New Factory, Who This? Industy Building in Dual Universe !dualuniverse

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hello everybody welcome welcome it’s a it’s a wonderful friday hopefully it’s a friday for everybody well it might be i guess it might be saturday for some people what are you guys up to how’s everybody going how’s how’s it going we’re doing some factory stuff i’m addicted to this game i’m sorry um i think we’re gonna play so i’m gonna stream this today and then i’m gonna try streaming something else uh next week on starting on twitch and stuff like that so uh yeah i’m sorry it’s been a lot of dual universe i know some people like it and some people aren’t super excited about it anyways welcome out to everybody um there i wanna make sure i can actually see this stuff here we go here we go here we go slime rancher it’s been so long i haven’t even seen if they’ve had an update or anything lately i just don’t even know what’s going on kaiman’s out here oh my gosh so uh for those who don’t know for those who don’t catch the twitch streams dragon has been working on on this bad boy and i gotta say it looks amazing it looks amazing dragon went through put all of this red on here it looks amazing put different engine cowlings on here oh my gosh it looks so good it looks so good i love it i love it is uh i don’t know if dragon’s actually over here or not kaiman’s over here doing his what’s up what’s up comment what you doing over here who’s this thing i don’t know who’s i don’t know who’s this thing is i don’t know uh but anyways hello everybody i’m gonna i’m gonna rattle off some names but you know with the delay and stuff like that you probably don’t even know uh mr human uh tomzo bobster uh monkey sakura sacrilegious nightfire what’s up um abby colt matthew cj blue dragon webb mage power wind what’s going on everybody hello hello can i play hyper skate please um i’m not a big like pvp if like i love fps games and i love pvps and things like that oh that’s yours coming okay cool looks nice i like it i like it it’s fancy i actually do really like it it looks good i like i like your uh like your color scheme here i’m just saying that’s your 3ds hauler oh my gosh did you get your did you get your core yet did you get enough money for your core i’m super excited for you like i’m super excited for you um oh you’ve got four mediums on this bad boy oh i like how you have them right here hold on let me go into the building so i can back up a little bit kind of see ooh fancy two storage containers on there looking nice looking nice but oh my gosh it looks like a x-wing from star wars um i dragon uh is done amazing look at how oh look how much better look at how amazing this thing looks oh my gosh it’s got the red it’s got the lights it’s got more red it’s amazing it’s absolutely amazing fantastic um but yes thank you all for coming out hopefully having a fantastic day new ship looks cool it does look oh i love it look at it look at it oh it looks so good it looks so good but uh yeah so i got a new factory i got a new core uh if you guys haven’t been playing if you haven’t been following along it’s all right i understand you know this game is not for everybody but uh dodging your referee’s so so bad to avoid spoilers before i get around playing chapter two oh it’s so good play chapter two so good so good i love it um but i got a new core i got a uh i got a new large core and if you guys don’t know the core is basically so you see this grid right here these grids are dependent upon the size of the core uh so this is a static core for static buildings static bases things like that industry stuff and um so i got a large one and before i was on a medium one and i just i was like you know what i’m gonna get the large one we’re gonna do a large one uh and um yeah we got it going and then yesterday i played with outlining a basic frame of kind of what i’m looking for here so you can see multiple stories uh and then different shapes things like that so ideally what i’m gonna do is all these angled pieces like this these are gonna be big open like glass windows um but yeah so that’s that’s my goal uh eventually is to get all this filled in but i gotta get machines moved over here we gotta get some machines moved over and uh yeah i’m super excited i’m super excited to get this done this is obviously the main entryway i had to make a nice tall like building it’s gonna be like glass with lights and stuff in it you know we’ll see nightfire yt what is up thank you so much i love your content well that’s very nice to you thank you so much for the tudor super chat heck yes that’s very nice thank you so much um oh should we fly this you’re the best youtuber that’s so nice of you master chop thank you so much uh cg cg cj navara what is up everyone that say mine in chat thank you for the 1.99 super chat much appreciated

um okay so yes look at this beauty look at this beauty um people are telling me to fly it i should go out and fly it but i’m not gonna fly it yet we’re gonna need to make we’re gonna have to run some missions we’re gonna have to run back and forth to get some stuff anyway so we’ll get to it um community on space station astronomer it would be kind of cool if you build your own space station it’d be pretty neat but uh i’m waiting to see what they’re going to come out the update was they they had a they had a stream yesterday they streamed yesterday about some things with the october update um looks pretty good looks kind of neat everybody’s seen mine oh my gosh there it goes um it looks it looks interesting it looks neat i’m i’m hoping i can’t wait to see what what they’re doing i’m hoping it’s not i’m hoping it’s not all halloween related i’m hoping there might actually be some like content in there some other content and stuff like that so i don’t know we’ll see but we got a lot ahead of us right now we got a lot of work ahead of us we got a new core we got a new place a new place to build and uh we have things to move over so i have you can kind of see i have these lines on the floor and these lines on the floor are kind of my layout for uh kind of my layout they’re kind of my layout for how i want to do things how i want to move things but i got to start moving stuff over i’m doing fantastic everybody’s like mine um slime rancher eventually maybe if they if they ever come with an update or if they come out with slime rancher too i wouldn’t be surprised to see a slime rancher too oh look at this look at this uh hold on vicarious oh nice looks good looks good um night fire what’s up another two dollar super chat you’re my favorite youtuber oh that’s so very nice to you thank you so much for that i do appreciate it that’s very kind there’s subtitles in this i didn’t know that but you two must be doing it because i’m not doing it i’m not doing it um all right so basically what we gotta do here is we gotta start with we gotta start with this we’re gonna start with this um what oh they’re all running okay oh shoot i have to go through and stop everything jeez louise um yeah so we’re gonna start moving the factory over and i’m gonna try to make it look like an actual factory and this should ideally be the last time i have to move a factory over so from then on all we should have to do is expand add machines add more stuff it’s super exciting uh more scrap mechanic survival i’m waiting for the next chapter of that i started a series and i was like you know what this is more of the same i’ve done everything in this game i’ve done it over over and over and over so um yes uh lovely music you play when a super chat happens yeah it’s uh it’s exciting yeah i don’t know i mixed and matched so like a lot of the stuff i use like uh so my my border around my thing is custom and like my logos custom stuff like that but um all the transitions and stuff i use they’re just they’re all pre-made stuff that i got from um i think i got v i think i got the one that i’m using right now from vbi i had my own custom ones but they just looked so dated and um i was like you know what i’m just gonna do this and honestly mix and match find pieces and find parts that you like old timer young kid what is up thank you so much for that three dollar super chat how are you thumbs up loving it that’s very nice of you try portal 2 uh i have played it i have played i played portal 2 i beat it it was a lot of fun it’s a good game um yeah but i i love me some dual universe i’m i’m thoroughly uh i’m thoroughly addicted to this game 100 it’s it’s a it’s an addiction i have an addiction uh knight fire yt with another two dollar super chat play portal 2 portal still alive um i’ve played like i said i played portland it’s a lot of fun what’s my thoughts on space engineers i really like it uh it’s a lot of fun but honestly like i mean if i had to pick a game i’m picking i’m picking this game right now i’m picking this game over everything right now because i’m just having so much fun with it i’m just having so much fun with this game right now and uh it’s just a good time okay so that looks good when’s the next up nautica next subnautica video uh it will be soon-ish i’ve been busy with raft raft has been a lot of fun uh and then the survivalist came out but apparently people didn’t enjoy the survivalist that much because that video is not doing very good

um do i like fortnite no you know what i got stories about fortnite i do so if you guys weren’t around two years ago a lot of people weren’t here two years ago because this is this is a long time ago uh i made a joke in a stream that all right i made a joke video april fool’s first video and uh i was like okay z1 gaming he’s gonna be fortnite like that’s all we’re gonna do right i lost so many people from that it was it was actually kind of hilarious because like obviously the people that left obviously didn’t know my humor and stuff like that didn’t know it was a joke when obviously it was a joke satire but um but another thing that’s interesting is uh i actually streamed fortnite before it was like even a thing i was playing it when it was survived the world when it was like the uh the zombie survival thing because that’s what it was initially they didn’t have a battle royale mode so i played it during that because i was like oh it’s a base building battle roya or base building uh like wave defense kind of game and i was like this looks like a lot of fun so i played that and then they added the battle royale mode but you can only get it if you had purchased the game you had to pre-order the game uh and then so i streamed it and everybody was like oh my gosh this is a pub g ripoff this is a terrible game i can’t even believe it this is not going to go anywhere such a trash game all that stuff so i stopped playing it oh look what’s that now uh uh slayer yoda make sure you right now but i have i’m here to offer my service i’m a professional farmer you need or i have tons oh hey i mean uh i’ll if i mean if you don’t need it i’ll i’ll try to buy or i don’t still have a lot of money right now to buy ores so um okay so that’s off i’m gonna go through and stop all these machines we’ve got all kinds of machines to move all kinds of things to do i’m super excited joshua mccleary what is up thank you so much for the super sub mark ii i heard the notification and i’m sorry uh thank you so much for the super super mark two enjoy your badges enjoy the emotions draw the fun things actually that’s what i need to do uh i need to make sure hold on you know what while i’m thinking about it i need to write this down because i need to go through and check my badges on youtube let’s see hold on here we go all right or badges and emotes you i’m writing it down because if i don’t i’ll forget youtube badges and emotes because i think we’re gonna start streaming regularly on youtube as well so i’ll make sure those are good to go so uh yeah i’ll make sure to get those down uh love the new base it’s it’s pretty good so far it’s pretty good it’s very ambitious though uh it’s a very big base it’s uh it’s a very big base very big so it’s going to be slowly it turned into uh it’s gonna be slowly turned into the the base that i have uh an idea for what is up what is that membership renewed nightfire yt upgraded your membership to a mark 2 what’s up thank you so much i didn’t like the sound of that one we’ll have to change that actually uh let’s see okay hold on remember renewed sound didn’t like that it was kind of boring it wasn’t exciting you know it’s got to be exciting when we do when you guys do amazing things it’s got to be exciting i don’t like that it’s not exciting uh okay there you go there’s some excitement stuff uh richard lawrence what’s up thank you so much for the 10 super chat holy moly loving the content thank you so much i do appreciate it you all are absolutely amazing and i appreciate each and every one of you you need to empty the container before you can remove it from the contract uh let’s go into this mode and let’s delete the link now i cannot pick that up there we go all right and then those containers are full stuff i can get those moved and all these containers are full stuff oh god actually let’s just do this i’m gonna go through and collect what i can and if they have stuff in them they won’t be picked up it’ll be like sorry i can’t pick that up and then we have to remove all the dynamic properties off of all of them all right cool so now why can’t i shift click oh god we have to go through and do all of these i guess i can right click uh i don’t think that’s any faster to be honest uh it might be element not found

i was going too fast i was going too fast i was going too fast but yes richard thank you so much for the 10 super chat i do appreciate it i really do and i really hope that i seem appreciative like i am very appreciative of everything that everybody’s willing to do and like nothing is ever expected from anybody and i don’t ever want anybody to think that anything’s ever expected just being here hanging out is all that’s all i ask for um so yeah i do really appreciate it okay control double click selects all oh selects all in the uh in the inventories um we should do an irl vid uh so i’m actually going to have another channel i have so many ideas and i’m just trying to figure out what to do with all of them so i have a second channel right now and that channel is where my live streams currently go and that’s going to be my late night channel that’s where i was going to do more um the of the the older type games and stuff like that so like uh cyberpunk cyberproof 77 is going to be on that channel because it’s a little bit older and uh some people you know came to this channel for like a certain type of content not necessarily family friendly i don’t i don’t i don’t i stay away from family friend like the word family friendly demonetization nightmare um but i just try to make it appropriate for most people and uh i don’t think that game is going to fit the bill if that makes sense you know what i mean oh come on element not found we gotta give it a second uh carrie thornton what is up glad you’re full time now looks like it looks good on you bud thank you so much i do appreciate it a 15 super chat that’s what’s up thank you so much that’s very kind of you hey is that wait is that missy oh that’s missy what’s up missy oh she wants me to give me uh she wants to give me my money uh she’s got to give me rent redstone mrs z but yes cor kerry thornton thank you again for the 15 super chat uh much appreciated thank you missy that is missy uh i don’t know if she’s ever gonna get into this game or not all right so oh holy 9500 jeez louise okay and then how much is in here oh that’s a lot of oxygen all right so that is my primary container actually uh you say control double click selects all uh oh oh that’s nice that’s really nice okay uh and then let’s go and pick up this container as well hello oh we’re not found come on that’s like pick up the container um yes uh no i’m super excited uh the whole full timey thing that’s gonna take us to 98 percent double-click oh my gosh these containers hold so much uh can i select you oh my gosh i actually got it in there uh let’s also do this one oh control double click this should be good there’s not a lot in here we’re going to do we’re going to reorganize our storage so much it’s going to be bad uh ellis what’s up i love your videos well thank you so much that’s very nice he’s my favorite too your favorite youtuber yes that’s very nice uh is space freighter that actually that freighter’s uh it’s not even it’s not even space capable it’s not it’s not space capable um it has zero space engines on it i might throw i don’t know we’ll see but i think i’m gonna leave this uh why am i not swimming on twitch so i stream on twitch on tuesdays and sundays and right now i think i’m gonna do youtube streams on fridays friday evenings from six to nine about usually six to nine is what is what we do second channel is youtube or zoom gaming late night if you search that it should have my logo and it should say like late night neon underneath of it that’s my second channel that’s what we’re gonna be doing uh like the other stuff over there i’ve been a fan for almost a year now nice night fire thank you so much and that’s a three dollar super chat

guys are amazing um okay so ran out z is my favorite youtuber too silly you silly all right so let’s go ahead let’s unlink no let’s unlink from that container let’s go ahead and declare this as a link container because this is a new large container that’s empty and let’s go ahead and link this container and then uh we need to bring all the ores over here from the ore storage because i have a there’s there’s quite a quite a there’s a decent amount of ore in there let me let’s say let’s just say there’s a decent amount there’s not a lot i’m not gonna say there’s a lot uh there’s definitely people that have a lot more than i do that’s for sure i’m doing fantastic black thunder how are you um all right so control move nice control move that’s really nice to be able to do that okay so now let’s go into build mode and let’s go and pick up these screens inventories matt what oh my gosh that’s the large container i put one in my inventory oh i didn’t even see that huh i don’t even see that in there like that okay i guess we’re going to have to move some containers around i guess we’re going to move some containers around because i guess that those containers are full which actually is kind of fine because these are all my ores anyways so those kind of just need to be separate uh we’ll go and place down another large container so i can get all those containers over here i have like a piece of food like stuck in my hold on a second okay we’re fine i think we’re good uh ah i see my i see my smelly mistake industy it’s supposed to be industry that’s fine it is what it is um okay whoo in dusty um all right i need to get another container out so let’s pop up stairs and i should have a large container in here let’s go ahead and uh declares link container set as default um i need to remove the dynamic property there we go that’s what i want to place right there boom baby yes okay so let’s just get uh let’s just get another large container in here for now declare that one is link container and then link that and then we should be able to get the rest of this stuff over here why do the graphics look so much better than the one i’m playing um i have everything like i have a lot of stuff like maxed out and i’m gonna tell you right now the game is it’s not very optimized yet they’re working on it i gotta lean back i’m like i’m like leaning forward in my seat and it’s getting uncomfortable the game is not super optimized yet so it runs a little uh it runs a little rough on uh on a lot of people’s hardware and uh yeah so because i over here i’m over here and i

i feel like i i try to have like decent hardware you know because like this is what i do full time so i try to make sure i have decent hardware for stuff and uh a lot of people always ask too because they’re like like you play indie games why do you have like why do i have a because right now i have a 2080 ti graphics card they’re like why do you have a 2080 ti it’s like well indie games are usually worse than triple a titles aaa titles run way better on way less power indie games usually require a lot more power to look better because they’re just not optimized enough you know watching this to help my nerves down second hurricane this year hitting oh my gosh yes i know i’ve seen hurricanes like hitting everything it’s crazy be safe um i don’t know i don’t know because this is this is usu this is what my game usually looks like um all right so it’s time it’s time to do some building let’s do some building shall we so we’re going to declare this is a linked container because this is the one that has all of my goodies in it and we’re going to go this that this is default and we’re going to start with the uh refiners we’re going to start with these guys because i’m gonna have my refiner so i’m gonna have a room right here this is gonna be for all refining oh nightfire yt thank you for the 2.50 cento uh super chat i’m sorry that was during my coughing fit and i missed it thank you so much for that do appreciate it um this is where we’re gonna be putting stuff so let’s go ahead and bring these up here i think i’m gonna stick these on the wall so they’re nice and like organized and let’s just go ahead and start here all the slots in your inventory are used please consider stacking items what the heck uh it’s because all these containers i’m gonna remove all the dynamic properties wait can i just do that work on all of them no darn it all right let’s try that what in the heck ah yeah link container bug let’s go unlink and relink it see if we get this twerk now too okay so right there there we go all right looking good looking good looking good actually i didn’t check to verify that these are far enough in yes they are perfect okay perfect so right here’s gonna be our refiners i’m gonna basically set up all of these this whole room is gonna be refinering so like what i’m planning is like each room is going to be like a process a type of machine kind of thing so um yes which uh some people were saying that the linked i mean i mentioned you today on an orchestra oh nice thank you so much that’s very nice to you it’s very nice i just don’t know i want to do something because like we have an org we have like 200 members in it and i want to make uh i’m actually this area right here is gonna be i’m gonna try to put some public use uh machines there for the org stuff okay how many do we have one two three four five six seven eight i don’t need more than eight right now so one two three four five six seven eight i don’t need more than eight and how many more refiners i have five

more refiners um i have five more refiners yes this game is only for pc i’m sorry you missed the thick ship we have this one right here this one looks so much better oh it’s so much better it’s so much better maybe i should just go ahead and set up the other five because that would take us to that would take us through tier three i literally don’t have a use for tier three right now though we’re not gonna do that um i think what we’re gonna do is actually because i was talking about having org stuff let’s uh let’s set up just some org refiners to start with so this is gonna be like the public use room and i’m trying to think because like i want to have room in here for some stuff that’ll work okay perfect is that equal that’s equal okay all right so let’s just bring these over here actually you know what i’m not gonna work on org stuff yet i’m not gonna work an org stuff yet because i actually have an idea for this and uh we’ll play with that later okay so boom those are there now i have room in this room to continue to do what i need to do uh let’s go ahead and let’s grab do i have does this container have my silicone black panel it does indeed okay cool so let’s do this real quick there it goes so let’s just get that set up like this for now something super super rough nothing amazing and then my hub okay so i want my container hub and we’re gonna put that put that right there and the reason for that is that’s gonna be my ore drop off spot um for for raw ores so let’s go ahead and let’s get a large container and we’re gonna throw that over here actually i think we’ll bring it in here like this we’ll do that okay and then we’re gonna throw a door there’s gonna be a door right here imagine a door okay you guys are gonna have to work with me here we’re gonna imagine a door there all right [Laughter] so ideally i can come up here i can click this it’s gonna have an inventory i can just drop off all my raw ore so when i come back from you know mining with ships or if i go into mine or whatever i’ll just drop it off right here it’ll be good um like thin wall to say materials i could but then it’s like it’s for me it’s just easier to place like the full blocks i could i could place like the thin paneled walls or whatever but it also just makes it a little bit easier to to mess with so live in new york nice nice all right so there’s that rough you know not final things by any means okay so there’s those now i think the biggest part of the factory is gonna be the metalworks i think that’s the biggest part like hands down the biggest part and i kind of want to play with some ideas when it comes to building with this because um let’s see so we take an elevator up let’s go ahead and let’s put a room right here this is probably like an elevator room you know so maybe come up there’s gonna be a room right here cool all right so let’s play with all of the metal works and i’ve been playing with a way i’ve been trying to think of a way to do this in a way that stays organized uh t tw ripping or is it tripping out trip it out thanks so much for becoming a super sub

mark ii much appreciated thank you for that very kind enjoy the badges enjoy the amounts um so let’s see metalworks industries now how do i want to do this because i was playing with some ideas my the ideas i’m playing with is storage related i live in washington nice i live in arkansas arcanes um i’m trying to figure out how i actually want to do this honestly i think i’m probably going to put them on this wall because this is actually a flat wall 100 flat wall so i think we’re going to put them like this but i’m trying to think of how i want to do the containers for these you know what i mean like i want to figure out how i’m doing containers for these okay so that looks good there and then if i just bring these over and line them up like that so let’s get a couple in here and we’re gonna play with this idea a little bit all right so we have metalworks now storage is is the which is better star citizen dual universe honestly i think there’s a lot more to do in dual universe um than there is in star citizen and a lot of the stuff that it’s not like you pay monthly to play it but that’s it like star citizen you have to buy the ships and the ships are expensive but they granted their one-time expense so you know it is what it is j tree what’s up thanks for becoming a super sub hello hello enjoy your badge enjoy your remotes thank you so much for that i do appreciate it um but let’s go ahead and let’s grab containers now so these were my ideas i was thinking about either putting uh the container right next to the machine so i don’t have to track the lines you know what i mean because tracking the lines is always a problem however some things require inputs and outputs from like one machine to another so i’m trying to think of i’m trying to think of the best way to do this that would be the most organized way you know what i mean ooh you know what hold on a second new idea new idea what if we did something like that and then we got our metal works and we did something like this like that because then we’d have the container and that all right here that might be that might work because then we could have essentially just rows of this and it’s like oh okay uh boom boom there’s literally the storage retainer for it right there oh i like that and yes we’re gonna have space definitely a space for transfer units because we’re going to need transfer units for sure um i’m thinking that might work because i also i want to be able to activate the machine but i also want to be able to activate the storage i can literally do that right next to each other there’s circuit 28 over there i see flying i see you doing a flyby uh okay so i think this is what we’re gonna do that’s what we’re gonna do we’re gonna do that is this a base or a ship i’m new here sorry no this is a new base new base um yeah lots of new new base stuff and then yeah oh my gosh i’m so excited i’m so excited to do this and then if we wanted to we could actually have another floor up here for another set up here but realistically these should be able to fit like no problem oh this is gonna be good this is gonna be good okay i’m excited now i like i like this um all right so what i want to do is i actually want to copy where this place is at right here i want to make sure i’m just going to make sure it’s like right inside of it make sure it’s 100 equal on every side it is okay cool so

and the container is smaller than the machine so that means we’ll be able to fit the machine no problemo you know what we’ll just go ahead and line up right there that looks good now i’m just gonna line it up on every uh every solid line that we have uh you know i’m one of the first one to say your names correctly for the first time ellis uh i’m glad i’m glad that i was that person i’m glad i actually had a i knew somebody that their name was ellis so um and then actually pick that one up uh what is up night five another two dollar super chat i searched not zoom gaming and blitz shut up oh that’s funny that’s actually really funny but not to see when gaming that splits that’s not there we go okay so that is 100 lined up looks good all right then we’re gonna go with every solid line boom one two three one two three all right so how many do we have here one two three four five six seven eight nine ten eleven twelve twelve is a good number to have rose of right rows of twelve could be that could work that could work okay now so we’re gonna have all of our storage containers like this uh well this one’s not because that one’s not lined up but we have storage containers like that now like we said we want room for transfer units in case we need them um did i say it right the i thought i said alice did i say eli’s i don’t know elias elias did i see elias i’m sorry is that right um so that looks good but now we need room for a transfer unit so let’s actually go ahead uh let’s place down let’s place down our containers to kind of get an idea uh yeah i want them like that okay and let’s see that actually that’s actually like perfect right there one two three one two three okay so there’s those now let’s say we need transference all right so we’re gonna put up we’re probably gonna put up another wall here um but a transfer unit’s not huge it’s not very big it’s about the same size as the um it’s about the same size as the container so let’s say we wanted to see if they place it right there i think it’s plenty of room honestly i think it’s plenty of room uh it can actually be moved a little bit so like if we wanted to place it so it was more even like that so yeah we could literally have boom transfer unit to go on going wherever it needs to go i like it one two three what is up trey thank you so much for the five dollar super chat how are you this is my first general cup just wanted to say hi from one hour to another congrats on finishing up your enlistment love is tell me hey no problem thank you so much much appreciated and thank you for your service as well i’m going to be the one saying that to people now i’m going to be the guy saying that i don’t know it always felt a little awkward to me whenever people said that uh so i don’t know if that’s everybody

or if it’s just me i don’t know um i hide the tvs behind him oh we could always drop a tu in behind it you’re right man that means i have to bring all of these out by one that is true we could just literally throw the tus right behind it connect right there i’m trying so i’m trying to do this in a way that’s going to give me flexibility and modularity for building for the future so that’s why we’re kind of like paying attention to this stuff right now i like that that’s that’s way better you’re right so let’s do this let’s do uh if i move it three so if i do go here you know what i think it i honestly think it’d be easier just to pick them up and replace them all you know what i think we’re going to do them in rows of 10 as well okay so there’s that now yeah say we want to place a tu behind it we’d be able to place it right there just like that so ideally trying to think because we’re gonna still need to be able to get to uh what happens if you need to add another machine making the same part then i just make another machine making the same part easy as that if i need another machine to do it i’ll just start branching off that machine smash that like uh okay but i i want to be able to walk behind them i mean i guess i have access to them from the front so if i need to throw tu’s in i can’t i can throw them right there and then hold on okay so let’s figure this out here let’s actually bring this back to the wall bring this back to that i like it what’s up red roguely how’s it going oh what are you trying to trade with me stop giving me stuff don’t give me stuff medium container i have uh all right i’ll accept it i appreciate z donation thank you sir thank you i don’t know how to emote in this game missy you have a kid i have i have two kids where have you been i have two i have tools i have two of them all right so we’re gonna line up everything from here from fallen oh well that’s very nice thank you so much uh hold on let me get back in the chat now because i that’s one thing i kind of wish that after you got done trading it would take you back to like because i like to leave my org chat up because like i like to watch what people are saying um no i don’t i actually have dual sticks um i don’t have hoda’s i hand i had dual sticks because i think to me spaceships are better suited for dual sticks than they are for a thrust and then one stick because spaceships have uh more axis of thrust capability so like you have forward thrust reverse thrust you have up thrust down thrust and you have left and right and you have you know what i mean so like uh i was i always thought um i always thought that dual sticks was actually a little bit better for uh for space flight but uh okay so let’s get these up and then then we should be good i’m going to do these in rows of 10 oh actually hold on before we do that before we do that i need to figure out i need to figure out how big of a walkway we want i’m thinking so this one ends on an inside

so with this would that be a big enough walkway the only problem with this is that when i go to hook up my machines it’s going to be very much of a pain to go down these rows to find the part that i need you know what i mean of course then we can always do bays and numbers and things like that this doesn’t look right does it uh i think that is right okay all right let’s get our let’s get some machines to put out let’s do this um where is it metalworks yes let’s get you all nice and lined up and uh yeah there we go so that’s two three four five six seven eight nine ten boom baby looking good looking good now what i actually would like to do as well is i’d like to bring this up so let’s bring it let’s get this kind of lined up so we can get the next row of them in here let’s see how is that looking um oh no it’s gonna be different because we have to have room for the tu’s transfer units so the transfer unit’s like okay you know what we’re gonna do one row at a time we’re doing one row at a time all right let’s get let’s get small containers in here again make sure these are perfect oh this is gonna look so good um we didn’t you didn’t just do that on stream i promise i promise that wasn’t on stream i promise we did not see uh i promise we did not see you flip or anything like that i promise it didn’t happen it didn’t happen oh carl dropped the ball again that’s all right carl’s just carl’s being a turd carl’s just being a turd okay so that looks good you know i guess we won’t even have to place walls if we didn’t want to um i probably would still place i’ll probably still place these things down though just to give us some kind of uh some kind of organization essentially now if i do this right i should be able to measure so from two to seven i can’t even see that one two five five well it’s only what one two three four five six seven one two three seven yeah it’s only seven blocks so one two three four five six seven so that should be that should be where the next row goes what are the odds that this would actually end up lining up correctly though you know what i mean do we need to turn on slow mode one two three four five six so the next one would be right there

that’s not bad in the process of moving nice uh hello jixian dixian i’m sorry i probably said that wrong almost 100 luck jason yes colt hello hello how are you one two three four five six so it should be this one three four five six should be that one i’m trying to make sure i’m doing these all right because i feel like i’m probably gonna mess it up oh it’s only one it’s only ones like it’s only one two by two bigger heck yes oh that’s nice it’s only slightly bigger and i love that all right so let’s get let’s just get these put in here and these are gonna be our rows now i don’t obviously have all the metal works to fill all this stuff right now but hey who is missy missy’s my wife miss z1 that’s who it is that’s why her logo looks exactly like mine except for green it is the true mrs z1 thank you truck i do appreciate it i didn’t know it had an issue i should have known though because you know carl’s always carl’s having issues lately carl’s having some issues all right like scrap mechanic and this reminds me of it it is so the building style is very scrap mechanic-esque it does i agree with that it is indeed um all right so now i need to basically i wish there’s a way to copy like i wish i could just copy that layout that blueprint essentially and late in the next one you know what i mean um i just wish we could do that uh so now i need to grab this guy and actually i could base it off of the containers was that one two and two so one two and two no i think that we need to go back a little bit right there that looks like it would be lined up except that the bars are the wrong way dart it yeah cars are bought on discord so that should work there let’s go and grab that to you and let’s see if it squeezes in back here uh oh uh oh oh oh i heard a boomi i heard a boomy i heard a boomy do i know spanish no i don’t well that went badly uh oh my gosh oh my goodness my assist people always help me do stuff the least i can do is help people uh you have to do your own core though because if i touch the core then i i technically steal and i’m not about to steal i’m not about to steal anything that was a big boom that was a big boom [Laughter] do i just grab it no no no no i’m just gonna fix it um i’m gonna start repairing it for them so when they get back here

they can uh they can uh do whatever they need to do i just can’t i gotta make sure i don’t touch the core because the core if you touch the core you have guns on this holy moly uh but i’ve been people have helped me out so much like i just trying to pay something forward you know [Laughter] it’s scripted for stream content it is not come on finish uh you know what i should do the engines the engines are going to take the longest oh it’s still not even that bad though oh nice well how come welcome destiny light 3 gaming sister it is a cool looking ship though it has guns on it too that’s crazy i haven’t even remotely thought about getting any uh any type of armaments for my ships or anything i’m just trying to pay it forward because i crashed my ship twice last time and it was a much bigger ship and there was a bunch of people there immediately to help me fix it so i mean he’s literally right next to my base i have copper scrap like i can i can come over here and help i can do what i can next dive bomber five minutes oh that’s funny so does anybody have any exciting plans for the weekend i know there’s like you know like everything’s going on can’t really go out and do anything but does anybody have anything like remotely exciting let’s talk about like is there anything exciting coming up i’m trying to think games wise what is the weekend the 10th no i can’t think of anything i can’t think of anything like exciting coming out 100 likes heck yes look at that thanks thank you all for uh for liking the stream appreciate it come on it’s restore it won’t restore we’re gonna hold it here for a second come on oh there it goes super laggy there she went like for dive bombers [Laughter] fantastic can z hit 150 likes only time will tell go out to the local walmart and play sneeze tank it’s gonna be that’s so wrong oh it’s so wrong and funny at the same time i restored an element but no so in theory since he crashed or since they crashed on a tile that’s unclaimed i believe that if somebody came over and just repaired the core of this that it would essentially become theirs if i’m not mistaken i don’t know how it works i’m not going to try it i’m just trying to help out um but i think that’s how that works if i’m not mistaken which is kind of crazy so it kind of makes it like you’re like oh i need to get back um i want to make sure i don’t touch the core where is your core at i assume oh it’s right it’s that one right there right it’s right behind the i think it’s right behind the cockpit yeah okay cool i won’t touch the core but i will start getting your cockpit fixed up oh jeez she’s missy should start i start on irl channel so you know what’s actually funny is my second channel was initially z1 gaming irl uh and i was gonna do like vlogs and stuff like that because like i love watching i love watching like vlogs of people’s like what they do and how they

do stuff oh not a safe zone unless they have abandoned it oh okay okay oh did you oh okay well that’s what somebody told me okay i don’t know i’m sorry i only know what i’ve been told and somebody told me that um you need hovers to be fixed i was told that i’m sorry vertical booster landing gear yes somebody came in hot uh red rogue was coming in real hot it does look nice though it looks like it looks like a fighter it looks like a fighter ship that’s exactly what it looks like i like it’s pretty cool i’m actually curious about the guns like how the guns work i wonder if you can can you mount guns on a base like could you could you mount guns to a base and control them uh via like a seat to have like uh like air defenses oh yeah so um if you are a member if you’re a member you your names are highlighted and you get the z1 badge next to your name members are the uh it says like join like right next to where it would say subscribe it says like join channel or whatever that’s that’s what that is we getting ready for pvp yeah i like it i do i like it it’s just it’s like a classic fighter it looks good there are gunnery seats can you so you can do that on a base like if i wanted to like on top of my base i could throw guns on it in a gunnery seat and i could shoot from my base that would be amazing that would be so cool have like a big huge gun like at the top when it’s not a turret it’s like everybody anybody’s flying by it’s like i’m getting your scrap today oh gosh that would be so funny yeah for literally less than like you know a drink a soda if anyone can’t crash the space i bet you oh you bet it’s me thank you thank you what was i saying i don’t know what i’m saying i was talking about the gunnery seat on my base and like just having that there it’s like just shooting shooting at random things going it’s like pull somebody flies by as fast as i can oh man that’s funny oh there’s the seat right there must be the seat you’re talking about i do i have two dogs one is a papillon and the other one is no joke a taco terrier google taco terrier that’s exactly what you find it’s like a it’s like a terrier mix yeah this must be the gun receipt oh yeah two dogs two ferrets two kids one wife [Laughter] thank you missy for clarifying that because if you didn’t i’m sure i’d be getting questions uh mike r what’s up thank you so much for becoming a super sub mark 2 much appreciated how are you enjoy your badges joy emotes enjoy your fancy name and chat thank you for that also it does uh if you comment on my videos it also has like the same name kind of stuff has like the logo and stuff next to your name so um yeah it’s pretty neato i think that’s everything except for nope there’s a thing right there i think that might be everything oh hey somebody else is over here

look at this man well thank you so much it’s very nice of you glad you enjoy uh samo pocky samuel pocky awesome look at that it is ship shape oh not ship shape that is a fuel container right there nice beautiful i’m not doing the spicy noodle challenge missy wants to do a spicy noodle challenge look at that looks good all right um you should be able to find your shift i’m going to go back we’re going back we’re going to go back to the base building thing i’m sorry that was uh that was that was entertaining and none nonetheless it was uh it was entertaining it was like i just heard an explosion somebody made a mistake it wasn’t me this time you can see for long uh i have a wedding i’m attending oh okay i was like you have a wedding and you’re stopping it to say hi before you’re wet okay awesome enjoy the wedding have a wonderful time weddings are always fun always a good time always a good time all right so let’s continue on with our uh our factory right here so did we determine that that was the cr indeed the correct spot i believe it was yes that is the right spot okay all right so there’s that um i guess we’ll go ahead and get our containers out now i don’t how many more refiners do i even have i think i have 12 more or 60 oh i have six metal works sorry i have 16 more make sure these are lined up perfect perfect no why what what are the odds that that would be perfectly lined up oh son of a gun it is heck yes okay you know what let’s just do that perfect oh look at that it already looks good it already looks good i’m still here buried in chat i’m sorry i’m sorry yeah chat’s going crazy let’s see all right now i have enough for a few more okay so we need to do this inventory metal works all right and then i think hey yo joshua mccleary what is up your streams that make my time at work so much more tolerable thanksy no problem i’m glad you’re enjoying um hopefully works not too much of a bore for you are you working from home are you doing the whole work from home thing okay so now that should be lined up there

it is three no gas station oh that’s exciting hey you know what at least you probably have some kind of excitement right you probably have some like people come in every now and then they’re like super crazy weird and stuff truck tech what are you doing man dropping 19. super chat a 20 super chat just like that you are amazing no you’re amazing thank you chuck i do appreciate it that’s very kind of you all right that’s all we wrote on those truck thank you so much for the 19.99 josh thanks for the ten dollars thank you all for everything you’re absolutely amazing everybody here is absolutely amazing oh no uh you can’t park up here this is just out of hover height it’s just out of hover height i promise you and eventually there’s gonna be walls on here so like this is there’s it well okay there’s supposed to be parking down there and there kind of is but it’s not big enough yet jeez louise that’s that’s the um that’s uh that’s your freighter right there that is your freighter my goodness okay look at that all right so oh i like this i’m not gonna lie i really i really like this we have room to walk in between these we have room for transfer units behind all of these and as i need to i can expand out this way and this room will fill up with those heck yes this is so exciting you have no idea it’s upstate new york [Laughter] i bet i bet uh varun what’s up hello hello yeah missy did she worked at a gas station she worked at a gas station that was also uh was it a w and long johns i think it was aw and long john silver’s i think awesome okay so we got those so obviously this area is going to be all of my metal works um i don’t foresee us ever fill i don’t see i don’t foresee us filling this up with metalworks machines very quickly but if we do i think we have enough i think we have enough room to stack right there so now that leaves i have this huge area right here that’s pretty much free and open um let me see what do we have in our inventory what else are we doing need to put a big p at the ship parking area i know i need to get a green p i need like a green luminescent p for parking but i actually i need to finish building it out because um ideally there would be a spot for them to park uh right here because um i’m gonna expand the parking all the way out to this side and all the way forward so parking will be in here all the way down there’s gonna be walls here and there’s gonna be like columns right here holding holding this side of the base up um okay so there’s those uh what else i’m preparing a fighter that was kind of intact it blew up uh let’s see what else we have here so we have electronics chemical glass 3d printers assembly lines recyclers smelters ooh smelters are gonna be another big area actually hey you made it back i’m glad you made it back oh that’s so funny i mean it wasn’t funny but it was funny it was funny it wasn’t funny but it was funny i mean come on everybody got it everybody had a good time out of it all right so let’s see smelters are gonna be another really big area i think we might do smelters in this area because you gotta think like look how much room i have for activities and if i if and i’m just trying to keep some things separated you know what i mean just different machines different areas different things so we’ll leave those alone there we’ll keep this area for that and then let’s do um let’s bring this out this way all right so there’s that we have one room over here this room is going to be for that and i think this room right here is gonna be for smelters crashes happen crashes happen indeed

so i guess we could do something similar with the smelters huh let’s see let’s look at a smelter it might look a little weird geez i guess we could almost do we could do pretty much the same thing and i mean it works like that design will work someone’s firing up oh here they go i love the sound of the engines oh is he trying to park on he’s trying to out here is that what you’re doing you don’t need to park on there man i don’t have enough room i’m sorry i need to work on it um you know what let’s do the same thing with smelters oh yeah no this is definitely work in progress planning for sure uh but i think we’re gonna do the same thing with the smelters like we did with this it just worked way it it worked out it it worked good um okay so let’s do this because i want i wanted to try to keep his things as lined up as possible let’s go ahead and grab uh containers and we’re gonna get these lined up in here like that and i’m gonna actually bring those all the way over this way so i know what at least be on the same line that way for containers and now there’s gonna be walls up so you’re not really gonna see it eventually like towards the end oh no okay i think that’s still good though i hit it twice yes that’s still good uh you’re not gonna see it eventually but we’ll always know it’s different you know what i mean all right so the smelters are a little wider so let’s do that one i don’t know if these will fit like this though but we’ll try all right let’s get a smelter in here we’re get this as centered let’s take it up one more that almost looks like it’s going into the container too oh it won’t fit perfectly there okay we’ll do four we’ll do four spacing so we’ll control four so one two three four two three four how many is that one two three four five six seven i’m just gonna do all of them like this all of them one bro there we go looks pretty and good let’s go and do containers and now we should be able to just hit it we should do blue four as well it should work so one two three four lined up man i am liking this i am liking this and we still have room for the tu’s back here if we need transfer units heck yes is cloud punk multiplayer it’s not i don’t believe so i think it’s only a single player i don’t know it’d be kind of cool if there was and like you could like race each other to uh to

turn stuff in and whatnot that’d be kind of cool um you know what i don’t know that we really need i don’t know we’ll worry about it later okay so smelters are hooked up that’s good let’s go let’s look through our stuff here so the refiner’s good um smelters are done so electronics industries are very small very small and electronic synthesis are very small i wonder because those things stack up pretty darn the second thing second pretty darn quick um let’s see here i could probably put electronics refineries in this wing right here or honestly in one of these two up here well you know what hold on a second assemblers are huge so i think assemblers need to go in the second biggest area which is this one right here so let’s actually throw out assemblers now i want to figure out what i want to do with these i don’t think i’m going to put assemblers vertical i don’t think i’m going to throw out a i don’t think i’m gonna throw assemblers out vertically i just don’t think they would look right it’s not actually the worst thing ever it’s actually not they actually do kind of look good um julian you’re gonna get yourself banned you better chill i might actually not look terrible i don’t imagine we’re gonna need uh i don’t imagine we’re going to need are any transfer units i don’t really think so honestly i was gonna have all my assemblers go out to large storages anyways because you could have 10 assemblers going to one large storage um yeah i don’t i don’t i’m not a huge i’m not a huge fan of those being up and down like that uh this is a new building this is my new large core base foundry factory area that i’m we’re working on here uh okay so let’s see here how do i want to do these let’s do them like this let’s have them go this way because i think they’re all going to end up going into large storage containers anyways so that looks pretty good right there i can dig it perfect um yeah a lot of those are going to get a large storage containers anyway so that that’ll be good hey yo uh zarenax thank you so much for the super support too how’s it going welcome welcome to droid matches join the boats it’s the slightest like satisfactory kind of kind of like it is kind of like satisfactory it’s a little bit more a little bit more work up front um and it gets more in depth but it is a good time nonetheless okay so there’s that now we also have large assembly line which i’m thinking we’re gonna have

one two three four five six seven eight nine ten oh my gosh that’s exactly ten that’s exactly ten that is perfect because that’s the max inputs on a large container so this is a large let’s go ahead and bring this guy over right there now there are extra large assemblers there are extra large assemblers and i’d like to get one just to have it in my factory what is the market value on a large assembler um yeah 540 000 new thank you we’ll make our own eventually all right so there’s that so now we have all of those and then like i said um large container should have a large container still i set them all out already i must have set them out already that’s fine we’ll just have to move one uh large containers just gonna go right here all those are gonna hook to one large container that’s gonna be all the outputs for all the main things uh you’re gonna set up some buy containers i’ll sell you all my ore i’m mining all the time i would i don’t have any money yet i have it so like this is the thing i’m i want to get industry going and like i want to make stuff but like i i don’t have i don’t have an income yet like i haven’t done anything to make money that’s my problem um and i haven’t really even messed with trying to make money yet so i need to do something to make money because i would love i would love to have like a buy raw or kind of thing you know i would love to do that that’d be a lot of fun okay so there’s the assembler so let’s boom out of the way so now we have chemical industry glass furnaces and electrical industry and 3d printers and recyclers recyclers can be in a really small area because recyclers are going to be a very specific like i’m going to go to them to make a certain amount of something um i’m trying to think so i think we’ll do i think we’ll do uh gas refineries and uh gas and glass gas and glass i think we’ll do gas and glass right in here in this wing i think that’ll be big enough um actually what else do i have left chemical gel glass electronics oh 3d printer all right let’s do what’s the next biggest machine probably probably 3d printer hey yo what is up zernex that was a fifty four dollar and zero and three cent super chat usd but uh 500 knocks i don’t know what that is but thank you so much that’s a crazy super chat 54 that’s crazy man thank you so much for that i do appreciate it uh cheers for a ton of hours to join content love the vids with missy well thank you so much uh missy i will i’ll make sure if she’s not in here i’ll make sure that uh i let her know that you uh that you love that stuff but we’re gonna be working on more stuff together too so definitely uh be be ready be ready but thank you so 54 super chat thank you so much i do i do greatly appreciate it that’s very nice of you very nice of you um and then awesome stuff with the dollar super chat thank you so much as well i do appreciate it every dollar counts and i appreciate any support never support so thank you so much for that um xernex is definitely uh definitely the the big spender of the stream though thank you again for thank you all again for absolutely everything it’s crazy i i’m still i’m just like i’m just it’s just still crazy that uh people are willing to to support and donate and things like that so i do appreciate it thank you so much i don’t know if mrs here oh she is there yeah we love yes we do we love making videos um all right so now i need to figure out the electronic stuff because electronics there’s i guess we could do the same thing i guess we could do the same thing something like this actually you know what hold on let me get uh let’s get a tu put down

first put that down there let’s pick this back up uh let’s get a container get this lined up let’s actually bring it over like this move this over a hair like that that doesn’t look right that looks right okay so again making sure we have room for those transfer units um let’s see now back in here let’s grab our electronics factory these are actually a little bit bigger than i thought they were i’m not gonna lie how’s that it’s not perfect i don’t know that it will actually be able to be perfect it’s gonna have to be hmm great show so far i’m working so i’m catching bits and pieces great process thank you so much pack pack oh it’s so funny so funny hopefully i can be entertaining um okay i think we’re just gonna go with that it’s not perfect because it’s like it’s it needs to be it it doesn’t take up the perfect and you know what electronics factories have a really weird bug with them too to where i place it and then i move we’re gonna do three uh one two three four five six seven eight nine okay uh electronic factories have a weird thing where like they don’t always like to stay over the place it looks like it’s actually doing pretty good now so let’s go ahead and let’s get our container again rotate that bring it back heck yes and then we did what three one two three boom i actually need to make more small containers i think uh no i should probably be good because i just gotta i just gotta remove all the the stuff off of them like yeah like see i have all these i need to remove dynamic properties because i went through and i renamed all of them there we go oh that’s medium um that looks pretty good so i solve eleven more okay cool all right so that’s looking good there we go we got some electronics what time is it where i am uh it is a 7 45 p.m man this size of this factory it makes everything look so much smaller because like before like i had you know i had machines up and stuff but like it seemed like there was so much more than there is because like of just how uh how big this area is how big we have to work for all right so there’s the electronics now we need to do 3d printers as well and 3d printers take up a lot more space i’m not using a ton of them right now trying to think with a glass and gas you know what glass and gas is going to be

used right here so chemical industry um i don’t think we’re going to sue anything super fancy with these we’ll go ahead and pull these out we’ll do something like that and we’ll throw the container underneath it i don’t think we’re going to need transfer units for gas or glass to be honest i really don’t foresee us needing that what do i do when i’m too lazy to make videos i play this game i do i play this game a lot uh you know what let’s just let’s just put it in a spot where we could put a tu on it if we wanted to so we’ll place that right there uh we’ll grab this move that right there okay so if we needed to we could squeeze it to you in the back just to make sure uh same so there’s that and then we have glass so actually let’s do this a tu needs approximately what four slots to work with so let’s just say for the sake of simplicity we’ll just put it right there that’ll work that’ll work and then let’s go ahead and get glass furnace in here so like that and then uh yeah see those can sit right next to each other too which is super nice like i said i don’t have a lot i don’t have like hardly any of these but we’ll probably be getting things going here shortly with them oh those aren’t their face the right way needs to be that way rotate is that one the right way yes okay cool there oh he never dies i never die zero deaths love your videos thank you so much santa to do appreciate it all right so that’s looking uh pretty decent we got room we got uh we got room for this is not lined up there we go we should have plenty of room for transfer units back here if we need them like i said i don’t foresee us needing this on the gases and the glass stuff uh yes i do actually if we’re making space fuel or if we’re making nitron i could definitely see is using a transfer unit to transfer from that container to some to somewhere else yes i i do change my mind i do believe we could we could actually probably use that um okay now what other things we have so we got we took care of that so basically all we have left is 3d printers recyclers and honeycomb honeycomb recyclers those are machines that i’m going to specifically use when i need them i’m not going to have i’m not going to have too much stuff there don’t reach out for a while why i’m reading chat i have to read chat fake news oh it’s funny it’s funny it’s funny i just did i read the chat i’m sorry i i try to read the chat like sometimes i get into the into the moment and like i don’t pay attention to chat i’m sorry i’m try i really am trying um okay so we have that floor with that that floor is there i need to get more elevators actually and i think what i’m gonna do is we have what uh one two three four there’s a total of four more floors i need to go to so i’m gonna have an elevator hub probably in this room right here i’ll probably have four elevators right here going to the deck to the next levels uh hi caleb how are you just planning your demise hey what why you planted my device what the heck uh sean woodman what is up thank you for the five dollar super chat where did that come out of how come i haven’t even seen it in chat there it is it’s about time youtube thanks for catching up youtube it’s sad that uh the streaming service picks it up before youtube does thank you so much for the 5 super chat how’s it going it’s going good let’s go good i love the stickers i think there’s so i think there’s custom

stickers too if i’m not mistaken i think we can like add our own i don’t know if he doesn’t reach out it means he loves game i’m do i’m having a blast i’m having an absolute blast with this game i’m loving it um explanation point patreon that will take you to the patreon stuff um okay so the last thing that we have is three printers which are just gonna go in here and honestly i’m not gonna do anything too crazy with them because i don’t know how much i’m going to be using them i don’t think they get used a ton uh you know what i might actually throw 3d printers in this room let’s do that let’s actually throw 3d printers in this room right here and then i think what i’m gonna do is i’m just gonna put a container on the end of each one or i could put it right on top i bet a container would fit right here on top i bet it would how many peeps are in the org at the moment uh let me check we have a total of 214 oh we got some new people awesome awesome awesome welcome to everybody so we’re at wait hold on what are we at now uh we are at 219 members strong baby 219 members strong heck yes okay and i don’t have another 3d printer so that one’s going to chill there um and then like i said recycler is going to be put up in here and again these are machines that aren’t used a whole lot i mean they could be used a whole lot but how do i want to place this all right we’re gonna put one of those there and then honeycomb refiner is going to go basically opposite side uh sean woodman what what’s up again with another five dollar super chat what have i missed i just joined well welcome welcome thank you first for that super chat much appreciated um how are you doing today uh secondly we are working on the do i say do i say like the factory i don’t know if i want to say gigafactory but i mean this is this is honestly going to become the main factory i have room for all of the things i have room for all this stuff um this is going to become my main factory and it’s going to have all of the machines it’s going to have everything that we need for absolutely everything uh so i guess i guess this could be that we’re working on the z1 industries building does that make sense do i have another i don’t have another one of those okay so actually let me put my containers down i want to see what these are going to look like actually it’s kind of close huh um the problem is i don’t want to stick them on the walls because these walls are like so slanted i wouldn’t be able to take them out very far so if i stick on the ground i can take them out further all right so there we go that’s how those are going to be zero deaths me no comment arc what’s up man thanks for the five dollar super chat you try he’s ark’s just trying to stay safe he’s scared of the wrath of misty is what he is that’s what it is he’s just he’s just scared he’s just scared thank you so much for the five dollar super chat man how are you um how come this doesn’t feel right

i guess it uh let me get it to looks better there all right so we have 3d printer room and we should be able to line up 3d printers right here if i need to expand back in i can expand back into this room but ideally what i’m going to do is i’m going to have a wall here so this is going to be a separate room for these machines this one right here i was gonna try to make like a like a um actually now that i’m looking at it hold on a second now that i’m actually looking at it i think i’m gonna have a floor here yeah we’re gonna have a floor here because oh yes yeah we need a floor here all right i gotta do this right now before i forget perfect okay heck yes truck truck tech with another 5.4.99 thank you so much hashtag zero deaths missy you’re never gonna win you’re never gonna win you’re never gonna win this he can never win perfect perfect okay so the reason for that is because this floor right here is gonna be like a uh gonna be a um like a lounge like a vip loungy place and then it’s gonna go up here and it’s gonna come out on the roof uh yeah that’s what we’re gonna do up here so like this this floor right here with this big huge angled window you know overlooking like all this stuff there’s a patio right here kind of thing i have plans okay i have plans uh but this 3d printer is actually probably gonna get moved back it is gonna get moved back it’s gonna move back here up against this glass here oh not too close though because i want to put you to put the container on top of it uh right there and then let’s go and grab this guy you know what we might just do i might just put the containers right here at the at the end of them we’re just gonna do that first we put the containers at the end of them that’s a little bit easier uh christopher hayes is zero deaths heroes nevi no oh heroes never die oh my gosh thank you so much for the five dollar super chat missy you’re not winning it you’re not winning it i’m telling you i’m telling you you ain’t got a chance you don’t have a chance um yeah that’s what this area is going to be this gary’s going to be like a party area it’s going to be for partying okay cool so we got those do we have all of the machines laid out is i’m not forgetting anything no we have transfused i have some more refiners i don’t really need the refiners right now um i don’t think we’re missing any other machines we’re not we need to i need elevators actually i should see what i need for elevators uh hey we got another super chat from joshua mccleary what is up scrap mechanics sorry z scrap mechanics what are you saying you want to see more scrap mechanics is that what you’re saying how come i can’t make an elevator oh is the elevator main electronics factory hold on let’s see um rafting no nano crafter elevator access uncommon oh advanced i see why elevators are so expensive now

i see why they’re so expensive joshua it’s all right you like a scrap mechanic it is what it is i get it i get it i’m too sure of myself what come on all right so let me see here all right so this is like the main little entry room area right here um like i said i think we’re gonna do refiners i think i’m gonna do some like org stuff or use machines right here in this area um you know what this means though right it’s like i gotta get everything hooked up again everything hooked up again it yeah it’s this is gonna be interesting okay so let’s do um yeah lots and lots of things to hook back up but this should be the last time i have to do it i really need elevators i’m thinking about putting all the elevators down here i might put all the elevators down here what problems i need hold on a second i would need one two three i would need three four would be ideal to get to the very top top but three would work which means i actually need six because you have to have two you have to have the one and you have to have the other one um yeah crazy that’s gonna be expensive i need to figure out a part to sell so i was actually thinking about selling honeycomb blocks because that’s what i was that’s what i initially sold to get like my initial little uh burst of money and then um hmm yeah you know what actually i need a door i need a door here and i need a door here and i need to move these two containers um oh i have a large container oh hold on let’s go get let’s get some containers put out here because i know i need one for these so let’s at least get a let’s get a large container set up right here that works boom so that large container is going to be running all those assemblers they can fill that large container it should be fine cell container ls they’re always being purchased and they’re easy to make well that’s that’s true and that’s what i was automating uh that’s what i was automating hold on let’s see how much how much our container l’s worth 150 000 that’s not bad that’s not bad the only problem is it takes like 90 minutes to make you know what i mean why are the ceilings so high so i can add additional floors if i need to uh so i built all this for the sole purpose of not having to move my factory again so i made the i made the whole structure first then i made the floors uh but i made it so that way the floors are gonna be at least tall enough to where if i needed to add a second floor within that area i can just boom good to go you know what i mean um it gives me enough room to expand within the structure well shoot i have uh let’s see okay so raw tier one tier two let’s throw these back in here

raw tier one tier two uh i’m trying to think what i actually need large containers for these this these two right here i don’t think i actually need those right there which means i have three large containers i could sell and i could get like 450 000 uh no yes i could get like 450 000 if i sold three of those like right now um but i also don’t want to sell them and to put my myself in a bad place when i need them later but right now i don’t need them right now i need money oh who’s flying oh hi kyvid you can do it you can clear the mountain you can clear it you can do it oh he was stopping right there because that’s his face that’s those listening disease voice while casually multitasking thank you i’m glad you enjoy um okay that looks pretty good i like what we got going on here so i know you start getting things hooked up and basically what i’m gonna do is i’m gonna work backwards uh we need to get the refiners hooked up obviously refiners hook those up um because they just got they just need to be doing the refining stuff and then basically work backwards so basically make all of the machines so refiners assemblers smelters uh you know everything all the basic machinery we’re gonna automate all of those first and then we go from there because if those are automated we can always expand if we can always expand we can always make more if we can always make more guests but we can always do whatever we want so it’s crucial to get those ones done at first in my opinion my opinion says do this first um uh sounds good neotech yeah you need it come yeah because then i could i think we’re good like i feel like we’re good on stuff like i feel like i’m mis i feel like i’m forgetting a machine or an industry or something like that i think we’re good um all right well let’s start getting things connected shall we um i think i’m gonna go grab a drink and use the restroom real quick and we’ll be right back you guys hang out we’re gonna we’re gonna uh here you know what i’ll tell you what i’ll let you look at this beautiful this most beautiful ship here that we have i just barely missed that that is like i just barely missed this i thought i fell through the floor i was like are you kidding me right now are you kidding me okay oh you know what actually if i do this and i do this you can have a beautiful sunset to go with it i just gotta use the right i won’t even i won’t even be godlong uh there we go do we need a light too oh there we go all right barbies give me a second just give me a second

i underwear back all right hopefully you enjoyed the view kaiman’s floating around doing timing things all right let’s get our uh there we go on screen all right cool let’s start getting things hooked up shall we let’s do it let’s do it so uh what do we need a lot of i know we’re going to need you know what let’s go get the refiners hooked up first one two three four five six seven eight nine that should be fine no because there’s only ten connections allowed and we’re gonna have four going to the container you know this whole this whole 10 connections thing is terrible so actually it would be better to have i almost need a large container with transfer units transferring one of each tier one ore to containers and then taking those containers up from there uh what is up for continued attempts to kill it for not giving up despite many defeats this is to motivate miss z that the missy needs to a defeat thank you so much man drop it another 40 54. three cents or 500 i don’t know what knocks are i don’t know what the currency that is but thank you so much oh my gosh you’re crazy you’re crazy thank you so much for that i can’t even believe that that is that is insane you’re crazy i do not play call of duty mobile no i do not thank you so much for that uh the many attempts the mini attempts missy look at what look at what you’ve created look at what you’ve started look at what you’ve started okay oh that is so funny thank you so much for that [Laughter] um all right so let’s get some things hooked up here so raw ore needs to go to all of these and i’m to rename this one to raw ore

okay and then lots of stalks lots of stocks indeed um and then i think what we’re gonna have to do is we’re gonna do tier one tier two but then i’m gonna have to have a small kind of how many small containers do i have stuff five that’s good so let’s actually get these placed i could place them right here i want to place them down here we’re going to place them down here and then we’re gonna have to have transfer units because this is the only way that i think i can do this oh yeah i thought you were gonna get it from um from the other guy because he had a better deal a good deal but i mean yeah heck yeah one two three four okay so that is that’s gonna be iron copper aluminum and silicone iron not copper iron carbon uh hold on let me get that for you watch container where are you at oh hey how’s it going uh why can’t i click on you to barter harder i do need money i do i do i’m actually gonna need it for uh for all kinds of shenanigans awesome awesome uh oh what’s up man thanks again oh by the way both of these are are earmarked the miss the miss so one defeat so far thank you so much i do appreciate it thank you for the 10.81 super chat heck yes what are you doing you’re crazy you’re crazy thank you so much thank you uh thank you neo pleasure doing business awesome awesome so now we can actually you know what i might actually have to go pick up a couple transfer units um because i i think in order to make this work like i want it to we’re gonna need to do that okay so tier ones are gonna be these ones so one two three four that’s tier one and then tier two is gonna be one two three four okay so that’s tier ones tier twos good to go has stuff new stuff and craft s2 feel by the way oh raph season two chapter two feels fantastic loving the game absolutely loving it highly recommended highly highly recommended yes it’s a blast it’s such a good time actually missy’s even gonna start playing it now because uh well she kind of saw the spoilers from editing my videos but yeah she’s gonna have a she’s gonna have a blast playing that so it’s it’s a good time it’s a good time um okay so now i actually want to link this to that oh i have to delete all these links first i have to can i have to link this to there okay hold on um if i want to be able to do it actually hold on uh this might be faster honestly okay so hold on if i connect you to there and then you to there target must be i’m trying to select it it’s kind of hard to select is this right i think this is right

pretty sure i’m doing this right i think so okay so that should should work okay then i go in here and this is gonna be a large container in here so i should be able to move all of where’s all the basic ore i think i did this right hold on let’s see you know i actually don’t have that much basic or just to even begin with uh that’s the container i’m using that’s not it is this it hey where did all my oars go oh you know what it’s in one of those containers back there okay cool it’s all right here good good good good good uh we’ll deal with that later we’ll deal with that later but we should be good we should have tier one tier two raw and then we’re gonna have transfers going from tier ones to these containers that way we’ll know how much we have and this will actually let us bring out the um hydrogen and oxygen that’s created we can set those out as well so i need six transfer units um what is the market price on a transfer unit oh my goodness um let’s see what those cost to make shall we did we’re gonna make him we’re gonna make him uh um we’re going to make we’re going to make them but it would be nice if i had them now because then i can hook up my whole factory the way i want you you know what i mean because i also need to transfer out i also need to transfer out hydrogen and oxygen uh which we will actually hold on a second let’s use medium container so we dropped us off a nice medium container let’s do that we’ll put hydrogen and oxygen in these and uh oh hold on rotate so it’s facing the right way yeah there we go that’s better okay so we’ll throw one there and i don’t think i thought i had an extra one i thought i had a second medium container that’s fine that’s fine so these are going to use we have to do the hydrogen oxygen uh so let’s get our two transfer units and then we will do uh we’re gonna do hydrogen oxygen like i said so put one there one there and then tier one into there tier one into here and then u to there and then you to there and we’re gonna do oxygen and hydrogen pure oxygen apply run start and then oh the other one has the stuff in it still that’s why um pure hydrogen apply run start okay so this one’s doing oxygen hydrogen that’s gonna tag those that’s gonna bring all of the hydrogen oxygen from that main container

into this one so that will work that’ll get rid of those once we start getting that stuff done um you know what let’s actually go ahead and move some stuff around so let’s declare this as a linked container and let’s go in here let’s go to link container so tier two is copper aluminum carbon and silicon so those are all tier ones so now um so actually it should start being it should start pulling this stuff out right now has it started already oh okay it’s going on this one okay cool that sounds like what’s going on here you’re thinking you’re thinking yeah people are people uh it’s a little confusing going from one thing to the other oh because that’s only 88 liters and that’s only that’s 1100 kiloliters so that’s 11 000 liters that’s a lot all right and then those are all good there let’s go ahead and let’s get the raw ore brought into here perfect now if i’m not mistaken i should be able to open this and this should well pull up that fantastic that looks good uh we can go ahead and set these to iron let me go ahead and set this one to uh carbon silicone and iron carbon silicone aluminum oh gosh the all right so that’ll start making all those that’s gonna start producing them into there and then these are gonna be the tier twos pure uh uncommon so calcium this is gonna be copper we’ll do some chromium and then whatever the last one was what was the last i don’t know what the last one is uncommon sodium okay we’ll do sodium apply start fantastic okay so uh that room is set up just join them a little late it’s all right it’s all right we are uh we’re working on a base place we’re working on our new factory we’re getting things lined up so as you can see the things are starting to get wired um we’re gonna try to keep everything as nice and neat and clean as possible uh these this is gonna be easy because all we have to do is down which is gonna be really nice now when those start leaving this area and running literally all over the factory that that’s when things are gonna get crazy but there’s not really a lot you can do with that i don’t think i don’t use a lot you can do with that i don’t i don’t think there’s a way to make it like super clean you know what i mean i had to grab we grabbed a drink we grabbed a beverage ah delicious so delicious you know what i think it’s time to stand up i’ve been sitting down too long let’s stand up all right good standing up uh how long did the building take uh it took a little while it took a little while i did it last night uh the structure of it the frame of it i did that last night and then we did the machines today over the course of the last why does it not even say how long oh two

hours and 29 minutes yeah yeah yeah yeah so that’s what we’ve been doing and then uh yeah we’re gonna have to get some other stuff going okay so i am going to you know what we kind of know what we need already let me just go ahead and start linking these all up those better be going into containers right okay good all right so that looks good let’s go link all these up i might have a few machines running the same things uh yes next twitch stream is on sunday see i just like how organized this is now it might have been easier to run like one huge storage room with all the storage containers in it but i don’t know i like i like this better it’s different i don’t think i’ve seen i haven’t seen anybody really doing it this way i don’t think all right so we got those those are all connected um all right so now we need to start making some of the basic resources you know what actually do i have lights hold on let me throw my lights up um start linking from this element inventory wait what vertical lights let’s throw some lights up in here shall we default vertical light all right so let’s get uh oh it’s a little far away hey you know what though it’s working it’s working right now so hopefully we can place these up we won’t be in the complete dark uh now like i said they’re not like lined up or anything like that and that’s fine i just want them functioning do i not have anything in this wing right here i don’t this way we can at least see what we’re doing when we’re over here by the thing you’re doing it like me super overkill but also simple and clean exactly exactly perfect last light look at that all right so now we can actually see [Laughter] um now we can actually see what the heck we’re doing fantastic now we need to start working our way let’s start working our way backwards we need to start working our way backwards here so i need to figure out all the machines that we need we need refiners refinerim apply and i want this to be on maintain five uh i want assembly line m i want that to maintain five we’re gonna do smelters maintain five um assemblers refiners smelters uh oh electronics factories electronics industry maintain five um what else do we need here we also need i mean i guess we need do we need 3d printers glass and chemistry stations as well i guess chemical industry apply maintain five glass furnace i’m just gonna have it

maintain five just so that if i need it it’s already made i can pull it out it’ll start making it again uh yeah chemical electronics oh metal works yes oh my gosh metalwork industry that’s like one of the most important maintain five uh can i make can i make 3d printer and then hmm what else do we need to craft here let me let me look let me hover around the factory so we got 3d printers we’ve got electronics we’ve got gas we’ve got that we’ve got that let’s make oh small containers we need to do small containers we need to do honestly we need to do small and beating containers honestly small medium and large would be ideal do i have anything in this one okay i do container s and i want to maintain like 10 of those um and then in game chat okay uh what’s in game chat you haven’t set up elevators to get up there yet what are you talking about but i know i haven’t set him up yet darling are you trading with me oh man what are you trading me you can be transferring what darlie what are you doing what are you doing thank you so much for that charlie’s coming in clutch you’re coming in super clutch oh my gosh thank you for that holy moly let’s get those things hooked up oh that’s amazing that’s gonna make life so much easier now because i was like oh we gotta go grab these we’re gonna have to go do this stuff like it’s gonna happen it’s gonna happen you know charlie thank you so much for that i do appreciate it joshua mccleary been watching on the 70s been watching on the 70s for an hour unfortunately 5 a.m comes fast i’ll finish the stream in the morning have fun at the dark side always there thank you so much for the five dollar super chat appreciate it have a wonderful night josh and uh where joshua i’m sorry i don’t wanna i don’t want to say anything that’s uh i’m not allowed to say um but thank you so much do you appreciate you have a wonderful night we’ll see we’ll see you later yeah heck yes transfer units oh my gosh i’m so excited about that oh i’m so excited okay let’s get those set up here first so oh this is so good charlie you coming or yarley or charlie you’re coming in clutch coming in clutch so one oh my gosh this is gonna be so good so good okay so let’s go ahead and oh i gotta be in build mode huh rename this is gonna be pure iron pure carbon your silicone and pure aluminum i always forget that one i always forget that one okay so boom boom now i am a little worried that i’m not gonna have i should only have four five six

okay this should work out perfectly so basically what this is doing so let me talk through this a little bit here because some people might be confused as to why i’m not just putting those directly into that basically what this is doing is buffering because these containers can only hold so much and it’s not a lot it’s not a lot and what i want is i want all of my raw ore to be immediately like i want to be able to deposit and have it work through and turned into the pure form like as quick as it can that way it’s ready to use for whatever so i have it going into a large container now these transfer units will pull out specific things so i’m going to be pulling out iron specifically it’s going to be going to this one and then this container is going to go off to the factory um so that’s why that’s doing that oh huge win huge win okay so this is pure iron so we need to go in here we need to iron up here pure iron apply run start basically as if there’s iron in there i want to be taken out uh this one is carbon pure carbon was this silicone dark side of superior misty why are they calling you the dark side truck tech’s in the discord that’s probably why and then pure aluminum all right so now as you can see these containers are being linked and carbon’s being put in that container so now from here because each container can only have 10 uh connections going to it this tier 1 container is maxed i can’t have any more connections going to it so that’s the jobs of these so now i can have actually 10 connections from this transfer unit as well or i can have 10 connections from this from this container so say this container starts getting full uh we can either upgrade them to medium containers and go off of there or i can put another small container and then go from two different small containers now the problem with the small containers is i don’t know if it tries to keep them equal um or if i have to like i i might have to hit maintain and then it will try to maintain like 3 000 on each container i’m not positive on that i’ll have to test it in the future but for now it’s working we got what we need to do um but yeah so if i need to i can put you know more small containers i can link them up and then have whoop go under even more if i need to but i shouldn’t i shouldn’t need to because those typically only go to the smelters those are usually only going to the smelters so that is amazing thank you again for for those for those machines i do appreciate it that’s super exciting and we also have a extra large assembly line which is a monster an absolute monster but i’m only gonna have i think i’m only gonna have this one i do not see me using another one really for any reason oh that’s nice that’s not look how big that is compared to like these are mediums this is a large this is an extra large look at how insanely huge that is oh it’s 10 out and 10 in i thought it was only 10 well it doesn’t matter because we needed those anyways it’s fantastic oh it’s so good it’s so good it’s so good i’m so excited it’s so good oh thank you so much for that i’m i’m so extremely happy about that so extremely happy about that because that just made our lives like so much more organized it was it’s fantastic all right so we have our machines hooked up

um so now basically we gotta get a figure we gotta get everything figured out what we need how much we need we need more transfers not storage i know i need more transfers we’re gonna start making them eventually don’t worry um okay so we need basic reinforced frames on all of them we need basic pipes on all of them i think we also need basic screws on them so let’s do this oh oh look at that who’s that it’s like it was like light and it’s like it’s all lit up and it’s like anyway it’s gone um okay so let’s go get a couple machines set up um so i think for the first i know we need pipes so let’s get basic pipes how many do we need because i don’t i don’t need like i don’t need them to be running all the time but i need so many of them huh okay you know what let’s just start we’re going to start working backwards because that’s what i always tell everybody if you know if you’re ever confused like just start working backwards figure out what you need and then go from there so let’s start with this one what do i need here reinforced frame you know what i know i need frames on every single one of these machines so let’s start with a basic reinforced frame we’ll get that one hooked up to all of them uh so we need a basic reinforced frame m and then i want it to maintain five and then i actually i know i’m going to need basic reinforced frame l’s basic reinforced frame l apply maintain 5 and then we also needed frame i think we needed basic standard frames but i’m not positive so let’s just get steel and steel right two things to steal that one’s five wow that’s 74. and this one’s 515. jeez louise that’s a lot okay so we’re gonna go over here we’re gonna start making steel and i think we’re probably gonna have two let’s see still psyllium steel has used a decent amount still apply i’m gonna have it maintain a thousand how much do you make him in 79 okay i’m gonna have this one maintain a thousand as well because steel is used a lot now for steel we need iron and carbon so we’re gonna bring up iron and carbon on both of these what are you iron what oh then we need carbon as well i think carbon was this one right silicon carbon boom now those are chugging away chugging away you hear them they’re just doing their thing okay so uh we’re gonna pull from one for now until i get a whole bunch of connections going out and then i might pull from the other one uh so i know it was that one and that one so those two are good and that’s making medium basic reinforced frame m and if i’m not mistaken does like pretty much every machine up here need a basic reinforcement am i’m almost positive video your water’s tasty what are you talking about uh that’s a frame m that’s a frame m oh my gosh wait wait one two three four five six seven eight nine oh my gosh we gotta link all of those

holy moly [Laughter] there’s so many m has been saturated already all right basic reinforced frame m hooked up good to go uh now i need to go rename that container because if i don’t i it’s gonna be confusing rename basic r frame m okay uh this is basic our frame l and then that one is what we need for large containers and then i think try to decide if i want to just go ahead and automate large containers i mean might as well right he had a pumpkin spice frappe today so did missy i had a um i had a vanilla latte absolutely delicious absolutely delicious i didn’t have a frappuccino though missy had a spice latte yeah and then actually i think what i’m going to do is i’m going to maintain do i maintain five of these and if i need cash like i can make cash let’s maintain five let’s do it let’s see what happens here uh i think this container’s locked though as far as oh we haven’t done outputs yet two three four five all right uh one of these did not get hooked up this one right here it did get hooked up which one of you guys did not get hooked up did i get them all maybe i got them all yeah name the assemblers too this is true uh assembler refiner m ah that’s invalid we’ll just leave it for now oh somebody else is stopping by hey you’re connected you’re connected this one’s not connected because it should be the lowest line perfect okay all those are connected good uh so now we have reinforced frames hooked on all of them so now uh we need basic pipes on

quite a few of these basic pipes basic screws lots of basic pipes all right let’s go do uh let’s go do basic pipes now basic pipe main supply it’s gonna maintain a thousand i’m just gonna start doing big numbers just because like i know i need it and then we need psyllium um so again pop psyllium in this one i’m pretty sure we’re gonna do another psyllium too because i’m pretty sure there’s a couple other things that require a lot of it all right and then cilium is silicone and aluminum which is the other two containers that i didn’t touch right silicone aluminum perfect yeah all right so this one is silly and we’ll bring that over here oh man should be this one right there still in perfect um i might oh do we do another one of pipes i feel like we probably should do another one with pipes this is the only downfall it’s like sometimes because before i would have two machines going into one container now what i could do is if i really wanted to i could double stack i could stack another one on top of this one and have a two of them go into one container let’s just do one in each container if we need to do more then i’ll drop i’ll do that i’ll stack another one going into the same container to help supplement some of the the flow but i mean honestly over time eventually things will level out like as soon as because right now we’re demanding a lot from this like the whole system uh because we need like all these different components and things like that um so we should be good uh let’s see your pipes right yeah you’re making pipes so it’s gonna rename this one oh basic pipes and then let’s connect you to pretty sure you need to be connected to there the first one cold cider cold cider delicious so not that one but we do need that one all of them but the second one and the last one all of them but the second one and the last one oh my goodness okay so let’s see should be the third box right yep it was actually second to last one it’s that one that one doesn’t need it perfect okay boom pipes are done pipes are good to go we need a drink we need a beverage oh did somebody want my hold on let me let me give my um somebody wants my destination perfect okay boom pipes are good frame is not good we need basic power system chemical container power system screws chemical container what do i have two of smelters no refiners they use the same one holy moly does uptime work on youtube hey it does heck yes oh yeah look at that look at the time my gosh i was only gonna stream till nine i didn’t even get my stuff all finished set up darn it

somebody get this all done so things could run and do the stuff this is that it took this long to do this stuff it’s crazy it’s crazy so basic power system basic chemical container let’s get this machine hooked up first uh and basic power system actually requires electronics factories so we’re gonna have to go up for that one oh my gosh you know what we got a long time ahead of us we got a long time ahead of us we do indeed and unfortunately it’s i’m not gonna finish it tonight i’m not going to be able to knock it out tonight because it is already 9 o’clock and i do have to get stuff ready for tomorrow for youtube stuff so amaze imagine that imagine that amazing yeah time flies when you have fun or when you’re like super busy and have to redo your entire factory oh my gosh but i like what we got done i definitely like what we got done um plenty of room for expanding so assemblers i can go up i can go over we also have another area over here i might end up moving i might end up moving this guy over here because i think i’m only gonna have one to be honest whoa hey no i think i’m only gonna have one of these i don’t foresee a reason to have like a lot of these things whatsoever so i might just have that one over here move this over here and then keep uh be able to do more rows like that i think i think but uh yeah it’s 39 o’clock and i’m sorry arc fun street bait have a good one thank you so much for coming out uh but yes it is it’s that time it is that time we are gonna end the stream i’m sorry hopefully you all had a wonderful time uh i have had an absolute blast and i have a lot of factory i have a lot more factory building to do we got we got all kinds of stuff to do so uh you may catch it in a live stream uh next stream will be sunday at 1pm central standard time so 1 pm central standard time um will be the next stream on twitch and depending on how things go i might be picking up exactly where i’m like leaving off or if i have some free time some night i might come in here and just doddle with it and get it working a little bit so uh yeah we were so close to 200 likes you were so close so close to 200 likes you guys tried so hard but thank you again for coming out and thank you everybody for all of the crazy support crazy donations hold on let me um let me get over here uh i just want to thank everybody so night fire thank you so much for the super chats cj navarro thank you so much for the super chats old timer young kid thank you so much for the super chats uh we got joshua mccleary became a new member um our super sub mark ii we got uh night fire became a super sub mark ii richard lawrence thank you so much for the the super chats carrie thorton thanks for the super chats uh tripping out thanks for the super sub mark ii j tree thanks for the super sub welcome everybody thank you all for everything bill thank you so much for the 10 super chat nice streams thank you so much i do appreciate it um trey thanks for the five dollar super chat um i’m going through trying to thank everybody for their super chats joshua uh mccleary thank you for the super chats truck of course thanks for the super chats uh oh it froze why did it freeze hello just trying to scroll through here uh youtube uh xernax uh my my youtube screen completely froze up it’s not hold on oh no don’t refresh it it’s gonna refresh some stuff uh oh uh okay still good there we go okay i don’t know what happened it like froze up um xernax yes xernax thank you all thank you guys so much for all the support uh let’s see sean woodman ark truck christopher joshua bill thank you all for absolutely everything i do appreciate it yes stream is ending we are ending it because like i said i have to get videos ready for tomorrow i have to get some things ready and we actually have family coming out this weekend so missy wants to try to get some stuff done but yes thank you all so much for coming out i’ll see you uh see i guess i guess i’ll see you technically tomorrow morning but like that video is already recorded it’s like it’s gonna seem like yeah it’s gonna be weird it’s gonna be weird c41 gaming thanks for uh thanks for coming out

caiman deer in headlights look yes uh but yes thank you all so much for coming out you have a wonderful and i’ll see you next time we’ll be streaming probably again maybe next friday again we have family coming out so i don’t know for sure so uh just make sure you’re subbed your bell icons are notified hey we have 214 likes we broke 200 likes during the stream heck yes awesome thank you you guys have a wonderful night i’ll see you in the next one bye everybody you