Birthday Gifts From My BFF Cheri7495 Thank you so much LOVE!!

I’m back well hi everybody Here I am again this is Johnny Tabasco 14 from both my ebay store in here on youtube my video is uploading another video so well it’s uploading finally I have decided that I would open this box from my BFF on camera I showed you in the at the end of the last video the damage to the side of the box from the post office so let’s helpful as well on the inside I’ve just cut the tape open and that’s it haven’t taken a look oh my goodness it’s even hard to and open this up wow this is stuffed full I want you to know it weighs a time so I think the best thing to do is to try and take this all out of here and put it on my desk that’s all I can think to do cuz it weighs so much there’s so much in here oh my goodness bear with me Oh Molly is so much fun Oh My giddy asleep kidding Wow wee woo and I should have cleared off my desk completely first who knew dolly I know I’m so I can step out putting him on my left trying to find a place okay let’s see all right I got it all you think I got it all she’s got notes you have to know us we laughed so hard at night um literally she makes me specially because of my age um she makes me tingle in my pants all the time cuz we just laughing left last night she started again about something silly I I don’t even know what did she made me laugh at but I was literally dying because of everything oh my goodness oh my goodness Wow ok I think I have it alone sure can we pull the box up here so I then put stuff behind me in the box ok first thing live bold have fun dream very cool hope you can see would help another one says spring time she’s got notes and everything here oh yeah y um some doilies or some little paper doilies these are cute these are cute to use on the top of like up what the paper bags to help keep them closed she’s just ceased like glassine bags and these would be perfect on top of there that’s so cute actually I have a lot of them but nothing that in that particular size the long list i love them oh look at these buttons in pink star so cute I hope you can see how cute those are I love buttons and look at this oh my goodness to make mini album posters that are already playing with nothing written on them how cool is that wow I wonder if that’s a hint that mean you want me to make a mini album isn’t it maybe I haven’t done one in a long long time I actually know what this is believe it or not without even opening this up because i found one a long time ago in the street well actually in a parking lot next to my car and I picked it up and I had no clue when I picked it up at first what it was when I kept messing with it and messing with it and then I finally realized you open it up okay take this part and you hang this from a table if you’re in a restaurant and then you hang

your bag or no no cuz this way I’m sorry this goes on top of the table and then your hat your your handbag hangs from the hook how cool is that I don’t even know what ever happened to the one I had let me see what it says and yes the old lady’s got to get out the magnifying glass even though I have glasses on that huh love you with all my heart how cool well this will have to go inside my purse so that um the next time I go someplace I have that to hang it okay now I know I notice a reason for these spoons these spoons feel what is I guess maybe just to alter them but knowing higher there’s always some reason some crazy reason so I never know what that crazy weeks is my baby let’s see okay look at behind me oh these are cool and these are the vintage and this is little birdies and I can’t tell a rabbit um dragonfly and I’m not sure what that one is without that getting the magnifying glass out again mmm oh cool she sent me some corks now I’ve never worked with corks and I didn’t have any corks so now I do have some corks I see everybody altering them and making all kinds of cute hangy things I guess I’ll have to make some thank you i love them that was cool you thought of me to send those to me i’m showing you the things that are open first kisses all kinds of oh these are cool oh my gosh i love these i probably can’t get the bag open I can’t okay it’s like the click clear Bible oh here you can see when it’s inside of it and then you put paper behind it whatever you want your image to be and you hang them from a chain I love these ver at you oh cool sorry I can’t get the bed woven like I would share it with you oh my goodness look at these and again I probably can’t get silly bag open I love the red ones with sequins oh and look at the sistex like one of those it’s gonna say nrt cake but i don’t think it’s a naughty cake with the wings can you see it to the Eiffel Tower that’s cool Wow afterwards I’ll have to get it open and then another little bag and oh the bags get sparklies and look boots and oh this is big true Wow oh these are hearts where did I see hearts OD DK crafts she had some she was showing some of these little rose things but they were in hearts oh that’s so cool I love them thank you sweetheart I have to call her as soon as I’m done here she doesn’t even know I got the box I didn’t call her okay this is all taped shut so there’s all kinds of goodies inside this little box news 10 your bungalows it’s good oh it’s a desk set so it has I don’t know sorry for the quaint place like thinking makes me sorry sorry guys oh my gosh look at this I can’t even stand it that is the cutest thing I ever saw oh look it is a stapler look at the look at the size of the stables wait there’s more how darn cute look at this itty bitty itty bitty roll of tape the scissors and the stapler just crack me up and this is a pen or a marker oh my god it is a pink it’s a pink marker on the sticker gravy that is the cutest little thing I’ve ever ever seen I love this hit you see what things make me crazy and make me love gosh okay wait there’s still some stuff that’s not wrapped so that’s falling all

over another stamp that says um let’s hop to it and spring I like that one oh wait there’s no over here Steph fell all over my desk oh the same thing but the little baubles that you make the necklaces out of I hope you can see them are they cute wow I don’t even think I’ve seen people show them on YouTube oh this is awesome look at this industrial chick chic I guess it is and it is a dress form oh my gosh how cute is that Wow oh I love it I love it thank you okay wait it’s still some stuff I love these I use these all the time I think we aren’t I talked about this on my desk because my desk here that I thought area I work on is not very why this is a desk that’s I like it um almost like au shape but it’s more actually like them um I don’t know I have a triangle or something so I always have I use these add not only on for my mouth but then one of my customers call and everything I just jot down all my notes on this but I love this one look at it’s got the crown and it is so cool Alaska it’s got all the months up here and you can actually stick it on the fridge for notes but now I’m going to keep it right here by my desk oh my gosh cool whoa oh my gosh oh I have something to do later oh these are so cool I always get the emails from them but their books are so expensive Wow that one’s about cards we tease each other because we neither one of us can make cards we’re not good card makers and I love this handmade sewing oh cool nifty ideas I will be looking at that later all right I think I have everything that was not that so let’s start this one says my attempt at a cake my BFF is the best I swear she just a [ __ ] the dogs do i wait a minute cuz it looks like it’s good can I hope you’ve been here oh my god I love it of course if I put it down anywhere I’m chi-chuen hon will immediately be running for it I have to be careful work put it but there’s my birthday cake I get a birthday cake okay so let’s see my attempt at a card I see I told you uh-huh we just don’t do road making cards she has since a stamp and another stamp and basically I think just ate yeah just a blank card for me to make my own car I’m sorry she is crazy okay ritzy um cuz you’re so special to me look I couldn’t find all the journals and all the cards to this sat night that they were so cool and this is actually journal love this love love thank you sweetheart it is so cute I know you girls will film that all over the place for some reason my time they probably came into my store they were scuffed up really quickly and these are some stamps and let’s say that it is a butterfly and that looks oh these are all on other angels all different angels oh how cute oh my goodness I love them because you

would do anything for me which is true how cute oh my gosh this is adorable look at the flower OMG well I love this on this is a wonderful spanking paddle come here John Yahoo come here Joe oh my gosh it was perfect with my cake doesn’t it she is so funny okay you’re my cushion when I need one okay I hope this is the pincushion because if it’s something I have been sent on it’s gonna be pretty hard oh oh how cute I hope you can see that look how cute she made me a beautiful pin cushion this is adorable very cute very very cute oh my goodness okay because you’re so perfect and the back it says love yeah sure oh wow she actually altered this herself oh my gosh you know sherry and I always left because she says she buys in stores and she doesn’t grab that much and that’s a long story it’s not that she doesn’t want to it’s just that there’s things going on that she just can’t right now but this is really really cool look at the scissors the little dress charm over here is like a little mini coast clothes pin a needle safety pins oh that’s another dress form spool with some thread a button oh my gosh this is so cute this is really really really cute wait let me see if I whoops things are fallin out there you go now you can say it an all done in pink love love love sweetheart this is cute this is really really cute and I have a little what you call like a bulkhead when I look over by my TV which is this away that’s mounted over there on the wall and I have a spot right there with us we’ll hang I love it honey thank you so much okay miss fell out of here oh because you are golden so that’s so cute there is a picture frame with a little dress form and some bling on a on a golden picture friend what else oh I bet this was all glued together and it just came off in the box oh yes you can see that this was there and i’m not sure where this was but i assume it was here oh my goodness there you go alright wait let me see if i can which is easy to go back so that’s no big thing you know the mail is just this is so cute though so i will glue that back on and then that was a cute idea she put a bell under it and that’s basically i hope you can see the premise of what it’s supposed to be but that’s actually how it would be that is so cute OMG i will fix that two nite cuz that’s easy love it honey did a good job okay we’re almost done and let’s say this one said wait because you’re my BFF oh this is cute too I’ll have to take that off of there sorry I want to make sure I say that oh my gosh she sent me some Lorelei’s dance she asked me one time a long time ago if I had the girls in the cars and i said no i had not been able to buy them so here we go how cute i love Lorelai isn’t that cute only thought bees are

wonderful thank you sweetheart i love this great thank you thank you thank you won’t be at that sign throw it away by accident that over here this one says because we laugh so hard we go ooh ooh in our babies see I told you and we do I can’t tell you how many times oh I have to run oh wow what a great job oh my goodness I love this a little bling in the flower that says Patti and I love Paris stuff that is so cute thank you sweetheart and yes we did go in our pants you know that’s hey but she does it too and she’s like 20 years younger than me or something so it’s not just me right right and let’s see last one you are my sunshine oh my gosh oh my gosh oh my gosh oh my gosh my gosh I love these oh my goodness we both have the Fiskars um I don’t even know which it calls die cutting machine the big die cutting machine and she had told me one time that she had found them some of the some place I can’t remember and she asked me if I had had the sunshine and I of course I did not but then she told me she found the dress whoops did she found the dress form I think it was at jo-ann so I ran to my Joanne said of course I I live in a small town really but there are a lot of crafters and things go really really really fast so by time i got there of course these were gone but of course my BFF thought me and bought some for me too oh my goodness I love them I loved everything thank you so so much look at this brain how cool my little BFF my spanking spoon and look it I got the best kind of cake cuz it’s not fattening that’s the best kind of cake right okay guys i just wanted to thank my BFF so much i love you chérie you know that and say to everyone else please be nice to each other no biting no fighting share the love give a hug I know you’re probably so sick of hearing that but it’s true that’s what we need to do so check out my birthday giveaway challenge and go to Sheree’s chat channel too it’s shari 7.95 she’s having a summer challenge and she’s got a lot a lot a lot of stuff she’s given away in her challenge so and hers will run till I think September so you have plenty of time to UM to enter her challenge so if you get a second you know sneak on over and check her challenge out all right everybody I love you chérie you know wah wah wah and guys thank you so much for watching my videos have a really nice evening Pinkalicious hugs ciao ciao ciao