How to properly open and clean the Xbox 360 Slim without damage

this is how to open and clean your Xbox 360 slim whether it be a four gig or a 250 gig the boxes are identical in every way with the exception of the 250 gig have a very shiny and the surface that looks like after a while excuse the language and the 4 gig actually has a matte black finish I think I’ve discussed that before the for game simply has a little chip inside and is does not have the does not have a drive in this sec slot okay you can put one in it but it doesn’t come with one that’s why it’s a four get the 250 gig does not have the little 4 gig chip but it does come with the drive in the slot that’s why it’s a 250 gig and then the 4 get the 250 gate has a shiny silver top and bottom rail alright but this is how to open and clean so let’s do that alright let’s be in the front of your box is simple enough take a flat blade screwdriver slide it in just underneath the vent put your thumb here and lift up alright the rest of that will pop right off okay set that down now I know a lot of these videos show yanking off this plastic piece here absolutely not necessary you don’t need to do it take your fingernail and go underneath this lip of that right there and then there’s six release tabs on it you’re going to have one right here we have one right here one right here one right here right there right in the middle here and then at the end here all right so what we’re going to do is we’re going to take the screwdriver and stick it in there and just push forward on the tab just a little bit oops and release the towel do the same with a Center one and with the one at the end you see how that’s all loose now we’re going to do the same exact thing on the opposite side see how simple that was you didn’t break anything you didn’t have to pull out the center piece put this back on immediately all right just like that no no big deal it’ll just clip right back on when you’re done okay I’m going to set that off to the side and keep the lighting in here’s a little bit of rough now you have this part this is your wireless card it’s held in with one screw in the USB port you can use a t10 Torx driver I use the gun to this little bit faster you remove one screw and then simply unplug the USB port it’s just a USB port with this single screw this is for your wireless internet glad they did it that way because then things do have a tendency for a bad from time to time so that’s a good thing now we’re going to remove the door you can do this with your finger or you can use a screwdriver remove that door and we’re going to do the same exact thing with the grate at the bottom or the air band come right up and set that aside now on this one you got all the same tabs here here in the middle and then there’s a larger one here and a very another one right in here okay now this one on this side just above the tray is a little low no tricky side so I usually switch to a much smaller screwdriver but again we’re going to take our fingernail stick it underneath the lip of the silver or black if you have a four gate and we’re going to release that tab okay then we’ll release the center tab on this side now this one usually pops up on its own but if it don’t all you have to do is just put it in and tilt forward it will release now we’re also going to release the tabs on this side one and in the middle see this is why I’d like to switch to a smaller jewelers at this point because it tends to be able to get into that easier and then

this one here you just kind of push this little thin part of the top away slide down in there at a bottom about a 45 degree angle get it behind the tab and tilt forward just a little bit okay you see how that did that this is a screwdriver and this is the tab see all you’re doing is pushing forward on the tab to release it okay we didn’t have to pull the plastic part out and break that all up so what we’re going to do is we’re going to put this back on the larger event is going to go on the side without the big hole and put that back in right now there’s no need to keep it out you can just clip right into place and then we’re going to go ahead and put on the door for the drive this clips right into place everything’s perfect okay no need to pull the drive out at this point now if you look on the back side of this box you’ll see this squared sticker here all right maja behind that there’s a little tiny hole that goes all the way through the plastic now this one the guy already open using one of the youtube videos and he used the screw or the pin right through the center of that tab but all you had to do was take his finger run a little bit of pressure on the top of this sticker and he would have seen a little indentation and then he could have took his screwdriver and pop that head let’s see if we can get you to see that hole there I’m going to focus alright alright see the UL listing here the whole is usually right is always right here see that you’re sticking up it’s just a little bit to the left of that ul listing okay so no need to try and cram through this and bugger up your case make it look ugly just take your finger put a little bit of pressure rub it back and forth you’ll see the indentation take a jeweler screwdriver and make a little hole you can use a scratch awl for that if you like alright once you make that hole there all we need to do from that point on is release the tabs all right now let’s take a look there’s a tab right here not this little silver thing but right below it is a tab right there see that what we’re going to do is just pry it forward a little bit and we’ll apply a little bit of separating pressure to the case all right let’s get back over here alright so we’re going to apply we’re going to put our fingers on the metal part of the case take our thumb and push away on the top side of the case and we’re going to take the screwdriver that we just slid right behind that tab and we’re going to just release that first tab you’ll see a little gap here and then we’re going to take our other screwdriver we’re going to poke it in that little teeny hole that we found and then push in that just released the second tab okay you see that that released the second tab alright and we’ll turn the box over and both tabs are visible on this one right here Lighting’s kind of terrible hold on see the tabs right here and right here both of them tabs are highly visible what we’re going to do is we’re going to just kind of hold up onto the middle case put a little bit of separating pressure a lot and then just take the flat side of the survivor and very gently release both of them tabs okay

now that we got both of them Taz released let’s tilt this down more I’m going to set this down both the tabs are released all we have to do is just take our fingers and lift up and then slide away from the face of the box that comes up sit the we’re going to put all of our extra pieces on top of this and set that aside okay let me move this over here because this box is in for is not in for a cleaning it’s in for something else all right now you’re going to remove five screws one here the black one one here the black one one here it’s a black one one here it’s a black one they are all to ten you’ve got one more over here that is a t10 do not remove the X clamp screws and don’t let any idiot talk you into an X clamp replacement for preventative you will kill your box over time we’re going to remove out of five screws one two three four and five okay put them with the bottom side and the rest of your vents flip the box over very gently lift up and pull the faceplate just about a half an inch away from the box lift up and then faceplate of the box our excuse me the top of the box with the heat shielding will come to rest the way up now notice this is the faceplate now at this point you don’t want to get this too far away from the box because it’s connected so what was he going to do is just kind of lay that down and you’ll remove your drive by reaching under with one finger your index finger underneath the cabling pinch down with your thumb and rock gently back and forth until you unplug your power cable okay and then do the same with the SATA cable all right once that’s done set your drive off to the side you do not want to blow air inside of this drive all right there very good and air tided an air tight for as far as that’s concerned now this air shield here will slide right up alright and come right off keep note as to the direction that it was put in so just set it off to the side from this point take a soft bristle brush clean out your fan clean off any dust on all four sides of your heat shielding take the soft bristle brush very lightly break loose any dust that’s in here if you have a lot of dust buildup in your a/v components or anything like that go ahead and do that you can unplug your drive by pulling that out break any dust free in there when you’re done take a can of air blow out any dust you can hold it up blow it out with your mouth you can use an air compressor air compressor works best if you use an air compressor here put your finger in the fan don’t allow the fan to spin with the air pressure because you spin this by itself and it will produce electricity which can cause damage to certain components on the motherboard so you don’t want this spinning without the power being on right and then once you get it all cleaned out slide your board back in and reassemble now I’m going to show you how to do that in just a moment okay now that we’re done with our drive work this little rubber band has a hole on the top that goes to the top side of your drive you always want to put this back on otherwise your drive will be very loose and slide back and forth in your box although if you lose this thing and you put your box back together and you find out it’s overheating look in your fan okay but the I don’t like these this

rubber band setup they after a while this rubber is going to get old and break so if that happens I’ll show you a neat little trick that you can put a business card right here just fold it up a couple of times and after you put the drive in slide it down right in this back corner and it will prevent your drive from sliding back and forth okay I’m going to plug back up the drive make certain your drive is all the way in or your power cables are all the way in and then I’m going to very gently set that drive back in place and push it all the way to the forward make sure it’s seated perfectly in there and it’s not interfering with anything in here and double-check your power cable and your SATA now that we got that back on we need to put the box back together so what we’re going to do is we’re going to turn this toward me leave some room with your faceplate take the tray or the front top part I’m going to set that in make sure it’s seated all the way down and then we’re going to take our faceplate and we’re going to want line up them tabs and we’re just going to slide it right into place once that’s done we will flip it over and we’ll insert our five t10 Torx screws the long black ones they should slide right in with no forcing whatsoever into place if you have to force them in or they’re tight something’s wrong open it back up now you’re just going to screw these down snug be something wrong with that one let me check these they’re just going to be snug you don’t want these things super tight or anything like that just snug and we’re going to screw it in that last screw that’s it just finger tight nothing more okay once we got that on we’re going to take the bottom half and put it on oops careful not to drop and lose your screws if you do lose the small screw for the wireless you can use any of the case screws from an older phat box they’ll fit I’m lining up the top of this with the tabs and the sides of the faceplate and it will slide back on your tabs will just click shut and it’ll be all closed up now all we need to do from this point is put the top and bottom back on all right I already have the bottom face up so what we’re going to do is we’re going to take the bottom one with the door directly over the drive and just sit it right on there line it up push down squeeze a little bit on the sides until it’s nice and flush all the way around that’s on flip the box over and then we’re going to install the wireless internet this will only go in one direction and then we’re going to put in that t10 Torx t10 screw hold that in place again only finger tight no you tighter than finger tight it’ll look just like that all right and then we’re going to take this one and we’re going to install it and you’ll notice there’s two tabs here on the end and then right here at where the RF board is you’ll see two little tiny outcroppings there that lets you know that this side goes here you can also tell by RF board and little tiny round hole look where to go okay okay it’s a little tiny round hole here

it’s going to be opposite side of the RF board okay set it down push down squeeze feel it if it don’t feel like it so and push down okay it’s all on everything’s perfect your boxes back together there won’t be any damage here for for your sticker but obviously once you remove that sticker this box is no longer under warranty so unless you trust somebody to do red light repairs on these boxes think twice before opening your box for cleaning you can take your box lay it down this way take a vacuum cleaner hose put it on the same side as the fan that’s put it on the same side as the fan put the vacuum cleaner hose right up next to it and blow air straight top bottom left and right blast that air through there and a good 40 pounds with the vacuum cleaner hose against the vent and on 40 pounds top center left and right that will get rid of the dust and the vacuum cleaner will pull all the free dust out of the box and prevent it from landing on other sections of the board you probably get away with doing that for good ten or twelve months recommend every two months every 30 days is preferable for doing it this way for total clean-out maybe three four times a year it really depends as far as I’m concerned you should open it up every time for a total clean out every time and just an occasional in-between blow the dust out all right so that is a total clean out of the box now who among you can tell me what I did wrong on reassembling the box some of you got it so if you didn’t if you was paying attention you would have noticed that on reassembly of that box I did not put the fan shroud back in the box aha don’t forget the fan shroud it is important every single aspect of that box is there for a reason you cannot forget to put things back in the box avoid losing screws if you lose a screw find a replacement use it stay safe heping game