Study with me/터키어 독학중🧡방에서 같이 공부해요🧡(백색소음)

Hi, it is dear penpal I’m going to study today I will study Turkish I usually study on my own with books I’m thinking of taking an online class after I get paid Usually when people learn a new language I heard it’s good to watch dramas or movies or to sing So if any Turk is watching this video or if you are familiar with Turkish dramas, movies, and songs please recommend it in the comments I like all genres As long as it’s not horror Then, shall we start studying? Studying is over

The book I studied today was a Turkish conversation book

so l was studying simple conversation

Actually, I can’t keep it in mind when I study something for once

I tried to memorize a few words

But I’ll probably forget it by tomorrow

I think I’ll have to review it tomorrow

I don’t know if there’s anyone who’s been studying with me

If anyone has studied with me I hope my video helps oh And please leave a lot of comments Byebye