Debate – Zach (English class)

okay hi folks other introduction this is a debate about movies now let’s wait for the contestants to join oh we’re getting a few oh this is good I said let’s dip I’m gonna you know Zach did you sleep ginate is still here too it’s more than exactly good morning how are you good let’s see who else was watching the discrete the description of your of the glasses and I saw yours and the useful and whenever was watching the display the description I you saw the work movie ah I canceled of my appointment with I don’t know if you forever of him I President Obama I don’t know all right I think I heard of him yeah yeah yeah good no Rick yeah I see to my secretary you have to cancel away it’s an honor it’s an honor okay yeah problem esky hi hi hi would you mind if you have another verbling window Oh could you close it I’m fine thanks I’m getting a little echo from you so can you uh I see you yes but can you close the other burbling window open in your browser cool okay I think I’m the echoes gone hi so SE high water why don’t we do some introductions so okay we’re still getting the problem as you would you mind if you’re not speaking could you please click the mute button on the microphone please yeah you repeat it can you click the mute button on the microphone when you’re not speaking cool oh ok and I think I scared her off ok well at least there’s no echo hopefully she can join us again ok Elvis your back to outfit well I know he’s there ok hey Elvis how are you cool all right ok well let’s do a round of introductions I’ll call your name and just tell us again where you’re from and let’s see if you could learn another language aside from English um what language would you learn so ok sorry I was just uh I was trying to express my condolences about losing edgy she was a wonderful student I I tried to put in a sad face but I don’t know if that came through ok all right well okay how about this yeah so alvey’s we’ll start we’ll start with you just tell us again where you’re from and if you could learn another language that was not english what would you want to learn a hello anon fees I’m from Venezuela I i will I learning japanese japanese school yeah I hear that’s very hard though I’m sure you I’m sure you could do it yeah but i think the pronoun check the pronunciation is is easier than english yeah maybe it also i always thought japanese pronunciation sounded similar to spanish a little bit yes cool all right Ali hi hi I’m familiar mas yeah there’s my first class with you yeah oh

good have you hmm i would definitely learn spanish and chinese cool very useful languages lots of people speak those languages because it will help in my profession oh nice and where are you from Ali I’m from Pakistan right no I’m okay in ya hello yes continue right now I’m living in United stairs New York hell bunny sorry sis have to be cool yeah kind of a little bit a little bit upstate right yeah nice and i am from assist great great we’ll get to have you here uh you Lisa hi hi how are you fine thank you hello everyone hello my name is Lisa I’m from bedroom and well one of the languages that I would like to learn it’s portuguese and chinese nice cool yeah portuguese and chinese I think port I think Portuguese would be very easy for you and Chinese my human a little harder kind of left in Spanish yeah cool great thank you very much you Lisa uh Janine your turn hi guys my name is Jade I live near at state arizona i would like to learn spanish language because there is a lot of maximum equal here in Arizona so they will help me a lot already tonight yeah yeah don’t thank me the lessons are already starting all right Kareem hi hi hi guys I’m sorry if I want to learn language I would like to learn and Dennis and Japanese okay you would like to learn Japanese and what was the other one vamos Dennis Oh Danish OIC ok yeah well ok cool interesting yeah danish is not very widely spoken but it’s a cool language and very similar to like swedish norwegian micron from obama clause so i wanted a nice nice ok cool maybe you can go visit him and denmark sometime and speaks in cash nice cool all right great thanks Gary uh Russell I Russell are you there all might yeah maybe not uh we’ll come back to Russell he’s got a cool Garfield picture but I can’t hear him unfortunately uh ok Sebastian your turn Cheers um hi everyone my name is Sebastian I’m from Santiago Chile and I will love to learn italian italiano Oh language of God for me that’s beautiful alright that’s and that’s probably very easy I think if you if you go to Italy for like a month or two you’ll probably speak Italian yeah if you speak spanish first if you speak spanish for real can define your kid eli dot yeah I’m so Newman apparently Newman doesn’t have a microphone as he sang in the chat here uh it’s good to have you in the class you can’t participate i’d rather give the space to somebody who can and you you’re welcome to continue watching and you can participate in the burbling chat and i’ll try my best to to say to respond to any questions that you might have but it would be better if i could open up the spot to to somebody who can speak is that so is that ok Russell well we’ll wait for a he’s typing okay not now ok you stop he’s not willing to give it up just yet okay well we’ll give you will give you a few more minutes but it’s a it would be better if you could allow somebody else to take the spot ok um maybe ok alright well we’ll see how this plays out um ok let’s see uh so Maya hi everyone hi how are you hi

thanks and you I’m good thanks so tell us where are you from and if you could learn a language other than English what would you want to learn so I’m from Morocco and it’s like if I would if I could to learn my gosh I would choose Turkish ok ok cool that’s another difficult language but yeah very cool language uh all right great thank you and slide or nosy is it Zia Zia yeah sorry I read the I ride my pony hi guys I’m as yet I’m from Egypt and actually I’m learning Japanese beside english so i would like to to learn chinese chinese cool yeah all right great thank you guys so again you Sark yeah i was about to do it don’t worry so much man sorry haha ok so I’m Zach I’m from California in the United States and let’s see if I could learn one language right now uh what would it be i really should think of it well I’m trying to be nice clean um yeah I’m trying to learn I’m trying to learn french and i already speak it ok but i’d like to be a lot better at it so I’d like to improve my French a language that i can’t speak at all that would be nice to speak is probably chinese mandarin so can I ask you why do you want to speak friend because i also want to speak French minute can I ask you why why why why speak French uh well lots of people speak French it’s a rarity what I want to visit Philippines yeah that’s where I do they speak French yeah probably i don’t think that’s why um yeah i actually well i started speaking French because i had i had one year left in you in my university and basically so i thought i could make the most progress with french because i already knew a little bit and it was a more similar to spanish than a lot of other languages so i started studying at this yeah i thought it would be a little easier and we lost lv snow I know these okay well let’s get started with the class um and uh it looks like Russell does not want to leave so i guess it you can you can type things that you’re thinking in the in the sidebar and i’ll try to i’ll try to get to them ok so today we’re going to be talking about movies I think hopefully does everybody enjoy movies everybody likes movies yeah yeah it’s good ok good good um okay so we’re going to be talking about different genres of movies hmm so good beef yeah and somebody yeah good so Ali what do I mean when I say ash onra can you give me some examples of a genre or a type of movie like a romantic could missus pins diction diction good good so you guys already know a lot of them so we’ve got like we’ve got drama suspense like a thriller a movie that’s like kind of like you know it makes you like sit up in your chair but it’s not like scary there’s poor circle musical comedy comedy good are we going to read good document i really like documentaries personally um so are you science fiction science fiction comic fiction yeah sighs fictions want a fight all right great yeah you guys have a very good handle on all these different genres of films so great uh so I’m gonna go around and just think about it for a second think about what is your favorite genre or type of movie so just give that some thought and if it for the purposes of this class maybe you’re lying but you just just pick one you always tell us to lie tigra the busty on learning English is all about lying okay okay oh you’ve got

we’ve got s key back awesome and Russell is just a participating like a fiend over here Wow he likes Independence Day 2012 first blood all right he looks like Russell really likes action movies okay cool so I’m going to say that that’s what that’s what Russell’s in Ali are you ready to tell us what’s your favorite one favorite type of movie hmm yes I my favorite type movies are suspense suspense cool again I know I million born lcds cool such suspense kind of a little bit like a thriller maybe yes okay nice so good and thank you for the example so the bourne series it’s like more an identity bourne supremacy yeah fantastic yeah did you see the new one yes they chose a change the hero yeah how was it good mmm the bone bone was good okay me one is okay new one not so good okay but didn’t but one action of the movie was very you very fantastic in the new one glass and that the hero slide from the rooftop and with his two legs he he cut he came down slightly with fictions of all and it she was kind of like that it sounds like detection I’ll have to see it alright so some good action he so let’s uh remember that alley like suspense is there another action that did in the hero they protect himself from longer drone attack okay nice that sounds that sounds like an important skill to have yeah as esky are you there no will get all right we’ll give esky a minute here are you Lisa what is your favorite kind of of movie favorite genre it’s difficult to choose only one but maybe we will say something between drama romance okay so drama romance so can you give an example of a movie that fits into those categories for example I don’t know BBC’s a drama the pursuit of happiness but it is makes it in a real-life story in the end it has a very positive message but yes it has a very sad moment I don’t know if it’s really got wrong but this guy movies I can I ok so maybe kinda I’ve seen the pursuit of happiness a good movie so it’s like it’s with Will Smith yeah yeah I think they filmed one part of that movie actually in the town where I grew up so yeah that was commemorated a like closed off the streets to to film it it was kind of interesting Oh what you could see him what is me I didn’t I didn’t see Will Smith but uh I just thought they had it takes place like in the 80s so they had a bunch of old cars on the street so cool to make it look like the 80s yeah um yeah so maybe kind of you like a movie that’s kind of like bittersweet you know again yes something sad but at the end maybe it’ll add something right so something something a little bit wistful a little bittersweet wear something good comes at the end but it’s it’s difficult it’s a little bit sad ah cool and as he says I’m here can we can you talk as you okay well right in the sidebar if you if you can’t speak but your microphone was working before so hopefully you can do it again ah Junaid what about you I like actually the action movie and the last movie I saw it it was that expendable too ok so action movie so maybe a little bit similar to Ali so what did you like about the expendables 2 the first thing because all the heroes near nice ok famous actress there so it remind me who are the actors that are there a bunch of like old action stars right nonrandom Jonathan I think I don’t know the name but I love the picture yeah okay so i think it was like it was

Arnold Schwarzenegger jean-claude van Damme I yes Stallone was oh yeah gently right and then they have a they have the guy who played a von Drago in rocky for ya oh yeah we’re not checking our ways Oh Chuck Norris right how could I forget Chuck Norris Chuck Norris will probably come beat me up for forgetting about Chuck Norris mob and then okay okay I can’t believe I can’t think of the name one Yvonne Drago right hand down okay classic ok good choice I like it um art korean what kind of movies do you like what what’s your favorite genre of movies oh all like we must three general mystery all right nice what can you think of a movie that that you liked and I mystery genre I like that’s a mangie and that’s another letter as a national treasure Walton it states all it’s all well good okay national treasure so good it’s got Nicolas Cage so how could it not be good yeah Nicolas Cage he said he should be in the expendables well thank you Runkle so you like you like having to like think about a movie and like piece together the puzzle right it’s like okay that’s kind of cool alright nice uh meth Melek Oh Melek is gone all right uh well Russell why don’t you type in the sidebar what you what kind of movie do you like I think we already have an idea he likes Jim Carrey Berg wow he’s got lots of ideas if you could pick one genre Russell what would it be one type of movie so we’ll wait for him to enter what about you and like all the movies sike i’m sorry but i have a choice I have to choose you have yeah yeah drama drama okay big big category what what kind of drama I have to say that the there’s drama / comedies dramas large suspense yeah Romans and there’s one movie that I love is the doubt the doubt doubt or the debt the doubt the Dada sulla okay I say is that a worse ways it from is it a an American movie us movie or is it okay with meryl streep philip seymour ha ok I think I’m yeah it’s just called it I think it’s just called doubt oh ok yeah i think that’s that’s it and man we’re loser here in Chile was not Allah so okay yeah lovely ok sounds good yeah I remember that movie I saw that too so maybe kind of like that was sort of drama maybe a little bit of suspense but it was kind of layout fine high drama a little bit right like it sort of it had it had very high ambitions right yeah yeah can I say something and I what I don’t want to be rude I just want to clarify something do you know the difference between an action movie and a size 5 movie sure yeah so would you like me to explain or do you know know I know okay yeah I think I do although I guess there’s there’s overlap right like sometimes sometimes a sci-fi movie can have parts of it that our action and sometimes an action movie can have parts of it that are sci-fi right no no sec no okay explain sebastia explain the action at the movie the action movies actually our act there are a lot of action explosion explosions a car racing I don’t know yeah action but the sci-fi movie yeah the story has to to the theme of the movie have to be something that actually in the right now it’s not happen overnight so example something was weird yeah something for example a movie that a sci-fi it could be that amsac could tailor a telly prototype today oh my god he could travel to Mars for example we cannot do that in in the present you know so as ice movie have to have to do something that we cannot do

in the present okay that’s a good I think that’s a good explanation yeah so side right it’s like it’s in the future maybe or it uses some kind of advanced technology that we don’t have or in some situation that doesn’t exist in real amp yeah example the x-men is about evolution huge and evolution and we don’t have that kind of evolution so that is kind of sci-fi also you know that oh yeah that is their difference not only action it maybe it’s not action in a sci-fi movie right so like what are so what are some examples of sci-fi movies anyone can say can anybody think of a sci-fi movie I know I know Russell knows a few but anybody else have ideas can think of a sci-fi movie well can sorry karim on pop some insect yeah example yeah inception is kind of sci-fi yeah good good call any other ideas I what about like Prometheus or the alien movies than anybody see those so those are pretty classic examples of sci fi avatar yeah good job you Lisa definitely um so she odd yes what what what kind of movies do you like well i don’t know then the name of the dinner it’s that the kind of movies with the martial arts involved you didn’t continue to be action movies sort of you you could call it an action movie are you talking about like Bruce Lee movie I’m Tuesday yeah yeah so yeah they’re action movies but you can also call them like martial arts movies or like kung fu movies or yeah Oh slow although that does there okay not and can you is there one in particular that you that you really like hurt that you can think of right now I was called the twin twin brothers it’s an old movie Forge Italy with his friend from the child and timbaland and so cool cool excellent all right well I guess I’ll say to be to be a little different my favorite type of movie are comedies I like watching comedies it’s just it’s fun to have that sort of it’s an escape right it makes you just like laugh and forget about bad things and um sometimes you know with other movies like action movies you get more stressed out just watching a movie but sometimes it’s nice to just watch a comedy and and relax a little bit so now we’re going to do a little exercise we’re not I mean we can debate each other if we want but I don’t want to get like two antagonistic I mean sebastiaan already debated me a little bit but uh so i’m going to give you i’m going to give you to two different genres of movies two different types of movies and i want you to explain why one is better than the other and give at least two reasons why that why that genre is better than the other genre that i listed can I say something Oh yeah oh yeah I’m sorry I can I forgot that you joined us hi well yeah thanks but my name is Arjun Arjun okay I’m from Turkey I like fantastic movies like lot of drinks or the hobbit great have you seen have you seen the hobbit yet not yet but I will go tomorrow right is it comes out tomorrow or today maybe in my country tomorrow okay so all right great cool thank you so fantasy movies that’s another that’s another genre that we haven’t discussed yet thanks our John okay so let’s let’s start the exercise I want to make sure I’m not forgetting anybody I think we got everybody alright so a lebese welcome back thank you for thank you for joining us again we missed you my end and it was berries yeah I know what it’s like it mine can be bad sometimes too so okay let’s uh let’s start this i’m going to give you two different genres of movies and you tell me why one give me two reasons why one is better than the other so let’s start simple a comedy and drama which is

better and two reasons why okay I have one are you are you ready Albie’s yeah I prefer comedy because big of a I propel sulla and what a committee suit romantic is due to a but i do feel okay and you gave me one reason because you prefer to laugh maybe can you think of one other reason why you think comedy is better than drama hey because they they are very good a comedies optus artists you like the you like the actors yes okay so the actors and comedies are really fun to watch so that’s another reason why you like it better maybe good is that is that accurate alright cool great Thank You Alvey it’s nice work um I Sean all are you ready for the debate challenge yeah okay so he’s acting well any i’m going to give you different types of movies so i’ll give you I know which one you’ll choose fantasy movies vs like action kung fu type movies which is better and why I don’t like action movies because I don’t like war but in fantasy movies I can like because the fantasy movies is what can I say I like sports and bolts but in the what did you say a fantasy n and like kung fu like punching action movies I don’t like buddies okay Oh Bruce yeah I don’t like buddies ok so you don’t you like swords and bows right you like the kind of medieval type of battles yeah yeah yeah but you don’t like it when one guy is just like punching another guy well I don’t like it ok ok that’s those are that’s two reasons good all right nice job Oh John I think Holly you’re back hi Allie what happened I can’t hear you you know uh something is something is happening with your my cali but see if you can figure it out and I’ll come back to you hello oh there you are right here is my connection no problem okay so did you hear what what the what the practice we’re doing is right now No okay so what we’re doing is worse I’m gonna give you two different genres or styles of movies maybe you tell you give me two reasons why one is better than the other okay okay so i’m going to give you how about romance and suspense mmm so i hope to tell you between is better yeah two reasons why why one of those is better than the other hmm to spend his major okay and why cause they’re the trail in there and there’s an action in that and Lord lots of new new kind of stuff right and do romance is romance is not bad but the defense is better okay and that’s good too when you’re talking about these it’s good to mention both types of movies so maybe you mentioned what you like about one well you know what you don’t lie about another year I don’t have an interesting I in the room s so this that’s why I like suspense mmm more than the romantic movies okay one romantic movie I i have seen it was it was not bad okay i saw 10 10 years okay yeah its name that’s just like heaven i think just like heaven I don’t think I’ve seen that but i’ll check it out

I’ll get then I’ll get the tissues and you know block my tears as i as i watch please uh you Lisa hi yes re are you ready yeah sorry for the noise i hope you break here a little a little bit it’s all right uh maybe if it’s really noisy you can mute your microphone when you’re talking to me I’m great thank you yeah but it’s fine now yeah so i’m going to say how about like i’m trying to think of movies so [ __ ] [ __ ] or AA and or or science fiction i will choose horror because I like this kind of movies I like them they make me feel very excited like emotion like to say a feeder if it gives me a lot of feeling that sometimes I am like no I don’t want to know what I don’t want to see you but I think I’m get a one who I want to see what happen okay and maybe can you explain why it’s better than uh thank you for the emotion that it causes you okay should be more they were never that review said nervous yeah yeah so you kind of you think it’s sort of fun to feel nervous like that right a little skinnier right and maybe maybe sci-fi movies do that sometimes but they don’t always do it right in a different weight I think yes the poorest horrible movies like make you to be there to be very right very very good yeah very very sort of scared very very alert your shirt yesterday you’re always wondering what’s going to happen next right yeah cool some hot complete yeah hon are you there on max yeah can you mama yeah I can hear you welcome to the class so what we’re talking about movies really quickly can you tell us what your favorite type of movie is like a comedy action drama action comedy you like an action comedy so made kind of like rush out to it Turkey’s comedy a british comedy okay cool alright turkish commie I assume you’re from Turkey yeah yeah I’m from Turkey alright great well welcome to the class we’re going to hear from uh Jade now i’m going to give janae two types of movies and he’ll tell me which one is better than the other and why so I’m going to say action and mystery which is better i think the action movie is better first thing because the people they are lazy to understand the mystery movie yeah i need everything is clear okay the second thing the action movie they do a lot of things you cannot do it in the real life right you enjoy this sense ok cool so one people people are lazy so this is not just about Jenna’s preference he’s saying action is better in general because people are lazy and they don’t want to think too much so it’s better to see a an action movie and it does things that you can’t do in real life so it’s sort of fun to experience the fantasy I guess alright cool great um Kareem war i’m going to i know you like okay I know you like mystery movies so why our mystery movies better than comedies because it makes the the people think and why this happened why where is stink and thanks make sure it makes you think more yeah well oh yeah you choose answer from me some similar Institute your name but maybe still true so you it makes you think more and you you like to you like to have to think and use reason in your head yeah what what what about one more reason why you like mystery better than

comedy like what’s bad about comedy that mystery has comedy is good best but it’s not it’s not give you you what you want it’s not make you laugh and just but in mystery you you you have you take what you want okay so mystery you kind of you think about it and you get your own take away whereas comedies maybe a little a little empty follow me if you could understand anything that that could be true too if well if you’re watching a comedy that’s not in your own language mmm then there should therefore yeah the humor can be more difficult to understand so I think why the comedy movie the idea just to make you love there is no idea this is why if you see that there’s no idea just to make you love close yeah well sometimes sometimes a movie can be funny but it also is sort of it thought-provoking or it makes you makes you think about something right mm-hmm whoa some movies okay cool but comedy is not bad let Tim care either yeah so you guys ready corrected some people like Jim Carrey a lot yeah what what’s Jim Carrey been in alley sorry can you can you name some of the movies that Jim Carrey wouldn’t lie light ice mask yet the mask my desire to dumb dumb and dumber dumb and dumber was it a good movie demers a classic yes very good that us one about animals but i forgot the animals oh thank you mr. popper’s penguins right yes nice okay cool all right oh and we got Sebastian back in the Hangout what happened so best jaan sebastiaan is not quite with us yet ok alright so now let’s uh it seems like that was a good exercise it seems like you guys need it’s good to practice making those comparisons so for example words that you can use when making a comparison you can say I think action is better than comedy something is better than something else I think action is better than comedy because and then you give your reasons because I like a lot of excitement and action has the excitement but comedy does not have the excitement it’s good to say which one has something and the other one doesn’t have that thing that you like or maybe there’s something you don’t like because like comedy you have to understand the language really well and I like to watch movies in their original language even if I don’t always understand so that’s why I like action better that’s just an example I actually like common better but um can you take ya hear me java it’s not thank you i hate you haha he’s back back and i’m back he’s back and better than ever all be buck yeah I’m sorry ok boy ok so now I’m going to let’s see now I’m going to put you into well i don’t know let’s see I’m going to put you into pairs right and one of you is going to give the opening statement about why a certain genre or type of movie is it good and then the second person is going to disagree and tell us why you disagree and what genre of movie you think is better okay so okay the first the first pair is going to be Elvis and Ally in a direct debate a friendly debate of course yeah so obvious we’ll start with you what did you say your favorite type of movie was my favorite type of me though movie is Artemis action movies okay and you like suspense holly is that correct yes yes okay so there’s some overlap does everybody understand what i mean when i say overlap overlap yeah mixing so that you can have like a action movie that has suspense yes right horses for a suspense movie that has actions but let’s think about what in what ways are there what are the differences between action and suspense so obvious why don’t you tell us why you

think action is better than suspense because I’m so movies has spicy this is more a it’s more cool eh if you can see it’s awesome and in situations talking crazy situations and lacked anything great thanks so action movies they’re explosions they’re cool you got crazy situations you got fighting like how could you Polly how could you possibly think that suspense is better why is Ali wrong telus hurt why is Albie’s wrong tell us why because in if there’s the only section in the movie then there’s less thrills and it’s less so judging of what is but but we’ll be on the next next step of the the movie but if in the suspense you also kind of judge in your mind that which which one is the culprit which one hero hero which which one is the villain so that make it more better than the action cool all right that was a great rebuttal when you when you say something that is opposing to what somebody else has said like a robotic action movie is Arnold Schwarzenegger smooth we of terminator there’s a that’s action movie and there is no much not much suspension in that movie Days a thrill but there’s not much suspense and we already know that this this person is lying you’re gonna be okay so in a pure action movie there’s not much going on and you’re not having to use your head as much when a suspense movie it’s more satisfying you can sort of put the pieces together like like dreams mystery movies right Korea’s but I think so yeah alright cool that was great good job you guys great start so uh are John yes you love you love fantasy movies right yes ok and you lease up you said what was your favorite type of movie be there sweet Oh bitter right bittersweet like happiness right I remember now ok so our Jean why our fantasy movies better than kind of bittersweet drama type movies mmm i think the fantasy movies is exciting and um yeah first you Lisa can you can you be so talk sure yes Julie so if you can talk so okay so you think the betsy movies are more exciting and that that might be true but you Lisa maybe that’s not the most important thing what why is he wrong what I think yes fantasy fantasy movies that make you make me dream a little but if you watch a bittersweet movie sometimes that make you feel more realistic about what is happening around and and also if this kind of movies are more like our real lives like we have a face good day so it’s more close to what we live every day nice dude that was very eloquent very nicely stated so it’s more it’s more realistic it’s more like our real lives every day and maybe that helps us empathize a little bit better with the characters we feel what they’re feeling yes damn we can learn also from what they do nice messages yeah great okay thanks so better I don’t like real life okay because on and what fun can’t [ __ ] the real life is boring okay so you like you like the escape you like to escape from real life through the fantasy movies it’s true ok cool well that was a that’s a great debate we had lots of good points and counter points and a lot of good comparison something you get more of something than the other thing so good job guys so I’m gonna call that a draw you guys both had some very good points sometimes it’s better to be in the real reality and experience what we experienced every day and sometimes

it’s nice to just sort of see something completely different right like a total fantasy um so yeah I John I hope you I hope you enjoy the hobbit when you see it tomorrow thank ya alright Junaid yeah you like action was it yes alright and Korean you like mystery wrong ok so Junaid let’s start with you why is action better than a pure mystery movie I think you already said it a little bit but if you could just repeat the argument I think the mystery movie sometimes it’s not real we cannot do it in the light at the real life and also the action oh hi let’s get Eva start ok restart Chris rewind ok care to you oh what’s up ok Kareem that was you sort of got a pass from junaid so you can go to town why our mystery movies better i think the mystery movies it’s real because it’s give you some scripts and you want to it you think about the the answers ok and it’s it it’s make you think but the action movie is just fighting and fighting ok so action is just fighting mystery makes you think it makes you use your brain a little bit right well luckily yeah and that’s that’s better than just watching mindless fighting right so and the action it’s not real just fighting and no one kills am home yeah but the action movie you can see this movie at at any time in the morning in the evening at night the mystery movie awesome you are you must not tired and yeah if you are tired and you come back from your job you cannot see directly mystery movie ok so the action move you can see it at any time Kareem any any response to that yeah but the mystery there’s em to the to the middle to the movie but action just know em well no no it no aim so long oh no no point no point it’s just lots of explosions but no point well exactly janae do you disagree and that’s all movie maybe one hundred percent from the movie they have aim but oh mystery movie sometimes you will fit you see that you see the movie and you don’t know what’s what’s going on yeah yeah you you think about all the answers the problem also the action movie when you see it you you enjoy for this movie the most removing maybe it’s come with you another two days to think what’s happened in the movie like it makes you think okay so let’s summarize the argument right so good points on both sides Kareem says mystery movies are get it makes you use your brain makes you think you put the puzzle pieces together and it’s more rewarding once you figure it out right whereas long junetta sank nod when i watch a movie i kind of want to i want to relax i want to see big explosions I don’t want to think too much so I you know because I’ve already had a hard day at work so I’m going to just sit down on the couch and watch a bunch of explosions and that’s fun too so good points on both sides I can think of moods when sometimes I really want to watch a movie where I have to figure everything out like inception or something like that and then sometimes I want to just watch lots of explosions like in the expendables so differences yeah ha someone’s in the shot uh okay young Jewish are you there um yeah hi welcome to the class so we’re talking about movies have you been have you been able to watch us I’m very beginner and speak English I’m from studio baby I’m I missoula okay Omar okay well thank you you sound you sound like you can speak

some so that’s good um what do you have a favorite type of movie like drama action romance comedy I’m so now they’re beginner I don’t listen here okay you can just listen for now so sebastiaan I’m going to debate you okay great okay so as you know as you know I like comedy and Sebastian what remind me what do you like drama right drama I forgot because it’s not important um yeah right yeah all right Sebastian wire dramas better than comedies why am I wrong because I think that you’re going to say that comedy is for fun you know okay and all the movies when you’re watching you’re having fun for example if you want to have fun watching a scary movie horror movie funny comedy drama etc you’re having fun so that is not something that you should say first okay then yeah it is you’re anticipating my oh yeah and it is with your argument so there are great performance in drama movies great I mean great performances by great actor I mean yeah all the movies but bad one of the important things I they usually in the drama movies they usually based on true stories and usually or sometimes sometimes okay i’m going to say sometimes okay okay sometimes they’re based in the truth true story and okay i’m going to give you four examples Oh for example oh I can’t win he’s got four examples there is the whistleblower with Raquel rachel weisz red angry gorillas in the mist with Sigourney Weaver Wow into the while a mention in the last one and you’re gone today with this one ginger list Schindler’s List yeah and Rob he talked about Schindler’s as everybody has anybody else seen schindler’s list it’s a about the Holocaust it’s a Steven Spielberg movie it’s considered to be a very good very good film okay well come on Saul right okay so I’m going to respond a little bit to that well you what you’re right there are many amazing performances in dramas and it’s fun to have things that are based on true stories I’m going to use the same argument that are John was using before i’m going to say sometimes we want a break from that we don’t always want true stories and with comedy it also it combines that element of mystery because if it’s a smart comedy you’re having to sort of use your head to think think about the humor and think about the commentaries that that humor is making and at the same time you’re able to laugh and sort of let yourself go so I’d say comedies combine the best parts of mystery movies because this sort of making you think and really engaging your brain and it also combines the best things about fantasy movies because it’s sort of it’s an escape and it allows you to sort of just watch and laugh and be in a different world a little bit how’s that yeah I was pretty algorithm yeah pretty good yeah you know if I’m being completely honest I think I lost that debate no no all right how many of you think sebastia fun beat me who thinks sebastiaan one you can raise your hand say yes or write it anybody know what gizelle communication how are you siient sabes en we will say to him you are yeah my oldest daughter okay how many how many thought that I won the debate oh no my if you can don’t do much time the class the class has spoken to vest yet and now all right well well thank you you guys have been an excellent class not just because you let me win uh but very good practice all around and very good comparisons of movies so I hope you had a good time today we’re about out of time now but hopefully I will see you in the future all right okay yeah thanks have a great day everybody shotgun good right see you

next time ciao yeah