Aag Aur Daag {HD} – Joy Mukherjee | Poonam Sinha | Helen – Old Hindi movie -(With Eng Subtitles)

Shut up – Shut up Munidhar. Munidhar. Put some force Take care of my honor – Why are you shouting? I am doing it I swear on the holy Ganga that I don’t mix milk with water Come on. Wow! Raja! Munidhar. Raja is losing, Munidhar Lose. Lose What is happening? Brother Sudhir Bhola didn’t pay the rent for his room So Munidhar made him vacate the room And now Raja is arm wrestling with Munidhar If Raja won then his room rent will be waived off And if he lost Raja’s pocket will get emptied How will you defeat Raja? Raja drinks my milk Come Raja, harder. Harder Raja, come on. Harder Good Raja Wow. Raja! Again? – No Give him the keys Here is the keys Bhola. – Go and rest. – Go now You pressed my hand a lot – No problem Make them drink more Fill their glasses I am only destined to feel jealous I have told you several times not to come here during business hours People come here to drink alcohol Not milk So what’s the difference, darling? You pour alcohol in glass and make them drink it What I serve doesn’t need any cure You have started to say very intoxicating things nowadays I swear when I talk your mod will become better If I sit here and my fortune is made then just watch what I do. Yes What will you do? What will I do? All your alcohol will turn into milk And all my milk will turn into alcohol I swear, you have smiled at me thrice today Today I will strike 3 instead of 2 today So brother, did she get impressed? Almost done. Just a little left Today pick a dollar that she gets impressed So that I can make queen my bride I will do it now. – Okay I say are you or am I the owner of those hovels?

It’s you, Chamiya. It’s you You are the owner. The mistress You are everything Then why did you waive of Bholaram’s rent? Tell me. 40 rupees? – Just see He is a poor man with small children Aunty, he had been defeated Defeated? So did you gamble? No. I didn’t gamble. I arm wrestled Just look at my hand. – I don’t care I want my 40 rupees Get it or I will deduct it from your wages. Go My one hand is hurt and she has hurt my leg I am hurt, mother Why are you remembering your mother, Kammo? Remember that person for whom you are going all made-up Get lost. – What? Shall I tell father? Your secret? Expose you? Brother Raja You look so good in these clothes Yes. Uncle I beg of you – Uncle. – I request you Come on get up Hold your ears. Hold your ears Not mine. Hold yours. Yours. Yes Now hold your nose Hold your nose Jagga, move away from my path Are you in a great hurry? What if you don’t go for your date today? That’s none of your business After all what is there in that college boy, my love? You can look at me with love too My chest is 40 inches wide Hug me once Mind your language, Jagga If Raja heard you he will teach you a lesson to remember Raja. It is nothing arm wrestling with the weak You need to be brave to fight Jagga Raja Kammo. Leave. – And you I have to give the poor man first aid You should leave But… – Go. Just leave Listen. Did you get hurt? Raja. – Yes – Don’t interfere in my matters Why? – This is a personal matter – All right So the matter is yet to be resolved Hit him Raja Hit him. Hit him. Hit him Wanna bet? – 9? – 5? – 2. Tell me. – How much? 6. – 6. – 3 bet – 3 bet. – Come on Jagga Acting like a ruffian Hit him more Get up Get up – Move. Move 1. 2. 3. – Count more – 4. 5. He is getting up 6. 7. Come on. 8. 9 A big thug has come Hit him, Raja. Hit him A big thug has come Hit him, Raja. Hit him He has lost 1, 2, 3, 4, 5. Wonderful Had a nice beginning this morning Hail Raja Hail Raja. Hail Raja Now why are you following me? Go back You have already caused such a scene this morning What can I do? He was speaking so dirtily Okay. Leave now I am getting late. Go now

I will leave. You go. Why do you care? How can I leave if you continue to sit here? You are a big coward Now why are you following me? Go now If you are late you won’t be able to complete your studies And if you don’t complete your studies you won’t get a job And if you don’t get a job than our wedding Don’t worry, Kammo If god wills everything will be fine Sir Jagga. Greetings Today raja gave you a good beating. Right? He has sprained his neck He has not sprained his neck Raja has made him bow his head. Sorry But you cannot strive in this neighborhood now Shut up, you hired minion Even a jackal turns into lion sometimes I want to take revenge on Raja – Revenge? He has got a good beating but still showing attitude Wow What is the matter, Raja? Uncle, you didn’t go to the bar today? Have you left it? Son, this habit will stay with me till death Where were you since morning? Some rogues were following me I was giving them a slip Why were they following you? – I don’t know Maybe they want to take some revenge Revenge? Do you remember Raja? Your parents passed away 20 years ago Since then every moment has been a burden for me That burden won’t last long now, uncle Today because of our kindness Raja is good in everything Number 1 in playing with cards Best in cracking lockers And all the defamed clubs of Bombay are dying for a glimpse of Raja What else to you need? Son, I just want you to gamble your life in this art of theft The one who cheated and forced your parents to commit suicide Because of whom your family was destroyed Your home was ruined Your life was ruined 10,000 blind Game for 20,000 Game for 20,000 Friend, something has fallen on this glass Change the glass Show, please Your money is here This is fraud The card has been changed What do you mean? – I saw it myself Kaliya came and gave you the card This is cruelty. This is cruelty I had won 2 lakhs. I told you…- Go Let me go That is my money. That is my money Take him away. Take him away I have been cheated He is the fraud. Arrest him Sir. – Cheat. Handcuff him No. No No. No. No. No What is wrong with you? Why are you so scared? Your hangs are trembling You are sweating Why are you in this condition on the day of Diwali? Tell me. You are under my oath You are under raja’s oath That is an ill omen What will happen now? What had to happen has happened?

The world will say that I cheated my boss Parvati, I took 50,000 from my boss’ locker and gambled it away I had won. I had won But my opponent cheated and snatched away all my money Snatched it away from me I have decided. I will end my life Mother Father Father My life won’t be ruined, uncle I have sworn One day I will find that man and avenge my parents’ death That is the biggest mission of my life Flat No. 6 No. 4 Once Come on All right 4 Come Raja. Come I like your cub a lot I am thinking of buying it Even I have called you here for the same I want you to have so much wealth so that you can buy several such clubs Talk business, boss You need to break open a locker Feeling sleepy as soon as you heard of work. Right? Boss, I don’t indulge in wrong work For me all this is useless But no one except you can do this job, Raja You are an expert Boss, you know that all my art and skill is for the person from whom I want to take revenge And you can find that man soon You have reached him? – Not me But I have surely thought about him Want to make a deal? What do I need to do? There is a bungalow in Mahabaleshwar which has a locker And the locker has? Diamonds worth lakhs Who else stays in the bungalow? A paralyzed woman is the owner of the bungalow She has a nurse who is with us A butler, who is our man When do I need to go? Today. At this moment You will find my men at this address Here is the ticket And here’s the address And my revenge? Get the diamonds first Then I will arrange a grand game at the club Famous card players from all over will come here Among them will be the man whom you are looking for You will get money You will find your enemy And even you will have your revenge Taxi Taxi Mister, I had stopped the taxi

Madam, I had stopped the taxi I say, take another taxi I am getting late I say, take another taxi I am getting late Hurry up sir, I am in a hurry Shut up Yes, keep quiet Can’t you see both madam and her dog are barking? What? – By the way nice dog Shut up Aren’t you ashamed of teasing a girl? Madam, I accept it’s your rule But that doesn’t mean that you can misbehave By the way even you are very beautiful I mean your dog What nice hair. I mean your dog Ill-mannered Wild! Animal! No need to be angry I will give you a lift Who are you to give me a lift? Come, I will give you one It’s the one and the same thing Let’s go driver Where? Bombay Central STD STD bomb Central. Come Where is your sweet darling the dog? Mind your own business I have several businesses, madam And one of them is to help others I can help you like a slave if you need anything too You don’t need to say it You already look like a slave Oh. I think you like playing cards Want to play? – Sorry, I am not interested But I do We are bound to play sometimes Aren’t you ashamed? What happened? Anything happened? Anything happened, bros? Not yet. But something will surely happen now This is the quarrel of love so deal it with love Don’t punish sick love like this Thank god, you laughed It is a funny thing What is it? Look you are here and even there Dog in the bus? Where is the dog? Where is the dog? Tell me. Tell me Ganpat, there are so many dogs here What did you say? – No, sir. Not you. The dog Conductor. Conductor Come here The dog is inside the lady’s bag Shut up. Conductor, I am ready to buy him a ticket We don’t have any ticket for the dog Either let go of the dog – Or leave the bus Right conductor? – Yes Madam, hurry – The passengers are getting late Madam, this is bound to happen if you have a treacherous heart What are you thinking now? Take your luggage and leave Come on. Hurry up. – Come on Madam, listen Conductor, you will have to pity on the lady. – No Look, she is about to cry I don’t want anyone’s sympathy Listen, madam I have an idea which can resolve it The dog can travel with you. – How? I will you Conductor, come here, please Come here Your problem is that the dog cannot ride inside the bus Right? – Yes The dog can ride on top of the bus Right? – Yes What? Where in the luggage trap above? Where else? Who will be responsible if he falls down and dies? Ask the lady to sit above with dog and travel What? Conductor. Conductor She is a lady after all She is a girl. So take care Sir, you be kind Sit with the dog instead of the lady and travel What do you think of it? Give it to me. You will also remember Friends at least clap for this sacrifice

Hail Come on. Come on. Come on Come on. Come on Come on. Come on The dog has fallen down Stop the bus. Stop the bus The dog has fallen down Where is my Raja? – Raja? I mean my dog. Where did he fall down? There. There he is Raja. – Raja Raja. – Raja Raja. – Raja Raja. Raja Come on, Raja. Raja You are laughing here My dog got lost because of you Because of you. Because of you Madam, let the dog go He was a wise animal So he is gone Now hurry. Otherwise we will be late Look, the bus people are calling us. Come on You can leave. I need to find my dog Raja Go ahead. Find him Raja. Raja. Raja Why are you crying? Look, I have come You are here again When you call your dog I feel like you are calling me I am not interested in you Please leave Okay. Okay I am leaving. But remember If the bus leaves you will have to walk till Mahabaleshwar Yes Congrats, madam The bus people were smarter than the dog Thank god, they left our luggage Now how will walk till Mahabaleshwar, madam? I don’t need your sympathy Don’t bother me We will each take our own roads Madam, the problem is that we have to take the same road for the same destination No use fighting like it It will be better if we become friends “This is the quarrel of love.” “So decide with love.” “Don’t punish sick love like this.” “This is the quarrel of love.” “So decide with love.” “Don’t punish sick love like this.” “This is the quarrel of love.” “This road cannot be traveled alone.” “Madam, you should have a support for life.” “This road cannot be traveled alone.” “Madam, you should have a support for life.” “If not for me than for yourself.” “If not for me than for yourself.” “Care a little.” “This is the quarrel of love.” “So decide with love.” “Don’t punish sick love like this.” “This is the quarrel of love.” “Different attitude with new styles.”

“I found a new secret under the eyelids.” “Different attitude with new styles.” “I found a new secret under the eyelids.” “What is this secret?” “What is this secret?” “Tell me this secret.” “This is the quarrel of love.” “So decide with love.” “Don’t punish sick love like this.” “This is the quarrel of love.” Where are you going on foot, Raja? Mahabaleshwar. – Come I will drip you Thank you. Bye, madam I pray that your journey on foot is successful May god save you from wild animals and poisonous snakes And if any hill bandit attacks you with a dagger then Then? – Sorry madam. Bye. – Listen Are you really leaving me? What can I do, madam? I have teased you a lot Bored you a lot – Oh no. – That’s why, bye No, please don’t leave me Take me with you. Raja Are you calling me or that dog? – You Say it again. Raja. – Raja Once again with love. Raja. – Raja Come on, sit fast – Come madam. – Come on Come on. Hurry Mahabaleshwar – Okay Raja. Bye. Bye. – Bye When will I meet you again? Is it necessary to meet? Yes. it is necessary now Then we will meet like this again one day Tata. Tata. – Bye You are Shetty who is working a butler in that bungalow Right? Good Welcome Raja Dolly. Nurse? Drink? – It’s too early Talk about work, Dolly Plan. – This is the layout of that bungalow These trees are inside this gate And you will hide here and wait for my signal Interesting I will turn off the light of the 3rd window on the 1st floor Climb up with the help of the pipe on the wall From the balcony to the bedroom I will keep the door open This is the locker room This is the safe Hidden behind the painting Your work is only to unlock the safe Very interesting 4 hours are left now Reach there sharp at 11 o’clock Come on, Shetty You?

But what are you doing here? How did you come inside? – Through that balcony But? Didn’t I say that we will meet again suddenly? How did you know that I am here? This is my grandma’s home How many things will you ask at one go? And I have only one answer Love lit the way of way and my heart’s desire got me here Really? It is very difficult understand you You are seeing difficulties already? The journey has just started I was still thinking of that journey Did you remember your co traveler? I remembered the journey because of the co-traveler And to tell the truth that journey has brought me to such a turning point in life that I am confused now Where should I go? Maybe someone is coming – Let them Oh no. You go now Come in the morning I want you to introduce you to my grandma Is it necessary to get introduced? Okay. Bye Where are you going? – Through the balcony Go through the straight path Straight path You need someone’s support to take the right path Come on hold my hand and take me through the right path What can I say, madam? The government says since it is called a taxi we need to levy taxes on it Road tax. Tire tax, horn tax Engine tax. Taxes What to say? Madam, here is your destination What’s the fare? – I will. Just a moment What happened? – What can I say? See for yourself I am ashamed to tell the fare Why? – Madam whenever my meter stops at 420 an accident occurs So just give me 4 rupees and throw the remaining 20 paisa at sea Maybe the accident will get averted Thank you Save me, my lord Taxi, come on – Where? Taxi drivers have a bad habit of asking Where? To hell – To hell right? One way or round trip? – Come on Sir, why are getting angry unnecessarily? You want to go to hell, right? Sit I will take you there now What kind of basket is this? – Basket? Driver, if this basket stays here, where will the girl sit? Basket. Oh yes This might belong to that girl Sir, sit. I will go and give the girl her basket. – Go It’s heavy Madam. Madam Where are you, madam? You have left behind your goods I asked her to put the money in the sea Did she also jump into the sea? Strange First people will forget their stuff in the taxi And they will label us as thieves Kids cry a lot in India Kid? Damn What bad luck I already knew when god struck 420 in the meter something bad was bound to happen. Done Driver, hurry up. We are getting late You are getting late I am in a fix here Get another tax for hell I am myself in hell here Did you here? We are getting late And he doesn’t care at all Come, we will take another taxi. Come Doesn’t care at all? Don’t you care at all either? Did your mother only get me to trap? Where do I leave this fool? Where do I dump him? I will keep him here Hey – Hello, constable Is that your taxi – It is mine What are you doing here? Urinated. I mean my baby urinated What a cute baby – Cute for you But problem for me

Thank god that you have such a cute baby Here even after 20 years of age there is no baby Then take him What nonsense Move the taxi. It’s a no parking zone No parking. I will park the taxi Where should I park him? No parking What are you hiding here? Your sins. Listen Don’t listen Look, if a girl tries to hide her sins all men come after her And look at the sins of men? This is not my sins – Then, is he your father’s sins? My father? That is mean I mean as a punishment of some sin I committed I am stuck with him You got him because you fooled some innocent girl Shameless – Beat him Beat him. Beat him Beat him. Beat him. Beat him Beat him. Beat him. Beat him. Beat him – Hey where are you running? You? What do you want? I just want your blessings You don’t look like a thief but are one What? Pardon me. I You have come to meet Renu, right? She has gone to take bath in the lake “Blouse got wet.” “Hair got wet.” “This body got wet.” “What will happen if my darling comes now?” “Blouse got wet Hair got wet.” “This body got wet.” “What will happen if my darling comes now?” “Blouse got wet.” “I will feel shy.” “I will get flustered.” “I will feel shy.” “I will get flustered.” “How will I explain why I am in such a condition?” “My heart beats fast.” “I shiver with my entire body?” “What will happen?” “What will happen if my darling comes now?” “Blouse got wet Hair got wet.” “This body got wet.” “What will happen if my darling comes now?” “Blouse got wet.” “I look for him quietly.” “I sigh for him stealthily.” “I look for him quietly.” “I sigh for him stealthily.” “And I secretly think how to love you.” “His love is so lovely?” “What will happen?” “What will happen if my darling comes now?” “Blouse got wet Hair got wet.” “This body got wet.” “What will happen if my darling comes now?” “Blouse got wet.” “Today was wonderful.”

“It was my delicate youth.” “There was cold water full off fragrance.” “The way the garden The way the garden was fragrant.” “What will happen?” “What will happen if my darling comes now?” “Blouse got wet Hair got wet.” “This body got wet.” “What will happen if my darling comes now?” “Blouse got wet.” Where did you come from? And how did you get wet? I haven’t got wet madam I am sweating after seeing you Come – Let’s go Grandma. Grandma – Move What grandma? Where grandma? Even you have sprouted wings now You might fly away leaving your grandma alone Sit, son. Sit. Sit. Sit. Sit Butler, serve the breakfast. Hurry They are young. If they don’t eat they will fill their stomachs by looking at each other I have lost my hunger – Then have coffee Butler, serve coffee Just coffee? Or anything else with coffee? Coffee is enough I have already got the rest Cool it down and then drink Yes? – Yes So sir, your baby? It’s mine – But when did you get married? Having kids without marriage is against the law But not against nature. Go Sir, you turned out to be very smart So today I will treat to fried rice instead of bread Also get some brains I have lost my brains Motilal, get some brains for the sir Also get some biscuits Biscuits? Who asked for biscuits? Me Oh… Oh God! Murli sir, won’t you have brains? – No Strange. Cancel the brains You can speak Even you can speak But how can you speak? The way you can speak Strange Am I dreaming? Let me light a match I am dead I don’t know how this happened You are a very good man I am good, that’s why I am trapped so bad I feel like tearing my clothes and get out Just coming Than you are even smaller baby than me Are you a bay or my master? I don’t know where to go, whom to tell And what will I say? If I tell people that a year old baby speaks like an elder they will think I am crazy I wish I could go somewhere At least you would have got rid of me Goodness, don’t go anywhere You will create problems wherever you go Even you are in trouble Since this is my problem, I will have to face it From now we belong to each other Come on Well done Let’s have an ice cream on that note Ice cream? This friendship will cost me dear Come on. Let’s have ice cream Give one ice cream – Yes, sir Give 2. You eat too – Who said so? I did. Who else will? Your mouth was closed When I close my mouth I speak more Small mouth. Big talks. Got it? Stop talking and give ice cream Come on Thank you. Here’s the money Look, Mr. Galaxo. Look at that This is Mumbai’s racecourse Here horses run and donkeys play. Got it?

Now you need to understand who is the horse and who is the donkey Taxi What hot stuff – Is it? You are so small and ogling big women Call some more She is coming. Get ready Taxi. Mumbai Central – Good wife What? – Nothing. Nothing If you didn’t speak then who did? Hell? You are going to hell – What? And you said nothing – Forget it We will get another taxi What did you say? If you get rid of passengers like this both of us will die of hunger. Got it? He was running away with that girl Look at the police He is that rogue. Catch him Thank you, Mr Galaxo. You are the greatest Hitler You are great “Who can be crazier for you than me?” “Just tell me how long have you loved me?” “Is it? Very good.” “Who can be crazier for you than me?” “Just tell me how long have you loved me?” “No matter how hard the roads of life are.” “My entire life is for you, darling.” “Wonderful.” “No matter how hard the roads of life are.” “My entire life is for you, darling.” “The crazy one might stop after a couple of steps.” “Just tell me how long have you loved me?” “Who can be crazier for you than me?” “Just tell me how long have you loved me?” “Maybe destiny has got something else for us.” “We have now started no matter how far our goal is.” “Maybe destiny has got something else for us.” “We have now started no matter how far our goal is.” “The story of love cannot be left undone.” “Just tell me how long have you loved me?” “Who can be crazier for you than me?” “Just tell me how long have you loved me?” Boss called We cannot wait any longer now Raja, the work should be done immediately now I said I need some time Time? For what? To enjoy with Renu? Don’t forget that you have not come here for love I know why I have come here And understand one thing Raja is no one’s slave And he doesn’t take any orders Even here nobody shirks from work, brother Listen properly If Renu comes into our way then Shetty! I have committed 24 murders till now Renu’s murder will commemorate my silver jubilee What do you mean? Renu goes for morning walk every day She might not return one day If you even look at Renu then – Then? No! We have forgotten our job and fighting among ourselves

Finish the job raja I am bored of playing an innocent nurse Oh you Damn it Why did you stop? Hurry up, otherwise I will shoot Hurry up How long will you erase and draw? Renu? You can erase the image But can you erase the image made in the heart? Renu, I am leaving Where? Back So soon? Yes, Renu I couldn’t do the job I had come here to perform That’s why it is better to leave May I ask something? Yes? Won’t you feel anything if you leave me alone like this? Renu. I am helpless I will have to go Okay. Go Are you angry? – No Won’t you meet grandma before leaving? Of course, I will. Come Mother, when Ghanshyam Look, the girl is here Hi daddy – Renu, dear So were you teasing my mother? – No Not at all? Why are you standing here like a statue? Come here He is the thief who wants to steal our girl from us Is it? – Yes Young man, how did you enchant my mother? She has been praising you since I have come She was not even pleased to see me arrive I wouldn’t have called for another 2-4 years But Renu had selected the boy so soon that I had to call you But grandma, daddy is here and look he wants to leave

Today itself What did you say? I will see how you will leave My son is a rich man from the city He will have you arrested Actually – What do you do, dear? I do a lot I have spent my life doing something or the other Your parents? Oh I am sorry Did they face any tragedy? It will be better if you don’t ask me anything about it Just understand that I have always lived alone Look dear ne must never consider themselves as alone And now we all are there with you No matter who you are, whatever you are I like you Stay for tonight We will leave together tomorrow Okay. Come. Come This is your room This room I won’t be able to sleep here Don’t be silly It’s only for the night All of us will leave together in the morning. Go. Sleep Good night and sweet dreams Sweet dreams! Hello, friend Boss! Good eyesight Thank goodness your eyes are still working right and you recognized me in spite of this love play What is the plan? What plan? Look Raja At this time everyone is unconscious in their rooms The safe is here Just work your fingers I can’t do this job now Did you her, boss? What did I tell you? Go out and tell them to keep an eye on every room If anyone wakes up, make them faint again I want to bring my friend to senses here Cigarette? Boss. I have already told you You have said a lot Listen to me first Come on. Open the locker No Shetty. I think Raja has forgotten our language Remind him of our language Open them. – No

Good Raja, if these hands don’t prove to be useful to me then I can render them useless forever The room is empty but where is the owner? Is there a owner of this room? 10 rupees rent and 200 rupees deposit 200 rupees deposit? – Yes. – Listen. – Yes I am a poor taxi driver. – Yes I can pay a rent of 10 rupees. – Yes But I cannot pay 200 rupees as deposit Can you lessen it? – Ask that off the mistress Mistress? – Yes. – And you? I am the manager here General Manager – General Manager. – Yes Where is the mistress? – I will call her. Madam Madam What is it? – Come here Why are you shouting? A customer has come. – For the room Only a family man will get a room Do you have a family? I have a baby If he has a baby he is bound to have a family What are you saying? Go and show him the room I will go and play gambling Don’t do that. Try other way Wow. You seem to be smart What did you say? 2 and 7 – 2 and 7. – Yes Come and check the room Son, do you even gamble? I am an expert. I had defeated many Are you coming or not? – Coming. Coming, madam I have come – Look Seen – Do you like it? I like it a lot I am referring to the room Even I am referring to the room Then go and bring your wife Wife? But I am not yet married Then how did you get a child? Can’t one have a baby without marriage? You seem like a rogue. Go away I will leave but where will I take this baby Have pity, madam Okay fine. Get your stuff Dada will discuss your rent He is my manager Thank you Thank you. You are very good And even beautiful Do you like me? I have gone crazy after seeing you Really? – Yes. I am in love with you Oh You son of Shakespeare What is this new drama? If that poor girl really fell in love with me? Then go ahead I can never avenge my parents’ death Never Now you will have milk Now mother will make you drink milk Drink Oh I have understood your trick Let me handle the baby Take it. Feed it The madam will feed you The madam will feed you I have come Look. I have come – Why have you come? I have won 500. 500 – Wow From now you are my god. My teacher You are everything to me – He is god Who? – That Yes it is his kindness if you see

But from now, I am your slave Sir, tell me a number every day I will. But where are the sweets? I forgot them – You did? So I forgot the number Don’t forget the number Don’t forget the number I will get the sweets now. – Get them I will get 5 kgs of sweets Excellent. Excellent recovery. Renu Renu dear Look, these are Raja’s x-ray reports His hands have fully recovered. Look Daddy. Thank you, doctor Thank you very much I will get some sweets for you – No, dear I will now eat sweets at your wedding Okay. Bye Okay. – Okay, bye Daddy. Do you remember your promise? Absolutely Can I ever forget a promise? Daddy. Nobody has a daddy like you My darling Hello, son Congratulations Come let me introduce you to my friends. – What? Yes. Yes. Why not? I was thinking that am I even eligible for your respect I told you that you don’t know your value I know what you are and what you are eligible for Come dear Ladies and gentlemen This youth is not ordinary From now he is the owner of my property, honour, everything Stop. Stop. One more thing I have more good news That my daughter Renu and Raja will get married soon Aren’t you happy, Raja? I am scared that it might be a dream It’s a beautiful dream And if this reality than it is a big test for me Come Let’s start a new tune on this new lease of life “Today these hands again have life and tune.” “What can I say to you beauty?” “I am so proud of you.” “Thanks for your love, my benefactor.” “Thanks for your love, my benefactor.” “My benefactor.” “My benefactor.” “I have never thought that life would be so beautiful, darling.” “I have never thought that life would be so beautiful, darling.” “Thanks for your love, my benefactor.” “Thanks for your love, my benefactor.”

“My benefactor.” “My benefactor.” “I accept that life is full of thorns.” “But my story is full of flowers.” “I accept that life is full of thorns.” “But my story is full of flowers.” “Thanks for your love, my benefactor.” “Thanks for your love, my benefactor.” “My benefactor.” “My benefactor.” “I don’t care about the night with you.” “There is nothing to be scared of.” “My sky is full of stars.” “I don’t care about the night with you.” “There is nothing to be scared of.” “My sky is full of stars.” “Thanks for your love, my benefactor.” “Thanks for your love, my benefactor.” “My benefactor.” “My benefactor.” I am dead Driver, open the dicky Be careful. They are smugglers They have gold in their bags Are you smugglers? – What nonsense? I am not taking your stuff Engage a different taxi I am not coming – Why wouldn’t you? He is showing me the knife Tell me now Don’t be scared. The police is coming The police is coming – Police? Where are you going, Son? Got you. Catch them Catch them. They are smugglers What is your name? – Sir, my name is Murli License no.? – Sir, I don’t know to read Read for yourself – Where do you stay? In room no. 14 in that hovel You have done a good job Even you have done a good job, sir Thank you. Thank you – Go, sir. Thank you Come on. Put him in the jeep – Take them. – Come Hey. Take this You have done a brave thing Now the government will reward you Your photos will get published in the newspaper Is it? – Yes But tell me, how did you find out that they are smugglers? That is god’s gift Kammo. Kammo Raja you have come – Kammo. – Raja All right. So Raja has not come alone He has also got his mate Witch, she is Renu And Renu, this is my sister Kammo Renu, this is my palace where I had many dreams But I never imagined that you would also be part of my life one day I am here now Will I get place at this house? Why are you asking her? She is about the leave this house soon Right? Is everything fine? How’s your boy? What is the matter, Kammo?

Why are you so sad suddenly? Where is uncle? – At the club Nowadays he has become enchanted by Jagga He has put up a wall between me and Sudhir Father is not conscious of anything Maybe he will not even recognize you now Jagga Silence! Can’t see my bottle is empty? It doesn’t have a drop to shed tears So how can you laugh? Don’t worry, Madan So what if the bottle is empty? Jaggu is still alive So shall I drink you up Jaggu? Jaggu, order for a bottle Lily. Bottle. Lilly, bottle Here’s the problem That fool doesn’t let me sit for even a moment Once I have made my fortune I will strangle them all peacefully When will you make your fortune and when I will get rid of this dirt? Brother. – I have told you not to call me brother Call me milkman Address me as Ram Khilawan Brother. – Can’t you elope with me? – What? Is there no place on earth where we can go and hide? My queen, I will take you around the world Just let me make my fortune once Lily, get a bottle fast. – Drat him Okay bye. I had my love Take this. You won’t get anymore Why not? Doesn’t Jagga pay? Do you give it for free? I don’t give it for free But you are getting sold to Jagga for free. – Lily! Don’t glare at me I know what you are planning Cheat – Jagga Why did he call you a cheat? Are you cheating me? Have you diluted my drink? I am not getting a high Have patience, Madan Uncle. Uncle How can you call me uncle? We are not related I don’t have anything to do with the man who has forgotten his reality No reality. Lily! Get more alcohol – Yes, Lily. Get alcohol Let him drown in alcohol Uncle, you are not having alcohol but the blood of your daughter’s dreams. Blood Raja! – Raja is dead! If he was alive Kammo wouldn’t be in tears today You remember Kammo’s tears But you forgot your oath You forgot the day when your father committed suicide in the sea Your mother had begged for the revenge from the sky Revenge, Raja. Revenge Raja, you have changed so much How will you avenge your parents’ death? How will you take revenge? Raja has not changed, uncle The world has changed Money is the most powerful thing in the world Today I have that I will look far and wide for my parents’ killer And then I will get him to you and ask you to recognize him Is he the one? I will torment him to death I will get finished but I will not end my wrath, uncle Raja – Yes, uncle. Yes He is there. There Hi. – Raja – Kammo

How are you? – Fine Congratulations, Raja So Raja had got his queen at last Look sister-in-law, we poor people have turned the settlement into a bride like you Congratulations, Raja – Sudhir Renu, this is Sudhir – Hello I am married Now soon they will get married too Father – Bless you. Bless you Renu, this is my uncle He is everything to me Bless you, dear. Bless you People say that it is a waste to dream of palaces from huts But my Raja’ true love has even achieved that Not only that, uncle Our Raja has got the palace into the hut Wow Raja I swear what a beautiful bride The entire settlement has got bright God, be kind on me too – Don’t worry, bro He will answer our prayers too Even we will get married “He has done it.” “He has done it.” “He has done it.” “He has done it.” “Everyone has got married.” “I am the only poor one left to be destroyed.” “Have pity on me someone.” “Have pity on me someone.” “Shall I come?” “Shall I come?” “Oh no.” “Everyone gets readymade food but I have to cook for myself.” “Everyone gets readymade food but I have to cook for myself.” “Friends, make me a bridegroom too.” “I have hit middle age now.” “Come and get hitched to me someone.” “In my desolate house.” “My desolate house will also become grand.” “Have pity on me someone.” “Have pity on me someone.” “Shall I come?” “Tell me. Shall I come?” “Oh no. No.” “Dress from Bikaner and bangles from Delhi.” “Dress from Bikaner and bangles from Delhi.” “Don’t ask me when the girl will walk in my courtyard.” “My neighbors will look enviously at me.” “And my darling will sing songs of love.” “I get a dowry of utensils.” “I get a dowry of utensils from Morardabad.” “Have pity on me someone.” “Have pity on me someone.” “Shall I come?” “Tell me. Shall I come?” “Oh no. No.” “Brother, anyone will do for Fair or dark.” “Brother, anyone will do for Fair or dark.”

“Just take care that the girl should have attitude.” “Be careful.” “It would be wonderful if she has pretty eyes.” “I will leave my business and stay at home.” “And I will continue to increase.” “And I will continue to increase India’s population.” “Have pity on me someone.” “Have pity on me someone.” “Shall I come?” “Shall I come? Tell me.” “Oh no. No.” Today I miss your sweet dog a lot What hair. Wow What eyes. Wow What a beautiful smile. Wow You remember the dog But did you forget the donkey below the bridge? That same donkey is today at your feet What are you doing? If someone sees us? Do you think nobody is watching us? Who is watching? The walls The roof. The door. The lantern Doing shut down I am scared Of what? Me? Turn off the lights If it is dark I will get scared You are very cunning Tell me one thing. Are you happy here? A lot. Really Raja Today for the first time I have realized the difference between palace and hut There is so much happiness here So much peace These people love you so much And how much I love you Do I need to tell you that? There is no need There is need – No Wow. You have become better after marriage Do you remember when you forgot to greet me? Grandma Today you have understood it and that is all because of my daughter Grandma, are you going to bless or not? Bless you, my dear What else can I give? This thief has already stolen the most precious thing Still I do have a wedding gift What have you got? Tell me, grandma Please grandma I have got my love for you And for Raja Raja. Close your eyes. – What? Close them – Here you are Now open your eyes This is a small gift from me Here. Accept it Grandma! Dear, these diamonds are an ancestral heirloom Now you are the heir of our family You are more precious to us than these diamonds Grandma, you don’t know what I am feeling I had yearned for mother’s love since childhood You gave me everything A mother’s love. A mother’s affection A few things are still left, Raja These are the documents of my entire property For you and Renu Mother was right, dear Now you are the heir of our family Raja, there are few people in world

whose all wishes are fulfilled Do you have any other desire left? Desire? I have just got one desire left Boss. My hands are fully recovered Look Out. Out I need to settle old dues with him in private Come Raja. Will you have something? I haven’t come here to do that I have come to give you something Raja. Well done, Raja I knew that my Raja can never lose in life What a loot Aren’t these the same hands boss which had made my hands useless? Forgive me, Raja. Forgive me I was sorry even that day I don’t to be sorry alter, boss These hands have ruined so many lives These fingers might have made so many helpless people dance Boss Today the way I have your hands in the same way I even have your life Raja, just give me one more chance Today I have come to buy your club Make you my slave Your boss What’s your price? One lakh? 2 lakhs? 3 lakhs? – Raja Here is the check And collect all card players in this club within 3 days Make it a big game Now I will search for that man whom I have been waiting to defeat since long Of course, why not? But who will recognize him? There is one person who will recognize him Uncle. Anyone among them? No Raja. He is not among them Oh It’s been 20 years Maybe that man is dead He is surely alive, uncle He will stay alive till my heart is in torment By the way Raja, you have got a wrong way You have got so much money Raja, whenever I see you, I feel very proud This is all because of Renu’s daddy He has done a huge favor on me If he had not supported I would have spent my entire life in dirty hovels Really uncle He is not a man. He is a Demi god But Raja, you have never introduced me to him He is a very busy man He has a large business It’s a shipping company He has mills, factories And he has handed them all over to me Welcome He has come Raja. He has come He is the one He is that scoundrel He is the cheat. Raja, he is the one Uncle. What is this joke? This is not the tome for jokes Tell me that it is a lie Tell me, you had been fooled Tell me that it is not him No, Raja, no My old eyes which has looked for a face

my entire life cannot be cheated I cannot mistake, Raja He is the one. – Uncle He is Renu’s father I told you this was bound to happen Hello Raja Wow. Congratulations, son You have bought a grand club There is blood on your mouth – What? Oh! Raja, this is not blood but tomato sauce It’s tomato sauce “Tonight is the night of decision.” “Tonight is important.” “You can commit any crimes you want.” “No one will count them today.” “No less than alcohol.” “Is the delicateness of wine.” “This fun breeze.” “Just look at it.” “No less than alcohol.” “Where we have gone in the throes of love?” “The lovers lost their hearts in every step of mine.” “Where we have gone in the throes of love?” “The lovers lost their hearts in every step of mine.” “The way they swayed in intoxication.” “Several youths slipped here.” “No less than alcohol.” “Is the delicateness of wine.” “This fun breeze.” “Just look at it.” “No less than alcohol.” “My love without love is like a garden without spring.” “My love without love is like a garden without spring.” “Or a flower which is not fragrant.” “Or a bride without her make up.” “No less than…” “Is the delicateness of…” “This fun breeze.” “Just look at it.” “No less than alcohol.” “Where will you find such assemblies of hearts again?”

“There is beauty, wine and love here.” “Where will you find such assemblies of hearts again?” “There is beauty, wine and love here.” “One can get intoxicated here as much as they.” “All your errors are forgiven here.” “No less than alcohol.” “Is the delicateness of wine.” “This fun breeze.” “Just look at it.” “No less than alcohol.” Alcohol Very old What do you want? You have raised Raja with great love since childhood So why has he hit you today? Ratanlal, clean your intentions before cleaning glasses I don’t drink alcohol for free Look Only you recognize the man Raja is looking for If you make a part of this secret than your world will change But my intention won’t change Why did you leave me alone in the dark, Raja? What are you doing here? Weighing myself in the scales of destiny You look worried I am sure you have some problem Yes, Renu I am really in a problem Won’t you tell me? Don’t I have any rights over you? Want to hear a story? Story? Since when have you started writing stories? Every person’s life is a story The story of a person which has confused me is Tell me that story Maybe I will be able to help you Here. I will tell you the story Write the end of this story yourself Your decision will get rid of my problem Do you trust my decision so much? I have risked my life on your decision Then tell me Tell me The story is of an unlucky child whose parents had committed suicide Or you can say that they were forced to kill themselves A thug betrayed them. Cheated them The parents committed suicide in the sea But they left a spark of revenge in their son’s heart Then? When the boy grew up he had only one fire in his heart Just one goal As to how to find the thug who took away his parents And left him alone in the world Did that youth find that person? Yes But the circumstances are such that the youth is now burdened by his favors He had sold himself to that man unknowingly That is the problem and hence the decision Think and then decide, Renu It is a matter of life and death Emotions don’t matter in justice, Raja Such a person should be destroyed He should be cut into pieces Even if that person is your husband?

Even if that person is my father Ganga. Ganga. Ganga What are you shouting? Have you made your fortune? I haven’t made a fortune but lost it What? – Yes The police is looking for Murli Why? – Look, his photo is printed in the newspaper It is him – Right? When is your photo printed in the newspaper? Who’s? – Of dacoits and thieves Dacoits? – Yes Thieves? – Yes Cry – What will happen to me now? I told you he is a taxi driver But you didn’t agree Go ahead, fall in love Why is the baby crying? Not the baby The baby’s mother is crying Are you a thief? A dacoit? Who are you? What thief? Dacoit? I am Murli If you are Murli than why is your photo in the newspaper Yes, tell me The newspaper prints the photos of thieves. Dacoits And leaders – Are you a leader? You don’t require time to become a leader Just tilt your cap and you become a leader Is that the case? – Who is Murli? Whose name is Murli? – His name is Murli No, he is Murli Sir has called you to the police station Why? – What why? They will take care of you there Come on. – Come Sir here is taxi driver Murli Go and lock that thug. Go – Not him. Him Him. Him So you are the brave man? I am not brave. I am Murli There is another taxi driver who is brave I knew I was arrested by mistake We haven’t arrested you We have called you here to honor you You had these smugglers arrested, right? No, sir. I haven’t I haven’t committed that mistake The police are responsible You seem to be scared Sir, this is such a place I am bound to be scared in the police station Sir, okay. Bye – No. Sit here On the chair? – Yes, on the chair Sir, no one can sit on a chair in front of the police Don’t be scared. Sit here Sir, what crime have I committed that I need to sit on this chair? No Murli. We have called you to give you a reward You have done a very good job Here is a reward of 500 rupees No, sir. I don’t want smuggled goods It is not smuggled goods This is from the government Is this the ploy of the government? Take this – Thank you Murli, you are very simple Come, let us have a photo Photographer, click a photo Yes, sir Sir, may I pose in too? – Come on Ready? Mr. Galaxo Your father has become Murlidhar from Murli Now when you will grow up I will get you admitted to the best college Get you married grandly And then you will have great kids just like you Where is my son? With his parents Who are they? You didn’t recognize me I had left my baby in your taxi This is my husband We were not married then Now I have come to get back my child Take him back? Yes, when we saw your photo in the paper we found out your address You are really a great man Brother you have taken such good care of my baby I am now indebted to you for life I didn’t look after your child I took care of my child You had left it in the hands of god And god gave him to me So can he be your child? I will never give him to you I am not separating you from the baby Without you he would even have been alive today But even I am a mother Even I yearn for my baby If you want you can keep it with you I will come sometimes and look at him You want to repay my favor with yours Still how can I separate a mother from her baby? Take away son Allow me to meet him sometimes Are you Madan Lal’s daughter? You are good. Where is Madanlal? What is the matter? Will you ask me everything at the door? It is a private matter better keep it private What do you think?

No temptation of yours can by me It is better if you leave And don’t dare to come here again I am helpless, Madanlal Otherwise I never approach anyone And when I do I neither go now return empty handed This is the one Several years old I will open it while you spill the beans Take this I have left drinking Drinks have insulted me enough Now leave before I insult you You have mistaken to recognize me again, Madanlal That secret isn’t more precious than your life And think How long will you stay in this dirt with your young daughter? Don’t you dare mention my daughter I will kill you You want to take me out of dirt Look at yourself first You yourself are walloping in the mud of your crimes How will you take others out from dirt? Get out from here I am going But just think what will happen to you after I have left What do you mean? Nobody stop anyone without a reason, boss You have some reason And even I have some reason Tell me clearly Have you see Madan’s daughter? She is very beautiful If I can achieve my end while doing your work? Got it? Got it Raja, I had gone to the office after a long time today I saw your picture there I was very pleased Gradually you have taken over my work in such a way that there is no need for me now A few days ago the factory’s manager had come He said that please sign these documents I told him that only Raja can sign documents Do you know what he said? He said these are my final signatures Raja, did you see the bank statement? Everything has been transferred to you You have gradually rendered me useless I am scared that one day I will have to ask you for something I will have to ask you for something Sugeet, what happened? They injured me and nabbed Kammo, Raja What? Who were they? I don’t know anyone And from Kammo I learnt that Jagga is also responsible Jagga Where is Kammo? Where is Kammo? Tell me Tell me. Where is Kammo? With the boss Your old father has been informed If you still don’t listen to me than you will be taken off in such a way that you and that old man will remember for life If you are so brave then you could have informed Raja Raja? He is so drunk in wealth that he doesn’t even care for your honor Raja

Scoundrel. I spared you that day Today I won’t This is your last moment Pray to your god Raja. Raja. Let him go Take me away from here Take me to my father If you had seen cruelty than even I have Uncle, look I have got back your Kammo No one can look at her now Get up uncle. Look Uncle. Uncle Father Father Father Father Father Today I Diwali and you are dead today, Raja Renu Do you know why Diwali is celebrated? – Yes On this day Lord Ram returned to Ayodhya after 14 years of exile To celebrate the same But before this Lord Ram had destroyed Ravan Destroyed cruelty Today is really a day of joy Today is the day to gamble, son Several great people gamble You are right Even I will gamble today Why not? Fold Take darling. Now you deal the cards for my good luck Pack Even I pack Blind for 500 Blind for 500 – Me too Bet for 1000 Blind for 500 Blind for 1000 Don’t be in a hurry Raja. Play slowly Dear, let him play Nobody is a stranger here Come on Come on Ratan I am pack I think we will have to compete this time Yes, it will be great if the father and the son-in-law compete Mother and daughters-in-law fight are common Let’s see how the father and the son-in-law will fare today Ratan you want to see us. Take this Blind for 2000 4000 5000 10000 Raja We are playing, darling. Do or die Come on. You are thinking too much Playing for 20,000 Cash? Yes, you will get the cash Not later. Now On the table Raja! There is no borrowing in gambling Malhotra, give me 50,000 Sorry, I am completely wiped out Come. Let’s go Ratan. Get the phone What are you doing Raja? Stop it now The game has just started, darling Hello? Yes, Mr. Mehta. This is Shyam Look, come to the club with 50,000 rupees What? There is not even a single paisa in my account

Maybe you have forgotten than all your accounts have been transferred to me now This means that You have lost Stop The game has not ended yet I am betting 20,000 on behalf of sir Good 50,000 No cheating, sir. Be honest Do you remember 20 years ago on a similar Diwali night you had cheated like this and had switched cards And that card pushed a unlucky fellow to his death Sir, do you remember? Do you remember that man’s face? The one whom you cheated The one whose money you snatched away by fraud 50,000 rupees I will remind you if you don’t remember Look. Look at me carefully You will still see those helpless people drowning at sea in my eyes Because I the son of the same unlucky person And I was yearning to take my revenge for 20 years Today you again have 2 aces I have I have won the game Raja He is the one Renu He is the cruel person about whom you had decided That you must destroy such a person even if he is a your father Today this man is again in the same condition when he has no one He neither has wealth nor respect You are poor today You don’t have anything That’s why you have only path The path which my father took Of suicide No. No. No Don’t lose hope, boss You will gain what you have lost again Just give me a hint and I will get rid of him forever Where are our workers? It seems like a ploy Raja, let’s return No – What is the matter? Will explain later. Come What are you doing here, Ratanlal? What are you doing here, Raja? I am the owner here You must have been at one time I am the in-charge now I rule the land you are standing upon now Didn’t I say so Raja? It was a ploy You are right. Come let’s go Stop. You have to pay your dies before leaving Bro, he is asking for dues – Pay him Come on. Go ahead What nonsense?

I don’t understand your language You don’t understand spoken language Do you understand sign language? Come on. Fast There they are Raja

Why you save me? Raja, my life was in danger And then how can I see my daughter becoming a widow? Police. Police Why did you endanger your life to save mine? Son, how do I tell you? The one who can die cannot kill Daddy. Daddy, what is wrong with you, daddy? Inspector, take him to the hospital fast. – Oh no Raja, I don’t have much time Listen to me carefully The way you had burning in the fire of revenge for 20 years in the same even I have been embarrassed of my cruelty But today Today that sin has been washed off Now you can never hate me Renu – Daddy Renu – Daddy Raja – Daddy