Mr. Satoshi Date, Artist

okay welcome to the 51st lecture university of commerce English lecture series it is a great honor and a great pleasure to welcome somebody very special to this lecture series today is mr. Sato she not a he is a fashion designer he’s an artist he’s a blue team attorney based music he does a number of wonderful interesting things and he’s going to be here today to talk to about his career is light and lots of stuff please welcome mr. Sato she does okay and stops that extra but one not 10 15 in itself special oh and i will introduce myself first we’ve always stuff our points I’ll show one of my video this is sergio mate and it’s my your egg Minnie film which is very difficult to find nowadays and it was a lot of fun and then point2 pistol then we return to this reflection of my version and this coat is made of two belts and my fiscal quarter survives actuator and AFL’s it takes a long time to fish and we get the role from Germany then we mix it hard to the talents and we just get the fiber then we kixin little bit classic it’s a long process and the neither guess my cell phone this is also a recycle fabric and I felt it and added some machine I quite like the way materials and also is distal to co-host magnetic sweat like an assumption most of the rhythm sound is from the scissors or time machine need program I like I you listen to No you I also pipe layout starts the image and a very very sick but I found the data

from each can be explained and funny okay so play my music right I mean oh Jesus Christ so yeah my self introduction and how to difference I’m sure to some for students here so my not my blood listen like England sighs stay and also set up a leg over myself in England so call them and my works and the message right and my career and education in Japan allocation implants I was talk about the difference right and my career I pronto voy in other kids in time of war in Tokyo and it’s it’s a quiet well my mother is from taco arted musical ever see which is very famous and well-known interesting in the world for me hon asia with our schedules or is a constructor he who is now in person simple in construction and they were to Vienna so that they know the most important and he graduated and so my mother uses the school’s workers so I was United hold my screen we go to high school together how many some way and then we went to 10 eggs on I tried to enter our team University of each other and then I were two states which is re alternatives such as antics during England’s is I think what the most popular boarding school in Japan and people would study also fashion they serve others it’s eight now it is surging I’ve always some model of the goal I did quiet quiet looks actually and the reason why I was over this is quite I think it’s quite important and how I grew up in an hour is up in England I somehow in the whole processor I look very happy and always smiling but in my mind it was so different i was so suffering above the world and what’s going to happen to my life and I was so scared of being in auto swirl and I wanted to be a car finished actually and so on my which was being my dream is being accessed the correcting changes like sir this is a marvel of me kappa tycoon up enemy technologies courier cheering is museum isn’t that quite a story green and you go they don’t really think this so I’ve studied drawings and the graphic design in prep school which is here before in Tokyo Eva dogs go to university I oh my god I was so respect

I respected them to my home when’s your assistance is Coco hearts diversity and somehow I thought I had to go there and then it’s kind of following my heart open going abroad and I was watching many easy click English especially American of all and then I was so fascinated about also you think and so the other time I was thinking being rough is on but I couldn’t get them yeah they’re nice somehow usually you know people too smooth try and try and try and talk about diversity is very high numbers of people are trying to getting it’s only times so one hour before you can gain which is sleep the highest of yet the most difficult in your way to getting and yeah most people which is trying trying trying people 6 to 5 times 6 years doing the same suit is variously have so I just what I couldn’t see my number on the board I just thought oh this is this is really because I just somehow felt that they don’t understand me and I’m better than them so I then I changed my mind and I luckily I like high school teacher use someone in boston and he said that what you go to Boston I wasn’t sure what was able to go to England limit I like something music in New York as well so it was quite close to your deal I know then I went monkey when I went there I was so shocked because that this as far as time went abroad and I was so I goes culture shock and I couldn’t really sleep I couldn’t really eat for week and because of the coefficient everything is different problem yeah smell so it’s not just a visual just everything it’s just ice was like yeah pretty panic because I wanted to go over an hour to do something and I want to be successful and I didn’t realize I was i hope that oh yeah people say if you want to go up rolling up to be 16 or 17 and YZ can’t get used to the culture or speak a language which I don’t think it’s true and yeah I felt that loves to like to go there and but I was trying somehow find out the distance that that was very big ten coming I I was so shocked trying to those people I can already taken it when I want to the airport in a Boston he felt okay and they totally english i’m in a battle when I was like oh my god what have I done but I quite like make myself in a very bad situation over depreciation and I think it’s very important for everyone to you too because if you don’t change their mother give you can’t change surface if you sitting in the same box Sabo can any of you can change some people wouldn’t approach it which is a good challenge and yeah so I yeah I went to the Future Shop when I both 102 the guitar at the droids Gita and then this is the first time I’ve sung in front of the people which is why a living and I was very shy I couldn’t talk to I was in a middle school so I could talk to a girl at all and the laws of conference I had yeah I was extremists but then this was very exchange for me because I was trying hard throwing so this isn’t harbors and I just entered and to the next okay now you’re honest I mcqueen is dead already good and yeah I know some I knew the many passionate allows it’s strange for even I wants to

go to graphic design and I was wearing a junior high school student in a moment then I went to a shop and watching her reading a fashion magazine is full of girls around but I somehow was so interested in fashion reason is because I hope you know miss Apsara had a desire for women like I respect a lot of women still think his own men and I don’t understand the woman free and so somehow i dig up a tamiya appealing to the woman then I I saw that this is very interesting at designed for women and which I admired and to do something creative and I thought this is quite fascinating so I was much you may I was very very passionate TV and ice from upgraded others artists and so he’s one of the and I said it expected because I I don’t really six anymore and so this is pissing prints he was already that the time to explain they made waitress and and potential I know you stink like a lot of Los Angeles from saying is of central san marcos i mentioned it was very interesting to see his walk is it’s about very close it’s a course that it’s a lot of ideas this is stable that you can take anywhere to trouble pleases it’s very crazy i mean he don’t he doesn’t so much against Becky sort of sponsored so he survived you can finally chewy that many so other some artists graduates joke is from do similar things to do for your country this musician this is in a dress seeing those small things yeah I managed to getting which is quite incredible for me because I couldn’t even get into let’s invest in Japan and I thought how come and I also went to local fashion editors fashion which is a different kind of collective systems of motives and if foundation for single and stays a one-year course which is conditional then you graduate that’s you finish that then you can apply to diegos which is degree 3 years ago England’s it sir it’s it’s funny that if you once they are you can just do a lot of course you have to do the essay on top of that it’s very different from other countries you know I think in states even you and ask what we have to do in a different subject but here it’s quite just straight forward assault and so I wanted to get in from kashi agora josh uses emojis and fashion show alright so I talk about Japanese education system that you can and I said well here we go before at first we have to go to preparation school then because University and also people to which I all know the other aging a fever I think Victoria they are the same system and I ivory against that because I think it’s very useless it’s people to study I know many people who collect it equipped university but its up and Association asked it work school which is is you get the great skills which I go it was good but also people just become with narrow-minded and when it goes without university they don’t have any individuality or character originality and they’re not many great artists or designers although they study on our education I think the people as well many middle-class people in Japan and which is good to organize the stuff and also to work the system because everybody’s

up a collaboration and I think the Japanese occasion they trying to find there’s something you are not good apps and they try to make it up there in England I think Europe as well and I was safe they trying to find what’s what’s your bid ups and then you try it because of people difference you know as you can see they’re a different culture different place and you can’t be so same like robots so I’m just difference and in England they try to encourage good spots of yours and make it much better yeah I was talking about this school to the art school relationship society and snow globes and England if you go to our school is made of town and in Japan in Tokyo is squirting Christian boy and also museum the stuff is and ice cream because goblin supporting our creative artistic society one way direction this I found it’s just two one way in Japan there’s a well imagine there’s a rail road and I’m trying to do in inside the frame and if you’re in a system you okay yeah if you book stickers school when a good University after that you go to the good company and you might have children in studies and you have a recipe I fit very safe and that’s the kind of plan and most of the other people think and if you will know that run you’re an outsider and the most people cannot follow that system or cannot follow the direction and then what happened and it that’s why there’s so many people who speak insist like all other mental problems and because i think i might actually in arcata political NPO that they stopped in front of the tree so the right to stop society and because in our qatar is a very high rate of society I think for Curtis quite as I actually accompanied by but I you know know the thoughts mainly have that and so on I think in Japanese system they don’t really find people to enhance himself to be not just individually to be strongly mentally and because of every size and ever trying to help you going this way so it’s like you’re not a trained so once you go the move that you don’t know how to get out and you just go to company oh zip psycho cases and easy a that’s heart of you because if you are from since your child if you’re training in many place you feel that there’s a lot of possibility and you don’t like like me thats i somehow i was lucky that i felt harder to try not to do too gosh yeah I go to Europe I don’t get whatever and so that’s not an option to do and that kind festivities it’s very important because no one can follow the system that’s already created you have to find your way the way is snow there be great so that’s the England yeah I step in the majority and the possibility yeah this I just said that this goes in front of a school and infected by pathways that’s what I could actually standards and expecting a visionary and they’re very individual which is fine a good and we are now in the very international world japan after konica was different nations so yeah we go to speak any English and we go to whom a great show you how to periodontal make it and not just in the greater people not just politicians I think the business and if you want to be like just a crack commanding your

countryside and maybe you don’t need to communicate without its first in a week we don’t have to close in a country like in a period and the the problem in England is that it’s very I’m not saying you know girl is great oh you know Stace is much better it just is just different but I mean we have things to learn from them and the problem England’s is they’re very individual somehow that creates kind of contains the system and the problem engl I when I want to be able to hospital and if it doesn’t work if I was kind of big oh it doesn’t have to call three times to make sure what’s the wheel because ever is they just don’t think as a whole so sometimes i have a problem i could try to tacoma in a right time and if which maybe is quite human and but i don’t feel like it’s a system isn’t talking and you can use this fine bro sometimes if you respect whatever youtube you can go down the radiator d and that’s why they looked total tract problems for because people not very supporting people supporting this it’s more how do you do whatever you want they respect to work for youtube whatever youtube but it’s very up to you so you have two very strongly to this kind of society enterprise quite four sectors I think this is the fashion show I helped it’s a back stitch it’s an okay night I did the range on this time I did the I compose music and dress at the same time so they the bottle inside and in clashes and six mix of my idea and music and government this is a fun aggression in SMS okay so different culture and differences 19 yep even lifestyle clothes in front of the ocelots language do you know anything about my girls good is very plain okay what was the managing equity famous dish for you gently go fishin where your rabbit well yeah it’s good what’s not rubbing well well structure okay Jesus it’s not better now but hit 10 15 years with pretty poor boy if they’re also Japanese restaurant and later Anne restaurant and some adjustments okay very good I mean I guy eats our own sake I don’t worry cover here we go to countryside depression there are some via nice and food but I guess I don’t take on certain creative things from and food right so this is the stolen right and so this is tate modern and it seems very interesting feeling and this is fire station our high position and some bits outside its reformed but this is very interesting idea it’s outside its it’s still it’s not working at the partition so they just kept captive as a Trojan us as a prima as a courtesy move them inside it sees its emphasis definition that is modern art museums are very good thing there are some fittings like that England’s and you know how big they learn in different its kind of think ed you’ve only destroy everything and put up a new thing which is not pretty you can keep the tradition I’m sure there’s waited before we debate yeah most important city I think your home especially it’s very very important and

very mixed polarized difference still always commanders intensive psychiatric and take a look sir a woman and almost yeah ninety percent they have people same job some NASA secretaries and it’s too warm water individual difference of dirty difference of innovation between help um yeah I mean some people in which speaker where English is it’s very direct language of thing and have the same time that you can learn the culture and given I’m very care so much about age even in our study is kept in the meat or maybe you might start mr. mrs within seconds I’m you don’t know how to use it see it’s very direct knowledge my own experience like this to be an eye on the right picture and about finding a fashion show in a museum I I didn’t really look like a stupid I was free from San Joaquin side one because i don’t want to spend money for language i transferred back in lombok except i thought it was pretty cool five not satisfied then that’s sort of a question right i was studying this is adam brody riding girl here in this place it’s very beautiful place in England Devin okay Devin this famous supermodel before or devil now his mix American and Japanese because her mother loved stable and a doctor which is funny and the one rice is no I’d it is very good i’ve been to this place it’s very negative or smooth and very conscious constantly like a very beautiful but it’s cold out here and national power its national about people if they’re my friendship then and many ships and how’s David there are some colors because the some they are belong to someone that’s why and it’s very yeah I already love expressive ready I believe that is the pasta man is as a beautiful nation to and English people are very creative on you know some genius comes up from the country I think it because of nature is very beautiful and connected to the people very well and I think people who live in a city is very us isolate all disconnected to the nature and which is quite some autographs and this isn’t able to shape I try to carry a camera now as if it has it was normal and it’s capable as well even you’re not doing something great about I treatments to carry small sketchbook and try to go once today and that will make you or is marketing your eyes through you and you will find what you might even is something more you my point is in full because that’s your point of view and that’s why I try to carry cameras i use film camera and SketchBook Pro time and when I find something to 75 and if you carried us you’re you’re trying to find something interesting always otherwise you you don’t really find it because you carried something if you want to find something saying then you in a way you’re creating yourself at the same time let’s get food diary and you know how to be interacting with fun and then sometimes you remember more things than enough for taking photograph as you see the teachers photographs are like how to structure

the images all the photos and sketches differences it’s it’s kind of her it’s to communicate with people normal rather than my feelings to set foot in a way more interesting schedule times this is an important that’s a double exposed by accident st. angels basically actually harms of benevolence I just got across and when I was in a purposeful your talk I realized that I don’t have any my paintings then when I sauce Eames all the skill that I lon in prep school if much is very nicely and then I draw draw draw hood through like hundreds or thousands of thinking at the time to this one of them and I was so happy that some sunlight emerges lots of people doesn’t happen I don’t know why I happens to me and some people who went to the University I wanted to go take the pain but it’s nothing inside it just skilled and supporting to see I guess it’s a painting so any kind of great deal mark is it’s up to your mind you more you experience and rather than skills and people’s struggle to try to get a skills but that’s not that’s that’s me one or two thousand quality about as I wanted to be consistent across absolutely it’s explaining about my is becoming quite conceptual this is about filter and whatever you see is you’re born you take things but then the other sense that you’re creating the filters so some people see some color and you frightened you become happy and because you’re creating with your own express it creates the filter for your own experience so it when he is cute them that he speaks coli names asakusa is the matter or realistic Steinhauer individual sees things differently and as of this was selling yourself in order I decide if other scopes this is a CD jackets Japanese are this one’s going to draw this is my business okay question actually don’t really like calling fashion a light coating fashion people’s many things I think much is changing now and you know there’s so much mass production unit below any grenades go primal and I think I’m very amazed please mass production because it’s very slow lyst I was trying to put my spirits or my assistant spirits inside of the clothes then people who buy those care about clothes and if you think about more ideas and if you are surrounded by cheap things I believe that you like to achieve it is you don’t have any consideration about anything fred was this is the concept i made himself what also just too afraid being the frame it’s a sequence follows its language that consists of an external framing star the frames they’re absolutely images that change constantly so I don’t think sometimes what if you say even i like you i love you you know

no one knows that’s the truth know the truth is the inside the box which is the world and some people most of time people tend to see the frame and integrity according to the information you know it is not matter to people said or someone said I got you and then he loves you then ok but the truth is always changing in each teacher seconds and some of the content from there abstracts world it’s more real the people don’t think is that it’s not sure when it’s not quite solid so it wouldn’t bring him to be because we are set up by language and I can get appear to believe just a frame and not to see the inside his phone was used for vihari true and I try to use it straight homes and cubes to explain we’re talking this is about possibility i talk about rules are the rules and also the place and a massive human being and also in a ing and which I got like her so I’m true to explain this is awesome so this is when you perform this when you’re that and we are in a box kit box which is limitation limitation which is our your body you can go to the universe or the moon or equal to England’s a second later because this limitation to bully you have to move your body to one place to another and you could try and hard you might die and I think it’s almost impossible to control two dimensional about you might your mind my going up or in your heating and also your positions in the ball and we with time but there are lots of lots of possibility within the limitation as long as you in the balls which is no point using blood way up right away there’s many perspective so on I believe if you open your mind and it is maple sweetie series if you shut down your mind and force the stem there’s no and I greatest was up this close is a pattern the clothes are made from the floods most of time then we can’t send any we saw together and so on the right one it is just rectangular person and I cuts just randomly so it is we don’t know what’s gonna happen so from that’s using the possibility to create beautiful growth so that was the idea and this you can tie up a new pool and then you can use it’s another way of expressing the possibility it says I like this loss it’s crazy but it is some strings and it’s right up here and eateries is full now slopes yet if you porn and in trial here close either lacerations that’s the help after 6i so in cold air I using psycho fabric a song and this yeah it’s Valentin I improves from Germany Leon’s pybus then mix together this is recycle material school efficient this is the last time I click 7 together over to music and arts and clothing and I did a film as well and so I just saw why not mixing and I wasn’t sure what’s gonna

happen better I could create smile wall which you don’t feel from this photograph you have to feed then you feel because I trying to use five senses like I make this effort to express myself to next stage i would still more prudent to yeah and my friend who very impressively crying and she said that she feels when I inexperienced so I to be the winner I think someone supposed to feel my world but I was very happy to grace my mom his captive on the front tuck she ago was impressed my Egyptian and she took everything to talk another technician didn’t hit mustang so this is native Japanese tissue paper it’s a it looks like a living animal the inside is a film screen and people inside let’s see so every time the color changes occurring the film color denim changes except moving that’s inside this time to create is not have to destroy it in separation I do different projects dr. projects okay okay is a you know I’ve been Iacocca well just the city just totally okay it’s my grandfather’s from the there’s only one jun notice of June I think what worked anybody is in surgery japanese girls from that is very casey and the people see as well and I help any peel there so on what I do is make products food products and one of the project it goes if people do not the size sometimes you see very horrible design but it’s inside it’s very tasty and so I try to help me design and also the casing I do some dancing and this is now she dressed as dressing and transcend kinda made a joke and now she is a Japanese care this will be so and so dressed as yet this container to dress them by themselves and this is going to be helpful to you and you can use a game and this is a market and mrs. R is its own same price cross-reference and I did produce nervous after onset after the horse 20 books and markets and divided the product in the region ending in order anyway inch bubble this is a prolific moment so this is about earthquake it all we create is and then listen to every morning for some england those money goes to charity it’s a it’s a very shame I I actually went to send I just now I talked with stopping at the same time city people start opening about this this is you know to come to you see if I say but after all three years ago but there’s still people

suffering and it’s very tough time it is to gap between the people’s attention and most people who are suffering for dope money or house still there it’s quite difficult to continue but we try and carry on and because we are from London some people isn’t equal greatly subjects in any part of it it started yeah get mentioned and miyagi prefecture governor came to love them and I could see him because of what the best events was happening in a number but I always think they’re able to prove whoa I wanted to put this rule meaningful just trying to remember because there’s also happens everywhere everywhere anymore and you know one connects just attacked who they are and we forget about probably how quick i guess it’s i don’t think it’s it’s mutter impact because it’s about to realize who year and I’m realize what we need to do right now and I want people to think about it and maybe governor was saying and we’re trying to build up to the normal level but for us people live in of the night feel that they have to do much better things in a way it’s a good chance to make me happy or cushion over there and then the closet or Istanbul could be very interesting City but I don’t think to go in there those kind of creative Alex so this is the passion let’s say Lauren Kelly this is ethical fashion designing and some pressing right message were you some people ready for you students are here and I don’t know how we live here so this will be bits for Japanese students whose forces it is very important to try to believe it with the and also and beginning that continue to try to speak in the language most of people I think ninety-nine percent of Japanese people who go to England it under study that’s all I thing go back and then one year’s spending in a language school they don’t speak English Pig they go back and I’m sure the girls and friends at all given anyone who only a few i’m sure you can skip unis fanatical they might be a little but you know enough and I know it’s tough to have a lot of money to study the university but people who go to university in England they have more passion and they have to view page o’clock and those people speak very very good English and I find very hard to you have to find good this big home language because I wisco most of time I just go there and just not wrong with Japanese and hung one with a study just three year I was in a day and then you know believe it’s Japanese people walk in a Japanese restaurant it’s the same as being here and you know studying a lot that it is no points and not just about school is coming up with many other nationalities Europeans English and then discuss so talk about life or then you finally you can say that you know the culture or your non language and that’s something and I say if you go upload them within three months if you if you don’t if you can’t find any improvements and you never ever learn the language because we don’t have any actually don’t have any yeah yes training so it’s very very important I was just out of my eye I wanted to learn English especially like the British English and also i love globe and i feel like i got to do something and I didn’t like Japanese people in England when I arrived I

really hated them so I even I find it very good to Japanese student like trying to speak in English even the phone and you will never forget your your your mother tongue never so you don’t have to worry about it you just want to use with the local language just great and that’s actually a very very good for you because if you keep different upgrade languages you can stink in a different way and also you can create another yourself Oh as I said I was very shy and I was very weak and naturally very know so strong because I created another person for air box myself in Iran and then I could fine I was very afraid of coming back to do but because i had made at a problem but yeah so you can create the new you and yeah to piece the other yourself and so that’s that’s the thing i’m also its general japanese japanese it’s not language but English is not so you go to study he has studied English it is no more year of the people speaking as you normally and then speak another french or german snow so it’s necessary I think and then and also benefit leave young sons nor sleep nor you can speak who said any nationality certificate speak English and young son was going on on the world in the world after the earthquake you can only speak Japanese what knowledge you can just research about what’s happening here in your luggage if you understanding which you can go to BBC or even go to the area and then crack to the northern commission you can see what’s happening and yes and his experts in other countries yes that’s actually difficult thing there were also people come to England that they love England and it’ll come back to Japan and I think that’s what this you the original version you can change your content it’s like you stop you stop your business and then that’s your business name and if you can’t san jo I’m ENGLISH I on what and you know I have cycling vision but that’s that’s impossible your vision is very important at all six it’s your most strong thing that you can use and it’s very sad I know but Japanese society is happening to people some people hate it and then without you that you can’t change your own country and because you have different wine and different talking mind it’s fine and then people are going to trying to help your country them that’ll change that you you know you might not like the society Bree you’re the one who can change and I think it’s kind of escape if Japanese people there go to England and more with someone and this and some people maybe find that most of my friends or systems go up to find a pretty asian that they were able to go to UK for other countries this is very sad it’s I really want to change that that’s why one of the reason I come here or other places to do the lecture in cell G people to think that it’s a possible to change as I said there are many possibilities if you stop that was pretty then it will never happen and it’s up where I are they that when it came to think and I’m sure that there’s only focusing on new Europe as well and we don’t want other countries and then we can mix theatre I’m not signed up to change it from creative in such a new culture especially I got some Japanese like you go to do something in Japan because I really very imitated to see what’s happening japan following them considering i realize where you are is the same thing that seemed a you how to videos and not just to be individual it was not so important just individual ego it was the other people and listen to others and for yourself you can’t give your own life how to communicate and get

the support for me the solid paradoxical complicated and creates my musings and yes so I will answer if you have questions but ok let’s open up for questions first let’s thank our speaker for today questions yes and yes do you have as much ah not so much but yeah not so much as not just in states is I think it was neat organized that wasn’t so much but I was quite disappointed about England us pilot I know I was creating some image that people quite old I found later that was expecting the individual people that I felt very only identified nice it’s more about being myself was a bus stop culture is I didn’t have any so many friends in support so but that was actually a good idea yeah in Boston was as I Rapinoe asian japanese absolutely no state and even is different but for lease yeah same so shop in Boston was much much more yep ask me anything interesting yes in a month and then have kind of culture shock in a way it’s a pretty straight yeah if you if you say that you do everything in five stands and yeah yeah I’m quite sensitive some people don’t even feel that but up I guess because I just I expected so much shuts on me I’m in a different country I can do something clip and when I see a neo city from the top and then the loss of heights oh my god there’s so many people how how can it be such a find this country’s I’m just tiny bird and I just hope it yep in one in your head but I work in the makes here into it into action and okay yeah girls roaming is it’s very interesting to me as a art of music I can’t stop doing it fashion is like I can’t do everything by myself because you know fiber is from manufacture and then also sewing machinist also pattern cutter and it’s all motor motor process and so I have to think about the clients and the interesting thing is I could use my creativity or expression on to the government then people walk around as close and then their concepts carry on to the other person of them express the game and that maybe some people in France any first again again again and that kind of process is very interesting to me before I was just you know I wanted to make clothes get yourself put on the vehicle body that was it better nowadays that’s that’s fine here also to where is quite just think as I did when I can put my soul in in the product then when they wear then they feel what I feel and not just still showing off the

outside and I want people to change it from the inside from wearing it so yeah strike through in the mainstream for me you know in fashion world is I mean any kind of creative world is going down nowadays I think the problem is people don’t know demanding so much and so it’s vital spots a great creative doesn’t have so much passion to create I mean I IV that I have but most people don’t have because it’s very dull nowadays people not really interesting to find something yeah interesting cuz youtube you can find anything wrong here used to be I do you go to the liquor shop at a point and then spend all of my end everything is available which is very make ourselves very dull I think that’s one of the problem I guess and so we go to create system to stimulate themselves which is very hard because everybody wants to be comfortable and convenient and yeah I think they think you know yep these are in come back yeah I mean I I have some plans may be avoided the fashion show in foco fashion show during deformation 22 acres people you know totally is is a is not forest but at least operation there and so many gdp so that’s why one movie tonight help so I I want to do something for the people who suffer all our problems and so I don’t mind going anywhere so I my plan is ill b gud that if i could be the kind of bridge between england and Japan and if I could do something together I I count to japan i come home twice in it and do the lectures and try to set up some related projects but now this get stuff so I haven’t got like a very big project right now the mania in Japan as final fittings and right now nicholson ave and maybe in my own home as well but i do interesting more to help setting my products or two projects in countryside rather vocal obesity is a collision site as how it went ok letís so it’s not some questions in the back yes quick manuals yep I can hear this it would run and what I’m wearing now I don’t know it’s a second hug I don’t mind yeah accepted although I something I get from my parents that yeah also son and i buy shoes the new 1i i put in a higher conversion in order somehow by spending medical shoe store and paper brahmin i used the hub like let’s mcqueen absentia and john galliano but now I really don’t care just now the time to express I don’t really care about I see sometimes that I get inspiration from helping clothes like getting special from products designer or design or communicating with people

yeah anything else which is a very personal regard outperform it was the hurry I think piracy interesting because I normal patterning is getting boring and very very dope in 90s there’s so many designers but now a lot of people would parse because Paris has got the Trojans and it’s my point of view that they have traditions for heart lots of artisans if much much in England I think they’re great sculptor in England but not so many painters someone else works and so I yeah for assessing this place to do I haven’t done it for I dentist ethical fashion show advice that yeah like to try and just see what they say about my products I is a greater new yourself it’s very difficult sometimes the environment change that you found something inside you is always the same so how do deal with this kind of problem we just came in to another place like space another culture given even your change of environment is over you can change the environment I don’t eat a pecan change environment there some problem you face yourself you try to maybe change some problem by changing the environment like they see it as a work how to do it if it doesn’t work I try to connect those people yeah because he can’t because some people really go to England because they think they can find something else what they can find himself that the sounds like they got and he stopped further I think in there trying to find my ebook and then try to make a violent as well it could be house it could be here friends or your routine crack beauticontrol and that actually it changes and I started a lot for P I go to support from friends at all and also trying to yeah James the environments if you don’t like it how so he yeah i was given was very very horrible flatmates and i got really took my parents i canna trade that the divorced not made single and but after he left and then everything changed all the luck i think being a positive is very important even that it might be hard that are trying to find the because if you if you could find a way by yourself and if you could do by yourself then that’s going to be your strength in the future and of course you need a support as well but you have to be clever to kind of make an environment bring it no in a visual way maybe this is there many ways that I think you have to find out but you can’t just keep moving because I might have no problems just behind your back and just carrying that and the reason why I become most conception and I think about the others because I I met many many systems who have lots of problems in the cast and I didn’t know that I met some people we know who is ancient themselves oh you know mental problems they talk to me and now I understood why they are doing it because I could kind of understand what they feel and so yeah it’s something to become like a concert and yeah its harbor need to find the right person

need to find the right environment even if it’s some type of time in it each time it’s different I believe that the time is it’s like that the kind of weird a vehicle when any we’re moving so each time we are changing and so we have to wait the right time sometimes even you feel that this is the right place if you’re trying to move within that place and then find the right thing and inequality I think it changes but if you just sitting and doing nothing I no human-to-human tell if you have very mental problem than you it’s difficult but he held not be exportable that but I I think to solve the problem by themselves is it’s better in the future because you be much much any questions yes what about the way japanese whatever you have occasion and giving the streets question or equally England they move very important trends I feel with depending I feel like they’re trying to make a trend or trying to make movements to try to consume more even there’s no training system because the media is hopefully a lot in here something is quite useless 20 your this season’s rather you don’t have to change yourself so much he just needs some clothes and express yourself and I feel very control here and in England people don’t mind buying second-hand clothes and and then if they need something near than you think by very cheap and insolent already there are some trend in movement not so skinny us as here and also I found very strange disgusting Japanese people wearing things that might be trendy but not suitable to actually them and I think because as I said before they don’t have themselves they don’t they don’t know so it’s it’s easy to manipulate if someone said you should wear this then you create this all of them but that’s no I don’t think that’s the right way you find yourself by itself and they do that just stick using their toll but they say don’t think about how they look good they don’t know what it’s good for themselves just well it is like seg manikins edges groups and don’t think about it which is which is all I maybe it’s not nice for environment is obviously to the other people of you and I think I interesting people well what they won’t well and they know what’s good oh ok we have about 10 minutes left and Satoshi has put out some of his accessories and things and you might want to have a look at those before we go and let’s give a big round of applause for this auto show you one more time