How To Solve Most Issues With Your Xbox One! (Clearing Your Cache!)

what’s up guys this is Billy and this is committee quick little video just to update you guys on a little fix that I have seen because I know there’s some bugs with the Xbox sometimes people’s Kinect won’t register their voice that well sometimes the what do you call it you won’t be able to use your capturing device because you opened up live TV and it says that it’s copy protected another issue fixes if your mic isn’t being picked up um well you can hear your friends basically just small little issues like that should fix most of the bugs that you have right now and it’s something so simple it is just simply clearing your cache um I’ve seen a lot of people do it by just some plugging the power supply for 10 seconds and then plug them back in and fixing it but this is a simpler way I figured I’d want to show you guys this so if we pan over to my xbox right here got some ghosts going on right now um I’m gonna go the menu really quick there we go okay so um let’s say you are having your issue whatever in the dashboard you simply go over to your Xbox one you see the little power button right there you simply put your finger over it for a few seconds until your screen goes off and you let go leave it there for a few seconds and just see no signal whatever and then after a while like that should be it long enough this few seconds to turn it back on and this will basically reset like you won’t be able to say Xbox on directly after your you reset your cache because it needs to recognize your voice once more but you don’t need to like redo your connector or anything it’s it’s just a quick little fix that I have been taught by one of the dudes at Xbox customer support when I asked them if there was a way to clear my cache sadly there isn’t a way to clear it in the settings while the Xbox is on just yet but they will be hopping on that not long term now so yeah I’m pretty hyped to um you know finally maybe to clear my cache from the Xbox being on now it’s normal for it to take a little longer to turn on what to do that see now it’s starting up here we go hi Billy see it still recognized me and something cool I’m if you guys knew but the Kinect actually recognizes you by your face and signed you into your Xbox Live gone so if I have my brother’s account on here if I were to sign on with my brother’s account I mean if my brother wanted to sign on all you do is set them from the connecting or automatically side them in it’s pretty sweet ah be yeah I want to update you guys a little bit too I just got these are games I have as of right now I have cod ghosts’ battlefield 4 I have the free version of killer instinct I have Ryse son of Rome and I believe that’s it yeah but yeah that’s about it I hope this helped you guys with most your issues it should fix all any like any minor issues you have with the Xbox one and hopefully it helps you guys out uh yeah feel free to follow me send me messages whatever you feel um my gamertag is Billa at its HD and I will see you dudes later adios