2018 Game Room Tour – 5500 Games & 80+ Systems (All Free!!!)

welcome to the 2018 room tour to Canada what’s up guys I’m CJ are welcome back to the 2018 edition of my annual room tour my game room tour I’ve now been collecting for nine years so in that time I have amassed fifty four hundred just over fifty four hundred games I’ve mentioned this in previous videos but everything you’re going to see in this video is completely free the way I’ve done that you can check out my previous videos where I actually picked up over the past five years I’ve actually been filming my garage sale pick up so typically I’ll pick up a big box of video games for cheap at a garage sale keep what I need sell or trade off the rest to gain more games for my collection so you’ll find a playlist in the description below both for my garage sale pickups and my collection video so I’m going to move pretty quickly in this video so if you want to see a more in-depth video on each individual collection what I have in my collections that will be in the description below like I said I’ve been collecting for I think nine years always forgot how long it’s been but it doesn’t seem like I’ve been collecting that long my boys are now five and six years old so I spend a lot of time down here gaming with them I am by no means an expert on video games one question that I’m sure many of you will have do you play all these games I have the next 40 years to play my collection enjoy them with my two boys so yeah we kind of learn as we go there’s plenty of games at all you know I picked up five years ago I’ll pull one off the shelf I never got around to playing this one we’ll play it with the three of us so having my boys as they’ve gotten older we’ve been using this game room and playing these games more and more so I will at the end of this video answer a bunch of the most commonly asked questions but feel free to post some of your questions in the comments below you can follow me on Instagram if you want to see more in depth of what I have in this game room and stuff that I picked up and stuff like that feel free to follow me on Instagram that’s also an inscription below let’s go ahead and start the 2018 game room tour I’ll do a quick game room overview for you guys here I always hate when people don’t show the actual game room and just kind of zoom in on specific areas so here’s a quick 360 so I thought we would start this year’s game room tour in my main gaming area here this is where I do all my current gen gaming you can see I’ve got pub G running there right now we’ll head over a little bit closer here just wanted to give you guys a quick opening shot of where I do most my gaming this is the Sony KS 8000 4k TV that I picked up last year it’s been absolutely fantastic I do play PC games on it and my HTC vive all that kind of stuff I have keyboard and mouse setup that I have tucked away right now but I play a lot of games with the controller too so the nice thing about this TV other than being 4k HDR is that it has very low lag so it’s I think it’s 20 milliseconds which is fantastic for a TV so I get to play all my super high-end PC games on a that’s gonna happen from time to time that’s the super checks bubble-hockey it’s in a track mode so bear with me fantastic TV super low lag I get to play my PC games on a 65 inch TV it’s absolutely amazing so we’ll quickly go over what I have in my main rack down here that’s a ps3 fat with full backwards compatibility the ps4 pro xbox 360’s I believe that model is it’s the newest model that they were released we’ve got the Xbox one X below that a new addition I didn’t have this last year is the Wii U I got one back my blacks take a sports dreamcast there is the Nintendo switch cable box some switch games and my retron 5 that’s what’s in my main gaming center I’ll call it ok to the right of the my main TV here we’ve got my ps1 collection which has I’m just checking my collectors game app this is the app I use another question I get a lot of the time is what app I use to what database app I use for my collection so I’ve got four hundred and forty ps1 games at the moment lots of good stuff in there lots of snicklefritz as most of you know I call it yeah it’s just stuff if I don’t have it I find it at garage sales I pick it up and I hold on to it I am running out of a little bit of room so I have to do some reshuffling we’ve got Wii U Wii games below I have contemplated just going for a complete Wii collection and just not actively there’s a lot of collections that I have

that I just kind of if I find them I’ll buy them at garage sales I don’t actively seek out I’ll say that a lot like I’m kind of going for a complete collection without actually really trying this is where I keep some games I’m just kind of currently playing obviously not all those but just keep them handy let’s see well look up top here just some boxes for systems some promo boxes those supercool cuphead pop vinyl figurines original Xbox these guys are cool original Batman Lego figures cat let me fell over I’m just keep some stuff on display up here the eye in the sky up there on the left side of my main gaming TV here super cool mumu farms Raceway that’s from good time games in Waterloo 3’s collection love the 3ds I made an infamous video where I said Nintendo should kill it before they even released the switch and I still feel that way it’s a seven year old system that’s still kind of hanging on des collection but I absolutely love the 3ds just to let you know des collection really good games in the DS some really awesome stuff and I feel like the DS isn’t super expensive to collect for trying to look for keep forgetting I’ll give you guys some more numbers here des collection I’m at 216 games 3ds I think we’re around 80 now I’ve got a couple GBA games in here some of the better games in custom cases cover or cover cover project.org I believe there’s a nice some nice games on the IDs retro game challenge love that one here is my GameCube stuff I am going for a complete GameCube collection like I said just kind of picking them up as I find them I have collection videos all over my channel individual collection videos so I’m not going to go through every game here I might mention a few but if you want to see exactly what’s in my collection feel free to check out those videos on my channel there’s a pick ups or a collection video playlist in the description below this is the infamous Nintendo nook I post a lot of pictures too on Instagram if you want to follow me on instagram that’s in the description below so you see a lot of the cool stuff I have on there Super Mario 3d World standee here is the n64 collection 216 games right now for the n64 that’s one I’m actually actively seeking out to complete we’ve got the NES collection 465 games and I am kind of actively like all buy some of these at videogames swaps and stuff or trade for games that I need NES is near and dear to my heart that’s one of the first systems I had so here’s just one shelf in the Nintendo now this really means a reorganizing there’s the NES classic bunch of my handhelds I know I’m going pretty quick here I’m sure a lot of your you know yelling wait stop I want to see that I will do another video specifically on the Nintendo Nook some more boxes up top GameCube n64 collection I that needs some reorganizing there obviously the smoke won’t fit on there we’ve got the SNES classic Super Famicom classic and Famicom Classic Mini another shelf here some controllers some figures some world of Nintendo stuff there that Luigi statues pretty cool Donald’s figures McDonald’s Mario Cart my Virtual Boy down there and this TV here is just a pretty basic 36 inch CRT CRT television ways like 270 pounds it’s insane but it looks pretty good for retro stuff not the best but definitely definitely looks good here is another set of systems the NES Super NES n64 Master System 2 tucked back in there beside the Gamecube is the Sega CD X which I love plays Sega CD and Genesis ps1 great little system and then there’s a neogeo under there the GameCube controllers are out because my boys love playing cell damage on the king cube it’s one of their favorite games on to the Super Nintendo stuff Super Nintendo we are at 275 games now some boxes down there some NES boxes I just keep them separate for now eventually I’ll have to put them in there when I run out of room I am pretty

future-proof here for room I still got one whole wall that I’ll show you where I can tuck games if I need to eventually so that is the Nintendo nook like I said I’ll do a specific Nintendo Nook video at some point where I’ll go more into depth but like I said you can see individual collection videos on the channel so this is kind of my little gaming couch where I sit fallout Pip Boy special edition they’re pretty cool my google home this is a heater slash end table type thing that gets pretty cold down here so I turned that on sometimes got some guides tucked in there I’ll move there’s my macbook where I do all my editing I keep controllers that I’m using right there and if I lift this up this is a lot of people’s one of people’s favorites what last year was so this opens up and this is where I have one of my favorite collections this is my Game Boy collection here there’s original Game Boy Game Boy Color up the side here and Game Boy advanced Game Boy Advance back there I am at 293 gameboy titles 311 GBA titles and 135 gameboy color titles still looking for cases for each game yeah there’s all my game boys my modded gameboy original with a backlight and it’s my GBA that I made this is a modded original or uh yea modded original GBA with a GBA SP 101 screen in it that’s one of the mods that I do I’ve done a video on that on my channel also this guy here is my favorite at the moment this is my gameboy color light from Jelly Belly Kustoms really gorgeous really nice system so yeah that is my gameboy collection I’m actually in the process of trying to find another one of these for my other gaming area which I’m going to show you right now so this here is the second gaming area it’s more of like a all right go home so this is the secondary gaming area here starting with the Sega Genesis stuff here love collecting for the Sega Genesis it’s just super hard to find in my area right now followed by Sega Master System I’ve got two hundred and seventy two genesis games we are at 75 Master System games Sega CD were only at 30 I don’t have very much Sega CD stuff and Sega Saturn we’re at 44 really really hard to find Saturn and Sega CD stuff in the wild and as I said that’s pretty much the only place I buy it so I don’t have a massive collection when it comes to that stuff some big box ps1 32x my tiny 3do collection again a lot of collections I don’t have a lot of games for because I like I said 99% my stuff is found in the wild so pretty nice game gear box game gears their Genesis boxes game gear collection this thing is full I’ve got another jelly belly customs Game Gear in there which is amazing we’ve got a Sega CD model to model one and then this stuff is some really retro stuff Coleco visions and televisions 2600 sold Xboxes we’ve got three do Atari 400 Atari XE a pong a telstar pong system a television 2t 99 for T 80 99 for a ya and on this shelf we’ve got the retron 5 retro do a portable which is I like better than the Superboy personally Dreamcast Neo Geo X minus G of box Neo Geo collection bought that in one lot locally one of my favorite systems here is the Neo Geo pocket color I have two of those and a bunch of games really want to get one of those with a modded screen got the box for it there – turbo ever drive I have a few ever drives I just like using them for convenience my turbo graphics games we’ve got the Vectrex which is one of my favorite systems love this system got one boxed with like 11 games a few years ago for 400 bucks which is a really good

deal my retro gamer magazine definitely need a better way to display those commodore 64 in the box some you know pete ark old computer type stuff Atari flashback my Atari games halo 2600 yes it does exist it’s a thing it’s actually a pretty cool game ColecoVision in television I always say these are probably the first things that would go in my collection I just don’t have much connection to these the 2600 I do that was my first system so I’ll never let those go a couple arcade sticks up top the Tatsunoko vs. Capcom stick I did a will at work on this pac-man arcade machine that you can find on my channel found that at a garage sale this year for 10 bucks this is the pure solar collectors edition I’m some like mechanical stuff I had this guy when I was a little kid so that was kind of cool to find that Tomy racing unit LCD games strategy guides Nintendo powers more strategy guides and then we are on to kind of my retro area this is a pretty cool TV I’m running dynamite cop one of my favorite Dreamcast games with the arcade stick I’ll show you guys under here there are all my Dreamcast controllers I want to find one of those Ottomans for here for storage that I have in the other area that are basically I have two of the arcade sticks there the dreamcast is my favorite system all all-time I guess will quickly jump over here here is my complete Dreamcast set with the help of many of you guys thank you so much to all the people that helped me complete this set I think around 2 years ago now favorite system love the Dreamcast so yeah I got a bunch of really cool coffee table books these anthology books the SNES and NES playing with power these are like book scenes from retro gamer like special editions really cool stuff love retro gamer so this TV actually has HDMI it’s a CRT TV with HDMI every year I get asked what model it is so this year I wrote it right there that’s the model number super easy to find not super easy but I think I bought this for like $50 so you can easily find these on Kijiji Craigslist they’re pretty cheap 270 pounds though 36-inch looks great for retro games not the best TV you can buy not the best CRT TV you can buy for retro games but really a really good one that you can find cheap so down here we have a ps2 slim sega dreamcast a modded Wii which I just put all my games in my collection on just so the kids can play it easily that’s the Neo Geo X followed by the turbo graphics don’t mind my finger Sega Saturn to the right and then modded xbox down there I used all these modded systems this the bottom Xbox I just found at a garage sale basically for just the convenience of being able to play my entire collection just have them all on the hard drive it’s much easier with kids next up is my stand up arcade machine pick this up oh god why did I pick this up probably 2011 maybe 2009 right when I first started collecting I still had this yeah it’s like 2009 about a while now it’s just running a it’s running name there’s a CRT TV and there still works pretty good I have an issue with the trackball won’t work right now I gotta figure that out I’m actually hadn’t turned it on before today it’s a long time got some collectibles up top with some promo boxes new addition to the game room a drum set that I picked up for the boys for their birthdays it you know there’s still quite a bit of floor space here that’s the best place I could find for it back on this shelf I have some special edition stuff I got rid of a bunch of my special dish stuff I didn’t really want anymore you know Cooney white wizard edition I’ve got a couple handhelds up there some of our Spiro toys that they sent us over also did a video on those more handhelds batteries for filming this TV we use for ps3 sometimes for like gun games boys love playing those here is the record collection that’s my wall of vinyl I think I meant like I think it’s like 2600 records should really move this get that out of the way yeah 2600 records approximately all found through garage sales I do buy some on Amazon these are these amazing data discs releases just Google data discs a whole bunch of video games soundtrack albums that are awesome can

see I have a few more of them here really amazing stuff from data discs loved video game soundtracks nothing better to play in the game room two turntables here and I wanna gloss over that Newmark TTX I bought these like 10 almost 15 years ago now probably 10 more like 10 I used to mess around with Serato and scratch and mix and I’m not any good but we love having them down here the boys come down and scratch once in a while mancave sign which I forgot to turn on for this tour there it is yeah I don’t know what else I can show you here let me think this is a really cool Grand Theft Auto stand II I collect old school boom boxes there’s my Nintendo vans up there okay swing it around this way this wall here has a couple kiosks 360 kiosk that I got several years ago picked up this ps4 when I think two years ago PS wars are not cheap enough for me to actually have one in there right now that’s just a dummy it’s just for show but in the coming years as they drop I’ll get one to put in the ps4 kiosk halo Master Chief stand II this awesome ps4 banner and then this corner is kind of just some of our like nicer toys some Star Wars stuff here millennium falcon 8080 really cool Batman toys up there I love 60s Batman you know boxes we’ve got Turtles vans remote control car the blimp Devastator we got the big Mikey figure and then it’s pretty much all Ninja Turtles Ninja Turtles sewer set bunch of vehicles whole bin full of guys here’s this here’s the sewer playset from the original Ninja Turtles the ones that I played with as a boy and the Technodrome and then in this door is the kid’s messy toy room that they really have trouble keeping clean that bins full of about 70 pounds of Lego DVDs which I’m getting rid of I did hold on to some of my favorite DVDs which I’ll show you now this is a new area I decided to get a CRT TV specifically one that has a rounded screen so I could play gun games I’ve got an NES there there’s my halo Master Chief how much some more retro gamer mags beer fridge must in a game room GTA Vice City standee I got this really cool this is a new addition to this crash bandicoot stand II earlier this year that’s from micro play and Kitchener shout out to micro play thank you very much yeah CRT TV I added right there just so we could play gun games on the NES love doing that alright so this is kind of this is the Xbox wall we’ve got 360 at the top some Xbox one stuff original Xbox huge fan of the Xbox family of products and then some DVDs and blu-rays that I decided to keep for the collection this is the super check bubble-hockey that you have been hearing throughout this video yeah love bubble-hockey it’s one thing that I always wanted to add to my collection it’s like foosball but fun being in Canada that’s kind of a dream for every Canadian to actually own one of these I picked this up for a really good deal a few years ago was like new I think paid like a third of the cost of what it would be new so really happy to have that the wall of ps2 this is all ps2 stuff one of my biggest collections ps2 I’m at five hundred and forty six games like I said I’m kind of going for a complete collection just keep what I don’t have I didn’t mention here original Xbox I’m at 300 for Xbox 360 259 so still going for a lot more of those here is what I call the PlayStation Corner pretty cool Metal Gear Solid poster there my Vita collection PSP collection really loved collecting for the PSP it’s a super easy one to collect Fork is not a lot of people are collecting for it but there’s a lot of good RPGs on the system mostly what there is rpgs fighting games some really good puzzle games I am 172 PSP games one of my favorites waiting for this to come to the switch and handle please make this happen Capcom please make this happen Power Stone collection just poured it over to this which may be a happy man love power stone one of my favorite games in the

Dreamcast so here’s my ps3 kiosk I believe it’s running Okami HD my GTA 5 poster ps3 collection I don’t have that many ps3 games I the 360 was my lead console that generation although I did play more ps3 as that generation went on and here is one more arcade machine this is the sit down arcade cab from Mega Man or from mancave arcades in Markham Ontario Street Fighter 5 Edition running super puzzle I just have a ps3 in there running right now this is one of my favourite puzzle games love puzzle games yeah super puzzle fighter 2 turbo what else can I show you here here’s the Dustbuster which i use to keep clean down here some storage in here you can see it’s running the ps3 super slim I actually have two super slim ps3 s really like those systems because they’re reliable they don’t have a whole lot of moving parts that won’t break down I actually have another super slim in there um that’s pretty much it my Gameboy pillow what else can I show you guys here did I mention uh the drum kit is a pearl drum kit which I picked up used on Kijiji for a really good price I guess I can show you guys this I forgot set up two more TVs this is new and this wasn’t here last year I just thought I had a spot here where I could set up the SNES classic and the NES classic the boys play those a lot so we kind of just I can set them up here and kind of let them be on their own so yeah it’s really fun the boys are old enough now to you know play more games down here and you know do a lot of it on their own without my supervision couple plushies there donkey kong mario and Spyro that’s the game room for 2018 that’s it for the 2018 game room tour thank you guys so much for joining me and thank you for your continued support on this channel if you haven’t done so already feel free to hit the subscribe button for more retro gaming videos gameplay garage sale pickups if you want to just kind of see what my channel is about feel free to check out some of the other videos on my channel and subscribe and if you enjoyed this video hit the like button to get to some of your questions you probably have number one I dust about once a month dusting is not too bad down here it’s not really an issue to my electricity bill is probably the same or slightly more than yours I don’t typically run every single system I don’t have them all on like I do for this video it’s usually just one at a time you don’t have every light on down here either three this is a basement I live in Canada so this is not my entire this is not my house it’s not my parents house I don’t live in my mom’s basement at least not anymore so yeah this is the basement my wife does not mind I have this down here anything to get the boys out of her hair for an extended period of time she’s she’s more than down with she plays games down here – we were actually playing the HTC vive as a family the other night so what else I’m not rich as I mentioned all of this has been through garage saling as I mentioned I may not have the best collection but it may actually be the cheapest collection like that’s like above 5,000 games I kind of pride myself on not spending I call it family money on my hobby my video game budget that’s totally fine if you do it’s just if you spend your money on video games that’s great if that’s what you want to spend your disposable income on that’s good for you I just enjoy half the fun for me as being able to find games cheap and the hunt of it is as part of collecting half of collecting for me is the fun of going out to garage sales with my boys and trying to find cheap games going to swabs trading people and trying to completely keep my collection free so that’s that’s one of the things that I enjoy about this collection and collecting in general I think that’s it for all the questions that I normally get asked like I said feel free to post your questions in the comments below and if you haven’t done so already follow me on Instagram if you want to see more of my I don’t know collecting journey all the stuff I pick up stuff just individual things in my collection vinyl pickups just a bunch of cool stuff stuff with my family if you’re not not too much with the family don’t worry it’s not a whole bunch it’s not a fee full of my kids if that’s what you’re worried about so that link to my Instagram is in the description below once again thank you guys so much for your continued support thank you for watching this video hit the like button if you enjoyed it and tell them except asila welcome to my 2018 game room tour