London vlog February 2018

Hi…So…Hello My name is Inês Today’s February 1st, tomorrow’s February 2nd Tomorrow at 6 and a half in the morning I’m catching a flight to London! With my boyfriend Right now I’m waiting for him, he is still working I’m going to check some more stuff concerning the trip It’s going to be 5 days! I’m going to try to record everything, I really want to keep memories of this It’s my first trip and his as well, therefore we are very nervous It’s going to be an adventure isn’t it? Stay tuned, the adventure’s about to begin! “On our way to Lisbon airport” * Portuguese comments * * Freaking out on the background * * Completely done * Oh you left the frame! Hi, good morning We’re on the next day “February 3rd” That’s the neighbours… which I hope do not understand Portuguese Basically, yesterday at 5pm we came home and fell asleep This happened due to yesterday we left early to catch the flight at 6:30am and be at the airport at 4:30am So we had to wake up very early, I still slept around 2 or 3 hours – he told me Later in the airplane we couldn’t sleep much, in half and half an hour I was constantly waking up I think he didn’t sleep enough as well, then we walked around in circles here Once we arrived we ate… NO, once we arrived we bough the pass for the underground and after we ate We went looking for the closest Mc Donald’s After we came here to check in, which was at 2pm and we got here right on time A little later c’mon So we checked in and stayed here, we still went to buy some stuff Here’s our groceries: we got a little bread and chicken, which was our dinner with a little bit of Pringles We have some fruit, think it’s plums and we also have chewing gum Because my mother advised me to buy some chewing gum to diminish the airplane effect in our ears Which I didn’t listen… I mean, I did but I didn’t do it and at the end my ears were so messed up Right now it’s… I don’t know the time It’s…. 7:18am apparently We have a huge problem with our phones because As you know here they use different electrical outlets with 3 holes in it We asked downstairs in the reception if they had any adaptor and they borrowed us one… Wait let me show you It says “For shaver only” we still tried but yeah, it doesn’t work at all So… Now we need to buy an adaptor otherwise… right now our phones are dying Oh I’m out of focus Again, our phones are dying; I still have two power banks

For now we can survive I have here my camera which I will need to charge whenever it runs out of battery Oh my god Where are you going? Oh we need to check the map We are… in Holborn we need to go here * Leicester Square *, it’s the blue line Im really lost… seriously lost J: Look so pretty! I: Yeah kinda is, really cute Wow! Stunning J: Oh my god Inês, always taking pictures! I: I’m not taking pictures! I can not see with this on Look the gait there, seriously so gorgeous! And I need to watch my steps * Making silly faces * J: That was crazy eyes I: Yeah, eyes of there’s the London Eye We are officially tourists, right babe? Look where we are! Look at all those people! So small! Feeling this babe? You’re feeling it! J: Please don’t lean further I: Why? I won’t fall J: Look it’s passing by one I: Where? J: To my side! Literally just want to get to that side, oh yes yes yes OK Ok now I can appreciate it We found Nemo Found Nemo’s friend! * Dori * which is not quiet and I’m not able to focus Gotcha Go on, go, so cute! Ok, what have we done today?

J: We walked a lot I: Yeah and our feet are dying… More J: We went on the London Eye which has great views I: Yeah, the London Eye J: And we went to the worst attraction ever… Sea Life I: Because? J: We saw suicidal pinguins I: No! They would if they could, it’s different J: It was sad I: A little yeah J: And we went to the most ?? Mc Donald’s ever I: More what? J: Crowded I: Yeah… More J: It was raining all day I: Yeah it rained all day I broke the lightning… I was playing with the electrical outlets and broke the lightning J: You tried to charge two things at once Cmon, the adaptor – yeah this has all messed up electrical outlets From London or the UK, whatever this is… And… J: * awkward laugh * Babe! This is all “live” I get confused! The adaptors have different holes… From the top, the bottom and the front * 12 years old joke * So I tried to charge on a different one while another was charging and the lightning went off Oh well now everything is working properly Now I’m a little too hot and it’s freezing outside… What is the temperature? J: No idea Whatever It’s like the 5ºC here are the 10ºC in Portugal so we’re fine Well… Tomorrow… Tomorrow we’re going to China Town! Right?? J: Yup I: That “Yup” was like “I got no other choice” J: Yup HEYYYYYYYYYYY… honey So… Bath done? Ready for another day? J: Yeah Let’s go, let’s go, let’s go, let’s go, let’s go! As you can see we have a Mc Donald’s a few steps from home Oh my god! Hello! Thank you! Oh my god… And how many floors does this have!? Thank you for waiting and welcome to Lego store! I: Thank you! This is all made of Lego What the hell 44.99??? * expensive!!! * Look at the map J: Wha-? I: It has lights! J: WHA-?! We have been there in Holborn! J: Bank I: And in the Bank! And now here J: London Bridge I: We haven’t gone there yet, I’m mad!! Wow! You’re joking! J: Need to ask someone if we can bring one! I: You think so? J: I’m gonna ask J: There’s stuff written there whaaa-? I: Ya! J: WHAT? And it works! Babe… I: I saw it moving, I saw it moving! Let’s go… * portuguese comments *

My little eyes… Encountered… Babe? A Primark which we’re going to look right? J: That’s huge! I: Kinda big yeah Let’s see… It has another door there! Oh my god there’s 3 doors, it’s 3 entrances J: The only thing I liked… I: Baby? J: It’s something pink I: Tell me how many floors does this have? J: 3 I: 3? J: Ya I: Missing -1 therefore it’s 4! J: 4… Ya… -1, 0, 1 and 2 We’re now going to the top floor… This looks like a whole shopping! Food!!!! Getting closer! What a monster! Damn… What-? Why is there a guy taking pictures next to that? J: Art Look where we’re at babe! I’m so high!!! I: Let’s go?! J: Really expensive I: It’s 3 pounds… still expensive… but it’s 4 (pictures)! J: You wanna go? I: Ya? Hey Hello! J: Hey! So… * awkward silence * it’s the next day again! I’m always saying this babe Yesterday we were so tired that we arrived and went to sleep and didn’t even make an update, right? J: You didn’t update I: We didn’t update right? J: You didn’t update I: You’re so mean! I: What did we do yesterday babe? J: You tell me I: What did we do? J: Now you cut to “5 years later” I: Oh my god, hold on Wait, we went to the Tower Bridge? J: Ya? I: We saw the Tower Bridge… More We experimented the hamburgers down the street, it’s 2 pounds? Was it 2 pounds? J: 3 pounds I: Yeah but… J: 2.99 and they never give a penny by the way I think it’s like a tip Honestly I have no idea what we’ve done yesterday Babe, check the pictures * 24/7 message everywhere * J: “See it, say it, sorted” I: Oh my god In the morning… Oh we went to China Town! Which is just 3 roads J: Trocadero! I: Trocadero yeah, but only from the outside J: We can’t tell where we went because we did not have a specific destination I: Yeah we were just having a walk I: We had to walk not sure how long looking for a bathroom for him… J: Where I paid 80 cents I: Not cents J: 50p! I: Ah ok then I think that’s about it… No? J: Yes I: Yes I: NO!! We saw Lego and M&M!! J: That was on the same road, nothing special I: It was on both sides, we also saw a man making shows no one cared but everyone was watching

J: Yeah that man… Not sure what he was doing I: We left only because I was scared he was going to blow a bomb there so we left wasn’t it babe? J: Panic I: Yeah I: We went to a market…? Was that a market babe? J: Ya full of hipsters I: But it had cool stuff… Vinyls and more I: And it was huge! In a garage! J: 50% Adidas jackets I: Yeah that as well I: It seems so little but we’re so tired… J: Because we walked all day I: Yeah we walked so much I: So… Today what are we going to do babe? J: Parks I: We’re going to explore London parks J: And London center I: Again? J: Ya, because today’s Monday I: Ah but we’ll go at night to see the city lights? J: Yeah can be J: Now cut I: Cut I: So where do we want to go? Here’s “Hyde park”… Wanna see the “War memorial”? What is that? I: “Tiffany drinking fountain” J: Hmmm I: What is this?! “Kensington palace” it looks nice! “King William’s statue”… “The orangery”? Wanna go grab some oranges? J: Nope! So many dogs… Everywhere… So cute!! Much run, much wow I: Hm? J: No! The monument would be a cool photograph not our faces I: But I’ve taken so many J: But I want a picture! I: I’ll take after when we’re in the front J: But from here it looks really cool I: You wanna take it? J: Ya! God! Oh my god! Hello!! (Olá = Hello x 30) J: there’s no food bro! Don’t bite me!! I: Oh my god! So cute!!! (30min footage saying hello and calling it cute and my boyfriend saying we do not have food) It’s a happy boiiiiiii I: Whatchu doing?? J: Metro station! I: Yeah!! Almost can’t show it, I need to be farther away… It’s cold as hell!!! I: We were preparing the bags since we’re going home tomorrow J: That was the last thing we did today! I: Yes but we just finished it and I was telling them! J: We never know what we’ve done I: Agreed… I seriously red! J: I turned the heater on I: Ah ok I: Ah! We went to the park the Hyde’s park is that what it’s called? J: Yes I: Ok!

I: A lot of dogs! I think I recorded like 5 or 6… J: Instead appreciating the views she was looking at dogs I: I saw both We were supposed to go to the Kew Gardens but we looked at the time and we googled and it was already closed… (4pm!!!?) I: Then there was something else that was closed as well… A station wasn’t it? J: Ya… We went to Fridays I: Ya… We ate our first decent meal since we got here, right? At Fridays J: It was really good I: Yeah… Excellent I: Portuguese treatment! J: José? I think his name was José I: I didn’t get his name actually J: José I: José… Well we will keep it as José J: Thank you José I: Thank you J: I remember it’s José do you have the receipt? I: Ah it is written there? J: Yup I: Ok Then we went walking through the city lights which was super cute Then we were supposed to go to another place which would be cute as well however we were so tired we just came here to rest It’s true… I’m going to need a huge massage on my feet J: Is that for me? J: Tomorrow we’re kicked out of here at 11am I: Yeah we were trying to have them allow us to leave around 12am/1pm but they won’t let us so at 11am, bye! J: One less star it’s already in the negatives I: It’s already negative! LOL For real tho, oh my god I: I haven’t done a tour! J: What do you mean? I: Record the place J: You do it tomorrow after everything’s cleaned I: Ya Tomorrow I’m going to record the tour, I’m even going to set an alarm to not forget Totally forgot to set an alarm oops Yesterday I… We made FaceCam(?) with my mother, with my parents I: FaceCam? J: Ya? I: FaceTime! J: FaceTime! I: FaceTime Now we’re just going to check the pictures and videos we took… Ya that’s about it! J: You want a plum? I: I accept a plum! J: We still have the bars I: What bars? J: Chocolate and banana I: What chocolate bars?!?!?! J: The ones we brought? (diet bars lol) I: Ah, don’t care * HOUSE TOUR MUSIC * J: Sup? So, here we have a TV where we see 300 advertising programs J: And “The Price is Right” I: Ah and the british “The Price is Right”, amazing! 183 00:28:05,000 – 00:28:14,300 We have a table which is always dirty… We have something to make tea and coffee which they tell us not to use, marvellous! A bin which is more than used it doesn’t matter… This is not from here… That as well They give us towels… We also have some hangers which we were always I wasn’t recording hangers by the way, I was recording the wall Here we always hang our jackets, there we hang the towels and João’s dirty clothes A heater which was actually really good J: Yeah it was useful I: Didn’t smell and was really warm, it made some weird noises but that’s doesn’t matter We have here a big mirror which I will only be able to record if I come here There you go We got 1, 2, 3 lamps… We have a hair dryer that… What do you think babe? J: It’s enough I: It’s enough then J: Better than expected Here’s more electrical outlets… We never used that not sure what is… And a few drawers that we barely used And finally… Wait wait wait! The bed! There you go! * Floor making noises * Ok it’s not showing much but yeah, the floor is not very- J: The floor and the walls! I: Ya Ah wait… The shared bathroom J: Those are all different rooms by the way I: These are all different rooms There’s a room… Here’s another The shared bathroom… Toilet and all the other stuff, shower… Burned myself in there where you’re supposed to heat the towels Those boxers were there the entire trip and no one knows whom it belongs We have here the stairs to the outside

Let’s go baby? J: Let’s go… I: Oki! You know here even the lockers work in the opposite direction J: Everything’s upside down ya I: Everything’s upside down… Do it, close it Instead turning to the left side you turn it to the right J: Ya, it’s done I: And now it’s closed Look at it… This is quality I: Oh look so helpful! J: LOL Here’s the entrance, there is another bathroom and a room with kitchen They got an apartment and transformed each division in sleeping spots basically, there’s nothing else This is the view when we leave Now I know our window was that one in the corner (top right) and this was our view once more Close it, close it, close it, close it, there’s 2 men coming here, close it, close it, close it! We never went that side, always this one where the good food is! Apparently we have an airport right next to us J: And we’re going to one way more far I: * repeats * J: It’s cheaper I: * repeats * That’s what it matters! “Text the british transport police to 61016 we’ll sort it. See it, say it, sorted” J: I’ve already searched the place I: Lacoste…Boss… J: Starbucks! I: What?! * At Starbucks * * Notices lost boyfriend – continues walking *