What IF Monolith Soft Reveals a NEW IP at E3 2019? Here's EVERYTHING I Would Want in it!

What’s up everyone to OJ here welcome back to our road to e3 countdown today we’re taking a look at some more monolith soft goodness and what we can see from them but today I’m gonna be focusing on a new IP from monolith soft and if that was to be revealed at e3 what we can see from it well I would want from it and of course what you guys think about it so let’s go ahead and go over kind of monolith soft just a little bit for those who aren’t familiar with it and then we’ll get into the things that I want to see if model is softer to a brand new IP on the Nintendo switch so monolith soft was actually a company kind of formed within Square Enix they were some of the developers behind Final Fantasy 6 and also Chrono Trigger Secret of Mana they’ve done some great stuff when it comes to certain members of the team now of course they weren’t called monolith soft back then but they really got their debut was back on the ps1 that was pretty much the model was stopped that we kind of know at this point or at least the core or the origins of monolith soft now after they left Square Enix they formed their own company of course the official model of soft and started developing games for Bandai Namco and also for Nintendo as well in terms of GameCube exclusives they worked on the DS they worked on various different things and then you can know ended up purchasing them I think it was a late 2000 and you’re purchasing them and then of course the rest is history with Xenoblade and some of the other things that they’ve done so let’s talk a little bit about a new IP for monolith soft and if you can see that at e3 and of course what I would want from that new IP so I think it’s a very good possibility very good possibility since it’s the 10th anniversary of the original Xenoblade that we see some type of the new IP from monolith soft or we see a new lore or way of the xeno games maybe it’s called a Z no something else right not Xenoblade but Z no something else and it shares some type of similarity with some of the previous xeno games so I think that that is definitely a possibility for this year’s e3 and I’m excited to see what mama saw passed for us because you have to remember monolith up has not made with their a team a new game in quite some time Xenoblade Chronicles X was the last type of their a development team you have Xenoblade Chronicles two that was made by like the tier 2 team with around 40 people so not even near the full strength of model of soft what we do know that mono soft is stacking up on talent they have over 200 employees now which is so much bigger than when they first made Xenoblade Chronicles X when they first made Xenoblade and of course what’s going down with Xenoblade Chronicles 2 they have 5 development teams spread across Japan and the tier 1 team of takahashi-san is hard at work on something we got some new development updates when they said if they’re recruiting for a game that’s going to have some type of futuristic or mechs in there but there’s also going to be fantasy elements as well so who knows what this could be that could be describing Xenoblade or that could be describing a brand new IP and I’m leaning towards a brand new IP maybe seeing it at this year’s e3 because that is the time I guess to do it I mean you could do it a Nintendo Direct but I think that nothing gets people more excited when it comes to the core fan base than a new monolith soft game so I think that is definitely a possibility but enough about that let’s talk about what this new IP could have in it or what I would want for this new IP to have compared to what monosoff has done in the past so the number one thing for me is a large seamless open room now I love the structure of Zinberg Chronicles – I think fast travel ins gray I think what they did there is really good for the type of game but in this new game I would love it to be a hybrid of Xenoblade Chronicles 2 and Zinberg Chronicles X and the one thing about Xenoblade Chronicles X that is so good is the fact that Xenoblade Chronicles X has a seamless open-world when you get into that open world with all of that wildlife and everything that’s going on there’s no loading screens there’s never at times where you have to load anything you can go from one area to the next idiot you can fly across there with your scale is just absolutely phenomenal and if they’re able to integrate that seamless open-world how big the open world is in a new IP I think that would be absolutely phenomenal for a new Z know something Game Boy brand new IP now the next thing that I want to see is rare blades or rare weapons but not rare / legendary core crystals now if there’s probably one major criticism of Xenoblade Chronicles – that most people can agree with is that the legendary core soles and rare core crystal system while not monetized with microtransactions is still tedious when it comes down to it especially in trying to collect all the blades and your farming legendary core crystals and every single time you open one nothing comes out public common blades and not rare blades that is just something that I don’t want them to do now here’s the thing I don’t mind them revisiting this whole rare blade system or revisiting this whole core crystal thing but I think that a legendary core crystal should contain a legendary weapon or a legendary or rare she’d contain an actual rare weapon something

thats need to identify it from something else not just the same looking blades over and over and those should be tied to important missions secret missions side missions you should be rewarded for exploring the world with that type of weapon or feeling certain conditions then collecting that right so I think that they can do the whole core crystal thing if they want to integrate that in some way shape or form but just do it in a way towards actually rewarding to the player not just randomly farming one spot than off simple here comes a legendary core crystal just comes pop it out oh by the way it’s just a regular blade that I’ve gotten 5 million times so I think that would probably be a great option I don’t hate the concept I hate the execution when it comes down to it and I think that calming cores and all that should just not be a part of it like that should just not be there you should just get rare blades you should just get legendary core crystals and you should just kind of develop or focus around weapons like that and it doesn’t even have to be like a blade that’s like a living being but like a rare weapon within a core crystal or something like that if you want to tie it back to Xin lei Chronicles 3 or if it’s a whole different arc in the xeno series to me the randomness just shouldn’t come back when it comes to that whole thing now another thing I’d love to see is optional online co-op Xenoblade Chronicles X had this and it was great but Xenoblade Chronicles X also had passive online co-op as well – where you can kind of like borrow a friend’s character bring them into your game for certain amount of time that can help you out with missions I think that would be really cool for monolith softs new IP if they can integrate that and do it maybe a little bit better than Xenoblade Chronicles X had it integrated because that one was a little bit weird they had some notifications of the kind of things but it wasn’t integrated enough to the point to where you’re gonna be like okay I’m gonna really seek out the on you to go to the area then you kind of had to hop into it from there but if they can integrate it a little bit better and actually have it to where you get items and rewards and those transfer back to your main game that would be really cool if they could but I do like the passive and online co-op thing that was formed in Xenoblade Chronicles X I think it was a great system it was just marred by some of the limitations of the Wii U when it comes to certain things and just people just being overwhelmed with content in the single-player which is fine I have no problem with that just because there’s some people who don’t want to do online playing moment and I’m not big on online play myself I think optional is always good heck even a game like Bayonetta 2 had optional online multiplayer that was actually pretty fun and I played it every now and then now the next thing that I’d like to see and their new IP would be vehicle transportation or some form of mechs or something like that or airship that you could actually control these are actually one of the things that I love in RPGs is when a developer says that hey we’re gonna give you some type of control method to go about the world right whether you can like ride in like a Jeep or you can travel and set up a huge mech or some type of tank or something like that or an airship in this case that is great you can control it yourself one of my favorite things about Final Fantasy 6 man just rolling around in that airship being able to fight enemies out there and also games like Skies of Arcadia have the airship as well and that’s how you traversed in the world was through that so if they can do that in their next game whether if it’s a game that has mechs and you can use the Mexicans in Luke Chronicles X to get around the open room and just see all the sceneries and everything or if you just have an airship that gives you a nice view everything I always like that when it comes to RPG so I’m hoping that they do some type of airship that you can actually control not an airship but you have because we all know that there’s ships they travel and Zimmy Chronicles 2 but you don’t actually control them so I want to have that direct control of the airship I want to be able to explore and find different secrets and different things with the airship or with the mechs so that’s always been one of the fun things and RPGs and I’m hoping they bring that back into their new IP kind of like from Xenoblade Chronicles X on the other games that I mentioned now another thing that I’d like to see is secret bosses and multiple endings Chrono Trigger is my favorite RPG of all time along with Fire Emblem awakening and there’s certain things in those games that if you do you can activate certain different sea of endings and events that do happen and it’s always cool for the completionist it’s always cool for the people who want to kind of get everything explore every nook and cranny to get the nice little bonuses at the end of it I know like bravely default for example have some great stuff tucked away there’s some secret endings and fans always love that that’s always a way to kind of get fans to play the game morning and not trade it in is to put in those multiple endings put in those secret bosses make sure that people can say hey there’s like a way to fight these people and get the fans talking about it right after release obviously you don’t market it that way but they’re in there you know so I think that that’s always a way to really help out with longevity of the game especially for a single-player RPG if they’re gonna go that route so I’m hoping that it does have some type of secret bosses multiple endings that you can go through to where the fans can really kind of dig in after the game has been beamed even like postgame content it’s always really good endgame content stuff that you can’t access until you beat the game new game+ stuff like that is always great for a Xenoblade game but just RPGs and games in general even if it’s a non RPG game like Resident Evil that game always had all sorts of cool secret stuff that you can get endings and extra modes unlocked after you beat the game now finally I’d like to see

some form of xenoblade’s combat system with elements and I think that was the best thing that they added into zeal blade in terms of the franchise was the different elements that you got through the blades and the weaknesses and the resistances and all that type of stuff kind of run me of Pokemon at times with the different rare blades and everything so kind of keeping that going with the elements when it comes to different attacks or even weapons that have those properties on them so you can customize maybe you can even fuse on fire damage or fuse on electricity I love that type of stuff when developers do that in their games I’m a big fan of that type of customization and everything so I’m hoping that they do add some type of elements to the different type of properties within weapons and there’s customization like you can instantly blade whip those weapons and stuff that you can augment with the ox cores and different stuff that you can do to kind of put on making your weapons stronger and kind of buffing things up just a bit that’s always been one of the things that I loved in RPGs so I’m hoping that that does come back in their next game we’re gonna have to wait and see I mean but I’m hoping that this is a brand new IP people have asked me like what do you want is it Abed Chronicles 3 or do you want a brand new IP and I think that I think it’s time man I think it’s time for Marvel stuff to kind of explore something different with it and maybe they make a new IP maybe they make a new xeno something but it has a completely different look and feel and combat status and kind of what they’re doing and they’ve borrowed elements from what they’ve done in the past with the various Xenoblade games and they kind of just make a game based off of that I’d be completely down because all of these ideas here are all things that are kind of like borrowed and taking from Xenoblade one said ley chronicles – and is it electronical x so this would be like the super new IP game or the super new game that kind of has a different style and look to it but at the same time has some things that made these others nobody game’s so successful and endeared them to fans so I’m looking forward to all of that guys I love xenoblade and I love moms stuff I think they do a great job man I’m really hoping at e3 we do get that reveal I have a brand new IP for Mama soft but we’re gonna have to wait and see III is less than a month away so I cannot wait for a Nintendo’s presentation just to see what they reveal or even like a Nintendo Direct afterwards III is not the be-all end-all so maybe at some point we see some type of new IP or what mama soft is work and I know it’s gonna come more sooner than later I’m just hoping it’s 2019 so what do you guys think about my thoughts here when it comes to what mom will soft can do for their brand-new IP and of course what are your things that you’d like to see for a brand new IP from monolith soft some gameplay elements story almost what would you like let me know your thoughts in the comment section below alright guys that wraps it up for this video here gonna cut the links in description below we got Facebook and Twitter gonna give us a like enough on our social media hit that like button if you did like this video let’s you know you guys want more content like this core import of the future and subscribe the player since players RPG Japanese in Tendo gaming news thank you so much for watching I will catch you guys for the next one days