[GIC Talk] 2013.3.30 "Renewable Energy" by Donald Gariepy

catch here at the chest before the talk to you please make sure your self is have returned off for switch to finding moon ladies and gentlemen has never heard about renewable energies I don’t care if those people have heard about it from the news good or other media renewable energy is derived from natural causes that provided constantly in papers to electricity and heat generated through a variety of methods now i will introduce today’s speaker dog guarantees he has inventor and engineer for several years and she was also of naughty States Marine Corp Island for ten years he must be original premiered on internet perfect service and whole series no patent application for the internet ultra let’s welcome our speaker with a big round of applause hey lovely picture good afternoon I am Don guarantee i’ll be talking about renewable energy well everybody knows we have this problem because we’re burning fossil fuel oil and gas to produce our energy there in limited supply eventually they will run out smoke is hired and breathe air is hard to see through well everybody knows about that but I don’t think everybody knows how we got here and how we’re going to get out that’s the important part I have sent here on my introduction but they already introduced me and I’ll pick up at the end here after after I was doing that inventions in the States we came to live here in Korean 2002 and I was an English teacher in Daejeon for three years so I know some of you are teachers so I’ve been a teacher for the short time I’ve been working on removable energy now for about five or six years and I spent about six months and twenty eleven overrun Puget Sound dropping pipes down into the ocean to the up a new idea if we have time on the end of this thing i’ll talk a little bit about that because it’s a personal note about the type of thing that a person does to develop a new invention now we back in Korea and this is a really good place Korea is really good place to do renewable energy the Ministry of knowledge economy is going to spend the trogan one this year our new green projects that’s up from 800 last year and that’s a really big investment that’s a good thing a green energy is particularly important for us very real because all of our crude oil and natural gas comes from someplace else so we have a serious problem here if anything ever interrupts our imports we are not going to be functioning as a technical country for a while so that is why that is why we have so many good examples tidal power solar power wind power but you can look at here in Korea and this actually is good the right way to do it we have never had just one source of energy and we are not going to have this one source of energy in the future there’s going to be particularly needs particularly places particular opportunities i’m starting with tidal power which is number two picture we have the biggest tidal power project in the world it’s located at sea while

late profitez out on the coast near Seoul title power is it’s a good investment it’s the reliable thing I presume out every day she woman has a 16-foot tie which is pretty big and in the springtime 26 feet that’s a lot of energy in one place and she was kind of a special place because it is not just a tidal power project somebody did a lot of work on this she was is a tide power project it’s an agricultural project it’s a flood control project and it is also a road it’s part of the highway system the way that this place worse there’s a day in here it’s that way and this road is built across the front of the bed it serves as a container for the time and it was built in order to produce a highway it’s kinda like the Great Wall of China it’s got a wallet signs up like this laptop you can drive your car over the top of it so this one project is taking care of quite a number of things and it is a little unusual as tight power projects go because it only works one way it works when the tide is coming in but not going to just go enough it is going out they regulate the flow so as to maintain a water level in the lake behind that wall we have two of those in Korea actually you know another one further down the coast it works pretty much the same way there’s ten turbines right here and sluice gates right there and generates it generates 250 megawatts when it’s an operation now in addition in addition to the tidal power project we have wind power wind power wind power is about the ocean with one of the oldest powders that we’ve ever used that’s a wind-powered vapor we use those for hundreds of years maybe thousands back to the beginning that’s another wingpower object right there that one is probably from all I can tell that to us the kind of mood generators that we use now our commercial tools like this one now this one generator this wind generator is worth about two megawatts it’s the 34 million dollar investment and it has a really good design because when you install this generator when you install this generator it has a very small footprint you can put this in the middle of a farmland they do grow crops underneath so it is it is a non interfering thing to put into the environment some people do not like to look at it you don’t like to listen to it but that’s another story the generator itself is kind of friendly to the environment and I can be put in most anywhere now these things have a investment of about six thousand dollars go a lot that’s how high as generators go but it’s a new thing its experimental enzyme will probably smooth out to a lower price the generator that we put in for two megawatts it will run at above 2250 Senta that because of the fact the wind changed so you have an average with it but it’s not a problem it’s connected to a large grid and the energy will be very welcome we also have solar power recently located anywhere oh that’s a construction picture on the wind generator I was impressed with there’s a lot of these things because of the large

size in my mind you think of a wind generator I think about farming appliance but this is a huge thing to put in thanks very special equipment to do it but once it’s in there I think it is pretty we have title we have solar and also also we have arms are we have title and we have win also we are so low power located everywhere solar power solar power is and we have a large station new year to where they live and that’s a chin chan photovoltaic power stations 24 megawatts this is very large for a Miss type of the solar power station it produces enough energy in the course of the year would support 10,000 points if they were just living off of this one night now this this type of solar power this is what you normally think of when you think of solar power I think of the silicon the set but this type silicon Sal it’s a good invention runs about five hours out of the day so we have still bigger so the power this is a this is a very commercial thing this is a large-scale solar power t these are not silicon salaries of mirrors the mirrors reflect the sun’s light up to the top of that Tower this thing drives a steam engine generator just like regular power plant you can get hundreds of megawatts out of an installation like that I don’t see those very often mostly I mostly I see the silicon cell application now these are the three power sources that these are the three power sources the most popular green energy ideas happening now there’s a whole worldwide industry putting these things in and in our case here in Korea we’ve gained 678 megawatts of electricity that saves a lot of co2 it’s a welcome thing to have in the power grid is good i did but this is not going to replace a little there is a problem with these resources it’s not really a problem right now it would be later if right now these things are three percent of our power grid so when the wind stops when the sun goes down when ty does not flow doesn’t make any difference the power grid makes up for the difference the other generators eat up that space eat up those customers now the reason I say these units will not replace oil is that because they are not continuous because they’re not continuous if they are more than ten percent of the system the rest of the system cannot make up for them when they stop if they’re twenty percent of the system the rest of the system is going to go down we had a really large power outage when some of the east coast work just that way we lost a big generator and it took the whole system that is out for hours but right now this is not a problem and it isn’t going to be the reason ignition it is that sometimes people speak of these things as a replacement for oil and it’s not going to happen for that reason they cannot be added beyond about ten to twenty percent of the system so I have to read this around I’ll forget pieces so I am sorry for the paper if I was like Obama I have a nice thing what to say but this works for me so speaking practically this is a serious problem we should think about it we should do something with it speaking practically if these things are not the answer what is what is the answer well let’s take a

look let’s take a look at what we have before we talk about wasting it now we have right now 80 million kilowatts of installed generation in Korea that’s a big sister at 50 million people living on that system it took about a hundred years to build that thing now we’ve been building green energy projects for maybe ten years we made a three percent addition to our system what that means is in 300 years we could come up to the level of the system it gets a really big thing to bite off and in addition in addition to all the power plants we are also running cars and trucks and airplanes and ships all of those are oil burning things and all of those are critical to our operation we don’t run without them so with suggestions how about how about if we keep the power in the air planes and trucks and change the fuel we have a problem with oil burning change the fuel I’m sure that would work now how can I be sure it’s something we’ve never done good question I can be sure we can run our cars on alcohol because we used to do that and I can be sure that we can replace diesel oil vegetable oil because we used to run our diesels on vegetable oil we have done this the why aren’t we doing it now well we made a mistake a hundred years ago we call we made a mistake a hundred business and we’ve been running on the wrong fuel and build a lot of machinery to do that what a time has been spent on but good news is we can change that let me explain about this wrong fuel thing because it’s the reason why we got here and it kind of indicates the way out all of these things happened around 1900 that’s when we made our choice does anybody know who that guy is who is that he’s an important guy he is one of the people that built the world we live in today that’s Henry forward right Henry Ford he became very famous rich in America by making cards now Henry Ford did not invent the car what him before did invent was how to make them better than anyone else and also Henry Ford really deserved to be a millionaire he was a good person and he didn’t just invent the car he invented pages workers the early which meant twice what anyone else was going back that also when you became a permanent employee of forts factory you went on profit sharing I’m going to share that factory nobody else did that so that’s one of the things Henry did the other car makers the other car makers were making expensive cars for its people and then we didn’t do that and remade jeep cars for ordinary people in the year nineteen hundred you could buy a Ford car five hundred dollars and that Ford car would run on alcohol and that was not an accident and we chose the alcohol for good reason the farmers that body stars they had alcohol they made their own alcohol they made it from the fruits and vegetables that they grew from food scraps so people have been making alcohol for years they can drink it they can light lamps with it they can clean with it now they can run cars with this alcohol alcohol is clean burn Henry said alcohol was the floor with future because it was conveniently made hopefully made you could make your own if you are a farmer how about people that were not farmers we had to buy

their alcohol in the store what was the price how does it compare with gasoline well this sounds like a simple question but it is normally very hard to answer because fuels are very important and have a lot of taxes and their manufacturer they have a lot of subsidies and their use to answer the simple question about prices usually very high but we are lucky in this case in 1906 President Roosevelt took all the taxes off of fuels and he did that for just this reason so he could see price alcohol 14 cents a gallon gasoline 22 cents a gallon now we didn’t see that price for very long the taxes went right back on that for a few years only never sudden gone again that one look 100 years ago was the last time we have honest price on alcohol versus gasoline so important question around 1900 we made this choice why are we spending more to have less and this good answer to that does anyone know who that gentleman is this is a very unique person one of the people that actually has made the world we live in today that’s john d rockefeller john d owner of Standard Oil very capable person both he was born an average middle-class situation and when he when this picture was taken when he’s in middle age he owned ninety percent of the oil on planet earth in those days ninety percent he hasn’t met worth of six hundred billion dollars this is in nineteen hundred the money worth is worth like a hundred times when it is to that Bill Gates is only 60 billion dollars and Bill Gates is a nice that donates lives in our area he can heal base the same laws as everyone else return d dundee is different he can tell the government what to do we passed an income tax bill in this time period and all of us paid income tax undie never did now the real reason that the real reason we’re using gasoline right now is because the petroleum producers are bigger and better organized and they have done a much better job than the alcohol producers of getting favorable taxes and subsidies it’s normal economics corporations like spending oil have done a much better job individuals have the alcohol is used by individual farmers by small corporations or wasn’t understands so they actually did a good job of management to change the price and for that reason for that reason we wind up using gasoline instead of alcohol that’s the story on alcohol something a little bit about burning vegetable oil instead of petroleum oil vegetable oil was the fuel for diesel engines in Europe in this time period and that was not by accident that was because of Rudolf diesel this time you’ll know who that guy is that’s Rudolf diesel diesel engines most efficient cleaning the world we still use them everywhere and he invented that engine and no one has invented a better one since he’s the primary good engine maker on the world and he is also the first psychological adventure and the reason why I say that is that he purposely he purposely made his engine to run on vegetable oil when Rudolph graduated from Polytechnic in Munich Germany they seized in German be the only engine around was steam engine they burned oil and they burned coal and they had all the problems we have today except maybe the

atmosphere wasn’t close co2 because and had that going to fill it yet nobody was burning vegetable well Rudolf Rudolph society may be more efficient engine it would burn less fuel to more work that’s a very good invention to choose it’s practical why because people want a very good engine they know they have a problem with efficiency he picked something which people will like they will use it as soon as they see it that’s he makes his invention practical and in addition in addition to making an engine run efficient way he purposely made this to run on vegetable life so it would be produced by local farmers it would not be trucked in from a great distance away excuse me and it would be a book cause clean burn easy fuel to buy I he had that in his mind when he got a college now inventing this engine is not an easy thing to do it is 20 years out of this guy’s life 20 years from the idea to the end what he did it he did it for one reason the shop that he worked in believed in his idea and they worked with him and this was a hard thing to develop he had his engine running for tests in the shop where he worked and he was developing it and one day it blew out and took out a section of the building but Rudolph in the hospital for a few months but the people he worked for still had faith in it and when he got out of the hospital de l’inde right back to work again so by 19 by 1898 things down he’s very proud of his efficiency in 1898 he puts his engine in the Paris Exhibition people from all over the world M&C and Rudolph is right there and he impressed everybody with the high efficiency of his engine and the fact that it would run on vegetable oil and everybody would have an easy fuel supply people here that people heard that and they were really impressed with it now one of the people one of the people at the Paris Exhibition Adolphus Busch a rich American person he heard this explanation he heard about the efficiency at about the vegetable oil and he approached Rudolph and he asked for a contract rudo idols push by contract for sole sole rights in North America for results in decatur he paid him 1 million dollars signing this contract manufacturing rights mean that mr. Bush is the only person can make a diesel engine in America and Rudolf would get a percentage of each one that is made does anyone see something wrong with this Rudolph didn’t see anything wrong with it he was very happy Rudolph signed the contracts he took his million dollars any main engines and by 1912 he had 70,000 Diesel’s running all over the world very successful except for her there we go easels in America mr. Bush she never made a diesel engine what he had done what he had done actually was locked Rudolph out of America since he had the manufacturing rights nobody else would make an engine that so there were no there were no peanut oil burning diesels in America and that would never be for quite a long time anyway Rudolph Rudolph is doing good and in 1930 in 1913 these are very busy fellow because in 1913 all of the European nations all of the European nations are preparing for world or one the french navy is already young

diesels Germany want to buy them penguin wants to buy Rudolph is a busy fellow he’s going back and forth from his home in Europe to England he’s talking to the British Navy he has a factory being built in England is he found Colonel and England England is very important because England is prime ally of America if he sells diesel engines to the British Navy the Americans will buy them also and the American government doesn’t care about contract they will override so little was kind of happy about this and he’s great success and on one of his trips to England he is coming back on the boat and they go to wake him in the morning knock on his door no rudo they searched the boat know Rudolph three or four days later another boat finds his body floating in the english channel that is the end of Rudolph I do not believe that he was a suicide but that is what they said at the time he was very successful at that moment that may be the end of real that’s not the end of the diesel England did use those in world war one and the US Navy did copy and he used them in that war but as soon as the war was over there were no diesels available for normal people in America and stayed that way it stayed that way until the 1920s with another inventor invented a version of the diesel it ran on petroleum oil that was mr. Cummins so the Cummins diesel became the standard machine in America burning petroleum oil and after a while after a while and everybody did that the price is kind of adjusted it was the right thing to do so we wound up burning petroleum oil than these Diesel’s pretty much for the same reason that we’re burning gasoline in the time mr. rockefeller did a much better job of managing us than we didn’t manage again that’s a long story but that is that is how we came to be where we are now now the good news of this is the good news this is we can changed well Cahal and vegetable oil it’s going to take a few years because it takes modification not so much to the machine but took out to the supply these things have been grown we are doing that now actually we are producing here in Korea alcohol or producing vegetable oil and it is being mixed with fuel I think this year where is you % have a two percent alcohol addition to the gasoline and over a period of time over a period of time that percentage and increase and we will wind up a hundred percent alcohol in our cars hundred percent oil and diesel and it will happen in a gradual manner with with no with no great problem to anyone participating that is a good news now when we when we think of growing our fuel when you think of growing our fuel one of the big questions is do we have enough land to grow how is this going to look well I have a friend that worked in biodiesel few years ago and I wrote to him on the email and I asked George about this he sent me a bunch of information it turns out the really best way to grow diesel oil is to grow algae you do this in ponds and pans and if you will for example if you have an acre if you have an acre of soybeans you have 40 gallons of oil if you take that same maker and you use it to grow algae and the algae grows very fast you don’t just have one crop year you have a continuous supply

the algae is not worth 40 gallons of oil a year it’s worth 10,000 gallons so I took a look in my way internet and I found that we actually have enough farmland it would take fifty percent of the farm if we did that for sixteen percent of the forest land if we could use that now that’s too big a change I don’t believe anyone would want to do that it’s possible but it’s not pretty well I think what will happen is that that type of fuel production thats a quick fuel production will be a part a part of our energy supply but not the whole thing the movie the really best way to generate green energy would be if we had something which was capable of producing high power and had a price somewhat similar to what we have not most of the newer things are considerably more expensive than our existing supply actually there is there is an unlimited power supply I’ll bet nobody on some Italians that guy’s George Claude French person George is a great inventor every time you pass a welding shop those gases that are in the tank they’re refined from there that’s his project George Scott is with us right here in this room he invented the neon light that was one of his inventions and that photo they in 26 is the answer to our energy needs because Claude invented something else it’s called ocean thermal electric conversion and what this is it’s kind of a long name it’s called otech fitori because it’s do one thing to say otek is a very good idea the engine for the ocean the ocean is much warmer on the service and it is deep inside you get maybe a 15 or 20 degree difference in temperature if you take water from the ocean bring up to the surface you can take this temperature difference and you can run a heat engine you can generate electricity with it now this is not just a theory this has been done mr. Claude did this in Cuba he did it on cote divoire and he also tried to resile it’s been done in Hawaii there’s one problem with it it needs a little help reason I’m explaining this is that this is kind of my interest in it the otech system has one problem in it and that’s money and it’s caused by a particular reason okay five minutes picture not this one i want the one on the ok one

that’s a that’s a no tech generator that was made in hawaii by hawaii state several years ago that particular generator sits out off of the item and here’s there’s the problem without that what you’re looking at is the engine part that is uncertain we’re all money in those that is it’s going to pipe there’s a pipe that goes down from the bottom of this boat 1000 meters into the ocean about eight feet across that’s where the money is in that project now the this generator this generator costs three million dollars and it’s very fragile because that long pipe is easily broken and typically what happens is the otech installation will last about a year and the first big storm will take that pipe out no more generator your three million dollars have gone away and for that three million dollars you’re going to produce 20 kilowatts that’s not a good thing why because if you guys want to build a power plant you could go out and buy you can buy 20 trouble audits it will cost you ninety six hundred bucks for a diesel-electric we go i generate you cannot compete 3 million dollars against 9600 knowledge nobody is going to do this so otech is kind of a really good idea there’s a huge amount of energy available but it’s not going anywhere because it needs the long life and the reason it needs the long pipe is that we do not have an engine that runs properly on a very low per ticket that engine that they’re using here is running on 20 degrees temperature difference and it just barely works that’s why they gets a little power what is really needed to make this idea practical is an engine it will operate on a low temperature difference if you do that you generate quite a lot of power and you do not have a pipe that you’re going to pray in one year and you do not spend 3 million dollars to have your 20 kW so that’s actually my interests my interest in this but I’m working on right now is to develop an engine that does that an engine that will run properly on five degree or less temperature difference this is not an easy thing it has a lot of problems and at which not going to bore you with but if that problem can be solved then the exact generator will be available for everyone to use and it also would be very practical right away you would not need to build power and give it to the electric grid and send it to people if you had a if you had an engine that would run on the low temperature difference he put it in code and on the temperature engine comes a temperature energy between the warm air and the cold water you can run that boat so that that’s my interest in this particular thing at this time I think of that as a practical engine it’s something that has a use and people already know they need it I think it will be a thing that succeeded for something I can do it end of speech you