Queer Lit Readathon Vlog amidst a cyclone, the world protesting and a few migraines [CC]

hello everyone and welcome to a new vlog I am very excited to start this because I am starting it quite late actually it was was 7:30 first but as some of you might know I have not been feeling too great and also with all the things happening in the world it has led me to go into a little bit of a slump and a little bit of not-so-good mind space to read really but um I am gonna just walk through it and read and just hopefully make myself feel better about everything that’s going on because it is Pride Month and I have through to yours read a lot of LGBTQ books be it by authors or people characters in it and I have loved them some of my older favorite books are LGBTQ books so I’m really excited to hopefully through this journey maybe find one of my new favorites you never know so as I have said in one of my previous videos there are a lot of little ones happening in this month and this is one of them which is you’re late redefine why we read a lot of we’re late essentially and I am going to start off today which is the second it was the first we’re just going to skip past that I have a lot of books to read so this is hopefully I’m just gonna use this as a medium to keep myself accountable yeah what else will I do anyway I just woken up a while back my brain is not like at its optimal I’ve already said that my brain is like a Windows 95 plus so you know we’re like this little time to just kind of walk it’s not like an Apple computer that just let you open it and nope anyway I want to start reading the extraordinary is but each a clue and today I’m really excited about it it is that arc by Ned Kelly which was basically the book has not yet released and this is an advanced reader copy I think this book does come out in June or July I’m not too sure but it is a book about this boy who’s a fan fiction writer about these superheroes which do exist in his life and he needs one of these really cool superheroes and then goes on this journey to become extraordinary like them and he does this with the help of his love interest who is his best friend Seth gray and it’s a male-male romance so that is literally all I know and I’ve heard really good things about this book people are already raving about it and I cannot wait and I have so many other books I can read so I’m gonna have to try to read this VD fast so let us see um and yeah thanks for watching I guess and I’ll catch you on the other side of this film another video Hey hi good morning it is hard and meeting wise I have not done yes hey I I mean I did finish 25% off the book and I’m really enjoying it I think that the friendships are so cute idea the characters are so cute so I’m really enjoying it however I couldn’t get myself to 100% for hee-jae because of just everything happening in the world and also a cyclone is about the hit my city so that’s exciting it’s about a hit any time now and it’s the first time in like 129 years this is happening and I don’t know how that is going to affect us and it Chris meteorology department sometimes has been very wrong about a lot of things

home but I am just in my mind also yesterday I started the audio book of the world between the world and it’s wonderful it’s about is journalists of Black Journalists in the US and he wrote this book to his son and it’s a collection of what it feels like to be black in the US and given everything that’s happening and he wanted to just educate myself about what it’s like and what feel like I have been doing a lot of videos and media based on that and I feel so terrible about whatever is happening and if you’re in the US and you’re watching this I’m with you and I hope you’re doing and also at the same time I’ve been thinking about how it’s happening in India so anyway back to seeding I will keep you in the loop and by high the cyclone coming and might feel silence because that’s the world we’re living in now but I just wanted to come in here and tell you that I have reached the part where the main protagonist has met his superhero / idol oh my god there’s a bird that is going against the wind like in retreat the wind carrying it back okay so I’m at the part where the protagonist has met his superhero / idol and let me tell you I literally and I don’t use the word without its actual purpose I literally laughed out loud it was so funny I was just cackling like oh my god it’s so cute I loved it and I can’t wait to read more of it so I’m gonna come here and give you more information what is that bird doing hi is the fist think um and inserted in the same book so that’s good I have been distracted with seeing all the videos and just seeing different kinds media oh but I don’t know I just can’t seem to concentrate but I’m still enjoying the book I’m going to finish the book I don’t you and I like it the kid is the main character is a little self-involved and thus is even though like the twist in the book is obviously pretty much everyone it’s like he’s oblivious to it so that’s interesting but I also feel for him because I have been teenager at one point of time so yeah I get it it’s not that unimaginable yeah but that I don’t know if you noticed but I cut my hair today on my own my mom will be back but I’m like three inches whatever I’m very excited by it I just think like a fresh play like empowering and I just feel so excited and now it smell like color my hair all different shades of like why can’t one but they take so story later this isn’t a channel about hating is books so I am going to clone and then I am going to read something else most probably absolutely.we forward um yeah that’s basically been updated I’m updating or tomorrow with me

seeing that I have finished the book and give you a business what I thought of it because I cannot go for another day just reading the same book because that’s not cool in my body hi so it was very late in the night and I have just finished the extraordinary and I loved it it was so cute so nice the UM the twist that I thought that everyone could see but like you know like the main character come see I was wrong about that so that’s interesting um and I just thought this book was so lovable so cute the end is so interesting as well like there’s like you definitely know that that is going to be like multiple sequels I mean that is gonna be just 1 sequel but like hopefully it’ll be like an entire series because I am so invested in all the characters there was so much of representation in this with a gay character two lesbian characters bisexual character and just I loved every single person in it it was so lovable and wonderful and I’m so glad that I read this book it’s so cute I would recommend it like pretty much everyone I do think that there could be like a few pages I could’ve been shaved off but still I really like the way that you wrote characters and just their conversations were lovely I loved it um I am now going to I think I’m gonna read Mona Swamy I think I’m gonna read Mona Swamy now next I want to read it because I think there will be a short lead also if you like it will be a good start and I’ve always wanted to read this book really long period of time and I’m just being putting it off so I think I can finish this in one shot and then read my next book so I’m excited let’s see how that goes I’m gonna go to sleep now I think was probably oh hi so it is me I am chilling downstairs because I felt like I could use some greenery but also I’m waiting for some fossils to come my way so I’m chilling here with my book and getting shitty looks so I’m gonna wait for that was in the past but I’m reading Hana funny and really liking it so far I think that it definitely brings up a lot of interesting topics to the way a society in India deals with gay people especially I think this was written a while ago before you know section 144 was passed which was barren gay sex was not illegal and punishable by law you still have a long way to go I think but yeah anyway this book is good I’m liking it I think I’m going to definitely finish it by today and I will I am I why a few so that’s going to be fun but I also plan to this between the world and me the audiobook so that would be interesting what did happen though is that I finished him honest I mean I really liked it I did find a little disjointed in the beginning when I was reading it because I didn’t know how there were a lot of times where I felt like the stories didn’t quite connect and all of that but then I saw in the end in the translators note and the the author’s interview that it was actually a collection of short stories so that oh if I knew that before then I wouldn’t have liked this wait why are we jumped time so much uh-huh but no I really appreciated it I thought that the fact that Mahana Swami

was the character in the book comes from a little background and not like urban background which is what we kind of know who is kind of red and she bdq stories from the recently India perspective I thought that was really interesting because it wasn’t like you know the privileged people per se and it showed you more about life how people think of queerness in like another village background and environment per se and it also spoke about like not only gay men but also those are by man in in it and there was a transgender person in it as well so I thought that was some good amount of representation and I definitely felt like those stories were nice the I kind of spend through the entire book um I was a good experience probably I mean with this book me one of my favorites probably not but I still felt like it was a good time spent in reading it and I definitely did enjoy an experience so now I’m going to go do the dishes and listen to some books and but you know how are you today I am doing okay however I do have my baby my games coming back so I’m sitting in the dark I am I did try to read unfortunately I haven’t been able to do too much because it just hurts my eyes so that’s great I don’t know if I’m gonna be able complete the books that I wanted to read because of that and today is the sixth which is the last day of the read-a-thon which doesn’t mean that I stopped reading these books altogether like where books altogether this month because my whole idea is to read more of them this month and in the upcoming year as well but while I was bored I was looking and not able to read as much I was just you know scanning the interwebs and I noticed a lot of conversation about you know the type of city of our books so I decided to make an excel sheet because of course that is the number one thing that I do make an excel sheet of all the books that I’ve read this here and then I’ve categorized them based on who the author is are the male female so gender wise as well because I think that’s important to me and then also in terms of their race and then if the Indian wanted to know which region are they from so not south east west and also like with state so that I can try to read more diversely even within the Indian continent Indian country and subcontinent in general as well because I want to read more from us if that makes sense and yeah I wanted to show you what came up with it so I’m gonna do that right now so I’ve read 47 books the CEO already out of which my gender ratio is actually perfect because it is forty eight point nine percent and forty eight point nine percent for both male and female and the other two point one percent is mixed so those are like anthologies or short stories I read which had a mix of both male and female authors so isn’t I mean I felt like that was like equality at its peak and I was just so excited about it anyway um in terms of race I have not read too many black authors I have read 4.3 percentages I think only two books which is bad but I am currently reading house his quotes book and I will pull that up however I have read a lot of Asian authors and yes there is a lot of white authors but I will try to figure out that made out then in terms of countries well apparently I just need a lot of American books which is 46.8% American books Indian books covered about 23.4% then there is of course there are Russian I think UK also I’ve read five apart from that there is there are multiple suitors like Vietnam Japan Australia Indonesia China thanks to like the Asian read-a-thon actually I had a lot of Asian countries so that’s cool

Bangladesh and then I read one Russian book the CEO which was Anna Karenina with this big story for the interruption I in terms of the Indian kitchen I have read of South Indian books because of course I prefer a result and also a lot of East Indian books that is mostly been corny books but also I read one um I named terms of state of course as I said I read a little bingo and yeah I think I’m doing okay I don’t want to read more from other states as well so if you have any suggestions please do let me know I would love to read more from various other Indian states um that’s my thing I think I’m doing pretty okay I do think I should get more black for sure probably be more diverse in terms of the countries that I read from and then now I’m probably just going to okay guys I think I’m gonna call it aha it is evening now and I have to get ready for um my best friend’s birthday which is we’re doing a zoom call and it’s like a surprise and me and my other best friend we can like organize fit together and I’m really excited about it but there are a lot of things that I need to do to make this happen all reminders a lot of things that I’m also compiling a video where 41 people messaged her and sent messages for her birthday so I am really excited about it but unfortunately I don’t think I am going to be able to finish reading whatever I had in mind but I have almost finished um the book of the audiobook and I’m really liking it so far I have solved in part two and I am just I really like I’ve always appreciated as an AHA sees quotes I’m writing and I think that I need to read the water and so it was on my wish list for a very long period of time and now I think I need to just read it because I love the way he writes I have seen so many of his interviews online and I’ve just seen him speak and I’ve read his Atlantic interviews and all of that sort of stuff but I’m just not ready books and now I think I need to read all these books so yeah that’s what I’m gonna do um to recap I have read two queer books that is the extraordinary but mystic tool which I love I thought would be a five-star prediction and it was that great and I’ve also read Mahana Swami which is an Indian translated queer book and yeah I think I did good I don’t know what I did in terms of the bingo board but I think I’ll put like how I did you know somewhere for you to see in terms of the black lives matter movement and a lot of creators have spoken about this so I’m gonna link a lot of them below but make sure that you do follow black creators on booktube at least and if you feel like you cannot donate there are plenty of other things you can do I have signed pretty much every petition that I have found I’m going to link some of them below along with other people’s resources so that you can educate yourselves and also yeah my plea would be to educate yourselves about what’s going on and also educate yourself on what’s going on in India if you are from the country or whatever country you’re from just like learn to educate yourself keep yourself informed and a wee our family knows let’s make sure we’re not just reading fiction but also reading things are happening in the

world currently so that we can make a change and try to do better as humanity as of wow that was very deep I’m gonna go now ready and I will catch up with you soon bye