Kashf Episode 7 | English Subtitles | HUM TV Drama 19 May 2020

Hello Did you watch Tv? Yes I saw Now do you believe it? Yes Whatever God does is for the best We believe that our decisions are ultimate and we want the result to come out according to our likeness But mom must still be blaming Kashf Mom is totally quiet, I don’t know if her silence is out of guilt or regret I can’t say anything right now but I think the conditions will get much better than before Whatever happened to you was just an excuse for mom, she had never liked Kashf You’ll see, mom will turn this into something negative as well Is everything okay? What are you thinking about? I was thinking that God saved us from such a big problem through Kashf Now people will stop talking also otherwise they kept making me feel as if I did something wrong with you People would start asking me questions as soon as I would leave the house, try to find what’s wrong’ ‘perform an Istikhara’ what if something happens to the boy this time also’ They had filled me up with so much poison that it had to come out somewhere be it on your father or you or Wajdan or Kashf I used to believe that everyone’s to blame because you couldn’t get married but my heart may find some peace now Is the food ready? It’s going to take 10 to 15 minutes for the chicken to get tender I am going over to Dilshads Hold on, we’ll go together. Let me just finish making food Alright then come quickly Erum! Check to who is banging the door Mom, I’m checking I’m coming Who has come now Can we come in? Yes, of course We can only come if you’ll make way for us aunty I forgot to move out of happiness.. Please come How are you? I’m fine Asalam o alikum mom Asalam o alikum Walikum Salam Kashf! God bless you Asalam o alikum aunty Walikum Salam. God bless you Asalam o alikum Walikum Salam Go bring tea for your aunty Sure Please sit Yes Come sit next to me What happened is in the past now. I forgive you and Shumaila also has no grudges against you Right Shumaila? Yes Keep this, get yourself a dress No no aunty, what’s the need for this.. I don’t need it keep it.. Keep it Shumaila you ask her to keep it Kashf, keep it I can’t keep it Shumaila, it doesn’t look nice Keep it otherwise I’ll ask someone else to tell you What are you two whispering about? Nothing mom, it’s between us two Will you also not listen to your friend? Um I think she’s hesitating because of you No no.. Keep it How much are you giving her? Mom, they’re 2000 rupees Then keep them Congratulations! The misunderstandings between the two families have been solved To you too You look very happy

And why shouldn’t I be? You just told me that the misunderstandings between the two families have been solved What do you think, dad will get you married to Kashf sister because the misunderstandings have been solved? He will never get the only bread earner of the house married And if someone snatches her and takes her away then what will your father do? Can I drop you? To hell with you! Kashf Yes? Will you drink tea? No I was about to make tea for myself so thought of asking you Okay then make it Listen, what should I make for dinner? Make whatever you feel like I was thinking of buying lentils and rice from Khurshid’s shop, is that okay? Hm.. Mom! Hm? Hold on for one second Take these 2000 rupees and pay off Khurshid’s loan No no, you keep this with yourself. Get yourself a new dress stitched, it’s been ages since you got anything new stitched for yourself Mom, I have enough clothes that I need. You cook food for now, that’s more important Hello? How are you? I’m fine I had to tell you something What? Mom lied to you Lied? She didn’t come to forgive you in fact she came to apologize Apology for what? That.. you come on the roof, I’ll tell you then Roof? Yes Right now? It’s only six right now Kashf, you’ll have to come for the sake of our friendship Okay, I’m coming Sister, you’re going to the roof? Yes But both the families have reconciled now so ask Wajdan that he should come to the house to meet you It doesn’t look nice meeting on the roof I’m going to meet Shumaila, not Wajdan You? Shumaila had said that she wanted to talk about something I asked her to say that So she lied to me Would you have come if I had called? Dad! Dad! What is it? What are you doing? I just saw sister going to the roof to meet Wajdan secretly I’ll show them now Go quickly I only wanted to inform you that the issue of Shumaila’s marriage has been resolved The misunderstand between both the families has also finished What do you say, should I send mom for the proposal? It’s not like you will get married You just make use of your knowledge and earn a lot of money I have spent a lot on your brought up, now it’s time for you to repay Kashf Uncle Shameless girl!

Do you have no shame? You’ve deceived me and what are you doing here? Dad I Go downstairs! Uncle You don’t talk in between otherwise nobody is going to be worse than me She’s my fiancé uncle She was your fiancé, not anymore. Go talk to your parents and you come Dad Dad Come here! Leave me dad. What are you doing Stand here! kashf! What has happened? What are you doing? Leave her shoulder. What has she done? She was on the roof with Wajdan all alone and making her family proud! You were quite proud of the way your daughters were raised? My daughters are like this! My daughters are like that! This is your daughter! This! Dad I Be quiet! Don’t you dare and deceive me! I’ve you caught you red-handed! You only have two days now, only two days After two days you will sit with Mateeullah at his cleric house! That’s it! There is no other choice! You went to meet Wajdan? No mom.. I went because Shumaila called me but when I got there.. I won’t sit with Mateeullah Your father will also sit with him! Then sit with him She won’t sit with him And the accusation you’re putting on her, she hasn’t done anything of that sort and nor has Wajdan Really? So you will decide what will happen in this house and what won’t happen? Yes, I will Then you must have sent her to meet her lover! You get out of my house! Leave her Imtiaz! Leave her I’ll sit with him. I’ll sit with Mateeullah Aunty won’t interfere in this matter any longer Why are you crying so much, he didn’t beat you too much.. Huh! Why did you go to the roof? Dad When I told you I’ll talk to him then I didn’t know when you would talk. I made a mistake dad, forgive me The reconciliation has taken place then the relationships should also be formed now If we had reconciled then that meant that you could go and meet her on the roof? He went to meet Kashf on the roof and Imtiaz saw them also I went to talk If you wanted to talk then you could’ve gone to their house, had anybody stopped you? What was the point of meeting secretly? my intentions were pure The person who makes the girl run away from her home has also pure intentions but the way to do it is wrong Now do something, talk to Imtiaz uncle Do you think it’s that easy? I’ll have to persuade him He has been quiet up till now but he won’t be anymore He’ll at least ask for forgiveness and god knows what else he can ask for more He’s my brother but I don’t expect much from him I think we’ll have to go talk to Imtiaz right now I’ll also come with you I’ll also Where are you going? The matter has gotten worse because of you only Come Let’s go Imtiaz, don’t be upset anymore What kind of things are you saying Fayyaz? Did I say anything? And what can I even say? You’re my older brother, I used to respect you then and I respect you now Look whatever Rashida wanted to say about Dilshad and Kashf, she said it Did we get offended? We didn’t in fact we blamed Dilshad Dilshad went to her, our sister went to her in fact our mother also begged her but she said no because she didn’t want Wajdan and Kashf to get married so I said fine do whatever you think is right Did I say anything? No, right? I respect her as I always have I swear to god I will do whatever you will ask of me but Kashf and Wajdan can’t get married now Look if you want I can apologize to you from Rashida’s side Don’t say such things. You can beat me with a shoe but don’t embarrass me like that I am also a father of a girl,

I have the right to choose who I want to get my daughter married to Mom, make him understand Speaking of the dower money, I’m ready to give the dower money That’s the spirit. So tell me, approximately Um 15? No no Let’s make it 20 Relationships can make you so weak You’re my big brother after all so I can’t let you go empty handed but we don’t want Kashf to get married right now, Erum is available though The decision is yours Let’s go Rashida I have never seen such a greedy man in my life There’s a limit of greediness Instead of getting his daughter’s married he’s putting a price on them I never used to believe when people used to say that he got Ashi married to Mateeullah knowing what kind of a person he was and he was the one who led the circumstances turn into a divorce so that he could get the dower money but now I believe it that he was never loyal to his sister not is he loyal to his daughters Stop it now Am I saying anything wrong? When did I say you’re wrong? But sometimes the truth is so horrifying that one gets fearful listening to it I had an idea that we’ll come back with bad news Thank god you know now how it feels to come back feeling this way Take a look at him, we’re the ones who got insulted and he’s blaming us as well Anyways let this be We have to see what we have to do next Look the smart move would be that you forget about Kashf and we look for nice proposals and get you two married You get Shumaila married, I don’t want to get married What is wrong with dad? Can’t he see I also exist? He has no idea how much I love Wajdan then why did he take Erum’s name? What if Erum also.. she’s not brave enough Whatever happened was for the good though, Kashf is out of the picture now Erum stands no chance Wajdan is only mine one can take him away from me, no one If uncle hadn’t left then I would have gone out and refused I now understand What do you mean? Nothing What did I do now that both of you are glaring at me? What you did was not right. They had come to you with so much love They had apologized also You didn’t feel even a little sorry for your daughter? They hadn’t come for the proposal, they had come for business They must have found out that from Thursday onwards Kashf will be taking her position so that’s it, they decided They don’t want to get their son married to Kashf, but they want him to get married to a spiritual leader, a spiritual leader so that they can eat her earning They want to make a lifetime deal with two million? Do they think I’m crazy? Mother you will see, next year we will be in a five hundred square yard house

We will have a bungalow mother, a bungalow I will get you a swing made of sandal wood and your paan daan will be of pure silver You will see how we will enjoy mother Oh Ashi, you want to say something? Go ahead. Say whatever you feel like Today I am so happy that I won’t mind Words have an effect on those who have a conscience Okay Who have some self respect left You neither have a conscience nor do you have any self respect left That’s all? I thought you would curse me Alright, you at least called me shameless but I didn’t enjoy that something bigger, say something bigger I am ashamed of calling you my brother Yes What you did with me was one thing and maybe I forgive you at some point in my life but now what you are going to do with Kashf, I will never forgive you That’s all? Are you done? Come on now go to sleep Go And you send a cup of tea for me in the room Tea would feel extra delicious today Wow When brother Fayyaz was talking to me in an embarrassed manner, I was enjoying it so much that I can’t I tell you. Just bring tea, bring tea Whose side are you standing on now? Tell me I will tell you You are standing with him. All our lives you have covered up his mistakes and his sins You have given him the support otherwise he wouldn’t have been like this today Ashi Dilshaad, one minute Why are you sitting quietly? Say something It’s all your fault Why aren’t you saying anything? I am talking to you! Come Have you thought about the girls? Come I am talking to you I was coming to you What is this? Give this to Kashf I’ll go give it Take this. Shumaila has given it Shumaila? It’s from Wajdan Give it back At least see what it says. What if you regret later? Take it I know the pain and torture you are going through All this happened because of me Whatever happened was bad But a lot better can happen if you be with me then Its time, that we take such a difficult decision We go from here to a place where no one comes in-between our love So I promise that our life ahead will be very beautiful and if you don’t come then even I don’t know what I will do with myself I only know that it’s not possible for me to imagine a life without you What will you do? Will you go? And if he really does something to himself? I love Kashf a lot

I won’t be able to live without her but you don’t worry We won’t leave the city Once we are a little settled we will come back Mother and father have gone to sleep and Zoya is also talking to some friend of hers on the phone This is a very good chance, get up and come. Get up I can’t do this Don’t be crazy Kashf He must be waiting for you Kashf must be waiting for me. If she reaches before me, she will get really worried Take care of mother and father You take care of yourself Take care of yourself Don’t let this chance get out of your hand Go Save yourself Otherwise you will be burning in this fire all your life Father won’t let you get married And father’s respect? What respect are you talking about? Where was father’s respect when he got our aunt married to Mateeullah? When he talks about making you sit with the same person, where is father’s respect lost then? Get up Kashf, your courtesy is making me really mad Whichever way father points, you go in that direction like cattle You are human too. You have emotions too What has happened to the door? Seems like someone has locked it from the outside Zoya, who has locked the door? I have locked it Open it instantly The key is with father and father has asked me to lock it so that Kashf isn’t able to meet Wajdan She will never let me be with Wajdan. She will marry Wajdan Come have breakfast

Save as much as you can because we are going to get poorer than before What nonsense has she just said? I am dreaming about better days and she’s saying poverty is coming I will sort it out, I’ll talk to her As if you would go ask her You could have at least put some butter on it Abba it’s finished If it is finished then you need to use your brain, go put the container on the stove on low heat and stir it from inside then bring it Go get up Okay dad You’re only concerned about your own breakfast Why didn’t you wake me up? I could’ve stopped it, convinced him but would not let him leave Why didn’t you tell me? Oh Wajdan? Wajdan! Where were you son? Let me talk to him. Wajdan listen to me. Wajdan Son, Wajdan, What happened? Don’t do this, don’t do this We will do as you say. Okay? I promise you Please go change, your clothes are wet, you will get sick. Go Listen, don’t be afraid I need to talk to you about something important Do you remember the time you slapped me? The sound of that slap still resonates in my ear and that’s why even today I love you a lot Have some shame, we’re divorced So what if we’re divorced? If you want there can be ways And yes I wanted to give you some news I am now in a partnership with your brother From Thursday Kashf will sit in my position I know people will talk, they will inquire about the relationship between us No matter what the people do themselves but if a person like me does something worldly, they get after my life I have found a solution for that too I will give your brother Imtiaz a heavy amount as a wedding gift and marry Kashf What nonsense are you talking? It’s not nonsense, its marriage Now you don’t want to come into my life Now at least I do have a right to bring someone else into my life Don’t you dare, don’t you dare look at Kashf like that I will put your eyes Oh what has happened to you? You are my wife I am not your wife We are divorced This act of spiritual leader that you have in front of the world, I was quiet up till now but now I will show everyone your real face Alright listen listen, I am giving you time, think about it. I will wait for your answer Assalamualaikum madam, you called me Whom were you fighting with? Madam, he was my ex-husband What kind of a behavior is this? Now you will solve your personal matters outside the school? Actually madam he said such a thing that I got very angry You didn’t even care that little girls were listening and watching you How will all this affect them? I’m sorry madam, this will never happen again There will not be a next time because you are resigning right now I am resigning? Madam why will I resign? Because a teacher who doesn’t have anything to teach the children,

neither do you know how to talk nor do you have control over your temper So then what will you teach the children? The fever has gone down a little He was in the rain all night, he must have caught cold All this has happened because of me I am responsible for this condition of his Assaalamualaikum aunty Aunty? Aunty? What is it? What happened? Is everything okay? Yes, I have a headache I am resting for a little while I am very tired Come later I will give your brother Imtiaz a heavy amount as a wedding gift and marry Kashf Mateeullah, I will not let this happen