Prayer of Intercession

welcome to this presentation from the downey seventh-day adventist church we are located in the greater los angeles area at 9820 lakewood boulevard in downey california we would love to have you worship with us any saturday you are in our area hello welcome to our service today we are glad that you have taken this time to join us if this is your first time with us my name is bill welcome take a moment to say hi or happy sabbath in the comments we just love hearing from everyone kind of makes us feel like we’re all together again there’s a video channel that i like to watch on youtube where the guy talks about the comments is the bleep bloops so you know if you want to comment below in the belief bloops let us know in the bleep bloops that just sounds better than commenting right i’d rather bleep somebody than comment them so leave us a comment let us know what’s going on today we’re doing our drive-through food drive it’s november 14th from 3 to 5 pm be sure to come by and drop off lots of food and help some people right here in our community we’re going to be doing it just a little bit different we’re going to be picking up the food in the back in the parking lot so come on in the normal entrance you can drop off your food there in the back we’re going to be stashing it in one of the children’s habits school rooms and then we will uh deliver that next week to the food bank so that’ll just make a little bit easier for us we don’t have to move the food around so many times so we’d love to see you come drop off some food come around back see us say hi talk to us bring lots of food we want everybody to have something to eat and you know bring something that you want to eat on thanksgiving this year look forward to seeing everybody this afternoon this week is the last week of our small group series on prayer today pastors concluding with the topic of intercession how is the small groups gone for you i know that the virtual small groups is is a bit different but i’ve been super happy and super proud of everybody that jumped in and made the best of it anyways it was good to get together and to talk and share even if it was virtual let us know how it went for you you can leave a comment below a bleep bloop or send us an email we’d love to hear about it and also do you have suggestions or topics for ways we can improve we’d love to hear that too small groups remember this week to record your video of the group sharing or maybe take some pictures of somebody holding up a sign with what they wanted to share get that to me by wednesday evening you need to have time to edit and compile those and put them all together we just look forward to hearing from everyone if you need help on how to get me these files let me know the one of the better ways is facebook messenger it can send the big video files and that works really well whatsapp works really well if you’re going to send pictures regular old email works pretty well texting them to me doesn’t work well so so don’t do that as much thank you so much man we just love how everybody’s pitched in and really done a great job on this today mark has our prayer and then victoria will be doing our children’s story thank you so much for joining us today we look forward to seeing you all at the drive-thru food drive later today god bless to our father in heaven hallowed be thy holy name worthy are you dear god of the honor the glory and the praise father for you are the creator and the sustainer of all things on both the heavens above and the earth below dear god and beautiful are the things that you have created thank you father for creating us in your image father that we can enjoy these wonderful things you have created that we can understand through holy scriptures and um the power of the holy spirit at work within us uh the works that you have set forth from the foundation of this world that we as your children could have hope for an eternal future you truly have done everything dear god to set forth before us the ways of truth and life and we’re thankful for that today dear god as we come before you we do seek forgiveness of our sins as your people dear lord and pray that we’ll continue to seek first your kingdom and your righteousness as we go through each and every day dear lord but more so to share that love of jesus to others to your god so just show us the way father have mercy upon us all the days we walk upon this earth then in your great faithfulness bringeth through to completion dear god as you are hope and our hearts desire we thank you and

we praise you and we love you we do pray dear lord that this pandemic will come to an end soon dear lord that we will be able to come together once again as a church congregation united in the body of christ to sharpen iron with iron dear lord to just share the love of jesus with one another dear god and to seek to grow in spirit in the truth together dear lord as a church family so in all these things dear lord we pray that those who are governing our country will surround themselves with wise counsel that will seek you in prayer dear god and do those things that bring glory to your holy name father we love you and we thank you dear god as we ask forgiveness our sins of the people we pray that this pandemic will come to an end soon dear lord and that all things will return as your graceful hand desires in the name of jesus we pray amen good morning and happy sabbath i hope everybody is well today so today’s story is about peter and silas so peter and silas loved god they loved singing about god they loved talking about god they and they loved sharing god’s word so peter and silas went to philippi and in philippi they met a lot of people while they were in philippi they helped as many people as they could while also sharing god’s word while they were doing this they ran into a servant girl who was telling people their fortunes and very quickly it became apparent that her master was making money off of her madness because she could tell fortunes so peter and silas cured her of her madness now her master wasn’t too happy about this because he was making money off of her telling fortunes and her madness so the master went to the courts to report peter and silas after this peter and silas were thrown in jail they were chained up to the walls and just thrown in there to the guard surprise though peter and silas kept the faith and they were singing while they were chained up and as they were singing god came and broke their chains and the gates of the prison fell the guards were shocked and like any guards they knew that if the prisoners risk if the prisoners were to escape that they would get in trouble and they would be punished so quickly the guards ran inside and to much their surprise peter and silas were still there even though the gates had fallen of the prison and they didn’t escape all because they wanted to tell the guards about god they didn’t leave a single person that they had seen not knowing about god so when the guards saw this that they had stayed just to tell them about god they were even in more shock and they knelt down and later when they got to really know god the guards themselves got baptized now boys and girls i know that this has been a difficult year but i always want to remind you to keep the faith and just talk about god to whoever you can because i guarantee you the more that people know god the more that they will have love in their hearts and be kind to one another and i hope to see you all soon thank you good morning friends i hope you’re well let’s go ahead and begin with a word of prayer father in heaven lord as we continue our series where we’re going to be talking about intercession lord be with us now and as well we just pray for all of our friends joining us today may you touch our hearts and our minds in jesus name amen there’s a story told i believe by willie might he tells of a couple who were in europe and during world war ii they escaped um to america their names were hans and eden and he was a he was a professor in a theological uh school and his students they loved him they loved him and his wife they loved how they showed affection for one another they truly could see a love and a bond that was strong with them sometime however enid unexpectedly passed away and hans he slowly began a downward spiral of depression so much

so that his faith was rocked three of his friends who were obviously concerned for him reach out to him and in as they visited with him he expressed his doubts in fact of even believing in god he wasn’t sure he could believe anymore well his his colleague was kind of taken aback and surprised by this and in a moment of awkward silence afterwards he follow up with then i believe then we will believe for you we will pray for you and so weekly these four men would get together and they would pray for hans and just be with him some months passed by and one particular day hans opened the door for their regular prayer time but on his face instead of sorrow and depression was joy and he said to them it is no longer necessary for you to pray for me instead i would like you to pray with me prayer and more specifically the topic of intercessory prayer what is intercessory prayer well essentially it’s it’s praying on behalf of another person or other people when we look to scripture there there are several accounts uh that probably one of the more famous accounts is that of when abraham prayed for lot when he was in sodom his family we can also think of uh the story of when moses as well interceded for the people on behalf of them when they chose to build a golden calf in fact even moses as well prayed for pharaoh i’m also reminded of elijah or samuel when he also prays for the people job famously he prayed for his children even within the psalms and especially too in the book of acts there are a number of occasions where the disciples prayed for one another especially when when peter was in jail paul as well regularly at the beginning or end of his letters he exhorts them and he also indicates that he is praying for them and finally jesus who prayed for peter and especially in john 17 when he prayed for all of the believers so intercessory prayer the act of praying for somebody on their behalf or just praying for them in general is consistent in something that we should do and as we’re going to find that paul exhorts us to do candace lucy also writes the model of intercessory prayer is christ’s ministry as a whole he physically threw himself across the chasm that would have separated man and god forever at the cross but also during his ministry jesus himself comes down from heaven and interceded on our behalf in fact paul writes in 2nd corinthians 5 where jesus is reconciling the world and as well calls us to be ambassadors in this reconciliation and one of the things that we can do in our part is we can pray for one another now who is it we should even pray for well paul writes to when he in his first letter to timothy he writes i urge them first of all that petitions prayers intercession and thanksgiving be made for all people not just a few not just your best friend or your mother but for all for kings actually for kings and all those in authority that we may live peaceful and quiet lives in all godliness and holiness this is good and pleases god our savior who wants all people to be saved and to come to a knowledge of the truth and so as as paul writes he encourages us to pray for everyone in our life our family our friends our fellow church members maybe a co-worker somebody who’s not even in the church now when it comes to intercessory prayer we sometimes have this idea that we should only pray for people especially when they’re in need when they’re when they when they get sick or or there’s been a terrible accident but intercessory prayer is more than just that god desires that we pray for everyone in all aspects

of their life they’re physical they’re physical they’re mental or emotional or spiritual or sometimes it could be for instance a common thing as well as is financial maybe you yourself or you know of someone who is who is struggling especially financially during this difficult time in fact paul as well in his right right uh letter to the colossians he writes for this reason since the day we heard about you we have not stopped praying for you even paul himself he is regularly praying for the colossians we continually ask god to fill you with the knowledge of his will through all the wisdom and understanding that the spirit gives so he’s also praying for their their life as well that that god would be able to reveal god’s will to them and how they should live and how they should go about their life and how they should also be faithful in in spreading the gospel and in verse 10 it says so that you may live a life worthy of the lord and please him in every way bearing fruit in every good work growing in the knowledge of god being strengthened with all power according to his glorious might so that you may have great endurance and patience in giving joyful thanks to the father who has qualified you to share in the inheritance of his holy people in the kingdom of light and so it’s here that we find that we should pray for someone in all aspects of their life not only for their spiritual growth but that they should also we should also be praying for one another that god’s will be revealed in your life and that you can grow spiritually to learn and as you read scripture that you will remember these things and also be a part of the work however you know as humans there are some things that dare i say withhold us from wanting to pray for one another maybe maybe a past wrong and you hold this frustration this anger perhaps a grudge or maybe we’re just jealous of somebody we don’t want to see them succeed maybe we feel like we should be in their position how did they get that job how did they get that position it should be me there sometimes our jealousy can prevent us from wanting to pray for them or maybe it’s just general unawareness perhaps we don’t want to see somebody succeed but you know when we’re intentional especially when god says we should pray for everyone that includes even our enemies intercessory prayer forces us to face our prejudices and help helps to overcome them in fact dietrich bonhoeffer i think i’ve quoted him before but he was a pastor as well i think a lutheran pastor and uh eventually if you if you know his story you’ll find out that um he was killed in one of the concentration camps but he writes a christian fellowship lives and exists by the intercession of its members for one another or a collapse i can no longer condemn or hate a brother for whom i pray no matter how much trouble he causes me his face that hitherto may have been strange and intolerable to me is transformed in intercession into the countenance of a brother for whom christ died the face of a forgiven sinner wow it’s pretty powerful you know it’s it’s sometimes i mean even i i to have have faced challenges of praying for somebody who perhaps either wronged me or um for whatever reason and i found that intercession intercessionary prayer is extremely humbling in this case but when we realize that we’re not just praying for them when we realize that they’re just a sinner just like i am it allows us to have that sense of understanding more patience will come and ultimately grace and i pray forgiveness so forgiveness can be a powerful healing component of intercessory prayer if you pray for someone it can change your heart but there’s also another reason why we should pray for one another and that it helps to develop this sense of camaraderie and unity struggle

hardship when you combine that with a team and you’re able to successfully come through it it will only draw stronger bonds with one another i remember there was one point early on when i first started pastoring um it was a very difficult and frankly it was it was a hard experience i don’t want to go into too much detail but there was a situation where there was a young person who was in the hospital and we were not sure would this person live or not but the beautiful thing the community rallied together in fact the the particular hospital literally got upset with us because we wanted to show support and so we were praying and we literally showed up we took up all of the spaces in the lobby and all of the waiting rooms hoping and praying on behalf of this person and it brought a sense of kinship it brought a sense of unity and while tragic it helped us grow together richard foster he writes intercessory prayer is a priestly ministry one of the most challenging teachings in the new testament is the universal priesthood of all christians as priests appointed and anointed by god we have the honor of going before the most high on behalf of others this is not optional it’s a sacred obligation and a precious privilege of all who take up the yoke of christ prayer intercessory prayer is key in helping to build up the church and when we think of one another as we pray for one another we also realize and and learn and come to appreciate and understand other people and their struggles and when we’re praying for that person as they’re going through whether they’re dealing with a a an issue with a a person or they’re dealing with cancer um financial challenges when we come together and we pray there’s just this this power and strength that comes together this bond so intercessory prayer is key not only personally but also for the health of the community and there are times as well when have you ever experienced there’s a a need in your heart and you just you don’t know how to even express it and the beautiful thing is that even the holy spirit can intercede for us in fact we as we studied last week uh in in or a couple weeks ago actually um our in matthew 6 8 it says uh in the lord’s prayer right before it says do not be like them for your father knows what you need before you ask him sometimes we have a hard time articulating our our our feelings and our frustrations and sometimes we don’t even know how to understand or how to deal with the situation yet god knows and the beautiful thing is that even though we can’t articulate it the holy spirit understands and is able to intercede on our behalf corey ten boom also writes we never know how god will answer our prayers but we can expect that he will get us involved in his plan for the answer if we are true intercessors we must be ready to take part in god’s work on behalf of the people for whom we pray as christians as believers it’s important that we we recognize that in our calling of helping and and preaching the gospel it’s also important that we look out for one another and that we take an active role in getting to know and understanding and praying for and helping one another now some of you may be wondering well why should we even pray if god already knows why well number one god says we should pray in fact jesus jesus gives us a template we we we discovered this not too long ago he gives us a model of prayer and regularly throughout scripture especially paul encourages us to pray all throughout scripture there are many people who pray and god listens it also reminds us of our dependence on god and it also prayer also helps us to see the faithfulness of god we have a better understanding of who

god is when we pray and like moses as well god does listen to our prayers can make a difference so how do we make this practical pastor chris i mean how should i even start with this well there are at least four people that you can pray for four different groups and maybe i i would add maybe make a list okay and you can pray for their physical needs their spiritual their mental emotional financial whatever it may be but pick at least two people pick two family members okay uh you know whether it’s in your immediate family or your grandpa grandparent or your cousin your aunt uncle whoever and then pick two friends maybe it can be your best friend or an acquaintance and then you also have your church family pick two people in the church that you feel you should be praying for and then finally pick two people who are non-church members a co-worker a fellow student uh your post office worker the ups driver uh the person who bags your groceries that you’ve developed a relationship with and pray for these people pray for them for a week pray for them for a month and as well there’s no harm as well as either adding or or rotating these people out but be regularly praying for someone intercessory prayer allows us to be a part of the journey and also lets them know that you do care and that can make a powerful difference in somebody’s life so i hope and pray down your church and our digital friends watching i want to encourage and exhort you to pray for one another not only in times of crisis but also in the good times and pray for one another pray for one another’s health pray for their overall well-being pray that god will reveal god’s self in their lives pray for courage on their behalf and pray for love and empathy may god bless you take care and let us pray father in heaven lord we just pray that you continue to be with us help us lord as we as we move forward help us to know how to pray for one another and especially lord reveal into our hearts who we should pray for one another and this is just a simple yet vital component in our walk with you may we not take it for granted the lord we pray as well that you will draw close to us in jesus name amen grace and peace everybody take care you