation to Florida – That was a business trip You recently bought a house in Halifax 5000 square feet 15 acres, a pool for $ 600.000 All with your salary? Come on, where are you getting the money? Mr. Garfield, make your point The night before Mr. Claire’s murder he called you several times from Detroit

The ‘phone charges from the Omni Hotel Is this your number? That is correct What did you discuss with him? – Various business matters Okay, Mr. Martin You wanna play games, I will play games Mr. Martin negotiated trucking contracts for less the going rate Specifically with Continental Construction That he would receive numerous kick-backs for doing so Noby Claire having discovered this considered the contracts invalid because they were illegally negotiated So… He pulled his trucks off every Continental project costing the projects millions of dollars Isn’t it true that Noby Claire was about to expose you upon his return from Detroit? No You were going to jail except Noby Claire never got that chance did he? Objection, Your Lordship – Sit down. Mr. St. Laurent You are crazy, I did not kill him – You had every reason to No! I’m going to ask you one last question Who at Continental Construction paid you off? Objection Your Honour none of this is irrelevant – Overruled Answer the question or I will hold you in contempt Anthony Fabrizi I have no more questions Your Lordship, we have minutes recess, please? Recess allowed. 20 minutes What’s gonna happen? We’ll see The Province of New Brunswick vs. Jane Claire Mr. Garfield, call your next witness – Your Lordship, Prosecution would like to approach the bench, please Mr. Garfield Your Lordship my office was apprised of new information this morning The Prosecution would like to drop all charges against Jane Claire I presume without prejudice? – That is correct Mr. Garfield, Please inform your client that she is free to go but that the Prosecution has the right to recharge her again at any time Yes, Your Lordship Thank you Will the defendant please rise? The Province of New Brunswick vs. Jane Claire is hereby dismissed Members of the Jury, thank you for your time and your patience, you are free to go I told you I was the only one? What is it? Well Garfield, that was quite a show Andrew We want to know what Frank Rutter was upto? – I don’t know He was working for you – No he was working for himself We believe his death was linked to Noby Claire Then why don’t you ask your friend Fabrizi You always think I am out to get you, don’t you – Aren’t you? I protected you with Fabrizi – You protected me? It’s not always about right or wrong

Fabrizi’s about tradition He supplies things And this city needs people like him It avoids dissention up and down the line Laurent why don’t you save your lectures for your Law students This is not personal I need your help I told you everything I know in Court Martin’s your man He had every reason to kill Claire and probably some strong motive to kill Frank So you really think it was him It’s not my job If it were you wouldn’t you have cleared up your tracks a little better? You know Robert, I should have nailed you when I had the chance Always challenging. I wonder where all this bitternes comes from? Andrew – What? I think you know something Andrew, listen – What is it? watch out for Martin. It looks like he might have an alibi We think she knows something First you try her for murder. Now you want to question her for what she knows You’re crazy Listen Andrew, Watch it It’s not over with her I have to sell the house Sell the house, that’s a good idea Good idea We will have a great life together You will be so successful My husband Successful What’s wrong? Jane, they are not through They want you to question you some more There’s nothing to tell Nothing to tell What’s the matter? Talk to me I do not know I’m scared. Scared On behalf of Claire Estate which we still represent Here is payment for services rendered It will certainly change your life Half now, Half six months from now One million total I was wrong about you Garfield There is a position here if you want it We can guarantee you a partnership in a year I’ll definitely think about it – You would be a great asset to this firm Andrew We interrupt this broadcast to bring you late breaking news on the murder of Norbert Claire I have a brief statement to make, then I’ll take some of your questions Late yesterday evening my office uncovered new evidence into the murder of Norbert Claire The bullet removed from Frank Rutter matches the one removed from Noby Claire’s body Miz. Debra Turner will field any other questions you might have since was responsible for vaulting this investigtion. Thank you We found the gun Claude Martin They found it at his home The same gun that killed Noby And I was sure he killed Frank as well Hey, even Robert threw a compliment at you Not to mention the fight that he made it through

You’re gonna be a star Oh Come on. I’ll take you for a beer, Allright, let’s go This is good news. help me I’m packing The best of a job Where are you going? Give me a kiss What’s the matter with you? You’re smarter than I am – What? You’re smarter than me If I close my eyes, I still see it happen Doesn’t it haunt you? – Listen. It’s over Forget it, live your life Is it over, Jane? Now that you have it all you’d do anything to keep it, Do anything to keep it It’s not what you think. Okay – Only am I right? Am I right? Jane How will it happen? What can I expect? Tell me I love you Do you know? Do you know? I love you You are my life Don’t worry Mr… Taylor, I am confident we can make a deal and get your sons charges reduced for this Do not worry It’s won’t go on his record. not on his record. I know the Crown Prosecutor He’s a personal friend of mine Allright, Mr. Taylor I’ll be in touch. Okay I have somethin’ coming thats gonna blow your socks off Why did you pick me out?

Why? We never wanted you to take the fall Nonsense You introduced us to each other You took me to the opening You knew I’d pull the trigger and cover it up How’d you know I’d go all the way? How’d you know I’d go all the way! I know my Jane Come on, Andrew, everyone got what he wanted You got the money, the success and you got to screw my girl Money You are clever It was two guns You had Jane switch the guns after I killed Noby and then you used the same gun to kill Frank Right What I like to know why didn’t you set me up erlier. Huh? You knew… She had an alibi She went to Montreal You kept her here. You made it impossible for us to use the alibi So Frank was on to the alibi thing And you killed him – We had no choice We had no choice Martin is in jail Someone had to take the fall You’re sick You You are sick I loved you And I loved you No, wait – No Let me explain, Okay? What you saw there was nothing, Okay? It’s over between us Now there is someone else You came into my life It’s been a long time ago Listen I… I really love you Deeply Can you forgive me? I love you Please? I love you more I’m not sure what kind of deal I can make for his testimony We just want assurance that Andrew gets a fair trial Your Lordship,

I must ex cuse myself from the Crowns prosecution in this case My assistant stands indicted for the murder of Frank Rutter She is further charged along with Jane Claire and Andrew Garfield in a conspiracy to murder Norbert Claire This murder had all the elements to be perfect So where did it go wrong? I can only conclude that the human factor was it’s undoing As it was mine The Crown Prosecutor who has sight, but is blind Has hearing, but is deaf