Guns of Glory Starting over in a New Kingdom K533

But if the other life-and left and we are in UNC and we are literally might all this Kingdome vs. my second oldest Kingdome ball in the live chat is my nose kingdom 2533 drug or to recover. The avid amateur artist knows he’s a look of bastard and run off the get go they are all these guys-533: only run him, four kingdoms of stalling for the plan that used to keep one all the seminar tonight with a ni not so I’m not eight and 24 and I just did 9 hours on the FERC and low roundtrip, 150 miles an hour ago. All are talked more about that loaded but I’ve got to get some foo are expressive I had the root of this scenario via stands by the white I can get money pays to plant I’m not worried Mcilvaine 533 youths Eli level and I’m distracted from 533 right now it might not be good if I log onto a something that I did like when I get the fed not then threatening I’m just saying I will sleep deprived of might give a reading of low- end the support as more prison cells are called, are again the link ago only does appear to sell less demonstrate the slimy lead alive tactic that a lot of great player has to employee an order to have any chance of being real experience players as was confusing the of a ride in the bios of that loan he led the coup on my shrinking you to jail if they invent cowardly we may have kept the snub of help to , and nothing to strict spec system right idea took one that’s sold technical as serious as join kingdom that he’s not rest on its own firm IE and stop talking ship via and he’s not doing it well the title game capital gains due to do them are inside a way for Mars come back on the

vertex team trickled right now to plumb the change the name rings and now it’s about not that’s another us this is a letter that are E. Frye can create half was revealed I’m not a run of Father Paul has been banned from alive sessions via of CE about five and half as in the last live event you find out what fire bell has been banned from one sessions from to pat-I-AA saved all those who are I have a believer Monday under for wall of a new I hope the real costs before I left out for lead this deferral of the chairman of the enough I got the strip into dry run really as much as they think god says about them either I honestly don’t know if I got the ship sinking orders were all of the tactics of them at left a I don’t speak Japanese but I understand a lot along convicted there are no are of all area of the gulf via those along the center of the of the likes of troll girls was via those another one then then because he set out to the public everybody certain that no two text along had some of the two of the was the one that was the one I did make up the R GE I’d have a debt to some of that died I swear they are then to somebody knows this channel has ready for adults only have had this date in cell in the fine print you have to write a key here that’s your problem go one to some own watching TV and other what your accounts of our the children report and people

they know so much about the reported cost and no conflict was only crowd of a forgettable and offer king 533 overall, bowman dam for the a 2 to 2 222 to give no one has shot up to 136 to two other ballot 312 baskets would love this OK, say this like a man as read my mails of pneumonia and so shuffle of the chatter the always late for her to two and one right now one case just like completely off the schedule because it been drinking for three weeks heaviest eliminated, averages of dirty look to get on the train in the morning to be remiss in the cat out of an Ottawa that you better want everybody sheer fun of article about showing of an open book, to witness to be heard above the Chinese and walsh’s she is she is accused of spent the first half of her life in a helmet for those who think I made five kids and helmets and all pages are still waiting for an apology winner via 2222 , keep the choir from ranchers on live to seize one coming here she curses too much to be live OK by grandfathers to 30 years in the sub service this is one of his daughters who also spent 10 years and the navy yourself and 30 years over like pouring drinks and bars I’m telling you that it gets old founder of the of the I think she took a shot Gunther second most

I can dish trip are creek demands and I was molested by the cigar , have a super-fifth 15/5 5/5 pfennig of 60-fifth for something can have spoken Wednesday and wife, and who left foot and will receive 1/5 fifth fifth 5th at that kept the fifth 15 flows you wonder what comes of lands to the good money and these will at the R- house everybody doing that in the body me R’s make sure that got voices working on which boasted then you hear the other players left hand on the curators coffered submit we can live of me an idea that this one trend appeared to you and the Internet they are that the dome, cigar E to go into song to quell the rotation was the reaction might that tipped delays this time the Miller crew will have to listen to 5 1/2 hours a day and swear to god that they don’t know where to find al via calls in the civil war spells to that if I would like more tricky want to be like some kind of like the one that some of the fifth attempt and have a bit of that have one more should have a laugh all wore that I can get enough of the thing you guys have got the R’s green going here I’ve Gotta get some food in the four start thinking 17th 21 of knowing it didn’t look too much for that seem to have them that if


will be that of


a AF and not let that of the land just pile and he then had his you remain the void main of routed air force base of an eye Find early reaction now I can Other half to see me by the Federal burger patties and commit the cheese , the Keogh that the above Gerard said a: drive Mr Smith’s lawyers to help recreate the water of the department’s K of the sea we know that trick likes to troll ladies of the array down stairways told where for a ride those are just the ability to solve into that now saying this because this alliance to picture so clever is hacking the map which according the gun can be done is it happening and they put a stop to it they’ve been doing it for three years so we are by the way this compact disc this guy that Serb leader this alliance happens to be in your for king of R developer who may be asking directly at least after the game to them are sold Richter here was up you did there are no stature of action and 2222 of its popular , like you just all my gosh –

what-have left charities to come over to 3533 should do well there a central jazz or spec fours she still likes that our return bin, and all my hair style exactly this is what happens when you sent me one behind a cruise to do their couple more undecided, a red light duty that one time where he he torn down after the start and when you put a backup to starter zero treatments wonder what happened to tear down a building after the game started zero loot and unify a whole just out of Maryland know where trash faster than the stress test incident in cruise control and 115 can take as long to the mountaintop smoking and be proud that drove in Ottawa stature and a kick to get up and offer 56 months because the first in a guide for Kings seven months on a scale right within one of the last German shepherd puppy her birthday is people for adult in the Sunday school me out of all my gosh to all of that Dole could have been more pleasant and just like is a five week old puppy expected the yapping eagerness on runs of copies of the goddess and live wi the of- 5 hours in the truck no problem but I had to just more than the dog did it already going into training by a guarantee within the next three days that dog will be peaking at 10:00 PM every night on like clockwork in three days the a whip the league at R6 cats two other dogs that they do that she should feed the city’s about dollars around 10:00 and that’s that’s better time to get to log on to go out and use of busine It hopes will be on a schedule for an evening as one of the it’s a lot easier we have other dollars to train dogs does and they just know where the spot to the bathroom is that spot ou

rob brown of grab me to fix the problem settlement at a steep a one to 2 to 2 a head get out of the pot full weight gain 131 cell check the track can fly zone fighters will carry its liking was probably a bit over making all the deals economic and how to sit back and let him of making the famous as he pulled a scrap because if you’ll believe someone from another Kingdome rented out the middle of Brendan gill random bill where I had to your wrong kind of place right there beside a good this track right right of the downtown, and for a fifth of split somebody along the way, marched above to 0 Because he showed some kingdom that I’ve never seen before you ever heard of this type cannot buoy the king of the trip started his career by screwing over zone kingdom in order to wonder literally sold us out the very first KB kid documented a story on the web site to read it to say you know the plane was to let a problem scum bags that irritate me a peak EST crit are sorry as democrats to above to abandon centric offered as Males that even with the woman’s day one, just testing of cabbage of them have been secured with all these bubbles that of course a nightmare will of the workaday AM Castle, nothing and one steal some wonders with flipping some pitchers Joe waters are all trades got the winners were at the burn against republican support to my account of my gosh I just talk about it rolls people will key any of that right in the Frick and name dish even play the game anymore

, I’m one of what the Frick investment say the problem with this trace the display strategy as that when the activity falls off is just as hard for your Allies to get back to defend anything as it was for you to prevent them from attacking and restaurant was maybe Internet a team from profit margin of this here to tag and wait and wait , two guys trees these tricky to do his dirty work that sort of a 3 minute mark: crack on the bottom of the home with blue oyster for minimally she may avoid from you and you never know truly amazing the endurance of the Solaris years and never did ever let it forced me to force me to keep up with the relentlessness as I can be quicker big a quick for equity of apparently believes liver of we’re not wish to see attached to a beloved it was one of my cue star of the outnumber the symbolic action up when its people did for me as a strongly to six to saw some are works of art kill 120 rubble and troubleshoot 20 balls For us on a bomb on one of the fat in 22 minutes and keep showing up in my head, not just that of the Tahoe that of its as if he doesn’t think about a king and I have the lines, go out today and it was mostly much of foes drop a video before th the game is from win if you start another year ago and that what you pay to maintain your castle and older kingdom you can build an equal level and be competitive almost instantly in the kingdom are literally takes a few $100 to be right there to top right now and they put enough for Robles in place to try and keep the runaway money

to get medicine are ones I broke a $100 real quick I would say the next 301 a big burst away more fun way to ferment I mean the a but I just need a scare few people really an quite frankly dirty it’s been the basket he started ever see are the you know we got our you to trolls of the follows for years spelled the same live a spot in three years and then everybody swear it’s not the qatari you you don’t know who that is will then somebody sharing a book of dumb comments and, the brain are shared by exchanging you need a new one and at the end of the even if you’re not one think you are acting like a purse of the yard and therefore on the deal with us tod the are a rookie shot and missed it is whenever that matter to trial on tour decided I was gonna do it rolls be forced on the first dollar and 30 game or don’t call to the viola tools are unique way to if I got an article on the front runners raiders a com the show a very simplified set the rules so we put in place for new kingdom to limit allowed complain the visibly on you to kingdom cable 33 don’t think for a second that take those rules allow employment of a new kingdom and this is where becomes a challenge a set of the one guy like me to 4:00 PM November 8 of your tough to deal with the top 20 not guys the are well that top 10 should be an up and too little and that means they think that outpointed I should be al as the generalized thinking they come from people like trick you’re not taking on radio and that little kingdoms turn into three and that’s just not true age is absolutely proven wrong so , I’d say over a 5 to 3 right now we’re well have occurred are 428 and play nice by the rules or 20 which is the one line spot gained up a lot of trolls we broke up a couple throw line says are before the case started as I did want the money packs a hardy to the end are a name for the most part all I had to do for the first day Katie Wilson the scout of people that were forming off alliances to what engage in combat going on open field day to combat that you agree with somebody else to blow your mind together you wanna go over and 4:00 AM somebody hits heal their money because you know something more about the game than they do in the first 10 days to rest go back and on the same them our teache the R -file march the metal and will read what was occurring was asleep Wilshire alter ego and one piece on their murder war garlic follow the rules the entire night and wound up making massive kills proving it can be done and how can be done and what instead of having easy prey on a platter d he made the game entertaining of which is what everybody claims as it toward a while the others hunting and the the people safe at home that are trying to learn the game and they learned it for AIDS the are the call 428533 overall is at the end 18 months and so was the 600 active players and that means to go Ser offered so you can also was mostly to stop and those turnover to our kids that doesn’t work and doctors grouped

he’s got up my my Allies Phyllis I’m not into four twenties Roddick get the end of the details of the resulting can kill them get them down list yet lead until the killers the are quickly got to everybody’s everybody’s up the guy working depletion and that’s not the case were playing by the rules that we said that if you run the open attack and somebody else do you agree that were contacted that you no written via Wells looking in checking to see and edit and toenails of the III tried the gene or they literally falling this kingdom certain of 17 inch and a one that bucket of the condemned a detonator and then an aneurysm Romeo 362 last November I can play the game via I just I got healthy en you know so this time I would get 53 it says that rolls don’t seem to respond to positive you know the Carrick I’m gonna pull up the stack , verbally abuse of office, rounding Casey, have on tabling on themselves ’cause are that dumb and a member pitches had a funny thing is I’m telling them now and the scale act like it’s the bride’s me a heads held on this as the R and it would be one thing of the father does try to get fame and attention of the deal but there’s not that much fame, channel and number two they’ll use the real ended the fighting via a vital to ignite honestly that the Miller cat need six months a good therapy just just in case his drums level our right and are making thinking of Joe ca I’ve seen it could be a reform that made him and that type of behavior which sought is like some super sticky glue with other pe the R : should reach and some sticky precondition were problems by name and life of the earth , priest or touch me there be of good half that was set when other listen to wait for the playback

run that is their proceeds go to your leg, third slide so why did on explore the FAA is such a cubist of smoking which would joking and Thomas agenda , ’cause of this city women often 362 nine the Russians I don’t I’m a little women decision game via you see the better of me so its first corner burners of fan would have to miss dame dive and not just the guy sticks and stones staged a geisha grounds that there was a guy roles only connection to this and we don’t I’m here OK , but none of the fed to Joe that it could well we’re taking a job last night with a scary Marvin goods that was terrible and utmost military to use it to spend 20 years of military buckle up to a words to Dr

Are very clear and that could lead to get two of 30 oh in all the other can weigh other guy that the board, giving up , then I had needed 24 hours last night I had a hamburger grounded in order for for king to five, dinner production and more start of last of the apples and have to fly from the room four of a hacked the breadbasket staff of a IDs, kicked it the help that if no kidding right when it was opportunity’s and I have the key does one is county road and 12 the fact the matter is trick is a spiteful open for a cut it would use any excuse on the planet it would use any excuse on the planet to blame somebody that he can reach because he has it does mean that in three years, so he can get more satisfaction, had actually Corwin of a castle and not use of as if he built one 8th to 50 15th fifth -dirty little secret ricks a 15 year old boy for the the A’s played many players for years the controller for and low-earth briefing about years your dancing troupe different personalities that any known you never know when you start paying it dawned on the personality con a ton of stuff then half and 34 Commish if Michael Michelman the Miami won over Key BK that it’s all take girls will take a rows of 312 she stole a castle the gear from the aisle at a bar one says she understood what USC’s relied she never at $15.00 that will form issue for changes stolen and that will use of all other councils house at a justification to steal a sure cranky young as crack it wanted them to us on to say in cracking closet to the the Toshiba via them differently, and this will go what the hell’s with all the trash talk tonight my gosh that it’s like they’ll also alter the USC fight our

route one alternation government is red lights go members of Mr. Marchant and 7/8 miles coax doses of all I could kill a shadow type of data you get well as if a if the Titan guy is the big guy he’s all over again just some he’s barely a couple took these ID’s barely 4200 he’s barely over me and I have been playing for some months so these : one I need to know that I’m a little later on a minute ago as I can play and as realistic and don’t go out and play without the white crepe but one of crack and logic via Greg Ewald talk alike else to go on as we’re some traders the world is against the making a corrected on one’s 2 to 2 oh oh from sparkled to shrink when it should together a a coaching this is a great time for mom to deal with the rest your of you’ll never have a better opportunity I’m just saying that just recorders councils via a delay that a castle in 312 to two to compete with the thing to do I don’t write would be taken with you right now so that just the of the time their scrutiny fueled the code right here and younger soundblaster and with the guys that even telling the outlook is just the leaders of evil R.I., where many excellent dicker out for them all a case was that are bounce I will prompt our belts to someone I loved are bouncing it’s a great time to demonstrate a strap on video that you let Dole can’t you don’t got the better to be the the half of the book for alleged old city started Surrey Texas time he just got fat and

was paid off for seven months hurts, used to be a longer castles of the game are like a Shui and Georgi work on the spam one alliance vs. seven other lines is not one alliance and sky was enough time to make seven all is all via cheeses have some respect for the game that you made Aiello to half a day, it for an hour this morning for these classes that are for some reason sitting right there on my desk next to four other pairs of sunglasses and half had a combat mission defense are loaded to sell a supplement some point in furs the kingdom of money and forgot 151 treasurer they’ll have much to guarantee whenever they’re big and he’s right in there 151 are a better steps in the literature to swing yet he’s I could stay 50 bucks rid of Laura buying and key jury on cards on obtaining some celery for king of trick trick can afford the castle and got for three are so there’s an boom pop reader digit you know what wall and here again second pop see 40 Queen Anne eyelashes and that during an up , the feeder tired bodies from the school to decode step in here to hear loading

points This is not to take an airship events juror were not doing and sisters six to 90 at the plant I don’t have the money at most one was weak driving up north today I’m talking again about egos of some at a middle manager house today: I’m 20 years ago I lost some guileless dollars in in a clo days that I found a guileless dollar goes like Clinton nor the hell I came from and a so we’ll than one might be I only two and one had seen in 20 years , given the list all are wasting a given the gridlock and approve the actual got to do things the seller of got the Jackie Robinson dollar a month to 22, that was a Primo quality but it is very rare via all then September unleaded time of the sheer I mean I will be going to the Kansas City game and the royals same week it they’re doing the tests September 11 to love it and stuff, we are finalizing that stuff right now, we’ll shoot some stuff in there I’m actually try to get Georg Solti interviewing for what I don’t know it has nothing good comes aboard the second be cool to interview George Perot for king channel are only so does my contact that arose out of that I will get the of I hope I’ll be taking phone calls a cost of the connectors and to be awesome strip that he and the a- I was mad as he and mike of joining him were trashy office on earth- via the but Allies is blaming my contact their shoes, the chance we get permission to issue the a money into sure that the Scripps to we’ll find out of Trinidad and then offer get a better because of the copying of not paying attention once was speaking of enjoying myself from: when the enduring another call 1 to 5, here baseball baseball now be all you have redeemed or guarantee a few speeds under the login every day like they should that’s a problem to live somewhere but feature their basic said that when: by my speedups every day I be tickled that there is no such features for Zina I would pay for such a feature as this is a tedious task who teaches Blake and it’s Gotta be for conceit- as of February 1 chip on his second to center to say the entire alliance I I’ve got no interest

site inside some stock for his wife are harder to I’m happy to have but I’m not taking everybody over because of his loyalty that’s not the way it works may I know it’s also mean that it’s not being mean it’s just being realistic the duck kingdom is gonna be bigger than two and one alliance are they can the first list, Maxwell said, because also got or IP guys that we promise a governor and I got some other good froz which is open about last night I kicked a bunch people and finished off a research last night exactly what you are three out there you have an opinion via this at what what would make me up and will it make me listen to our thirties opinion by Josh was taken these days via a a thing that also would doom can don’t regret now have a low point will walk when they are nice time I’m still in on our four over their how about we get a poison warranties and souls the of old duke in ac like us to have adds that settle on one: the vote has nothing to be uploaded available on the of 50 that what is not taking on some of yet mergers where are as I did it Kia and one to our that a run at five

if that had orders for 32213 0. guards at Sears or our king wants to know he’ll run six months to all that the dining at the same time we’re like the math problem that we’re having with that software I think is actually in the xenon processor we are so where are in their scene of whiners as the damn things could get basic routes are but they run like for complete rocks If you added that not overrated that you still need them is one of multiple instances which operates up like that was a late run for its one one which I bet in slowdown for you: the AMS 10 times however many got in so few of my 40 and rent and you would be running 10 with four more yo for in a loop on each of 10 or year of four with a 1.2 cent difference and you want to go for the tigers timers to OK the pizza half of what went on to a Cisco jams finger I appreciate a man thinks allow freemen Miami we are today that Watson pop into a wall six region are in a mascot had the biomass because I could walk in with him also shall not mask on the day of the aisle actually 2/5 fifth that if only new arrival was hit from maxis and pictures to creep out of room to read the middle of the gramophone of fish and ago and has owned land of that That

that does and that the FTC trunk was getting drawn by Nina Scorsese and a gift to the site of the sixties as the commute was hit and it’s all over the of are there we go if that is hurting a 70

are to be a comedian, to female cat in a R would direct mail and slip away that’s what you guys are spending on the state of things like that we we have we are a dog died just are 910 days ago was that h R because the fact have to be around crowds and they can get yours does a roller skaters so as Lebed 21 but we’ll spend $50,000 are ended quite frankly close to a someone for a seagoing out of date everybody missed out because of a hookup to forgive all did not see the picture a copy to to an era gone to conclude that are are if you choose not receiving enough video to maintain its new streaming I see that now and I can see a stream on the output, don’t see it on my I’m just now seem to go to preview to 2 minutes ago

the ride let’s see if we got some strain action owner 22222 knots complainant for a solution which major gotcha not buffering of the very least yes Jesus we are to our elected mayor look for work of early treatment homes and a cemetery adults for some reason I ask god to do things and they do a everybody but regional teaching with our troops that have a Zoe bullets just unbearable they are you up with the batons everybody’s now that’s exactly what to do in a joint won four in a few people have to get the money also using its very boring stuff like we’re buying things that casts of people don’t deliver group’s recent I know lots of people who and don’t have anything to volunteer was the they’ll have corps they’ll have money for guess that half the east and a belief to blue pills left don’t get to the DL paid to read bill of a DOS six that , if I was doing something else all I ever was, do you think that maybe like to see what next next route along another year yesterday the computers called juggernaut moved that I have told as chairman of an idea, when I see 26 is not the question was the two have another see 26 are better ways splendor on to me to think this month I got to the dollar down to the smuggling of the three of $50.00 dollar to one city to win it and turn aroun get half of what it’s worth it to admire a fast to all younger than I would spend it all out for two balls The Chinese were moving I still sees a dog up in the live streaming down somewhat surreal watch for some your honor biggest weakness to some had to Utah, it is currently just ask anybody in color

to stop strings will that means I am streaming this is one sending the string is not was in the for constraint half the label payable to: she achieved around have to produce some fours and I could listen to one night you heard wide initiative, Claire skinner last week and a shower of Greek in the top dog should cover in road I miss the shower ship was a perfect fit with that of this volatility all Betsy are now are often as west of good taste in music that’s up from 10 to even if it meant appreciate thank you use a game played out and I had my preview was behind a few minutes because I applaud outlawed in , so close that down and on to close up to now and open this up I can’t believe this is working on this topic to topic of a three million seller that’s not going to denounce and now a unit state and get a spot of the jazz about everybody , Granada hills behind stars you’re cute of degrees of 10 The of that left and left then you tread as somebody last night 150 at the the idea yet no one descendants of its agrees issue at this point of faith that fund and on earth and the Coughlin is not for women is so triple a trip load cars than point guards eat just one of the key here is smart and Eric yeah via the CU road runner and I know what he’s done can get away from now he needs a 6 to 2 to two I know I did

this on a there all I got cold feet up a than one clear I can’t be right or 10,000,000 for king wrote I know I can run a 15,000,001 missing something of a missing no more drawls we worship talking to one juror as you guys would you guys want full fact the full day you do not fulfill acumen picked up every single gunman tried to kill this week that you buy the cheaters to go but that did not follow others are none of I’d sit out a huge containers not get a clean slate cannot see ex commanders to your kid who is using a two he’s using daisies and duplication act to make frequent, one pulse east on a site 40,000,000 and a catacomb of 40,000,000 on this catacombs of place where you have reveled know those guys like the muffin tops of unit Guinness to keep up the I was late sir to live like a psychological to pump up the ferment that to us have left and came to a few bloody shoe the fiscal issue of failing to fifth of the half and was head of love and has just to stop playing music to the fox may have everything made was this a good it’s the lots of rumors and roll for shift 50 11th mission for the study of the simplest of fiestas display of like the a

have a pulse of the GATT because I’m waiting for permission from the movie studios, clips from completing a little smoking demanded to make it entertaining at a Decree I am in the well. All he did tell me that via well of really worse doing so well it onto the wearily where a , you would do or have they a kid give that to write portals they also made it also makes sure not dealing with the players who made it to KK anywhere before does anybody who’s been the game became those we don’t want this we want players with for king 300,000 troops tacked up supporting the Marches and yet the idea of we’ll want this in a soap did the new players are well , fireball is banned in all live drink humans via his band that all I’ve missed all of drinking and said that they have firewall of , Udall Up fireball slower fireballs fireball for a 2 to 2 to two on issues was a finger when the bus bust a lot of talent in stake right OK for all you guys you can download district three on the fire Rogers rate is a competent but missing clicks joint server lives with each other and if you want all those arrested question do potion open up the lodge at there and will double check mak via simple sets for a guy in a sense of drama foam you get to see the following CD set up a push to talk but it for you guys on

that will stop the static in clipping thing where britain’s all choose peace talks teams because so good that it doesn’t need all that crack input that it also will send out so turn that down in the become clear and some other Chinese that nothing although the Chinese each is worth a damn and that dull 555 Stanford said computers that the food that at the compound As having a good bet that when a roman are welcome the roman alive , that while you can’t use chemicals free translator in the commercial, or the fee is left up red- at the end of the day throwing all the other languages out except for the English and can cost a fact I thought well of pulling the Dutch foreign I really am from the ads from that perspective Netherlands pays me four times a few 96 cents per Anne but it’s a pain as a really as are you know ’cause my drinking other languages so the ice pick just a touch a Russian some are two golly, call your local ecology languages that the are the are am like I can visually see some things but none of this quickly like rap to speak and some, Arabic, to translator and the interpret what the parts when you said yeah but the ad that that I’ve learned

get the act up and as a SSI the worst Barre didn’t like the Chinese like you can use or troll Accounting System Chinese want R’s half of the China said the joke up for half an hour the update the Getty are probable level are like certain things like the night when I’m talking the Chinese announcing OK you guys being a troll Uganda story of r are so there’s some of that we get in India, language so that everybody knows what the hell were saying to each other they are half of the future are the good local markets to delight to- one escorted question – make them come in here and that was close. A case not set in a hole for the gelatin allocated camp vs. cannot alone channels, were you when you buy the floor for the event of an aid is not just that it’s not it’s not the suspects is not the stead’s it’s well what he had nothing 79 -and that of a 15 to hear that the meeting that means adjusting for one or contact them and I just have to give all ole what you were were no other words, right half hour you to one half-foot and congratulations on the seven to keep that thank you for, chills he’s he’s he’s a he’s got he’s got drunk years but the key to that sells a CR father of king the fourth when she’s in the number one lidocaine 533 if you want a joint on whether are she’s ab what would wait and I are tightly sits down I would really suggest a kipper says cap like 20 K vs. 22 years on ship to

buy the island of knowing and one mentors the assad’s sounds such fun and a editors can person has the camps back like the castle and right does one were to one healing t was minor satisfy your because that is the campers to – OK so that’s why everybody has a camper’s camp were are so that’s that’s an entertaining think we’re trying to think of things to keep us from getting bored during the first two mo we all seem to be in agreement that we’re going to try and build a great day to four kingdom that that works together and likes 600 players which means run and new strategies all the stuff you’ve ever seen the four were in a changing of Oregon have two alliances and each Kingdome barricade K or have al and if you’re not OK 533 yet you don’t know what’s going on half with a system are it’s worse than it used to be identified that real source of someone else Marshall it used to work better than it does now III literally took the button sometimes it gets a blank but I was a little earlier when a wallet careless as brothers on what they they had gathered up some of these tools seen on serv for getting things done your farms you’re not paying attention of looking are you can run 101520 farms and never after logging t are that you can also run these things at the clay as your PC version of your games all, two games of gorgeous it one day they were stacks are those that all those enough processes are really good for runni as the basis for emulating stuff are so that these develop the big things uneasy of processors are not stupid expensive to build up but there’s typically had been because its quality materials it’s in the dust real computer something they had 10 years ago he was about $60,000 on aneurysm for honors 16 to 800 bucks to the 19 days are in there I use one the R because it did I can’t fill and play and two other stuff the same time got to keep our youngest victor Marshall are drinking and yet here have while my sleep my sleep deprivation made this a year ago made because it out on a 24 corps for my play a buyout multiple in the later; computer the ship they’ll call is a 200 some odd books to ship on these monsters maintains that there there are for king huge

of an altar will add one treks to a good track so good Rollo may have grumbles you can’t just like we can’t lean on him so much for NAFTA get together and are bodies usual six all you a little less easygoing of solo homer I got too high micra and Waller years come out of a the than right right to write an address where someone for cynical span was a star for sickle spend those numbers, all while worse post increas it decreases that after the initial you’re only mother only monitoring in one event all look we love that look our goals to gues you frustrated them into a longer term goals It’s a spending brightness of his it is clutching a game that somebody would spell $100,000 over the course of the month is now spending $1520 thousand of gol their not looking long term in office with what it does to the practice that’s why I showed you guys that of the developers are as you keep making the decisions that pays people all of stopped case and all of the people who pay your salary it’s not hard logic via mike, which the a lot of the system-wide before she died four a RI keep I keep for the check my mail talk to a big, bright kingdom written down from 5 to 3 and a A kid to a two-, both have four kids showed one of IE no dirty bastard is one of the ones that was out doing should be four and I want him I’m gonna watch as particularly because that’s actually winchell’s me she was all a liberal bastion overnight three W is a call on the tortured and I guarantee the 21420, I wondered why he thinks he me a they’ll think we take Mana and will later : ongoing said that

fourth that only two of those CDs, give us tests are too early to execute still looms as it is still looms in a it’s fun to study or thousands of stop signs I am so we’ll see 26 am more 1001 for your have a lot of life- game that if he gained a minute sets all the slaves if I’m not there it’s possible to build about it this way down to be able to go over to the front page thing where I put the rul that their working but somebody’s Gotta be responsible in making sure the lotion heads are not being a response because if you ignored for 8 hours we want what they jumped 10 and eight kills the kingdom and ignores the amendment to ban are and I should be played, the kingdom should want everybody says they want the smoking gun and then they were: Smirnov although newbie 01 play via this not scale in any way she pressure for and it makes an order for us later were trestle towers I want to see 22 with NT a cap march for king Simeon Stevens guess it worked on my bluebonnet for one purpose one teacher’s aide to do some stupid onerous and swap that you’re a kid to detail of yeah I know where wrecking ball from the swing sets 153328 second again it’s easy where did I want a breaking on the wall from 5 to 3 at login yet I have a feeling that were to wind up review AC on different days from 533 8362 which is coming up to last for many that every Saturday you receive an well you not have to kiss tricks, Bernie of 312 tomorrow in a medium that the FAA at five to life have I just say that Rick Burgee out it would be doing me a favor they are so

treated come on a coyote has been a CU the pageant the R I was second to Maya why the ball by me how much of our guest to for the sort I right click and I pleaded a Russian bear on the walls looked at it will depend on what tear your time yet elevens and attacked year and I can I can also tell you that the new gear is favoring a heavier top tier partridge wood thrush and where does IE make some I need a change so much in the game and was two years as- catch it we can we do that now we’re guessing to which actually do that now just art Arkansas that if you guys are one that put this much effort into the game come in the kingdom 533 get started I promise you you’ll get yo you do not the ball crop load of money we’re trying our one I’m trying my level best with every dollar I got right now to make sure people have the ability to spend during events so fo : that the link up to Redmond to pay the debt and who doesn’t he says the of a page that, like the 12 year old Everett of every 120 Everett opera opens again the job to the oven for the R I’ve got one that I I’ve got one entire system also at two area Dole see on 24 CPU 128 grants are just around in the letters and I would really seriously tell you did that get that works Colson lattes that it’s a it’s actually have really touchy related work from the phraseology like that was something with your cracked and issuing new players I add all that is a anything with the new players approached one in

fifth don’t have as half of Lawrence summers and guess what I did use hang the security force of two little more a little behind the Kirch and that’s when they knew a guy can’t be solace to 2 to 2 printing inks and I can do any Electric Works of commander like to see us not what I wanted to shift of the dead to the ice for the pace button has been removed from a distant , we are taking forever to get something through Chilean to exchange a message to its R.I. where we had our live cattle rate the second or to try and make it go up all were press users are to have to interrupt for spooler a changeover message this can cause to 14 because of actually text in Britain are guys for those are going to web site and set up there are phone num im the throw it all over the planet via double be there for king cost 484 people signed up for it now that the Sabia rector blast for me to see some Britons going up another one with a fox text of the 3:00 AM fifth of the hat on SMS don’t be afraid to give me a cut and that I’ll guarantee the target of the parts defense of fish as it does one do stuff like this menu on both would form pages up to students at

I don’t I’m not one of guys who turns around and think so I built a mousetrap over Rogers raiders adult community in the communi write a little people that message printed via given a graphics tool that would I know shadow channel and of bacteria can speak for it said that he committed she wants up we don’t know that did it with weekend nights denies the script that the OK permission to send two plus six what country code is plus six and I get this message from two violates the plaque list was black cultural and blocked rules of also a plus the region what the hell for an so I guess I got a few catch OK soda plus eight plus a minute plus a one on one of my account number six, but two plus eight ones I got up plus 37 oh plus 18 a plus six to oh plus a five hundred care about the stuff plus 66 so all the it Indonesian setups OK all gold from Indonesian scrap of 2 to 2 to 2 to 2 to know where I’m over here are a little fun 21 minutes over a quick one onlooker to a Amal I’m looking for 21,000,007 via these notes as a going but how old are you to use the skills that it like that is like I was a high school should the easement for Monday cheese to use that’s the master bedroom of the little screen year for don’t see where I have that I’ve I’ve read direction calculator I’ve used it that there’s a web site called the Russian bear for June 2 to 55th guess same day as a 2003 foreign citizen 200034

That’s about the right age old crack and blue gene Kelly was being done this and there is no such thing as a proper library were some of it is based on what you’re doing at the time, she got the money to b the R if you are hitting the walls you wanna stack stats on distancing coverage at if you’re playing around with damage into an TCP mural, stacked damages or damage reductions if you’re defending year and one in every tree game introductions the eye it really depends what you do in the time that that’s a reset for gold area of toot toot toot too much code in push what we’re up the team percent this week guess we can’t on the number people would be no they are you push for nine to two o’clock AM on the way for all which right a laxative, curable if we’re running out of the shadow of R a beware get one minus over to go to receive 40 D academy academy 39 bare hand and a bearish for a yeah for half a earth

I just said in a few minutes ago after forgot to do all that soul of cultures was, of late night is the latest one ever done well at I thought for a long time and they are OK, and are a game were sent OK that are for attack look at your tenants gains and count the number that your goal or my goal and are attacking other castles is to kill the raft saw I’ll I’ll look at or over here my mind a R one of these guys Grenada seven increase stack against musketeers while level 107 increased seconds points, to ninths and spa six years saw men over my wider array right , going to go to mind a sense and a sea of stack once you once had, Sara stein, most are stacked 20/9 , just as consonants he lacks for two OK to run the lecture damage or 3% are attacked of rights, a guarantee damage, tacking distance tears as a sum that right and are 10 race Daly city’s east building and have some common file : two is not done yet guys he you will not believe the new guys, plus our kids as a team of data entry to spend time this week , share something I’ve I know the answer I don’t need to for king calculator of of that -and-and – gallon on the war, or shortly resolved so like there’s a temporary he’s making it so that you can depend on which you can compare your stats were all geared to care which, again which, was not all right now and take a 533 I had 12

yen of all the nice thing is I get at 12:00 12/10 guy at that that are too and pay a lot of the staff is that the volume that and the comet coach class of Aristide up and write that I think sold so they can calculate our kids working on that scale help people that don’t no one cares which outlines because obviously w so there’s like 811 calculations and has come with, and coaches talked about earlier we find that one we have coming up you will not believe the U.S. at the office for king other calculator how they can use of a summons of global ways select Peres another tackle who were to sell that is gonna tell you how much of our assessment either to how much are assessing you have to be pushed orchard and the contents of ex level camera at the end the war, added and the event 35%50% reductions in which an plane Canada won and Canada to mobile country anyway of its 10 years and it’s almost as annoying as the new drop down that tells you that yet, the dropped this one this wire that the state that rocked down menus the drop to

me the drop down menus the drop down menus are the most insane thing as you click the button is with that elian or somebody else that we stuck underneath the grass and yet it’s always in the way always wore leather and the march said Rev. Peter I was that are tuned and somebody’s using the hospital has a place marker in that same kingdom of a so watch the thing called the U.S. can understand we got people who swear to god they would never watch or listen to anything I say and then repeat 5 1/2 hours and 21, I found all my house and makeup to find an hour yesterday and stock gained line for a kidney and a bucket of ice packs of top 1 fifth and fifth 15 50 ½ and of Getty got the end of march maximization of the death of

fifth passivity Lacey USC you can look at other people’s Wolfensohn looking through mines and 69 to the second , fifth , I did it T and that you’re trying to kill only drop we need to swap and it are well. Since winning pieces trend and so if you watch him a previous videos you will see that he is a possible pinch who loves to talk smack but has never once been able these, and we sat on AGA Tuesday that the kids we sat on the fruit and the guise of a number one player of their sword guy to play with hgh because it was one of the blasters that any of all flawless follows doesn’t like to be told anything the R he complains about things they got told not to do what I would say they stopped running in there to rescue people in the m he was scored to that of TS-T lee I would tell them that we need to get these four people see 35 to support Foster, 40 eight was split us clothing are you a seat that he was 40 and we work to 35 any did not even understand that

left- and I would have a caution you guys we use are to see somebody that’s jumping up and women really fast and slow them down they would drag your entire team to a place that they cannot get and anymore for three of the tournament but that’s the floor players will not be as for the.underneath his big margin the game stops at these guys to 12, tower yorty 10 Dutch courtship in the story fifth will roll as a plus six and Wilma has a plus 6:00 AM a role model has up to six Tarzana and I know that some fond of the Citicorp declined the own bill that would fit and became a march because he’s the march leader his remaining is using to be zero that’s why would do that saving them up the momentum ’cause of rethought some of these cards VR sometimes are mere zero can you hear so you don’t put your strongest arteries to keep them from storage and I would put stupid what seems like simple chords are I would go are that revolve as a right to know a bit long have they been one of the entertainer for logon to have some articles of – a, not at that, I’m out of hand life- rife with a single to leave

home loan China are just undocumented 20 months of an upset stomach and I know how or just the boys and closer-stop on someone forget these guides and then the parts that calls for a month they are stuck with stock and ½ by inch away from the meetings are of fourth- and have a company makes us for king one month Koreans you know that some stock had A I find that the difference is probably go for the ship, for heaven’s sake the right I’ve been watching the only guy who consumes to issue there and watch like a classless Seinfeld’s and and one musher shows over which is 10 comes to return is like the phones character of one or more minutes remaining time is up to our house would be unsettling to list its own forms his castle as most of our time of the stop so that the snowstorm of the news

and that why would an obstacle to peace knowing slowest women’s -Fi zero mufflers oft and and B pounds of muscle he he quit for king sees a widespread violence on 1/2 seen as to who got some of now. Since Wednesday night’s and shrine of , not a house was more fun when I got time to do with marginal issues I don’t actually identity of a guy that I got shipped to different days like everybody else does via right of everything says was happening so often had a lot of its data started 6:00, and insert almost a to Z roughly had to drive halfway across a state of the a combined on loans relations can take care of this list of sometimes we are the listeners have to stop her for the own to convict He can go live to the best offer a window arrived to listen to terms customs forms but no and bright and half years of

you have spent and and and and and and he get and III might be going to see 40 right now I know if I got offered off becomes pregnant 21,000,000 from some things from about five million short of and half and half and an shootings and and and and and and and 73 names like free care to and who have found them guessing – of and behind released the firemen of the day the low order and when I was hurled , like two nights later he’s a high enough to the polls did with the board which one should or moral point to see if -owned wife, no, you you will pay you ride it left Haiti that a good thing as nobody has dropped acts to burn each other tonight he can just get down to the are half seat Wanless one alike contest among the troops list of 533 that

, I could look in there shortly and see what the hell’s going on 533 are ball is the enduring live chats liable I am like a lightweight, I’m blond I don’t like seeing stars while the entrepreneur fireball is not only are women I don’t have a login to pull receiver will they do that I do the sheet I are I should this to the point of one to deploy missing see that’s that’s as much as my contribution I guess the point where meals, will have B reich the worse the worst words and washing and you never heard bipartisanship that everybody’s getting screwed that to choose to this point there’s my CE 31 farm this Miller have any resources was fined up to its each phrase of does not what I read for says Georgi mother’s day as that is that could put it near thinks its interests of that, if only go for two brothers were saying for second while then again think you phrase for that’s gift to use published as give tenants were trimmed right now Surely will get for that to the right-of -a and I didn’t have

to if they have and phrasing, chewed out to more forgiving didn’t get information on channel all are to get to have troops and their no call scout out which ones to go right to be right back here or has the right-hand- O #worksheet to-coast: baskets and called the fifth-and 1/2 fifth – that that that seasonal slowdown from the kid of – it doesn’t mention USA in which you don’t know where you want all want to watch sold to a division the easy for it , kazuaki to watch someone at the stem from: Dr. Muammar

Oakley to what the cat with their shoes off the half of that week we don’t like the cat with their shoes off these days it’s because quite and their scene were talking about be a lay- Hoon at a much for good food or a need for CE four to keep from getting stupid number of older ensured a splinter laugh a result of use for certain of one splendors 370000000 earth-of- earth 150,000,000 are what other bright as you fight this is what you might be bored 1. in a fight me open the bidding would work right to choose a list of ram and had devoted ivory soap is so bright kitchen for conduct us your march as guess it of them were a distance of two more for which it if you’re putting all the books eleven’s heavier can have ordinary coke and in the distance if you’re punching anywhere else on the downside much endured a system to a mime troupe 20% against the winners distance couple quick slide rules and you will just eat through troops raided bills, bill see 0:11 and one for king you to a whole I think I can come over 20,000,000 for kicks over Iona

now here did a also was a desire for two lovely spill of terror or share other friend as easy I like your other for an dollar is to keep your round social comeback given to softball players and that the holder in the park I want the finder which are laurels she’s funny right she was alaris last week Bianchi chien build anything in the kingdom all week long ago, II made an exception should the Aran sided check the less easy but you know it’s easy for a season were causing the drama causing the cost of the players with a gift guide you to De La Rosa literacy a breaker as of opal creek news week arrest of she’s gonna give a civilian the look and pitcher she’s got the respect of liver like that will cut the beach or pitch Once you get the cut the ties and not as that is another indicator the volume Las right they don’t put stop to the forgetful occasion at the summit this is about the R bit duplication at the top with a stop to it also points out what he’ll do is they will duplicate the goal was to pick a KR fortuneteller materials which so I get the 2000 goal pack some via this little to the U.S spent a fortune teller a fast and you put a lot to come back tomorrow it’s gone to the fortuneteller 1,000,000 times all the atwood’s which which was listening when I got one here are excerpts of reach liquor celebrities now says was called all of you that II use of Reno standard here are in your record to keep liquid to click ever once a law that’s only what I’m looking for A vote them to exploit I actually don’t do it for offer via it would it do it which came in in Cary can call bullish a SCSI one that makes you the ball in case you’re using words that gets them they can’t defend against stops at I’ve got more sensitive to the bullet word

not in favor the people who like to use a boy were unfit to the people aboard were get used against us because I have seen will to not understand physics the up when he gets tired of your shipped he’s going to pound you and then that someone could help all a no I just I need are sh yet to all I had died as for each release from storm made for money to the all the one stop: setup you just write class is no denying a supple and we’re holding seminars as of right or they are the Yale ID as big as I am today in the guys see the pictures were based in an era for that special forces guys I blood is a 5 foot 205 lb freshman Aidid sprung growth to my senior year the are the differences was 5 foot to Iran Monday and I’ll find new environment now call the belligerent midgets in the R yet it still Blitzer matters is about as head of the up moi I was to induce pushcarts 15 years before it became more VR that the but I also have rules for years I was allowed to be using a school PR not even a rule for me was I think as one day a day is no 125 is lost or dweller via that that was the rule from from the gun against each other’s exception because where we taught it was our business and that and so the role of me was you’re not allowed to use it To guess what the wheat objects as we take the hassle the eye and I did some of that II say what they get out and play see now wandered into Georgi is a building castles are taking over old castles with a shed purposes of running you guys didn’t kingdom’s right idea of one star of CNET more more were gonna keep counting on you to you come to the Kings of comic 8533 And a lot less until you guys don’t worry it looks like there’s a leveling type spending thing you’re found on earth-toned earth if you’re spending on $100 a month maintain your castle OK, you pull up a trick and kingdom and be ri like $100 $100 a month it via I can’t tell you I’m already almost a pass 1362 kingdom and under 15 days as for the year and half and 362 out brutalizing a bill that airlines until he’s she is cheaper and is no less a problem this is my head that all that means is during their your understanding your understanding that death is coming right this month I would never be a earth-toned- and that right- and 1/2 of you may not offer for king 40 for some odd hours now they are and

brother die young men it’s then I’d tell you a lot of people who are plain see forties and know the game two will be a mainstay how much a shoreline day you can’t get in a small group together that you’re helping to grow and when you can turn around were a summer like me say I I’m the only get past me, burn you I got rolls and if your players step outside those rules of Microsoft and Rogers raiders there to learn a lesson because sentence and stable repeat that mistake I’m not too late to I’m not allowed to take about doing it for the governor’s staff that moment I’m like you shouldn’t have 100,000,000 iron open wider outsider last OK that ,¢ everybody knows that but some people don’t write week we plucked a couple 100,000,000 with the open every are assessed back every single time and no one told not to be a idea I would tell you that , I would I would say he was one of 533 is fine with us right now but was: 534535 eight needs people to take the same several Zeiss and four click OK follow these rules and trying to keep 600 players: 534535 17 to oh is what to wear them affordable afraid it might be that that the simple shame of having known create instances where they are fed up of -fact of the TT F1 of earth-ago to go for a guy get over to some of the lead- will not go to my hand and outs of if you

didn’t jump ship that the code: that’ll walk to show me how far can grow, I am told Craig the fifth , being do all of its own are older and did the up-and lusty should be awake where’s all the Nazis that meant they are half to 20 were no longer than that of what you were fifth baby powder half for the half and if the wife of this has been as right-wing of the earth of staring at the runners- up of half – life- or- man speaking of ugly checks via the biker called lives next door by god II use to get to stop that there were stupid up their bikes pointed out the text or star hot mean that that was a wealth of sword of the grotto was shaking all the hand of a run-and as have what have you ever see the aged and been unhappy the Las continued ever set visit needs your comments to go all the limits, called me to go out for that and the hard-to earth- life- S- a-half of Brad Williams is all areas of the Oregon CL one-half of that has that right

and 1/2 and half to two pitch from earth how the earth of school of – a- block NBA that spend half and I wanted 1/2 , half the conventional wisdom is to put a cracked the defense in there so that better players go past you think it can kill more peopl the earth-tone of the the one problem there are your attack Houston defense are still working for your 25% stream of a lot of check your right foot about and I’m informed to resell the past 11 feature detectable 4000 to half – earth-earth the hell is that

I’m far as I remember at rates in my head for some reason many colors changing times some of the attention again and again, from four U.S largely at the recession after forming a toy estimates are about not afraid to get one of the kingdom is whether it is it’s the biggest reason that I promote other tutors of trade my dear that all there are the subdivision was there that are there shall it there should there showing you I will take us know they will show you a stat report that shows you all your damage numbers but they do not help killing them all get up just tell you that half always a way of doing that all where I have been tracking poll: I did read in the car around because I get an easy one to level up to make 24 skyward activity but the problem that the reason I’m doing now is I haven’t bee that is strictly for the walls and the expeditions to get free shipping that but not the top Atty. Katie I will lose all my troops health and II let any less dire tout all I know that he was tired are freaking defense num gamut shoppers and the camera servers are way more important for complete details of its

yeah yeah right absolutely I can tell an eye to eye collaged go up and no and no gentle for the stats just because I look to kill number t the idea right now to a fifth marshals fall one of almost 7.167 months down all-C-one-half sticks with all and we will not be such an explosive IE I slapped an explosive up there because I’d never done it once or taking of 533901 reason I did it I I’d look at it before and ½ and she specs of the net and steward and I wish a to listen to myself and never touch the expo su it has been a money hole is among socket spent time stock I’m still not only what I would be completing the catacombs white years address the kingdom if I just followed the earlier videos, sugarman, and some via that 18 write that’s the beauty of the legislators and were you as a teacher use that to save up guys called just see what he’s to see how a s the IDs to do it this way for what if you do that no somebody’s reinforcing what are some the up because we have become I become the endorser what you’re saying a set of you endorse it may have me endorse you the RA it’s it go and take credit via the otherwise you will be able to teach R.A. I wish to win that way when it is that women my ego will burst of problems right

was professor oak for that to have a lot of time and money- one- earth and the know it is a charter internal temperature in a church social but somewhere yet this post to be spells the Coloma play : crack were like 23 seconds of going to ask for SP all were close to a cool along if that

of the 10th inning to lead a whole earth- S- wise use satellite role to dictators if that had that left four

, at a I did Lilley wrote that book no additives is called for computed by the cat litter on the thing’s been intercepted at the website once it’s called tempted guess it’s been up there for almost three years up I get all kinds of the competitors want this anymore they were claiming they all did the mother just downloading mike’s my sprea delta one day somebody delete the top of cocaine not give us a video of a list of items these funny via not the best not the worst men in black, African guards next or 61 two were weak why don’t all that he’s the best backcourt judge ever see the are the race is a field trip will. For the resistant to the to: kits come back and got was an even professional coaches selects a message was for compounds tell a story about you would think it got one days for a tool t run, it’s

always that what we missed 11 in the house of Saud else is likely all that role today the idea is that one for some reason as th close-up of earth- rule will be big business cables been quick to fix a III think the lanai is one that was ruled today because roe quick someone to lose about the fed it to via five and identified identify either been ratified 120 years , it that was once one even ate ice I know why they are but the rise of the twenties I have picked a fight to get everybody else like Simi 25 troops quickly and go pick those funds and like you are a coverage Perot in a board of what went on to win the PAC rim where’s my via get the R I had this one had a group of Marines running on a kid who thinks he can either get the gills like 5 to 105 pounds income run across a right eye in what’s he like to pull somersault on is that we will run them at am like all these bitmaps on earth of all full myself all reader chair around like and the guy in the Kent school and have a high note was to meet the tar good will take at least 2 minutes in the fight could not walk to store row kicks for doing what we know the media to why it’s just that in the fight Americans a of glass of water he’s squared up in the quarter and the Congress that his ideas might cut and I grabbed two by fours in the alley would run and added that the average guy around and signed him too much for any of a piece of information and left out before wa said that Bucher greeted me just before you start a one rating better get good he didn’t flinch when I input into it broke out in IE that our yes does all of those with three

they are but all these other finalists the other fives on that one you know it’s R be a month of it into a long beach California had five next guy’s does look like a reply or play pool , like its toll on core all but 2 3/4 way to skin a set of any according to court and it can work out well for the five Mexicans via Idi were are so low you via enemies are down 21 ago to only time ever bullish stance because what Washington is run around a pocket circl they are young to have the like are 12 bodies of four; five, scribble must be of any idea that no run to the on earth of-the deflating not go well I’ve done that where I be on a castle hero was an atomic coal creek Olson to be a I would spend the 2 March in selecting two of the tower in everybody’s refilled came up and not to ship out to test the idea of troopers I would a real ago I would get you have to call span and between the Marches are a filling orders

right Are you gonna bring a gift for Mr.: Bring 111 Yale declare out any non spenders right off the bat and if you see a big impact of alliances to gonna be of graphical group of spenders are moment half oxidant run from 521000000 songwriting team to look among banks to look out for a sofa which I just open ones I opened one setup accent, but I just literally forgive to look among medical time in a book called what would eliminate for what about what will automatically be a bug-eyed as 731.5000000 for backs don’t touch that opens a bag or alone with their heresy 40 let’s go get some scholarship to Rhonda and as the concern are four on come as 744 days she points as well you were going tough luck and bad man Oceania grounds of I’d like to come to call police for king all should talents to me I can eliminate all the dust, some accounts may not watching jumped one I know the kid 4 hours

Some 66 their different never kingdom isolate for shipment offense for , this is 5¢ when you have a lot of resources free to write that off chief state warren E9172 2 to 10 to IDs put a spatter of the that it out like number 57 became a sort should : I don’t see a section of structure and all what were almost 5000 transcripts victims of eight and one school and get more from console or so let me of next earth of ayatollah speedups but I will get some to 12, can probably outsmarted our ISP and still receive 39 am I see a way to achieve 31 , two of the low 35 men are $35.00 on I think if I did the math rate the last time of the slot ask me for older so I got two K for conventions so 300 here 15 am here yet I’ll get my denied it out to 12 distance appointee to work a moment of

hero from Ron Gandhi and one run for contents of the rest are wants to grow a gay rights of events that means that may sublease participate and Ito was purchased by remembering the castle garden leaderboard only limits that because of two goals are to be a it’s just want to that that that 40 goes into work and built 1 1/4 as well as does that have occurred as a cream for that , so a hospice and the Rwanda to build shipped to alter my spiritual and a whole group: for king trials, it’s three bombs as right for certain that I beat those guys , it’s a Baker’s is one of the big fish doesn’t write

call 2523 to blast II did expect IIII didn’t expect the fund are related and spent last the life of all there’s another chore: Aquino not know you would be a right stuff to four levels the father defense of tears and Anders people who love that chore in their good at it

let them have a slide open on film ship that well as to go for I’ve I don’t think anybody ever even pour it was a CE 48 was are flawless and I regret that one because I like the downfall of the guys who go into the roof after that falls you have to look it who voted if they really voted and quite frankly is just like the same thing we’re like all the top 29th, kingdom that’s because you’re safe now that’s why he voted that way ’cause the other 80% of the kingdom did vote to kill themselves III guarantee that vote did happen so so so the only full effort of 20 that the commune on a hearing it because they know you’re foolish at a motel either be imposed that 80% of the king of saint please kill me I take my money VR -four-a all been the first 362 was the first application 362 as 360 was the first application of fear and the problem of being there is I don’t think we had more than 40 players of all balances, and all manner of what they do , but there were 40 players will of the dollar surged on the JV case some sort of like an untested trying to make the sale and that it happened via and they worked to make its not just let it fail but actively certain working to make a film that’s

all we do that now 3620060, many people but there are all done we were whale and five 5353 threes going to be three detectives 23 decades of three different states at the same, 64 to wherever it has 600 players back to Cleveland like for conformance over to see 1533 of the annual EPS is the bores the week before so much of it was a short acquitted to a bit of these keys to return to comfort in bonds is weak that ended in the back in the background for 362 there for about six months we I’d read fusillade anybody but aboard with another key because no one was learned no was learning it It’s not fun you got people we’re a little overdone talking about doing this I cut this deal, okay you had fun cutting a deal with the other 99 people to send some way to get the chance of those days are almost gone most of the soul and solids are busting my room and I’d love songs are busting turn three I did on three hits every time and not more are not my stats as fisher here all bottles three and three tons of laura’s adulterers has burned entire bar stamina for zero bombs zero really zero work under file can mess no but it was worse about is other people have already gotten two and three drops of the sword and their lower the ball to right arm

and 1/2 its got one country are from one to do some work to good morning from the UK good morning my as we just have people passed out drunk and 7:00 AM in the morning over there so he can a side branch of life – fifth of the lucky base just past 7 to 7 o’clock had a good bet they are any any still pop but he is still pop up there as easy and walk from the computer, Beth be of days now I can’t thank for bop and that often I would not exceed 0:11 of the divestment for how it all as an ally of 74 days with the speedups in 1970 the hand of the earth- old landlady all of the Huntington bodies as a cop and assume stop the burden it she said the cream with key rebel weary of three effect told I think that there was at their worst three times one was hell house called the other was blackened flawless as fall to and then the other was just another night when the friction burn a lot three times and if all that was up, while as all the while they can devote much of its value-of three times there was a loss for the lamb with all oh PTS OTS where the fun of today it would stop if people in there with a fla and then are then there was the are the latest and just last week of the default 3 1/2, half of moving some of our growth I’d I don’t panic under duress

to that’s what makes a good way deal that’s what makes a good what do you condition boasted like when I go shoot it’s a known is it’s very far can easily call the are the yellow and then when I’m in a row, situation sums to back me up one issue will be faster but not as accurate The funds come from a quarry pitches in level set up a level seven while blocking for ex dollar gap with the spec room 100 fourth that you’re a firm kingdom for 38 my journey from Singapore 38, but the five men miles from the 61, let’s change are needed to 1019 Berwick from kingdom 300 bingo say you guys forgets something here I have a castle that will change send all your flocking ask just as easily as what you’re doing he hit you completely forgave you were taking a nightingale gas sold and you’re buying tests and 1/2-height was that you just sa : shipment needed no thought process of our life of where they have a you guys can see a common problem. So I’m about to call the cert shortly the acrid smell we’ve taken 312 months for the last show But he and his year if you do in every to do every hour and half again as people’s front of me you can really for 1.3 of you to get walkers and Chris and I have one they don’t they’ll realize that they make it not worth it for as a safe loss of it is going on occasion to call me is why Jim co with 22,000,000 kills we have had paid the kazin of lasted 18 hours were apparently 22,000,000 kills so are we we have adds some top 10 KB case and if

this is that when one of his stature hundred dinars were done , but some about what someone won’t interfere in the 5 to 3 cups of staff as teacher or more strategy analyst how to quit early time thinking but that’s one reason we’re also than an organic span of the six are players is even founded the six are players to play all ones are the same time I’ll always at 301 to eight anything other than other job to be on call that or I get really be weeded that utterly honest and plus plus any good scout bullets in their seats, formations Marches: all if I look in the tower and I see for march is going on not knocked it out , let alone voyage last year points for the past has to give the awesome to get points which is which if Egypt Castle and start to intercept some like it used to use two, Murphy still a -half on the need for inmates miles as cool idea more points on the other teams for 12 men like I say we’re gonna have a different strategy where more people in the kingdom get more points by using a differen we can accomplish certain things the R it’s great to do the bus at a pretty certainly we we can hold our own kingdom 90% of time. Most of whose and are the rest of it’s about making sure more of the kingdom dissolute every time we play when we’re doing routine now that’s it’s it’s unfortunate what happens is is the kingdom that that the lies is hosting it where they then they stick all their players into scroll of the bed until a tower and then they let them log off and leave design and they

will do stuff like hell of a farm wrote in their chance to burn just a burn the gold so that the form is renewing the tricking a beggar’s right post players stocks have a longer answer for conductors like a two to choose a skinned Simpson case, you can I do not want works in the Kingdome we want from alliances are plenty of one perso that’s a proper response you got one guy an alliance that’s burning around you talk to a complete all the worries that a bird everybody else and alliance he can play from us he won’t be pop. In his if he can play with normalcy he can play from us and then what you drive them out of the alliance or everybody does not want to wind up somewhere where everybody else acts that way as well at that point that a bunch of us in the kingdom will do with are the up and I’m not jumping and burning my goal of two of rescue you because you’re have a problem that they cannot occasional weaker amiable stronger be the one you some tactics to work around the strikes I have never been the strongest person in a fight the are the eye but if I know I can’t be in this way I’m one of the them over the 40 barrel spectrum last and everybody else to watch at one to make meetings with troops the are we that we know what you’ll you get paid us because EU as people act that way right to conduct to persevere close to earth-up and left, location and speaking with cashews experienced rule to tell me to 1616102 for the chance of our get that one are two over his novel mover to some other small wants all she startled move people out to a smaller cattle and I don’t think academy alliances work like everything to do which are really wind up with is the leaderle via

mouth you Gotta have leadership old, not one of lots of lots of something you can’t leave no one person because one of one person gets tired of the lean on the links not a AIDS GATT wide , I have trainer for the pages with her for speak like you’ll see the you’ll see our purple unlikely this resort someone anyone would want the old every one of these people exist cast with a chore the island and like Larkin a tournament I’m talking goes by think the other for can build a castle calculator thinks one chair d the ushers and gardens build affordable and Arkin volunteered with the new they’re not for all the end of the system the system I use a pain in Wells are the well for you that you know what maybe you don’t make the spells right never again volunteer cells for that if the earth- toned out and if I have I learn I checked my dad might get my dad polls of people, I think we ought to take you on the progress goes to be update fifth that’s because it because a speech on your day there there if you’re speeding up bass are not speeding up pace plus it’s a very K we’re gonna do the speeds and markings, gear calculate given, castle calculator and I guarantee you we do run pull that via left via E you can do to speak and Olsson said send somebody said somebody on much as the kitchen , a and one look it over a little and cartoonist touchdowns to the east and want to know the plea had socks and the coach he is a ferry to its very good strides

I always want to Japanese he’s he’s good about the NCS could bounce ideas off all respect via well in the eking think critically about support of the Dole have to agree with me when he got below withstand to work point so that I can disagree with you and figure out why I di a guy can I configure Allies, I’ll get back in via owned if the technically the know why the endurance not because they actually knew something was wrong and sense that they did have the conscious thought because it even have the oncology the subconscious won the so we’re talking of conscious thought vs. unconscious from their not have it was just one one can find the file contains computer to 34 other towers and 23 and butcher action are right there either onto power to alter artillery does protector of the tree you will get us into details of some artillery and sounds a lot : gone to even as art All that become that’s that’s where the tradeoff to get the start of a false assumption I would put more people that hour an idle wait for five to march to get their civil order to be a

geology developers, I’m approaching 40 for kinkel’s of nepal’s dns a lot of mama’s boys : should have to earth of the Denise and Handley a J I’ve I’ve been accepted to the queue to develop a room for route number one rule is why she committed to lead the way people are really doing so any rumor that you heard was when it ships of all the land of

the diskette with the likes of this because they’re listening to two neither listen to me to Nicaragua all other gaming our system everywhere that I show the way the game the system they feel like you’re cheating and stealing from so they turn around and wait for key undo the gaming system is what comes out to a it if you watched and I know I’ve always said I’ve always said that suspenders and added that the date the event portion of the city will look at it that way is how little I take the $100 I was going to spend et that CR that you can’t forgive look at it as a straight up a moment when something it is a manipulation of the stats permit for I don’t know what track in the NT and K wade needs to win a RD is like a story there and none are as it is everybody they gave the dollar did Georgi Jamie 10¢ I have 20,000,000 bucks and everybody to the money they give a date if everybody gave the guy that dollar Geneva dollar GT I got 10¢ on the $20,000,000 a year we don’t even come close the greedy ones are the ones who want information on how to beat the game that they’re willing to buy every cent in their pocket for and not acknowledge that they got more from me for three and they got a name for pay the are you can’t I so I look at a cultural and not as all you’ll start bashing for pay me the other chemicals and as you don’t have all the huff and puff about what you eighth of a society you don’t talk and truly believe when you’re alone at ho this because I see the real stats I know we can be anything under saw the class because you clicked reading an unfortunate two dozen which they can go to: -owned land-

out today by dolphin we’re just talk about that if the nightmare of the design and also to vary sharply to go to 180 stamina for one bottle that that that one guy just some members of the same time, and to see if you’re not , falsely point was business I don’t think I’ll be here we come back as ILP ER open opportunities in Mexico, students kicked in a moment to signal multiple for the game And no need to

1/2 ago I saw in passing NAFTA for second caught myself a woman gosh ago per said bob from the pull over and off the main flared somebody to 6 to 10 Hong Kong stock of these speedups from next time you get that must be implemented for guards , who it’s been going for everybody I can tell you there’s a better ranked as the correct falloff in activity and 36266 earned 5 to 3 and unlike on on that week and a here’s a bad thing it’s not because the players Mr Agent AI only got three via the move to see that all the center from 36253 wives of the died last November I can’t complain from one RBI and for that and neither some of the king case they don’t they ended and need before , where, where we are one star what you think that 5 to 3 were matched with one top 100 , resolved to the stock a case that’s all I can take a screen and that suffers a thing called all buttons walking and your leaderboard that out the top two small screen lines to what he had served ad in a multiple of the double clients is CIO II know that right now in the middle for can do see some books 0.5 million, I know the words were statically-time we get to alliances are in the top and half

annual win streak and you win streaks of the Kenwood street from two to base your basic your basic batting average of one loss ratios astronomers will he have the individual voices of 10 from because people are long, long, as to encourage you to prevent doing the AA I the I’ve got a call if I’m taking your money make it tougher to house of a guess I appreciate your body, near I think you will be a RI got a couple videos and release this week, one was the RK be how this win in my opinion the novel bette it could go away were some very happens with K were a guy saw three AK hearing from the kingdom of a also should you guys of things were resigned on three ships: we’re not trying to gain a p everybody needs to police the standard it’s what you expect from others in the kingdom to a standard is don’t turn around and ac and then we see 1 to 2 seasons as can be handled little cousin may not be until the marshals and a piece of the top $50,000 more via but also to the a or will do with anybody who squawk parade and so are his youth in a plane and kingdom and 533 welcome to p

, read the article be the guy that starts the standard enforce the rules and we’ll see a game became now because the six players 16 SEC will apprec thank you know about the net looking for the end but not actually say and have that