Camping in comfort – Part 1

Good morning, good morning folks. I’d like you to join me for Corroon’s comfort camping Show you how to do it properly, to be warm dry and secure The demonstration, the demonstration is going to be mainly, this morning, with the fly sheet. The tent’s the one on the inside, the fly sheet is the one on the outside and that’s what we’re looking at this morning So, first of all, keep your back to the wind, em, so the tent, if there is a breeze, blows out in front of you. So I’m going to, first of all, try and find the back Right, now we want to hold on to the back here, with a tent peg in hand Now if the breeze should blow, it will blow the tent up. We’re quite happy with that. But first of all let’s secure the four corners. At the rear, at the back, one, two As I say, let’s nail the four corners. If you can hear me. I’ve to speak a bit louder for the distance from the camera, and i’ve been told to speak properly So, as I said, we nail the four corners first, get those down, all right? Now, we’ll say the breeze is still coming at us. We’re ok ’cause it’s blowing to our advantage Tent poles, tent pegs? Tent poles I should say, yes? We’ve got three tent poles, the dome type tents, which are good in that they give you maximum amount of space for the footage of the tent. The big problem is going to be, well not for us because, or us because we’re going to show you how to make sure we’re warm, dry. secure. But this instance we’re just going to show you how to put up the modern dome tent, one The guy ropes are already attached to this fly sheet

Ladies and gentlemen, that’s the dome tent up. Maximises the amount of space available. Requires a wee bit muscle Now the good thing about this is it is waterproof. The case against it is it’s everything proof. It’s not heatproof. The temperature drops through the night, the temperature will drop inside the tent. This is not a warm material from my experience Also, em, because of that the condensation will develop. If you have four people in this tent the condensation could only be but running down the sides of the inside of the tent. You wake in the morning damp, tacky and if the four of you have not had enough oxygen you’ll have a sore head as well, because this material does not breathe I’m going to take this material to a seamstress and have it converted to a modern type material. I believe it’s called cotton. This has vents in it, which means it gets cold Supposed to let air circulate but cold circulates as well The cotton won’t need any vents and it will be exactly the same design So, can I thank you ladies and gentlemen. Catch you soon hi folkes back again em as I said earler we have taken our origonal fly sheet and used as a template the seastres has givin us back exactly the same thing only now in cotton the original piece you now caused condensation inside burnt up oxegen gave you a soar head stiky sweaty in the morning; all so had a vent in it which was supost to let air circulate, however I instructed the seemstres not to bother with the vents,because cotton breaths and is warm and doesent give any condensation, I do go on a bit, but it’s nice, em but now what I want to do as I said erlyer,I want to water proof it make sure its water proof,so what I’m going to do in that field, if I can, I’m going to put water in the bath, sufishent to cover our fly sheet, it’s a bit heaver obviosly than the original piece, but is lovely and warm already rigjt so just let’s make sure its waterproof we’ll we have this product which I wont name in case we get a row for advertizing, it’a liqued I’l show you when putting it on,so first of all I’m going to pluck the bath clever boy eh let’s now start running some water in by I would normaly yous a childs blow up paddling pool, but in this instans we have this facility available and it may be all you have if you want to do this em again I’m afraid it’s rather slow but the rewards are its comforts. against all weathers firstly start putting in this liquid,I don’t supose it woulde be hard to name it but I’ll not bother in case we are accused of advertizing dont go away

and bing go there we are now lets put a can in obviosly a waterproofing seal yeah it is a little bit expensi, you know and em that is probibly sufficient but if you dont mind I would just like to make sure, so we’ll do the same again child proof which means i cant open it, I can, I can,I can a can, a can, a can, oh never mind. em I can,t I cant, again it’s got this pull seal ah come, come, come, come, no swearing so I’ll put as much as make sure it’s sealed, so we will do the same again. agitate it adding water there are other ways of applying this to a tent but I do it and it works non of this sticky wet mornings to be stuck to so now we quite simply put the whole thing in. you will appreciate this is a lot more expensive than the original tent with fly sheet its self but em and of course all the lates tools which you may have available yourself so lets soak it in this is what you call an ajitator I believe em house persons houses wiffes call it a mop. It’s acttualy an ajitator a house wife a house husband Ill get my self in trouble right So sounds odd at the moment your saying to yourself what an afull lot of trouble to go to to water proof a tent, however in a howling gale and the rain porring down on you, and your freezing wet and cold tent seams are not as water proof as every body told you they were, and the condensation is running down the side of the walls then you think to yourself I wish I had got those tools, that water proofing material, and went to this trouble, because I’m going to leave this to soak in all night and of course sombody is going to decide they want to have a bath. tough and if there are any volinteers or any of those who have been involved in treding the grapes If you want to come forward and step in no there’s no volenteers when this is all dried out

I can assure you Ill camp on any hillside mid winter,January, December no problem it’s the warmth it gives you. breathing as cotton does thers non of that condensation. how evere I now I.m going on about it but lets put it another way. if you watch this vidio and then you do go out with the conventional plastic tent, you know serves you right. Getting cheesed of doing this you gather squelch squelch as I said, this, is the perlimnary part to a dry waterproof cotton fly sheet but this bit bit to do properly is important now I think Ill do some more here, but ill take of the camera because you must be getting a bit weery of it, so em Ill see you later take care cheers hi folks back again em well agitate it a little bit more I think, but this is the day after the day before in other words it’ been soaking in all evening all night em so what i’m going to do now is except that that’s the job done . I shall agitate it slitly, there’s much more i can do now the alternatif is that em, you people watching this vidieo have obviosly nothing else to do, I eh you can come along and have your coffee morning trampling up and down on it but I dont think your going to accept that invitation so well g back to back to ajutating it, but as I said back and forward but that’s as far i’m going to go with it for that’s pretty good, that will leave it waterproof however as we know water is I don’t know how all this works all I know it does work, works well. So all I’m going to do now is drain the bath,that’s down here and let the wate of the water do the work for me because that tent that cotton tent now will be extreamly heavy so i’m going to allow It’ own wate to dry it out now there ‘s not really much more to say again it’s patients time and most of this will be showing the likes of those who don’t nesesrally want to do a big musell jjob big mussel job, but prepared to realise that ther’s time required so wel’l leave it there just now.and Il think well leave it overnight again to drain and then well put it out to dry, so can I thank you all see you soon cheers morning folkes, how are we this morning it’s lain over night, em fly sheet, soaked in its own wait has helped drain it all of I’M going to take it outdide now and let mother nature’ give us a small hand hey, oh by the way like the trolly eh like the trolly so that’s me thinking our amitures approarch You would always have a shopping trolly available if you had to rather than do the heavy lifting. But for the moment I’m going to lift it on to my trolly, with a view to taking it out the back or as we say in Glasgow the back court oh my goodness its much better e much lighter, still very wet of course, now

we could actually just carry this down, I think, but then as you cant get here to give me a hand I’l just do it my self, but in this instance I think we’l just put it on the little ,troly I made up I just love the carrying it, come on now dum de dum de dum de dum do you note the little troly by the way eh not bad so come with me and we’lgo down stares to put it out to dry the best way knowen lovely morning, over cast but it’s nice it’s nice to do in spread it out you might think its a lot of trouble to go to but em it’s realy well worth it if you want to enjoy the camping oh a nice em gentle breeze there is at the moment bit of sunshine and that will dry out to perfection and that’s all we require it’s ready to go, so that’s the fly sheet treated should be waterproof and left over night, name and it soaked it up left over night again to em let it’s own wate dry it out now well finish of, by leaving it out here obviouslya professinal might not make use of what we have available but this we’ve been doing and you can obviously use all the thing’s we have though normally I would use a child’s paddling pool, blow up paddling pool with water in so lets leave it there for a while em and I’l leave you in peace, thank you hi folks that’s us back again it’s been a full dayout in the sunshine nice breeze and its now dry i’f tried and cheked it, just doubl check it right that is it water proof so next thing wel do is out it up em see its not to far stretched or any thing like that, but there you have it that was’t to big a job, the sun did most of the work, and the slite breeze which I believe they call marria, so what we’l do with out great seremony we’l roll her up and our next stop well be back excuse me, to put up it up and check it it should be giving us a warm nice, I like that bit,a warm, and a dry I like that bit,,dry tent, this will be water proof, just now and will still be breathing, em for the moment thank you very much cheers morning folks back again em going to put the fly sheet up now and em latitude of 56 deegrees northem and a longditudeof 4 degres west, so that’s approximatly some where in the middle of the Irish sea so we better get this up before the tide comes in the temprature is 10 degrees centigrade wind speed em fourty miles per hour, but were a little bit sheltered here preperation right were ready

tent pegs if you can fit them in a pocket do so, have them handy don’t need these just now tent sorry the fly sheet by the tent poles, tent poles up first there heavy and the wind wont carry them away, i’f bean told to shout,because the winds blowing extra, coming from behind easy to assemble, this fly sheet uses three poles two for the dome and one for the door entrance pretty clever desine this em tent, this fly sheet were working with the fly sheet just now, this is one of the dome ones and again they they almost do it them selfs the point I’ll make here, you will notice the white i’f market it with white to get the center of the poll right now I’v done the same with the other one so when they cross through the sleeve of the fly sheet I now when to stop but lets get on with the fly sheet remember tent pegs handy ,yes o k now this is the one for the door, oh feel that wind blow, hope you can hear me over it fly sheet has been folded up before, I now the wind will dictate where the door of the fly sheet is going to be, I’m going to put my back to the wind because I’m going to you’s the wind not try and fight it, but must try and find the rear here it must be along here there we go then thats one, I’m on the back now so check this, along here as I say keeps changing, so we may have to change with the wind it’s my back to the wind, I’m not going to fight the wind but wiil bring one corner over to soot Il take this one I’M going to peg this one down first make it secure that on’s down now I want to lay out the tent as I say so lets move to the othe corner I am NOT going to square up to the wind big time butI’m going to go side on to it I’M going to have this the back right, I’m going to have it tacking into the wind, not squre on, doing my hero get this done before the tide comes in going to go for it anyway now securing it down

we cant decide which way we want the door to be cause the wind would make it to dificult for us right this will be the same angle tent peg to hand not fumbling all over the place that pegs it down fairly square on now we can relax, the wind shoudent take it away from us, we hope my dificulty here is the wind keeps changing the guy rops all tide up so they don’t get in a mess that was done origonaly so now lets feed the poles through the sleeves this one uses the sleeves I’m now thats the tent up

fly sheet I should say, and I must conceed that the seamstres has done an excelent job well we’l staple it all down, just to do the job so it looks good em and tha’ts it agains a 45 gale now as I said, that is now wind and water proof, and wiil retain the heat inside the tent for you, there will be no condesation running down the inside of the fly sheet em there will be no sore heads because of no oxigen and as I said the seamstres without naming names has done an xcelent job this has been taken using the othere fly sheet as a temp; plate and what we do now is erect the tent inside a wee afre rmath thought, if you find the tent has not setled, to well it’s self, you can always take thees out let it find it’s own own plane, but wev’e put that one up pretty good first time around now as I said it retains warmth etc etc ect breaths weel leave this part one, at the moment there’l still be cold coming through from beneath, em you know when on an evening, well early mornings your pulling stuff up other people and there doing the same to you,because you cant under stand why its cold, its coming from the ground so in part too Ill show you how to sort that very easy and thank you very much and Ill catch you again some time. thank you