NVIDIA GTX 1070Ti – Can it REALLY be overclocked?

what’s up everybody Jase two cents here and we’ve got a new graphics card to talk about this year and I’ll be honest it’s one that I don’t even know why it exists I don’t think it needs to be here but regardless I am going to go ahead and talk about the new 1070 TI just launched by Nvidia but I’m not gonna talk about the traditional benchmarks I’m not gonna go through my benchmarking suite and put it up against all the other graphics cards because spoiler alert it’s a little faster than a 1070 and a little slower than a 1080 which is exactly where you would expect it to be this time around there’s a rumor that you can’t overclock the 1070 TI that Nvidia has locked it down and won’t let the users overclock their cards what we’re gonna talk about that today so let me go and talk about the rumour and the fact behind it because the problem is everyone just copies these rumors basically word for word and then misinformation gets out there and people become confused as to what the facts are here is the fact the founders edition card and all of the AIB cards we’ll be shipping with the exact same clock speed now you see all these custom cards behind me here both Nvidia and AMD which is over here behind Nick people seem to forget to have a wall of AMD cards but each AIB does determines and builds their own custom boards and own custom cooling and with that their own core clocks based on what they think is gonna be stable for the public and they’re always faster than the reference design this time around that’s not the case which leaves people going well then why do they have a custom cooler why are there two 8-pin power plugs on this card if they’re not allowed to overclock it well the difference is AI bees aren’t allowed to but you are so that’s the first bit of that’s been floating around out there about you not being able to overclock to 1070 ti you absolutely can which is why these custom designs still exist so this is the 1070 TI as you would expect it’s a 19 or 20 432 CUDA cores versus the 1920 CUDA cores found in the 1070 but again it has less cuda cores than what you would find in a 1080 base clock is 1608 boost clock is 1683 and of course GPU boost 3.0 is going to take that even farther based on cooling conditions so again that’s why you have a IB custom coolers that exist like this guy right here so let’s kind of go ahead and do a test here what is windows remind me of this time windows feature update get out of here with that crap out of the box settings this is a mess a MSI Afterburner nothing special you can still adjust and move all your sliders just like you want and yeah there’s nothing weird about that so you can indeed overclock it when it comes to time spy standard clock we got a 68 16 GPU score 1080 founders had a 72 88 and then if we compare that to a 1070 1070 founders head of 5839 so it’s actually closer to a 1080 than it is to a 1070 which leads to why their factory locked for the AIB is when the AI bees cannot ship them faster than what the Nvidia specs are but like I said that doesn’t mean we can’t play around that so as you saw we got a score of overclocked 78 35 so where does that stack up against out of the box 10 80s well we have got the 1080 Fe was a 72 88 as we talked about remember these these are stock clocks right here so remember you can’t overclock a 1080 of course and get even faster 10 ad Arctic storm was a 76 91 so that was slower but once you overclock the Arctic storm it goes quite a bit faster what else we got here it’s faster than the 1080 classified out of the box on the slave BIOS and it is faster than a 1080 hybrid out of the box 74 70 so that’s pretty impressive and it’s right behind the zotac 1080 amp extreme right there at eight thousand twelve so that should really come as no surprise in fact the core speed that I was getting on that with my profile right here and for my profile I’m running voltage at plus 100 so that’s make given max voltage at a lower frequency power limit set to 120 temp limit set to 83 actually that’s allowed to be cranked and then core clock I read at 250 and a 450 on the memory which actually gave me a 21:52 megahertz core speed and then of course as it gets hotter because the founders card it starts to come down a little bit so the question is now can a custom card come anywhere close to that let’s take a look so the founders card was automatically GPU boosting up to about 1883 falling down to about 1797 and sometimes a little lower depending on temps which I don’t think surprises anybody so already there’s a benefit to a custom card when it comes to cooling but again this is old news nothing new one on a test right now is if this boosts up to that same factory clock because it should write the P States and the BIOS frequencies should be identical as the factory because that’s what they are being forced to do there’s a way around all that and we’ll talk about that in a second I don’t mean by downloading afterburner and doing custom benchmarking I mean a specific approach EBA EVGA is taking with this and it’s new for them which i think is really

cool and we’re gonna talk about that but first we need to check and see what we were actually boosting up to I like to use time spy though because it’s a dx12 benchmark it’s actually fairly demanding on graphics cards and it’s gonna allow the graphics card to actually ramp up to a pretty significant amount of boosts clock did that leak just get bigger it sounds like a 1898 is where it went up to at a hundred percent load so okay the claims are obviously validated now that they are running the exact same speed so we’ll let this go we’ll see what the out-of-the-box score is on this guy versus the founders 1080i expected to be a little bit higher because I think the cooling situation is gonna keep the core clock more stable at a higher frequency but then obviously we’ll talk about a pretty cool new feature okay so this is a little teaser to a video we got coming up here we’ve got a big-ass tank of liquid nitrogen with a big-ass dent in it which is already kind of scary for her first of all but we were sitting over there making this video and suddenly it started leaking everything it’s supposed to do that I got gloves on getting colder it’s cold in there put my finger to plug the hole well now I got to get to stop again [Applause] wait it’s lonely now okay so our factory graphics core 69 52 out of the box if we look at our core stability here you can see we stayed max temp of 72 which is pretty good and then our core clock 1911’s were hit for like a split second and then it came down to the 18s and it stayed significantly higher when we tested the founders Edition card Nick will attest to this a drop down to like seventeen ninety seven so already the core clock stayed much higher on this as expected again this is not surprising stuff on a card that doesn’t even need to exist honestly but again our score of a 69 52 so it was more than a hundred points higher than the founders Edition card out of the box and 69 52 puts it right up pretty close about with about 200 points of us Vegas 64 significantly faster than a 56 Vega 56 and then yeah so it’s sitting right where we had expected it’s lower than at any 1080 obviously without being overclocked and significantly faster than 1070 founders at 58 39 so not bad out of the box like I said about a hundred and forty ish 37 points whatever it is faster okay so II BGA’s precision app our precision OC has been updated specifically for this card and what its gonna do when you install it it’s gonna scan the card it’s gonna recognize that you have a 1070 Ti in there and then it wants you to actually register your card I forgot about all that let’s register it with a funky name see if anyone knows is this okay taser face and I will put in my email okay so this is what’s new right here this is the EVGA precision XOC scanner and what’s going to do it’s gonna scan my ten seven ETI once you submit here check this out so it’s got what’s called OC scan mode and it’s gonna I’m sorry having a meal at that Nick that’s really small huh quick test 15 to 20 minutes full test thirty to sixty minutes or you just go straight to manual overclocking now what these first two tests are going to do is they are going to scan your card and it’s gonna run it through a series of tests probably using fur mark or something I know they love using fur mark and it’s gonna find stable overclocks for you now I don’t want to say it’s a lot like another product but this is very similar to how a Seuss’s five-way optimization works only it does it with CPUs as well as GPUs so I don’t maybe we’ll do the quick test the 15 to 20 minutes and then we’ll go with a manual overclocking test I’m just kind of curious as to where it’s gonna take this out of the box now right now this only exists with 1070 Ti but I wouldn’t be surprised if this doesn’t now force EVGA down a path where they start doing this with all their cards because why the heck not if the scanner can automatically do it then that allows you to overclock your card it takes some of your fear out of it all right I’m apologize now but the hissing sound that big container over there is still purging because as it’s warmer in here it’s expanding and then it’s got a purge valve so that’s just gonna keep

happening until we use it tomorrow but anyway so it finished its overclock it says right here your overclock has been saved applied this overclock on your startup I’m gonna hit yes it’s pretty conservative it didn’t touch the memory at all in all went plus 101 on the core which i think is super conservative yes so we’re gonna go ahead and just go to manual mode here we’re gonna crank that we’re gonna try matching what I can get with the founders card which is 250 on the core 450 on the memory the sound is really annoying I’m only tolerating it because I know what’s coming next with it and the nitrous oxide okay the oxide mm-hmm Nick has this theory that we’re gonna get really happy like laughing gasps happy but that’s nitrous oxide not liquid nitrogen you don’t breathe liquid nitrogen so unfortunately though it crashed with the same settings I was able to run with reference that means one of two things I potentially lost the lottery or Nvidia super cherry-picking witch GPUs they keep for the founders cards which is something that we kind of assumed that they did with the 1080 but yeah yeah it’s too bad I mean it really seems like in videos cherry-picking you know the best core is and keeping them for the boundaries Edition cards but you still get a lot of benefits though on custom cards even whether it’s EVGA or any other brand right you’re getting better cooling you’re getting theoretically a better built PCB so longevity be better as you’re overclocking these cards back plate on this RGB control of course this particular card has the IC x9 sensor so you get to monitor temperature for memory power delivery and core so I mean obviously there’s their benefits but it looks like we’re might actually make it in this time and it’s probably sitting right around that 2101 clock speed again so this is right up here just loading 2101 so what I’m gonna do right now is I’m gonna let this go and I’m gonna see exactly how 2101 compares to how the founders Edition card did and considering the founders Edition card still throttles a little bit downward even though I had the fans set to 85% I have a feeling that this card might match and maybe slightly surpass that score just based on my past experiences with founders versus custom cards that are a little slower on the core speed so at least in this one benchmark try it out it looks like we completed with a plus 200 so our score is a seven thousand 772 and a seven seven seven two that puts this obviously way ahead of the ten seventy founders and if we compare this to the ti FC so we’re only about we’re about what sixty points lower than an OCD reference card the quite a bit higher than a standard you know reference card so anyway here’s the bottom line this card doesn’t need to exist it really doesn’t because it’s it’s a weird stopgap card in between a gap that’s not big enough I think the slide and a card like this and have it makes sense I think it’s still making all kinds of noise and like clinking and stuff it’s scary being that close to that anyway sorry about the noise so this is 449 this is 499 and all the custom cards from all the brands that you used to sing like this wall right here or within about $10 of each other but you get a significant additional amount of value for the 50 bucks right like I mentioned the at least this card the two fans the icx a custom PCB custom power delivery backplate multiple bios the question is whether or not it makes a whole lot of sense to do that considering that’s what the MSRP for a 1080 is but we all know that the 10 80s are also marked up to around 550 bucks so between the $400 range and the $550 range of three cards I guess it’s kind of neat to have like a $50 leapfrog effect in pricing but I just I don’t know so I guess the bottom line is I just don’t necessarily feel like this card should be here but that’s just a personal opinion of mine what do you guys think but all the custom cards are sitting right around $489 to 499 bucks they’re still not cheap by any means it’s just a weird card slid into a gap like it slid like right into those dm’s it slid into a gap that was just a no-no did you guys find that gap to be too wide sound off in the comments and tell me what you guys think anyway if you think has any other test I should do with this card let me know I don’t think I’m gonna do a whole lot of testing on 1070 T I’d not a whole lot of purpose or reason for that but I’m gonna go guys lnto video coming up next that’s gonna be a fun one thanks for watching and I’ll see you in the next one you