Love & Secret | 달콤한 비밀 EP.1 [SUB : ENG,CHN / 2014.11.24]

2013, Fall, New York What do you mean you want to break up? You don’t mean anything to me anymore I don’t love you Y-you Have a good life. Be happy No You’re lying, right? Why are you doing this? You’ll catch a cold. Go inside But you’re the one who messed up! You’re the one who hurt me! I said I understand I forgive you! Why are you doing this? You Don’t leave me Please don’t leave I’m sorry. I won’t do that again I’ll be more forgiving I’ll be more understanding Please don’t leave me Don’t be so pathetic I want to remember you fondly – What’s up, girl? / – How’s it going? I promise to be true to you In good times and in bad In sickness and in health I will love you and 1 year later

Please look over here Episode 1 Great Next, I’d like to ask you about your children’s education Your daughter is studying abroad and your son goes to a top-tier med school You have the kids that every parent wants What’s your secret to educating them? There’s no special secret Each child has their own talents and interests You need to trust them and let them explore I think that’s it Is what he’s saying true? Yes. He allows me to pursue my own interests We never even sent them to a private school My husband hates that sort of thing and my children did fine on their own My daughter, Areum, was gifted from a young age and Oh, what am I saying? Please have some Here You made this whipped cream cake yourself? This isn’t whipped cream. I boiled some tofu, ground it up and blended it with honey It tastes just like whipped cream, but it’s nutritous and low in calories It’s a very healthy dessert Try some This is really tofu? Yes, it’s organically grown I think we have enough for the article now Indeed To wrap up, let’s talk about your daughter who went to a top fashion school in New York Since you’re the Minister of Culture, do you think you influenced her in any way? How did you guide her career path? She chose that path herself I just provided the support Her childhood dream was to become a world famous designer Come on, now Thank you – Thank you. / – Great job Great job. Thank you Thank you It’s so noisy I’m sorry Tiffany, what’s wrong? That stinks Give the baby here. Take your time Thank you It’s okay Do something! I’m sorry If your baby poops, go to the bathroom Why change the diaper here? Can’t you see I’m eating? I’m sorry What kind of a mother are you? You give all Koreans a bad name Excuse me, but that was uncalled How can you be so rude? This sort of thing happens with a baby on a plane What? Are you defending her? What did she do wrong? Babies cry and they poop Haven’t you ever raised one? You’re so cruel Who are you calling cruel? I’ve raised kids! Why are you attacking her? Someone ought to teach her! I don’t want to smell poop while I eat! Please calm down As a mother, how can you say that? Not all mothers are the same! Don’t you have kids of your own? We shouldn’t all have to suffer! Excuse me I have to change my kid’s diaper but this bathroom’s occupied Right this way Thank you On a long flight, the person you sit next to is as important as the class you’re in You’re in a hurry I’ve never seen this type of fabric What brand is this jacket? A European brand? What? Oh

I’ll text it to you I’m not that curious Mom, is it “get angry” or “express anger”? Both are correct Get angry It’s shorter. I’ll go with that Who’s getting angry? I’m almost done I’ll show you when I’m done Diaries are supposed to private I bet you don’t want me peeking It’s okay You and I are one There are no secrets between us My darling boy Done. Can I play games now? Okay. But after grandma comes back, you have to hang out with her Okay Today, Dongseok bragged about his big brother being in college, but I beat him by telling him that my big brother is a director at a company My brother’s tall, handsome, and totally awesome, but he doesn’t live with us He only comes home once a week He doesn’t seem to like us very much He doesn’t really respond to mom and he gets angry at dad and grandma With me, it’s half and half Sometimes, he’s nice. Other times, he’s mean Hello? Yes, President Cheon? I told you not to call me that May I ask why you called? I want to take your mother to Yangpyeong to get some fresh air over the weekend You don’t have to do all that Seongun will be worn out You always put Seongun first That’s why he acts so entitled My mother doesn’t like long car rides And that’s that, President Cheon Fool Tiffany, let’s brush our teeth Good girl You’re so sweet You’re so sweet You like that, sweetie? Is it a boy or a girl? The little one’s smiling now She’s a girl Thank you so much for earlier It was nothing You were in a bind I knew I had to take her to the bathroom, but she was crying so hard, I couldn’t think straight I get it It’s not easy raising a kid My daughter just had a baby Oh. I see I got her baby her first clothes, her diapers, and I even got her a gold pendant I even brought her Korean seaweed The best I could find I’m sure your daughter loved it Your mom didn’t take care of you after you gave birth? Did your mother-in-law come help instead? That must’ve been tough It was nothing I’m more worried about my daughter She has to raise the baby on her own There’ll be times when you wish the baby was back in your stomach I got the finalized list for the contest Why didn’t you add the names of the judges? President Cheon hasn’t signed off, so Does he need to sign off on every detail? No, but he’s particularly invested in all your projects, so Whatever. Send me the list and tell them to make sure the venue’s secured This is no ordinary contest

This will revive the company’s image and solicit investors so make sure it’s perfect Contest Final Guest List 1. Han Areum I’m sorry You’re out of milk? So it seems I’m all out of the formula that I packed You don’t have any extra? I put it in the bag I checked She’s hungry Do you think we’ll be able to find some? I’ll go ask around Will you hold her for a bit? Sure thing. Just go There, there Sorry, Tiffany I’ll be right back with some milk I’m sorry Excuse me How may I help you? I’m out of breast milk What? I accidentally left my baby’s formula in the bag that I checked, but we still have a long way to go I have no milk for my baby Please remain calm I’ll get you a glass of water That’s okay I’m sorry for causing a scene earlier, but my baby’s crying because she’s hungry I’m also out of milk and she’s not old enough to eat baby food Okay, ma’am Someone ordered milk in business class I’ll check and see. Follow me Thank you We’ll be going through an area that may cause some turbulence Please find your seats and fasten your seat belts Ladies and gentlemen, we will be passing through turbulence Please return to your seats and fasten your seat belts Great. We have some milk – Feed this to her. / – Thank you – Careful. / – I’m okay Thank you Oh, no! I’m so sorry. What will I do? What do you think you’re doing? I’m sorry Oh, no! I’m sorry It flew out of my hands and Of all the places to land I’m sorry. I’m so sorry Sorry isn’t good enough I’ll pay for your dry cleaning You should wash it out first in the bathroom The pants are a waterproof material, so you can rinse the stain right now I’m busy, so I’ll be on my way You think this about my pants? You touched me What’s your problem? I really hate when people touch me! But you touched my Give me your passport – What for? / – I can’t just let you get away Then what will you do? I’m going to report you for sexual harassment! What did you just say? Sexual harassment? You’re making me really angry right now You think you’re a big shot because you’re in business class? This is not the time to do that! From what I can tell You’re not very impressive Hey… Hey! Vocalist needed for “The Music Seekers” Jinwu Mom, will you knock? I forgot Am I keeping you from studying? I’m busy. My exam’s next week Okay, but you should eat first Nuts are supposed to be good for the brain I made this with honey, nuts and organic, domestically grown pumpkin Okay. I get it Alright Thank you, mom You’re welcome Did you send Areum the article from our family interview?

What’d she say? I sent it, but she didn’t reply She didn’t? Your dad really chewed me out for talking too much that day Areum hasn’t been in touch lately Do you think she’s in trouble? She’s probably just busy You worry too much That’s not true She hasn’t called in months While we’re on the subject, why don’t we try video chatting? She’s probably asleep And I have to prepare for my exam Right. Get back to studying, then Why are you calling again? Are you busy? I’m at work Did you seriously just ask me if I’m busy? Oh, okay. But honey What did you want to say? Next summer, how would you like to visit the States? Areum’s too busy to come see us, so The States? It’s not like that’s just around the corner! What is the matter with you? Honey, get your act together I work for the state, we have a standard to uphold You can’t do anything that people will turn their noses at! I must serve the country with integrity Do you know how tough it is to be a federal employee these days? Okay, fine I knew he wouldn’t budge Why did I even bother trying? Hello? Seonhwa, why are you calling at this hour? Myeonghwa, save me! What’s wrong? I’ll cut to the chase Save us Save my husband, my boy and me and just do me this one thing Can I borrow 30 grand? 30 grand? I don’t have that kind of money Are you in some sort of trouble? Debt collectors will be at my door any minute Debt collectors? Wasn’t your husband’s business doing well? I wish it was doing well We’re about to lose a home we don’t even own At this rate, we’re all going to die Didn’t you have a mortgage? Let’s not play 21 questions here Stop asking me so many questions! We started renting to make a down payment on the business Myeonghwa You’re the only person I can ask Help Gwon Yeongsu! Where are you? Seonhwa! Hello? What happened? Hello? Seonhwa? Who are you? Why are you in my house? Are you Gwon Yeongsu’s wife? He’s not home right now No? What if I search the house? Go ahead and look You won’t find him here Search the house! If you find any money, bring it to me Why are you doing this? Please stop Why are you doing this? Please stop Get off me! May I have your attention please? Who are you to butt in, kid? Hyeokmin I’m the son of Gwon Yeongsu, Gwon Hyeokmin You’re Gwon Yeongsu’s son? Where’s your dad? If you don’t bring him to us, your mother Stop! Don’t you know about the Confucian bonds between father and son? What are you saying? What’s he saying? Just as a father covers for his son’s wrongdoings a son, too, shall cover for his father’s This is the Confucian father-son bond Though my father is in debt, as his son, I cannot place the blame on my father All of you are sons of fathers as well How can you all be so cruel? How can you ask me to betray my father?

Kid, are you out of your mind? Hyeokmin What will I do? He’s not breathing! My son’s not breathing! Just my luck Wake up, Hyeokmin What will I do? Let’s just go Make sure Gwon Yeongsu’s here tomorrow We’ll be back tomorrow Hey, you scoundrels! Save my son before you go! You bastards! Oh, no! Hyeokmin, get up Are you hurt? Are they gone? Yeah, they’re gone What will we do? I’m fine Mom, is our family ruined now? We don’t have the slightest chance, do we? What will I do? What do I do? Hyeokmin Pack your things. We’re going to Seoul What? Go to Seoul? What do you mean? We’re not going to stay and die here Your uncle works for the government I’m sure he’ll help us out But I have to go to school There are plenty of schools in Seoul! Hurry up. Pack your things Okay, then Ta-da! Tiffany, remember this outfit? When I was making this, you were right with me, remember? I’m going to win the contest with this and you and I will live happily ever after And so, Tiffany, I need you to cheer extra hard for me Peek-a-boo I hope you enjoyed your flight In about 20 minutes, we’ll be landing at Incheon Airport We’re finally here Thanks for being patient, sweetie You’re going through with this? Our revenues are way down We don’t have money to waste on a contest! Does he think I don’t know how to host a fashion with outside judges? He doesn’t know anything That boy’s got a lot to learn There’s already a buzz in the media about how this will be different from other contests That’s why Director Cheon is so focused on this Tell him to come see me the minute he lands Yes, sir Jeju-do? Who’ll babysit Tiffany then? My mom was in a car accident, so I had to rush over Do you know anyone who can babysit? I don’t have anyone else to ask You’re right. I’m sorry Is your mother alright? That’s okay. I’ll figure it out Sorry What will I do about Tiffany? Just a moment Thank you Let’s go Excuse me To be Searched for Inspection Is this your bag? Yes, it is May I see your passport? Will you come up to the office? What for? We need to search your luggage

What? Why? This way, please What’s going on, dear? They want to search my bag What’s this about? Will it take long? It’ll only take a moment She only just got to sleep I’ll look over her. Go What? You will? My husband’s suitcase is missing I have to wait anyway. Go – Still… / – Come this way Don’t worry. Go ahead – No… / – Don’t worry Don’t worry about a thing Thank you You’re welcome. Don’t worry I didn’t get that memo What are you saying? I think this is my husband’s suitcase I sent over the samples and the fabric I said, I didn’t get that memo I just landed in Korea I sent that over 3 days ago I can’t give you another 2 days We’ll talk about this later Ma’am, what do you think you’re doing? I think this is my husband’s bag It’s mine, ma’am No, I think it’s my husband’s Today is just not my day Ma’am, you’re mistaken Can I open it to make sure? Ma’am Honey, what are you doing over there? Oh. Honey, you’re here already See? It looks just like yours What are you doing? Come on Our ride’s here. Hurry up Ms. Han, we’ll have to search your bag What is this about? There’s something we need to verify What? I didn’t shop at the duty-free stores Fine. Please hurry up so I can go What’s this? Can’t you tell? It’s baby formula! Why do you carry it in these quantities? That’s a single serving! Are you sure this is baby formula? Of course! It’s for my daughter! Please wait here for now I don’t think I can I need to get to my daughter, just You’re obstructing an investigation – Director Cheon! / – Hey What is it? Ah! Ah? Excuse me Have you seen my baby? Tiffany! I can’t wait any longer. Let’s go What about the baby? Ask the information desk or leave it at the lost and found Leave a kid at the lost and found? Who are you? Why are you smiling? He said he’d take the child to a police station The Winners Group Bring my daughter now! Finally, the criminal appears! You kidnapped my daughter! What? Kidnapped? Are you happy that someone’s daughter is pregnant out of wedlock? Don’t compare our daughter to her Areum would never do such a thing Oh, Tiffany! Oh, no What are you doing? The milk Keep it down! You’re so noisy! Areum? It’s you, isn’t it? – Aunt Seonhwa. / – Areum! What are you doing here? Whose kid is this?