Sahaya: Forbidden love of a Sama-Badjaw | Full Episode 1 (with English subtitles)

Hello! – I am Bianca Umali – And I am Miguel Tanfelix We are glad to present to you the newest epic-drama series of GMA Network – Sahaya This is about the tradition, culture and lifestyle of our countrymen, the Badjaws Our Kapuso abroad, watch our latest episodes on GMA Pinoy TV! And now, let’s start the pilot episode of Sahaya! In the beginning, only one man and one woman were living on this planet And they had two children They left one of their children on the plain And from this child, came forth everyone who were born and chose to live on land While they left their other child floating on the sea And from this second child came forth our race From him, our Omboh (first ancestors) originated And they were called Sama Dilaut (people from the sea or Badjaw) because their lives and livelihood came from the sea That’s why they chose to live on the sea And that’s the story of our origin, Sahaya So, that’s why we live here on the sea, ‘Mbo Lallah (grandfather) We cannot survive on the plain because we don’t know how to live there We’re just like fishes – we would die if we would be taken out from the water, from the sea Sahaya, my daughter, you still have school Prepare now ‘Nggo (mother), is it okay if I don’t go to school today? I’ll just help grandfather instead No! No! You will go to school You need to go to school, Sahaya Mother Sahaya, don’t get me started! Even if you cry, you still need to go to school You need to learn and be educated! What? Sahaya, don’t be stubborn Obey your mother You need to learn the beliefs and ways of other people, especially because it seems that your mother wishes for you to live like those living on the plain All right Come on. Don’t let me force you My mother is the reason why I am persevering in life She is all the sermons and reminders that I hear every day to force me to go to school and for me to love my studies And I am reaping the fruits now I am a living testament of my mother’s love, devotion, sacrifices,

and commitment to my education My mother, may you please stand? Please don’t be ashamed Ladies and gentlemen, I would like you to meet Manisan, my mother Oftentimes, the people like us people like us whom you call Badjaw, don’t even get to study because of poverty because we prioritize our livelihood so we can put food on our tables But my mother is one of a kind! She weathered every storm. She protected me She put my interests before hers just to give me a good sukud (fortune) Mother, you are the reason why I continue to strive I love you very, very, very much, my mother I hope I make you happy and all our ancestors Mother, this award is for you Mother Thank you very much! Thank you very much! Mother She is Manisan She is my inspiration My bestfriend My protector And my hero She is my mother and this is our story Panglima (Leader), here they come again I think, I know what’s going to happen Whatever happens, don’t fight so there’ll be no trouble Manisan, my Child, cover yourself Don’t look at them so they would not notice you Good day, friends! What’s up? Give us all your catch! Don’t refuse! Give us all your catch! Oh, Tuhan (God) Almighty, help us Oh, God Almighty, help us Oh, merciful God,

bless us Mma’ (father), why do we still pray to God and to our ancestors? To think that our catch were stolen Why, Manisan? Who stole our catch? Why did we not fight the pirates? So they would know that they can’t just abuse us? And then, what? They would retaliate? And then we would also retaliate? Until it would create more and more trouble? The sea abounds with overwhelming blessings for all of us Whether Sama (Badjaw) or not, we don’t need to fight anyone Manisan, you complain so much that’s why you got lectured Beyang, hush! Why are they here? What do they need? Comrades, as usual, we will receive them as friends Let’s just keep calm What do they need from us? The rebels are there! – What’s happening? – I don’t know! Here come the rebels! The rebels! The rebels! Get down! Get down! Get down! Keep calm, Comrades They are not after us Get down! Get down! Don’t cry. Don’t be afraid! We will survive this! God and our ancestors will not forsake us! This is bangsa (community) which my grandfather is proud of and where my mother grew up in Sama Dilaut (Badjao) like us live here amidst the robberies and wars If you are a bad spirit from the sea, go away! Oh, God Almighty, help us! Oh, merciful God, bless us! Kaka (big brother or sister), what are they doing? Onde (child), that ritual is called ‘Pag-jinn’ We perform that to drive away the evil saitan (demon) that brings us bad luck, just like the encounter earlier So that it would not happen again and there would be no more trouble here Is that right, Manisan? Your big brother is right, child Come, sit beside me Father, Beyang said that the rift between the rebels and the government is not yet over? Let’s not mind them, Manisan Let’s just pray that we would not be involved in their conflict Why is Imam with Aratu’s family?

And why are they dressed to the nines? So dressed up Let’s welcome them Careful Thank you Good day, Panglima (leader) and Manisan! Good day to you, Imam, ‘Mbo Osman, Salida How are you? It’s been long since we last see each other Oh, yeah Because we stay mostly in our house in Sitangkai Welcome to our place! Come inside Aratu is the only one left in our house here Now I know why Are you Manisan? Yes, I am. Good day to you You’re beautiful indeed Hopefully, you’re also kind and industrious Yes, my daughter is kind and industrious So, what brings you here? What’s with the visit? Well, Aratu’s family requested me to mediate But first, here’s betel chew before we talk Imam, let’s not beat around the bush. What’s your purpose in coming here? The truth is Salida’s son likes Manisan Aratu wants to marry your daughter That’s why, they requested me to mediate between you and so we could also determine how much song (dowry) you would be asking from them if ever you agree to marry your children Aratu is good in fishing That’s why, I’m sure that my niece will never go hungry They are also doing good in life now, especially that his eldest sibling has a nice job in Davao Manisan is lucky if she would marry Aratu He’s industrious, kind and above all, he’s good-looking So, if I were you, Manisan, just agree to marry Aratu Babu (auntie), Father, I don’t really like Aratu I don’t want to marry him I’d rather have you throw me into the sea than marry him Don’t complain yet I haven’t said yes to his family anyway Let’s eat first Agree You know what? You should just have told your family the real reason why you don’t want to marry Aratu I don’t want to tell them yet, Beyang You can’t keep that a secret Your family will eventually find out, even our kampong (community) Beyang, here comes Harold! Take charge of my goods for the meantime And if you see my father and uncle, don’t tell on me. Okay? See? If only you told your family about your relationship, then there’s no need to hide Yeah, I know! I will find the right time Hey, watch over my goods, okay! Harold, why are you late? I thought you would be here ahead of me? Our professor extended our class Anyway, let’s go? Manisan! Take care, okay? Gosh! If someone saw you, your father would kill us! Yes! My goods, okay? Can you believe it?

I have already finished a year in college! How many more years before you graduate? Graduate? Three years in college, but I will take up Law after college so it’s still a long road ahead How about you? Aren’t you going back to school? Are you content with Grade Six? That’s why, you are being looked down because most of the Badjaws don’t study How could we prioritize our studies if we’re hard up looking for food? Of course, we need to earn a living first Besides, I have other plans in life Really? What plans? Harold, I will introduce you to my father. Okay? Let’s get married Whoa! Marriage? You’re kidding, aren’t you? That’s a joke, right? There’s one Sama (Badjao) who already told my father that he wants to marry me Of course, I don’t like I want you because you’re my boyfriend But I’m afraid that they might convince my father unless you ask my hand in marriage Manisan, I will not do that Okay? We’re still too young to get married I’m no longer young In our community, I’m old enough to get married In your community, for Badjaws like you! I’m not a Badjaw and I will not get married while I’m in college! But what if they would be able to convince my father? Will you just let me be married to another man? Please don’t allow it, Harold! Don’t let me marry another man! Please. You’re my boyfriend and I want you to be my husband Just make an excuse to your father You’re good at finding a way out, anyway These fabrics and silks came all the way from Indonesia My gosh! These are all so beautiful And so expensive! Oh, hey, Manisan, good thing you’re here already Salida has been waiting for you Good afternoon – Good afternoon – These are really beautiful Can you leave us for a while? I just want to talk to your niece Sure. Of course! Manisan? When the water boils, make some coffee for Salida Stay here. I will just go outside I will check on the plants I left to dry Remember what I told you, Manisan! Yes, Babu (auntie) Manisan? Leave that for now Can you come here so we could talk? You know, these expensive fabrics, I specifically bought them in Indonesia So that in case you will agree to marry my son, I will use these as the cloth material for your wedding dress Manisan You are the daughter of Panglima, the leader of our community That’s why your wedding should be special. Am I right? And it is rightfully so that your future husband-to-be should also be special Manisan, what else are you looking for? What else is missing from my son? He’s perfect, isn’t he? Manisan, you know that news spread fast in our community Everyone knows that my family already asked for your hand from your family I think you know the feeling of being humiliated

I’m sure, you know how it feels to lose face Manisan, I will get mad at you and I’ll also get mad at your family But I know that you will accept our offer soon Right, Manisan? All right The water is boiling. I will make you coffee Please excuse me Father, guess who went to our house earlier? Who? It’s Auntie Salida She’s pressuring me to give her an answer But I don’t want to! Of course Does she think that we will be impressed with their money just because they are wealthier than us? But you also have to keep in mind that if ever something happens here again and we get caught in another clash between the soldiers and the rebels, Aratu and his family have somewhere else to go because they have a house in Sitangkai I’m just thinking about your safety, my child But, father, nothing will happen to me as long as I’m with you. Right? Yes But you still need a man who can take care of you and who can give you a good life I really don’t like Aratu There’s someone else that I like Who is it? Why am I only hearing about this now? He’s not like us He’s not a Badjaw And he’s still studying that’s why That’s why, he is not yet ready to marry me Let me meet that man, whoever he is Bring him here It doesn’t matter if you are not going to get married yet What’s important is that I get to know him Do you understand, Manisan? Hurry, Beyang. This is it! Huh? Yes! Beyang, this is Harold’s dorm – Wow. It’s huge! – I know Wait a minute Do you think Harold will go with us? I will beg him So that my father won’t make me marry Aratu anymore You’re right. Right Errol! Errol, is Harold inside? He’s not here anymore, Manisan. He left the other day Wait here. He left a letter for you All right Why did he leave a letter? And where did your boyfriend go? Here You know how to read, don’t you? Hold on. Do you think we’re ignorant? Manisan and I went to school. We reached sixth grade! – All right. Thank you, Errol – All right Why does your face look like that? What was written there? Manisan!

Manisan! Manisan, what’s going on? Answer me! Hey! – What did Harold really say in that letter? – He said, it’s over! It’s over. He already left He said, he’s not coming back And he told me not to look for him anymore It’s really over between us, Beyang He left me That jerk! I thought he loved me I don’t understand How could he do this to me? Why did he let me go? What happened to the guy you were calling your boyfriend, Manisan? When will you introduce him to me? So that we can finally talk Father, we haven’t talked yet What do you mean you haven’t talked to him yet? We agreed that you will introduce him to me Just forget everything I told you before That man is gone What do you mean he’s gone? Where is he? Who are you talking about? What really happened to the guy you were telling me about? I don’t know where he is anymore He just led me on He fooled me Forget about him He’s not the man for you He is not like us so it’s really not going to work Unlike Aratu who’s one of us Believe me, my child He will be a good husband Because I know that just like me, he will never make you cry These are the entire dowry that your family requested

in exchange for letting Aratu marry Manisan There’s more We would like Aratu to serve for us for two months while we’re preparing for his wedding with my daughter Do you agree to the conditions of Manisan’s father? Yes. We agree If that’s the case, then are we finally in agreement? An agreement that will be binded as soon as our children are married I congratulate you, Manisan, my child You will not regret marrying my son I assure you – Errol? – Hey, Manisan Have you heard anything about Harold? Like when will he be back? He’s not going back here He didn’t even enroll at MSU (Mindanao State University) I heard that he’s going to transfer to another university I just don’t know where but I’m sure he’s not coming back here All right I will go ahead now It’s a shame that your mother is not here to see this If she didn’t die early, I’m sure she’d be so happy that you’re getting married I just have some advice for you Be a good wife Be loving and gentle Don’t shout at Aratu so that he won’t get irritated with you And so that he won’t leave you Take care of your husband’s honor Don’t do anything that will humiliate Aratu so that he won’t lose face in front of everyone And do the same for me as your father Yes, father Just promise me that whoever I end up with,

you will still be by my side. Okay? I will be with you as long as I’m alive Manisan? Manisan? – Manisan! – Healer, come with me Healer, come and look at her Something’s wrong with my daughter-in-law What happened to her? Manisan? She’s not sick

This is good news for your family Manisan is pregnant There’s another life inside of her Pregnant? How can she be pregnant? We haven’t slept together yet! You might be mistaken Don’t just say things like that That is going to ruin her reputation Panglima, I have a lot of experience in healing and in delivering babies That’s why, I know the signs of pregnancy That’s why, I’m sure Manisan is pregnant Oh, I want some more! What do you think will happen to Manisan? It seems that the challenges that Manisan and Sahaya need to face are just starting Hopefully, they can overcome all of it We hope that you liked our pilot episode, Kapuso! For our Kapuso abroad, watch the next episodes on GMA Pinoy TV Just click here to subscribe!