Let's Stream Some Earthbound Blind Session 2: The Happiest Village on Earth

Hello there everybody this is General Snivy and welcome back to more of the earthbound blind play through in today’s session were going to be heading up to the next town and figure out what we need to do next first off before I get started the welcome the knoll sprite welcome to the stream glad you can make it a second thing is the I want to apologize for the lack of consistency of my live stream schedule things up and really hectic this entire month from finding out that I have sleep bad idea and a severe case of it and just other life things that have been happening as well so just the couple days ago this past Thursday I finally got my SeaTac thank God I really needed the machine and ever since I started using it over the past two nights I’ve been sleeping all out better I’m able to reach that REM sleep and I feel great I feel like I’m back and I’m better than ever so that’s going get things started hopefully with this whole sleep issue remedy the I should be able to be more consistent when it comes my streaming schedule however that still does not stop the fact that there may still be some things that may hold me back a little bit and it’s just mostly I do with the life things as you all know real life comes first thank you I really appreciate the I appreciate the comment and I’m glad that you I’m glad glad you feel that way and am also very glad I’m feeling better to I feel a lot the more energized and I hope that you can all tell them more energized but I have more energy I feel way better and yeah I definitely feel like myself again for the longest time it just seemed like I just could not the I just cannot get hardly ever any energy at all right hey are the next well I got the okay from the chief from too strong let you through take care of yourself will do but you while thank you for the information can also use the town map in the the next town as well to figure out where this you need to go for you I live break free in the mouse’s house mice are known as aches mice they are very kind and boy are they fast I really love these guys can talk will will do I get to come along to trust me on the dark road okay how we should keep that in mind please take my son all a male look like a regular small mouse but he can lead you to exit if you lose the maze if you’re lost in the maze we take when my son the long sure thing is the top boy you can treat them as one of your items think you so that’s pretty nice if we end up getting lost in a maze or something then we can use exit mice exit mouse to make our way out of there pretty quickly a hamburger seriously how are you supposed to find a hamburger and a birthday present rabbit evil mushroom how take that you stupid firkin mushroom to mayonnaise mushrooms can be eaten or fried or anything for enough friend mushroom I have not I know you can use them and not salads and stuff that nature@@oh you have found I am definitely looking forward to all the weird things this game has to offer I’m not an enemy of just a friendly mole I’ll tell you how to distinguish between your friends and enemies is easy to tell an enemy just by looking at them enemies look like humans with weird colored faces beware of them however if the next however you can’t get more powerful if it will avoid your enemies that’s true and that’s basically RPG 101 if you avoid enemies like the plague then you can’t really get that much stronger around here, would you like me to tell you about the Towson sure Towson is a modern clean hotel on have it there is a hospital in the

wonderful chaos the other there is still polestar preschool and a nice bus station if you’re curious you might want to check out the Berglund heart it’s exciting east of town you will find a peaceful rest Valley on the other side you’ll find the Valley is happy happy village there’s also a pizza parlor do you want to know anything else the well I don’t know anything else while thank you for the information thank you very much stick these places out see what we can find you must be quite a rich boy to stay at such a nice first-class hotel like this one actually am not that rich in fact I probably don’t have very much money in my pocket okay I only up to box I can always withdraw money at any time and may not be a bad idea to do so if I end up going shopping here which is a pretty likely scenario for me check my items from quick the exit items went to us no good here we go actually now that I think about it probably should’ve the gone back to my sister and just that given her some my items but then again I think I’ll be fine my wife nothing did I just want to say hello so from what I can tell the town seems relatively peaceful do I mushroom on my head yes you do at five not recently I can wait while quite right it was because this mushroom it’s actually kind of fun so leave it there the thing I like stylish with the mushroom now you Angela kinda creepy almost as if I the guys possessed the guys a liar and nothing is fun with the mushroom I believe it and very true if you wear mushroom and smash brothers ultimate in your controls are reversed or lease your left and right controls this is the cycle shop punks sure have puncture one in mind on name for a bike shop the bicycles are so much fun and so convenient a lot faster than walking that’s true can be really popular with the biking crowd you want bicycle sure how much unfortunately we don’t have any more but through fail we only have rentals do you want to rent one I’m sure I really like your straightforward style okay what out you borrow bike for free who you know that two people can’t ride on one bicycle so of course three or four people on a bike would be impossible the also know that you can’t ride a bike with anything following you take mayors for example carrying the bear and writing is impossible for you why couldn’t you just the ride the bike with and steer with one hand while holding to take their or put the tame errands some sort of backpack or something And don’t even think about riding a bike into a cave sure that sounds perfectly fair why pictures taken instantaneously up the tiger think gone genius if I do say so myself okay get ready for instant and instant memory look at the camera ready today fuzzy pickles wow what a great photograph will always bring back the fondest memories attending okay I think the okay that is actually pretty

cool what you department store the department store is in crowded I like that now I always feel much better after here my mom’s voice over the phone was really homesick recently and my mom cheered me right up you call your mom some time believe me those I’ll let whatever feelings will be gone before you know it neat a ticket for the runaway five show yeah definitely the main floor balcony seats are sold out really exceeds which cost $20 which it would that be okay away to box seats so now the long time ago loops my mistake box seats are the most popular old I can return stuff here interesting so it’s kind of like having my sister here but not really check out the rest of the stores the last offer you will need to get our satellite that will help the let’s see what we got can of fruit juice coffee back fries and a hammer and nice day there may help though, God I didn’t again to lucky said was were $120 what is this economy has it completely crashed and burned the makes you want to start skipping solid TV and is had to try one at that can really move after eating this maybe the reason why the sandwich is so expensive is because it is so powerful I remember being told that the more expensive I food item is the more powerful and this out there may help you see what you got people had a frying pan slingshot cheap bracelet baseball cap and a ribbon interesting okay way you have to say I see what you got a teddy bear worth $178 and the cold remedy while unprofessionalism at its finest that the interesting 1324 so say $500 at work Let’s see what you God again give me that slingshot yes 31 to 35 sure let’s see here and nothing else really a purchase that is really that beneficial other than a teddy bear take their and while okay so that’s what the tame areas we huge for a firkin teddy bear with holy crap why is it so firkin bank help think they are keeping bear okay let’s and deposit some cash area this the look like arcade machines that came at a silver there I heard it helps them battle I don’t know what they’re talking about it looks like playing all tailor-made it is a cute tabor they were applying that’s true it is definitely cute although what you

start having battle I am not 100% sure I guess I will go and find out thanks to the $15 pop perhaps the longer you play in a single session the more Michael deposit into your account on the record my data so far been going continue because selecting and will lot basically soft locked you let’s see I definitely should return some stuff definitely to keep the sound stone but I think the get rid of the cold remedy cold remedy we can give you back $11 no no no no no no no okay so that’s what does have no thank you for the information I have no idea the more enemies to defeat the more your father pays you that’s interesting chaos the other end up standing you I also words that start with Q the Queen quiet wake up standing in line here I want to take it for today show that I may not get it that’s kind of like by the SIDS or any is classic I guess I lost my tickets and now I can get in the ticket counter at the department store was even sold out please present you can get I don’t have you want to see pooch fund the manager right through the store please I’m sure runaway five on the way those stay here until they pay me back he might be here for 100 years unless you decide to pay off their debt and I wonder how much their debt is the pretty interesting, and you have their but yeah that seems about right you must be so popular that are constantly sold out we need to write we are in the runaway 50 we that’s right oh my God I can’t read today were popular but not rich we were being cheated by this the there and we we are really deep in debt we may be popular but that girl who lives at the house with the preschoolers of talking town I was see if some day all that sounds nice okay if sign here supposed to be a reference to peanuts you not peanuts with likes Charlie Brown and Snoopy and all than because I’m pretty sure that’s what this says now way to make youngster I can give you a great head for just $50 would you like a hit in like it with you know thanks it’s not like I can pay for it anyway you tell me you don’t want to head either awfully confident for $50 is too much to pay anyway again man like you is very unusual these days if you need to head on back I’m here all the time thank you I find kinda strange how there are signs out in the world and yet you can’t read all the as yet time to read this go to chaos either immediately at the I seriously wonder why if you’re looking for Venus’s house it’s next-door thank you my daughter left for the big city to become a superstar she’s using the stage name they know something vein something she’s working hard also one that this music why it’s so we you heard that that everything is weird in the world of earthbound what can I say let’s see how we it looks like we explored most that’s how were about halfway through it Berlin Park

seems up kind of dangerous but there’s some great stuff there okay check it out a boss of Berlin Park is in am is everyday drank scotch ties the burglaries and kidnappings in this area scary guy interesting that the really you want to steal it for sale did you are creeping me out we wish I personally hate the one about the world’s greatest ruler I’m sure think you asked who said to clams he said yes at short and to the point but you don’t have any more room you read something and come back I’ll be here well day and would you like a massive dancing can anyone maximum no thank you I’m is wall who are you want why don’t we chitchat after we locked towards own by which should try to steal something really okay the steel some but failed I think what the tame berries for making a K there is there to absorb damage and only has so much health all right level XIII vitality went up by one maximum HP went up by 14 hell yeah maximum PP went up by two and that’s that well pretty big level up on a hard to come by where you live yes I member be dread boss of Berlin Park when I jumped off the roof I twisted my ankle anyway I lost an nothing will change that you now you’re pretty strong yeah I know you want to find out about a girl named Paula she went off to a secret hideout in the peaceful force that peaceful rest Valley Chevy boy in a weird guy the blue outfit have kidnapped her though choppy way the blue outfit that sounds kind of familiar kinda sounds like the Porky I will see soon enough they said they were going to make Paul some sort of human sacrifice they were definitely hard-core strange you know she might be gone already you better hurry if you say Paul I’ll be sure to come back here okay don’t forget sure thing sell a small part or peaceful forest wherever that is if I have to guess is on the either the left or right of this town heading toward East eastward that sounds about right heading toward East if that’s even the right direction guess we’ll find that out soon enough for now though I will go and keep on going there was a kidnapping believe me even know I’m just a dog the and just got notification of a comment I left on my warriors the most recent video saying yeah like I said before there’s no way of submitting at time I was just like her know about the will fun speed run she did the not too long ago about mitigating my little Mario party one and she actually got pretty decent time not the best time out there but still I pretty interesting nonetheless definitely not last-place K okay I think over

here there was this one woman who knew quite a bit about this town in the where it is I have to go right now I’m kind in the northern quadrant I was taken I was a little bit further towards the town entrance welcome would you like me tell you yes see east of the town you’ll find a peaceful rest Valley okay yeah it is East I thought so rated I guess before we head on off to the east and figure out where as we have to go to next one of the go ahead and do is go and save my progress here at here we go on sweet so I hotels do hold telephones and I honestly thought these were background decorations but now now they’re not hundred and $71 in the bank account 12 for the a record my progress please happen if I called mom that’s that you Ness you called me back soon I thought everyone here is doing just fine yes Tracy started working part-time for escargot express here only talk to her and call me when you have some time oh you don’t have any free time well here’s Tracy now this is a cargo express that youbrow it’s me Tracy I’m working part-time for a couple escargot express what can I do for you pick up US to store something for you Wells will since whenever immediately pick it up great array for a portable delivery service the question is where is it was that the tax and I just drove on off this is the Escargot express delivery charges $18 you can cover the bill right yes I can with you want me to take I can to take the three things let’s see cold remedy will there be anything else yes we want me to take let’s see maybe I will I don’t want to give up the sound stone map I definitely don’t want to give that up even if I could give that up white what I bicycle no teddy bear no I guess I will give up one of my hamburgers you and now were good to me just confirm your request you want me to take the cold remedy the hamburger is that correct yes this I think my things a lot you’re welcome and thank you for taking my staff I should be able to pick those things right back up no problem for the delivery option okay so let’s head on off to our next destination if I can figure out where this is supposed to go I know worm supposed to go is towards the east though the question is which way is East it’s technically to the right if you’re facing north so I guess I’ll be heading this way until I figure something out if you want to go east you can run into trouble please rest peaceful rest Valley and happy happy village are waiting for you I’ve also heard that there are your foes in the peaceful rest Valley interesting happy happy village ahead okay I guess we have to pass through happy happy village in order to reach our next destination the magic butterfly may nest relax neat this peaceful rest Valley ahead proceed through K that seems perfectly fair let’s go what

do we have here mobile sprout and the what looks like the head table it doesn’t have Bob PP I missed how I miss yet seems as though the teddy bear is absorbing all damage for the time being missed nearly hitting the target handling missing you what screw this sign gaming out for and we go while Tabor became Apollo fluff that the hair Miguel hate God 220 experience to meditate bears destroyed but the that’s fine although it does suck I do a mushroom on my head will be check my status masher my I don’t know what that means if I have to guess that is it’s definitely not a good sign right there perhaps it means that my accuracy is decreased or something I have no idea a while of course more reinforcements okay so it seems as though the mushroom status of fact will I am now maybe it acts kindly blindness so in other words the will while really did screw off while it really just seems like these things just love the absorb PP again really man these things are annoying I hate enemies that just want to steal nothing but the HP or PP and this is a very annoying I saying it was also without paper Mario the thousand year door or certain enemies cannot steal your PP all 44 point the damage, even alive right now and I’m completely out of everything crap I selected the wrong option dammit dammit all that was not what I meant to do it all really really wasn’t I meant to pull my items but the I made a big for the mistaken select auto fight auto fight rather than items that had dammit Alyssa still have the basically everything else I had up until that point other than the teddy bear which unfortunately got destroyed pretty early but that’s all right always with the bicycle we cannot move around about just a little bit faster and this is pretty dang cute riding the bike the bike is pretty dang big if I do say so myself granted the it seems as though the bike in the it seems as though the bike doesn’t allow you to move that much faster the only thing it seems to do is give you a small boost in

speed and allows to have a little fun while riding the bike so that’s not too bad I seriously wonder why it is that you can’t ride a bike in a cave just weird if anyone knows why perhaps it’s just due to the darkness still have no PP though definitely not good perhaps the PP will be restored by return home to my mother that the then again I don’t know how the down the, hunting for mushrooms on the collect the time okay your kinda creepy I’ll hello if you again enemy just a regular bowel would you like know about how to survive battles yes you may have noticed that when you have been badly hurt now you may survive a moral attack and still of one HP if this has happened it was because of your guess you survival may depend on your guts level also more guts help you get more smash a wow beyond guess you should have noticed that the take some time for damage to be taken from you is because of the rolling action of your HP meter loops I mean your life if an enemy deals moral damage to you but you defeat all enemies before your life is gone you survive this is on now interesting so that’s pretty cool it’s like a almost like a last part if you managed the pole off and hit just before dying you’ll live granted you’ll be severely damaged but you’ll be fine little UFO all jerk wad it seems as though the slingshot is not that useful it seems that the accuracy of not being able to head a saying oh wow so catching a cold is not the worst thing ever but can actually poison so that’s pretty lame so it seems as though I’m giving up that the cold thing was not the best idea right the undergo and eat this 52 HP recovery it seems that the flashing effect that just occurred that is damage constantly being taken from the cold thankfully it doesn’t act like the poison does in the Pokémon games but it’s still a pretty annoying to deal with as well and only seems to dammit you every couple of seconds for some weird reason a pencil -shaped iron statue is blocking the path and of course I am most and how come on man will that was close to be left the present a skip sandwich awesome and another level up offense went by to speed by one IQ went up by one maximum HP went up by three maximum PP went up by two that this to realize the power of paralysis Alpha awesome I’m guessing this will make it so enemies will be able to move for sure. Time if it’s successful in hitting the target six HP well okay this is condition is critical interesting buried this then twitter anything else help skip sandwich gives you a spring in your step for about 10 seconds also helps you recovery power a bit so that’s what skip does it temporarily increases your movement speed although I wish

and when the last a bit longer DM man and looks as though this cold is just simply not the go way no problem there really because I’m pretty sure there is a pretty big problem that big problem is I can’t get across the firkin broken bridge across the Riverside and of course the buttonhole the mania you want to come and completely wreck my face thing really another firkin mass dammit wow that’s sucked R-rated Hartsock difficult to stay at this hotel $50 only crap well that’s annoying rate of this video and withdrawal that $50 to hang so that way I can actually firkin recover recover everything not just HP but my PP as well yes please I want to stay maybe not since I beaten several enemies up to this point maybe the money I made have a reading the newspaper before you go here’s this morning’s taunts and triple headline go spell it to inhabit Hunnell to threat three interesting ghosts I wonder what that’s all about wonder if there’s a ghost that we need to worry about $69 will thank you record my data only style we made up with the amount of five enemies we fought up until this point and looks like we can call the escargot express any time all that sweet when a sweet the conversation there write let’s head back to where we were before and hopefully will be able to do something about these firkin sprouts and maybe even find a way across the river it seems as though our path is completely blocked off by some sort of a strange pencil statue thing orange kid interesting inventor check this out greedy time orange kid the event care have you heard me I’m a bit embarrassed about my reputation I have a lot of inventions and development but I’m running short of cash I’m basically a happy-go-lucky person so I’m not worried now I’m working on this machine that would really help you in the in peaceful rest Valley I have its race soon while you’re actually willing to help finance the project yes I am oh goody will be located at $200 to buy materials I need to get the money first you don’t have that much money on fancy should be yeah about cash them buddy I need to get that money first and then I can make the investment okay okay so I guess I will go and check that out real quick I would there’s a way to set the bicycle as a shortcut item that we can pull it out on demand without having to push the the a button so many times in order to

pull of the bike and start going on a ride for audit that and whenever it’s fine withdraw to their 1234 thank you very much I met with the this orange kid convention maybe we’ll find a way to finally may able to finally be able to progress within that place also that looks a lot like Mister T@@pity the fool and that’s really the only thing I know about Mister T he also voices the killer be in the English double dark ocean. Believe it or not am dead serious he actually does okay okay orange can thank you for your reintroduction to yourself I know who you are and here you go thank you very much your support should have a tremendous impact of all mankind me give you my new super orange machine I can’t see her to perform a support my for short please used for spreading peace and goodwill on earth will do hard work don’t worry my brilliant invention will be ready soon okay okay okay back to work check out this invention help the orange kid convention the full name is super orange machine okay why not just call the super orange machine then that seems like a pretty simple acronym of a noticeable lot terminology the nailed down like really come on man it really that much rocket science there now I think about it I think the butterflies that fly around here status elements such as colds as well as the mushroom thing so that’s pretty interesting then again who knows how the only now it seems as though my slingshot starting to work nevermind I really shouldn’t say anything at all and we go 266 more experience that’s why like to see question now lot how are you supposed to sneak up on enemies in five the Deepak moves you around about him and a gal and take that you stupid firkin sprouts seriously I hate them sprouts so much I was wondering if there was possibly some way I can the use the mushrooms for something but now they’re just there for background decoration also wise that these little UFOs even exist in all that and I really don’t get there preference but whatever skews me and of course a little sprout had the come in and completely ruin my firkin day so I’m going to guess if the trying to figure out target prioritization it’s better to attack the little sprouts first that it is the hit the UFO then hit the UFO will damn well okay

critical hit much and okay let’s not talk to a firkin ATM like the best idea ever tirade in that’s sucked and in a rest back up and I get my PP back is really a I do now you like to buy any sort of a mystic items are now although that may not be a bad idea to do also thanks for the money did only $68 now let’s not exactly a lot but granted I did have to use 50 to be able to stay here at this hotel I rated and I saw some weird bag guy file and Paula this guy gave me the creeps thank you for the information I wonder how creepy the guy truly is guess we’ll find that out if we managed to make it far enough alive the course things are not to be easy that’s for sure definitely has a bit for quite some time there’s another sinuses Apple kid and more trouble than expected to follow from one of the Einstein series interesting irony let’s check out Apple kid’s house well I have sort of neglected doing my housework and it’s a bit of the pigsty but anyway I okay I haven’t taken a bath and quite a while so maybe kind of stinky is no but either way I’m starving you have some thing to eat if you do have some I don’t have anything need a basically a everything that the I had here so I guess he has something else that could possibly be useful but then again who knows the answer living in a bit of the pigsty and I really don’t like that also hello sprout why are you even here I’ll really who only style is getting easier to get through these sprouts little by little bit by bit I really wish that the butterflies with the heal you fully like act like a full heal without much of an issue but now that’s not how they work unfortunately really sucks that’s the case but whatever I’ll be fine it will be fine as we just continue to try to make our way through this place slowly and surely now I think about maybe the super orange machine that I got not too long now maybe I’ll help me with this a mysterious pencil statue supernova sang a song all day to orange kid as soon as it finish the machine broke down now she on man God dammit maybe the thing was must be used in battle cell and broke before can even use them properly I have no idea the dammit okay really how my supposed

to cross this river now maybe I can use the bike to jump the bridge down would that be something if I can even do something like that that would be awesome if I could but now that’s not how the bike works maybe there’s some sort of passage somewhere that I just completely don’t know about or maybe I need the work with okay I have no idea will UFO was destroyed and destroying a little UFO interesting I and I wish this the pencil shape time statue I can the just walk around it or past it but it seems as though nothing in my inventory work exit mouse views is the dungeon or some such place the mouse brings you back to the places where you’ve entered the very smart mouse cannot do this job unless it is a whole cave or someplace with an exit okay dammit okay, on how to nine man okay really do come on man again with the reinforcements why is this happening I’m going to kill my for compliance again oh well okay the game was smart enough to allow me to use my eye healing ability to act that was too close level XV offense why wind defense went up by one luck by one maximum HP by one okay pretty nice pretty nice that the everything went up by one or something only something went up maybe there’s some sort of suspicious looking item around that I don’t know about I have absolutely no idea to I seriously have no idea what it is some supposed to be doing here not enough PPD really try paralysis man a course for else is completely useless again I’ll have the firkin baby and I can use a before on the stolen the way while I’m completely screwed there’s really nothing I can do now nothing I can do except is except the fact I’m going to die screw you game just run in my God damn face Robin and with a firkin critical hit at like no HP of course is just like Pokémon where a yet critical heads way it’s not necessary this game I swear the I can wish there was

another way that you can increase your movement speed other than the skip sandwich and even the bicycle also thanks for the money data lease that’s paid for one night stay to say this L button on this controllers really can count the estimate any is original but even so still the okay maybe I got you something with Apple kid so let’s go and withdrawal little more money 200 this’ll be fine I think the only thing I would have to buy is something relatively cheap like a hamburger or something I don’t know anything will do really okay let’s see yeah hamburger spine and I think this guy only sells the bakery like items lucky sandwich hundred and $28 well despite cookie I now I have like hundred and $80 left in my pocket right now but we find right now though just got go and the deposit some cash in my pocket and that sounds about right now we have $60 in my pocket though if I die again and probably go down go lose half my cash and that’s not to be very good but series of now it seems well who the hell are you you can creepy New Age break true hit be also this sounds kind of familiar this chasm like a song that was featured in animal Crossing though I don’t quite remember the name of the song what is it to share in now that I think about it the maybe out okay you want the I can I lost my train of thought so let’s go and just feed Apple kid so here have the cookie banks he seemed very nice I wonder if maybe you would like to invest some money in my invention I’m sure yes yes yes three I’m I mean thank you anyway I can really use $200 I don’t have that right now R-rated and while it seems as though I lost my cookie dang it I have I don’t have to offer more food why I got the bike I did not mean to do that but the it seems as though I need withdrawing our mind a in order to make a proper firkin investment all now investing in both of these kids the inventions may not be a bad idea let’s withdraw Harry to else is something

you can ride bikes inside buildings in this game just like in Pokémon so what the heck is up with that wasn’t that the this game as well as the Pokémon games are really similar there is a difference between the games of course instead of having the battle monsters and stuff and capture them all instead you just beat the crap out of him until they can back to their senses that’s basically how it works there 80 ready to go thank you I won’t let you down I am a mouse know and have give me a name yet you take care my master and return I want to give you this please take and say nothing I wonder what is a receiver phone I’ll I’m is the only way check it out see were found help Apple kid to mention now you can receive important calls interesting broken machine inside the machine there’s no way of knowing its original use this is some kind of broken gadget the genius Jeff should be able to fix it sometime interesting mediation spend too much time wandering around Watson interesting R-rated have been marked on the expected and okay basically the same thing as before more trouble than expected and one of Einstein’s theories so still not like that with the invention yet there goes along the way okay check out the sound stone if you touch this here for having concentrate on your thoughts your sanctuary abilities can be heard the heck okay so if I have to guess what that dead this basically tells you how many the things you investigated who knows but yeah I’m pretty sure that’s what happened I it seems as though I gathering my thoughts was a pretty interesting experience open the map mock pizza we don’t sell pizza here we only deliver you your numbers taken place in order some time the best pizza if mock pizza the beef number is you got that now I don’t now I didn’t take a piece of pizza I would never think of doing that it was delicious so enjoy as you may know you need to order by phone okay okay perhaps the reason why they say that is because there pizza delivery system they want to advertise as much as possible is wonder how much there pizza is our probably work arm the firkin leg and you go well with like director happy to do very much this time around seems like the only thing he did was try to turn me into stone though it did succeed it’s not like I’m stuck not stuck in that state for long you now I have a lot of old broken jump and I hate to throw anything away have a friend who is knowledgeable about mechanics a person might be able to fix something for you overnight and a friend like that would be so handy indeed I’ll have to check that out maybe that’s the first friend will be

able to find here I told you 1000 times I will join you and happy happy religious group if you get parts pushy with me I’ll help you with pay I’m not asking you to join the religious cult is really not the one they want to do and all make missed something in the park while it who argue don’t like a zombie on assuming local guy. Skies can be a half my least the he’s taking care of relatively quickly it seems as though these guys don’t do I do about that much experience while granted the fights are that tough all over you in the antique shop no one is buying or selling anything so I think is selling the for sale sign that sits in front of me only $98 by had no I bet you’ll regret not buying it perhaps the reason why you want to buy it is so you can give to this guy the tool shop for sale sign right there okay okay through these the seasoning packets die you can the add to your food and not make a matter warmhearted crime boss interesting if you say Paul I’ll be sure to come back here K don’t forget sure thing although one I still can’t quite figure out how this is supposed to progress there’s still so much I don’t understand their still so much information I thought the find one of the biggest market electrified now in Berlin Park the burglar live is always crossover part is why we don’t have to bribe and a crooked cop staying okay and some fresh eggs their nutritious the slide is beautiful and please you’re concerned about your health even know you’re young now the 12 big ones I’m sure okay okay here you are wanting to go of course (in the check out the sake fresh egg when you recover about the HP while some fresh it’s still warm well that’s actually pretty damn good at the summit get to the street share flies on share flies on them but might be a makes them taste even better what would you like to see the cookie bright role skip sandwich okay I did not mean to buy that cookie well whatever the Lisa another item I can use okay then whole star is that the preschool that’s what it looks like me on his and here she suddenly left on the worst what all log can on the roof well I want to play with Paula but she’s going somewhere within Rhode Island be just like Paula okay can you let me out thank you all is like a mother to me you may

not be able to come comprehend my emotions might have a baby face but I possessed the mind of an adult I beg your pardon with the whistle and anywhere makes me smile all the while I’m Paula’s mother and busy taking care of these kids you should worry about Paula she has a guardian angel it seems that’s interesting so you see Paula many come here to see her Baroque miraculous powers but they’re just leeches so are you from a TV station what the hell not to meet you or not to meet you can only be decided by Paula all said that she would only meet with appointing that’s so your Ness you’re the one that was in Paul’s stream you’ll save the world let me go call Paula although she doesn’t seem to be here she doesn’t seem to be here know that I wonder where she went I’m sorry could you come back later sure although I kinda want to try to save her from her kidnappers about now what’s in here another bedroom will attend the bear but has gotten too much stuff already I have to much stuff already well then I guess I’ll just the will the turning twitch check a check that just attached. Think the cookie honoring Lisa Godfrey take better out of this and with the talebearer it will lot absorb as much damage as possible though how much damage can absorb exactly I have no idea if anyone knows the exact about that the talebearer can absorb damage wise let me now let me know the chat where you’re watching this on YouTube later let me know the comment section of the but I think were pretty good here although there’s still the matter of trying to figure out figure out where the heck it is of supposed to go all the why killed as the a sneak attack against the enemy hell are a lease he’s down and out okay is it really impossible to run this is only one seat so you can ride the bike now okay then I think at this point once you start getting your friends together it will become impossible for you to use the bicycle and once it becomes a possible then you can probably sell it back or give it back to people very sorry but we don’t deal with that product 99 mock pizza the this my pizza what would you like to order small in my one small piece that will deliver within three minutes thanks for the money eight dollars nice ready perhaps the the pizza delivery will be able to deliver to your location anywhere on the map with the exception I believe to be of Jesus the check turn into a check to get a real life check don’t need it please yeah you kinda need to kill it before you can see

let’s see here I’m going go and keep the skip sandwich is a give me a nice skip in my step even if it’s just for a little bit of time it seems as though the skip sandwich only last for about 10 seconds for it speed affect but at least it does give you a little bit of the health back it’s not much it’s kind of the same sort of effect is the cookie but way more expensive and it gives you a temporary speed boost so it’s pretty nice write let’s head back into this cave and seem if we can possibly figure something out again feeling strange didn’t work on the teddy bear had enemy what the present ketchup packet see do ketchup packet the use sprinkle over food a good combination increase the strength of your coppery Sophie combined with like the hamburger out and I just ate the packet loops heck allow this is that the app okay I just finished work on this great invention get here fast you can thing is so cool the thin well cool and glad to see that the applicant’s invention is finally done. Let’s see if this will help me and does not doesn’t help the mushroom thing so what the hell is leaving do they seriously what does the butterfly even do I thought it would recover your HP PP or even your status elements there inflicted on you but now it doesn’t seem like it does anything it does nothing that again maybe you need to look the all holy crap dammit man firkin mushroom kick my ass also what the hell happened my bear while absorb the damage dammit all okay well that sucked that sucked pretty damn hard hate that shipped in the smash attack just completely wreck to me immediately that I Paula I am Paula can you hear me calling and calling you help, help me I don’t know where I am I can hear water running in the distance next please help me of course way think I’ve been trying to do for like the past two hours will technically speaking is an hour and 31 minutes but even so I’m at this for quite a while trying to figure things out here and it hasn’t been easy let me tell you okay but for hello where are you it’s time for you me whenever okay I was looking over at the primary screen over here the reason why was doing that was because I wanted to check something on the twitch dashboard and the it seems as though the despite what OBS is saying with the connection being kind all over the place, it still seems pretty good on my end anyway I let’s go see what applicant has invented today speaking of Apple can where now and see

not me to go back into his house orange kids outside his home a looking for that so-called genius Apple okay and the true genius site I’ll tell you that he’s in Berlin part looking for you okay while thanks order to get I’ll be sure to check that place out right now although why is he are here in Berlin part he should be back is whole where he typically should be I’m feeling really out of it because I’ve been working all night and finally the pencil eraser is ready the machine will eradicate all pencil shade figures and just one second it’s incredibly powerful just don’t use it near shop that sells pencil here if yours now we finally the pencil racer if I invent some other brilliant item I’ll call you on I the mouse my master AppleCare has been waiting for you we started to nod off while waiting although why waiting here in this part of all places it’s almost the same let’s hang out a pizza parlor in New York City and instead of going there and meeting your friend there it turns out you friend is actually located within time square and you didn’t even know that until some random stranger told you that say hey I think I saw someone think that description over time square so what the hell is that about I don’t get much that’s all right will deal with it as we go about okay meet on no way I guess some strong enough to get past the mushroom now though it’s not like that all the time okay let’s go and deal with these ass holes really again so it seems as though the teddy bear the fact that the secondary target for a enemies to attack it’s not like the law prioritize attacking the teddy bear over you all the time that kinda sucks but hey Lisa gives you a extra person to absorb all the head and whatnot and he left the present ketchup packet on let’s see what should we get rid of definitely not anything really yeah believe the ketchup packet behind the I wonder if there is gonna be a way the future where I cannot carry more thing unfortunately I I I would use my hamburger here but the HP for the time being aloof well Taylor’s destroyed often this is a lease this opens up another item slot I think so that’s pretty cool had K now that we finally have what we need I think now we can finally have progress really now will have to deal so much firkin damage to me and how that makes about firkin time and how ship that was close all because I miss so many firkin shots with a slingshot Then well that was definitely painful that’s

for sure now if only I can make it back to where I was before hopefully without too much difficulty but that again these UFOs are to be a massive pain in the ass get dammit okay so if you are inflicted with any sort of status aliment whatsoever if you can use a healing then you’ll be able to get rid of the status aliment no problem so that’s pretty nice and the it seems to work on just one target okay now let’s try out this pencil racer some weird reason the iron pencil statue was erased soon we do we man that is off some see a lease that is finally dealt with the we don’t have to deal with it any more all hello pictures taken instantaneously okay time for instant memory you great photograph will always bring back the fondest them the fondest memories that’s pretty sweet instant memory spot I wonder if there’s some sort of that hell a moving tree let’s go really I miss such a large target who offense and defense went down quite a bit I how do I miss how I miss a treat with a slingshot I don’t get that so stupid just trying to bring down my staff thing get firkin one had K I’ll and I barely survived that encounter holy crap I think the reason why survive is because Mike gets reading and I was fast enough to the to defeat the enemy the least that’s taking care of now but still that which is weird that the this game is where people the game is weird not great we got plants as well as working UFOs see if we can murder the spools before we get firkin PP drained completely okay lease we stop the one of the plants unfortunately were the lose out on the lose out a little more PP again but in this off some batch come online with that ball crap why is it that the recovery takes so damn long to you and it’s not like I had money anyway so not a big loss there still now that is just annoying as crap area is another $50 down the firkin drain hundred and $41 so that’s not too bad just wish the that’s what I want to get here I am trying

to exit out of menus fast I possibly can in and up bring it right back up again wishing go through the drawers in the see if there’s anything in them are pretty close to my next level up so that’s pretty nice although I’m still getting my ass kicked by firkin UFOs because I can barely hit the broadside of firkin bar and almost quite literally I can’t even hit the firkin bark of a tree so stupid why is this slingshot so inaccurate it’s possible yet but its accuracy is trash like, on man I had better luck just bringing the share things with my bare facts that the just saying that is really really down but I’m sure you’ll be all right will be fine just need to get back to where we were before which should be pretty easy enough is gonna be a bit of a ways to make our way through the cave once again also the ranch and get across the firkin lake and whatnot okay Lisa managed to beat this thing and not receive any damage as a result which is awesome okay why is it that the bike is not able to navigate through places like this so easily like it’s hardly able to do it it’s like you got 50 Your Way through even the biggest of openings in order to go through things really, on what the firkin why okay I am getting ready this damn slingshot as soon as possible I am so getting rid of this thing because it just can’t have anything call another level of offense went up by one defense I mean by four defense went by one speed my one got spike to vitality by two IQ went up back three and luck went up by to maximum HP went up by 26 excellent PP went up by 15 sweet still now that was a bit of a pain in the butt but yeah those UFOs are so firkin fast and really damn difficult to head on the why this why are they so firkin annoying no idea and what’s more annoying or these firkin sprouts here and that’s the reason why there so annoying because of the fact that they drain your PP so firkin fast it will drain your PP so they can charge for just healing themselves and he also deal quite the damage the two screw you stupid plants I feel so that’s the only way of the be on the kill anything is by you my side powers or my second psychedelic power the psychic powers I need to use a minority kill plants apparently a travel charm travel charm must be equipped on your body and protect you from paralysis attacks interesting cool IRA in the least that is finally taking care of now and the least now will be protected from paralysis which is pretty nice to see

what the hell are those boring diamonds for whatever they are the kinda creepy a lot capsule good luck capsule increases your luck when taken on some if I have to guess is like a permanent increasing item so whatever it is ill permanently increase my stacks depending on the item so once again pretty nice to have Harry let’s see what you’re about getting Bobo spinning Robo all okay hell he sees take care of what a pain in the butt that’s for sure but that’s totally fine with me tree and of course we had a sprout to see we can take care this nice and quick well unfortunately the sprout that lived and with I received a ton of damage DM she again nothing happened of course well whatever I may have lost some PP in the process but as long alive that’s what matters were in shock didn’t work on a hand perhaps that the paralysis move and that’s the reason why the work in person the flames it seems as though whenever you kill one of those terror oaks they will lot attempt that, Kathy themselves the you and kill you and if the and as their final attack rages on and tries to hit yet the wipe you out if you’re not careful think that’s how supposed to work if anyone knows what these butterflies actually do let me know who made the bridge impassable one maximum do this cry good question perhaps they want to make it so I know what can get over here so easily result crystal see when eaten you recover about six HP meet another recovery item I let’s go and fight you and your little friend catch hundred and four damage to spinning Robo not bad again what is up with the random mess saying this is getting me killed well dammit man course that happened of course it did I try to eat it was sold but the games like now screw you can jump off a cliff and die had dammit man will always the police were making some progress granted it’s not very much progress it’s like a constant tug-of-war due to the fact there’s the so many enemies

that is one of smack me across the face and there’s a lot all the that do just that but hey it’s all part of the game and part of the learning experience now I think about it may be a bad idea to just the head back home just so that way I cannot just so that way I can in the possibly way that thanks through freaks be anyway the reason why was thinking of heading back home this way heading back to on it as well as the my house is so I can drop off a couple of things at home and I think this may not be a bad idea to do this I know in my heading backwards and is good take some time that get back to my home but the reason why want to do it so that way I cannot empty my pockets a little bit here really this is almost as bad as the flying mechanics and Superman 64 not that play the game I heard it’s really really bad because of the the controls are changed beyond comprehension like seriously there that bad the simply hate the fact that take so long no return to your house well then again we are going out quite a ways it’s my my like loops would like me to store I would like to store the pencil racer and I don’t know on the needed again the broken machine and the actually maybe I will take back in the pencil racer right were done here let’s head back to where we came again skews me well I I know this is been a bit of a waste of time but the again this is a blind play through in so kind to learn as I go along and do things it’s all part of the experience a part of the fun also take that by dog four experience it may not be much but it’s the still then nothing really affect the bike just can’t get through hardly any major spaces like you would think that the bike what I have plenty of room to get through a large gap or a large opening such as this without any issue but now because of how big not hit boxes on the thing you can’t really use it to get very far or go through many places specially places with the narrow passageways so that really really sucks what the hell is that about why is that such a big firkin deal I don’t get it but whatever it’s all right oh well Ramblin mushroom brigade of course and the of course since the get into a group battle and I a group battle with the firkin mushrooms and everything if you not feeling well you should not ride a bicycle oh so that’s why that’s why I hopped off the bike right away because I was inflicted the mushroom status and really I guess another thing not to is that the if you’re like okay

while it really does reverse the controls I guess the bigger the sport the bigger the spore the more a messed up you controls become so that kinda sucks so pop is right down his last left is up and up is down and it also changes the controls a bit at random which ways the hospital up north I wonder how much it cost to get completely cured this probably cost an arm and leg due to lack of health insurance not busy right now okay no need to explain the hospital system I really know what that’s about go home and please come again head turning away a patient who just doesn’t have any money or insurance that kinda sound a lot like the American the healthcare system and how screwed up in this while at sea is perfectly fair not only really force now you run all the way back to the nearest ATM thankfully it’s right here so it’s not that far sex but yeah it seems as though the mushroom thing is not that bad it only affects your controls in the field see okay and looks like the controls are back to normal for right now but you never know when they’ll be completely screwed up again so before I head back to where you need to be of course of the get rid of this damn mushroom on my head although now I think about it and just get rid of this I can only treat illnesses sorry screw you okay that was complete other bull crap try dealing no visible effect on this well that was stupid so it seems that mushroom I bit I can’t get the pastor off how you get this thing off if I have to guess I probably have to rest of the hotel is the only way unless the it will come off either way I guess and got the rest up and see seriously how are you spent get rid of this how are you spent get rid of firkin mushroom check given 20 you really set the damn mushroom will not complete, please come off some of banks again dammit so I just wasted $50 the stay in a hotel and of course this stupid mushroom is still all my guy dammit head well guess I’ll do a in order to get off this super can still bank okay

well that sucks I guess we’ll just have to continue as much as humanly possible as long as we possibly can until we inevitably get held a rabid dog, it the runaway dog really one HP and yet I still miss feeling funny okay lease he’s down still I’m not sure why did know automatically wait I think either the reason why is because of inflicted with this mushroom status seriously screw this damn thing I hate it it want I need to get off of my head and I don’t know how I can’t use recovery magic were a recovery psychic powers so screw it in that regard I can go to the hospital because it only heals illnesses which I’ll see how long mushrooms are not illnesses seriously I don’t get this game I swear but whatever and it just seems like there’s nothing I can do about the mushroom it’s just stuck on my head as I keep screwing up my controls until the end of firkin time more until I get killed there seems to be no way to get rid of it okay lease there down seriously how are you supposed to get rid of this mushroom if anyone’s watching this right now and they know how to get rid of it out here thanks to you get rid that you just fine mushroom fanatics and though with the mushroom I’ll figure had to know give you money for it to R-rated I guess my prayers have been answered that’s nice so even if I would die here in the worst thing that would happen to me as I only lose like $20 so that’s not a big deal least up to me still sucks at the make my way all the way back to where was before which is quite a track but it’s fine it’s all right will get there will get back to where we need to be and we should be able to get there with a good amount of time I’m sure Harry let’s take care the spinning rowboats yell I can see this is a bit of a missed opportunity where they miss the opportunity to turn the spinning rowboats into Rob like Rob the robot from the as any of the from the NES yeah why they didn’t do that also sweet time for a surprise attack take really, firkin cold arrived level XVII max HP went up by three PP went up by one not much of a level up but still better than nothing that’s going get rid of this cold though I much better dammit I really should not make fun of these things really ship because it by then then the caramel come back and strike me the ass

again how the mess with a slingshot 0 Again Way too close to close up for comfort there we go another hairy situation crap okay lease it didn’t count as a surprise attack for some reason I was 11 some serious trouble really okay lease this is taking care of again I really wonder what this this thing even do what the hell is this now it’s your dad even out there for a while long time now in maybe not my business but don’t you think it would be a good idea to if you take a break now I’m guessing that he’s basically saying that human playing this for quite a while and the essentially checks and make sure that you are gap get off the game after maybe two hours of playtime see a bomb to check it out Bob game damages an enemy when used in battle because of its explicit power it may affect others besides and targeted creature gone after one use okay so that’s pretty nice it will lot deal damage to any and all targets are on screen this may be a good time to demonstrate okay it seems as though the bomb only affected the enemy this time hell 34 damage now damn another close call but a him a least the work on and I barely lived to tell the firkin tail holy crap okay let’s see here I think our next destination our next have to go was gonna be over here on the right that is if I can get past these firkin robots here area that again this may be on the as progression I was thinking that the that would lead me too much of anything but now in actuality it did I just didn’t realize the cost a lot of these places looked the firkin same sometimes it can be pretty difficult to tell where does that you have to go to next that’s basically the same sort of saying with any RPG out there how how well damn okay lease the we managed to finish up the fight relatively quickly so that’s awesome may not butterflies heal PP anyone know that’s actually the case or

not let me know if that is the case I still have no idea what is that they do know damn too close another close call see what the crystal to a new 65 HP nice just as the description said because across all the policies the best kind of power hard path to see I’ll do not weapon now it seems as though the hard hat doesn’t do much hard hat help must be equipped as other should be worn when searching for buried treasure or while you’re at a construction site okay alright so I if there’s a construction site coming out then the hard hat is gonna come in real handy that’s for sure okay house was kind of mighty suspicious looking is also a key and some able sprouts in a tree as well as another firkin robot on Cincinnati’s sprouts are not dealing as much damage as before which is really nice to see little by little I’m becoming strong enough to take their firkin asses now lot as far as want to talk about today to be honest I really don’t have very much on my mind I know it’s been quite some time since I last streamed anything but as I mentioned at the very beginning of the deal with the lack of sleep, like noodles really revives a friend he was unconscious in addition also works well boys and nausea cold sunstroke falling asleep uncontrollable crying and feeling strange there is an of back to this the fact that when you have paralysis or have been diamond honest who well so basically it not only revise your friend and also cure is basically every single status aliment so that’s pretty awesome and I can’t be used automatically on necessary things as easy only party member but even so still something that’s worth mentioning I guess all right level XVIII offense of went by to maximum HP but will one ask some PP by two realize the power of sign psychic/out for us the all enemies PP cost is eight it Jerry the strong/you can make enemy start crying uncontrollably and in some circumstances feel strange also so that kinda blinds them in the it can blind the enemy and make cry uncontrollably try it out it probably won’t work on these the enemies but try it did not work on spinning the row or UFO and it looks as though it doesn’t cause any damage so that’s kind of lame can wish it would cause damage to an enemy

okay Lisa spinning rowboats destroyed okay let’s go and take care this little UFO nice and quick please I said police that would be great the if can do that my God really she that took forever I learned 20 experience but damn that was a really big pain in the ass that’s for sure how well okay let’s see This snake a another easy way one experience point out well that’s to be expected there snakes and happy happy village and from here I am not your enemy just the final mole your certainly stronger then you were while wandering around on it have you ever suddenly got the you one message yes I have when you met a week enemy that the surefire proof that you become stronger you don’t want to waste your time fighting would be enemies do you know and that’s probably the reason why one day Mister Carpenter received a revelation he now speaks the real truth interesting was strange how you’ll see the understands I’ll explain to you when the world is changed the blue a peaceful country can be established you understand now know although you don’t understand have some day some day you will you might misunderstand what I have to say but carpenters the boys affects one’s mind like a hypnotist interesting this is the famous happy happy is some counseling office when you obtain happiness you should the happy happy is the headquarters is located at the center the village thanks for the info bring her some happiness happy happy religious group while this is truly a strange village even stranger than the ones that encountering resident evil for all of our products are blessed blue blue drugstore I’m guessing this is it right here there may help you let’s see what you got sandlot that a frying pan copper bracelet holds that and be the holds had and the ribbon $349 for a firkin bracelet let’s see you have to do some math here and let me pull this up a calculator so for everything I need a plus the 349 and you I just need those two items really and that will equal $447 so really I just need to pull out $400 and I should be fine withdraw area okay let’s by this yes 4447 up for offense yes take this off with me to see by the copper bracelet that’s his defense change from 30 to 35 awesome yeah please the let’s see what else can I buy I

can buy the whole time right now and I think I will sure 35 and 30 know okay that was a bad purchase then okay you have for sale cold remedy refreshing her crew assault skip sandwich lucky sandwich cut fruit juice and Coffee okay and I write let’s the going to give dad a call thanks for the money dated basically it’s almost as much as I spent almost though not quite as much as I spent but even so pretty decent amount to get to: if you’re ill worth can’t seem to heal if your points and if you’re depressed and refreshing herb is the real deal interesting too bad don’t have enough room for anything else at the gauntlets call for escargot express pick up please okay now I just can’t wait for the pickup express the command and then they are perfect timing $18 for the delivery okay get take my cup of like noodles let’s see take my baseball cap and the city and my homes hat while you take the couple like noodles baseball cap and homes hat yet thanks a lot you’re welcome and thank you for taking the stuff off from a holy crap even we meet out for quite a while to see what’s in here quite a strange looking cave in a suspicious one that I’ll this must be the house that the I can get to before we see who are you that’s the essence of glad if you I had a dream that appointing this was my destiny I know it’s hard to believe therefore and then you would rescue me if you didn’t, I would have had the trying to bust out of here you can’t open the door will have to get the key from cup Carpenter Carpenter he’s got in the way I heard Carpenter can control lightning in that case you should wear this Franklin magic a who I’ll wait here until you return come back here and get me want to defeat Carpenter don’t worry about me just kick but like I know you can let’s check it out Franklin match by keeping as well your items at the flex a lightning attack back at the attacker okay cool all right multiple lease we found the what Porky what are you doing here a year just you to bother me I you you can tell me mask your Porky since Mister Carpenter made me an important person in happy happy as them you should I know you want glad I joined I’m not going to fight you but these guys well it later for for later well crap well this is definitely something let’s try/okay it seems as though these guys don’t the deal that much damage cannot stop crying okay cool

really okay this is bad mess had way mess screw this screw you all why is it that the I can’t hit the broadside of a god damn bar okay it seems that Crowe can’t receive any damage for right now okay take care the these other guys hear the Crowe is not that bad to deal with the only heals like one HP of damage but it seems as though he just loves to dodge my crap okay the try hypnosis didn’t work got dammit thank you Jesus what a pain in the ass just for Guardian Crowe cookie all right and dammit Porky why you have to be such a pain in the butt well that sucked and yeah as I thought Porky is quite advanced whole and he’s unfortunately a lost cause not exactly surprising in the least bit and can you from the very beginning that Porky was not to be trusted try to use me as again idea meet shield at the very beginning of the game that much signifies that the yet Porky is an hassle and he’s gonna do everything he can to outsmart you and just be a firkin pain in the butt it seems as though he just does not want to fight Ness or really anyone because he knows he’ll get his ass kicked so he’s leaving it up to everyone else the fire spells for him like a politician the okay to go ahead and the actually honestly go and the record my progress here and looking at the time right now been going on for like a good half hours sense calling from the moon or something King a flea bath and funny rate and we trust you feel free to shop here what you like to buy to buy banana were first day for $12 is a that you had earlier gone because I tried using battle it did absolutely nothing I heard many footprints exist deep down the east cave people called the place leaving footsteps and makes him feel uneasy the wall who were you excuse me toward rest collecting the donations to help protect the world from can’t camera this done a whenever you can know I’ll be your shadow then actually made it will make a donation five dollars your good deed will be rewarded here is a scar for you go and be happy not really horrible but the seen on the front doesn’t make you want to go there I think I can sell the postcard for like a couple

box so it’s not that big of a deal that by forgot like yet he okay while that was kind of pointless right before we head off to the east cave over there and check out the rest of this town and let’s pretty damn creepy if you ask me but there may be a hotel nearby that I can utilize in not only fully heal myself but not see what else we can find here other than more firkin, this ink another firkin communist had to appear firkin battle it it’s actually insane cultist so I’ve been calling of the wrong thing this entire time dang it okay I not sure duly friends in the valley behind the raid deemed the Mister Carpenter communicates with the divine so he is able to deliver inspired messages that’s neat I’ll look up Luke L Way you about just a plain old cow but Mister Carpenter’s messages are always move they always move me that’s funny wrong like one big happy family here and happy happy village is that basically our policy is the only allow family members to stay here in the village however if you are interested in learning about happy happy as a we may make an exception let you stay for only $50 okay so place acts like the hotel since I don’t have the money I can’t exactly have this guy’s respect so that kinda sucks of course I can always withdraw money go to the nearest ATM which may not be a bad idea and it seems as though the cultist just love the keep crying for help else to try to paint me with their paintbrushes thankfully the paint brushes themselves just don’t do anything whatsoever the only allow level XVIII already as I was saying the it seems as though they only dealing three HP of damage okay office by two got by one vitality by one maximum HP by 11 PP by one and that’s it off messed your linen far blogging no longings available for you pack that over weight kid helped me we can act Paula you know she’s hidden in a mountain cabin owl I’ll now I got it I thought you were one of us in I was joking just forget about I already figured you out the okay let’s take care these cold to nice and quick goodbye to say feel like I recovered my HP fully for you Mister Carpenter once that girl now I don’t mean it like that I need looking for a girl who can give me the high priestess of happy happy as a parent he’s already gather have your definitely right about that is definitely

got a girl and that girl is an innocent little thing who is being planned be sacrificed and I’m definitely gonna stop that from happening anytime soon okay let’s take care if you nice and quick and you go I while that was painful not really still this is wall what does strange places this this looks like a firkin maze about nothing but Colts no problems here okay it looks like I can’t do much anything new new what I’m wanting you okay I’ll move out your way thank you for response well the least as some of these people were nice enough to move out my way though not everyone is like that unfortunately I moved anyway oh you’d like to be one of us thing give up what you’re doing and go meet the great Mister Carpenter as soon as possible croissant inside kill laser play a croissants don’t bother us were in the middle of a prayer okay I’ll move out your way go quickly takes so it seems as though in order to progress through this little maze of five blue people you need to talk to them and certain ones will move in the others will just do nothing but anything of the only people walking in place is that true see green green… That that it still be with this see skip sandwich okay I guess I will eat this crushed salt all right blue but oh hey you can’t have little boy you get your getting on my nerves high else I some of these guys will lot try to fight you to I seriously wonder how is that not everyone inside this place is I after me right now perhaps the reason why is because everyone is a doing a prayer and there’s only a couple people who you can actually talk to and only those people are kind of paying attention other than that though all nice nice smash hit Nass that is awesome to see hair Miguel only sees down well quite a lot of experience from here no response okay that was not the right person to talk to and also appears that the leave the land try to learn how to whistle I heard that Wesley makes one smile practice over there blue blue you strange on Max fellow don’t go to heaven okay I don’t even know what you mean by that I’m guessing you try to say the opposite of go to hell take that the hell at that has fact here we go live later you can’t be happy unless you know happy happy is them still really strange crowd if the other try to make a formation the metal but there’s nothing really there who are you and I screw you because I didn’t know what else to do check out the upstairs for you

thanks for coming have been waiting for you I need your assistance to help make the world blue and change into into a happy and peaceful society you be my right hand assist though if you want to be my right hand my left would be just fine kidding your existence is a problem for me and my religion did find me and I will take your pitiful game Carpenter’s liking was reflected by the Franklin badge take that ass all right time the fight Mister Carpenter this is Gary five minutes considering the fact that I have no firkin PP to work with whatsoever let’s go to town deflected the lightning and let’s get this over with was like a master recover bit is that while the Franklin badge completely wreck his 4014 12 experience in level XX oh baby offense went up back three defense went up by to speed up to that spot to vitality by one luck by one maximum HP by 15 that’s realize the power of life of me off the DC the money money statue behind me since I got the statue I have been doing kill your things please forgive me if you can I just want to have a normal life I apologize to everyone here is the key to the to open the tale of the mountain key cabin where Paul is being held take the game go your backpack’s fall you should take this even if you don’t if you need to throw away any of your items okay I’m just gonna eat this cookie okay so if you are out of room and are unable to hold the additional key items you do need to throw away an item or use an item in order to make room so I least the cultist done here you’re the boy from that fact you would have to Mister Carpenter and your awesome thanks man right but always that was a pretty easily dealt with and it looks as though the prayer of this entire cold has been disbanded though there’s still some blue people hanging around about what a horrible nightmare somehow welcome yes let’s be friends again please answer me a promise to begin okay I lied the care and Porky is still a hassle as I expected as much coming from him he never wanted to be my friend to begin with chair irate on now that’s done never West let’s go free Paula now they should be pretty easy enough just got a – the crown was or just completely wreck their faces and okay see I just be really get down to get our… Go and turn on auto fight then there we go the deed is done gallantly the cookie behind still like I cannot really use it right anyway and wish I could use it in the just yet but now Nancy got the key how you hurt no not all I’m sorry for all the trouble I cost you

are let’s use this use the key to the cabin thank you Ness you just like I imagine you would be I’m sure that some people in Taunton are worried about me getting back there may be dangerous but we can do it if we combine our strength and able to use a little psychic powers that is actually pretty deadly at the top ponds and call and we can with that we had a new party member on has joined our party and she also has her own little teddy bear so it will serve as a another target so see here it seems as though I apologize not to hold very much of anything at all and it looks like we can’t really do much a anything for her she only has 30 HP to work with its check out the or stats she’ll start at level I so see she has a few psychic or one psychic ability side kick freeze thaw the very cold when the swirl around one any inflicting around 180 point the damage may freeze the enemy completely a may not be so effective against some enemies like those there’ll fire or warmer enemies so that would make sense in that sense well I said we got our friend back and we managed to rescue her now it’s time to head back to Tuan said about firkin time to have been before we go anywhere I think the I can I think I cannot purchase some stuff for her while see will see if I can find anything in the store here let’s see I can buy a frying pan for Paula as well as the copper bracelet I can also by the whole grab the homes have though I think I already have the homes had I just need the asked for delivery is cargo express please delivery deliver the homes have please now confirm your expected delivery the homes that you think you so other than the homes had the only thing I really do by is just a frying pan and the copper bracelet so 349+56 $405 so rated and talking to a brick and ATM again rate is just withdraw for 50 way and frying pan that would be Paula yes to the 12 yes and the copper bracelet excellent and once we get our delivery for a our thing you hey go I knew I was good at charged so that’s why it took out the extra money and honestly that was probably the best idea I’ve done okay that’s why gives give to Paula

and we go on the right now we got Paul up to speed also thank you for the money $634 record my progress please rate well thankfully this is 90s thankfully everything seemed to have worked out in the end the town is restored to their former glory there no longer a trying to actively force people to be happy in the world the Franklin badge was super handy as it reflected the lightning and really make things a lot easier overall so that was awesome oh really a firkin UFO had to join the firkin battle irate let’s get to work well for Paula one thing I’m kinda wondering if the awesome little UFO is down if the Paula with died here which she still receive experience if that survives Ness and Paula game 260 experience each all is now level to her offense went up by one maximum HP by one that some PP by two Paula is level III so that’s another level of right there on some realize the power site fire Alpha and another level up holy crap office by two defense by one speed by two guys went up by two IQ went up by one luck by to maximum HP P by one PP went up by five and another one level V now holy crap out that the was awesome several level ups just from that one use not of PP really see Allison this is heading would save your pockets other party members have their own pocket so that’s how you are in the whole more items red role when eating you recover about 30 HP okay rate well unfortunately were not have to deal with this cold for quite a while because I have no firkin PP to work West anymore which is really unfortunate also where my going nice one Paula very nicely done it seems as though while when the other party members are with you and they can gain additional experience the the experience is divided between all party members so that’s pretty interesting will well Paul is dead on man too close so yes Paula is unfortunately dead for the time being and then party members can’t use items they can still give items to Ness and whatnot but

see what this will do only receives calls you cannot make it make outgoing calls from it see what the data because APP and restores 300 HP to one person alert that his condition is critical and yeah I know shop unfortunately… Know I’m not to be surviving for very much longer due to the fact that I didn’t go to a firkin hotel I’m not tied to a due to a firkin coal it may not be a bad idea just say screw it and just returned to happy happy village just so I can get this crap off of me if I can make it back alive which I don’t see that happening dammit yeah it’s pretty much of her at this point in all thankfully it seems as though the teddy bears taking some of the heads although it seems as though the teddy bears now dead to dang it there I go okay bright role 30 HP okay okay let’s just go back the way we came that way the I can draw a little bit more money and rest of the firkin hotel that’s in this town is holy crap this is really really bad I know I should be heading back towards the other town right now but it’s not like I can really do much a anything at this very moment hopefully I can even make it to the firkin house where I could stay at if I even remember which house to stay at I think it was this will with the cow yes this man this can be painful greetings Ness please forgive my lecture earlier your now welcome to stay free of charge yes please all I got I was too close and so with that were back up on their feet Paula is still dead well is permanent let me ask y’all is the thing in this game all hello squirrel of God’s welcome the stream I question I have right now question of the day is is permanent that something in this game because I upon for check only met her demise pretty early and very quickly and it doesn’t look like there’s much I can do right now other than the this deal with the fact that the screen to continue the flash due to me having a firkin cold out right I can do this man so if I know that permanent

okay thank God maybe I have to go to a hospital in order to bring back the dead is that correct okay yeah I think I just have to go back to hospital in order to bring back my friends or all hello but if I well that was kind of pointless and of course that happens perfect okay lease the beams of death or that bad anymore that’s to be expected with any sort of RPG out there as you get stronger gain more a pretty sure you just die yourself those are those two options work awesome so that’s pretty cool I really have the hospital will be enough to bring back my friend because she is incredibly under level and it’s only going to get worse is I continue to make my trip the back to town and here’s lease were almost the towards the halfway mark are little blue loops I will say it again I think the bridge at the side of my apology I’m just trying to help sure thing and am glad that you did fix the bridge this makes things so much easier and faster so okay were just about back at the other town so thank God for that though I kinda wonder if the character’s can still have any sort of interactions when dead I don’t think that’s the case but will see will see as we make our way back to town slowly and surely and we go that takes care them okay already folks were finally back in towards the whatever the fruit the name of this town is as a weird spelling it has a weird name and the hospitals all all the way at the northern quadrant of town okay have $50 to work with so I should be able to heal everyone no problem if I commands to make it to the hospital alive yet this is this song has a remakes within the animal cross is one of KK song I think it’s like KK jazz a ruler see what does it do ruler you can use this during battle can you be used many times so I’m guessing the rollers like a item like weapon so if you don’t have any weapons on hand you can use as like a substitute stick or something and deal damage to the enemy that way I have no idea okay please who is sick Paula I don’t think anyone has anything like that or is it just my misunderstanding way what all alive man do I really have to die in order to bring back my friends hundred dollars for the doctor the man okay

so I was wrong about the amount that I needed to pay the firkin the hospital bill of course now that’s real bear absolutely 100% fair withdraw is a withdrawal hundred dollars just so that we can pay for the firkin doctors three and instead the hotel okay cool thank you for the follow on twitter so we when I say so Paula will thank God okay well always Paul is now fully firkin recovered holy crap that was painful and I’m definitely glad that is indeed the case believe the hotels just in for here married and let go and heal up real quick yeah that seems about right we want why did the price increase for a hotel stay and what screw you then okay let’s just recording up to this point I right now before I call it a night here and I can see that the follow is confirmed thanks so squirrel of God’s for the follow all right now but for a bring the stream to a close for the day let’s go and head back to the preschool in this town because actually before even had there on the head over here towards the Borglum Park the reason why is because the crime boss and quotations here was here at this location first you must take her to her parents there really were I also have something to give you so be sure to come back here promise all right okay so I just got take Paula back to her parents first and then come back here that would make sense and that is perfectly fair mean her parents must be worried sick and I don’t blame him especially considering the fact that she was kidnapped after all I knew you see Paula I’ll really understand that by now that Paul is miraculous power in your great courage will either stand up to any challenge Paula if you must take a trip be sure to bring this along and maybe it’s my very own handmade Band-Aid who that rhymes I now I’ll call of the hand a okay did you meet that he is so sorry that he suspected Mister Everett red of Berlin Park I guess I will go and meet him right now the preschool yeah a let’s learn all Paula next thank you so much you must be the boy will save the world like in Paula stream Paula I’m sure you’d be a big help the next it’s not every day of bother let’s his daughter Mark on the jury to save the world I don’t worry about me next and I will be able to take care of ourselves in three the next town will meet another friend if the three of us can firepower no one can beat us now wipe your eyes bull blow your know knows the smiled before we take off goodbye, don’t worry I will cry anymore all that’s sweet and one plus one equals 45 right now now equals 21 kidding know this

everything is looking for you he’s got something for you okay let’s go and check them out right now. After this is done in the save our progress and get rated talking close things out is going to ask you to be my partner I know you’ll refuse it’s written all over your face if you accept it I was going to give you some money actually I can’t keep the money now anyway on give this to you it’s $10,000 use the money anyway you want you will like he can’t refuse my generosity just accepted now I plan on looking for the evil money money statue that liar ask aggregate on earth in all that I’ll see you at another time in another space wad of bills check it out one of bills a bunch of brand-new crisp bills the carry of nice, but there but yet it seems as though wad of bills is the non-the oh way it can probably be used to take care this check it out meet with the manager here the really 50 me a lot of money not under the one of bills years party you want to talk about money, later after the show even if were talking big bucks I’ve got definite rules about how I handle my money matters okay well that didn’t quite work out the why the money could be used to pay off the the band that plays they are the chaos the other now I guess you can’t use it there for whatever reason that’s fine and is totally fine with me rated and I am just go and the deposit the money I have here if I can push the right gosh daily dang buttons and we go R-rated and once record and call the day here this is General Snivy with the earthbound play through that you all so much for watching and if you are able to attend the live stream live thank you for attending next time to be heading off to the next town and maybe even find a brand-new friend that the hints of this town seem to indicate we may be finding and meeting Jeff next but will have to wait and see what happens but yeah anyway, thank you all so much for watching hope you all enjoyed and I will see you all next time for more adventurous of earthbound blind see you all later