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100 euros in cash yes there is youth here yonca Jew hatred can why holds 100 euro everybody can use euro if he has a mobile home with us offers how then yes how very simple we have different vehicles in different classes and who that Rent a vehicle from us until 28 february this year gets 100 euros so really cash that means free I can also use it for example price we pay but i can also pay for shopping if i want yes clear of course, I get 100 euros in the same way we show we very briefly there is different classes we have them practically lined up from the smallest class to largest from left to right we start with which class on the left this is the activity class is talking about a van is more than a minibus even the shortest vehicle speaks six meters suitable for city trips or for travel by two people who like to stay cozy with each other want to live a certain time they like to use these vehicles great just a normal one van length so clearly it means it’s not this car explicitly but it’s a car in this class So as a box truck, I’ll say it now exactly it is always a van there it doesn’t have to be exactly this vehicle with this color there we have different colors starting from white up to metallic red but it always is one box and always the same equipment and always having a crisis the awning is always with the wheel carrier is always there I’ll show you back that is a big bike carrier is the bike you don’t have to take it with you transport vehicle but outside right here you can all vehicles put bicycles on it until 30 kilos of electric bikes you would have to take a ride to shout or rent 1 where you want a trailer hitch which then according to the back we also have followers yes god also has them vehicles we’d better go for a minute take a look at the times relatively large you can also get from back to the truth, i say too here you were the vehicles we are always fully equipped you speak see the box below with all of them accessories speak the whole chemistry that you need across the board the duration first aid kit warning triangle jumper cables a watering can for the tank to fill a hand brush the wedges in wahn triangle everything you can needed for the operation of the vehicle we provide for the entire rental period always available is always with you otherwise we have a version here two beds are taken over that’s exactly the kids version for one family with two small children up to ten years and who like city trips want to do or something else want to go on vacation okay that’s also a double bed downstairs and have to bet again double bed above, they can stop here comfortably I spend your vacation there didn’t even know that there was something like that we let advantages call itself family kids family kids that’s also in the entry-level carina is exactly that is its own entry-level class too no problem the vehicle is used very, very often especially for families with small children is easy to drive is like in a car car let’s get off once i have to a little bit to start with dimensions probably familiar do it was a bit bigger than a car but bracket clutch everything like in a normal car i also have one clutch with it exactly as I have even an outside lighting is included they have just turned off times sorted out and that means I can So the mark the drive out marquise turns the lights on no extra cable has to be pulled, nothing at all nothing that’s all read crank back in the trunk in there you go to the the awning cranks out and everything other is up to semi-automatic one should sleep to the left then go I come or or even through city council one say that konrad that is now that vehicle inside we’re now shooting in the afternoon of january It’s cold but it’s nice in here warm because here is a gas but has exactly we have the gas heating on made so we both don’t today freeze to death at noon and now it’s about 20 degrees So in here speak a cozy temperature now what to the vehicle to say say i know i can it is supposed to start I say I have the light with me today to be fair, you have to say so means I can take the front seats first shoot those who are nice exactly us can turn the fronts you’ve got hold a small one here, the nice one you have a double bench seat also with straps for four people in addition to the admitted You can of course quickly move the driver’s seat understandably turn there 44 people comfortable or people sit uncomfortably at the table and then have you just have the opportunity here too cook in the vehicle right up to the seat create there is now the cooking meanwhile exactly and there is that too kitchen sink this central connected that one gas bottle promise and cook exactly is a gas bottle for heating cooking a gas bottle is available for rent with us always included in the price included price included there is one refrigerator staff runs both with shore power as well as with the runs shore power runs with 12 volts and with various vehicles also run on gas

keep asking the same that is just always depending on the conditions you want to do with it with the new ones today most are only with 12 volts and with shore power but we also have those who are with gas and then we still have them here toilet with shower the nospa is also there in the in the small cars already have a shower on it that’s exactly what the tables are already in and you can then also accordingly shower where you have to assume when you go to the campsite in summer stands most of the year camp-site on showers at home and toilets there, too, that’s just more intended for the ride because at Motorhome is just the way it is aim and stop where it is you just at the moment then like that but pretty pretty spacious for that that the vehicle is so compact but that shows me here again There are also no lying areas then not get through because that works so this is up here for the kids that’s the wider one roughly is thinks so tight meters at 80 but they can still adjacent to each other that would be crosswise bed has a width of 35 and demeter a length of 85 meters should be below are then the parents ie we then have a very small one bit more space because of the ability because of the curve of the vehicle The parents can even look out like that I still see lower outside storage space for it but i also have a lot of cupboards I just saw that I have a closet over here can I tell the edge of the plate how is that with plates and cutlery when renting, yes So everyone can do plates and cutlery bring it with you if you want us but also offer that we complete sets with rent where everything is included here is a family of four from the cutlery found over pots over valleys over cups of glasses the vehicle has got along for water a water tank for 100 liters of fuel 95 liter tank and waste water tank with 110 liters okay that means completely that means I am self-sufficient for how long roughly with operation in the year with the poverty of the building battery im normally in summer you can get three to three four days stand with this one he doesn’t have a solar system or the bidders loaded over the weirs in the store while driving or when you are off electricity is connected to shore outside So here that means when I now go on a tour and bike tire days direction portugal and drive again and again then it is always exactly you you can do three to four days without any problems stand without the data after landing It’s cozy and warm inside, it’s 1000 minus four degrees that’s so so that the heating means they’re not just me say by chance but they do make the heater really nice and warm really nice and warm so you can i always say in that Badebus run around because you can go up 28 degrees that is easily possible and here Do you see we always speak Traveling from summer to fly goes where you can to make it complete complete door with no income has how you want to cook in the evening ok so i understood that so far means i have my fridge with me in there i have a lot storage options i have four seats included that I can occupy i have an inside kitchen with a gas stove and have a very compact vehicle with me I also really like the cities come in exactly with whom you come in the cities in and you can with them vehicles everywhere in every parking lot get up because that is not considered to be mobile home that counts as a minibus that’s just like a minibus the one on the stalls and you can do it so sleep when he is no mobile is that not my thing exactly exactly you can stand with him anywhere with the partially integrated where is where mobile forbidden because you have to go to one drive parking space we’re talking about them that a little further they come much bigger are also the width of the hat left and right no superstructures except for so the mirror is just so much in the small towns also in italy or in the south of france stop where you turn around want there are the vehicles as incredibly suitable the activity plus great wvs motorhome rental service in saarlouis then a lot of cars today there and go step by step each auto through now are at the activity class in the van yes is still in the box, however, has now a length of 6.30 and has long been beds in that means you have the slightly smaller that had four sleeping places with two children two adults who have long since bedded vehicles they actually have space for now two exactly have space for two there is still the possibility of women in need in bed one to integrate at the table at the die nice there could be another one third person sleeping however, they are basically only intended for two people so also here we look at the whole there is also an awning here The lighting is included that means you can I turn the lights on is included i have in the step I’m saying that when you’re young, you’re closed quickly I’ll follow them there is the bike carrier words there it stands so here i can have two bikes until 15 kilos about 30 kilos for two-wheelers normal bicycles are no problem and you see it now there we have now one in the back too towbar if you have e bikes want to take away or a small one scooters there are these stages where you can on the back of it makes you too then take it with you in the rental, yes also here again a very brief look behind because you have everything for him operation is necessary supplied with that is the name of the chemistry for the entire journey

all adapters you need around the country to get electricity i can use the vehicle connect to 230 volts more precisely can from 230 volts then everything is included all that you should need during the rental is also included in the vehicle here that’s again the warmth comes one against here can not loaded this is all storage space sometimes I also have the second briefly please then you can see them dimension here too i hated the storage space and with this new vehicle it is hold so that you have the rear part can fold up here you could theoretically also two e-bikes in the back put in or hold Tyrolean suitcases or everything others what you take with you means I can So this place here completely you can use it here then to sleep I had to driver naturally sweeping on it taken I can already do a page here look out that’s actually nice great vehicles yes they are side windows now with the new mode integrated instead of the hack windows in the rear doors because you have one has a greater view and the vehicles get even brighter inside so it looks really great here too the chemistry is everything, everything is on I’ll say hand brush everything you can I don’t need to bring anything with me now the only thing I have to bring we have already spoken that is crockery the gema best times take a look inside at this let’s see and here we have here with the vehicle this automatically pulls to the door and when one closes so easily that sticks to the one exactly page okay that means here can Don’t just accidentally just do the door to pop that is not possible so you have that vehicle chair ever turned both both seats are turned both are this turn I set me too and you see we have we already have the complete equipment once to see is one leather interior you have the nice and also this the nice one can move in the form you want it to be back over this rail you just see the high quality equipment from the wood design she is the tv with the one with the automatic fully automatic satellite system solar system the vehicle is fallout day you can stand outside indefinitely free without you being connected to landstuhl you need when the sun seems and I’ll tell you if it cloudy there is still enough electricity purely to charge the battery full of days a solar cell on top during the day I can really do it in nature don’t have to go to a campsite either not to go to a campsite you can stand anywhere for a normal day and you always have a full load in the battery even if it’s cloudy the systems are so modern today that that we are still happy enough really big name is right there you can now see the new navigation system ten inch navi is what you see big screen with a whole simple operation bar here and there where you don’t have to think about how little now the whole but it is everything is described and it goes very well simply a high quality one leather interior also sit the driver can’t turn exactly that too and then very easy can I just stand here for once turn around and I already have the there I also have a kitchenette here it is included I’ll tell the cook very briefly make pay because the door to davids and not too cold in here so there it is header in there then I have a cutting board or hold the cover for the sink yes i can have a little table here still fold up something under here hidden hidden is okay can itself can use a space better precisely you use the space then there is built into this vehicle that we also have it plus class a trash can with me here everything can pull itself out complete and the most important it in the back As I said, you can see the separate bed you can then go between the bet it can get in right to left without that one was the other eyes of the night have to bother when you pee must or so everyone can just get out and can do without the other harass also accordingly from the go out to bed when you are so misplaced you’re in a car right now van since you don’t even believe that there is so much space here maybe I am also very exciting so have a complete vehicle but is very inconspicuous I say here you can see from the outside clearly the professionals know the direct mobile but I don’t have one now giant ship what has to move now put somewhere in the van can just sleep exactly as you can with the vehicles as with the first already somewhere in the park pool stand up and sleep something with them models now the re-letting mainly now have also very whole The toilet facility is great because you can just push the toilet away under bed and you have one huge showers than you can in the shower or steps without you everywhere I have that toilet system pushed away now notice what comes out here for the heat yes how nice and warm you are see the toilet system is pushed away and if you’re in here now do you see i’m 1 1 80 tall i can be me now that means I can use the toilet here if that

plakat makes them I can get out divided that very simply eliminated press the button and then i can give you now i have a complete one toilet system with inside which also doesn’t look anywhere as incredible how compact man in the car what one put everything here I think that is also at the moment the van is one of the most exploding segment or that’s just that the vans are currently in the last two years giant exploded are and the demand is extremely large and we hid the sink get out of here then i have to two stretch spoke so everything is like that made with reason and understanding of practitioners making the vehicles too suitable for everyday use, whether that’s me can use the toilet here if the couple was there I can then push it out also very easy on the button press and then i can have you now I have a complete toilet system with inside which is not anywhere so incredible either how compact man in the car what one put everything here I think that is also at the moment the van is one of the most exploding segment or that’s just that the vans are currently in the last two years giant exploded and the demand is extremely high because they stop as everyday vehicle can be used as two as second car and therefore just like that have a great demand so I have a little a little always have difficulties with the film I have a really big light with me but i hope you can see activity class from adac also here that cars are meant for two people i can make notepad in front right here you can only participate otherwise it is intended for a child for two people we had the last one year replace like giants together demand for the vehicles that you want hunger because this year too just increased in the category here because the vehicles through the equipment high quality equipment and that of the great luxury which it still offers a small, compact exterior design some of the most popular vehicles were the had to re-let and you can see now again for this year that this guy is very very there is also strong demand for them 100 euros for them too retreading extra so then we go out that was now activity glas plus calm activity plus great ok stay tuned the adac motorhome rentals all classes are presented today there are there are many different classes where exactly we show classes today vehicles the one like that or something like that class now correspond to jürgen junker jürgen hello sven yes we have two van now shown that it on the left side activity and activity plus activity for the young family very cheap you have to say ft plus with convenience on a cost basis and now we have a real one be a mobile home now we come to the right ones so-called semi-integrated mobile homes mobile homes that would be a vehicle now from the harmony class harmony stands even a beginner still stands for no longer for beginners that’s fine is quite normal where the bill and real motorhome too, it’s just that in terms of equipment maybe in the lowest level is not the now luxury equipment but very very expedient we pay for everything exactly you can you can position with inside heating inside bike rack awnings would be the same let’s see all the vehicles together with you they have chiesa built in that’s very important I drive Out because where there is sun you want shade exactly have awning always have everyone vehicles and bike carriers always have everyone vehicles with us that show something I shaved a short time is a large bike carrier with it that applies up to 30 kilograms a total of two vehicles 15 kilograms you have a large rear garage here with exactly the rear garage is there you also give all things there You can also use bicycles if necessary accommodate if you want if you would have high quality bikes, for example high quality road bike or mountain bike if you turn it on the front wheel outside you should just put it in but still necessarily make inside because that have to be stolen from time to time so that’s not uncommon hero was the same you’ve already got a grip on it get because last year so the you should really connect well then here is the shore power connection Incidentally, that we showed it briefly have the vehicles are usually then at the campsite or wherever you are connected to 230 volts then the car battery charged but the vehicle is completely self-sufficient means I can also stand heating works because I need it no shore power or no need then you no shore power so the vehicles are always three four days self-sufficient and the vehicles have the solar system on it of which we of the new season are very much many have they are unknown there you can always stand as when you think of a vehicle that is for the person that is now intended for two people also a completely normal one partly integrated ride between the length of 6 95 so also a very great deal coveted and very comfortable length you have a very nice generous equipment very bright equipment on the left here with pedro

ignition of a kitchen sink drawer socket usb yes i have but i have you have to say much more space than in the box truck box truck too say a lot is a lot however, you have more space for it a little more cumbersome the vehicle exactly say you have a bit more cumbersome vehicle you have two in the back single beds again that is also for Can make a double bed if you can would like to there is a flap in every step there you can also do things rheinstein stow right and left and on bed is the wardrobe and above the beds of course i can do things too hang I can do exactly that little son left under the under bed is exactly there for hanging things women always ask me about can I also have a dress like that take something with you a jacket hans stöcker and so on, everything goes take away that’s not a problem but a quick fridge on the floor Freezer compartment that you can already put in there below what you have something really great namely a so-called bottles cooling because you can put bottles in summer adjust to cool without every time think to have to run up and im Load the refrigerator with it yourself then we have a generous one spacious shower with a real one cubicle with the right shower cubicle you can do all things there too shower without being afraid the water always run out you come you see the height is already ten centimeters and in the shower tray and a toilet that is also decent Can sit when you are in the shops do conversations exactly that too goes I can give you my peace and my peace can die Separate shower cubicle so you notice in a real mobile is a bit more space than in the van but I say I have I have the big advantage that I of course I also say with the spaciousness can drive away a little longer comfortably with the vehicles you drive in usually 14 days away or three weeks or even longer and you can just be very luxurious and very convenient over a certain period of time besides, your life in here too we also spend here again these pilots are always seated can bring okay you can turn it and then you can you can also eat at the table you can eat you four more sentences at the table you can still move out here and accordingly you have all possibilities is also behind again another small closet even there the lady can still do things hang in you have storage options yes and here above is all of the technology electronics then what you want also david zur instruction is more of a thing saying is so complicated even if it looks complicated right now the heating of the heating is now up to us have set 29 degrees at the moment makes beautiful was with her under the make earlier fly screens installed it is there in the door everywhere in all openings there is always one Fly screen also great in the sea roof So here too I get the vehicles of course, ready to hand over the are filled with step and becomes gas so exactly the vehicles are with us always form diesel with a full tank and have to come back with a full tank to be returned and a gas bottle one is always included in the price with us and it is always full of in the vehicle there were super pets big topic there are also vehicles pets there are special features exactly we are at least until the end year maybe this will change I can do another year at the moment been the only provider in some parts in saarland who also have pets this has approved certain vehicles we will also do 10 in 2009 So we have certain vehicles for Pets are suitable and allowed are and we also allow the little friend of man so the little dog or the dog who should then be with you accordingly over the 14 days and not alone stay at home there’s a little peculiarity in in this case the vehicles must be from you are being purified just as it is so that the pet is 7 euro 50 the day costs and that we in the case also the cleaning the tenants agree final cleaning inside not the tenant leave it up to us to do it have to due to hygiene we have to do certain things observe regulations and do it then correspondingly large with what we with the normal dare van there it was clear that they will Driven with a car license that it here right here is exactly the same vehicles can all have 3.5 tons everyone with the normal box driving license there is only a small limitation Driving license must be at least three years owned by the driver and the age must be 21 years be exceeded also he is 21 years old and three years old that means if I am 18 4 At the age of 21 I was still traveling how about having a load now the vehicles to teachers three tons or 3.1 a little less the vehicles have so empty weight all so at 2,890 and that means you can always I say always about 600 kilos on average load including the person with was that means I have three now people or have two people say we 200 kilos

I can still take around 400 kilos with me yes where you have to see that im empty weight already the weight of the driver with 80 kilos is integrated half tank of diesel and half tank water but also integrated doubt even more im exactly so that is in which 600 kilos is what you can actually take with you, yes we should of course have to be careful you can drive the vehicle from packing so that you survive it yes I always say when you are a tenant the vehicle takes around 14 days I think to go on vacation with it do not have to load us so full the danger lies with the owners the dietingers tackle something every year who pack something in every year and who take away the whole household emergency generators over replacement refrigerators and minor electra is rather the risk of overloading the vehicle are hardly clear in the budget comeback no matter what you stupid ask I have the I can’t exactly we have new ones this year too made prospectus there are also in principle most questions every time and get along every day described therein and answered who so would like to have something pick us up at the station or write just send us an email to then we’re doing everything clear the boys the class is called harmony the harmony class exactly here too, 100 euros apply for a discount of up to 28 February 2009 10 exactly 200 euros you have it I have it already spent what you can get up close do you have a little more neat few cash with it so you can go to for example in the supermarket drive can stock up with food and everything else So somehow needs 100 euro campaigns Booked until 28 February you should also Book early enough where mobile is easy In the trend you have to say where are mobile heavily trending you see i have that myself now too on my own body when you once starts right now in the this time to plan your vacation in january and you look at what they normal vacation trip whether by plane bus or by car will cost you already dizzy and that’s for then a person and when you go with one family is then immediately in a couple of thousand euros is going on camper at the moment very strong in the trend because it’s still very very auspicious year and no adventure to forget yes we have the glass still go through several classes if they want to see what’s right for them is stay tuned find out all about the mobile homes from the apartment like rental service in saarlouis many thanks to her and young thank you 100 euros Early booking until February 28, 2009 10 harmony plus so i’m going to do it again through we have left the activity glas a box truck there is also a video from there activities is next to it that is van for two people with luxury then we have the harmonicas that have we have just shown it there is also an extra video about and now it’s about harmony plus great here is jürgen junker one absolute lover of mobile homes trade jürgen listen to everything lettings big trend yes rental very big in the trend and growth rates are in moment still unbroken and in the I’ll show you harmony plus class now a brand new vehicle that’s last week from the truck that is a novelty with a very high quality exclusive equipment there we have a vehicle where everything is in there again from the solar system via the satellite system leather interior tablet in the interior everything your heart desires is there in there we’ll see in a moment inner space the equipment is very high quality spirit healer exalted so i have here in front is even the awning of course always included with you I show you exactly who is the bike carrier always with it that is still missing vehicle goods have not yet been included but it is still assembled from water the brand new that is brand new and that is just one of the vehicles we are new have this year we have these in all classes vehicles which are then correspondingly larger and still get longer here too do you see in this trunk that it half a living room with an outside shower with cool ones for bicycles with the replacement funds for the top So it is necessary to make additional beds everything is integrated in the vehicle because the heating is nice on the ball that is also easy to remember because it is is also warm everywhere the vehicle is completely suitable for winter when it is complete intact we also have winters already made it we are the winter goes you exactly, I’ll get in quickly then it will also be warm there will be something I’m showing right now where I am nice sight because you just have the equipment a bit addressed we’re shooting in january it’s minus four I think right now or -2 and in here it was really nice warm but what fits right in the eye falls is the lighting so it is She pulls out of lam cruise ship yes it is a very very luxurious very high quality equipment in the vehicles that I personally like very much Well liked this noble wood you see this led lighting leather interior here too those accents of led in everywhere the moveo logo that really is really a very very beautiful one

generous equipment complete with inside we’ll get to that in a moment you see now neither the new equipment more with conventional displays but that is the display what the controls the entire system simultaneously the navigation device that away and make us up here then it is the navigation device and radio all in one sheet yes exactly that So that means I can do it in the city man is at the entrance can do one heating everything control everything you can do that whether it is there or whether it is there you can always the same, I already have it not seen yes there you yourself the car came attached so no that now come as standard from the berghaus because we use garmin devices Have ordered cool exactly streets goods through so not seen at all and I have I’ve seen a lot I have to say about so this is really chic for you have the plus class up here France or France flag is on that frank exactly it is france the vehicles are built by pilots we give beforehand how we want it and you also see that is all very much made high-quality high gloss the cabinets you will see the drawers in a moment they all close very quietly it was like being at home in the kitchen do not belong friesenplatz friesenplatz you have a nice hob here then put it here on the spot electro fly fly has on it Made sure that one is sufficient USB plugs are everywhere now and additional sockets as I said all the led lighting you have here the new type of refrigerator the that is never in operation is not in operation been in operation, that’s exactly what it is everything packed and freezer again included It’s crazy up here now at the moment still missing that comes from here you can pull out of here and then you can you can look behind or in front you can see that it is also installed the water is brand new is still built in and now it’s the big one luxury in this vehicle is yours here, so to speak, a so-called room bathroom is here with two people verse you have luxury like at home you make this door this and now you have behind it on the left the toilet and on the right the shower that’s pretty cool can even affect the buttocks separate children close completely to do without you once most powerful you can sleeping area here that’s it also arrested again to do that means you have a separate one here toilets shower system and you have one separate sleeping area the times i show were so here is the double bed lengthways is included so gigantic so serve properly nice so very out with the goods double bed complement style what’s behind saw the trunk via usb plug 220 volt socket included you see curtains very valuable high quality, very nice equipment the mattresses are still very comfortable very good mattresses in which you can also sleep very well sleep well not too soft not so that is exactly what they have said again here one sees you shows that you are right here on the left shower which is then completely separated I also have a real glass wall with there is such a step backwards then you can enjoy it all like that very easy because I’m with you for a short time the camera that is with jürgen and here the toilet right now we’re doing it close the door now I can mean beautiful all doors can do business close exactly and I have my peace or can put on make-up can make me fit do for exactly that every evening meet so now comes the clou that the vehicle is for four people up to four people two adults two children or adults and one more adult on top is namely in europe that drives down electrically Unfortunately I can’t do that for you now show because the car battery doesn’t is installed because the vehicle is only on Friday came from the truck that would be electric down with a key the one in front of a key cabinet in there is yes and then you can go over there also two children or 2 grow up there such a full bed with one meters forty wide one shows from the back the length of the url is required the mobile home is seven meters long but not that long or a very good length with which one is very good very luxurious driving so far let’s go out moderation so here in front I have both of them sitting she can’t turn the summer and the left sits also it can so quite comfortably i say up to five people with travel of which you can comfortably at least four pieces of sleep down here that can I think they still rebuild like that you also have to convert something into a bed then you would have a practical bunk bed up here the search field falls down up here and down there you then also sleep so that would go or you can have children too take away and then be there afterwards but me think there are four is a four places registered there are four normal belts places entered so four people can definitely take part that can drive safely but that was the case also there as I said if you ask there I have five children and so on just address to you japan solution exactly we have your vehicles up to to seven people so the one up to can take seven people we have there like the extended family always the right vehicles there so there let’s go out a moderation so there is plenty of space for the plus pure luxury

a new mobile now for example from the company movelo that has to be in this harmony plus great now is not being mobile but in this class practical war and we want something like that, just like us have different brands in this one harmony plus class that’s one of them now but it is always one with this equipment options like we do now have shown if it’s the plus class is and I can also test it in to whom lend it more wonderful times test whether mobile home for anything me is and can also test which one motorhome that’s the way you can do this year we won’t take that one ran maybe another take that just try it out it’s not shame or there is no shame many come who then say we want us as buy but before we now as let’s buy something for the best like it and then use it two or three times a year where mobile different categories and then see that also suits me that doesn’t suit me that’s just that correct because you shouldn’t have a cat in the buy sack right so that is the harmony plus great we are at wii rental service in saarlouis here too I can bring vehicles from anywhere in offer germany if i want that and not find sympathetic is not limited to the saarland no we have an internet site that adac runs we are ac franchise partners at Wohnmobile – you can so book online at any time So that’s not a problem we have many bookings from switzerland Austria from France from Holland so that always happens anyway her turn the next video is about that melody plus class the melody plus great here is jürgen jung they know in saarlouis wvs wowi rental service mobile homes – hdac jürgen what that class is that melody plus class already a medium one high class plus always means special equipment of the vehicles such as with us as I said when the other vehicles always have an awning always a quiet day here you see now he has now aluminum rims on it has a large rear garage in the back yes where you can then also correspondingly large can change what I can briefly then it can be optimally adjusted or can adjust normal bicycles as already said in other videos always all the accessories you need for the operation inclusive chemistry how to need wedges for the duration of the tenant plug all everything is included by Captain iker bring your own casillas but all the adapters you need for the blue plug and so on that everything is included, he even has one reversing camera with it but most of them have that included you have to say so I think you have all large with reversing camera the new vehicles and the big ones now from the class where we always come now all reversing camera so i can put three e bikes on it a total of 75 kilos approximately up to 75 kilos resilient but that’s exciting in the interior of course there we go right in and here it is really pure luxury was above all what really was outside it is minus two degrees here are in there for about 20 years now we here let’s look we have now around 20 degrees in there, that’s exactly Like him the class is called that the melody plus great influence is there do you see that is all very much also made high quality here in that vehicle now also watch TV again in there you can see the bet area at the back can be built up to a double bed the cabinets led indirect lighting a shower system on the left when there is a step forward can we open the door well come to the market here around then Let’s turn it up here, you can see it also the whole thing a bit you can go with japanese style curtains just nice to hang I could stay the same here too it’s so cold outside here I even have it a corner that has no window exactly that that was my corner was with that vehicle a window that you wanted because many people say i want to am window and there we have that decided because vehicles take up where back at the bed only on one side another toilet said that there is the toilet system and around corner around is the shower with the correct shower cubicle was yes but it is another increase against yes it is again that is an increase now a knaus we in the rental have a so-called live wave and the vehicles are just great luxuriously equipped very beautiful that can you really stand here further ahead times briefly times there was apart from that everywhere So there are still closets where I am right now the present is and and then when you can hang things in skirts the pants on the other side the whole thing is also closed from above operate there is always a flap you can open so I can go from there intervene above but I also have a tight closet exactly you have here again the closet in there where you can stop things accordingly above can hang in or put in then you have the big one here again refrigerator is a huge refrigerator now a huge dream finished shows that a marathon is already going because that The subject of cooling is always a whole

We’re making a big issue right now is and there really goes from the very bottom up to the top with the freezer compartment There was also a huge kitchenette here three flames from here and in the suvs great urge year a semicircular cupboard where you can can put things in to plan them again myself so viennese kitchens are closed home what I notice is right I felt queasy and there I have of course a raised bed is included this is now a group something by hand with heldt you just pull that so down that then works a punch and then when it is no longer normal want to use it in the morning then drive it just like that again the student can eat that is very practical can even be like that very slight plus I can just do it let lie first of all, everything is clearly high if you are in peace here I can go again can turn me sit down They are the entree where you can go sit down comfortably all vehicles we don’t even have that yet have also shown full blackout that means you can of course do everything do in the evening and not be afraid so that someone outside sees her Many houses are also complete darkening was so I don’t have to fumble around to the outside fifth on the second part everything is from dark bach okay there so privacy has my peace and when I stand somewhere on the street so on then heiner you can theoretically bare where we around run without anyone seeing from the outside so now I have the nice one like many people is then also thought for four persons you have two times a good 20 in the back so here too what’s interesting about you guys this already applies to all areas with that I’ll still be from you freshly washed that means I’ll get them really with everything related and that’s exactly what the vehicles are attach great importance to cleanliness and hygiene the vehicles we are so always that they are always related to bed area with nas covers so none lies on a mattress for the benefit of others has ever been lying on it always deducted always times washed the then always tell me that is cooked I think 80 degrees or 70 degree and so that everything again is hygienically clean and then the reapplied for the next of the tv what exactly behind the yes exactly behind me I already thought oh yes I was there yes here is here too the building services with it square here is the heating included and the technology where one stands of the water and which he is a complete television with automatic and automatic sands loading and sat facility is so modern that you can’t do anything we need to do other things more some old people turn on the television presses the red button and everything other goes automatically you don’t need a remote control one only remote control no 100 buttons to press no matter where you are, whether in southern spain or in norway hungary the declaration yes but then the ard and zdf don’t get it like that or all German channels of course the mega rtl fan but there are all German transmitter something very practical sometimes feels like being mobile too home gets the programs like at home if i want it i can too you can leave it out don’t have to look but I always say if you have nothing to look at then you can’t look if you can you don’t have to look so that’s why news is sometimes not bad that sometimes on to watch you would know what else at home can proceed like that, I say the television can always be left out but when there are such children I can watch etc have all cd-rom do so there can be inserted into cd for your children films or for other super good But then get out that is called great again melody plus so I don’t we got mixed up thinks of hanging a little note on it Incidentally, also on all other cars if you come here in person stop by in saarlouis then find you have this description with you that is the melody plus class part integrated including navi radio reversing camera awning wheel carrier if necessary air conditioning has to be said because the driver air conditioning is always on with couples inside air conditioning is always with but we also have it in the class already vehicles the space have air conditioning on top climate on top of that, the climate or one box air conditioning at the next vehicle we have seen in the class we always have a room air conditioner included that’s anni legendary cars legendary cars with air conditioning remain her turn together with jürgen jung wvs wowi rental service is also here it is 100 euros if you book before February 28th 2009 10 shows the 100 euros 100 euros I know are also real, I ask they are real there they are somewhere on the strip at the side that is mean only there is of course now exactly this 100 there is no rental now for either 100 euros for early bookers by 28.2 also there if that is the case you have to say it have to say i saw the video relate to it that is very important to this action the promotion is not available if one

this has to be done directly via adac bucher I have seen exactly one must say say you saw the video because that is the background of where you are get the 100 euros thank you guys the big document we are on vacation in motorhome we are today because as before is mobile home agency service and look at a lot of mobile homes now we are in the last ni plus great and the young jungwirth is you a little bit of what they explain now special is that shows that you are straight always the legendary plus up here class with navi radio reversing camera air conditioning awning wheel carrier all the trimmings and on it seven meter 47 has this mobile home representing the legendary plus class and I’ll go briefly then I’ll show them basics up here is an awning of course it is built in lighting included i have one lighting that I just turn on can and I have the rear bike carrier who is always on it for three bicycles and I have a huge one rear garage here is all accessories so from chemistry of course you get a really big one instruction where all in all trimmings and on it but I don’t have to bring anything RV specific yonca lopa los yes you don’t need anything specific bring everything else with you right at the end we say again three things are one should possibly just take away from our advice what we say what you always need, we’ll come soon at the end again otherwise the vehicles are basically complete equipped and we get in legendary plus the felled or that is the platinum selection manufacturer now from this mobile is a stingy klaus so a knaus who knows that is already a luxury watch manufacturer I have to say that was important working together for years fits but most of them I have never seen because we’re in summer or started earlier at some point there weren’t gone exactly there they were always on the go and now we have them then stand here and lined up once wait a minute i have to take the camera first you have to swing it once internalize that looks like on a yacht yes that is tour that is exactly the same luxury here in the the great power of the left here in the department store special we are about at 90,000 euros 9000 euros that is that is already pure luxury up here large air conditioning with inside it is even if you are there a little is sensitive and accepts so outside 35 degrees then you often have them inside this is also how you primarily know them yes you can stop like that that everyone need that is stop individually adjustable air conditioning dometic is the manufacturer So a premium product roof climates with we have two lengthways beds I can also push it together if I so also believe to make a double bed this is always the case with our vehicles when there are beds that are always feasible as a double bed the one behind the cupboards that we in the airplane, yes, is awesome really expensive it’s really luxury yes also here we have among the two bed the two wall cupboards again to clear things in and then we have again accordingly our room bathroom and room shower how to a step backwards, however also always briefly are here for example with the model at the kaos wir are two windows left and right and Of course I have up here too can I see the starry sky when I want it and I do it so and when I open up here now and here again I close completely so young now the youth is gone that is namely very practical because now I have I can rest in peace prepare and have your own bathroom right in the knaus and got here to the left of the couple I looked there once had a toilet with the washing option and on the right side of i have foreseen then my shower by myself now left, of course so and here always no matter what leave the holder in the holder while driving that of youth has for the most important things already put stickers on it because this is where experience speaks But there is instruction if I ask I just have to ask something that addresses such an important point we drive a lot with them ourselves mobile homes and have of course also a lot of practical experience the we make the shower in there ourselves leave if you don’t think about it now and you drive into the first corner then most of the time you fly the ones you have as always is the case with me openly yes there comes the whole industry that there is a whole shower gel in the whole car inside that’s why we just have as a little hint that filter glued to get the thing out during the journey and what the briefing As for it, we are in season now 2009/10 complete with instruction film work that means every customer gets a briefing in advance make where exactly individual specific all things get explained he can himself all of that while driving look at the left or dvd thought he got as as as sent as a link respectively get code where he just came across our website can hang on it

he then has the opportunity to do so to look at the whole at the Handover of the vehicle is still the final questions from us explain too to let we then look at the vehicle outside and then there we are already gone drive what is the background of this the background of this is that the vehicles today are so packed with technology that we in the season 18 Some of the people noticed that are overwhelmed by us because we then instruction of one and a half hours have held and in the end they didn’t conscious of what you can say in the first I’ll do it again at home in peace look that means they’ll get it instruct anyway but that’s a a little shorter consensus at home smoke or longer than it is so how how everyone wants how everyone wants and if questions are answered like that natural as before but also the advantage is that you are therefore with You can calmly look at it and you can do it look again while driving if you don’t remember this is the one great advantage and we have tried started in 2018 and the people were all very satisfied we all said great ideas take a close look water rinsed out exactly did not know more and we looked at each other the city has stood there differently no longer or should have called which of course is also possible but so you always have the documents with you and that’s the technology today to look again everyone has a cell phone and you look at it again and then you know exactly what is going on that here too is going to be two people actually no people were intended thought but luxury class then high therefore the German rhi luxury class plus great there we only have plus exactly how even with the class before for two people who like to drive in luxury want also has a length of seven meter 47 so that’s why luxury lasts longer than 750 one will go there the young i can times show how a satisfied boy juncker sits with the vehicle do you also drive now and then with the conclusion was already gone because recently again over three weeks in southern spain with something smaller but also by vehicle erratic and that’s why I can too to say a lot about the vehicles because we test the vehicles ourselves and then quickly set the house change we have to improve he said that is a real luxury even here everything can not turn do So I have my seats with me Is there an instruction yes if you like now comes out briefly I have understood everything fridge is included TV is with air conditioning at the same time in pure luxury the legendary plus class that’s me once again briefly on the note up here it’s legendary plus class so it is this time in representation with a klaus that can also be a be another vehicle what this one equipment has equipment is defined you made a booklet shows me that you exactly we have in fierce this year made a flyer he can Anyone can buy this flyer from us request then we will send or then come to a station saarlouis industriestraße 3 and there are all prices, all vehicles or the classes of vehicles inside we will redirect the site also on the website with all information you need so that most of the questions are already in principle this little booklet answered will be great yes there are 100 here too euro 1700 and 28 orders and 2002 but earned just watch the film on it explicit pull exactly because he has yes by justin haber adac this is now a practical local thing that we do right now through exactly Early booking discount only direct only on the thing who sees the film has to be to refer to the film must say here i saw the film and i want to because like to claim and I want to like to book and get it all in the next class, yes that is our easy class that is in alkofen vehicle do you see the small trunk of the But over the cab stands for it a compact longer with six meters the short one is very short these vehicles are also popular for two people because briefly but then again in share the criticism of the mobile home and one has above all the huge space feeling The people are very high the big ones are two meters tall they can be in there without any problems standing there you go in here, too is a snack carrier on it here, too, are rear carriers and here is also known again as ours awnings the awning is included rear rack you open up for me right away I’ll go very briefly you have one rear carrier then we have that too inside that they also believe there it is for this time even up to four vehicles this is now a sky traveler from knaus very compact so looks from there from the back and I come in to the jürgen here the shore power connection is 230 volt the adapter is included and i come briefly about the 1st here is jürgen jung wow that’s wait sometimes I’ll go briefly to the other side then I can film better that’s high the height that’s when someone is tall you have a huge feeling of space in here

vehicle is now for two people thought but still have giants feeling of space and when you grow up you then you always have to duck your head is amazing how six meters look anyway when the flood So I sleep on top of it permeable on top of that, that’s the advantage for the long what you think that wide have where two meters are the bed is but also a meter long and hate native from 30 to 35 and then you can do better sleep in there you can flip up this bum while driving so you can experience can So that means in Zurich’s help and for there is a ladder here in the side how to draw here out and then you can just go over the head and I don’t have to go through that now over the seats up there couple that the children probably do constantly but children when you are there would take away exactly otherwise this is one too compact has six meters and longer just has a very large room height inside inside here too, of course, I have quite one great the nice one in our hob per field sink fridge up then under the sink underneath here too we have the drawers everywhere again cupboards are also the drawers put on yourself again we have the Closet for things to hang in again open and the bathroom but that was looks so please i do so there you go first in and make these animals you can do that here too everything is very very compact as I mean I have the whole lighting system with me some candy kette or josef ackermann close again and then you have again here was here the toilet is complete I can do that separately too then really have my peace because here’s one area is the shower with them on the side also very very big here I can really go then stand and here in front I have that sink but that’s complete separately that means I can also here who close the doors and can in peace just wash myself and at the same time can also someone on the toilet be young we also do there is and here i have again on the side likely big closet in but you have two gifts you have here once in a big way closet let’s get hold of here smaller closet where you can put things in can lie down otherwise give away everywhere on the stage So everything comes from stars like that vehicle is so that’s really something great people who don’t have any or people who say I feel too cramped in a vehicle that applies here not yes no that does not apply here and before all things great people got me mostly the problem that no beds find where you can sleep he it in this case there is also no problem because that’s big enough so here too i have a complete die nice with it, she’s also right lots of space with two people I don’t need to complain and I can even get off I can myself even out of the way one can go down Lying on can put up so the seats are not rotatable here namely to the Seats are net reber in the vehicle because she in alkofen vehicle is for that are you right about two benches for that? left ok and weeks really great oh, I can let that up stop so that’s for you to go in here can do it again for the big ones made the without you always the head bumps you can get up completely normal woman when he drives to me come on let it come on no longer come there and as a shock absorber that is guaranteed to come now push forward once again withdraw and accommodate the great she is called like the class that this class class yes then I’ll come over here for a moment and then almost again briefly together the easy klaas namely has an alcohol that is alcohol an alkofen bed on top is thought of for very tall people now i have learned two meters no problem but also for people who say hey I want one compact vehicle but still a lot place that is then suitable for it and it has the huge advantage it is really very very compact also means when i’m on the ferry we are here at six meters there the cheapest version the cheapest version that is me number on ferries for example in this one low price that’s exactly what it is lowest price up to six meters and there it’s about six to ten meters and then from 10 then it will steer properly here there is an extra 100 euros focus on the video until 2/28 when you book you get 100 euro cash from jürgen young here it is and here too it applies really have to book explicitly and there also say I saw the video and such was accurate only then there is the 100 euro if you refers to the video and one says you saw the video but stay tuned to the next one class right is what family glass for glass see you the adac mobile home rental like vs here is young greatest jürgen hello svenja last but not least the family class in renting that is a big car or yes it is ours family vehicle speaks for one family with many children here you can accommodate up to seven people take along with the kids and also has sleep huge for them in this vehicle So we’re shooting in January 2019 if they get the car that is of course winners ironed and such on and on, but we only ask times today times the classes before up to

seven sleeping places up to seven seats three and a half tons that is I can drive with every driver’s license and can be exactly seven meters long you drive with every driving license vehicles are basically to be driven like every car is no problem either when you think it’s in alkofen vehicle but nevertheless they are very handy and very compact always have have a reversing camera with it navigation systems inside like ours Usually an awning in the wheel carrier everything you need yes you should They take height restrictions seriously Height restriction definitely serious take that is always with us has already entered the vehicles special in the navigation devices navis they know the heights exactly know the given files and the heights leads you exactly over the way where stop bridges are always high enough are so here I also have an awning included here, too outside lighting included the entrance here is at the back I have a rear garage shows that you are straight now as an example for the family class that doesn’t have to be the euro be from bella easy behind is a wheel carrier with it and in the rear garage because I can continue I can fold that up that will that can be folded up exactly and then i can just bike and other things while driving take with me when I arrive then i get my chairs out and then can the child in this beautiful bed sleep means exactly that in the rear I have a double bed with a window even that takes a bunk bed right a double bed on top of each other raser yes so down here I have an entry guide it is there it is now too extended inside there is a tumor, I assume gas heating can do the half-fare card is one gas heating inside we learned with it us today in january and in here freeze over exactly but it’s right cozy and warm that goes very quickly so I think I am after one hour is getting really warm so that goes in no time the heating are very strong you can get in here up to the make sauna temperature 30 35 degrees so you have been very pleasant heard that’s a clear one to let the difference, let’s see so here you have two beds are also very very big these two meters long and about 80 wide one can love quite comfortably too Adults are not just children two beds what’s behind one closet is as the big closet where the women were very interested in where can you just get a lot pure so huge there is also a big one queue with me so here I can really jackets etc they are also right at the exit we are yes to the entrance ie here I can make the jackets hang in the kitchen is right here at the front of the entrance that means where they are also belongs there I can do everything you can cook is a three flame cooker with pedro ignition in the sink one has drawers There is a socket with a usb bar where you can everything can enter drinks or canned food above so what you need these vehicles have so much cupboard space that you can easily everything is in for them too person you have to say so there takes you have a little something with but you have space enough so there is space for one large mirror that is very interesting so you can look at each other completely even in the tightened state that will women in turn are interested the short form then go again want to check here I have a whole big fridge again large refrigerator with freezer above all important for families if you have an ice cream or something like that ride takes for the kids and downstairs stop also important again this drinks compartment where you can stand bottles can concentrate and not that normal refrigerator because of that im busy in summer when it is warm is so there is also gas via 230 volts immediately also exactly gas 230 volt and 12 volt where you always go down cools the refrigerator either with gas or with 230 volt the 12 volt version with the automatic that’s just one maintenance cooling procedure so i I have a really big one, the nice one which is also designed for seven people exactly so you can now convert them back to bed and this side can also be rebuilt to bed with the nice ones are renovation was for bed so that you as I say now when I’m in the normal state I have two worlds behind here a giant upstairs unimaginably large bed double bed two meters long and 1 meter 35 wide and there can be two people sleep easily it almost looks like further off so I’m for it but now with it that means but is almost a meter 40 is like a queen size bed really big the cushions are with while there I can go there what upholstery that there are windows are for when they are needed after how many people are driven is this converted to the nice bed and this nice one will be rebuilt The cushions are there for the bed if you don’t need them because you just say drove with two children that was at home, here we stay can now always have them in the vehicle so that the vehicle is always right can be stored so you know what one is there again in cupboards gifts that are everywhere now that is beautiful there could be one I drive family with seven children have seven seats they really have to be in here they could sleep in the tent too sleep there but sometimes you have

allowed with 747 institute places because you can drive with seven people they can certainly do it in the tent sleep what is done more often will that bigger kids say take the tent medium when you then on the campsite while sleeping in your tent but on the way to want again pause makes you can go exactly here the councils rebuild but otherwise can go out it’s a really really big vehicle in front the property cannot be rotated now because i have so i’m just saying it on the right side i have two places to eat breakfast and such continue and I have one again a total of four places in total six places and I could say that the seventh who has to go in between rely on a smaller child or so yes that’s exactly how it is thought then all the vehicles have navigation system with reversing camera are citroën chassis we have the battery technology already speaks it there are no problems with city trips are allowed even if there are driving bans So they drive into the cities the latest technology is in the vehicles burned yes the family class here again to emphasize you now have no exact I’ll show you the toilet right away you will never get a vehicle where one is directly on it with body contact We sat all the important places The ones made of fabric are covered they are always covered with so-called nest protection also the beds they will be after each rental which are pulled down and then still times cooked so washed konkel kocht and then fresh ones come again then as a child again briefly in wet area that is very important to me so can if I stop now children can also comfortably do martin here on the toilet because what heat come out as interesting in the warmest interior bath can that also clearly because the heating always sits very close to the beard because that’s where the main technology water technology is housed and there also in winter the most dangerous area is that can freeze and that’s why it’s there always warmest but there you can also use the air close so that it is then just but will have accordingly fog soup you see there is also a lot of space the window exactly i can i myself can also adjust to make that is when someone does a bigger business then there is a rest and can also be a a little google smartphone somehow towels on it to hang it up everything is included, everything is included I’ll say so it’s pretty good with four people it works at 67, so do we but it is possible with four people for example ultra comfortable with 4 people this ultra comfortable with We also have him as a whole rarely does it ever happen someone with five people drives completely rarely when at seven I think so I had only one time so far there was still a baby mostly going then the children between the parents into the double bed with in because there anyway the danger is but would work too walking is not a problem let’s go out here for a minute the family class up here is still with us times the heating that’s the heating controls from puma combined colliers me heating with warm water correct and also corrected so a combined heating combination 6 for water and warm air right up here I have the tank then what does he have in the morning water sewage yes he has in fresh water tank of 110 liters and waste water tank of 110 liters that will also did not display anything via electronic display on this display what has the vehicle here solar on this vehicle type is now no solar on it we also have some in the great with solar power I’m day 13 days if not that long then have to ask completely yes you always have to ask we must conditions that one would like to have and then let’s see what is best then fits and which vehicle then at which time is free one must this family class know there we are with the number of vehicles the vehicles will be relatively limited mostly in the main summer vacation booked or generally during the holidays and because we only have limited quantities You also have to have one for the vehicles Book relatively early that’s why we’re doing this to ourselves now here in january at minus 23 degrees that too film so that people can see it early on book because then we can still say vehicle free or you can enter it really does so hold on I come from young then still one bit minister for the moderation it’s like we have one the topic is really booming motorhome travel explodes that notice So you are selling more and more new men should take care of early use even a campsite has to fail So in peak times when you want to drive on the campsite and want to stay at a campsite then you should get in touch early do so but i think it’s not different from every vacation trip the one who flies in the plane takes care usually in early January February is the same with the mobile homes it’s just that the number of providers the motorhome is much lower like an airplane company or bus company and that’s why it is important that you look like this until I tell you beginning in mid-February at the latest family class have chosen it should one came up to us is and they say one would like to have this the vehicle conditions and then let’s see what’s up with the resignation

It is possible to cancel a trip insurance yes of course there is always one insurance that we also offer there are special insurances with the adac is made when illness death or other familial circumstances arise so that one just withdraw from the matter free of charge can something like 28 200 euros at least a week so that’s what you have to do Book at least a week but there there is 100 euro cash again whole please refer to the video so very important for the campaign yes exactly so there is the 100 euro only then when the customers give us others already say we saw the video and we are in touch now due to the videos beforehand when booking before not clear afterwards and then there is also this 100 euros at at least one week, i.e. six nights lease background additions you have to say we want them improve utilization so we had like that last year small gaps the choice extremely cheap but that is often only a few days or sometimes a week like this there is always so that in between you can ask questions after gaps but now it’s about that so that you fully utilize it is first about a complete to find utilization but it is also possible that is why we had a lot of people last year then they just felt sorry for them We came late and asked yes would like to and then we even had no longer the possibility of anything to do because everything was drawn was gone and that’s why mine was more intense rather earlier want to come over earlier and we will make offers then has you have three four days to think about it employer to talk to you have of course the possibility if you see all are statements it can also be new Buy a motorhome let go exactly that’s the one I can do now I’m not busy yet and I see stop in the summer vacation something is missing then I can add two more mobile homes provide the possibility I no longer have when the people or otherwise come this is the main reason made that how long here the rental is the one leasing has been going on since eight years but then you are a partner of the adac should be considered franchisee So there you work in the network really with all adac partners means I can do that nationwide too book as far as this is to book early It can also be so important that one says okay then I’ll drive 250 kilometers to pick up things because I get another one yes exactly the problem what here have in quotation marks or the good thing is that many are from switzerland for example from switzerland book us here in saarlouis and here with us your private vita car get the car can also be left in the huge fenced-in secured area partly even and covered and then drive from here to france to england and at the top of the two that means driving by car take over driving the motorhome here the area what you would like to have organic speaking are Baltic countries very much traveled moment and there we have a very strong request and that’s why, as I said, it’s just for them domestic all the more important there early decision to meet and that’s actually with the reason why we do it the way i do it now a great video where everyone See classes side by side, I’ll show it again advice from the outside then still times from left to right through we have a very compact one on the far left activity class we did that yesterday already shown there is another only video for the activity class das are so-called wagons on the base so there is a box because of that so on the left for four people as an entry-level option as a plus variant for two people with luxury right with full equipment with everything what you can imagine leather interior navigation system of the is full of everything to the outside shower everything that what solar system sat system everything you imagine so then we have here the harmony glass is exactly that is also for up to four people that would now be up to three people vehicles and then they have the plus class is then up to four people but no longer there for four people there is a video of its own at then we have the next bigger class already a luxury that’s the melody plus great there we only have plus there is then up to four people but then accordingly even more luxury something one plant the optics exactly a really great thing you can do that then have a close look in the video then we have the legendary plus great that is then our vehicles with the highest luxury standard from knaus seven meters 50 long exclusively for two people who want to travel in principle like at home just like in the hotel as before ship exactly there but what you should said yesterday then we have this here model he filmed that for me yesterday with for particularly tall people for tall people the easy glas is in alkofen vehicle but with a 6 meter length very compact also very popular for to travel to sweden and norway or finland like teacher mr stories exactly cheaper money wanted so short that wise short to six meters this is the first cheapest price and above all things for people two meters or more have more they have a huge volume of space there inside supported next to a head and has a good bed as my own video and just have what yes shot in this video by the company claas up to seven people so plenty of space if you take a little more people with you yes you can book that with wvs Wohnmobile – is best refer to video 100 euros there extra from one week minimum duration up to 28 2

2009 10 you are young you are master electrician, that’s exactly what it means also important quality checks all vehicles check that we never come back so you are very important because it is in their own interest that the vehicles don’t stay lying yes of course that is our own interest how to get the standard of the adac es also very high we try everything there possible to do that vacation really a pleasure will be where the people are ultimately the whole year after that looking forward and there must not be too complications come and that’s our standard because a very high standard and the let’s keep trying so upright to keep saying that it’s just part of the fleet so you have a total of well over 30 vehicles that are in the rental that means you can really get out of it I have no more questions if you too want to book you can call at any time but has questions, of course, we have one own booking hotline there are two women who only do it ask everyone accordingly can answer those around the booking are and if it’s then special technical questions are sometimes included occupancy with seat heating then is always passed on to me and then I can still help and can then possibly be extended issue takes numbers like the numbers yes always pay in advance a small deposit started then there is a six-week deposit before the rental begins, transfer everything by transfer was basically nothing everything by bank transfer and then we have the vehicles are all complete insured with fully comprehensive insurance 1500 euros Deductibles must either by train transfer or by credit card will be deposited with the credit card is not charged to us we only keep them for now as me not just just in case everything i need for the motorhome special things are included like for example special voltage adapter this there is also there I say sometimes such a mistake is the on parts are included and so on but me can go to you for a moment, that’s still there secured here this is brand new we still have it not in operation that’s one sold yes you can see it in advance there is an extra lock us in with it can’t jump up if the she activated the opened and that is all were all that for operation of the vehicle is required transition cable safety vests First aid kit warning triangle with a notch a hand brush the chemistry for them toilet chemistry for the water to fill a watering can around the water tank to fill everything is in principle I always say it’s easier list what the customer has to take with him it is important that he has his own at least 20 meters long extension cable takes drum to for example a drum for example he can take one with him if he wants own water hose around the tank too to fill and he should definitely take it with him if he’s big business on the want to make toilet in the mobile home camping-grade toilet paper water can also buy from us that’s all we want to say let’s say all gone and I’ll say cutlery you have to take it with you basics but please contact us there we also have sets like we did with rent it would take time to get along i’m quite a reader out of switzerland I can also have all of you against little money in the people there not no there are fixed prices that are also with us transparent on ours to see the website what once cost but you can with us get everything and you can’t do anything get if you don’t need anything but the three things i have listed should be taken with you if necessary fully comprehensive how does it work now harm yes one has a harm and then it just happens that you fall if you do not have additional insurance just completed the 1500 euros the museum would have to pay yes additional insurance goes this then does not include additional insurance only the accident damage in this respect it also includes internal damage diab face fuses are more likely around firmly covers all damage to the attachments such as on the awning and on the wheel carrier and thus if you have the concludes the reduced cost contribution to 200 euros that means in the unlikely event that one has always only 200 euros although that is a lot expensive the conclusion is daily price from this starts with the mobile homes nine euros and ends at the highest district class b eleven euros a day you should definitely go actually or I actually advise always in the quiet, more dignified to have vacation and not worry to have to do something like that because when something happens and we already do it even what happens then you are always glad if I have something like that because then do the 200 euro ultimately hurts but it’s not as bad as 15 yes says jürgen jung electrician so all vehicles are passionate rented have a high quality if you have seven hits you come book to adac like renting do that we see a lot of people from further on away jürgen what I have to say about it would like the standard of our vehicles is always very new from the start the largest part 80 percent of the vehicles which are now 19 to be used year built 2009 10 vehicles we only have

seven more vehicles from 2018 and those are vehicles the middle of 2018 has now been approved are almost half-yearly vehicles all right the word thank you