Sarhad – The Border of Crime (1995)(HD) Deepak Tijori, Farah – Patriotic Hindi Movie With Eng Subs

Line of control means border Border may exist between two countries It may exist between goodness and evilness And it may also exist between life and death “I will become milk I will become cream.” “Pour me into bottle I will become liquor.” “I will become milk I will become cream.” “Pour me into bottle I will become liquor.” “I will become a glass I will become a jug.” “I will become a fish..” “I will become a fish. I will become a cutlet.” “Pour me into bottle I will become liquor.” “I will become a glass I will become a jug.” “I will become a fish..” “I will become a fish. I will become a cutlet.” “Pour me into bottle I will become liquor.” “In the whole world, my lovers and my love stories exist.” “In the whole world, my lovers and my love stories exist.” “If you have come here, my darling sit here by getting hold of your heart.” “In the whole world, my lovers exist.” “If you have come here, my darling sit here by getting hold of your heart.” Drive fast. Otherwise I will miss my plane

Police! MX02K335 Come on! Hurry up! Check it fast. Hurry up! Open the window. Hurry up! Open the dickey Don’t move. Check it fast Hey! Hey! Get up! Hey! Sir, he is dead Who are they connected to? They just embrace death before revealing anything Open the bag. Quickly Sir, this is the same card Till now, we haven’t come to know which border it is As the general manager of Gundecha cooperative bank I am very happy to announce that the 48th branch of our bank has been inaugurated today Because of the hard work, honesty, loyalty of all you agents, our banks have beaten the nationalised banks in many cities This is very good news And Mr. Gundecha wants to celebrate it with all of you Hey Mister, I don’t want to ruin your happiness But in our bank there are many jobs which are against the rules of the bank I work honestly in the branch of our bank Now, if any stranger comes with a card from Mr. Gundecha and tells us to open the locker We all open the locker for him This is against the rules, sir From now on, I will never let this happen in our branch I’ll never let this happen No matter, if I have to leave my job for this Please be seated, gentlemen On this special occasion, each of you is given a flat in the Gundecha colony And along with that, I hope that all of our other branches will also open very soon That’s all for today Good day, gentlemen Good day, sir! Thank you! I don’t doubt your honesty, Mr. Kapadia I respect honest people a lot Mr. Gundecha, what’s happening? Who are all this for? Come! Come! Come on! Mr. Chiklia! Tell them something. Mr. Chiklia! Save me! Someone listen to me I have three children Mr. Gundecha! Mr. Gundecha, spare me I will do whatever you say Spare me. Is there anyone? Someone listen to me Do you know which the best fertiliser for the cactus plants is? The powder made of human bone Hi, father! Have you met Deepak’s brother?

What good news have you brought for me? Oh! No, father! I think you have forgotten it again You are very forgetful. Oh, father! How can I forget it? I can’t forget it even in my dreams How a man he is! Why? Haven’t you met him, father? He has killed a man again Father! – What were saying, dear? Father, it’s the same. You were supposed to talk to Deepak’s brother and sis-in-law I am sure you haven’t talked to them You were supposed to visit their home I am sure you haven’t visited Father, why don’t you talk to sis-in-law in the bank? Please! All my love letters are there in this bale, madam. – Oh, God! I have been visiting your bank with it since so long You are not giving me a locker, madam Look, sir! We don’t really have an empty locker As soon as any of them becomes empty I will give it to you first Madam, I don’t know what will happen to me till then. – Oh! Madam, you know how risky it is to move with all these Good morning, sir! – Sandhya, come to my cabin. – Okay! Shall I talk to sir? At least, spare him. Now, you go. Okay! Everyone tells me to go only Nobody gives me a locker You seem to be very happy, sir Sandhya, Jyoti has told me that Deepak is a very good boy She loves Deepak a lot I also like Deepak Sandhya! – Yes! I am very happy that Jyoti will get married in your family “I love you. I am intoxicated by you.” “You are standing in front of me But I am waiting for you.” “It’s a very strange thirst I am feeling restless.” “I don’t know about the world I don’t have control over me.” “O my love! O my love! O my love!” “I love you. I am intoxicated by you.” “You are standing in front of me But I am waiting for you.” “It’s a very strange thirst I am feeling restless.” “I don’t know about the world I don’t have control over me.” “O my love! O my love! O my love!” Everybody! “Dance actively. Romance actively.” “Spend your youth in love.” “Sometimes, express your love.” “Sometimes, wait for someone.” “Keep watching your lover.” “Talk sweetly. Keep meeting like this.” “Don’t listen to the society.” “Slowly and secretly. If she doesn’t agree, force her.” “In the way, come closer to someone.” “You are the book of loyalty You are very exquisite.” “You are the liquor which intoxicates before being drunk.” “You are the youthful dream that I kept watching.” “You are the same rose plant that has grown in the garden of my heart.” “O my love! O my love! O my love!” “Embrace me! Set my in your eyes.” “I am a beautiful thought Fix me on your lips.” “Make me the lover who pleases your heartbeats.” “I can also sacrifice my love Try me in any way.” “O my love! O my love! O my love!” “Yeah! Everybody. Dance!”

“Some drama will take place Some fun will take place.” “Wherever the lovers will go.” “They never stop. They never bow down whoever is mad in love!” “Someone will listen to you “Someone will listen to you some time keep singing the song of your heart.” “Your lover will be in your arms.” “Your life will be beautiful.” “Sometime, some story will be formed.” “In the solitary, we have fallen in love.” “The lovers have got lost.” “It’s nobody’s fault. It’s the effect of love.” “However the society reacts, I don’t bother about anyone.” “We will go together.” “We will live together throughout our lives.” “O my love! O my love! O my love!” “I love you. I am intoxicated by you.” “You are standing in front of me But I am waiting for you.” “It’s a very strange thirst I am feeling restless.” “I don’t know about the world I don’t have control over me.” “O my love! O my love! O my love!” Deepak! But I have talked to father No, Jyoti! I don’t want to get admission with the help of your father Listen to me – No! I said, no Hey, Deepak! Good morning, sir! Good morning, sir! Good morning, sir! Good morning, sir! Yes, sir! – Good morning! – Morning! It’s good that you have met me I had told you about government policy That after giving a donation of 35,000 rupees you can get admission in engineering college You know this government scheme is not going to exist for many days And if someone else deposits money you won’t have a chance Hey, evening! – What’s the matter? You have changed me my name again, haven’t you? Sandhya! Ms. Sandhya! The matter is that Mr. Cooker is whistling again and again If you don’t listen to it, we will have to eat burnt pulses at night You just read your paper. You can’t even turn the stove off Two men are there at home. And I have to do all the work Who is the other man? I am asking you who the other man is I have asked you who the other man is No, no! No other man can be there You are loyal. You are a pious woman You are my happiness. You are my life partner Can I ask you something? Why do you take out all your anger on this poor husband? Why don’t you go and tell anything to you beloved brother-in-law? Why will you tell him anything? I will go and tell him Munni, please give me the span Can’t you see I am eating chocolates? Munni, what have you made of yourself? If you eat too much chocolate, your teeth will get spoilt Why are you scolding me? Uncle has given me Hey, Mr. Uncle! Why are you wasting your money by buying chocolates? With that money, buy new tyre and tube You just open it everyday Oh, brother! Tyre and tube are as much important as Munni and Munni’s chocolate Isn’t it so, Munni? – Thank you, aunt Both of you have got spoilt a lot You are absolutely right. I was also telling like this Both the father and daughter have got spoilt a lot Hey! Hey, you are making fun of me – No! No! No! Okay! Leave it. Come on Let’s have lunch Okay, let’s go! – Come! Let’s go! Let’s go! Brother! – Hey, naughty! They are watching. Munni? Sis-in-law, take her – Okay! Munni, you have stained your face again You will never mend your ways. Naughty! Yes! At three O’clock in the Friday night No, no! My person will come Thirty crores! Okay! Bye! Good morning, sir! – Good morning, Mr. Chiklia Have your seat Thank you, sir! What’s the matter? – Sir, there is a problem

What’s the problem? – There is nothing like that, sir Sir, the matter is that the customers are demanding for lockers And there is a big scarcity of lockers You have many lockers. If you leave few of them Sir.. I was just suggesting, sir The lockers belong to me The bank belongs to me And you are the manager of that bank And you are giving me this suggestion! I can get you out of the designation that I have given you Now onwards, for your well being and that of the bank don’t give me such suggestions You may go now Excuse me, sir! Now, what suggestion do you want to give me? Go to your house! I am going to see your aunt. Make it fast Otherwise you will miss your bus And you will be marked absent at school Because I am also not going to bank Then, I will go with father You, beloved of father. Your father is also getting ready And he is going with me. Come on! Oh, where has she kept it? Oh, give me tea Will you wear your cloth yourself? – Yes! Sure! – Sure! Shall I go to give tea to your father? – Yes! – Okay! Where are you? – Twinkle, twinkle little star Father, don’t come inside I am changing my cloths Okay! Okay! Okay! Okay! – Shameless! I am afraid of just one thing By the way, both brother and sis-in-law never reject my choice But what can we do? They have called us to such a big restaurant There is no other way out Jyoti, you have to take care of everything What will I do? Look, sis-in-law is partly deaf Yes, you don’t have to do anything in it You will just have to speak louder And she will also speak louder Because she thinks everyone is deaf just like her She doesn’t even wear earphone She is of the modern age, right? You will take care of it, won’t you? Here they come – They have come Brother! Greetings! – Blessings, Lakshman! Greetings, sis-in-law! Sis-in-law, please listen to me How is she? Is she the same who is greeting me? Is she good? – She seems to be perfect There is only one problem, sis-in-law. – What? She is partly deaf. She doesn’t even wear earphone Sis-in-law, it’s nothing. You will just have to speak louder She will also speak louder She thinks everyone is like her You know every deaf person thinks others are also deaf like him What are you whispering? Let me know something It’s nothing. Don’t worry. Your beloved’s choice is so that not only you but the entire hotel will listen to it Come! Come! – Blessings! Sit! Sit! Please have your seat, brother ‘Deaf! I wish she was dumb too.’ How are you? Your name Jyoti is very lovely Sister-in-law, you are also very good The colour of your sari is very good Sis-in-law, I know everything I know disco, Bharatanatyam, driving, everything Don’t you wear earphone? Yes, sis-in-law! Deepak has told me everything Sis-in-law You sit there and talk to me. Sit there Sandhya! – You keep quiet Deepak! – Yes, brother! Deepak! – Brother! Brother! Sis-in-law, I will apply oil on your feet And I will also apply henna on your hand Excuse me! Excuse me! What’s this going one? What’s this going on? Hey, stupid! You have both choice and chance I have only one wife. If something happens to her No, nothing will happen to sis-in-law How can you say like this? Look, how tired she is! What else will you do? – She won’t do anything else Sis-in-law, I will prepare food I will also teach Munni No, you won’t teach Munni – I will teach her, sis-in-law She is not going to teach my child My child will become deaf You sit down. Sit down!

Deepak, why is sis-in-law telling like this? I don’t know How did you talk so slowly? I talked slowly. But how could you hear it? Brother, save me Sis-in-law! Sis-in-law, I thought if you people shout at each other now, there will be peace at home for ever Come, Jyoti! Bye, brother! Oh, what’s this going on? Sleeping! Which waiter is sleeping? Tell me his name. I will dismiss him just now What are you doing? – Your earphone had come out What’s all this going on? Why are you shouting? Am I deaf? By the way, I don’t like noise If you want to sit, you can sit Otherwise you can leave. Go! I think we have come to the hotel of dumb and deaf people What!? Hey madam.. dumb you are dumb Your father and your mother are dumb “What an intoxication I have got after seeing you!” “What an intoxication I have got after seeing you!” “Leave my way. Don’t tease me.” “What an intoxication I have got after seeing you!” “What an intoxication I have got after seeing you!” “Leave my way. Don’t tease me.” “What an intoxication I have got after seeing you!” “What an intoxication I have got after seeing you!” “I will come close to you and kiss your lips.” “What beautiful eyes you have!” “How nice style you have!” “I have become a drunkard without drinking.” “I will come close to you and kiss your lips.” “What beautiful eyes you have!” “How nice style you have!” “I have become a drunkard without drinking.” “After stealing my heart, don’t go away from me.” “What an intoxication I have got after seeing you!” “What an intoxication I have got after seeing you!” “The restlessness tells us to get united.” “Come; let’s eliminate the distance that we have between us.” “I am totally involved in your love.” “What an intoxication I have got after seeing you!”

“What an intoxication I have got after seeing you!” “My thirst gets intense when water drops go through your cheek.” “I have seen many beautiful girls.” “But I haven’t seen anyone like you.” “My thirst gets intense when water drops go through your cheek.” “I have seen many beautiful girls.” “But I haven’t seen anyone like you.” “I will definitely commit a mistake today.” “What an intoxication I have got after seeing you!” “What an intoxication I have got after seeing you!” “Leave my way. Don’t tease me.” “What an intoxication I have got after seeing you!” “What an intoxication I have got after seeing you!” It has cut my underwear which was in the cupboard You cut my tie, I tolerated. You cut my socks, I tolerated But today you have reached over here You have cut it too Get up! Oh, get up! Why will I get up? – What harm has it done to you? Look at this. It has cut it What has happened? – It has cut it. What else? What has it cut, father? What’s this? Come, Munni! – You naughty Get out of here. You also go Come. Come O my God! Lord Ganpati, forgive us Look, don’t ever trouble the ride of Lord Ganpati Come and ask for His forgiveness If Lord Ganpati is pleased, He will give us pleasure peace, wealth and property We won’t lack anything Ask for His forgiveness Lord Ganpati, forgive me if I have committed any mistake You are very kind. I don’t need a lot of wealth Just make me arrange the money with which I will be able to pay Deepak’s donation and get him take admission in the engineering college Please get me do this much Tell me who will win the bet I think my Shakti will win it I will only win it Deepak! Deepak! Deepak! Deepak! Deepak! Deepak! Deepak! Deepak! Which Deepak? Deepak Mathur? – Yes! Deepak! Deepak! Where is Deepak? – Who are you? I am his elder brother So you are his brother – Yes! Then, be ready with 1,000 rupees – Why is it for? Because he has bet with me And I will win the bet Deepak! Get down! – Brother! I am telling you to come down – Brother! I am just coming Get down! You don’t scream. Otherwise he will fall down Deepak! Deepak! – Shut up! Should anyone bet like this? Deepak! Deepak! Deepak! Take these 1,000 rupees I have lost it Brother, this is 1,000 rupees

I am saving for my college admission You are making fun of your brother’s self esteem You are collecting money by putting your life in stake So that you could get admission You want to fulfil your brother’s dream I don’t want your money. No need to fulfil my dream Think about it, Deepak Think about it You will do like this.. if anything happens to you Think about it Madam, I know that company has never given such a big loan But I am helpless. I need it all of a sudden If I don’t get 35,000 rupees, my brother won’t get admission in engineering Mr. Prakash, I am fully sympathetic to you But you very well know that it’s impossible to get this loan Get out of here. You have come here to earn! What had I told you? These are dogs If it doesn’t bite you, will it love you? 30,000! 30,000! 30,000 rupees is not a small amount Understand? 30,000! And for 30,000 rupees, a father sells his son in Mumbai Understand? He has come to earn 30,000 rupees! I had told you earlier that you can’t earn 30,000 rupees in 10 days just like that You will have to shed your blood Blood! Blood! Blood! Idiot! He is creating a drama unnecessarily Emotional drama! Now, what will I reply to the people whose dogs have been brought to get trained? Mr. Lobo! – What? What? What? Mr. Lobo! I also need money But it’s not 30,000 rupees but 35,000 rupees I will come to train your dogs every night Hey, do you know what you are saying? Do you know? Then, your father will come Then, the unnecessary emotional drama.. ..will take place You don’t know anything about it I am Lakshman, sir. I am Rama’s younger brother Teach me what I have to do Why are you so quiet today? – Yes, why are you quiet? No, there is nothing like this I will come late in the night since tomorrow I had talked to the principal in the college yesterday And this is my last year in college According to him, if I finish a project under Professor Sinha I will get admission in engineering easily And I will also get good marks What do you think, brother? Haven’t I done right? You are right. You are absolutely right. Go! Come on! Come on! Be brave. Be brave Yes! Yes, very good Come on! Come on! Very good! Don’t leave him. Don’t leave him How nice! – Very good! Wonderful! Excellent Fine! I love you. I love you Come on! Come on, Sheru! Sit here Sit here. Up! Up! Come on, up! Come on, Sheru! Come on. From upwards! Come on! Yes! Come on, yes What happened, man? What happened? It’s nothing. It’s just Hey, idiot! Duffer! You duffer! Come on! Come on! Rascal Sheru! Dog! Be careful Be careful Sit here! Sit here! Sit here! It happens, man. It happens. It’s very dangerous, you know You are very hard working and brave It doesn’t seem that you have been working since four to five days only Mr. Lobo, I want 20,000 rupees in advance What!? Hey man, I have just praised you a little And you have piled over me No, Mr. Lobo. I am reading in college I don’t want to become a burden on my elder brother And I need 35 thousand rupees to become an engineer There are so many boys in the college If anyone of them deposits the money before me they will get a chance before me And I will be left out It’s the dream of my brother and my sis-in-law that I will become an engineer You talk fantastic things, man If my son were there, he would talk like you, man He would talk good things like you

But he left me and passed away along with his mother Mr. Lobo! Forget about 20,000 rupees I can give you 20,000,00 rupees. 20,000,00 Good afternoon, sir! – Oh, Deepak! Sir, this is my 20,000 rupees in advance for admission Sir, can I get admission now? Yes, of course! You will definitely get it Thank you. Thank you very much, sir Sir, can I get my brother and my sis-in-law know about this good news? Definitely! – Thank you, sir! All the best! Oh, you just come When brother will come to know about it, he will go mad Hello, brother! – Hello, sis-in-law! Sis-in-law, she is Jyoti – Hello! Sis-in-law, I have promised Jyoti that I am giving her a treat With your delicate hands, piping hot Hello, brother! Hello! Come here! – Prakash! Deepak, haven’t you given professor Sinha 20,000 rupees? Yes brother Where have you got such a big amount? Have you borrowed it from someone? Have you won some lottery? Where have you got it from? Brother, listen to me – What will I hear from you? You come late in the night! Some day at two o’clock Some day at three o’clock Some day at four o’clock Some day, you don’t come home all the night I am asking you what you are doing Where do you stay? I feel like beating you so much that Then, this is the matter You are involved in fights all the night. You are bullying You must be stealing too Have you seen it? What do you say now? He will become an engineer! He will have a degree! He will get arrested. Deepak, why don’t you tell us where you have got such a big amount? Sis-in-law, do you also think that I am doing something bad? What else will I think about you? What will my father think about you when he will come to know all this? I had never thought even in my dreams that you can also be like this Don’t misunderstand me, Jyoti I was sure that at least you will trust me. But you also I hate you, Deepak – Jyoti! Jyoti, listen to me. Jyoti! Jyoti, listen to me Okay, Shakti, what had happened when you were in Khandala? Jyoti, listen to me Try to understand me Jyoti doesn’t talk to people who come home late in the night and who have chosen the wrong path Oh! Jyoti, haven’t you gone to the picnic? I thought you must have gone What has happened? Oh, you are pouring so much water at one place The plant will die, dear What’s the matter? I am not in a good mood, father – Oh, come on! Good morning, Mr. Chiklia! Good morning, Fransis Come! Come! Come! I have brought an original Alsatian for you. How is it? If you have brought, you must be good How is it, dear? Now, you will feel good Listen, where is Lobo? Mr. Lobo has gone to Madras for shooting For shooting! – Yes! Is he working in films too? No, the dogs are working in films? – Dogs! I mean to say Mr. Lobo’s dogs work in films O I see! What is this you are doing? – Attack! Attack! Attack! – Even the dogs do like this before attacking I have also become half dog by living with dogs Whom do you want to attack? It’s the chair! Chair! You won’t tell me to sit O I see! Have your seat Take it. How is it? The dog seems to be very lovely Mr. Lobo has been to Madras Who will train it? I will send Deepak. Deepak Mathur He has trained me too. He has turned me into half dog Deepak! – Yes, he is very honest and brave boy At day time, he reads in college And at night, he trains the dogs and

earns money for his college fees “Listen to me, my friends.” “The heart in which there is no love is of no use.” “I don’t have anything to do with hatred.” “I don’t get time from loving.” “I will be with my friends.” “I don’t need enemies.” “Wherever there is sorrow Happiness is also there.” “Life is all about living happily.” “There is no knowledge about the moments.” “There is no knowledge about the future.” “The traveller doesn’t know where his destination is.” “Where the destination is! Where the destination is!” “Where the destination is!” “Listen to me, my friends.” “The heart in which there is no love is of no use.” “Share the pain somewhere Try to make someone laugh.” “Tell the world about the lessons of friendship.” “Make sure you don’t leave a comrade.” “Make sure someone’s heart is not broken.” Thank you very much, Mr. Lobo

for telling me everything about Deepak I have told him so many things in anger Actually, I thought he was a child till now Look, how maturely he talks! He doesn’t want to be a burden on his brother. Deepak! Hello, Deepak! Hi, Youngman! Hi! – Brother Lobo! You’re really a loyal younger brother just like Lakshman was to Rama Deepu! – Brother! Deepak, I am proud of you Now you will see my brother will become a very big engineer Yes! – Brother, now I won’t be arrested, will I be? Look, what he is saying Hey, man! Tomorrow, you are going out for further studies, right? All the best, man! All the best! Thank you! – God bless you Sis-in-law! Please come, DCP – Hello! Whatever may happen, you definitely come to cash the cheque of your salary on seventh of the month You are right – Please, have your seat What can I do, Mr. Chiklia? This is my only livelihood Excuse me, please! – Please, for two minutes Mr. Gundecha has sent me. My name is Mac Please get locker no. 722 opened I have never seen you with Mr. Gundecha before Mr. Gundecha has given this Sandhya, open locker no 722 for Mr. Mac. Please! Thank you, sir! It’s so strange, Mr. Chiklia You hadn’t known that man But you got the locker opened only after he showed you this card All you policemen doubt in everything Look, Gundecha is the owner of this bank And this card is not an ordinary card Only his special man can have it And its value is more than the credit card of any bank Deputy commissioner of police! Mr. K. R. Malhotra!

Your blood is very hot And so much heat in blood is not good The blood pressure gets higher You must have come across a proverb. Curiosity kills the cat Cat has the same habit It puts its mouth anywhere And gets trapped trapped. In the same way, you have got trapped People know me only as the chairman of Gundecha bank But you want to know what others don’t know Cut his body into as many pieces as the number of hair he has on his head Kill him! Kill him! Hey, leave me. Leave me! Madam, we are trying hard to know about Mr. Malhotra Till now, it has never happened that Mr. Malhotra has left home without informing about his programme As soon as we get any information we will get you know. Okay! It’s so strange! DCP has gone somewhere all of a sudden His wife is getting worried a lot Ayub, when I was studying his papers on his table I got DCP’s diary You very well know that he used to write his entire programme in his diary But the date on which he got disappeared, the word ‘Sarhad’ is written at the end of his diary. – Sarhad! Ayub, is this ‘Sarhad’ the name of the bungalow of Gundecha cooperative bank’s owner Gundecha? Suppose it is. But, is it right to ask anything to a personality like Gundecha? Are we going to investigating anything? Maybe we can get to know from Mr. Gundecha about where Mr. Malhotra went from Sarhad Excuse me, sir! Mr. Gundecha I want to talk to you about something About what? Sir, I have come from the CID branch CID! I have met one to two times with your boss DCP Malhotra He is a very intelligent person If you want any recommendation, I will call him Excuse me, sir. He is missing since last two days He is missing. Then, why have you come here? If your boss is missing, you should search for him Sir, that’s what I am doing His last note is written on this diary. ‘Sarhad!’ Anil Srivastav! It’s a very good name Do you know what the size population of India is? Approximately 90 crores The name of 40 to 45 thousand people will be Anil Srivastav I couldn’t understand If you want to progress in your life try to apply your brain, Mr. Anil Srivastav ‘Sarhad’ means border The border can exist between two countries two states and even between life and death By the way I liked the style of your working You take a lot of risk You also do hard work If you keep taking risks just like this, one day you will definitely reach the place of DCP Malhotra Let’s go, Sandhya! All the staffs have left Asha, you go. I will come after finishing my work Okay! See you! – Bye!

Greetings, sir! – Greetings, young lady! Where is Mr. Chiklia? He has gone to the other branch You please have your seat Then, you do something These are the keys of the lockers Get the things out of them and bring them. – Myself! If there are spacious elements in the locker we shouldn’t leave it open Thank you. And good day, lady Sir Evening! – You have come! Sandhya! – I will beat you a lot one day Listen, have you given Mr Kanhaiyalal or not? Yes! If we are staying in the house we will have to pay the rent too That’s true Listen, what’s this? Where have you got it from? There are no sweets in it Mr. Gundecha had come today to take his things from his lockers He has forgotten it by mistake That’s why I brought it You have brought another person’s things over here You should have left it in the bank Oh, I had also thought the same But the manager had left I thought there might be some spacious thing in it That’s why I have brought it. I will keep it back next morning How many times I have told you not to waste my powder! It’s not yours. God has given it to me Look, it’s falling from upwards – You stupid! Prakash! Prakash! Prakash! Prakash, come here What has happened? What has happened? Cocaine! – What’s cocaine, father? Munni! Dear, have you eaten it? She hasn’t eaten it, right? Munni, you haven’t eaten the powder, right? No! – Open your mouth! Open your mouth! Wash her mouth! O my God! Munni, are you sure you haven’t eaten it? Gargle! – Open your mouth. Spit! Spit, dear! Spit out the water! Wash her hands You have done an amazing job, Mr. Prakash Police was just wandering in darkness regarding the drug dealer case You have given us a clue And now I am clear about the criminal Can I be sure that I will find the criminal behind the bars very soon? Idiot, you are threatening us with your master’s name. Move! Move! Sir, he was threatening me with MLA Chaudhury’s name You are a follower of MLA! Make sure he won’t get bail – Okay! Take him – Come on! Move! I am sorry, madam! I am sorry! Inspector, Gundecha is also very powerful. If he wishes Madam, criminals are treated equally by the law The size of handcuffs is equal for everyone. You go home At the presence of law, nobody can do any harm to you

Mr. Chiklia! Sir, you! – Sandhya Hello, Mr. Chiklia! – Hello! I have to talk to you on an important matter Please come inside Please come in, sir Please come and sit. No, I haven’t come to sit, Sandhya Since last night I am getting phone calls from Mr. Gundecha continuously He had emptied the lockers yesterday But he is not getting a box from them I thought I might be a spacious thing That’s why I have come to you Do you know anything about it? Sir, I have got that box Thank God! I haven’t slept all the night You have saved my career, dear I don’t know what Mr. Gundecha would think about me I don’t know what he would do to me Come on! Give the box to me Mr. Chiklia, do you want to know what was there in that box? I don’t want to know what was there in that box Give the box to me. I will give it back to Gundecha There are drugs in that box Gundecha is killing people. He is hollowing the countries Nobody knows how many children’s lives he is ruining He is creating destruction -Don’t shout Who is good in this world? Everyone is a white collared criminal If Gundecha is a criminal, he is What do I have to do with it? Give me that box – You can’t get that box Why? – Because I have given that box to police What nonsense you are doing! You are a fool Mind your language – Prakash! – Let me say You are a fool. You should be ashamed of yourself I know what I have done As a human being, everyone has a responsibility towards the society Do you want me to see and enjoy when murder takes place in front of me? The innocent children are supplied drugs And you want me to remain silent Thousands of youngsters along with your daughter and my brother will ruin their lives with the drugs supplied by Gundecha And I will remain silent! Do you want to say this? I will keep mum! Mr. Chiklia, when the child takes birth he doesn’t know anything about the worldly affairs Gradually he dreams to mend his life One day, all of a sudden people like Gundecha get them addicted to drugs and ruin their lives And those evil people pretend to be innocent And live a decent life in the society Prakash, you don’t know You don’t know Gundecha Perhaps I also don’t know him so much But I know that he is very, very powerful A powerful man can do anything You have committed a big mistake by approaching police and informing police about him Pray to God that nothing bad should happen tonight And you and your family can see the sunrise tomorrow God bless you! Do you know the value of the secret that’s there in that packet, Mr. Chiklia? What’s the name of the husband of that beautiful woman who Prakash Mathur! Father, bring my chocolates Bye, bye, father! Bye!

Gundecha, I know why you have brought me here You want to frighten me. But I am not going to be frightened I have come to know the reality hidden behind innocent looks Now, I will inform the whole world Nobody can stop me Neither your power can stop me nor can your wealth buy me The person who is of some value is bought I have only brought you to show my cactus garden You are fond of playing with the thorns, right? A man like you can only respect the thorns What do you think – Stop! Look at this worm. I also want it to survive But it has crossed the line of control If I leave it alive, it will ruin my plants Whoever does any harm to me Inspector Anil Srivastav! He had no fault He had only come to know what you and your wife told him It’s not even your fault. But you will also have to die How can you kill me? Not me. Your secret that you have known about me will kill you It’s your mistake if you think I will change my intention in fear of death Never! You are fearful! That’s why you kill others to save yourself That’s why you have appointed so many guards You are fearful Why are you spoiling your time and tone by shouting? If you are alive now, it’s only because your wife Don’t utter the name of my wife with your dirty tongue Don’t worry. I don’t kill women Women are like flowers And I love flowers Look over there She is DCP Malhotra’s wife Her husband comes in use of my cactus And she comes in my use Tomorrow onwards, your wife will take her place. – I will You are very passionate. Now come back to your senses Now, it’s 10 O’clock I am giving you a time of 24 hours Wherever you want to go, go Whomever you want to meet, meet But before 10 O’clock tomorrow you will get your wife ready and bring her over here Don’t be late. 10 O’clock! Coward! Cheap! Shame on you Hey, coward! If you have the courage, fight with me alone You want to show your power with the help of these goons! Gentlemen, Mr. John’s car will come out from the airport And it will go on Bandra highway through Mahim Mr. Rane! – Yes, sir! From Mahim signal Sir, someone has come to meet you Excuse me, sir. My name is Prakash Mathur

I am a medical representative I am sorry I have come to meet you without an appointment I have to talk to you about something, sir Look, Mr. Mathur! Famous American industrialist Mr. John is coming here We are busy over here for his security arrangements Look, sir! If you listen to what I have seen you will forget about Mr John’s security and raid Gundecha’s Sarhad with the police force Gundecha! Sir, drugs mafia Gundecha has killed inspector Anil Srivastav I have just seen his dead body And he has killed DCP Malhotra too And he has kept his wife with him as a captive Sir, you should arrest Mr. Gundecha at this very moment Otherwise nobody knows what he will do in the next 24 hours Commissioner, Mr. Gundecha has applied the powder of the bones of some policemen on cactus plants I think you have lost your mental balance You are getting too much excited To honour Mr. John for whom all the security arrangements are being done, a function has been arranged in hotel Taj Mahal. Mr. Gundecha is its chief guest Mr. Gundecha’s bank is financing the factory that’s going to be built in Indo-American collaboration You can go now The car will start from here Tomorrow it will be published in the newspapers Your name will also be published All of you are supporting those rich people The name of this newspaper is Deshbhakt We publish only the truth We don’t publish lies You have just come and said to publish about Gundecha and DIG Look Mister, if I publish about them without any evidence in the obituary column of tomorrow’s newspaper my photo will be published at first Will you come at that time? He has come and said to publish! Do you know what it means to publishing the truth? The name of your newspaper is Deshbhakt Do you know how the word Deshbhakt is pronounced? What do you publish in your newspaper? What do you people publish? A four year old girl is raped! Children are kidnapped from the school Who died in the gang war? All of you publish this How many pits are there on the road during the rain in Mumbai? You can publish it with photographs You are getting scared while publishing the truth All of you have been bribed Your conscience has been sold The people like Gundecha have crushed your pen with the shoes of their money Look mister, this is India in which country the Ganges is flowing When a child takes birth over here, a birth certificate is needed as an evident of his birth And when a mother dies, a death certificate is needed as an evident of her death You come with all the evident I will publish everything Come with all the evident How can I start with a business tycoon like you without any evident? Police don’t need any evident only to talk You might have known Prakash Mathur He had come to me. He was talking nonsense about you I have seen the dead body of Anil Sharma He had put the law on the cactus plants Though I didn’t believe in him, but Mr. Gundecha, investigation It’s our duty. Where did you get Anil Srivastav’s dead body from? I haven’t got his dead body I have got his leave application today He is on leave for two months His mother has expired Let her soul rest in peace Prakash Mathur about whom you are talking is a very frustrated man He had come to me to ask for some money I refused to give him There is nothing to disbelieve you From your face, I can know that you are a very decent and truthful person And it’s our duty to serve the truth. It’s our righteousness I am just talking to CM. Don’t worry Yes! I am speaking, sir The matter is that a decent person whose name is Prakash Mathur is with me now He wants to tell you something about DIG Saxena What? Okay! Thank you very much. Talk to CM Sir, I am Prakash Mathur speaking, sir Sir, DIG Saxena You will bring her to my house after get her dressed like a bride at 10 O’clock tomorrow I am getting a child widow tomorrow in the morning

If you have time, you can come Your thoughts are very nice, Mr. Gundecha But I am sorry. I have some work. So I can’t come I wasted your time. I am sorry for that. Thank you Good day, DIG Saxena! How much is it? Tomorrow morning at 10 O’clock Don’t be late And when she didn’t come in the school bus I thought she was with you O God, where is Munni? I will go to school and find out Maybe she is playing with the children Prakash, if she isn’t there, then Why won’t she be there? Where will she go? Munni! Munni! – Mummy! O God! Where had you been, Munni? What has this happened? Mummy! Mummy! I have been hurt by uncle’s knife Sister, she is a very cute girl. Take care of her It’s good that she has been hurt by the knife, otherwise Brother, thank you very much for dropping my child at home Sandhya, go inside with Munni How dare you touch my daughter! Don’t be so passionate that it will be 10 O’clock before time Oh, you are sitting over here I have been feeling hungry since very long Hey, Deepak! Please come Don’t you have to eat? It’s 10 O’clock. The kitchen will be closed Amit, you have made me recollect my sis-in-law by talking about eating It’s 10 O’clock, right? She must be hungry for me Prakash, have we taken a wrong step? Will we get into some problem by helping the police? Look Sandhya, the person who tolerates injustice silently is guiltier than the person who does injustice Are you getting scared, Sandhya? Who is there? Who is there? Who is there? Who is there? Father! – Munni! Father! – Munni! What has happened to you, Munni? Mummy, that person! That’s a tree, dear! The tree is swaying Come on. Go to sleep. Look! Go to sleep. Come! ‘But before 10 O’clock tomorrow you will get your wife ready and bring her over here.’ ‘Don’t be late. 10 O’clock!’ Yes, I know this. Tomorrow morning Brother, I am Deepak speaking Brother, I had been trying to call you since 10 O’clock I was not getting Bombay connection Brother, why are you so scared? Have you seen a nightmare? Nightmare! Oh, yes! Brother, your dream has come true I have been selected as the best student And day after tomorrow, there is a function in college You will come, right? Deepu, tomorrow morning both your sis-in-law and I are going out in the train at 10 O’clock Our return ticket hasn’t been confirmed till now Brother! Okay, fine Where is sis-in-law? Give the receiver to sis-in-law Your sis-in-law is sleeping Okay! Okay, Deepu! God bless you You shouldn’t lie to Deepak – I haven’t lied to him Where are we going at 10 O’clock in the morning? You are ill mannered as much as you are emotional

But because of your beautiful wife, I am forgiving you Right at 10 O’clock, you should have got your wife ready and I liked the style of your death You have escaped that fierce death which I wanted If I am sad, it’s only because you couldn’t come in use of my cactus plants And even your wife couldn’t come in my use Good day, Mr. Prakash Mathur What has happened to brother? What has happened to sis-in-law? No! No! No! No! Perhaps Deepak won’t be able to bear this shock Dear, I want you to be there at him home when he comes back After he sets mentally within two days we will bring him over here He will live with us. Munni will also feel good Constable! Get his numbers It’s 334 and 335 Find out 334 and 335 334! Hey brother, this is your 20 rupees It’s the claim of that lame fellow Tell me the numbers again -Find out 334 and 335 334! Do you have matches? – Yes, I have Yesterday, a body of a person who was very good looking had come – Okay! I got these cigarettes from him. 555! Tell me the numbers again -Find out 334 and 335 334! 334! 334! No! It’s not 334 and 335! My brother’s name is Prakash Mathur Prakash Mathur! You scoundrel Come on! Find it out! It’s not good to get angry so much, mister There is no difference in the name and number of the dead ‘Deepu, tomorrow morning both your sis-in-law and I are going out in the train at 10 O’clock.’ ‘Our return ticket hasn’t been confirmed till now.’ ‘Okay, Deepu! God bless you.’ Uncle, uncle, where have mother and father gone? Tell me, uncle, where have they gone? Uncle, tell mother that I will never do a mischief

I won’t even eat chocolates I won’t even apply mother’s powder I will go to sleep early. Uncle, you will tell her, won’t you? Mother and father will come, won’t they, uncle? Won’t they come, uncle? They will come, dear Both your father and mother will come back Aunt! Aunt! Shall I go and tell uncle good bye? – Go, dear! Uncle! Uncle! Uncle! – Hey, Munni! Uncle! Uncle! – What has this happened, Munni? Uncle, I was coming to tell you good bye Munni, have you got hurt? Jyoti, take her inside. Come on! You have to go to school, right? You are getting late. The bus is about to come Recording! Deven, its recording light is on ‘Gundecha is a drug mafia I told everyone about it.’ ‘But truth is useless without evidences.’ ‘People even remove the evidences.’ ‘That’s why I am creating some evident before dying.’ ‘How could I leave your sis-in-law alone?’ ‘He is a rascal I I.. your sister-in-law ‘, I’ve fed her with poison..’ I’ve fed her with poison ‘Get Gundecha punished..’ ‘You are ill mannered as much as you are emotional.’ ‘But because of your beautiful wife, I am forgiving you.’ ‘Right at 10 O’clock, you should have got..’ your wife ready and..’ ‘I liked the style of your death.’ ‘You have escaped that fierce death which I wanted.’ ‘If I am sad, it’s only because you couldn’t come in use of my cactus plants.’ ‘And even your wife couldn’t come in my use.’ ‘Good day, Mr. Prakash Mathur.’ Whose voice is it? – I don’t know This is the voice of the murderer of my brother and sis-in-law, right? This is the voice of that person who has frightened many cowards like you That’s why my brother has given me this evident by dying with my sis-in-law But I won’t let this sacrifice go uselessly Swear on me, uncle! Swear on me and tell me whether you recognise this voice or not Whose voice is it? Whose voice is it? Please, uncle! Tell me who the murderer of my brother and sister is Who is he? This is Gundecha’s voice, right?

Yes, this is Gundecha’s voice What can you do by knowing this? This is Gundecha’s voice I had persuaded your brother that day Today, I am persuading you Gundecha is a very powerful man. He is very powerful He can crush any powerful man You are nothing before him He will finish you You don’t know him You don’t know him. He will turn you into ashes And apply it on his cactus plants Yes, he will apply it on his cactus plants. Cactus plants Who is he? Who is he? Robert! – Who is Robert? Robert is the death of all of us Now, you have known it, right? Go! Go and kill Gundecha. Kill him Your brother has just died Now you have brought all of us on the verge of death He will kill you. He will kill me He will kill my daughter Gundecha will finish everything He will kill all of us. He will kill everyone. He will kill everyone Uncle! Uncle! – He will kill everyone Uncle, come back to your senses Come back to your senses. Relax! Relax! Nothing will happen You are scared that Robert will inform Gundecha about you, right? He will raise the curtain But I will start the play “I will become milk I will become cream.” “Pour me into bottle I will become liquor.” “I will become milk I will become cream.” “Pour me into bottle I will become liquor.” “I will become a glass I will become a jug.” “I will become a fish..” “I will become a fish. I will become a cutlet.” “Pour me into bottle I will become liquor.” “I will become a glass I will become a jug.” “I will become a fish..” “I will become a fish. I will become a cutlet.” “Pour me into bottle I will become liquor.” “In the whole world, my lovers and my love stories exist.” “In the whole world, my lovers and my love stories exist.” “If you have come here, my darling sit here by getting hold of your heart.” “In the whole world, my lovers exist.” “If you have come here, my darling sit here by getting hold of your heart.” “I will become a glass I will become a jug.” “I will become a fish..” “I will become a fish. I will become a cutlet.” “Pour me into bottle I will become liquor.” “What’s the matter? Tell me.”

“Give a smile. Don’t hide, inspector.” “What’s the matter? Tell me.” “Give a smile. Don’t hide, inspector.” “Look into my eyes. Don’t look like this.” “Come to me. Steal my heart and take my love.” “Don’t hide the matter, inspector.” “Look into my eyes. Come to me, inspector.” “When you arrest me, I will become release.” “I will become a thief..” “I will become a thief. I will become a woman police.” “Pour me into bottle I will become liquor.” “I will become a glass I will become a jug.” “I will become a fish..” “I will become a fish. I will become a cutlet.” “I will become milk I will become cream.” “Pour me into bottle I will become liquor.” “I will become a glass I will become a jug.” Who are you? – I am Prakash Mathur’s brother, sir Who is Prakash Mathur? His wife and my sis-in-law Sandhya was the locker in-charge in your bank Oh, the woman who committed suicide with her husband by consuming poison Yes! I know this. I know why she committed suicide I have.. I also have evident But I can’t do anything I can’t do anything Only because of my Munni Munni! Munni! She is the last memory of my brother I love her very much – Uncle! My brother had given me the responsibility to bring her up But why are you telling me all this? Mr. Gundecha, you must have heard a proverb Even a small ant can kill an elephant by entering into its ears But but I also know that it’s as much difficult for the ant to reach at the elephant as it’s for me to reach at you ‘You are ill mannered as much as you are emotional.’ ‘But I forgive you because of your beautiful wife.’ What do you want? – Can you give me? Tell ma what you want? Life! The lives of both of us Uncle, why are you crying?

Dear, those were crocodile tears You won’t understand it Shall we go now? – Uncle! Come back! – Aunt! Aunt! Get it forward once more Here it goes! Keep mum, Munni! If you don’t keep mum, I will slap you How can you slap me, uncle? You are so much away from me Okay! Shall I tell you? You are safe Yeah! I am not hurt Hey, hands up! Do you think you are very smart? Don’t move. Do you think Gundecha is a fool? Don’t move You play cassettes before him! Oh, transfer! Come on! Get the cassette Hurry up. Come on! Come on! Come on! Where is the other cassette? Where is it? Tell me immediately. Hurry up! What have you done? You have killed Robert!

He was Gundecha’s right hand Today, I have cut Gundecha’s right hand Gradually, I will destroy him For this.. for this you will have to die With your death, the destruction of Gundecha will begin Can I talk to the police commissioner? Bank manager Chiklia has committed suicide As per the order of the police commissioner many branches of Gundecha cooperative bank have been sealed Drugs worth crores of rupees have been found from the anonymous lockers of the bank Some clue of the suicide of Prakash Mathur and his wife must have taken police to the bank lockers And poor Chiklia must have died to save me Poor guy! He was an honest man May God bless his soul! Mr. Gundecha – I am grieved to see all this It’s not because he died like this Rather it’s because he breached my faith I had transferred the papers of my banks into his name I can’t believe that he was selling drugs in the name of service You reach at the root of the matter When Mr. Chiklia called me last night What did Chiklia tell you on phone? He used to keep drugs in the bank lockers and supply them You mean to say that he has confessed it Yes! – People like this won’t even find a place in the hell I went to the bank with officers with the officers and seized it And what about Mr. Chiklia? He must have come in front of any speeding truck And got him crushed We got his crushed dead body on the highway road Munni, can you see that white car in front of us? – Yes! Go and affix it to that Every evil person dies like this, commissioner. Good day! Excuse me! If I have to ask you something regarding this case Don’t worry. Now onwards even if you call me in the midnight, my guards will connect it It’s good that the traitor Chiklia died You are a fool The dead body was not of Chiklia but of Robert

Oh, no! It means he knows that Chiklia is alive Then, Mr. Chiklia! – I want him alive He has made us face a very big loss He can’t dare do like this. That engineer boy is behind it But he also doesn’t know that a dead person’s weight doesn’t decrease if its hair is uprooted Oh, no! It has fallen down O God! Francis! What will we do now? Jyoti and uncle are alone at home Come on! Let’s go! Who has broken all this? I think Gundecha’s goons reached here before us Come, Francis! Come! What are you doing? Oh, tell me what you are doing I know what I am doing, Francis You do something. Put all these things into this bag Okay! I will put everything But Deepak, at least tell me where we are going – Border! Where have you brought me? What kind of border it is! I am getting scared a lot. O God Help me! O my God! Hey, shh..! Hey! Don’t touch anywhere We will have to check I think this is a matter of electricity. – Shut up! Francis! Francis! Be silent! Be silent! Be silent! What’s the matter? – I have got a shock Where is the shock? Where is it? Idiot! Stand over here. Okay? Uncle! – You! I had left you at home Wherever you go, I will be there Hey, baby! Where has she come from? Francis! Hide here And act like a horse Why will I act like a horse? Hurry up! Hurry up! Don’t be stubborn Idiot! Stupid! Fool! Come! Come! I have brought the bag – Very good! We have escaped the shock. But got trapped with the dogs Shut up, Francis! You stay over here. – Okay! I will take care of the dogs – Come back soon Darling! Hey, darling! Do your dogs bite? Brother, do your dogs bite? Uncle, do the dead people speak? You served me all your life with loyalty and honesty Today I want to repay your debt Father! – Dear! God bless you, baby! – Gundecha! I don’t kill women But I don’t want the family of a traitor like you to go forward

Mac, while making the power of the bones of both of them make sure that it’s made with love Because they are my close people. Take them away! Very good! Praise to you, my friend. You are really loyal There are so many people over here Francis, open the zip Not this one. That one. Bag! Bag! Uncle, this is my plane – Shh.. Munni! Boss, look! There is a plane It’s strange. It has landed. Are we standing in the airport? Look, the widows are also opening Don’t touch this rope It is connected to the weights of rays Francis! – Yes! Now open it. – Dear, hurry up! Hurry up! Get out of here Deepak! – Deepak! Deepak! – Deepak, come out, Deepak! Deepak! – Deepak! Leave the rope. Yes, I am coming The lights will be on, Deepak Let’s go, Deepak. Let’s go away from here I feel suffocated over here No, uncle! All of you go My battle has just begun Oh, fight takes place between equal powers You must have known about Gundecha’s power You don’t know about my intelligence The person who kills wins the battle He who dies doesn’t win it I had persuaded you earlier Now, listen to it carefully again If you want to escape the poison of a snake you should remove poison from its teeth when it’s a baby This mistake shouldn’t be repeated What’s the matter, Mac? – Sir Why has power gone? – I will see Order for a tea first Why has power gone, uncle Ramu? I don’t know, sir. I will just go and find it out Sir, your tea! Sir, how is the tea? – It’s very good You! ‘Gundecha is a drug mafia ‘But truth is useless without evidences.’ ‘People even remove the evidences.’ ‘That’s why I am creating some evident before dying.’ ‘How could I leave your sis-in-law alone?’ ‘He is a rascal. I have made your sis-in-law drink poison.’

‘I have made her drink poison.’ Mr. Gundecha, what’s your last wish? Just now, you have had tea with poison You have had tea You have had tea You scoundrel, you have made me drink poison! You have made me drink poison! Mac, call the doctor Call the doctor Mac, call the doctor, Mac! You have got so much scared of having tea with poison, Gundecha! Think about the people who had tea with poison and committed suicide getting scared of you I haven’t added any poison into it Then, you have made the biggest mistake of your life Mr. Chiklia has told us everything

Where is Mr. Gundecha? Dear, youngsters like you can remove any border of crime with the help of confidence and intelligence Today you have proved it “In the solitary, we have fallen in love.” “The lovers have got lost.” “It’s nobody’s fault. It’s the effect of love.” “However the society reacts, I don’t bother about anyone.” “We will go together.” “We will live together throughout our lives.” “O my love! O my love! O my love!”