Watch: Prannoy Roy's Special Interview With The Dalai Lama

[Applause] [Applause] your holiness thank you very very much for joining us sparing all the time and this really difficult juncture but I would be the first publicly to wish you a very very happy 85 but they just coming up thank you yes how do you plan to celebrate nothing special freely perhaps um my family member may come otherwise to see no function nothing you said that you’re the son of India so shall we all get together and say happy 85th birthday to the son of India thank you my brain every sort of part of my brain filled by Indian thought Buddhist thought that’s Indian Indian tradition No then this physical this body survived with India’s doll and India’s rice it is a body so there for her mentally physically from both of you point I’m son of India and then I really feel proud and the roots of your illness go way back in history and in tradition right you see 8th century Tibetan Emperor who invited one Nylander scholar santa rosita 8th century now he great scholar his writing still we use oh he good audition ah and matific a philosopher Oh philosophy register vista gated philosophy and he he great magician son alain de tradition even Buddha himself you see stood it oh my follower you should not accept my teaching out of faith but rather Torah investigation had analyzed so Buddha as a one great master of India so he utilized thousand-year-old Indian tradition so is a logical approach so the eighth century they won knowledge the master santa rosita he come to he invited by tibetan emperor when he introduced buddhism according our little tradition so we extensively use logic so as a student of logic even buddhist all word we never say yes yes we always raise question why what the reason what the reason so it is very very useful very useful trying to understand karma this year 2020 there’s been earthquakes there being cyclones and there’s this terrible pandemic fires is there something such as collective karma for all individuals individual Karma’s coming together oh yes google people’s some negative karma then also you see if it was a day their life or event but but since karma all creation so ultimately we have the was the ability or opportunity to change karma I think some lazy people you see they without their much effort they just say karma karma come on some lazy people so how does one change one’s

negative karma how do you convert a negative karma into a positive Karma is that possible now for example some negative karma due to anger or due to violence then try to increase compassion forgiveness and also you see practice as much as you can dad karma reduce the negative Karma because you say this karma is action action of emotion so negative emotions some action or karma created by negative emotion the more positive emotion now increase or stronger then negative emotion I mean Karma due to negative emotion eventually you see no longer produce result now there are I think different levels some deeper level karmic swirl effect difficult to change some the grosser level karmic although you already committed that but you see through practice of Karuna through practice of now put it the same movement you see these come this or birthday the Karma can reduce or can eliminate you we said then women leaders across the world are better than male leaders female leaders are better in fact in this pandemic women leaders of tackles the crisis much better they’ve got the better of the coronavirus so what’s the reason why do you say women leaders are better is it because of compassion compassion meaning Karuna or is it something else oh look history all heroes hero bins you see hours a day killing other killing more people so most of hero or male now according to some scientists the female physical condition you see more thorough nature of pee services loving-kindness to other firstly our mother female my own case my father very short temper the few occasions i got some ice or was today some punishment like that see he found pork my father he while he enjoyed pork and some oil he used to put his booze – no and then sometimes I sit beside him hoping some piece of pork and then sometimes I you see the pull his always the most stretch then he sometimes but my mother you see never showing angry face I usually used to describe my mother is my first guru about Karuna my mother you see they all neighboring or neighbors or a family some absolutely economically some sort of Becca come and my mother all of us a day room some bread or something or give my mother really wonderful so something like so that example physically female more sense of sort of concern all others difficulties so therefore if world leaders eventually more female I think less problem less for varsity violence I feel I must say you’re just looking fantastic and eighty-five you actually look only 25

years old okay what do you do to build up your immunity and your fitness both mental and physical if you could give us some tips so the whole of us can try and build up our fitness and by that I am unity to this virus I think mainly peace of mind as I already discussed you see when problems stop facing you see thinking not much worry not much anxiety that I think manufacture because a peace of mind and then that also you see effect a physical condition then I practice some yoga practice they’re also acting some help and what about food is it okay to be either a vegetarian or even a non-vegetarian using the ideas of dull rise supportive and very good in 1950 Sousou for I decide become vegetarian hmm and then next about 20 months I remain pure vegetarian I feel very happy then at that time one occasion visited Japan with my brother elder brother who speaks Japanese hmm so he enjoy Japanese food non-vegetarian food oh I vegetarian so he teased me Oh delicious [Laughter] so next about 20 months I remain strict vegetarian no egg no fish like that oh then I develop the problem day jaundice jaundice problem Oh then according of the day elevating medicine and tibetan medicine according this is a doctor in elevating medicine and tibetan medicine they advised me better to say to keep traditional or way non-vegetarian food kata style so like that so my physical condition okay now i’m according my dream and also some petition about i think the previous century you say they mentioned about me such such person come so that person leave well over a hundred years hundred thirteen years one or one one position then according my own dream about 110 I may live so I’m the longest guest of Indian government now still I remain as Indian government guests know and try to serve a revival of all these ancient Indian knowledge now we all wish that you live much more than 130 another 50 years at least we pray okay now you always be involved with science is it really possible and how do you combine spirituality with science what age did you get involved with with science and how much did you get influenced by it since my childhood a very young age I have some interest some rent whenever I get some Troy some movement I always open it how it work then one the 13th Dalai Lama kept one movie projector by hand so there is small dynamic produce some light so I

opened that how light produce by small a dynamic move oh so I have some interest from childhood so as a youngster you always interested in science and as you grow older how did your interest in science grow develop then I come to India as a refugee actually say now last the six years as refugee in this country thousand years we have some special connection so spiritually India is a home and democracy country over billion population Marie Oh democracy country so therefore after I reach India as a refugee I have full freedom and new opportunity meeting with number of scholars including scientist then see I have many occasion discussion with scientist or since also a concept always reasoning reasoning so therefore the scientists they also showing genuine interest to learn from after day from our knowledge because to say a little tradition always investigation their scientists also usually investigate now is there a difference between the brain and the mind and can the brain and mind interact one being scientific and the other being spiritual can they be synthesis the modern science mainly materials Oh modern science till late twentieth century you see the scientists no idea about mind about only brain now later part of to the century some scientists now the study ad experiment some individual practitioner is a husband who can meditate you see few hours so during these people meditate and they check about brain so eventually these scientists now accept besides this brain whether you we call or mind there is something meditating validation that affect our brain so now later power to the century now some scientists now begin to feel or training of our mind is something very important very useful who are some of the great scientists that you met and interact with it and were they also interested in learning from you was it a two-way process so now more and more scientists want to know about our mind oh so and then also you see the quantum physics so the one Indian yeah scholar Raja Ramana perhaps you you may know Raja Ramana Q once told me the quantum physics in the West something new in this country over two thousand years already develop quantum physics it is very true so you see many occasion a discussion with about quantum physics so it is sometimes you know the scientist quantum physicist

you see when they explain and I show with respect and pretend to me you see their explanation about contro physics pretended as in knew so I sincerely listen but in my mind I feel I know better now in the relationship between science and spirituality is there any way to learn from the combination on how to control our emotions so therefore now quadrant faces you see when they explain quantum physics differences appearance and reality or all destructive emotions such as and fear attachment all these based on appearances so the antidote of that don’t care about appearances but good deeper level that’s exactly knowledge of masters thinking that way all destructive emotion is you see superficial appearances things are more or less independently existed there but you see if we if we investigate deeper level then nothing exists as appears so now here you say there’s the Buddhist philosophy Shunyata emptiness emptiness means things exist yeah interdependently not independently so when emotion you succumb destructive emotion come appears something independent absolute then anger all these things happen the positive emotion such as compassion Karuna not based on appearances but deeper level as a sentient being they want happiness do not wanna suffering from that understanding sent developed sense of concern that’s based on reason all destructive emotions such as anger fear no proper basis if you investigate then not my sort of orcid a base or mental exaggeration like that so that’s their nonlinear tradition or Buddhist or orcid a how to tackle or emotion so the core of Tibetan Buddhism is the Nalanda tradition which has now lasted almost a thousand years how have you managed to preserve it for this huge length of time that Tibetan culture I noticed since eighth century as I mentioned shandar Ishida she introduced non into tradition so over thousand years we kept all these tradition they the way to keep this tradition not just a temple or some statue but you see her study they myself since six seven year old I started to memorize this root test then each word according commentary explain and study then we use dialect debate oh so our knowledge is a quite deep oh and most of the knowledge the tradition none of the Masters writing in Philly are testable not that so actually Buddha’s own word which translated into Tibetan I attend a mainly Pali and Sanskrit about 100 volume then none in the Masters writing like nagarjuna’s sort of writing but in become a looker

iike like that or and Madiba Avatara like that you see these verses writing by Indian master naleda master altogether about two hundred volumes so altogether three hundred volumes these are our tests see the genuine sort of top scholars so how does this Nalanda tradition differ from the traditional different kind of Buddhism is practiced in Southeast Asia so therefore preservation of Tibetan knowledge is the proper for the preservation of knowledge or tradition so Thailand Burma Thailand she’s longer Cambodia Laos visa they follow Pali tradition wonderful then knowledge tradition Tibet previously Tibet and Mongolia and China also but the Chinese they prefer patient is not much study so it’s Japanese but it’s also you see they prefer meditation not much pay attention for study the very and also previously Mongolian we at least 3040 years study so now today I think the knowledge of tradition is concerned only with Tibetan kept these knowledge so now you Indian have this responsibility narendra is indian institution indian sort of buddhist tradition so you should pay more attention all these Indian tradition and further sort of develop and Nylander tradition and the Pali tradition Pali tradition is the basis of buddhadharma wonderful but not much use logical approach then Sanskrit tradition the nonlinear tradition extensively use logical approach so so since 8th century the central issue that introduced us according to knowledge region so over thousand we Tibetan kept all these saw rule and knowledge so I found very useful now in this current crisis a lot of people are going to lose not to build a family member or a friend and there’s going to be deep sorrow how can one overcome this soul how can we learn from have you ever faced deep sorrow in your life and how did you overcome it and how can we learn some lessons from that oh yes when my mother passed away some worry and some prayer and then one person one monk who also served turjun Dalai Lama so he from my childhood I think age three old I think three old since then that monk is a taking care me so when death in 1959 q also you see with me then I can’t remember there’s a year when she passed away I really feel very sad and some tear comes like that but but then you see these in in such case they interest the tradition of rebirth reincarnation rebirth beside this body whether you call Atma or self go this is not not death does not mean so they are the end of everything No so just in simple terms what can a person think about at a time

of terrible tragedy what thoughts can help them overcome according to Zurich religion then thank God God created that way we ended the non-theistic religion such as Sankhya philosophy Buddhist philosophy had many Indian believe karma and rebirth so you think if this life did some of you our friend personally that soul still remain on this planet add rebirth and this possibility to recognize each other that is not something permanent and ok during this pandemic a lot of people are going to go to quarantine into isolation self-isolation many say they feel very lonely at times like that now you yourself and Buddhist go into isolation self-isolation quite often and for extended periods what can we learn from how you handle self isolation and how you overcome any feeling of loneliness then firstly you should become monk when you become monk you already also they isolated from your family like that and then hmm as a celibate is it no wife no children so anyway lonely anyway much less worried those people who have children a wife and beside your own family a wives family and lot of other connections and then children when you see some some my friend Lee people note note before you see child come they worry no child when one child second third then too many so you see when I saw that then I feel or monkhood celebrate all very good so when you in self-isolation for extended periods how do you handle it it’s not easy what are the methods are used to handle being totally isolated according Indian psychology five senses who organs beside that sixth mind the majority of life only said the sense of organs I consciousness your consciousness so on we should sixth consciousness so when when you feel also day meditation means not using sensors of organs but six the mind firstly you see you try to the experience the pureness or sixth of mind how when you concentrate on it few second gradually few minutes there’s some my friend they can remain and six the mind about 3-4 hours so that’s meditation we you see not follow sensible organs but a sixth of mind pure clear and then once you gain some experience they some kind

of the C standard still about sixth mind then try to try to usually try to utilize the sharpness of that sixth mind that we call Vipassana Oh Vipassana analytical meditation that’s very very powerful to investigate now here investigate about Karuna investigate about Sunita or not my theory sometimes Atma theory very useful see you then you really feel deeper satisfaction the holiness across the world right now there’s a lot of fear widespread fear fear of death fear of losing a family member a friend they’re calling it the fear of fear in your life have you ever faced fear head-on and how have you overcome that fear or suddenly in my life is this some occasion really very wave has a lot of fear one one I think one particular thing 1959 17th March the 10th March the intra you see faster people you see against the Chinese sort of behavior oh and then you see an S one week I try my best to cool down one one side to the Tibetan I told them be peaceful careful careful and other hand the Chinese also you see should not use military forces I try my best then failed nothing happened they meanwhile you see the noble Linga where eyes live you summertime so each every night lot of troop movement Chinese troop movement so then Chinese I also wrote some letter but Chinese attitude becoming more sort of harder and seems was indeed determined to suppress so then 1759 March 17th then I thought and also including as we have the tradition some consultation with state Oracle and some mysterious or way to investigation so then seventeenth morning the state Oracle also now time come or leave I leave oh well then they at that very night i escaped from no Kalinga so then with the feeling all better I will see next day or not the road very close with Chinese military Grayson Madrid velocity Oh Richmond so see when I on horse you see the moving without any flesh the other side of the river I see Chinese asset a police or sinus

military so very much afraid and then the whole night we we remove then next day sunshine then I feel now okay there is a terrible terrible fear to have gone through as a youngster since then as you grown up through the years what more have you learnt about fear and how to handle it that’s really very very sort of fear much fear but then usually you see before before decision take sometimes I very much anxiety then discuss and also you see discuss with state Oracle and some other way to investigation and once we decided then no hesitation no fear just go like that so so during this you see fear fearful this life they firstly think oh I see a wider way then once you decide the decision then no hesitate go so now people fighting usually you see when things become serious we must utilize human brain Oh cause a maximum way Oh then once you develop conviction no this is the best decision then go and now difficult situation say I think 8th century I think around eighth century one great Indian punted santa rosita no the shattered Oh shattered Oh shattered era you see mentioned when you face some problem then analyze the problem if there is a way to overcome that problem then no need to worry make effort if you see this problem no way to welcome then no use too much worry it is very practical very practical your holiness in your life have you ever faced a choice between peace and happiness which one would you choose peace or happens the peace is the basis of happiness so peace heighten external peace and mainly mental peace that is the basis of happiness joyfulness no worry no anxiety you holiness at a time like this people are going to term well how would you advise people to find ways to restore and to hold on to their equilibrium my commitment is try to pull more over promote human compassion test the basis and oneness of seven billion human being they many problem which come the too much emphasis different the nation a different religion different continent now that old thinking now we have to think oneness of seven billion human being all human being are brothers sisters so no basis of killing each other so ancient time the feudal system then kings or queens and their own land so you see the separation there now that

today’s now firstly the global economy no national boundary and the climate condition ecology also no national boundary so now we have to think according to this reality then no use to kill each other so we have to work together or ancient time one King one clean one religious leaders then it’s a feudal system you say there’s a sort of clear basis we owe our country and their country and fight actually war killing war is part of future system now we are democracy country whole world democratically so each soldier if we ask do we need to die for your country I think soldier I don’t think only order order otherwise you see is soldier I think they won’t do peace so so one leader give order so this fuel system so I supposed to have peace of mind you need to have peace around you no Wars no violence no inter-religious battles do Inter caste problems you need peace around you sign right I think the lay people ad versus a celibate monk you see during Buddha’s time or before that also you see we live side by side and then important is we should be more compassionate the human being and we should you should pay much attention my land the land my economy their economy now does the cause of the old thinking oh now we should think we we we several billion human being we same as I mentioned earlier I think India so I think you see one award one billion human being and India South India West India not India Cinelli India is India different language different script but we live as Indian Union live happily I think we already have the experience differences are secondary they are part of Indian Union so I think wonderful so karna or compassion is the core of your beliefs how would you explain to all of us what are the benefits of compassion on this planet limitless sentient being each one want happy each one try to avoid suffering so every sentient being have a right to overcome suffering Oh yet a lot of suffering so thinking that they you developed sense of concern about their well-being then according some scientists my friends some scientists they say we are social animals individual survival depend on community so even animal those social animal is from the beginning from their life with a sense of community concern of their community their so basic human nature is more compassionate because we are social animals it’s very true so the community is basis of your own happy life or your own life so therefore you see a sense of concern of others is they actually they why the wise as a wiser sort of thinking about your own interest or sharing your own interest the basis of your life basis over you are successful depend on other so taking care of all other so Karuna taking care of what other is

anyway I think best way of practice or implement of selfish Oh your own interest do you care about other so I my my own experience or practice I’m practitioner of altruism booty Cheeta bodhichitta altruism so insurance or a sentient being and particularly anti human being oh it’s actually our brothers sisters so this thinking whenever I met I feel oh there are broader sisters this is no feeling of our city division so very close so I I think you may notice the is my picture meeting with people always smiles I feel there are my product sisters I’m one of them this is he my plan as a result of my practice of Karuna that and all other religions you see a all carry same message message of Karuna message of love so you see that is the bait there’s the basis of religious harmony in spite indifferent of philosophy all different religious tradition the basics or their practice is love loving kindness about twenty years ago you made a decision a revolutionary decision to step aside from politics is that a complete final and permanent decision regarding you as a political matter since 2001 I totally retired political sort of matter taking care by elected political leadership so I have no political responsibility not only myself I formerly sort of ah City declare or state the in future Dalai Lama institution even you see to preserve then no connection about political better after you give up politics how much has your life changed just tell us what are your main core areas of focus at the moment what now here is him I’m human being my commitment cheek for commitments number one commitment I’m a human being I’m one of the seven billion human being so basic human nature is the cause of social animal compassion compassionate so I’m trying to share others as much as possible our basic nature is more compassionate and compassion is ultimate source of happiness or inner peace so irrespective whether believer or non-believer you see we are a social animal so we must pay more attention about Karuna and what compassion I am one of the seven billion human being I am trying to promote human compassion this is number one commitment NABBA true commitment religious harmony after seeing India I have full confidence ridges harmony possible India all major world rich tradition exists we here see an intellectual level or some argument some discussions basically mutual respect mutual learning all major words division exist in this country I never heard like you see shear and SUNY complained Oh in other country killing Shia and Sunni the same follow her follow of same orcid a teacher

normally this country all the religious tradition lived together so this harmony is possible India is the way example so my commitment Sager commitment is try to promote religious harmony and then third I’m Tibetan so Tibetan people trusted me so my main concern is now our ecology Tibet Tibet an ecology usually the people mentioned or Express Tibet is roof of the world oh and we can see all major river has sinned or in Pakistan then major river Ganga or they the Bernabeu Draupadi’s the India major Indians of river come from Tibet the Nahum River and Vietnam or this area then the Yellow River in China so all major rivers is to come from Tibet so Tibet Tibet an ecology very important within my own lifetime you see when I was young and some mountain around NASA during wintertime more snow then during my lifetime gradually less and less now dharm solid itself 1960 I came here that winter lot of snow oh let’s say we use play the snowball shooting the snowball like that yeah then year by year lesson less less so we actually experienced we witness so global warming so now one ecologist told me now global warming decade by decade increasing so eventually this river may dry and whole world may become desert it it we can see when we fly over Afghanistan we can see there are previously lot of lake now all these lengths become very very small sometimes small river so it is very clear the previously the paucity a large number land in Afghanistan is sort of Greenland now become desert so oh so therefore now these sources of this river Tibet play to plateau is we have to pay more attention about the Tibetan ecology now some Chinese leaders paying some attention that’s good so the core areas of your focus are one promoting compassion around the world also promoting religious harmony and the Tibetan environment is among the most important in the world so you’re focusing on Tibetan ecology forum on Tibetan culture and language and history according to pet my commitment is preservation of these Tibetan knowledge which introduced by Indian master santa rosita saw this sometimes I feel those our knowledge is really precious of world really even you see non-buddhist or non-believer psychology logic these are common as academic

subject then might so preservation of Tibetan culture and including Tibetan language Tibetan language I noticed best language to explain sophisticated Buddhist logic or Buddhist philosophy like that so that’s my main sort of responsibilities regarding Tibet the political no longer so responsibility then my fourth commitment my fourth commitment is all these knowledge come from India so ancient the Indians or knowledge wonderful modern India not much pay attention you to my sort of attention award Weston miss elicited life and the very existence the existing Indian fellow education system introduced by British so now Indian education should combine beside model education mathematics science terminology wonderful and beside that in Indian education should include some ancient Indian knowledge about mind about emotion or these things I think according to the Indian tradition circular way not religious thing circularly the Indian education eventually should be combined education about mind about in the world Education Award material world then I did in previous century a man mccurdy G ahimsa practice then whole whole world you see pay much attention so now this 21st century I hope we see India should try to combination modern education and ancient Indian knowledge aboard in a world you see this as an academic subject firstly introduced which in the country then you can share with outside world not as something nothing to do with religion simply psychology and the logic or these things so I India is the only nation who can combine ancient in the knowledge about mind a word emotion and modern education these two things combined only India can do no other country so I’m trying to survival of ancient Indian knowledge strictly secular way academic level not religious or something so that’s my latest commitment thank you very much and your holiness for spending Seoul so much time and set sharing with us such beautiful thoughts I think we all learned a lot from the other words today thank you thank you just one commitment from you know 113 you must live longer than that that’s a commitment we want from you we pray for that okay dad you say depend on some source add a positive result my effort then I’ve had more courage live so you Indian my one commitment to revival of ancient Indian knowledge and a combined modern education and ancient Indian knowledge if you make more effort constant effort and give me a satisfaction that also one important factor I have more determination I must live we will do that and thank you again so much for being with us thank you thank you thank you thank you I think India really I feel ancient nation and

knowledge philosophy or psychology all these I think India really very very rich so now firstly you should pay more attention about ancient in the knowledge about our inner world and how to keep ahimsa how to keep Karuna then sure rest of the world okay thank you thank you very much okay bye bye [Applause]