Ylands | Survival Multiplayer – Settling down

hey guys welcome back to another Wyland’s live episode so I’m sitting outside where all of our ships are nice in part and I’m trying to get back into the game here one second I tapped out there we go Here I am I’m back in the game awesome so what we’ve decided is we’re actually gonna be settling on this island because Jay died and respawned back on this one so I think it’s good idea to build a port here and we’re all gonna just kind of build our own houses and stuff now apparently according to Jay storms damaged buildings I’m interested in seeing that how much damage happens and if it’s you know more damage to wood then there is stone you know can I see how that works cuz that’s uh that’s interesting oh look at all these plants over here at Jay’s got going on what are these let’s go ahead and enable that so we can see oh I got bananas nice bananas are pretty kick-ass it what’s up quest how you doing buddy oh my it’s Oh No what’s happening here YouTube’s gone to crap for me sorry guys it just started dropping a whole ton of frames damn it I hope this isn’t the thing today I’m actually gonna lower my bitrate here a little bit and see if that helps okay sorry about that hopefully that’s not a thing I just want to stream it’s been a little frustrating lately thanks for hanging in there guys sorry about that alright I think we’re good to go now I can’t join us as clear limit maxed really I only did six this time maybe I should have done eight okay you know what I’m gonna go eight I changed his password all the time anyways there we go okay get in the day get in J I left some room for you that’s what I was doing I was making sure I left room for you holy crap yeah I had legs when people joins that’s okay we’ll give it a second here hopefully it’s not my internet okay nobody seemed okay cool stuff alright Wow anyways what a day I just started playing this earlier that’s awesome James what is happening right now did a whole bunch of people just join why is it doing this oh boy no good way to start the day start the stream sorry guys okay we cool I’m good to go Internet all right so the ships pre-built or do you have to do block by boat block well neither what happens with the ships here man is you get the ship base itself and then you can build off of the ship base so what I got here is a moving factory so this thing would be good for going to different islands and getting different types of wildlife from different islands and also massively farming it so bringing like a whole bunch of resources or really really long journeys when it’s ours for the journey all right you know I think a long journey would be about 30 minutes 45 minutes so this would be a good one to go in one of those with because if it starts snow storming or something like that we have we have covering and crap so this is a long project build right there that sucker right there this ship right beside us here hello I’ll ship right beside us here is what we use to travel what is this Weiland sorry guys my Internet’s really derpy right now like I lowered my bitrate so at least my Internet’s table I think it might be my internet or its YouTube again either way

we’ll make this happen somehow against major leg though what’s up okay cool so today’s project is we went and explored yesterday found some pretty damn cool stuff I’m gonna work on building a home I’m gonna go find it location I’m gonna go start laying down my foundations and I’m gonna build myself a house all I ask is that you respect you know distance don’t come and like build something right beside me or directly in like you know a few we all respect our neighbors here that’s how we operate as a community we’re really good at it too so basically if someone you can see someone’s build ask him is it okay you know if I build a giant wall 50 feet away from your big bay windows of the seat no I mean I had that problem in boundless actually one guy kept the edge literally I had a great view and he came in behind me and just built this monstrosity like huge wall thing I’m like oh thanks what’s up looks like someone new I’m thinking of building my house actually on one of these ridges I think I want to build right over here actually kind of build off the ridge and kind of work with it I think maybe like right up in here yeah that looks like a decent spot it’s kind of close to this but like look at this look at this view right here look at I can dig it let’s go and what do we have on us to start building you have some logs that’s all we have okay what’s in our inventory I’m gonna go ahead and plant these oh oh okay leg okay what do have my inventory here I need to move this down here there we go looks like we have a few newbies on I wonder if someone’s lagging me oh and I wonder if that’s what it is maybe maybe like 8p new people’s too much man it seems to be doing alright this game is a ton of fun though guys I have a blast play in this game so what I’m doing is planting myself some trees so I have something to to hit again guys this game has brought back tree farms for me I’ll tell you what you cut down and go through trees so fast that you want to replant them see I’m gonna start building my house up here I think if you check player list it doesn’t give you people’s ping you know what I don’t even know how to check player list is not a thing I’m stuck on the loading screen yeah you’re probably what’s lagging us out Joline start breaking us I don’t know if there’s a player screen i I did actually ask them on Twitter you know I can’t I can’t get the game to people on Steam so I was like how do I get ahold of codes they told me the email their press email so I think I might actually get some codes for this game so maybe you know we can have some influence on these guys at least these guys seem motivated with this game this keep them motivated okay what do I have I can destroy like a lot of stuff here there we go big hint in this game Jolin don’t destroy star don’t drop stuff please don’t drop stuff who I’m not destroying my palm seeds gonna break that down there we go hey what’s up Paul yeah this is bad today what the hell’s going on I literally think it’s my intern X he keeps dropping a little bit when it does this yeah but if you’re stuck in the loading screen please don’t be stuck on the loading screen it might be legging this out if I have any experience with the voxel game being sitting there in the air in the loading screen is one of the worst things you can do to people okay they remember our servers damn it okay in this story those suckers

what else can I destroy here destroy these get rid of those um I don’t even know that dot yeah that does does yet so I still have a lot of crap on me from earlier here’s my connect to finding the will server yeah it just might be overloaded at the moment that’s my that might be what it is there is or there’s a reason they say up to 8 players I could see this game really legging out if too many people are spam I could see that happen I don’t see dedicated servers for this game working for a very long time but I love the premise of the game it has lots of play hours it has lots of playability like tons of playability it is cheap as hell and if you want to support for the development you can buy some cheap skins if you buy now actually they give you a whole ton of credits hey probe what’s up man this is this is a you versus the environment game it’s literally you versus like wolves and bears and Panthers and other stuff it’s about exploring you start out on an island this is our home island and you can sail out let’s let’s pull out my map here actually here we go I’m gonna go to six you could sail out to sea oh no what where’s the rest of it oh there it is okay cool you can build boats and you have to go prepared you have to make some food you have to have an know you have enough resources because you’ll still sail through storms you’ll go through other stuff but you can sail around and you look for islands and then you can go explore the island unlock new things find new things we unlock lanterns actually which island was it this island right here or was it the island further up here then we hit up three last night or did we only hit up two we only head up to okay on this island here I think unlocked the lanterns for us and it was pretty cool so what we’re doing here is settling here and the asylum we’ll make a a port and stuff we’ll all have our own ships that ship right there that’s the closest one that one’s the Beast and then we got our one right now that’s accessible and usable but it’s awesome like you literally legitimately go for a sail you have to look for islands and stuff it’s this game is fantastic is so much fun we went on the group mission last night it was a blast we ran around and sailed and found different islands and stuff the building in this game amazing David Owens this is only on PC right now it’s been worked on for a couple of years they just released it on Steam they’re kind of seen how it goes I guess and they would like to go to console because this is this game would work very well with console players like this game would explode with console players but they want to go to console they don’t have like any immediate date for any of that but I really do plan on support in this game if they keep up the development this stuff I’ve read from them very well-written we need to start backing up like devs etter that at least trying okay I got to repair this thing here there we go oh wait what am i using my axe I should be using my saw here we go so much faster I saw this tree apart so this is how the gathering works in this game I love the gathering in this game the soundtrack amazing it’s how tracks so awesome like the ambience and it’s awesome any know what’s great about the soundtrack its YouTube friendly it doesn’t get tagged it’s not awesome yeah it’s like $12 u.s. $9 Canadian for some reason I don’t know why it’s cheaper Canadian I think steamed messed up the price to be honest but I’m gonna reach out to them soon here and say it they told me to write oh look we got some lay going on again all right something’s going on here today stone arrows in this drop faster than they do on console yes yes actually this game is like literally you versus the environment we do have challenges like wolves and bears and stuff but enough of us are equipped now that we’ve been able to keep the island pretty clear so this home island here is pretty safe the

other islands are kind of cool to check out to you because they’re all different right like this is a forest and then we went and checked out I think that’s what would be a Tundra that was cool and then we found like a really green forest one and I had this insane open pit thing that we’re gonna have to go and check out it again we just weren’t prepared or the level to look at it it was on that last island I showed you guys earlier this game is absolutely amazing dude also the other thing too the crafting in this game is absolutely insane it’s complex I will admit guys you can only unlock stuff by having it all in your inventory at the same time all the pieces for it so if you find stuff hold on to it like you know what I mean try to combine stuff it’ll unlock recipes and stuff for you but like look this is this is what I’ve loved unlocked so far and we’ve only done three islands there’s apparently up to 12 islands you can go visit but the building’s insane we’re actually starting to settle down now and build but big warning with the weather why is one second here guys I don’t know why my twitch notifications or my YouTube notifications might short out hmm one second here I gotta investigate this what is happening here Stream labs hopefully I don’t get tonight Brandi Kelly welcome to the the stream did you guys see the notification come up I did not see that let’s try that out here oh this games amazing and it’s so cheap I’m like you can build ships you can customize the ships pretty much in any way you want like there’s so much even the amount of decorations no it’s cool to is free place you can build a letter e and literally press V and place it anywhere you want you can clip stuff in the stuff you can angle stuff in exact directions you want the building possibility is amazing the artwork is perfect I really really actually enjoy the artwork in the game too you wait till you see the weather systems the weather systems are insane like lightning storms and stuff the trees all been actually not it’s windy right now look at the trees check out the trees they actually wave and they wave in the wind and you get waves in the ocean we should start getting waves soon you’ll start seeing waves start kicking up oh it’s starting it’s not Platt it’s not like a sheet of glass anymore but the waves are starting so that means a mega storm sometime soon and J told us today that’s storms actually damaged buildings so you have to build your houses to be able to take a storm as well this game is so sick like didn’t the amount of detail they’ve gone into it is just I can’t wrap my mind around it’s insane okay there’s a lot of chicks in this game though like don’t drop stuff on the ground because everything stays right if you don’t want it destroy it break it down and then destroy it because it starts to Lego like we were all were tossing stuff like like crazy rags your inventory is pretty small so we were all tossing stuff all over the place look I got a crab trophy in our last journey I stole it from a P oh why we found crab trophies are awesome I can’t wait to have a place to put it up in but there’s tons of decorations to unlock like he literally go exploring with your friends on the ship you bring food there’s books we found books on our one of our journeys and some of the some of these ship trips are long because some of the islands are pretty far away and we found books that you can read like full-out actual books like which ones were they there’s a bunch of them like classics anything the full book you can literally sit there and read the book if you’re bored while you’re traveling it’s amazing their amount of detail they went into at this game like a lot of people look at it and they’re like graphics I’m like these graphics are perfect they couldn’t have done it any better yes as I’ve noticed it is faster to saw the tree and I don’t think you have to repair this saw as much I’m finding I didn’t I’m not really repairing this saw very much as compared to the ax so yes guys we’ve gotten into the habit if you if you’re playing like pick everything up right and then if you can’t use it destroy it it’s on it’s on discard dude I posted it

in I think I might have posted it in the category I think so that’s where I posted it okay so I should actually make those in the Rope I got to do some inventory management here I really just got to get a base down for the Fuhrer place really here we go I’m gonna craft all six so if you want to craft multiples guys hold your ctrl button down and click the button I’m gonna allow you to select how many you want to make that’ll save you some time as well yeah so big in don’t throw stuff down there or leg just on the ground as junk just take it and like see I can brag and break all of these and it’ll actually turn into seeds I probably had some other seeds kicking around oh these things are cool too we found them the other the other day yeah like I just destroy everything it’s a lot easier because your storage is pretty limited in this game we can make some bigger storage containers now but as far as storage goes it still is really really limited that’s our original base right there you see that setup down there that’s that’s originally where we first tried to settle down we ended up giving up over here because we kept getting attacked by wolves and we moved over by the beach where you see all the other stuff now hey uh simply flicky how you doing what’s up yeah this games this games pretty amazing I will admit I am getting a little bit of lag here I don’t know what to blame it on it wasn’t like this yesterday it could just be maybe someone’s leg in a so door I don’t know but could be my Internet as well – my Internet’s not known to be the most reliable I still can upload a video to YouTube I am I emailed support it keeps getting stuck at 3% I tried other videos I tried from my other computer it looks like I’m gonna be streaming for a while whatever you know what I’m gonna enjoy the ride this is fun multiplayer this games so enjoyable it’s peaceful it’s it’s chill I just cut down that tree over there whoops it’s so much fun and there actually is a legit survival challenge in it but like I said we’ve we’ve gotten all of our gear and stuff up for this islands we’re pretty pretty good to go this tree needs to go here as well see you later tree yeah you too mine that’s keep resetting every stream really excursion are you sure dude oh I know Steven I know dude man it’s it’s a grower not a shower dude gets a job done when you needed to get the job done is it broken no doesn’t seem I can use it no it’s worn oh here we go I decide to move a little bit that sound no I love it this game and has its own charm like I I’m not usually in the cartoony stuff but I don’t know the animation this stuff just seems really nice and polished like nothing seems out of place it all matches itself you can tell all of the assets we’re made for the game specifically I like this for sure I don’t understand I’m always watching really I don’t want to say about that dude that really sucks and that ladies and gentlemen would be a snowmobile welcome to Canada there is literally four inches of snow on the ground we got people snowmobiling BJ what’s up dude love the name welcome to the channel thank you for the follow but yeah I’m loving this guy I are thank you for the sub sorry I love this game like I just I’m addicted to it now absolutely I can’t wait to see to what all my friends build as well right like some people we have some really talented builders in

our community just watching don’t earn nuts you have to talk and chat a lot oh do you mean you just watch yeah unfortunately dude because of privacy we can’t tell if you’re active in chat or if you’re lurking we can only apply it if you’re active in chat it’s not because we want to force you to do it but our hands are tied on that one okay we’re gonna change the axis wrong way there we go let it go so we’re gonna build a place here I think I want to start the corner right about here there we go I’m going to high and then I’m gonna want to make some planks as well let’s get rid of these sticks here there we go we’ll get rid of all these wooden pieces BAM now looking free up a couple slots for us so what I need to do here is actually make some beams so first what I need to do is makes just some normal wooden beams what I have to do is have a saw this will break down your saw big hint guys learn what stuff is and use a search function to find stuff in these menus yes search function is your best friend but I gonna make here a whole bunch of wooden beams I’m gonna press ctrl and select mm-hmm we’re gonna go with 68-69 it’s not an even number but I’m gonna do it there we go done so now I can fuse them together forward together to make big wooden beams big long ones because big long ones are much better we’re gonna make four of those okay now that we have some wind beams on us let’s replace them with the those frames here we go all right so there is two ways you can construct hey why is that not working let’s roll out roll back in there we go okay see if we can get this thing here okay see how it’s sitting here like this press Q and it’ll help you go up it might be a little bit of a process but there we go a little bit forward no a little bit forward a little bit more here we go let’s try first person camera if that’s not working for me see now it’s too high now this system does need a little more work with its prediction because it’s it’s oh way here it is here it is okay oh there we go okay so no I got it if I put my cursor right smack on the side I want it on I think I just nailed building there we go done done deal we got a beam right there so that’s gonna be one of uh one of the beams for our floor how about them apples oops I didn’t mean to do that so for this cuz it’s gonna go this way by default if I press F it’ll actually swing it and snap it for me okay let’s see if I can’t see I don’ts think I can emulate it here but if I press G oh you know why I think it won’t go here because it’s too far into landscape so what we got to do is take a couple of our oh I have one extra beam so we’re gonna we’re gonna try a beam with this here okay let’s flip back to it and rotate oh there we go okay okay you just kind of have to get it up close and personal with it like that I’m starting to catch the using the camera for building cool so now I can start laying down like some more frame work building some more pillars I’ll work the chunk of my house is gonna be up here so if I build a shovel I can actually flatten out this land perfectly second line up my house with it I do need to build a shovel I just picked up grain whoops oh wow need all this stuff anyways so what I’m gonna do at the front here is we’re gonna go I think maybe everyone beam over and it goes seven go in the first person and look up here rotate oh look at that yeah okay I’m catching on to this a little better here yeah you know what I’m gonna only gonna go every two now apparently storms damaged places now there is no physics so I haven’t seen

how storms damaged places but we’re eventually gonna end up finding out here okay gonna point it at that and then I want to rotate us I’m gonna press F or H sorry hold H down press the other mouse button and whoops rotating it all the wrong way here here we go no there we go then now it’s rotated this way just let go and BAM now this is where their predictive kicks in – I do like the predictive if I look at the bottom here it’s gonna it’s gonna just assume I didn’t want to keep going down and it’ll place it there we go right into the ground for me awesome how’s your map looking now after all the traveling well we hit two islands so we unlocked a little bit of it pretty cool we do have to go out him some more trips here soon but I want to start a homestead I need a place to keep all my stuff right but I mean for for how much you pay for this game it is a value like 100 percent there we go now I can make some framework so since that’s to what I should do is take my log here we go and make some going downward on here I think that would be a good idea it seems not to rotate out of it every time but that’s okay like little bugs like that really really don’t bother me that much as long as they’re not game breaking I am good to go so we’re gonna change rotation let go of H nice once you figure out the building system in this game it’s pretty it’s pretty friggin awesome there we go this is easy I need to make some tutorials guys so bear with me here if I’m talking to myself and learning this I’m also looking at the chat every once while here to to try to to try to see what’s going on I’m gonna start planting some seeds – you may as well plant the seeds I have on me so I can multiply stuff so yeah hopefully people don’t come and like steal my plants don’t steal my plants please guys like if it’s obvious Owens places there and there’s an exotic plant sitting right there please don’t steal it what we need to do I figure if it as a group project to you guys is we need to make a store because you can literally make shelves and then free place stuff anything in your inventory onto the shelf and then other people can like grab it and learn the item and then put it back so I’m thinking we should make a store so that everyone can just put something that they that’s not in there in there and other people can learn it just simply by picking it up and then you free place it back okay so where are the seeds for whatever that was I wasn’t paying attention I need to make some more beams and stuff here it’s just more beams what am i out of here oh my saw is broken alright let’s fix that I don’t have any repair kits dang it Bobby reap repair here we go hammers okay so I need to make some hammers here so I can make the repair kit I can make two hammers iron hammer stone hammers are the cheapest to do this with but we do need some sticks so instead of actually chopping down a tree to gather sticks all you have to do is actually walk up to the sucker but we got to get out of the third person our first person here here we go we’re going first person walk up to the sucker and spam your button on it and you just collect like wood pieces and sticks from it so that’s a quick easy way to get them yeah we’re gonna destroy those make a little bit of an extra extra room here I am also getting hungry what do I have on me for foodstuffs I have 20 raw meat do I have not any cooked food I have some palm trees as well I don’t want people to cut those down either I’m not gonna put them down quite yet until I’ve like built some walls or something so people know boundaries let’s eat some of these I stole these from Jay let’s eat some of these here I got the same game and I’m still learning ya crazy I’m really learning in the game so I can make some tutorials man there is from what I’ve seen there’s not really any quality tutorials it’s like all us lets players forgot about tutorials and just started making let’s plays it’s very hard to find some quality information in this game and I’m always picking up stuff to just to get rid of the spam in the area like where especially where I cut down all the

trees all the dropped items here we go cuz I could turn these in the trees as well like there’s so much to do in this game and always be productive to you so I’m gonna go ahead and plant these seeds here I always keep some trees go going you go through trees like mad oh it’s starting to become nighttime I might end up going over and chilling out and working on some repair kits and stuff check out the tour or check out the lantern isn’t this thing cool we found this on when to the islands and now we can all build them lanterns are sick Oh remember I was telling you guys about free place and stuff check this out if I press the V button well I have it equipped my inventory look at this whoops I dropped it to the ground let’s pick it up let’s pick that back up there we go well equip that again with nine impressivee and actually put it go in the first person there we go and put it there right on the beam put your lantern down check that out and that cool you can place it literally anywhere you can clip it in this stuff you can do other crap with it this game is amazing I love it yeah I think I’m gonna head over here and we’re gonna work on getting some repair kits and my inventory organized because I have a lot of valuables I don’t need right here I should have let them behind before I came here but whatever we’ll go to our part over here our station no it says it says settling down dude you might have been sitting there from when I change the name is I probably scheduled it and then in change name after I scheduled it oh we got palm trees going on down here now someone’s been planting them nice I want to see some palm trees on this island sick dude that is so cool got some palm trees going along this is where our massive tree farm is this is what we use to build boats and stuff so what we do here is we cut down the trees and replant them and we use it to build our boat stuffs so I think I’m gonna call this ship I’ve been building the mothership it’s pretty big I love how they frolic like that like what the heck you know what I can jump on this ship and go over to that one yeah that’s what I’m gonna do sweet okay so I literally Park this ship right butt up against mine so I can just walk over to it using it so we got our storage down here I’m gonna go ahead and actually start storing some valuable stuff that I found in here here we go we got sulfur sand I gotta have to return that back over to the other place that we were what I was valuable to have on me night I need desert melons yeah I should you know what I’m gonna actually turn these all in the seeds and leave them in here too because they’re exotic seeds right so please guys don’t come in here and steal his stuff all right what else we got here resin you know what I’m gonna actually just Oriole that that’s so easy to get yeah so bad habit in this game is dropping stuff okay we’ll get rid of the grain seed that’s so easy to get rid of oh that’s so easy to get hold up got some plagues crossbow bolts what else do you having some stone one piece of copper or some eggs that crab trophy yes please don’t steal my crab trophy I’d be really sad I found that that was pretty special to me torch I guess I really don’t need that anymore since I have this so I’m gonna leave it in here it’s always good to have it behind on your ship too I’ll just keep the lighter on me and use that sawed-off shotgun that can sit in here too I don’t have any ammo or anything yet that’s that’s valuable enough to me that I’m gonna hold on to this I’ll check these this stuff out guys we found this in the cave when we went exploring take it out you can hold on to it and it glows it glows for you it’s some glowing quartz we found I love it the shadows in this game are freaking amazing to you guys nighttime is awesome I love nighttime in this game the music the feels hey what’s up loser nice that’s what I’m doing it’s winters kicked in here to you I’ve driven up my car enough to plow my

driveway and it’s good to go yeah we’re working on it crazy but I mean you still have really limited amount of stuff you can even store you know what I mean and there’s no point to storing six thousand wood pieces there really isn’t so we figured that one out just just destroy stuff as far as space wise dude we found these very space efficient because I could put another row up top here too and just clip them in these per space actually hold the most and they’re really cheap to make as long as you keep them protected they should never get broken yeah oh do you mean do you mean Marvel in there too you mean the little the the Chi the Chi is no longer cheating with us anymore I’m actually just gonna destroy this thing unfortunately yeah I know he’s he passed away yeah but three or four months ago announced it’s been a little while thank you for sure where do you find clay what does it look like it you find clay on the surface dude it’s kind of like a like a peachy I I think it’s been a while since we hit up some clay or it’s gray but you find stuff on the surface as color if you find anything that’s a way different color than everything else like that’s on the ground that’s a resource note and there should be a lot in it as well use them wisely dude because there is a finite amount of resources and each save every island has resources on it and you can eventually exhaust at all so resources extremely valuable so don’t die and lose your stuff somewhere like out in the middle of the ocean if it’s like extremely valuable gear and I mean you have to play this game very smart too there’s games so much fun though guys it’s like 100 percent well worth the money okay whoa so I said I was gonna come over here and make repair kits right because I can make some space sweet we made some space let’s look up repair kits here again what do we need yes hammers hammer crafting my bad hammer we can make 12 so I’m gonna craft I don’t think we have a space for 12 so I’m gonna craft 5 done there we go these are easy enough to make but this gives you kind of how the crafting system works so I’m gonna click on repair kit ctrl click that and build 5 of them and now I can repair my saw there we go oh wow actually that made uh how many oh ok make stacks of 5 nevermind I stirred you guys stirred you steered you guys wrong that’s actually a lot of repair kits ok that’s pretty fair it’s not bad I’m also gonna leave some stuff behind here see like this this kind of stuff guys destroy it know what I mean cabbage get rid of it I don’t want this don’t chunks what am i doing I meant to put stone back in here there we go cool so we have a lot of repair kits we need some food actually so let’s go ahead and just make my own food so you how you work these suckers right is they need to be linked so you have to have something that you can light in the stove so I’m going to take the sticks and I’m gonna feed the stove of sticks now that the this the stove has some sticks in it I can take my lighter we’re gonna go to number five slot for that and light it there we go and now the stoves going I can go ahead and start crafting meat I select meat hit the craft button fill up the queue and we’ll have these all done here in a minute roasted meat slice gotta make some of that too I have never experienced roasted meats like yeah um nuclear I would assume he is joking dude anyways fish oh you know what to

guys yes we can do fishing let’s look up fishing what what do we have for fishing ok so we can make fishing rods oh he used a stir meat as bait easy some needles easy sweet yeah I’m an experienced fishing yet either you have to do fishing there is so much to do in this game it is so much fun I love this game big fan of how they did the survival experience in it and it’s the right price – oh my god understand yeah we need an oyster meat I’m gonna buy that like they’re easy to find see like people dropping stuff here we got some corn on the ground we got some banana on the ground got some fruit over here well I guess people can eat that if they wanted to but guys don’t throw it don’t throw your bananas on the ground someone’s gonna step on that it’s not cool it’s currently 20 degrees who’s here it sounds great lucky so what I recommend too is if you’re seriously into this game build yourself multiples of different stations like your cooking stoves build multiples build multiple furnaces because it is a little bit of a waiting game if you do it this way okay we’re gonna craft up some hard-boiled eggs too because we can eat those and then some roasted fruit now meat will keep you fuller longer eggs do a decent job fruit does an okay job you go through a quicker though I’m not sure if that’s an actual thing but from my experience that seemed to be the case but we should have enough food now oh yeah we have tons of food so I’m actually gonna do so in a favor and just leave that behind if you need some food there’s some in that stove whoa went through the menus too fast here here we go look at me running around with my meat out let’s get the lantern back over here perfect it sounds been planting palm trees like crazy it’s awesome or these are these are these are banana trees oh wow bananas to feed everybody nobody will need food Oh guys it’s socialism here pirate socialism nice hat by the way I’m have to me a map via charcoal and pencil make a map oh yeah we dude I have a map right here man we’ve gone traveling we’ve done a bunch of stuff yeah let’s go let’s go frolic and try to get back to my we’re gonna be building over here it is almost morning anyway so we can head over here and start doing some tree destruction whatever have my inventory lots of space whoops lots and lots of space hey Taylor Ian how you doing what’s so yeah this game guys I can’t I can’t say it enough oh is this resource up here I think this might be a resource here we go someone’s asking about resources earlier I think is William here we go this is what a resource looks like I think this is coal right here so what I’m gonna do is actually free place my lantern and we will take oh my pick like the more I play this game guys the more I fall in love with it and I’m gonna start like slamming the area there we go and look at that cool yeah so this is coal right here there we go let’s get that back equipped and go home see don’t you guess almost morning time 20 degrees Fahrenheit I know I know I honestly wish I got cold at 20 degrees Fahrenheit actually not here I don’t know I wish I got cold here at 20 degrees Fahrenheit that’s very very bad alright let’s make ourselves some new planks here we still got lots of logs sweets so we’re gonna search up a beam and actually turn all of these we’re gonna craft as much as possible into beams now we won’t be able to make them all at once my it’ll break oh yeah yeah it’s definitely broken oh wow I think I just noticed something else too that might be a helpful hint I was able to do all 117 beams at once where’d they all go oh wait no I was only able to do 40 okay so I was only able to do 40 so there is a Maxis I was gonna say maybe it’s by order and not by

like you know how many times you use it to do stuff not by per beam but it is per beam so I can do up to 40 beams before this iron saw breaks we need to go and find some harder metals we need to figure out how to get that unlocked at some point – that’ll be nice some steel or something make some steel cross oh that would be nice did I just break it oh I just broke it didn’t I daddy’s brake myself not paying attention damn it okay we got to go back and make ass I don’t think I can make an iron one on there on the fly oh oh no a hammer iron ingot yoke oh wait blacksmith yeah I just I just frickin broke myself oh my god whoops okay let’s go back at least to get materials back you can actually reclaim materials that’s just funny i totally trolled myself by breaking it i do that in seven days a day with the quick buttons sometimes well that sucks tailoring for me it’s nice because I can sit at home and just let it cover everything and I don’t care I not deal with it but I get yeah I hate winter okay I really don’t like it at all okay definitely don’t need be holding the torch anymore it actually goes my sword here yeah this game is more of like a you versus environment right stranded on an island type deal I really really like the concept of this game it needs a little work of course what I mean there’s nothing I’m more used to than giving leniency to development teams they’ve presented us with a good product they seem to be invested in improving it hopefully that continues that’d be nice I have to make a I gonna make a stone hammer stone hammers are cheaper and they don’t waste oops here we go and they don’t waste materials okay what do I need a stone we have some sitting right here anyways oh damn it see don’t drop dirt story if you don’t want it done that’s why you don’t drop things on the ground because you end up like picking them up when you miss the basket if you really need to get it in baskets in the small area it’s actually easier to do this just go into first person look at them I really don’t know how to tell them to improve the camera like it would be nice if they the cameras were improved a little better I don’t know what’s missing though so I have no idea what to suggest to them okay now we can we should be able to make a song let’s go to our blacksmith station and oh we don’t have any iron ingots oh damn it okay where’d they all go do we have any kicking around in here our baskets seem suspiciously empty but I will take some of this back here we go that was mine cool oh look foodstuffs let’s take it we got to build some storage for back home – I also unlocked a whole bunch of stuff ok you know why don’t you pick up the fruit hey so did I get what I needed guys we got the stone hammer and for this saw we need it I don’t think it’s yes ok we got it we got it you got it let’s get this saw going on craft perfect we just have to wait a minute for that now ah so piggy back here bro fair yeah thank you so you can actually dismantle stuff too and it breaks down into like route components you then can combine into other stuff so it’s a good idea to do that to you like a lot of people complain about the inventory management because the amount of items in the game and the crafting and stuff but if you end up breaking stuff down you actually end up doing pretty okay you just gotta learn not to drop stuff and break stuff down like that and destroy it if you

don’t need it these I should stash to these I’m actually gonna go put those in my ship here because they they should not go missing in my ship it’ll pass time here a little bit I hope you learned about the energy part with windmill yeah we got to go and like we get we progress right we find different minerals and then when we find those ores and minerals and crap we get more stuff with it actually you know what I might actually end up sailing my ship over to where my place is just so I can use it at the same time as storage yeah you know what I’m gonna sail my ship back that’s what we’re gonna do I’m gonna get that song we’re gonna sail this sucker back take care of that alright see I can just use this as my storage I guess for now be a little easier save us some space put my backup foodstuffs in here I’m organizing guys this is what I call organizing cool so our sauce should be done let’s go back and grab that and get that going I also need to get a flax farm going to cloth is very time consuming you have to have a lot of flax you got a farm flax like crazy alright so what we’re gonna do here is we’re gonna a switch our turn off our anchor and we gonna back up here a little bit get the tail end of this beast here kind of kind of poke him back here we go love it and drop our sails start the little long voyage over we need more sails on this beast I don’t think I’m gonna hit the other ship I might end up hitting the other ship we are about to find out no I think we’re okay I think I got a turning radius good it’s gonna be close it’s gonna be real close and we do not have contact but I’m taking this raft with me hello raft seriously the raft is stopping me this ship is nowhere near complete either I need to look at the wind indicator and grab stupid raft it seems the raft is anchoring us at the moment okay raft let’s take care of you do not get made me get eaten by a shark raft there we go damn my ladders on the other side okay Jesse you see you later dude thanks for stopping in it was good having you here yeah this games a blast you guys seem to be liking it too so why not I’m enjoying it you guys are enjoying it it’s a new experience for everybody might not be for everybody but it’s a good experience oh damn it it’s just gonna get stuck on that back wing okay so hopefully there’s no sharks out here I don’t see any so we should be okay ish sharks are pretty ganky they do like to gank you can’t keep my gang Karstens alright let’s head out thanks William like I said my ships not not done dude light that ladder is just a temporary ladder the sides are actually moving out quite a bit see where those wings are at the back I’m gonna be we’re gonna be building a platform along there and that’s where we’re gonna store animals so when we go to other islands and stuff we can bring the animals with us back we’ll just back up the ship and build the ramp out so that they can get on and then as long as we do it within two minutes we can remove the ramp and build a like a little wall there and then we’re good to go we can bring our animals home so if this thing is are moving Ark eventually but it’s gonna take a little while to build we’re gonna have machines up at the top so that we can build on the fly because there’s gonna be islands that are far away right so this would probably be our island hopping adventure thingy be fun go check stuff out I must be flying oh there we go well let the sails over here a little bit let’s turn this beast here we go starting to catch some wind now so this way that looks like sailing a giant abomination of a ship house is right over here we got to aim back where our O village was are you gonna make a big dog for it yeah yeah like this this

is gonna be our long voyage our beast ship we’re gonna have a kitchen in it with stoves and stuff so that we can cook on the fly and do what we need mmm backup supplies like armor and whatnot whoa it’s happen here we hit in some waves and some funky stuff did did did my pants or a situation just shift is that what just happened maybe it now it’s leaning to the raft maybe that’s what just happened yeah it’s it’s really this games it’s so much fun I don’t know how you couldn’t like this game if you’re into survival stuff it’s funny as hell to on top of that like you could sail ships oh there’s a frickin panther right there is that a water panther is that just a rock no it’s a water whoa what what am i doing oh oh oh bail oh okay I don’t that I didn’t Shore it nice oh I got it actually really nice and close to awesome I think she’s okay here ouch freakin sea urchins I think it’s okay here it’s so huge oh my god oh you know what I get a name her that’s what she said yeah that’s the name of our ship I haven’t no officially named her yet but her name will be that’s what she said just because she’s that big totally planned yeah that was pro guys I was like yeah damn right it’s actually pretty deep right there I don’t think it’s really sitting on land too much I did beach this thing when we built it we actually end up having to move it out let’s go for a dive here and see what’s going on okay we assumed to be okay yeah oh yeah I look the front sitting on it a little bit but yeah we’ll be able to pull out of that always pull out guys best way to go because seriously I don’t want this to be permanent it is sitting a little bit but we’re okay that was a perfect beach landing no I’m dying because I can’t breathe there we go nice it’s actually a great place for a dog that’s nice and deep right there I can’t get it that close to not the other place it’s too easy to dry dog it there free sales are still out or do the sales sit oh no the the sales are still out whatever watch it take off on me it’s anchored yeah I should put the sails on let’s just leave the car in gear while you’re having part yeah the parking brakes on it’s all good okay let’s uh pull up these sails nice how did you destroy the stones laying around I have not figured out a way I don’t think you can what I found is they disappear when you destroy the landscape already that when you flatten and stuff I think they’re literally just a landscape item I think that’s all they are so it’s so let’s get to building our place here guys keep forgetting distracting me now that we have my giant hat ship nearby now parts do disappear as you get further away from builds that’s reality of it because there are so many tiny tiny parts on builds that you can’t see them from a distance so you have to get real close up to appreciate builds for their full glory okay so we need to make we need to make ourselves some beams here we have room in our inventory of course yes okay so we can make up to ten beams I’m gonna make five for now there we go so we have five beams so we can continue making the foundation for our place um where are you guys building and stuff Jay this is such a chill stream it really is it’s nice to be back to just chill the thunderstorms are amazing – I can’t wait to watch a thunderstorm from like my deck I think that would be fantastic okay let’s flip it around here I want you to clip there there we go and I fit another one in here at the end I can awesome okay then I can take one

of the shorter beams and probably click clip it into the end there let’s try that here we go you know there’s not enough space damn it but I can’t fix that though by giving the ground a little bit of a tap over here let’s give it a tap a little bit of a love tap there we go now I should be able to actually – shoot see guys we’re gonna get all this I can pick up that wedding beam when you place an item you actually have a grace period of two minutes to pick it up again look at that beautiful stuff so we have like our first little foundation thing now there’s really cool stuff you can do as well like you can rotate items any way you want I think we can rotate this this way I’m pretty sure if it sticks if you rotate it like this okay I should turn the sensitivity down I think or is it clipping is that what’s going on I think it might be clipping actually so ever way to turn the clipping off but you can clip it like to the side of stuff like this I do like the building system in this needs a little bit of work with like where it you know how how to work it properly and efficiently but what we need to do now is play some play some boards and stuff down okay so we’re gonna zoom about with the camera here eat some food did I just drop it I just placed it oh I’m in free place mode I just dropped my place my meat on the ground yeah no I want to eat that mmm nothing nothing like putting some dirt in your meat before you eat it delicious oh if you’re looking for resources once again up there that is that’s Flint you see on the side of the mountain where that little bit of white is that’s a flint or so that’s where you can hit up some more over there but we need to look up see I unlocked a whole ton of stuff too guys so there is much to look up for me now so we’re gonna go through and look up different stuff we can make here I don’t need any planks so let’s see the different type of wood blocks we can oh we can make wooden panels ah nails aren’t so expensive though that would be a nice little decoration block for like the inside of your walls that’s probably something you can free place as well free placing is amazing guys I love like the customization of the building in this game it’s it’s pretty epic so I haven’t done much building so I might not have unlocked a lot when it comes to like building supplies I can make windows and stuff now to you a wooden stool seems like a nice tool pitchfork what is a pitchfork do haven’t even looked into that either a wooden gate oh nice now we can get our animals a wolf helmets oh it’s awesome yeah there’s so much you can build in this game you can make flags if you want to put flags on your place but what I’m looking for is the building stuff so let’s say let’s look up can you play some planks that is my other question too because I seen people I think placing planks on stuff so I want to see if you like free play some how you work that does anyone actually know how to do that I’m not in my inventory here we go but I do have some on me guys like it doesn’t show you this press V oh you can you can free player free free place planks oh no way that’s so sick so that’s how people are making like planks sidewalks and stuff this game is epic I love this the attention to detail you can go into in this game amazing I don’t want to do planks so to be honest I just wanted to see if that was possible because I’m pretty sure I seen it somewhere as awesome so what I want to do is make my floor whatever want to make my floor out of guys that I’ll make my floor out of ship Helms brick is incredibly expensive insanely expensive a straw block will make a straw block floor will collect a bunch of hay and make it I think that would be a plank block what is a plank block plank block what are these let’s make one of these and see what they are I have never seen those yet like look at the theabout different amount of chairs and stuff you can make like they did the detail you can go into like these are

containers to like winning cabinets their shelves you can free place your items onto your shelves and stuff um cool a small wooden gate yeah let’s make that plank block I don’t know what that is I’ve never seen one before now that probably actually unlocks some other stuff for me did you see the how the menu shifted I think I unlock some other stuff so let’s actually look up plank we got this other plank luck to you I’m gonna check that one out what does this look like oh oh yeah we are an inventory okay we’re gonna go to five okay I don’t know what plank block does apparently plank block is something for something oh I think I know what it’s for I think I know what they’re for so there’s two different types we’re gonna free place this one here – oh so this one’s a bigger one huh so what does a plank look like if we like they’re cool but they seem to be rather expensive yeah yeah I don’t know guys I don’t have I don’t have an explanation for this I love plank block sorry but I put planks on the plank blocks well you know what I think these are four actually I think these that would suck someone can collect your whole floor I’m not using planks I think those are just like pillar blocks Oh what if Oh check this out okay okay okay let’s grab one of these big ones here here we go here we go and oh wait it’s actually clipping now oh it’s clipping or you can free place it no way this game is actually really cool like look at that now it has a foundation that is cool so you can either clip it or free place it I’m really digging this game I’m actually gonna break this down and then make two more of them perfect make two more for the the other ones there we go do they stock yep they stock okay so here we go we want to go in the free place mode though kind of try to hit Center with it you can also use Z and D to go up and down so we’re gonna make sure it’s like nice and flush into the landscape and place it oh shoot that was not not Center though but we can you can pick that back up right away you have two minutes to pick your stuff back up I like that too you I think I got at that time yes definitely not wow that’s actually kind of hard to uh dissenter I wonder to be the best way to to tackle this maybe give it a little less room in the front when I’m aiming at yeah it seems to be a good technique for me give it a little less room in the front and there we go that looks a lot more centered does it hit ground properly yeah we can let that slide this is so cool though like I can’t wait to see what some people build I think we’re gonna see some crazy builds in this game like this is a level of detail you can go into hey Titus what’s up man Curiel gaming no unfortunately I cannot gift this game on Steam so I can’t do a giveaway but I asked him on Twitter I said what do I need to do to get gift code or codes because I can’t get the game and they gave me their email address so I’m gonna email them and hopefully they’ll just you know maybe toss me some codes and I can give those suckers away to the community like candy on top of that is it’s such a cheap game anyways you know what I mean I was just gonna buy some codes but if they’re gonna give them away let’s go get them free placing means that anyone can pick

it up yeah that’s a good point too but if we have mature players we won’t have people picking our stuff up so yes guys do not pick up decorations please that are obviously meant for a place thank you for bringing that up dude so it would probably be a better idea then actually yeah that’s a good idea it should probably be a better idea now that I know that exist when I do my foundations next what I’ll do is I’ll place that and see if I can’t get it to clip into the middle perfectly anyway so it probably would have been a better way to do it but this was a little safer for the materials yeah see like you can still pick it up you’re right it doesn’t have a timer on it so it’s not gonna set but it’s got it down here you really shouldn’t be picking out my foundation kick your butts I like for all I can gather my wood the Lord’s mobile stream will probably be in the afternoon on Sunday I’m gonna do another ps4 multiplayer at 12 and then I’ll do the Lord’s mobile probably in the evening like this one we’re probably gonna be playing a lot of this today though that’s what I estimate I pretty much deforesting this whole area that’s okay though screwed trees I had to replant those seeds sooner or later how do we join your server Skippy uh this one here are the multiplayer one here we’re all actually spread apart right now working on their places that’s what’s going on hey you guys oh my god I actually had that as my follow notification for a while back when I was using hitbox which is actually no longer around every single time a quote-unquote competitor streaming service tries to compete it ends up just failing miserably unfortunately the cost of doing stuff like that is enormous so we’re stuck to like big corporations controlling streaming media and crap the only way something like YouTube could exist ad free was if a company came out that literally just existed to function as as whoa oh oh no the game crashed it done crashed oh oh this game is fantastic guys trust me it’s fantastic here we go I don’t know what happened there but first crash ever what time will the Lord’s mobile game oh I already answered that one first time I seen it do that yeah you know what though dude it happens it’s it’s a twelve dollar game like I’m not gonna get pissed if it crashes the server probably needed a refresh anyways right we weren’t getting any of those like spikes so it must have definitely been somebody legging out the server so I can do what we’re gonna do here is we’re gonna go continue I love the polygon water – like it’s just the anime Oh everything about this game I feel this way about this game as I did minecraft I feel the same way about this game as I did seven days to die when I first started playing it so you can definitely see doing a lot of this content in the long run and multiplayer – you guys multiplayer is so much fun and I have such a good community that I can tap into for it you broke it with a wood yeah no it’s totally Jolin again okay so I’m gonna open this back up to multiplayer so unfortunately guys I’m gonna have to make the window go away here for a second where are we here there we go and I’ll set up the multiplayer real quick it’s the same thing guys as last time we might get some leg here right away again – with people joining oops sorry it’s taking a second to get all the information in but yeah I’m we really hope they bring this to console guys because I honestly think console would make this game explode like 100 percent I think that would open up this game greatly if they brought this game to consoles so if we can influence this game as a community let me turn this back on sorry guys if

we can influence this game as a community to go to console this game would really explode I can see this game doing well on console you host it on your own ps4 to get your group of friends together or you can play by yourself you know what I mean whatever your play style you should make up age videos for 7 days update videos yeah I do dude when whenever there’s an update I make a video unless it’s just like a small bug fix or something then I don’t update it yeah see there is one that will tell you about the problems in the game when you host the game the trees gonna oh oh there we go ok stop and people join you get a momentary lag spike my internet seems to balance out as well – I don’t think we’ve seen any more issues in the stream here – there Astra near I I checked out Astra near dude and I mean it’s okay it’s cute and fun and stuff but like something like this to me is a lot more fun I’ve always wanted to play just you versus the environment game like this like a Vox game like this I want to give the long darker go to there’s a ton of games I’ve wanted to play and you know what it guys I’m gonna just do what I want you guys can come along for the ride – you know what I mean more multiplayer more of playing what I want what I enjoy more community-based yeah excursion this game would be perfect for console do you like 100% man the console has a lot of people like 7 days to die boomed on YouTube when a hit console like it’s actually thanks to console the seven days ad I got to the place it did so I’m thinking there’s gonna be an update on console sooner than later definitely before we’re gonna see any alpha 17 but I think they’re gonna do is pour it over the finish stuff from alpha 16 hopefully not the electricity I hope they don’t port to port that over in the condition it’s in it’s really bad guys if you think legs bad right now I’m not sure particle I honestly don’t know I dude oh damn it I caught the other tree here again wonder if this will come out consoles they want to dude they want to I mean they would actually be very very smart because there’s not very much in the way of like good Vox survival games on console minecraft and seven days to die the market there is still huge still huge I can actually start replanting some of these trees I found astronaut right I haven’t played in a bit my friend place has been in more updates yeah it’s I don’t know like that the space games just I want to like them but at the same time I just kind of like yeah this to me like where you’re fighting wolves and bears and like different animals on different islands and stuff I just kind of hits home a little better the building system in this is just amazing to like once you get used to it and how to manipulate it right would I be able to join the server with you guys and well dude tell you what man discord is the heart of our community that’s where we all come together as gamers on across different games I do have an invite on my website Skippy 3.com or I do believe I might have actually have a link if you say exclamation mark discord to the bot but what I do in there usually is when I when I’m running it I just let people know it’s open and give the information on there right because we want people in the community to get on if I just open this up randomly dude we’re just gonna have just a whole bunch of randomness you know what I mean so yeah I come come on discord and let’s get to know you man we really we really don’t have problems getting together and playing multiplayer games on mode Lords mobile our guilds like 160 players you should see our hive on there it’s insane we all play – we all like play by the same rules and we work together it’s actually a lot of fun a eyes would be a nice addition to this

game yeah it definitely would like if you actually if pirates attacked you and stuff Oh wouldn’t that be insane if you actually had to fend off against pirate attacks like other ships they come in on the ship and then you have to try to get the ship with cannons you can shoot it with cannons and defend yourself and stuff that would be nothing but beyond epic and that’s um the developers guys are taking are taking hints or are taking hints are asking for your input as well too so that’s where I think like if we actually get active on the forums and stuff we could really really help shape this game into something uh really fun cuz you got to remember it to developers are really good but they can only develop as much as their imaginations if you really help them shape the game and if they’re really responsive to that that’s really good here we go come on log there we go I got my log ok let’s go back to my place here I got a bunch more logs wherever my places I wandered off talking here that’s right over this way sweets yeah there’s cannons eventually you’ll be able all cannons actually do I have cannons I doubt it candle can vis Native American jacket Native American pants no no cannons yet but yes there are cannons in the game you can play some on your ships you can play some anywhere yeah this is sick like free place would be a really good tool for a building especially if you’re in single-player I just wouldn’t use free place to place anything like in your round tree storage or your work machines this is really easy to pick up the wrong stuff okay got a little bit a leg again must be someone else joining as I know there is no way to check your your list to see who is playing so I do apologize about that I don’t know when people are joining or not they said multiplayer needs some love they know that and they’re working on fixing it look at this guy’s like isn’t this beautiful it’s a perfect amount of balance so everything looks in harmony together the way they’ve done this game is absolutely amazing I’m gonna take a really quick break here guys I’ve ruled me back in like two minutes I’m gonna grab a fresh coffee and we will get going on our stuff here a little more hopefully I don’t get ganked that would really suck it might happen though enjoy you

and we’re back thanks guys sorry about that alright for those with an attention span thank you very much we’re good to go we have to go back to debase here let’s go back hey John what’s up dude okay let’s get going here um you know I think I’m actually okay here I’m gonna light a few bonfires yeah that’s good some bonfire is going here here we go that’ll help light up our area enough that we can actually see properly okay guys if you’re getting stuck in like loading please please stop okay if I figure out someone’s doing that constantly you’re not listening you will get the boot okay here we go bye um awesome so now we can actually see for a good distance people can see where we are we’re good to go this would be a sick PvP game to like to get like different factions together and each faction has their own island because you have like a limited amount of supplies right you’d have to fight for other islands and stuff for supplies too it would be actually this would be a sick PvP scenario like a forearm for proper PvP where would like they don’t go you know wait to you’re offline and go and kill you that kind of stuff I’m Jason wells you can find clay all over the island dude I’ll show you what resources look like I need to make some I’m like easy tutorials here too okay guys seriously if you can’t get in please stop spamming it come on oh yeah so we are gonna go I can’t show you any oh wait yeah it’s close by here it’s with like literally right over here where is it yeah I gotta get my torch oh there we go see how the landscapes different right here it’s a different color you take your axe and you hit this area and you farm or out of it clay I do believe is like a light gray or a peach I can’t remember off the top of my head but you’ll find it you usually find it in your beaches is where I usually find it like along shorelines and stuff yeah that’s how you find your resources in this game I really need to get make some tutorials on this so I’m gonna be looking to you guys to like good ideas like your comment questions because those are all questions I had when I first started how do I find clay I found everything buckler that sucks I don’t know if it’s possible to have a starter island without clay I don’t know if that’s an actual thing but that sucks if it is okay so we can make ourselves a whole bunch of beams I’m gay actually gonna just make this an ice beam floor you can paint stuff apparently too so apparently I can come back and paint this floor at some point that’ll be nice let’s craft as many as possible scared get it done here we go oh wow damn it my inventory is full I have one dirt on me okay pain in the butt now I got to pick up all the beams by themselves there we go dropping my beams all over the place here we go so we’re basically gonna fill in this floor so this is how the building system works right once you’ve placed one go in the direction like if I want to go down this way to do it I’ll go that way but I’m gonna place it right beside it and it’ll go okay so you want to go in that direction just keep clicking your mouse button whoops and do this in first person to if you really want to it’s actually probably a lot better in first person now unfortunately I put this down by accident you have two minutes to pick something up you’ve placed a building whoops see first person guys there we go we’ll pick this one out you have two minutes after you place something a

first person building to put it in the spot here we go so I’m gonna put this one right here and then another one right in front of it and it’s gonna be like okay you want to go that way yeah building a first person much easier much much easier Wow look at that beautiful so easy building in this game I love it like it’s a grind but damn that looks good to the whole beam floor I really really like that okay we’re there there you go see now I can even go past me right like just keep going you guys to see I’m using them up and look at that it actually went right to the end it’s sick the building in this game is fluid once you get used to it we’re getting a little better I should make some building tutorials as well the hell is hurts something or someone get hurt hmm okay well anyways let’s repair our saw and make some more beams dang mass a place is made out of beams I’m going to see how this holds up to a storm – I have a feeling incorporating something stone can he make stone blocks as out possible if that’s that that’s possible it’s sick we can make some mines and mine some stone and make some strong stone places that would be pretty damn cool okay it’s just search of beams how do you made 20 to help only made 20 beams okay okay apparently I can only make 20 at a time now challenge accepted awesome so now we have like a buttload of beams here again so we can probably easily fill in the spot in the floor here there we go so like I said the crafting systems really are the building systems real easy it snaps to whatever you want to flip it in a different direction BAM press F it’ll flip it for you q and Z will go up and down on the scale like up and down vertically up and up and down vertically guys as a portal stop it down horizontally there we go look at that that floor right in um love it we’re gonna actually have a nice little place here I guess getting the foundation down for our house oh I’m in the way Oh No now I messed up then think about that one Kenny I don’t think he could build any shorter beams like you can build short log pieces but I don’t think you can build shorter pieces of beam there’s just two sizes of the beam so what I’m gonna do is we’ll flip this in and see if we can’t fill in this space Oh what I’m gonna do I done got ourselves stuck here we go yeah I don’t know what we’re gonna do with the end part there but I could probably do is this flipped us around okay I can probably hack this end piece off here and put a couple shorter pieces and then just extend that mmm that’ll make our floor nice assault so I could have to keep that in mind next time to that if I want to fill in the whole floor literally with beams to make an awesome beam for it they only come in certain sizes oh damn it Oh first person see you guys first person now I’m hitting the right block dang okay so we’re still gonna have one spot

where there’s a hole in this damn it I ran out hmm let’s repair that there’s a couple more beams so I have some up here never mind there we go Boop missed a slot that’s what she said dammit those are the ones I can make okay where’s my beams here we go I’m actually gonna go ahead and free place this there we go great place oh okay it didn’t hit the you can’t stick it to the roof or I missed the roof one or the other this rotate this huh what am I gonna do with that use that 2×2 square you made once there do you rhyme all the time what did I do with that I think I destroyed it like this thing here the small little plank block there let’s look here let’s look through the menu and see what we have to build let’s go with there’s a building block category materials and resources clothing tools and weapon plants food building materials okay here we go let’s take a look at it here there’s got to be like a small little blocky in place wooden stairs oh that’s cool that’s really cool hmm seem to have crafted ourselves into a corner with us wooden peer support oh that’s cool peer supports Oh neato mm-hmm I wish there’s a small black eagle place you know what we’ll do then when I built the wall on top of it I’ll run some some soft or some facing along the side of this that’s what we’ll do you so I want to go back this way here too I want to back up and bring this whole thing this way I think that’d be cool now the walls I’m gonna build the walls out of log stuff we’re gonna go with log walls I think of course the place is gonna be it’s gonna be a basic I’m gonna have a basic place let’s see how many of these we have to place so with these ones here I can craft corners and stuff so what I want to do is like keep the logs back and rotated here and look at crafting a corner I can even build the tricorn hat here we go log cross joint that’s what I’m looking for or you can build a log joint you can make it the building I have an angle at the corner but I’m gonna do the log cross joint here we go let’s see what this bad boy looks like we’ll put in our temporary spot and slap it right in there yeah see cool there you go now you got a UH I got a little log cabin corner thingy I love it it’s games this game is awesome and see now I can keep building them to not there my inventory there go right up the side it knows where I want those they do not just want to come to the on this game and build yourself a log cabin and protect yourself from the elements but I want to see a storm apparently storms damaged places so I want to see that happen we’re gonna go in the first person to do this first person much easier oh yeah I think this whole place is off is this whole place off damnit when you build your foundations you’re really gonna have to think that 100 you know what I can do nope we’re fine guys we’re fine what I’m gonna do here build a couple more of

those cross joins well what makes many it makes many / because you’re cutting up a big log I see okay what we’re gonna do is go even right here and then I’m gonna extend this out a little bit and make a deck right here whoops I did not want to do that so I’m going to pick that back up by using the right mouse button and there we go I got our corners going on this game is so chill – I can’t wait to go have more adventures but today we are building I’m getting used to the building system then we will learn more now I want to extend that way anyways so here we go we’re getting ourselves together some walls here whoa I use a small plank block to fill the hole yeah I looked at that JJ’s it would be it would be like completely obvious all I’m gonna do man is I saw that there’s like other stuff you can make see how it looks like that right now what I can do is here not planks no I don’t want to use planks for that I can run another beam on the outside of it there’s other stuff we can do here too where can we go into building just take a look there’s a ton of like trims and stuff too I believe I don’t want to make an iron block no I was looking saying though is there any like what can you make for wood blocks let’s look that up to you are these all the wood blocks yeah here’s wood blocks we can do like a wood block trim around it that’s what desk I don’t want to build one of those we got what cubes we got different angle blocks make out wood panels we got wood panels that look like that do all of the wood petals take nails they do nails are expensive to you oh you can build piers oh that’s sick okay that’s where the piers are nice so that’s all the pier stuff when do we need for the wood blocks here just logs yes okay wooden box is this a box people said that I’ll held a lot win a blog winning blog winning cube and you playing some poles for this one and nail oh wait no that’s a fence what am i doing just logs for this one okay cool we need to go and get some logs you take care of our log situation here I’m gonna go ahead and start planting some more trees stolen chest yes that’s right thank you crazy stone chest we make those yet how big are those stone chest okay I can just search chest here in this you feel oh here we go pirate chest alchemist chest apparently I have not unlocked the stone chest yet there’s still a lot of stuff I need to go and build I just need to build a place big enough that I can actually function as a single unit this is where we’re settling we decide we’re just gonna settle in this island because Jade died and ended up back on this island so when we go on the ventures if you died apparently that’s it for you you are no longer on the adventure you are dead to us until we get back home that’s actually kind of cool though I actually really like that I don’t know if that’s a bug or if that’s intended but that’s actually kind of really freaking cool so if you all died in the venture that goes your ship and all your stuff oh let’s grab our lantern back here I don’t want to leave that behind there we go nice noise so I gotta make some more planks to go back this way done deal oh we need we need logs that’s right we need some logs going on these I’m gonna destroy for now they seem pretty easy to get but they’re they’re taking up some room there you go maybe eat these raspberries that are in for our inventory save on some food can you retrieve them can you retrieve them to build another one and push it home yeah you can that you can like try to go find that like if you die out in the middle the ocean somewhere it might be a little hard because um I think your map resets to I I think that’s what it is I think your map resets if you die so you lose the information on your maps and there’s no coordinates on your maps or anything it’s literally like a hand-drawn map basically so I that’s what I mean like

this game it’s harsh it does have its harshness right like it can really really get you if you’re not prepared we want to go and take out that cave too that we saw it that other Island that caves looks badass so it looks like there’s some really cool stuff in there that we really want to get to okay we’ve eaten a little bit here so we should be good to go on that let’s go ahead and get ourselves some some logs because some of that going on destroy yes okay sorrow go do some more deforestation I love I love the the gathering in this game too like how you have to cut down the tree get away for the tree to fall you don’t have to wait for the ball you can keep going and I need just cut it up into pieces here we go bunch of logs and the materials are pretty generous but the grind is real I just I really like this grind this is one of the grinds I have not minded hey what’s up Simon how you doing buddy this game what I say I have to say about this game it has great balance it has a very smooth feel to it’s a it’s a little overwhelming when you first start it guys if you ever need to know anything press f1 it’ll show you oh they change this so it actually only shows up as a partial screen that’s nice press f1 it’ll show you everything you need to know your character panel information how crafting works survival it will give you all your hints so everything is in here I’ll tell you how to tame a horse to ride a horse all of that stuff the respawning rules it’s all under the f1 menu this game’s amazing dude it’s just that as it is it’s chill but at the same time it’s still a bit of a challenge I like it and I’ve always liked pirate games III don’t know this sailing and stuff and taking ships and shooting cannons like this game is literally everything I’ve wanted as a child as an adult child that can afford to play it for long periods of time it’s amazing I got obviously guys I will say it has kind of taken my attention away from seven days to die I do like the luck there’s a wolf up here let’s go get him let’s go get him finally got a respawn oh I don’t think so buddy get out of me there we go got him okay cool the melee does need a little bit of work like the animations and stuff but it does a job the AI seems pretty decent too like that it’s pretty the AI is pretty relentless too like when you got a wolf on you guys don’t run don’t run towards your friends if you can’t kill a wolf and you’re about to die run away from your friends because if you run out your friends with a wolf the Fred the wolf will kill you and then be like more meat you know I’m in so yes Jay yeah I know I need to plant some more trees to do it I have been planting trees trees take a while to grow man we have a whole bunch kicking around jump on the bush to get safe oh wow that tree fell right through the world that’s a new one all righty then it’s like now no tree for you let’s go cut down this decrepit looking one primeira tree withered tall oak well that’s not very tall that’s really really short oh maybe that’s why it withered it just didn’t fit into the pack hey Dave what’s up man yeah dude man this game is all of amazing man thank you for bringing this game up dude this is such a nice break it’s a break I’ve needed this sleep make a difference you can only sleep on single-player and what sleep does is you can sleep through the night time but it only works on single-player apparently but that’s okay cuz honestly guys I really like the night time I think you might heal up too when you sleep I think that’s the thing English what’s up man good good yeah and you can’t sleep through a

thunderstorm apparently either that is true which is cool like if it’s sundar storming it’ll wake you up apparently and then you’ll have to like wait out the thunderstorm guys the thunderstorms in this game I have never seen anything else in my entire life like it like this game the weather in it amazing hey what’s up Bram coughs well I appreciate it dude is this the second part I’m not entirely sure you mean dewd to be honest so yes dude do the public a favor guys and if you see garbage on the ground pick it up and try to destroy it babe we found out one thing there’s you get in excess items and because of storage a lot of people complain about like storage what it is simply is they’re trying to save everything a lot of this you don’t you don’t need I’m actually gonna just story it just cuz it’s one like you can just go ahead and destroy it don’t drop it on the ground because god damn love the stuff I break down to like regs save that up make it in a cloth cloths is expensive but yeah we were dropping stuff on the ground for a long time but we actually ended up finding it got extremely leggy banded up with a lot of leg and I still have a lot of sand on me one grass rope I guess we can make some more rope it’s more that up around this town again but Dave man I’m loving this game once you figure out how to manage your inventory properly and stuff dude it is such a pleasure game to play did you watch last night when we went on our adventures we went out and discovered two more islands I don’t later I multiplayer yeah because everything stays on the ground it I do not think it has a timeout period I haven’t seen stuff timeout yet we actually spent a little while yesterday running around cleaning up because yeah there is doobie hat garbage everywhere it’s actually just easier to destroy it control click on items to multiply it and you’re good to go I did awesome Islands what’s awesome Islands dude I did I did and I’m really pumped about this game I love it even the in-game musics pretty kick-ass isn’t so many so many trees we got a replant though that’s important than this game guys constantly constantly replant trees there we go okay how many logs do I have now I have 61 logs okay we’re gonna we’re gonna grab some more this is still daylight out there’s a little take full advantage of that I’m finally making a base to like an actual homestead such trees all of them yes many many trees many trees what did I just chop down oh all right that one’s new too like we’re seeing little bugs here and there but honestly there had nothing’s pissed me off yet I’m enjoying it Jake peppers a welcome to channel dude thank you for the sub I do hope you enjoyed the content man our community is really enjoying this game too and it’s Jeep for everybody to get in on nine dollars Canadian twelve dollars us on sale um you know what dude this the game has brought back tree farming for me man it really has because it does actually serve a large purpose in this game I love it okay get back to my dashboard here so I can see my notifications properly put me welcome to the channel thank you for the thank you for the phone those were a really long time ago so it seems messages might be a little bit delayed and I don’t have my chat up again let’s fix that I’m just giving you a heart attack oh no it’s all good dude I still hate tree farms in seven days to die but in this game man tree farming up I actually like oh that the trees look in this game though when you have a whole bunch of

trees jammed in one area it actually looks good in seven days to die when you have a whole bunch of trees in the same area it does not look good it’s it’s visually offensive that is why I hate tree farms in seven days a diet oh I’d look at it man it’s like nails on chalkboard for me that’s a good way of saying it why do you hate tree farms it’s visually offensive okay here we go grab him No Oh like look at that I did replant all the trees there’s a bunch of stumps I don’t think stumps time out I do think they stays so eventually you end up like if you don’t take the stump so we’ll end up with a whole bunch of stumps and trees which will be really cool actually look pretty damn decent timber I really like these trees yeah I’m in the tree I’m like don’t mind me I’m hiding like a squirrel but I am this game has brought back my love for grinding I don’t know what it is like doing it this way is just incredibly satisfying I love it story those in favor of logs there we go destroy sticks these will break down in the wind pieces as okay we’ll just destroy them there we go I don’t like to leave a lot of stuff laying around in this game I like it I actually like the dense trees it looks freakin sick cuz it’s not visually offensive it runs nice it looks good can’t complain about it here we go this game generally runs pretty damn well – you like you guys seen it like we got our leg spikes when people join and stuff but once you get like your group and stuff in as you can see it runs decently we may have to restart every once in a while they’d have to work the multiplayer a little more but whatever we’re doing well Jules get bored better the more you craft them no no they do not there is no such thing as spam crafting in this game it’s amazing I love it screw spam crafting spam crafting is good on a game where you’re actually like in a real side of a survival situation like the long dark right in a situation like that cool but don’t mix Pam crafting into a box lies game to make it more real honestly I just a fight is more annoying than anything else just sitting there for hours like repeatedly making the same thing over and over and over again okay I think that’s why I like this game to like that the crafting is nice because like there you got the grind like you guys can see us we’re doing the grind right now but once you got once you got that right you just sit there and you can craft and it’s instant crafting too but the crafting is is a little tedious Wow that only gave me one log the crafting is a little tedious right so the time is spent in the crafting menu instead of like waiting for stuff to be done that’s why I like about it too it’s it’s refreshing to be honest I think that’s what I really like about this game okay you know I should play some of these down here to you oops I dropped one that it’s okay planted damn you keep letting go of the mouse button what are the threats in this game nature dude we pretty much have this island owned so there’s really no like we’re killing the animals fast enough that they can’t spawn in overwhelm us anymore so it’s not any more challenge but like there’s other higher islands and stuff with harder enemies and whatnot like the ones we went to yesterday that was fun but this is our home island now so this this island we’ve pretty much dominated it’s ours we’re geared up enough to take care of our own we’re good to go I think it should plant some more trees out here and yeah no I won’t plant them all lined up along each other or all within each other I don’t know like I said visually offensive hey Mark what’s up dude animals hunger weather oh the weather system in this game is epic you guys see

how it’s a little windy right now I don’t know if you’ve noticed or not but look at the trees the trees actually react to the wind and you can probably hear the wind if it gets stormy enough we’ll start getting you’ll start seeing waves if there’s a storm coming in you’ll definitely see some waves I hope we get to witness a good thunderstorm the stream we always got to have at least one thunderstorm a stream that’s my favorite time it would yeah what’s up mark yeah me too dude it’s a nice chill time to having some we’re having some fun my inventory is jammed I can’t pick up any of the garbage okay see what we have here in our inventory destroy done destroy done I get just oh these are the tall ones these are actually really good because these ones grow and they become huge and they become good oak trees go I’ll just plant them right outside there I wouldn’t abandon back here and then I’ll get bigger eventually with my with my digs but this will definitely do for now we never you can make our work stations and stuff I’ll be good to go actually know what I’m gonna make some storage right off the bat we’re just gonna make some easy wicker baskets they’re basic storage they’re easy to construct you look them up in the crafting menu press construct and then you’ll get a a placement menu I recommend pressing C to go in the first person camera and now you can clip these in together to like they’ll clip into each other when you’re placing them down but because I got some room I’m gonna try to make it little aesthetically pleasing like I don’t want them to line up exactly I wanted you know what I mean I’m gonna make it look like an actual storage area here we go a couple more in here I’ll take these out eventually and put like better storage Justin but now I could just right right on top of them use them look at that beautiful you have some storage now but well I’d sand away I don’t need the iron store some logs because we’ll use them on the night cycle meat will store away iron ore of course oh yeah look at that so much for a room for activities guys so much room for activities yeah once you catch the hang of this game it’s actually quite pleasant I’m enjoying this now no one better ever steal my and kick some butts it’s tools so we’re gonna put it up there I played on the end of meat but we’ll cook that when we get some time break these down so flowers will break down both grass what you think and then turn in the ropes and then it’ll turn also into into seeds or these berries you need so anyways always like break stuff down I’m kind of get in the system now it’s like encouraging you to let go multiple layers of crafting right so I’m gonna leave some repair kits behind too cuz we have ten that seems to be more than enough oh yeah look at that look at all the room for activities in here this is awesome I’m starting to feel like we have a place to call home here pretty soon we just gotta get some some work stations going on that’s all we can actually go ahead and build ourselves some rope now oh here we go he’s up that grass cool let’s go get some more smart trees looks like our forest is slowly going away oh some of the trees I planted earlier coming in now like those ones right there see them how they’re growing I love it it’s games awesome if you learned the padlock they can’t steal your yeah I got it I got it like I mean I gotta get my workstations down there’s so much I gotta learn Dave like there’s so much playtime in this game it is beyond epic man how much playtime is in this game and this game to me man is a perfect multiplayer streaming game perfect multiplayer streaming game I don’t have to rent a server I could just you know load the game and invite people to come join me Matt in itself I love being able to host locally efficiently like that and have it listed love it and people are reacting to it like my

views for streaming with this stuff to be honest are that much lower than my seven-day stream for a random new game so you guys are definitely showing a lot of interest in this I’m only on day four in my single-player game Oh in this game oh dude man is so much fun there’s so much to learn so much to do so much to go and explore like eventually you’re gonna have you’re gonna have stories right you’re gonna be able to tell stories of the adventures you went on and eventually you’ll see us with power and stuff people keep asking me what that floating thing is right over there that has something to do with power we haven’t quite figured that one out yet either but we will these things here mm-hmm I wish they had a little bit of physics in this game so it’s like floating stuff like that would fall if he didn’t place it hey what’s up baby girl are you doing let’s sound like I’m talking talking to my lady no that’s it severe his name mara logged Merle ugh I need to pick you up uh uh log yeah there we go leave no log behind red mushroom they’re cool wired no sleep on multi Hey sounds about right I’ve had a lot of coffee myself and I’m really into this game I uh I could play this for a very long time I think this is gonna be a very long stream here today guys I really really want to put some play time into this can’t spend on good yeah sorry guys if your comment gets audited by YouTube I can still see what you say there’s really no point me going in and putting it Jolene’s not available right now so there we go awesome Vidya this game is so much fun and I’m actually really surprised with the reaction it’s getting from the community to you I was with with Lourdes mobile as well I mean any reaction to that one whoops switch to my slots here you need to form or shape the Train you definitely can shovels flatten spades make like a rectangle hole or something like that I haven’t tried the spades yet and pickaxes pick away at the land so you get like randomness you just kind of pick away at it I really like how they did the the like everything in this game no am i sawing down a tree oh there we go country’s actually pretty healthy gave me a good amount of stuff I can accept that lots of seeds holy crap there we go let’s plant some more seeds right up in here I think this is a good area for it like even planting guys I love planting I hate farming on seven days to die it’s one of the worst farming things ever this is nice yeah just plant it plant it plant it no it works it’s more I’m gonna go work at my house maybe in the evening I’m gonna buy this game yeah it is totally worth a purchase man like 100 percent its pocket change it really is you’ll be hooked when you do play yeah I’m glad I’m glad like I almost overlooked it and then I looked at it again and I’m like wow this game actually looks like it has a ton of potential I don’t want any raspberry seeds will destroy those I’m glad I had some experience with survival games though when I started this one there’s not a lot of good information online but I’m really I’m gonna put in some tutorials and stuff out there I think that’ll help jumpstart it because it’s overwhelming when you first start this game if you haven’t liked especially we’ve never played an actual survival survival game there’s stuff I’ve learnt guys that I’m like wow why didn’t I even think about that like the saw I was using my axe to cut down trees while I had my saw I thought the saw was just for like cutting planks and stuff

right but you can use it for cutting trees and it’s actually a lot easier because you just get a little bit of a timer and I’m actually starting to think you get more resources too I’m not sure though like there is so much unknown right now that we’re learning together as a community but we’re learning it quick yeah that’s right I mean like we should really really push them the two launched a console expect you know what they could probably do cross-play I bet this game oh there’s another tree I bet this game could definitely do cross play if they could hook up cross play with console like hi-fi know what I mean because it would be the exact same code for console with this with the unity coding it’d be an easy port and you could probably do cross play like fortnight does right I think a lot of games are realizing that just having a good working engine game is all you need to succeed now because there’s just so many games out there and not all of them work well it’s almost nighttime guys look how many trees we took down and a home so much tree this weather tall oak needs to go yeah like the musical score is pretty good the sound effects are good the ambience is awesome I’m really impressed with this game it has its bugs sometimes we have to restart every couple of hours seems it gets a little inefficient at that point especially with eight players but you know what I’m really looked past that because it’s it’s it’s like I said I paid the right price for this game looks like this will be the last I’m starving oh damn it okay he’s incredibly hungry now hungee let’s eat some blackberry blackberries and go back to our base here I’m gonna have to build another bonfire that’ll keep us warm and let to you know I’m gonna build it off to this side here though because I need to build his base backwards here okay more foods he’s still hungry see that little icon up there that’s what indicates he’s hungry so I ate the berries meat is really good for you hungry like look at that yeah he’s like yeah I’m not hungry anymore thanks for the meat butter I love it so let’s go ahead and the craft our bonfire here let’s get that going struct place it down right over here it’s really dark we take our lighter walk up to it light it with our lighter Byam light for the night oh it’s raining out oh maybe we’re gonna get a thunderstorm maybe a thunderstorm is coming but if it rains heavy guys it puts your bonfires and stuff oh it’ll put your fires out it’ll put your torches out so beware I hope my place doesn’t get damaged like and my storage get messed up because Jade’s dead say buildings do take damage from storms so there should be interesting to see but it’s just starting to rain now so I mean we could play it easy here let’s go ahead and start making some more some more beams here we go wouldn’t beams I think what I’m gonna do is just go across the back of this one length and just keep going backwards and start it instead of using the longer wooden beams I’ll just fill it in with this one I think that’s a best technique for it use these wooden beams and then put the legs where these beams end that’ll be a little more efficient then just go back and forth back and forth yeah there we go made a bunch of those we need to repair this so like I love the ambience in this game guys it’s bang on like really bang on but I think I enjoy the most is literally the the immersion in it okay I saw this damage again you’re not to repair that more beams okay what do we have in here four beams now let’s get those suckers going like the loons sounds guys being Canadian my whole life we go camping and literally that’s what you hear it’s dark like this it is just dark out like this is literally realistic this is how dark it is like it’s freaking amazing and the Loon sounds are a real thing it’s they really nailed it the ambience okay can I steal skinny one in there no

we’re good to go there I can actually have to flatten the land there something to make a shovel sooner than later oh damn it okay first person is a lot easier to do this in mental reminder let’s try to hit the last block there there we go and we just keep clicking and it’s like okay you just want to keep going this way and done there you go right into the landscape beautiful I’ll have to touch up that side once I do get my shovel that’s what we’ll do whoa why did it flip like that okay we’re out of beams see that’s what I mean by the grind like the grind but then when you go to make stuff it’s not incredibly time-consuming so we should also look here at crafting some of our basic stations so as a new player guys big hint as a new player when you come to your crafting menu click on this down here this is your essential items craft as much as this and what’s in this menu as possible and it will unlock other stuff for you so like it says you know come in here and rope of course you know start crafting your rope you unlock some more things blah blah so anything in here you see just come and craft it I know I’ll unlock something else if you want to get out of this menu just click on click out of it and click back to crafting but this is all your essentials this will help you unlock stuff it doesn’t give you everything but it gives you most ok so the first thing we should make thanks is our stove so we need some iron oh wait no we should make our Forge yeah our Forge first here let’s get that going I do believe it’s called the forage in here blacksmith Forge No oh damn it furnace furnace there we go that’s what I want to look for is in furnace so our furnace we need 15 clay ok we’re gonna have to go for a little bit of a travel here and I need to go and scoop up some supplies from our port oh look at our ports all lit up over there I could see it off in a distance that’s what’s nice – like those bonfires that thing will burn oh right and it leaves a pile of ash it actually literally almost feels like you’re your pixelized on on deserted island with all your friends you needed a Canada flag in this game yes yes they do I think it might start to storm – you might just be a windy crappy night we just might have that going on but did you just light it oh okay I thought you lit um one of these on fire I was gonna say that’s cool if you can light stumps on fire that would be fantastic you just burn all the stumps oh I like these banana trees oh that’s a nice touch see let’s say I mean like look at our island it’s starting to get it’s like own character we have people over here what’s going on over here we have our little farm going on is this your place Cassie woohoo it’s a lot of clay okay I gotta grab up some clay here and make my like all my basics skipping like Peter Pan I know I love it right frolic through the bush not a worry in the world through all our banana trees what’s in here oh yeah maps are in this container guys if you need a map I made a bunch for you it’s all up in there so we earlier estimated that we needed to go all look bellows so I don’t have to make some earlier estimated that we didn’t have to that we needed a lot more stuff than we actually needed to go and get stuff so it turns out the trips aren’t as bad but if we do want to like get other islands that are further away we’re gonna have to go and travel longer and pack more I love this Casio you have like a little farm going on over here like our world’s just taking its own shape the lighting is beautiful I love the lighting you know what it’s actually take the interface away I’ll actually like playing this game a lot without the interface if I’m just like running around there checking stuff out I love taking it away I bet you make a castle in this game like seven days a day oh man we’re gonna make some crazy stuff in this game dude the crafting is absolutely amazing I love it like look as you run through the the field like look how the light all hits all the different different plants and how the plants react to you moving through them like oh it’s gorgeous I love it just little details they put into the game

like it’s so immersive hey what’s up is this who are you I can’t tell who you are because my my Hut is hidden but let’s head back over to my place see where that bonfire is that’s me over there in the distance I love it gotta make our way over there hopefully we don’t get ganked on by a wolf or anything because oh I could switch to my sword quickly we can take a quick look at what it is what slot is okay it’s slot 3 for my torch alright for my sword so we can switch real quick if I have to is they could respawn in like this I love how Dark Knight is it literally it’s representative of what this would be like like you see all the stars you can see the port in a distance there this Islands gonna be cool I can’t wait to see it progress whenever I play this at constantly legs turn down your graphics and stuff dude going near your options and turned down 10 down your performance we get leg when people join the game that’s when we found we get the the worst of our leg okay it’s not gonna place our torch down or everything down here so we can do some station crafting here now all right so we want to go to here and I think furnace is just up in here foundry nope we can’t make that yet Oh a dying stand oh that’s cool I can’t wait to make that stuff stove no dammit where’s furnace here we go okay now I can make the smelting furnace here we go I’m actually gonna stick that right up in this corner here we can go in the first person and even get more accurate right like you can you can raise it and lower it with Q and Z if you press H you can rotate it using your mouse like a free rotation so you can rotate it whatever direction I love it like you can just you can go into so much detail with your place everything I don’t guys I’m not a fan of having everything exactly straight right I do like a little bit of disarray like I love how all my containers are sitting though like it looks like I carried them in and put them down there you know what I mean yeah there we go and they like I said the game is very playable without the HUD you can actually get do without the hood I’m graphics are all the way down in my computer not good enough oh I’m sorry dude that sucks man I really haven’t had that much of an issue with it I’m writing at streaming at a 1080 60 and still writing it above 55 frames okay so let’s look up here so we got the we got the the furnace we should also make a stove so we can start cooking our own food here for the stove we need some iron ingots so okay so this is I’ll show you guys how to I get these things going alright so I have sticks in my tool bar here number seven so what you do is you walk up to it right and you feed it you can put sticks in there you can put wood pieces sticks seem to burn better so I’m gonna hold my button to feed the furnace and it’s good to go and then I’m gonna take a such as a lighter you can make these with two pieces of Flint easy to make walk up to it hold the mouse button down light it and then your furnace is going then you go and come in here and then you turn all your ingots and to iron I think all my ingots are actually on my ship oh no they’re in here with us oh sweet okay awesome so we’re gonna start pumping out some iron here at you I’m gonna get some of that going on there we go as you click on the iron in here in the crafting menu come down here and fill up the queue for crafting and they come back in a minute know all be done okay so what do we need for there’s other stations we need to make to here I hope it I’ve made an alchemy table yet we need to learn glass stuff – you’re like blowing glass and stuff Foundry that’s coming up kiln we should make a kiln – we can make one of those this made us get a kiln gone I think actually what I gotta do with the kiln here is put the back end of the kiln oh you can clip it right through oh no way that’s cool yeah I’m gonna I’m gonna try to clip here we’ll go in the first person mode oh I love this I’m gonna clip the back of the chimney so it goes out the building oh that isn’t that is too cool so you can clip like your stuff through the landscape like that I love it so you can have the chimney going

outside the bill nice we need to make a furnace now – you gonna take that Hey okay I was gonna say why can I not make iron what is happening right now okay cool so we’ll get some more of that going in the kiln this is what I’ve unlocked so far so we can make some glass and glass windows furnace lining you need it for the I forget what you need it for you can bake decorations like clay flowerpots and plant flowers and stuff in them clay bowls brick brick is very expensive incredibly expensive I’m gonna save my clay for making like machines and stuff I think for now until we hit up some more islands once we hit up Islands get more resources we’ll be good to go so our next make is our blacksmith station here oops I gotta get out of the station actually see it here we go blacksmith what do we need it for that sucker this here this one takes a little more patience to put together so we need an anvil actually we already have the bellows because we made it going on yeah there we go now we can make ourselves the the blacksmith nice let’s go ahead and construct that sucker I think I’ll throw the axe is nice and square and actually kind of just tuck it right up into this corner over here let’s go into the yeah first person view second actually so I can actually see here we go nice there we go nice and tucked into the corner no problem good to go this will help me to decide where I want to put windows like I got to put some windows here definitely nice big windows right here looking out to the ocean my ship parked out there lots of baskets lots of baskets I know I love it I love the details you can go into those games so much fun love this okay so we got some more iron going here let’s craft some more up keep her coming there’s nothing I want to build in here right now so we’re gonna leave the kiln now we can make all our tools and everything here traffic sign offroad nice a screwdriver now I’m gonna craft one of those it’ll probably unlock some stuff for me I did unlock some stuff Oh an iron bow that kind of sounds badass a keychain inventory container what so you can hold their keys oh that’s cool so you actually make keys for your stuff what we’re gonna craft one of those two just to see if it unlocks anything for us blank keys oh okay that’s cool I’m gonna have to look into how keys and stuff work too that is that is pretty neat I like that okay you did a little bit of a inventory cleanup here yeah oh I equipped it I meant to destroy it break it down there we go okay so this game is a good game too for people who like farming if you’re into like farming and stuff it’s great because you can like do any flowers and crafts Cassie likes it she’s doing a good job of farming I don’t think I’d mind farming in this game either I think it I think it would do well for me okay clay on there I’m gonna stash that clay actually and then one of these random containers it’s gonna be so hard for me to find stuff I’m actually gonna put those away because I can free place those things if I want to yeah like you can free place stuff guys now they can be picked back up but you can free place it oops let’s put in my inventory first there we go so like let’s say you have it in your hand in your inventory press V and I’m gonna go in the first person’s just a little easier press B and I can free play stuff like if I want to shove a little a little mushroom in here I can let’s put it right up and we’ll put it in the corner there just kind of obscure there we go exceeding I have a little corner mushroom sitting in the corner maybe I should put went over here to you they may be all chuck went in behind here looks like I haven’t I’ve got some some moisture going on and some heat and some oysters so I attracted some local mushroom wildlife to grow I am Dorking out over those game like crazy

uh yeah you did man I’m starting to get my place together my workstations and everything loving this game up man it’s rate that’s a Meyer and going got that going what else can we make here cuz like I we went and explored the island there’s a whole bunch of stuff I can unlock a whole bunch of stuff I haven’t made yet that I have to make oh a stove we need to make a stove yes for our cooking let’s actually go ahead we should put our stove somewhere nice I want to leave some room so I can go and like look out the window oh I should wrap the deck around – yeah that’s what I’ll do I’ll wrap the deck around I’ll do one more set of beams going all the way around my place here I’m thinking the stove we’ll put it here for now and I’ll change it later we’ll change it somewhere else but this at least will now make some foo for us that’s what I have here a ton of sticks we’ll use that as fuel get the fuel into it take our lighter light the sucker yeah you’re always hungry in this game man it’s it’s just a thing you’ll get used to it crap these suckers up there we go cool so we got our basic workstations together I’m gonna pick up my lantern again and what do we have room for him Tory here okay we’re gonna head out and do some more gathering here guys let’s just destroy some of this junk oops cool I have some clay and some leather and stuff on me that I just did not mean how damn it here we go damn it oh you know why is cuz I’m wait what am I doing here why am I am not drinking them in over to there Wow special times there we go starting to really stack this stuff up now it’s good getting our resources and stuff together am I going to leave logs behind we have some logs Mike and makes more rope because we have a ton of grass I’m really getting the the groove of this game whoops here we go oh no make up that mini alright let’s go out and get some some Trez gonna use our saw I do not have all the clay actually I am preserving the clay I did gather a lot of clay myself in the beginning as well okay so we are gonna repair this if you need clay do come on a journey with us man when we go to a different Island we go there and we go and grab the resources and stuff that we need all the clay on this island is gone yes that’s why I say it like the workstations are a little hard to get because we use up the clay but if you need needed like that one of us no you I got scaled down since when I’m not sure if the you I got scaled down dude I love the size of the UI I like I said I actually like playing the game like this with the UI hadn’t I actually really enjoy this playing it in like third person for you like that’s that another tree again see that hasn’t happened until today that’s it today thing that’s what I find with this game it has things where it’s just like well that’s it today thing I know I’m cracks oh hey what’s up cracks what’s up dude did you not grab any like do you not have any on you I have to under clay you have yeah there you go she’s got some I just got some for now I’m holding on to it will go and hit up some more islands and stuff soon don’t you worry because yeah like the clay is needed to make the workstation so it’s a good idea to hold on to some of it come to the main base once we get to enough islands and stuff we’ll have tons and tons and tons of it some of those resource Fain’s are huge and once you hit one you get like thousands of it we just need to hit some more that’s all plays plays are we’re a resource at the moment oh yeah maybe they I think there was an

update because they are like even though if you go into Wow oh wow if I take the Mui away I could press f1 and bring up the the tool belt oh this is sick I can actually legitimately play this game in this mode and just bring up my tool belt bar again that is so sick I love it okay anyways let’s get oh that moon I’ll take take our head back I’m going to play getting withdraws okay I’m phone’s with getting withdraws men what is this game about some [ __ ] this game is about survival dude it’s you versus environment you all like you can play single-player or host and have your friends play with you but you basically start out with an island with finite resource as far as like ores and stuff go that you you have you can build yourself boats and take off and go and discover other islands which have more resources and treasure and random P wise that unlock stuff like we found lanterns on one island and unlock lanterns for us all that’s my behemoth boat down there that I’m working on it’s gonna take a while right now this episode here we’re working on getting our home stats together we’re gonna go on an adventure again soon but we need at least be like a little bit situated right and then we’ll go in another adventure again I think that’ll be fun his next time we go on an adventure we can all just bring our own supplies right like our own food you know what I mean it’ll be a little easier that way you kind of learned how to play this game efficiently as as like a multiplayer group oh no I got stuck in a tree there we go cars as well yeah you can graduate through different levels of technology there’s cars apparently there is um like little jetpack thingies helicopter thingies there’s a ton of stuff you can you can do right like we did we haven’t even gotten to the tip yet we’ve just basically gotten to the point where we’re settling down we found a few things and we got to keep going exploring the more you explore the more you find the more you unlock the crafting is pretty intense you have to discover stuff to craft stuff most of the time like some of the time and to unlock certain things you have to have all of the different type of materials that you absolutely need in your inventory to do it what here we go we’re gonna do it away with the hut again I actually really liked playing with no HUD any bears on this island yes bears and wolves but we have a lot of players on and we’ve kept the population down a lot and it seems like if you keep the population of spawns down I’m you get less spawns but if you let spawns pile up it seems to spawn at a faster rate I don’t know if that’s an actual thing but because every time I see a wild animal I kill it now at this point it doesn’t seem that we have as many roaming around which is cool okay who went there planted a bunch of cactus in front of my place I honestly I’m for joking around but don’t be a pain in the ass okay can I just cut these down with this I do have to use an axe I can’t see what’s telling me okay you can saw these suckers down or was this me this was me so that’s what I told myself sorry guys that was pretty ignorant then but that was me I planted all of these cactus out in front but I can saw these down into grass that’s actually kind of cool it’s slow that’s a decent amount of grass so that’s funny I got someone mad at someone for doing this but no this is actually me guys remember all those seeds I wasn’t planted earlier well that’s what these are yeah I drove myself Wow Wow that was that’s what we call personal growth right there guys right at that moment you’d surely yourself and then get mad at someone else for doing it personal growth oh I think I’m collecting oh you can collect needles from these well sweet maybe I should leave a little a few of these around yeah I gotta leave a few of these around so I can collect needles from them that’s actually a really really easy source of needles actually I think I could do a a pot and I think you put dirt in it and then I can plant one of these in the dirt and have one in my place as a resource source so I can grab

the spikes from it because the spikes make needles which you can use in a lot of recipes especially if you’re doing a lot of cloth stuff oh wow yeah like look at that you can collect like crazy yeah I’m gonna leave those there we’re gonna leave those there let’s go over here I see a few tall trees I really need to get taken care of my body say was not time earlier I’m back luckily you can take a joke yeah I can take a joke if I’m annoyed I just tell you I’m like okay that was funny but if you do that again I’m gonna kick your ass we’ve got a few people that like really push me and then I’m just finding like you know what off but hey sometimes it just has to be said has to be said all right here we go um will they work as a fence against animals um you can actually make fences dude and you can actually fence it in the area to protect yourself against animals I’m not really too worried at this point against like the natural spawns they don’t really seem to be much of a challenge anymore on this island at least so yeah yeah man I’ll stir this games this game stick dude I’m glad you came to check it out man seriously dude I feel about this game like I did when I first started playing Minecraft and when I first started playing seven days to die like yeah it’s another survival game but it’s I love how they did everything like as far as a gameplay there is nothing I would change about it personally might not be for everybody but like I like I love how you have to chop the trees down like this and they like turn them into pieces you guys should watch my earlier streams if you want to see our first days experiencing this game and what like your first experience will be like you got to go watch my earlier stream so actually some of them are pretty funny when we were first learning oh my god quite amusing I must say there we go picking some grass – you getting rid of some of this just random garbage laying around let’s random garbage is a better stash some more of our logs you get them put away else okay since those are tall – yeah okay I can I picked that will depict those these I end up with tons of them screw those things cactus needles will destroy them because we can easily just go far in them off those things – chill note down there woo flax seeds I’m actually gonna go ahead and plant those guys please do not farm my farm my flax I’m gonna plant it underneath my place so please do not do not go far a minute I wonder if it grows like this there we go flax is a good for making cloth and you need a lot of it a lot of it so it’s better just a destroy stuff don’t throw it down on the ground makes your life so much easily if you’re spending a lot of time and damnit it crashed again seriously okay three hours it took to crash that hurt that’s funny okay alright I think they have a think how to report it so I think I’m you know I think I can do that up again yeah we needed to restart anyways are there other people online with you today yeah there’s there’s like eight of us dude the lobby filled up real quick seems like I might drop it down to six eventually it seems to operate better at six I think I think it’s a new update oh yeah maybe it’s a new update that’s doing it if I can I’m gonna check out the forums later and actually like submit the submit the crash for them cuz honestly like white [ __ ] at a company when you have the power to help oh I like this game I believe in it so we’ll

spam them with with the information that they need they seemed really really responsive which actually I’m quite impressed with we’re gonna get in you this game and then I’m gonna have to hide the screen for a second so our viewers can not see our current password because it is open to our discard memories looking forward to seeing your finish toast oh thanks dude yeah that’s my first experience building in this game but it has so much possibilities I’m really excited because of the combination of stuff you can do right okay I’m gonna have to go make the screen black here for a second guys I do apologize I should actually add no sea lion to to these streams so I can hide that there we go published okay we are good to go so I can make you guys see that again BAM there we go awesome can you use the bed as a spawn point no no you spawn at the spawn on the island dude beds are for sleeping you can sleep through the overnight only on single player at the moment so this is gonna be a laggy for the next few moments guys I’m not gonna live we’re gonna get like little brief legs spikes like this because we have a whole bunch of people trying to join the game we found out that’s a real thing too when people join the game its tyr’s glory mark Duras this looks really grown in over here so we’re gonna hit up these trees wow look at the size of that tree it’s got a real thick base to it it’s gonna go I think it’s in the update I think we’re only four yeah it’s hard to tell like how many people are on it really is oh wow I hope it gets fixed but we need it we restart every couple of hours anyways right beforehand like you know it needs to be fixed but kind of reminds you to restart there you go there’s the in-game reminder to restart your game this game looks super fun wish I had a PC hopefully comes to console yeah dude like I said if even those console players guys watch the content enjoy it because they do want to come out to console the benefit of watching PC stuff before you watch it on before you get on consoles you know what’s coming right I mean you’ll have a little bit of an advantage you can start playing and you’re good to go because a game like this I think they could pretty much just match it exactly as it is on PC I don’t see any like with the game like this any delay in development because it’s already got its base down like they got their engine and stuff together they just have to work on the multiplayer bugs like we’re literally their first huge open test of multiplayer so we’re gonna expect a little bit of buggy mess your updates and stuff which is okay cuz honestly guys like free for twelve dollars American it’s literally a meal a meal at McDonald’s for a couple people a cheap meal and McDonald’s for a couple of people well if you cut down those shrubs you get grass and a stick of the deal that’s kinda that’s awesome I like that timber so we’ll be doing some more seven days die multiplayer tomorrow guys and then after that we’ll do some more lower Lords mobile as well we have a thriving multiplayer community going on right now really excited about what I’m seeing which is awesome community’s pretty pretty generous as well which is cool helps helping keep stuff together just stay strong oh I’m gathering wood pieces damn it we all the trees here though there’s tons of trees tons of deforestation to do planned some more do trees falling on you damage you know not that I’ve seen no not at all actually I can confirm that because I have felled trees onto people to see oh wow look at all the seeds we have here yeah they just get some plant and done plants some plants some hardcore trees up in here is that log in the sky yes what happens is there’s no physics in this game your your place can take damage from being attacked by like with a cannon or a TREB

and by apparently storms IED we haven’t seen a storm yet we’ve been playing for three hours and still yet not a storm but apparently storms can damage your your homestead as well so I’m interested in seeing might might possibly happen but as far as physics go there’s none what’s happened is I cut a tree down and it exploded and the log actually end up stuck up in the tree you could jump up to it and pick it oops there we go and jump up to it and pick it if I use the right button there we go but what happened is it got caught up in the tree and when a tree in the next tree falls it doesn’t fall with it I hope they figure that they can figure out something for that but it’s pretty forgettable storms yes wind blows Oh campfires water doses bonfires you can’t hoarder to hold a torch out in the pouring rain like this game is just it’s it’s amazing I hope we get to see a thunderstorm guys I really do thunderstorms are my hands-down my favorite part of this game so what you guys oh it’s Saturday I see it was Sunday today so you guys up to this weekend any crazy plans getting closer to Christmas people traveling doing things elderberry seeds and intersections a story those done coniferous tree little plant those two here we go tons and tons of seeds rid of them all I think you know what that is know it just right there we go we probably have some stacks wooden pieces we can destroy here to get rid of those taking up all the room know those do I can hear something rustling around in the bush I can hear it over there doing something Monster Hunter beta all weekend what’s what’s that I’ve never heard of that I’ve heard of other people talking about it but there we go get rid of that to get rid of these I seem to pick these up a lot I don’t know if they’re off the trees are off the ground but you end up with them okay we got some tall coniferous trees seeds plant these ones over here yeah I’m starting to get real hungry too my hunger is blinking so we’ll pay some attention to that is that Rami no that’s roasted I am spreading my seed I would love to spread my seed all over the planet man it sees some meat here get my house going yeah start Oh what which one was I putting stuff in oh this one right here okay here we go that’s my logs away make some more room here the story grass seeds cuz we definitely don’t wanna go grass oh I have some more flax seeds okay cool let’s go plant some more flecks definitely need a ton of that oh maybe it doesn’t grow in here wither grass oh it doesn’t look that it’s in the shade so withered is that a thing we’ll have to check that out if this grass withers and we know I’m actually gonna go ahead and plant some flax down here maybe I’ll guard my garden with a bunch of cacti so people don’t feel inclined to come and steal like my flax and crafts Wow wow it’s too bad it wastes little seeds it yeah it doesn’t appear like those seeds actually and I’m growing back down there alright so stuff does not grow if something’s not over top of it clever I like it nothing I can make in there we’ll save that for nighttime let’s go out and get some more wood here a lot of grinding great a sloppy seat again you’re getting a PC for Christmas well that’s awesome dude it’s awesome PC gaming will open up a bunch of different stuff for ya bang the music though it’s such a chill game

uh-oh again really no okay no we’re good that was just a leg spike Wow okay no we’re good we’re good when did that update come out it must have come out between last night and today this evening when I started playing this I’m joining oh that was you then J you did that to us J breaking the game well welcome Jay I like how I cut down that little twig I just covered it over in it and it made a drop annoyance sweets oh look I left a seed on top of this little little bush here his fault yeah it definitely Jays fault tonight I want to cut down this shrub just to be sure we have done a lot of collecting I’m already got it two weeks ago you have your new PC you just got it earlier nothing like a little bit of early PC if you know what I mean are you pc whip now dude are you already spending time playing with your PC sweets my laptop is seven years old it was like 40 years in computer yours no that’s like almost 70 now dude its accelerated since oh look at this a little to the left place nice so much deforestation is you supposed to be a proud island of trees it is now no longer but we do have a tree replanting focus I do like how it leaves all the stumps behind though that’s really cool Oh stumps you shall stay there forever I bet as a limit I think that’s how it works maybe there’s a limit of stumps there we go I love that sound okay we must have like a decent amount of logs now for sure you’ve collected a lot of stuff okay so we got 47 logs there yeah let’s go back and do a little bit building let’s break it up a bit we’ve been planting trees and grabbing cutting them down for a while now we’ll just plant these last little bit and then start building again so yeah is that it actually feels kind of real because like when you when you get when someone settles down right they end up cutting down trees in the general area and then you get like plots of land that are cleared in order to make their little homestead so that is basically what we’re doing it turned out damn trees into our house but fortunately time doesn’t matter and we can have trees back within a couple of hours whoa okay where are the leaves or leaves she’s gonna pick up this junk to you there we go okay when someone not this likes my videos honestly dude I could care less I’m not here for them I’m here for the community and I’m here because I enjoy a game and they’re just wasting their time Oh bark destroy and bam we’re gonna story that we’re gonna destroy the resin to definitely don’t need the resin what is the spinach seeds yeah we don’t really that it’s pretty easy to find it’s almost nighttime again anyways then I’ll say it broke down in seed maybe it

didn’t oh okay yeah those are those seeds okay those almost look like tree seeds that’s weird okay we’re good oh wow look at all the grass we have where you can craft a whole shitload of ropes here let’s get as many ropes done nice we’re getting a good stock on rope too I actually have an overstock on rope let’s go ahead and put a stash away the stack away perfect you always want to save up on those suckers all right so we’re building the outside logs so we’re gonna just do log outsides let’s go ahead and craft our logs here again number nine oh we should get that going to get some sans we can make some some glass yeah let’s get this sucker lit up I just I think oh no here’s all here’s my sticks okay they’re already in my way to about so let’s get the kiln fueled up slide it and I did leave a whole stash of sand around here there we go so we’re gonna make ourselves a whole bunch of raw glass and then you can turn the raw glass into actual glass which is pretty dang cool then we can make some windows and stuff for our log cabin here yeah we’ll go one in on each side and then do the rest glass for the front window so that’s how we’ll do this right here I don’t even know how tall I want to go either we’ll get there though look at that sunset this game is just so beautiful it does it it does very well it’s my only words for that it does very well then we’ll put another window here too I do got to do some more log corners though some more of those up these are hard to make you get multiples for them as well so what I don’t know that I think the roof should start a cup a little higher as you a couple higher for the roof that’ll work like right there oh dang it dang up bobber yeah as about perfect and then we’ll start the roof up from there or maybe I’ll make another floor I think another floor would be cool too I think that’d work there we go yes and then I’ll fill that in with glass and like look at the view I’ll have in that gorgeous love it oh we should light a bonfire too so I can actually see see how did you get that chest armor you have to learn unlock iron like make some iron ingots in the the furnace and then I believe it unlocks from there but this is iron armor that we got going on bonfire why can I not make any I don’t have any wooden pieces that’s easily solved though all we have to do is run at a tree look at the tree I’m gonna get all this and spam that butten we got a bunch of wooden pieces now stuff we’re gonna use for that oh I only have six let’s grab a few more of those there we go now we can craft yourself a bonfire right here there we are BAM now we have some light for tonight or uh like this is taking me many hours to I’m really enjoying the effort they make you go through to do this it’s very very rewarding that may five at a time so I’m gonna make fifteen that should do this for a little while that way we’ll make sure this corner is nice and capped off to you go how can I not there are no cool I need to put a door in here somewhere as well we got to look up the door is here soon and see what they look like that would be pretty damn cool whoops misplaced it let’s pick that back up and due up that both sides and we got to take a look at our glass here at depth our glass is definitely done crafting so we’re gonna take all of that and just make some more of the raw glass here there we go once we have a good pile of raw glass we’ll turn them into glass windows I think I’m gonna go what’s this

here this take nine glass windows nine raw glass four glass windows two glass okay so when is sicker when is sinner though okay we’ll go with a thin one the third one will be cheaper I hope storms don’t take out your glass that would suck but we’re about to find out anyway it’s at least glasses of renu-it would like there’s tons of there’s tons of sand there’s sand everywhere so I’m not too worried about that this is definitely gonna be a nice little bay window right here to this way and then actually yeah we’ll go down from here we’ll just we’ll just do it one one wide there we go see whether I think does the game needs to because like the the the building systems and stuff are pretty fluid but it’s not very self-explanatory when you first pick up the game if you don’t already doing well damn it I can’t clip it through here I can’t because this is here I thought I thought that would work apparently not I can’t put here but that’s okay actually having that little bit coming out like that in here what I can do is can I flip it is it how wide is it oh it’s four blocks wide what I can do in here though is put in filler blocks what we can do is make we have to go to log you can actually make a lot of pieces you make five of these at a time as well so if we take these replace them with our logs for now Oh rotate it very pressing f we can actually fill in the space a little tighter there we go yeah there we go well you know what I actually like that like that though it’s still it’s still pointing towards the outside it looks pretty good that sucks can i free play season two there I get free place I’m into there but then you’ll be able to pick them up I guess I could like Jiri the big ones free place I’m in there maybe I have to praise the praise place this after the fact yeah maybe with the kiln we have to place it after the fact I found it the icon looks strange don’t like armor oh okay I carry this on how the secret of moat is yeah I want to check out a creative mode eventually too you can build a ventures and scenarios for people to play it’s pretty awesome the workshops I think it’s already got workshop stuff going on which is awesome that is very important in the game yeah you know what we’re gonna have to destroy this kiln and see if we can replace it because yeah I can’t have I can’t have this going like this damn that’s wrong one okay first-person view first person view apparently those other ones are set I can’t get to them oh no there we go okay cool yeah we’re gonna have to destroy this kiln and then just make a new one big deal yeah I know you’re hungry you keep whining about it I think you can do it with the pickaxe we’ll find out looks like a pizza oven a delicious peel and now I want pizza Jolene now I want pizza damn it I went three hours without getting hungry Jolene okay uh let’s try the axe see if the axe does the damage to it yeah I’m definitely hitting with the axe I know that for a fact now today I see the gray coming off the the animation I still would like to get the chimney out but I want to see if we put it in after the walls up if that’s a little more efficient cuz I like how it’s going outside I can actually oh I could make myself a brick chimney and actually make that look like it’s a chimney itself oh that’s cool ah there we go okay it just took a while with a hammer so what we’re gonna do is fill this in then and see if we can’t rebuild that and see if we can get him good at the clip through the wall I think that would be a pretty shibby okay here we go whoops see it place it in the wrong spot first person camera much easier cool okay let’s make a new kiln we need 15 clay which I have some up oh that was a waste of clay – that’s right okay I’m not doing that again not doing that again

my clay is up in here now we can do the kiln search that up okay I’m gonna construct that just gonna ask me okay so let’s let’s rotate this yeah okay okay so build your wall and then you can place the kiln I want to make sure that I got this like coming out of the building just perfectly here we go nice okay mental note remember that in the future there we go so now my kiln well actually the smoke will be coming outside of it let’s take a look at that oh yeah and I can build a little chimney up that way and it’ll actually be it look like a little bit smoke coming out of it that’d be fun yeah see you later Nicola have a good one man thanks for stopping in I might order dominoes now um I really want local pizza but I’d have to go for a travel for it and I need to put air in my tire and like the local gas station that’s close to me is that hose is gone I was like what the hell so how they went to Tim Hortons back stories I hate having quarters on me I never have quarters or like change on me so there was the only one with a free one I got to grab some quarters and remember to bring them with me when I leave all right let’s get this lit up again and start making smart glass here get that taken care of – you there we go no ice you live by the troll oh the the little troll statue you cool man yeah that’s why I say guys if you’re gonna build a place respect people around you right if there’s someone with insight don’t build something obnoxious by them you know what I mean like I know you want to build beside people sometimes but make sure that person you’re building beside wants you building beside the or appreciates it you know what I mean hello beer is speckle is a little way a long way moist your meat dishes anyhoo we need to build some doors here I’ve even tickled the door system see what kind of doors all we can have saloon doors we can have oh those are nice I like these wooden doors yeah we got to have these for our cabin that’s a plain wooden door another different type of wooden door actually you know what I kind of like this better uh no we’ll go with these ones I like these ones here so we’re gonna need some nails to make that though and some planks and some beams oh wow five beams five planks ten nails okay so we need some iron grab up some idiot there we go we even have some going on in there so let’s handy crafting nails song and they make one and see how much of crafts oh the blacksmith station okay let’s get this sucker lit up then oh my bomb fire is dying out morning’s coming soon though usually the bonfires last you almost all the way through night time if you light them at the beginning of night oh look I haven’t even crafted these yet I forgot about those suckers a saber you can build like a whole bunch of different type of weapons and crap I should the craft one of those two that might I might help okay what did we come over here to make guys I’m brain farting now I got my mind on food damn it Jolene the mechanics if you can find it you can build it yeah I like that like when you find things you learn how to build it or like for a lot of the the crafting you have to have all of the items in your inventory and then it’s like oh look I new a new menu our new crafting item oh yeah we need a we need not a spade we need a shovel so we can flatten out some area up here so for this shovel we’re gonna have to craft ourselves a pole which we can not do in that workstation you have to get out of it and search for a damn menu here we go poles easy and makes sticking a knife BAM all right okay okay so we’re gonna go back in here and we’re also gonna craft ourselves a shovel so yeah I like craft it and then pop it in the inventory and it should open up some new stuff for crafting that you can like use the tools to make right oh yeah we’re in the the Forge here let’s go there crafting menu what else could we make now there should be some more stuff in my inventory like I got to actually sit down and look at every

single thing – okay so these brassiere is you can make these and when you’re you can um this make some wall torches and stuff like so you see what we have for lighting to you at some point there’s just so much you can make it’s almost overwhelming they can make coffins if you want to it’s a combination padlock that’s pretty sick you need a locksmith table we haven’t built one of those yet you can build signs industrial iron railings like beds you can sleep in beds you really don’t have a point to multi-player at the moment to be honest more a decoration like there’s a bunch of different tables and stuff you can make what’s this red pigment oh yes we got to figure out like pigment and stuff to you like there’s dye stations and whatnot do they not have a Canadian flag in here no American flag either huh [ __ ] oh there’s more flags down here but they’re definitely not Canadian flags um here’s a flag I want to use that one right there the coffee flag oh wooden barrels container oh that’s kind of cool too you can use wooden barrels as decoration and a container that’s racist like that’s Canadian racist that’s funny can you make cannons yes yes you can make cannons I don’t think I can make cannons yet I don’t think I have enough to do it there’s stuff like this I have to like figure out like a drive belt vacuum tube auger like what the hell I’m sitting here building a log cabin and then there’s this you know what I mean we’ll get there we’ll get there all right let’s build some more log cabin here and then we uh oh wait we were gonna build doors that’s what I was gonna be freaking working on I need to build some nails so let’s go ahead and build some nails in here I think I’m gonna get two doors so go that we go nails how many nails does one make what we’re gonna find out let’s grab our shovel and I will show you guys how the shovel works so like your pick pretty much just digs a random area right like that’s like a pick would you just hit with a pick and then it kind of kind of comes apart but your shovel what that does is it it levels areas out I haven’t really used it yet oh there you go there we go see just like that like look at that isn’t that isn’t that beautiful I can have to figure out how to how to do this properly like how do you do bigger areas flatten hold oh okay I see so if I pick like maybe if I go like this on this part of the landscape like I want it to be flat in there I just hold my button down and oh there we go that’s how it works you just hold your button down and it does it for you does it I don’t think it does stone no I heard tanks am i hitting stone or something and doesn’t want me to do it that’s cool though and will if will it like backfill oh my back fills oh yes so it’s easier way easier to flatten areas oh I’m getting the hang of this nice look nice and flat that is oh how do you do stone with the shovel then do you need a better shovel is that how that works that’s good enough though to do my base back to where I wanted it to so like this is your pick here right this is what this is how your pick mangles a landscape but it’s good at getting like hard minerals and crap right okay let’s see what happens now do I have to hit it a few times maybe that’s what it is oh yeah maybe I just have to hit it a few times let’s find out no so apparently I can’t flatten like stone with it – okay

all right has anyone found a use for dirt like any use at all for dirt probably like planting in your planters and stuff right okay yeah I’m really digging the way the shovel works pun intended nice nice and even so what you do basically is you you aim at the spot that you want level you hold your mouse button down and it’ll level everything out to that exact spot where your cursor was that’s kind of cool I like how that works hey what’s up t vans I hope you enjoying it dude um does he use dirt the backfill I don’t think it does I don’t think it does I don’t see anything coming out of my inventory so we should actually flatten this area over here because we end up with like a lot of dirt doing this okay see you later Nicola have a good one dude I’m glad glad you’re enjoying my good night for real now I say that a lot to you I get you I get you yeah there we go okay so now we got a apparently a floating Rock okay so now we got another mystery to figure out so one asked me this earlier like how good how do you get rid of the rocks I thought when you like messed up the landscape but the rocks kind of went with it so let’s see if we can hit it with our iron picks nope how do you get rid of those hmm that’s not cool so way to get rid of those things that you guys have found hmm maybe I can bury it nope refuses to go downwards someone said to use a hammer okay okay we’ll get our hammer out here we’ll try a hammer thank you she’s a hammer oh yay yeah it does it does damage to it I’m using a stone hammer so this might take a second oh cool so that’s how you do the the stones just with a hammer Wow guys like literally every single moment I’m playing this game I’m learning yeah you know what I’m gonna make an iron hammer see if that oh there goes yeah okay so you used a hammer to get rid of them Wow awesome okay thank you who said that someone said Steven thank you for repeating it then nice cool okay and then we can just take our shovel level it back out nice I like this so over here I would have to of course and dig this out with with a pic right oh damn it okay I’m gonna go like that right there we go quick side again now my question is how did I do areas like this like will it only dig so much is that what’s going on or do you have to come up here and okay so you kind of have to come and dig down from the top then again and I like shimmy your way down sweet now I know how to get rid of rocks – that’s pretty sick oh this is awesome I’m literally in love with this game guys I can’t stop playing it all right I think I’m gonna bring out the door – right about here I think that’s good spot for the door go this upwards and let’s look here and see door and crafting what do we need again we needed nails right oh yeah I was making nails okay how many nails is this take all ten nails okay so one nail will equals ten nails that’s not so bad so we may need to make another nail to you cuz I want to make two doors let’s see if I can’t get them to flip flops see if that’s a possible thing I’m gonna make a better

iron hammer so that we can take out the the rocks and stuff later that’s funny Hammer hammer Hammer hammer Hammer hammer Hammer hammer Hammer hammer Hammer hammer Hammer hammer that’s funny see you later Nicolai have a good one dude that’s we uh what else did we need for that door again I got a sneeze coming okay so come on okay so we need five beams and five planks those are easy to make we can make those now here we go let’s craft five of those bastards there we go done and then we can make five beams are you we should have enough to make one door now I’m at crafting menu here Skippy oh that’s the wrong one where is it here here we go I just need 10 more nails for that too oh you can I think you can I think you flip around the hinges Oh sick okay we’re gonna get oh that menu because I want two of these we have the nails we have the hammer cool okay so I think I’m gonna build up a doorframe around this – so we’re gonna rotate this upwards here we go I’ll hire these doors ready to go being blind here did I not make those doors oh no you you make them an in place I’m okay that’s one of those objects my bad okay wooden doors construct this what I’m gonna do is rotate the hinges right there oh look at that and then I want to do another door there we go door oh I need five more beams my bad beam okay what am I missing oh one dammit seriously oh my have my freaking saw broke here we go let’s repair that nice beam it does need one of them perfect now we can do the door here we go yes I’m gonna go actually in the first person so I know I’m placing this just perfect hey why won’t you snap to the other to get there door here what’s going on oh I hope they’re not off-center no you know what I think that’ll look okay a check I’m gonna do then is we’re looking at that block I’m gonna put the little logs in instead here we go rotated upwards there you go and see if placing the door and that’s actually a little better there we go well having it there he’ll play make place a little bitter oh that’s okay you know what I can actually deal with that I really really really like that I like how that looks cool where is a good Thor gift when you need it my pants okay so we can do some more log ish here what I think I’m gonna do oh we’re gonna be a little bit off I do in the middle here I don’t want to leave a little bit of I do I would leave space above it I don’t think I want to leave space above it we can we can shimmy in some of this stuff here but it’s gonna off-center that side too unfortunately okay so I think what I’m gonna do here is use those log pieces so we’re gonna go oops I dropped them damn it there we go so we’re gonna take our log pieces and just make it goes straight up all the way so let’s let’s rotate that we’re gonna go age oh damn it no no no I want

to pick that that not that one I’m gonna pick that one hey I’m gonna pick that block there we go and we’ll rotate it the right way this time there we go rotation up and down BAM and there we got to do the same on this one here just movie over me like mouse cursor just over a top and it should go here we go there we go one up here – cool now keep in mind those little small sections actually will not show up from a distance so we need get further away those actually disappear from sites I’m pretty sure it’s just because there’s smaller blocks but just keep that in mind okay yeah let’s rotate these ones I wasn’t going to but I think that’s actually a good idea oh we need some more let’s build another stack of them here here we go and they almost look like they’re a little bit different of a shade than the other log blocks to you it’s almost looking like that let’s make a couple more of these suckers here there we go it’s all about the little details guess it’s all about the details I want them to add in little pieces like that for the beams as well I think that would look really really good so we get like filling those one small spaces like we found earlier those doors are awesome aren’t those doors awesome I think they’re freaking cool so what I got to do the compensate for like the space is uh like I’ll probably make some logs go out this way like like this right because I here is gonna be our deck anyways so I’ll build like a little bit of a log thing out here oh you know what’s cool too you got like it’s a bunch of different blog pieces you can mix and match so I’m gonna put these on the ends here we go and it looks like a like a log joint Joyner here we go I press F to rotate it oops look too far out I have to rotate it and so you think this is too long it won’t fit in there that’s what she said I can take these and fill in the spot there we go oh and there’s these ones – I haven’t actually messed around with that I kind of want to check out if you look up blog you’ll be able to find log joints how many do we get okay so ten should be good enough let’s let’s look at these and see see what we can do with these suckers okay so I could probably make an angled log going up towards the roof so I’m gonna rotate it like this maybe maybe it’s good idea to get a little bit higher up there – I can’t really get at it but let’s see if we can manage to figure it out there we go then rotate it so I’m gonna press H it’s gonna rotate it in the wrong way I want to rotate it this way there we go rotate it around yeah there we go press H rotate it around again okay I can get the hang of building in this game then you can make yourself like a little angled thing right looks pretty good I think just like that a little bit of patience that definitely takes patience but I think it looks pretty uh pretty badass if I say so myself build details I like it yeah we definitely have to do more decking out here I had to get we need more deck just like Jolene she’s always like Jolene loves the deck are you leaving leave in peace are you leaving peace you leaving mark peace oh dude are you dragging what’s up man what’s up finally getting down to some settling down and building it’s kind of nice I say so myself so let’s build some more walls in and then once we got the walls in we can go and build in some more for the foundation I think that would be good all right logs do your thing well you know what I think that deserves a window right there in that exact spot I sound like Bob Ross uh-oh oh just a little bit of leg so must be joining it must be Jolin actually Jolin are you still why are you

still with us hey still laughs it’s still good to go there we go just a leg of that the building in this game so I pick I love it it’s pretty intelligent kind of wants to know what you want to do okay I’m gonna assume we’re gonna want a window here so I’m going to leave a space for it here we go now this is where my kitchen is going to be so I’m gonna go about three hi and we’ll leave we’ll leave room for a double wide window right here cuz we definitely want some window space in our kitchen yeah just like that there we go I think they’ll be good if you’re having a little trouble placing stuff go into first person view I was facing the wrong way it’s a little easier there we go f rotate you’re finding – it’s not really going in the spots like it’s um the aims a little wonky just kind of like pop yourself back out of the camera view and go back and into it again there we go yeah our cabins coming together here all that Grandin’s coming together and getting some work done okay so we need to make some more glass to you so let’s get this sucker going again Ollie leave welcome dude thank you for the the sub okay I’m starving to see how my screens flashing if if something starts going on guys go to your character menu go to your inventory and it’ll tell you it’s like oh I’m starving then it could be like oh okay well maybe uh maybe we should feed you a bit here then buddy there we go yeah I think we’re gonna see some really really cool builds out of people here I really like those doors I really like those doors I hope this stays together during the storm imagine it all came down during the storm that would be devastating spend all this time building a log cabin the storm comes along and they takes it out BAM done it’s up on stilts because that’s safe we still have to build or write a little bit of a deck all the way around I’m almost sinking no I don’t want to do logs we’ll make it all beams I like other beams look yeah I’m really slowly falling in love with this game I spent how we’re just doing this it what’s up in dough and go how you doing man can you change the flooring style III use beams to make the floor so you can use whatever materials you want to make the floor there is paint in the game I don’t have it unlocked yet I don’t know how to paint rake the pink gun we only have like a slight amount unlock like I’m basically just building myself a small basic home stud that I can call home okay so I’m gonna destroy all this we’re gonna make some room in my inventory here stuff I absolutely don’t need can go and screw itself oh yes glass we’re gonna make last – did I fire this up nope let’s get it fire it up here guys it’s lighter kiln okay so you’ll pull the glass out let’s actually start making some glass we can make 13 of these so we’ll make all those up and then we’ll put some more raw glass back in a glass sphere cool I probably unlock something if I make that sea shell jar oh no way Oh see this game so cool so you can make shelves and deaths and anything you can hold in your hand you can free place on stuff like literally like watch I’ll do it with the the lantern like see how I have them holding my lantern and stuff if you press V you can beep you could free place anything you want right and so let’s say can I hang this lantern from the window I don’t know if I actually can let’s go in the first-person view so I can see it a little bit better let’s see if we can hang like the the lanterns in places okay so we’re in front of here you have controls like Z Z will lower your item Q will raise it let’s see for the click in right there oh it does look at that look at that second like free place a lantern and it actually provides light for me – it’s useful so basically any item that’s not a build item yeah like even by my lighter here my lighter that’s let’s go ahead and put my lighter down oops here we go we’re gonna free place mode I’m clipping through the tables so we’re gonna raise it here we go

raise that sucker and bam I could place my lighter right on the edge of the blacksmith Forge like it belongs there can I pick it up apparently I cannot pick it back up let’s go in the first post in person mode and see if I can do it really well then apparently that’s the permanence decoration yeah down and now I need a new lighter oh well at least we have tons of plants I don’t even know if I have any flint actually on me and I make a new lighter no apparently not I might have to run back to our little public’s place over here anything and do it yeah it’s it’s got some more glass go home and we’ll run back and check out our stuff here here we go I’ll run back over to where the port is look at that my little house is coming together little place to call my own we are taking the boat to go find some rubber trees um dude whatever you want to call it is cool but there’s just some stuff I don’t need to know oh okay yeah that’s cool go exploring guys do what you need to do find us useful thingies and go check out these guys area over here too well nice our banana trees are all producing now I’m starting to get some banana tree production done yeah I’m gonna order pizza here very shortly as well we’ve been streaming for almost four hours I’m gonna keep playing this though I love this I’m gonna build some more of that log cabin oh you can see my log cabin from here oh that’s cool it’s kind of just tucked up in the trees um here’s Cassie’s place over here it’s very nice good job Cassie they’ve gone travelling now when you log out guys I’m your character stays and it’ll stay standing while the animals can kill you people can kill you so when you log out try to log out in a safe space go to your safe space people yeah I guess I’d the boats gone by boat no boat here they’re all gone they’ve all left us that’s okay though because we got tons of flint sitting up here somewhere you have iron marble it’s more Aaron Flint there we go now I can make myself a lighter craft BAM like you can come down here guys if you want to collect seashells you can collect seashells you can go to each different Island and collect its different seashells and have like a seashell collection on a shelf you can collect and pick up starfish like you can pick up and collect those that’s a seashell what’s this one over here this is a clam I think this is a clam what is this I can’t seem to get to it oh that’s a seashell to you okay there seems to be a whole bunch of stuff in here just floating around this kind of funny yeah this game and a dude man this game is worth every single last pocket change it cost you it’s like 12 dollars u.s. man straight up man like I’ve already gotten whoa a glass sphere what’s this oh cool look at it that’s where the glass here looks like when you place it down that’s pretty neat okay who logged out here yeah what you’re doing no it’s fall cure logged out on a stump dragan dude you got to pick up the game man 100% I’m gonna reach out to III twitted them and they told me to reach out to them so maybe I’ll be able to get some codes off of these guys and give some codes out to you guys because I wanted to do giveaways but I can’t gift on Steam so how right I don’t want to buy steam cards because I know I’m wasting money so if they’ll give me some codes why not we’ll give the community some hookups I mean even still like if you have the 12 bucks spend it I never Sam so the other guys sailed off and left me here all by my lonesome I am all by myself build myself a log cabin to live in me why have I picked up this guy this game up today Oh awesome VLT I’m glad man it’s it’s tons of fun especially if you have like two people you guys can build a homestead together and go exploring together you could probably actually increase the quality of your

marriage with it I think uh yeah that’s so cool I’m loving this alright so we were cooking up some glass stuffs here let’s cook up some more raw glass we have lots and now we should have some glass windows in their inventory we have 13 sick let’s go ahead and start filling in our windows with some swanky swanky glass here there we go no I want you to go upwards yes there we go oh look at that okay I’m gonna have a space at the top good to know though that’s okay we just fill it in with logs here we go now we have glass windows so the rain and storm can’t get to us when we have a roof bang so you got you’d like you can literally construct stuff in this game like II do in real life like when I go do the roof I’m gonna put in trusses and then I’m gonna build the the slopes like that and then kind of build the roof on top of it I’m gonna go into full detail with it we’re gonna have some funds okay so I’ve got some time on that I’m not hungry we’re good to go can I cook some more iron I can let’s make some more iron well we can get that going into here okay I have some wood pieces up here and those suckers up okay and now that I have my lighter back it’s not stuck to the the bench over there oh wait of what for the steam sales to get it dude it is on sale man it’s literally 12 bucks man honestly very very affordable okay this is made the iron over here BAM or come back when I’m giving away copies of it possibly I’m gonna get a hold of them don’t die on another Island yeah don’t both die on the nether Island leave the boat over there that would suck but I love how I was able to clip that workstation out here I gotta figure out my cell phone a chimney – and make it like a little chimney thing you know what even that actually looks decent I actually kind of like how that sits there like that and the smoke comes out the side of the building it’s so cool I might not even have to make a chimney in there all right yeah like William said it’s already on sale it’s already a good deal done we’re gonna have to repair our saw make some more beams and it looks like we are running out of wood here very quickly oops I cancelled it craft all of these okay I’m gonna put the beams back in my inventory we’re gonna start laying some more down looks like we’re gonna have to go out and do some more tree grind in here cuz we’re using these up like mad here we go so this is what I’m using the for the floor like wooden beams to get like that floor texture oops so standing in the way my bad I’m sorry floor yeah I gonna have to go one more on this side here too cuz I want to go out when I do the outside I’m actually just gonna turn these around I’m not gonna do it like side by side for I’ll just go outside alright looks like we’re going after some more wood here guys let’s start chopping down some more trees I have some growth coming back which is good so I’ve stuff to do when you’re gonna work on the ship again probably after once I get situated here dude has got to get myself a house going on and stuff and like all my stuff in storage and may be locked up and stuff and then we’ll look into doing some more exploration and whatnot hey my dog just got up by himself that must mean he needs to go to the washroom alright guys so I’m gonna call this stream from here I might be back later or I might just casually play by myself and chill out to some tunes or watch some TV but I definitely plan on bringing us more of this back to the channel you guys seem to really be liking it there stream numbers a lot of people are joining and playing you know we’re learning together getting questions answered and answered questions so yeah we’re really coming together here I’m definitely planning on playing a lot more of this like I love building the wood cabin like you’d literally build a wood cabin this is so much fun here we go I’m gonna get all the ladies guys with this place you know what I mean yeah I’ll be like oh we love your wood cabins it looks safe you can protect our children in there Oh Debit no I don’t want to cut though there we go there we go I want to aim for this one right here there we go yeah I think I’m gonna call

it here guys and I’m gonna go order some food the map will reset does your Maps reset every time I leave my Maps still the same okay we’ll keep that in mind – yeah no I don’t plan on shutting it down Jay I’m gonna just order food and stuff and I’ll keep it running man for now you guys are out exploring so I don’t want to stop playing but I got to take care of my dog here needs to go outside or Pizza and stuff I accidentally saw this one down too early so we’ll get rid of it so it’s not in the way there we go oh wow that was actually quite a few logs for such a small little tree all right guys I’m gonna call it here he’s looking at me very impatiently he’s crossing his back legs so I gotta go get him taken care of I will see you guys in the next stream tomorrow at 12 I’m doing some more seven days of diamante player on ps4 so make sure you check that out stay classy guys stay cool and we will be back again thanks for your support with everything peace out