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SE: Hi, do you hear me? IL: Hello, hello? SE: Hello, can you hear? IL: Yeah, I can hear. Sorry, I took some time SE: No worry, I was doing something IL: Can you hear me well enough? SE: Yeah, that’s fine IL: Fine, ok SE: So, you’re having a good morning? IL: Yeah, fine, but the thing is, I was planning on stopping discord a little, because, people here are too… They are not getting it SE: Yeah, I saw you… IL: And events are repeating SE: I see you are very active on discord these days. Constantly posting videos IL: [laughs] Yeah, indeed SE: On several servers IL: [laughs] Yeah, yeah Yeah, simply because… I’m quite young, but people don’t dig enough For them, it’s just politics, it’s a smoke screen They don’t understand that, lots of people have testified about things happening that seem surrealistic, etc… You see? SE: Hmhm IL: So, when you face sceptics, it’s sad to say, but it is a waste of time SE: and, so… IL: Because those people are programmed, precisely, to think that way I mean, I’m not questioning their scepticism, just saying that with the events that are occurring, people are being killed for saying things We have to stop being sceptical and understand that stuff is really happening There are very harmful people out there who are creating all this shit we are in We always wonder about the source of the problem and say: “oh, that’s just random, etc”, but no Some people are producing it, always with an objective SE: Ok. What do you mean by “people don’t dig enough”? Do you mean they don’t verify information? SE: They just doubt beforehand? IL: They are naive IL: They are very naive Those people, most of them, don’t dig further For them, if some guy says it’s the truth, then it’s the truth And this is where the elite comes in I’d say, the elite is playing with people’s emotions Sometimes it makes people confident, and after, it makes them fear, etc That’s the elite’s domain Then, you end up with very aggressive people When you tell them there are Luciferians and Satanists, they say: “No, you’re crazy, it doesn’t exist”, when in fact, some people absolutely proved that it exists, those fucking cults That’s a cult, some political parties too, but not just in politics Do you know Ronald Bernard? SE: No, don’t know him IL: I posted the “Taku files” on my server. You can look at it, and you will find all the people I have, quote unquote, “certified” Just I have not posted much yet It includes the MKUltra, the mind control The thing is, when you look at the true reality of things, you think to yourself: “fuck, that’s insane” SE: What do you think is happening, then? You are saying that a satanic elite is doing “mind control” on people to control society, is that right? IL: Not just satanic. There is Luciferianism, and SE: What’s the difference between Satanism and Luciferianism? IL: Um, the difference is that Satanism is about practicing the occult, and lucifeianism is fake light, which means, people who by the power of money, welcome people to the fake light, to the success More precisely, the elitist success People who, sadly, are slaves I’m talking about artists who are slaves of the Babylonian system we live in A slavery system They are programmed and go through mind control processes Processes of manipulation of the brain, etc… hypnosis, etc… And if you want, I can show you videos right now, you’ll be shocked SE: Hmhm IL: Do you know what it is? SE: Mind control? IL: It happens a lot in the US. Yeah, the mind control

That’s terrifying SE: Ok… IL: It’s… I don’t know if you know about it SE: Um, no IL: Ok, so, “mind control” is a program endorsed by the CIA to control people, to make them perform terrorist attacks, submerge or duplicate their personality and produce dissociative identity disorders You see? It’s like being broken after a rape. It’s the same SE: I see… IL: Some people, after a rape you see they are no longer the same SE: If IL: The person is traumatized SE: If you had to put your confidence in a scale from 0 to 100 that that theory is true, Where 100 is: “I’m absolutely sure, can’t be wrong”, where would you be? IL: I’d be at 90 SE: Gotcha, and… IL: Simply because society is based on mind control SE: What is the main reason why you concluded that? IL: All the events that have occurred SE: Would you have one good example that would represent what you mean? IL: Um, the September 11 attacks, that was mind control We had a propagation of self-fulfilling images in people’s spirit, before they did the attack, precisely, the 11th of September Before 9/11, there were already premeditations pointing to an attack SE: Um… IL: There are proofs SE: What do you mean “premeditations”? What was it? IL: In movies there are subliminal messages explaining that, on such date, something will happen SE: What does it look like? IL: For example, in “The Matrix”, at one point, Neo is brought to a police station Did you watch “The Matrix”? SE: Yes, I did IL: At one point, Neo is being interrogated by the agent SE: Not sure if remember the scene exactly, but I watched the film IL: That’s the scene when the agents identify him and say: “We know who you are and what you want” SE: I think I remember IL: So, he is facing two agents, and in this scene, when you are attentive, you notice that Neo’s ID expires the 11th of September 2001 That predates the event, so, it was premeditated And there are loads of successions of films that explain the way they premeditated it SE: But, let’s take this example How does the fact that Neo’s ID expires the 11/09/01 makes you think that it premeditates the attack? Could it be a coincidence? IL: Of course, because everything has been enumerated, but people don’t see that Subliminal messages mean: “I tell you what’s going to happen, for you to understand it, you have to exit the reality I created around you” SE: Are we…? IL: Because they created an illusory conception Their world is illusion SE: Then, could we predict future events by analysing subliminal messages occurring today? IL: Oh, yeah, of course Of course, of course Politics is just that, just subliminal messages They use Newspeak, they make people believe they will help them Right now, they are more playing the victim, that’s their goal They are pretending to be afraid, they have to do that They are bound by the Rothschilds this government is bound by the Rothschilds, the Rockefellers… um, also, Soros, a madman But people don’t know that SE: So, right now, can you interpret subliminal messages today, and predict a future event? IL: Um, I’m not a medium, but I can assure you that a terrorist attack will occur A mind control is being performed for quite some time on the “yellow jackets” movement And people don’t even realize that They are being made highly emotional to end it up in a slaughter SE: Hmhm IL: And the money pot… Not sure if you know about that The “Leetchi” money pot…

SE: I don’t know IL: … funds raised for the boxer SE: Ah, yes IL: The boxer who, um I believe he became famous for helping the yellow jackets, is that right? SE: The one who punched the policeman? IL: exactly SE: Yeah IL: Exactly So, that guy, curiously, funds were raised for him Funds were raised for him, in the website “Leetchi” And this website, um who owns it? It’s a woman that, um the founder of the site is a woman who supports Macron SE: Yeah IL: So, they made fake donations SE: But… IL: You can find that on the internet SE: Hmhm IL: The articles, the proofs, if you want I send them to you, no problem SE: But, when you predict a terrorist attack based on the subliminal messages you see, what kind of messages do you see to predict that? Do you have an example? IL: Um, do you know Albert Pike? SE: Can you repeat? IL: Do you know Albert Pike? SE: Um, no, never heard of him IL: 33rd degree Freemason. In the 18th century or something, he wrote a message, um explaining how the 1st, 2nd, and 3rd World Wars would happen He had already anticipated what would happen now And that’s exactly what’s happening SE: So, if I understand correctly, you think based on this prediction that a 3rd World War will occur IL: Yes, but I think it will be a spiritual war Not necessarily a… I think, there will be a collapse Not entirely sure about the collapse maybe. No certainty I think this way of putting things is more to make people fear To say, like, the system is going to collapse, etc… It’s a way to warn conspiracy theorist, which I am too, a conspiracy theorist But I don’t think there will be a collapse of the system That’s not impossible, but I don’t see things that way SE: When you say a terrorist attack will occur, do you have a time limit before which it will happen? SE: This year? IL: I tried to predict a little I though it would happen on the 17th … or the 22nd , I don’t really remember But it did not happen, because amazingly, miraculously, people didn’t fell into the elite’s trap So, we felt a little dumb And, we thought: “Ok, not finished yet” But we were very confident that an attack would happen, etc But they were deviated Because, originally, they were supposed to go see Macron, isn’t it? at his house or something SE: I don’t know. I don’t really follow the news IL: Oh, ok. I do follow the news a lot SE: Yeah, I don’t watch TV, so SE: I probably know less than you do IL: I recommend watching it TV is a mass propaganda tool… to manipulate the masses They will hypnotize people with TV Because, you know, some people are very naive I find it hilarious, people who say: “I don’t watch TV, I know everything” But, hey, man, do you know what the elite is doing, above? The Marrakech pact and all SE: Yeah, I don’t watch TV, so, I don’t know about anything IL: Oh, you don’t know about anything? SE: Not a lot, because, the news, like, what happened yesterday, I have no idea. I haven’t checked IL: Yeah, that’s why we shouln’t stop watching TV SE: Maybe IL: TV is like a IL: It’s like a guide, in some sense It tells you bullshit, in general, but, behind, a message is being sent And people say: “Oh, I don’t watch TV because they are lying to us”, etc Yeah, of course they lie But not only Sometimes, they let go some insight that makes you think: “Oh, really?” SE: But, for example, about you 90% level of confidence on the mind control, subliminal messages and all,

When you tried to predict the attack and the prediction failed, Did your confidence decrease? IL: No No, because you have to OK, it was not this time, but, um better safe than sorry SE: What if IL: I don’t like the fact that some whistleblowers are very careful and act as if it were something extraordinary, etc But, first things first, a social movement, whatever the objective may be, is not spontaneous A movement is not spontaneous It can’t be There is no spontaneous movement, that’s impossible You can’t, overnight, raise a mass of 1 billion, 1 million persons. That’s impossible That’s planned SE: OK, but IL: It’s obvious SE: Let’s say, we meet again, two years from now, and in these two years, no attacks occurred Would that decrease your confidence? IL: No No Because I am not necessarily trying to be right, I anticipate SE: Hmhm IL: I don’t necessarily hold the truth, but I make hypotheses SE: Yeah IL: I know, I have been criticized People say: “you act as if you have the truth”, etc They criticized me a lot, but I tell them: “stay in your illusion” Just continue looking at your wonderful world collapsing People are trying to warn you, but you continue insulting them But, you guys, are the ones who should be insulted, it’s because of you we ended up here Because you are so naive Um, I’m not talking about you, just in general But people are so naive, they think the government will let them do their stuff. You see? SE: Hmhm IL: When I see people who are convinced that Marine Le Pen, etc… um… Asselineau, will help them, in what world do we live in? When will people understand that politics is the art of manipulation? It’s about how to manipulate public opinion SE: But, you say you are 90% sure It means that there is 10% chance you are mistaken SE: so, let’s consider IL: yeah, that’s possible SE: I’m not saying this is the case, but if you were mistaken, if we could not read subliminal messages in the news and we couldn’t predict future based on that, and no mind control What would you need to discover, what would need to happen for you to conclude that? Um I have no idea, but I can assure you that subliminal messages exist I watched a movie, recently You’ll laugh. Do you know, um… “Taken” SE: The game? [nope] IL: Um, no, the movie SE: A film on the game? [Nope] I know the game but not the movie IL: There is a famous actor in it, don’t remember his name And he did another movie named… um “The commuter” SE: Hmhm IL: A very interesting movie I watched recently Really interesting Um, how could I explain that…? It’s about a guy who loses his job, and is forced to take part in a conspiracy A government conspiracy to kill a witness SE: Hmhm And, oddly enough, there are subliminal messages concerning Rothschild, Goldman Sachs, etc SE: So, what are the subliminal messages? IL: It talks about Goldman sachs It puts emphasis on the banks and all. You see? SE: Because they…? IL: that’s how they play with it SE: Because, in the film, they mention some banks? IL: Um, yeah, exactly IL: Conspiracies, etc… The FBI controls a secret organization IL: It’s about killing a guy from the FBI, because he is an inconvenience SE: is it poss…? IL: Because he knows to much SE: Is it possible, for someone writing a scenario, to mention those things without necessarily put subliminal messages? IL: What do you mean? I don’t understand SE: I mean, for example, let’s say you want to write a script For a video game or for a film

I guess it is possible you’d mention the Rothschilds in the story or other things based in real life, IL: Yeah SE: but without necessarily putting subliminal messages Isn’t it? IL: Yeah, but the thing is, They do that almost everywhere We are submerged by subliminal messages Even in video games like Assasin’s Creed Origins Assassin’s Creed, when you look at it, you see the freemason symbol SE: Hmhm IL: Freemasonry IL: I played the Assassin’s Creed, um, the one in Egypt “Origins”, sorry And, what do we see? We see the New World Order SE: Yeah, but, um IL: A table with people around it conspiring on how to manipulate people SE: I think IL: In the game SE: If I remember correctly the little I played it, that’s actually the very story of the game The idea of a historical global conspiracy trying to, um I don’t really remember, but, indeed, the Templars are conspirators and all IL: Exactly, they try to make the bad guys into the good guys, and the good guys into bad guys SE: But, could they do that, just as a story, just because it is a writing trope, something everybody does, but without subliminal messages? IL: Yeah, looks like you’ve got a problem with subliminal messages. [laughs] Yeah, I understand, but the thing is, it’s everywhere Look, I’ll tell you something that might interest you, and I think it will make you curious and you’ll try to decrypt But you can look at anything Even the magazines, there is symbolism Look at the “Time” magazine Um, do you know the magazine “Time”? SE: I know it by name, never read it IL: Ok, wait, the one with Emmanuel Macron The “Time” magazine is specialized in subliminal messages We’ll see if you notice the subli message Um, I’ll send it They even do that with “The Economist”, etc… They are really good Do you see the message? SE: Um, wait a little So, it is a photo of Macron Um, hum No, not sure I don’t think I see it SE: What’s the message? IL: You don’t see the occult symbol? IL: You don’t see the occult symbolism? SE: No IL: See how complex this is? SE: Ah, ok, are you referring to the “M” that can do horns? Devil’s horns IL: Exactly, exactly. This is not the first time I’m sending you another “The great manipulator”… “Time” And, so… you conlude…? Do you conclude from that, that “Time” is in the occult? That it is a Luciferian magazine or something to that extent? IL: Correct, an elitist magazine Narrator: From now on, and for the next 11 minutes, I was kind of paralyzed So, I’ll give exemples of questions I could have asked, had I not been in the daze IL: Completely SE: Ok, um, but Narrator: What message is the “Time” sending? That Macron is the devil? Or is the “Time” satanic? If I am a trainee working for “Time”, and I don’t like Macron, can I deliberately put devil horns on him without being in the occult? How to discern between all these hypotheses? IL: Let’s go further SE: Hmhm IL: All these things Um Don’t remember where I found that But you can do your own research, you’ll see, you’ll be shocked At first, I did not believe it I was naive but not too much I wasn’t paying too much attention But at one point, you understand reality. When it hits you right in the face You assimilate it, and understand it IL: Fuck, that’s insane SE: But, look at this case Since you asked me to search a message, I concentrated on the idea But would it be possible that, by concentrating on those things,

we see signs where there is nothing but coincidences? IL: What do you mean, coincidences? Narrator: Here, he asked me to define coincidence, and I don’t really do it It may have been important, because he might think that no concurrence of events could happen without causal link, without hidden messages But it looks like he puts more emphasis on the quantity SE: I mean that, here, the presence of a “M”, just the name of the magazine, so, for the “M” not to show up above, they’d have to make the photo very big Or make Macron very small Most of the times IL: Yeah, but that’s deliberate. People don’t pay attention to that When you discover that cards created in 1980, already predicted… um that two towers would explode With a terrorist attack. How do you explain that? How so? Exactly two towers I’ll send them. Even the pentagon! look See how those people are evil, they anticipated it all They have an agenda. There are not in I don’t know how to put it. They are not in the same reality we have been molded in. They are SE: What are the cards you sent me, where do they come from? IL: From the New World Order, 1994, Illuminati card game SE: Illuminati card game? Narrator: Who made this card game? Why? Sold where? to whom? Are there other monument exploding in the card game, that haven’t exploded yet? How many? If I produce a card game today, with one hundred famous buildings exploding in it If 50 years from now, one or two of these building happen to have exploded for some reason, should we conclude that I put subliminal messages in it? SE: What was that? a game? IL: A game, exactly, where they already talked about the HAARP project, etc They are insane Nuclear accident… what happened at Fukushima And, I even found testimonies that explained I’m not sure if you know what happened in Japan You know? Fukushima, etc… Yeah, you probably know SE: At the time of the tsunami and the nuclear power plant? Yes IL: OK. I can assure you it was not a tsunami It was… I mean, according to my hypothesis, and I’m not the only one It was machines… funded by Russia and America, earthquake machines SE: Hmhm? IL: And there was a discussion… um… when they were I mean, when the Japanese investigated that, they said it was impossible to explode a nuclear power plant. Almost impossible SE: You mean, impossible, by a tsunami? Or by an earthquake? IL: What they were saying is that there never was a tsunami But you will never find these videos on the internet. You really have to I swear, I found incredible coincidences Some movies summarize subliminal messages “911” And, don’t know if you know about it, but, at one point Do you know about “synchronicities”? SE: No A synchronicity is when you have, quote unquote, “flashes”, and you make link between them, and everything coincides [inaudible]… coincidence And, look, I’ll go further They had already planned 9/11, with the simpsons So, now can’t you see the proofs are before you? SE: hum IL: But I can understand scepticism SE: Just imagine, if we find another magazine like that, with a “8” in place of the “9” IL: Ok, try to find it, then. No worry SE: But, if it existed, would it IL: Yeah? SE: I mean, when we look up things like that, is it possible that you concentrate on the coincidences? Making it stand out of the lot IL: What do you mean, coincidences? SE: I mean, if we had a “8” here, it would have no meaning IL: Yep SE: But, because there is a “9”, it’s supposed to mean something IL: But, that’s not all, there is an enormous amount of symbolism

And this is why conspiracy theorists have always been discredited, because they know OK, a lot are delusional, but others are pretty close to truth I’m pretty close to truth myself, but I don’t really try to force it on people, you know Because I have the truth More or less SE: For exampl IL: But when you say you know something, people consider you are egocentric, etc That’s typically “reality television 2.0” and it’s tiring You can no longer talk about that with people SE: for all those IL: I’ll go even further Oh, sorry, you want to say something SE: Yeah, sorry, there is a slight delay sometimes we begin to talk without hearing the other yet SE: But, if you take all those signs IL: No worry You just put them on a table Then, you make different persons interpret these signs independently from each other If they use the same method you do, do you think we should expect them to all agree…? I mean, not all, but would a consensus stand out, some kind of logic in the interpretations, or do you think it will be mostly random interpretations? IL: That’s tricky because it depends on the person SE: Hmhm IL: Some will be in complete denial like Um… like… not like you, but like a lot of people I have known They say: “no, you’re crazy, rambling about reptilians again” This is where the elite played well, and I tip my hat to them, they managed to discredit that But, now, people have begun to notice they have been lied to, for quite some time So, not good, you see? SE: Imagine a world where this satanic elite doesn’t exist What would be different? IL: We’d still have luciferianism, human sacrifice, testimonies, the pizza gate Too much things! SE: So, all those things, for example, the “9” on the magazine, all those things, would not be there? If there were no Luciferian elite IL: For me, they exist. [laughs] They exist But I was born on the 9th of September [laughs] don’t know if that’s a coincidence Narrator: If somebody interpreted from your birth date that you are an Illuminati, how could we disprove this hypothesis? How did I miss that opportunity? IL: Look, for example, today, it’s “Act 9” [Yellow vests] Act 9 and all At one point, it becomes necessary to understand that reality is difficult to accept It’s difficult to accept, but, constantly being sceptical is not good, because you give them credit SE: Hmhm IL: You see? SE: Yeah. (!) IL: But i don’t… what annoys me is seeing so much people thinking theoretically Because, when it will fall on you, you’ll think : “shit, I should have paid more attention to this subject” Because everything will collapse SE: This is why I think it’d be good to have a reliable method preventing us from believing too much false things Because, in all those theories, some are false. How can we identify the false ones? IL: Yeah For example, I don’t know about reptilians, I haven’t dug up the subject too much But this idea of “reptilian brain” , maybe, because I know of people with insane behaviors People insanely materialistic Um… you see? People without principles I met some people… I mean… I understand why they rise in the pyramidal hierarchy, because this people have no principle, they are programmed We are programmed since birth, anyway. The mass conditioning That’s what brought us to a state where some think there are conspiracies and some don’t So, now, I don’t waste my time. I just know. Everything was planned IL: That’s a conspiracy, a global conspiracy That’s how it is. That’s how I see things For example, I discovered something recently Do you know the Statue of Liberty? SE: Yeah IL: I can assure you, in the writings of the Statue of Liberty, there is the Masonic symbol

SE: Hmhm IL: That’s freemasonry I mean, the american freemasonry, but that’s freemasonry That’s the Illuminati, you see? Even if people laugh when you say “Illuminati” But they exist, because they are the ones who control media, etc That’s why there are subliminal message and the eye, etc Even when I when on holiday… because I travel a little, there are things I find incredible, I think to myself: “how is that possible?” SE: For example IL: They can’t go that far SE: For example, do you see my profile’s picture? With the match and the flame And the fact that I do videos asking questions to people, trying to understand how they came to their beliefs and all these behaviors If someone thinks I am a… “sceptic of the system”, or something like that, and comes here and says: “look at this guy doing manipulative videos, and the picture, it’s a flame in the dark, like he brings light to the darkness, that’s Luciferian symbolism!” IL: [inaudible] SE: Can we conclude I am an Illuminati? IL: No, not necessarily, but that’s people who The thing is, for me, it’s no longer balanced Some people are too much in conspiracy theories and some are too much in the virtual world The more you are in conspiracy theories, the crazier you get, because you’ll see conspiracies everywhere But, what I see as a conspiracy is what, for me, is reality. You see? SE: Yeah IL: But, I also live my life besides that SE: Yeah, cool IL: I’m not too eccentric, I just anticipate things SE: I think I just IL: I try to analyse SE: I think I just have one last question except if you have something to add SE: If I remember correctly IL: No problem SE: When I asked you what you could discover to change your mind, you said you don’t know SE: You had no idea IL: Yes SE: Is it possible, then, for all this conspiracy and all, to be false, but you have no way of discovering it? IL: Yeah, that’s possible. But I’ll be honest, I don’t mind being right or wrong For example, if in the end we prove to me that I was wrong, it would, at least, have been a good experience SE: Would you want to know if you are wrong? IL: Oh, absolutely I’m searching for truth I don’t mind being ostracized, if it is for truth. That’s who I am SE: Then, we are similar IL: It’s not that I don’t care about human, but, just… I stopped wasting my time I’ll sound egocentric, but I know so much… I mean, I know a lot But when you say you know things, people say: “you’re egocentric”, etc OK, shut the fuck up and stay in your shit Always here complaining about you’re conditioning, and don’t even search the reasons Stop whining, in this case I’m 22 years old, I have other things to do, you know But, in fact, it’s thrilling I find that fascinating There is so much In fact, at first, I thought life was shit But now, wow! There is so much to know SE: Hmhm IL: When you leave the framework of individualistic conformism, etc you discover that, in reality, the world is You don’t even need to watch series I almost don’t watch series anymore, apart from a few anime, but I spend most of my time on conspiracy theories Because it is so interesting When you know that there are Christians, etc… Because there is also a part of religion I’m not sure if you are religious; or you are agnostic? SE: Yeah, I am agnostic IL: Yeah, me too, so, I don’t pay much attention to god, etc, though I believe somebody created the universe, obviously But, I’m not into the kneeling and worshiping and all But, people do what they want, I respect that But, the thing is, there is a pure fanaticism that, I think, has been exploited Whatever the religion “We’ll kill you for this and that, etc…” We are humans, we are able to feel when something is wrong

But, now, we’ve lost that I think the elite is doing everything to strip us of our sense of morality and immorality The elite wants immorality Just look at the children, nowadays Um, children, nowadays, 13/14 years old, they look like they are 17, is that normal? I’m shocked SE: shocked that, children, today, are more developed than before? at 14? IL: Yes! I’m being told it is theory of evolution and social engineering, but, who is causing all this shit? Who sexualize and hypersexualize children? Who agreed for children to consent, nowadays, at 11? We’re in delirium I despise the dogmatic world An elite ruling the world, okay, but, it being immoral, no Narrator: I never was able to ask him how it would affect his confidence if he stopped believing there are subliminal messages Maybe there is a deeper, more fundamental reason IL: I can’t accept that I can be in a dogmatic world where I have to work, etc. make a living, etc But if it becomes immoral… it becomes my enemy SE: How should the world look like for you not to consider the elite immoral? IL: a healthy world. Because today we see that the people above are destroying it They blame the population while being the ones destroying the world little by little And they lay the blame on people, that’s their project SE: so IL: People, these days, talk about… um, Look at global warming. There is no global warming That’s bullshit It is not global warming at all, it’s more like… um The earth isn’t… I mean, we clearly see it’s not heating SE: You “clearly see”, how? Based on how you feel the weather? IL: Yeah, we clearly see it is not becoming warmer We clearly see People saying it’ll be hotter, etc. should just stop rambling It’s more like the reverse. It’ll be colder and colder SE: If we IL: Sometimes… I was scandalized when I was in France… um In France, um, I don’t remember if it was cold or hot, but, at one point, it was freezing cold SE: I think the IL: I was shocked SE: I think the global warming thing is more about something like a 0.5 °C average rise worldwide Do you think you would you be able to feel that, if it were true? SE: A 0.5 average worldwide? IL: I don’t believe those guys IL: They are all lying through their teeth, that’s why they are with the system All who are credited by the system are harmful people All who are discredited by the system are people who deserve attention SE: does that mean…? Nobel Prizes are conditioned people Those who won the Nobel Prize are people conditioned in dogmatic… dogmas, precisely And those who are rejected by the system are people holding truths that can be a bother So, they are erased. It has always been like that SE: Imagine we don’t go through them And we decide now, over the next 2 years, to gather the data of temperature in New York, Tokyo, Sourth Africa, France and we calculate the average temperature, Without resorting to scientists If, at the end of these 2 years, we, indeed, observe a 0.5 °C average rise compared to 1990, would you conclude global warming is happening? IL: Maybe Yeah, possible But so much is happening, things that people don’t realize Well, people don’t realize… English and Americans, they know that, but in France we have a scepticism against conspiracy theories, etc. and that’s a serious problem SE: But IL: That’s a serious problem SE: Sorry, I’m back to the question, what do you mean “maybe”? Does that mean that even if we observed it in the data, you would not conclude the global warming? IL: As soon as you prove to me a truth is true, pff, I jump to something else

SE: Hmhm IL: Even if I spent my time saying: “no, that’s not true!” If you prove it to me, ok, good SE: You are more interested in the more… subversive subjects? at least for now IL: Yeah, things that are evasive Let me read what Albert Pike wrote in his letter, the 3rd World War plan “The Third World War must be fomented by taking advantage of the differences caused by the “agentur” of the “Illuminati” between the political Zionists and the leaders of Islamic World.” “The war must be conducted in such a way that Islam (the Moslem Arabic World) and political Zionism (the State of Israel) mutually destroy each other.” “Meanwhile the other nations, once more divided on this issue will be constrained to fight to the point of complete physical, moral, spiritual and economical exhaustion…” That’s exactly what is happening [Disclaimer: this letter doesn’t exist] SE: Could that happen even without Satanic elites? SE: that sort of things IL: You have a problem with Satanism? [laughs] SE: No, if that’s not an important point, never mind SE: I’m talking about the idea that the elites want that IL: No worry SE: Would it be possible that the elite don’t control anything? Just complete chaos and mismanagement IL: Um… I think that… Even if I’m gonna sound like a defeatist again, I think they are just pretending a little They are nervous, but they know that by acting as if they are afraid, because people are naive, people think they will win I can tell you France is dead Dead France is completely dead, no hope, that’s why I left I left because I felt that, 4/5 years ago SE: You mean dead economically, culturally? IL: Economically, spiritually, um The values have been trampled by Zionism Also by this satanic elite Um… In France, everything is going to hell Are you in France? SE: Yeah, close to Paris IL: Ah, OK, you can see, then, France is dying SE: Maybe, yes IL: Yeah Those people that accepted the “Schiappa law”, or didn’t pay attention Such a thing would have been impossible before Their social engineering was so good, humans were so formatted, people didn’t even realize they have become completely stupid You know? Today, people are proud of their stupidity Proud of knowing nothing, proud of being an idiot, proud of doing nothing with one’s life SE: Simply loosing themselves in entertainment IL: Yeah! Yeah, and that’s terrible and unhealthy because they could do something with their life, but they’ve been manipulated so much by the system, that they feel like shit On the outside, for society, they act as if they are fine and all This is why France is a country of depressed people I think this is the country with the most antidepressant medication The highest consumption SE: Yeah, I heard that IL: The rift between the being and the appearing It’s the same old routine day in day out I saw how it was in Paris, How can people live like that? Such a horrible way of life How can you live like that? Why not just kill yourselves? I understand people who leave France Not just France, but there is something unhealthy in France IL: Something unhealthy is taking place SE: I also think people are passive and relatively stupid and are completely reduced to slavery by traditional wage-employment and other things But do you think it would have been different without a manipulative elite? IL: Um, no, it could have happened naturally too SE: Yeah IL: But I think they hastened their project, because I think the New World Order began with This is my personal theory I think the New World Order began with the first trauma, 9/11 Even I lived the 9/11

Because… Yeah, yeah, born in 1996 Yeah, I lived it SE: I was young, but I remember it too IL: I think we all saw that. I think this is something Plus, there is something a little paradoxical I saw a documentary where they explained that it would have been impossible for the towers to collapse like that, with two planes and, also, why is that, that before Wait, before the… um, before the impact, as if by chance, the media were looking at the towers? SE: “The media”, the cameras? IL: Yeah yeah, yeah SE: Were some cameras turned somewhere else? IL: Um, maybe, but they were all looking at the towers [Disclaimer: Only one recording of the 1st impact exists] IL: As luck would have it [Disclaimer: Only one recording of the 1st impact exists] And I think we waited something like 5 minutes, before the first plane crashed People didn’t even question that As always, the devil is in the details Quote unquote “devil”, I mean IL: They are evil SE: What kind of SE: What kind of proofs would you need to be even more confident than 90%? What would confirm, for everyone, your theory? IL: we’ll see what happens to France I’m sure France is destroyed. Macron has an ideology He has to honor his deal with the Rothschilds The Rothschilds are the masters of mass manipulation They are the ones who fomented the 1st and 2nd World War With the help of the Warburgs, etc (?), etc as you can see, I know what I’m talking about. [laughs] IL: But yeah, this is Just look at the motto of freemasonry I find it hilarious It’s “Ordo ab chao” SE: “Order of chaos” or something? IL: “Controlled order” IL: “Order of chaos” or “controlled order” To create order, you produce disorder, if you want SE: Of which freemasonry is it the motto? All? IL: All They all have the same goal, whatever the system, they all use a pyramidal system; meaning that, for them, humans are made to be exploited Without going into New Age, I’m not into New Age stuff SE: Where did you find that motto? IL: Um, everywhere, just type… um You find it on… how do you call that? Um, structures, buildings SE: Are you sure it is their motto? SE: Written on buildings? IL: Yeah Oh, yeah, completely, but in France, you even have buildings with… Um buildings with pyramids, I mean, buildings with pyramidal shapes on it Judicial buildings Do you want me to show you something? [laughs] SE: Ok, Why not? IL: Do you know the Illuminati are part of Um, wait a second Or Freemasonry, yeah, it’s the same anyway Did you know the Illuminati were part of the Declaration of the Rights of Man? SE: Um, no, I did not IL: OK Let me send you something I’ll send you so that you can see for yourself See for yourself how is composed the french system we live in We talk about “Declaration of the Rights of Man”… as if men were free Men might be free physically, but not mentally, they are still conditioned I’m not in this conditioning… no longer, let’s say SE: Ok, I’m looking Oh, I guess you are referring to the pyramid and the eye above the Declaration. Isn’t it? IL: Of course SE: Um Let’s say we do research, IL: [laughs] No problem SE: and we find out that this symbol is a Christian symbol IL: The “eye of providence” No, no, it’s not, it is a Luciferian symbol

That’s “the Eye of Providence”. See? I found the name SE: Um SE: Are you saying this symbol doesn’t represent Christian Trinity? SE: The triangle: the father, the son and the holy spirit, plus God’s eye IL: Let’s put it simply: Trinity is an evil thing. Why is it being taught? SE: Hum, I see IL: Religious domains were the first to be reversed IL: Same for the Quran. Everything SE: Are you saying SE: Are you saying Christianity has been infected by the Illuminati or that they are, originally, the Illuminati? IL: Oh, good question. No, no, they were, um It’s like if I give you a text, with truths in it, true truths, not created And, overnight, I change everything, still, I keep telling you this is the truth, but I know I’m lying But, for you to believe in my ideology, I’ll tell you this is true SE: You mean, the Christian texts and doctrines have been modified over time? IL: Every single doctrine, every single one SE: Is it IL: The system… When I understood that, I understood why when you go to church, you have to make an offering I mean, “have to”… you kind of feel like you have to do it Because they tell you: “see? we have to touch foundations, etc” This is fucking bullshit, even if the foundations are true, I’m not denying that But that’s Semitic crap Do you know Paul Ponssot? SE: No IL: A guy a lot crazier than I am, and who helped me a lot For all the truth seeking stuff. Not only him, I follow a lot of people, not just I don’t just have one fixed perspective on things SE: Yeah, by the way, I don’t want to keep you too much, but if you know people with strange theories and willing to talk to me, I’m interested SE: This kind of theories IL: Yeah, cool SE: But about what you said, the Christian doctrine and all, being modified over time Um, Don’t doctrines modify themselves naturally, over time, even without manipulation? IL: No, I think there is always manipulation, this is why we are trapped by people practicing human sacrifice SE: You mean, voluntary manipulation? IL: Yes, it’s voluntary It’s voluntary because those guys are in pure materialism, they have no empathy When I see the Yellow Vests, I know it makes the elite laugh They just laugh Sometimes, the elite gets a little nervous and do a little fix, but You know, I feel a little… can’t say I’m proud, I mean, I’m not proud, but devastated to see such a stupid country Not in the sense it has no intellect, see what I mean? But it has no knowledge This country is destined to fail SE: Maybe, but IL: And the social engineering really had its effect SE Are there some places in the world that are not affected by this elite? Some countries unaffected by it IL: I’d say the islands The islands where Oh, I noticed something one month ago Look at National Education Did you graduate from school and all that? SE: Yes, I have some diplomas IL: OK So Have you noticed that they always want to teach us what the “United Nations” is? Um Um, they teach us about Europe, globalization, etc SE: You mean they talk about it in civic education class or things like that? IL: Yeah, even in history, geography classes, they made me swallow their globalization I was the top of my class in history and geography, so “Globalization”, etc SE: With what course was it associated? Was it the focus? Or were they talking about history, and it was connected? IL: No, it was in the program of the final year of “economic and social”

We talked about globalization, finance, um I studied “Economic and Social”, you see? SE: I see IL: I wasn’t a wanker I was conditioned too, but I broke out of it because I knew it wasn’t interesting It was superficial crap, in short, just finance “Yeah, we have markets, bla bla blaaa” But Nothing interesting behind, just numbers There was no magic, you know? Never about people and cultures I am more interested in cultures, you see? It was empty. Just numbers, “calculate this, count that”. Horrible SE: Now that you mention that, you told me before that the islands were places, on Earth, that escaped the elite’s manipulations Are people, in those islands, more cultured and less stupid than, for example, french people? IL: Of course Because they were not exposed to the same conditioning than people in urban areas SE: What do they do differently? IL: Even people on the countryside are more intelligent IL: and a lot more lucid than formatted and individualized people Capitalist logic itself SE: So, how could we recognize them? What do they do differently compared to us? They learn more things? What do they do? IL: They are healthier SE: “healthier”? Physically? IL: They don’t consume IL: Healthier physically, mentally, that’s the most important Well, I am a consumer, myself, of all kinds of chips, hamburger, etc IL: But I manage to stay lucid SE: Yeah, same here IL: Yeah. Some people always say: “you shouldn’t eat that”, Shut up! If I want to relax, stop pissing me off Yeah, Veganism and all, it’s good, but no need to force it on people That’s the thing, you always have dumb people forcing things on you And because of those idiots, we’ll never progress, because they always think they hold the truth about everything Annoying SE: Yea IL: Some think Jesus will come and just kick everybody’s ass, etc some think it’ll be a socialist regime This is where social engineering was very efficient Now that they are conditioned, humans are completely manipulated Without noticing it. People are convinced they are right, when in fact, they might be manipulated This is why I don’t really want to be right, I just go my own way This is how I do things, and if I am mistaken, it’s alright What do I have to lose? SE: OK, cool, I think I’m done, except if you want to add something, and if one day, you want to talk again about something, just contact me IL: No problem, I’ll move to VK, because I’m bored by this server As you probably noticed, it’s full of sceptics I’m tired of explaining. Did you see “Mutant”? SE: Yesterday? Yeah, that’s when I was talking to you IL: Ah, OK SE: Well, he was just sarcastic IL: Hum, he was ironic? SE: If I understood correctly, yes IL: Yeah, he was ironic, but No, but you clearly see that he doesn’t know He uses irony because he doesn’t know It’s his way of diverting me, to tell me I’m saying shit He said: “oh, of course, obviously the boxer is a reptilian” Hey, nigga, when did I say the boxer was reptilian? The boxer is just friend with the system The manipulation is obvious It’s obvious Oh, looks like you can’t hear me SE: I hear, I hear IL: Ah, OK SE: I just don’t have anything to say, so IL: Yeah, that was interesting SE: If you want, we can stop here IL: OK, cool I’ll subscribe to your channel. Are you on VK? SE: No, as I said, I never heard about it. Is it like discord? No, I think you said you put videos on it? IL: I had a bug

SE: Yeah, you got disconnected SE: Yeah, VK, is it a video platform like YouTube or more something like discord? What is it? IL: it is more like similar to Facebook, and there are some videos that were deleted on YouTube because YouTube people were not pleased… We all know who owns YouTube Therefore, the videos are on VK I’ll go there, cause there is nothing left on YouTube SE: I see IL: Only things seen over and over again SE: Well, I’m trying to make a channel that talks about critical thinking I talk with people who have beliefs about anything, like, they believe in a god, they believe in Karma or aliens, and I just ask questions to try to understand how they came to such conclusions IL: Oh, yeah, I was the same at one point At one point I was taking every information, thinking: “maybe he is right or maybe that guy is right…” But with time, I understood the answers were obvious So, what was complicated before became simplicity But if you want to understand current events, I can only advise you to look at the… [inaudible] SE: Look at what? You cut IL: Look at the details SE: Hum IL: Everything is in the details. Everything SE: Everything, but is it interpretable? Does that lead to truth? IL: It can SE: Or it can lead to error? IL: It can IL: It may, too. That’s why we are in a game IL: We are playing right now, it is a game SE: Is it the most reliable way to find truth? IL: Um, yeah Some people did that, and were thought to be crazy, but in the end, they were right Do a little research, you’ll see SE: Hmhm OK, I’m done. Have a nice day IL: OK. I’ll go watch the news about the Yellow Vest SE: Bye