Zebaish Episode 2 | English Subtitles | HUM TV Drama 19 June 2020

Uncle! This is happening even in your presence? Say something What can he say, the right of decision is mine! I don’t want to use force… so prepare to give away your daughter quietly and respectably Don’t worry… I will try to find a way to make this stone give way Dont worry In fact it would be best if you didn’t mention this to anyone either I’m getting real angry I tell you! Whats happened? Make him understand! Make who understand? Baba, who else! What are you saying? I mean your father and my grandfather I went to him twice this morning but not once did he give me the time of day! All he’s done is sit with his followers since then! Such treatment and of his dearest granddaughter?! It wont do! It will not do!!! Oh ho, where’s the big deal He’ll meet you when he’s free By the way, what did you want with him? Maybe I could do it Your husband is behaving suspiciously I have a suspicion about him and I’m thinking I’ll go tattle on him to dada ji Plus I also want to change my phone so I need money Don’t even think to make the mistake of mentioning to anyone that you have a phone You’ll end up in real trouble But that exactly what I want! I’m hoping for a major fight with the chohtay sarkar I would like to see what kind of devil is your husband Be naughty but stay within your limits You don’t realize the kind of protection we give you And your chacha , you know how he can be A man who doesn’t speak properly to women, who gets irritated by daughters… why would I want to know him chohti ammi I’m now going to grandfather Bye Listen to me… Okay, Khuda Hafiz Love you! Forgive me uncle, and even though my words are harsh I’m telling you… Come my dearest child Come Oh I see! So baba’s come to your Court today has he? I’m sure it must be with regards to some case to do with the younger sire Right? Okay so tell me what’s happened? Which poor man did he push or get beaten up by the Majawar or… he must have gotten one of his favorite followers to marry a person of his choice But anyways all these are old stories so tell me something new because only then can we enjoy… Noshi! Why are you always talking nonsense? At least think sometimes… What’s wrong grandfather… why is baba so angry…? Oh hey, its… so tell me something, how big are the babies of your pigeons now? Only if they lay eggs will they have babies grandfather! already told you this but you’ve forgotten again I really have grown old… I don’t remember things May your enemies grow old! Or maybe that dressed in black uncle of mine… who’s forgotten how to respect relationships Why don’t you say anything to him grandfather? I will I will definitely tell him Who is he to hand my daughter’s hand in marriage to that shameless Qasim! Why didn’t you break his face for it! That blackguard only wants revenge of me He wants to use his force against me He wants us to pay the penalty for falling in love twenty years ago To hell with him and his penalty of vengeance! Because of you I withstood all the hatred and cruelties! And it was only and only because of my love for you! But enough is enough! No more! How is my Noshi at fault for the fight between the two of you brothers??? I’m going to speak to Pir saheb My daughter isn’t some orphan goat or sheep to be herded and sacrificed by any butcher of their choice!

Have patience Nadra I cannot be patient! Enough is enough! Nadra, he’s right If you come between the two brothers this fire will flare up even more Just listen to this Salma… this is your husband doing this What do I do? Wait a little I’ll speak to the younger sire Its really not done to slap Pirzadi Salma’s face Next time you question me you’ll receive a similar slap This is cruel and unfair Oh hey, I’m getting a poverty stricken actor’s prostitute daughter married to a millionaire… how is it cruel and unfair? That brute of a man beats up his two wives every day! Noshi is a prostitute She inherited the ability to entertain men from her mother so she wont be beaten by Qasim Pirzada Are you punishing her like this for doing her Bachelors? Well I’ve also done my Masters, so why don’t you also send me with the likes of some Qasim Pirzada! Don’t talk nonsense! Your father was the one that was ruling when you did your Masters! But I am the ruler now A woman doing fashion, studying and or being literate is a crime under my rule! Stop talking nonsense Mark my words, for if I don’t have you jailed for drugs you can come and spit on my grave! Do you understand?! Shut up! What’s happened Jawed? Is everything okay? The damn horse didn’t win… I lost five lacs! I don’t understand what you mean? This race… it was fixed like a cricket match Oh okay, okay Why expect any good from a gambler? What? What did you say? What I mean… what had to happen has happened so why are you getting upset? Why shouldn’t I be upset? I thought that if I won this time I would take you and your son on a trip somewhere See then I would have been able to get rid of this title of ‘Meagre wage earner.’ Is that all? The fact that you even thought of it is enough for us, consider it as us having already taken that trip Okay? Consider it as you having won Just leave this bad gambling habit Jawed I’m down by eighty lac rupees Shahana Sultan This is my position ever since I started playing I wont have any peace till the day I bring back twice the amount Don’t be stubborn Wasif Would you have done all this had Naushaba been your daughter? Had my daughter been born of a prostitute, I would have done worse! Stay within your limits otherwise! No, no… don’t come closer If you have four hundred followers then I too have forty And all of them are willing to give their lives for me… and they wont hesitate even a minute in taking a life either Did you see his outright hooligan behavior, his defiance??? For God’s sake, do something Pir saheb! I’m asking you today… are you listening? Yes… although I understood it a long time ago… but I’m sure of it today You’re helpless before this unbridled horse Permission to leave? What is wrong with you Ma???

We need to leave quickly! I’m not going anywhere without meeting grandfather and without releasing these pigeons of mine without releasing these pigeons of mine Why are you being stubborn, lets go! I’m being stubborn? You all are the ones being stubborn I don’t why you all are in such a strange mood! Speak softly otherwise you’ll be buried alive within these walls! Oh really? Am some Anarkali to be buried alive within some walls? What are these shady plans you all have been concocting? The sire Wasif has arranged your marriage My marriage??? Ha, ha… Oh really? And with whom has he arranged this match? Its with Qasim Pirzada! Qasim Pirzada? That… that idiot??? Oh God! That… that… poor man’s joker? I’m going to marry him? I see… and why would I marry him? No ones come to ask for your permission! They’re going to force you into this marriage And who took this decision? Younger Sire Wasif Who does this ‘chohtay sarkar’ think he is? I’m going to go ask him right now! Noshi! Nadra Don’t you dare take another step from here! I’ve put the luggage in the car, come on What’s wrong! Lets leave! Come on Noshi child… come on! Hurry up! Your love was taken from you… and I was the reason for it But only a God fearing woman could do what you did for my daughter I did nothing Look after my daughter Go Come Noshi, lets hurry Come quickly Hurry… hurry Ma, wait… wait one minute, at least allow me to pray at Pir saheb’s shrine one last time Noshi, hurry up we need to leave Lets hurry and leave At least let me say a prayer… Nadra! Noshi! Why are you two still here? Go sit in the car! Go! Wait! Where are you off to in the middle of the night Nafeesuddin You arent by any chance in trouble are you? Mind your own business Wasif Absolutely right to tell me so… because I am minding my own business And what I can see is that you’re running away from here They’re fugitives Leave them and take Mr. Nafeesuddin to Pir saheb with a gunman No! Baba! Grab them! Baba! Baba… Baba… Baba! Hold him! Baba! Baba! I’m fine Nadra! Run! Grab him! Shoot him! What have you done! We had to younger sire otherwise we would have been killed! You can never reach my daughter now Take him to the hospital! I’ll see to him chohtay sarkar ! You go on! Dont worry, I’ll look after everything younger sire Go! Now you can die in peace father-in-law I’ll look after my wife to be The younger sire has promised me and his promise means something So this will come to fruition You are a good, God fearing man so say a prayer as your last offering I will offer a prayer for you to be forgiven Thank the Lord… Baba! Nafees baba! Nafees baba! Nafees baba Nafees baba’s been shot! Pick him up, hurry! ‘There is no true god but God and Muhammad is the Messenger of God.’ Ma, where’s baba? Dial his phone number… dial it… quickly Baba isn’t answering his phone Brother, he isn’t answering his phone Please call him up Don’t worry madam, God will do whats best My instructions from the Sire were to get you to the train station

No, this is a lie!!! My Nafees would never fire a gun at anyone! I don’t think you heard me correctly Pir saheb Those ones that helped those prostitutes to run were the ones that started firing and my dear brother came in the crossfire Why should I believe you! Is the fact that I was a witness not enough? Of course its enough! The police are the ones that will decide! Or else it will be decided in Court! As you please Someone go to the hospital and get me news about Nafees! The elder Sire seems rather more angry than expected Yes well it was obvious that he would be angry Find out whether he’s alive or dead Hmm Madam? Madam? We cannot go any further Why, what’s wrong? Look at that The younger sire’s goons are standing there on the lookout for you What… I want to go back to baba, Ma No, no! The train station is close to this place I’ll go on my own from here and give them a run around You all get off here and go this way But how can we go alone? Don’t be afraid If the train arrives, leave for Karachi and go to this address He’s a disciple of the Sire He’s been informed Keep some money as well I’m going to the Sire now I’ll get him and bring him to Karachi Yes and tell baba to come and join us as soon as possible Yes fine, we’re going then Come Film star Shahana Sultan need not ever display her acting skills to me as I am already a a great, great fan of her fantastic acting skills! Your face has the whole script written on it and in five sequences You arent by any chance trying to instigate me against my beloved husband are you? Do you consider me some idiot, lovelorn, novice who’s trying to get around a young maiden? Okay so listen, I am a young maiden Do you know what my director was saying to me yesterday? What was he saying? He was saying that I looked very beautiful and young and that he was quite envious of my husband He was lying Are you beautiful? You are absolutely gorgeous! And more than that, you have a good heart On the other hand there’s my buddy Jaidi, what do I say to you about him May I give you a piece of advise? Yaar, you two should plan a second honeymoon and just go on it because if you stay out here then… Alright now stop talking about such horrifying and sorrowful things and tell me when you’re introducing me to her Introducing you to who? The one because of whom you brought me here Oh God! Shahana! Shahana! Just do me one more favor Shahana, please Just take a trip down to my office My boss would be delighted as he’s a real enthusiastic devotee Your coming over will make me look good and earn me praise Please buddy I’ll do it on one condition Oh hey, I’m willing to accept all your conditions Oh really? Then get married! There’s no need for you to come to the office You’re a big show-off and very naughty! You want to show-off do you? Yaar, please don’t refuse That’s Gibran’s car! They went in it! They went in it! Ma, look… They’ve gone ! They’ve gone! Its okay my dear But how will we spend the whole night out here? Yes but we have to spend the night here We’ll think up something after Fajr Come here… come hide here Come my dear Shahi? Hmm? Jawed, I’m in a hurry Your hurry has always given me worry Just clarify one thing to me. Did you do an online transfer of ten lacs into my account?

Yes Why? I gifted the money to my beloved husband, Were you donating to a charitable cause or what! Last night you gave me the title of ‘Loser gambler’ and now you Last night you gave me the title of ‘Loser gambler’ and now you What’s wrong with you Jawed… come on You were very upset last night and I couldn’t stand to see you like that Don’t you dare utter another word in front of me to make yourself look like the great one! What do you take me for? Dad… yaar, relax What do you mean by saying ‘Relax,’ to me yaar? Ask her… this one, the country’s most famous film star! What does she take me for?! What happened mom? Son your father lost five lacs in a race last night and he was very upset about it… so I transferred money online into his account and he lost his temper at my doing so You bet on a race again dad? And then you went and lost a lot of a money as well Yes, go ahead and complain about me You want to instigate my beloved son against me don’t you? These professional showbiz women are real players! Dad, wait… listen! Forget it yaar! Why don’t you stop crying Ma Stop with this sobbing and all! You know that I get a panic attack because of these things! No son… I’m okay… I’m fine You’re not fine And you know this Ma… Ma we need to move We cant sit here Come Ma, just a little while more Yes… okay Come Ma Sire… what’s happened? What had to happen has happened Younger sire, the police cant say anything to you or me… but that gunman of yours who shot him will be forced to blurt out everything after one beating by the police Tell him to stay silent and go to his village But he’s saying what will happen to his family His family will not die Go send him Wait Those two prostitutes have no where to run except for the station Now go… go find them Go on Come in, come in Welcome! Welcome! Please come in I only have this small home to offer Your entry into my home has now blessed it Please quickly call up Noshi’s father We’re getting quite anxious out here Him and his disciples cell phones have been off since last night madam I have a diary which has the majawar’s phone number in it I… I’ll just go find it Mahjabeen?! Mahjabeen?! Where are you? What is it?! Why are you shouting??? You God’s creation, look who’s here! Its the Sire’s wife and daughter! So? So? Keep sitting… and I’ll just arrange for you to be served Get in there… get in there! Come here! What arrangements were you planning to make??? Huh??? I fainted twice from sheer hunger! You don’t have a dime in your pocket and then you go and bring your Pir’s family to our house! I’ll give you a left handed slap if you don’t shut up! You idiot these people only stay at the house of those that are blessed! Yes, they either stay at the house of those that are blessed or at the house of a fool like you! Fools who take loans and make sure that these religious types never go without! Shut up! Ma, what’s this?! Lets just go back to baba Look please don’t fight because of us Either you call Noshi’s father or were going to leave Oh hey, hey, hey… no, no, no Please sit down Just give me a little time I’ll contact him Don’t listen to her She’s a psycho! Please sit, sit Come with me Come on! You seem to have taken your Manager’s death real hard We were together seven years And those years just passed by before I even knew it Everyone has to die one day yaar Now try to forget him I just can’t forget the condition of his widow She loved her husband a lot He’s dead but he took his wife’s love with him And then there’s me, alive but forgotten

Munshi’s daughter was… Oh hey… you’re such an ungrateful man Shahana Sultan is a famous name and personality of this country You should be proud of the fact that she’s your wife One cannot eat pride to fill ones stomach And I never wanted an award winning actress I needed a life partner who would be of service to me ‘A life partner who would be of service,’ to you? Buddy you have a very old world, chauvinistic way of thinking You arent by any chance thinking leaving Shahana… I cant leave her My son will get disturbed You’re a friend so make her understand It’s you that needs to be made to understand and not her This attitude of yours, it isn’t right Jawed Shahana Sultan isn’t some ordinary woman you can browbeat into submission I know I know it real well Money, arrogance, pride… such people don’t bow so easily in front of anyone But yes, its when they reach the extremes of their zenith is when they realize what real life’s all about I’m going to leave now I have to go to office There are people waiting for me there What really amazes me is that you still haven’t been able to understand Shahana I have understood her Stop. I’ve heard enough I’m leaving now She’s a worshipper of money… You can test my love… and if you find it to have been untrue then you can drown me in the sea I’ve never betrayed you Even the sea would get dirty with the filth of your sins! I knew that you were unfaithful but I still kept up appearances despite the shadow of your lies You’ve been caught red-handed today You can get out and go to that shameless lover of yours, the one with you’ve been betraying me this whole while! Go! Get out! Forgive me You have to believe me when I say that I’ve never been unfaithful to you Please don’t leave me otherwise I’ll die Get away from me you shameless hussy! Cut! Wonderful performance Excellent Madam Shahana Thank you Get the next shot ready! The next shot is in fifteen minutes! Uh… Ma’am, the shot’s been approved Shall we go? Yes, fine Are you okay? Yes, I’m fine. Thank you Is everything alright Madam Shahana? Seems you went too much into the depth of the character Something personal? No… its okay I’m also like any other ordinary being… and sometimes one gets emotionally charged I’m fine Alright then Get the shot ready and get Madam Shahana some water to drink Yes, yes… and then? What?! Oh my God! Huh… What’s happened? What’s happened? What’s happened brother??? Our Murshid has left us! He’s been killed! What?! Baba? What are you saying? Who were you talking to on the phone??? That was the news from the Majawar at the Mazaar ! We’ve been visited by cruelty! How… Baba… I must go to baba! My brain isn’t functioning right now… I’ll go get a taxi But what did he say??? Noshi… What was baba saying Ma??? Noshi Your baba is dead! He’s left us! We’re now without refuge! You need to understand it! You need to realize it! No! Yes No! No! Ma… baba… baba… I told him! I told him to keep away from me! I knew these cruel people will kill you… and they killed him! They killed him! They killed your baba… they killed him Noshi… they killed him Its very painful when ones husband dies… no matter how he may be Have courage… I’ll get some water for you My child… Baba… Baba… baba… I want to go to baba… Don’t rub salt into my wounds at this time Qasim I am unable to do anything Neither of the women have been found The car turned over and the driver died in it Well that’s good because then at least one witness is dead I’m feeling great pain and sorrow Pir Saheb

If you require any kind of help with regards to this case Pir saheb, consider me at your service You have only to command me Did you hear the politician Pir’s statement? Be quiet He heard you Nafeesuddin Pirzada… ‘Pirzada?’ prepare to bury him in his eternal abode Kalma e Shahadat ! ‘There is no true god but God All these rations, clothes and shoes… why are you getting them for us? We are not your responsibility Look Munshi saheb had really gone out of his way to serve me And I cant repay him for that but I would really like it if you accepted all this as a gift in lieu of it Look Sir, the world is a cruel place and I’m also now a widow, people will gossip seeing you bring all this here Will gossip provide you with what you need to fill your stomachs? Alright lets do one thing, if all this gossip helps Natasha complete her studies and helps arrange a good match for her… then I am willing to stand by you and listen to it You’re a very good man May God reward you Please have a seat and I’ll make you some tea No, no… if I stay to tea and your daughter comes back during that time… and then she proceeds to say something untoward… that will then not please me I’ll be leaving now Peace be upon you Thank you very much Our host is also very upset And his financial condition isn’t good either… we should leave here But where will we go? Even baba isn’t with us anymore I just don’t understand what’s happened Nafeesuddin has left us in the middle of nowhere I wonder how those cruel men killed him I’ll file a case against the killers! I’ll go to the police What will you do going there? You need a strong lawyer and a lot of money! And then who’s going to fight our case?! We’ve not only lost our refuge but we’ve also lost everything else! What?! No way yaar! Oh… Mahajabeen? What is it? Mahajabeen? But Ma… Forget it… forget all these things now I don’t know where that brother’s gone off to sleep… had he come back he could have told me what happened there… how his funeral went… what all happened You wait here and I’ll go see Oh God, what are we going to do now? Oh wow, wow! What a glorious day it will be today when this mother and daughter are arrested! Yes and what else! The Murshid informed me that they’ve run off with some lover! Look how innocent they are trying to become Have you informed ‘chohti sarkar’ that the murderers are here at our place? No no they have lept a reward of 5 Lac Rupees on their arrest If they don’t give me money then what will I be able to do? Whose women are like these, what guarantee can you have of their men. I will invovle the police in this That is right, this is the first time you seem to be intelligent to me for the first time after our marriage

Mom…get up quickly and lets leave from here What happened? Don’t ask questions, it is dangerous here. Move! What happened? Wait let me get the luggage Speak politely Hurry up, we don’t have much time Wait! Where are you going? I I was feeling very hungry, we thought that we will go and eat from outside Yes There is no need to go somewhere I mean…I am a poor man but I am your host. You guys sit I’ll get some food That is fine but I know you are sad on his death, but eat something it is important Okay sure, we will wait for you I will get it Whatever I am saying follow it Just relax, I will be back soon Okay okay sure brother Look whatever had to happen has happened, now you guys come and have rest, then we will enjoy the food together Okay Come inside the room, here on this wooden bed your backs will ache a lot, my bed is very soft No actually Why not, she is absoluetly right. We shouldn’t upset the hosts What an intelligent girl she is. She will make you proud. Come on Yes, thank you very much. Lets go. Mom pick up your things Hey you, what are you doing? Open the door Curse you I am telling you open the lock or I will break your legs Now your husband will open the door Let’s go mother Open the door I will not spare you Please somebody catch these murderers. Please somebody stop them! My 5 Lacs