Silver Streams: A Modded Terraria ..Experience..? – Part Three

and we are good to go awesome let’s see how these new little thingy things work out for us I’m curious that’s that’s that types of seal what’s up feeling I doing buddy get our stuff set up here what’s up hellborn how you doing Geoffrey cat hi guys exotic I doing buddy so I have some some awesome good news I’ve been tweaking around with OBS I feel like I feel like my computer can handle a lot better stuff you guys might have noticed I don’t know maybe a little bit better quality I’ve changed to actually stream in 1080p at least 30 fps but we will see we will see how everything goes what’s up Paige I do anti-system Elijah King Walker Oscar why am i everybody just kind of dog piled in today huh so what’s up lol man okay good news I added more mods as well at the very bottom of the everything oh good I’m actually gonna be able to play this game and and mentally be able to breathe like mentally breathe and be okay I always thought it was dogpile I could be wrong though okay Tristan right I’m glad you think so feeling I’m glad you glad you enjoy stuff man alright guys so my brain wasn’t working my brain was not working um last night but now it is I’ve got to get my bearings on whatever the hell I was doing do harpy spawn is that something new and nice that could be nice Black’s survival I saw your comment about that actually I CLE forgot um what’s that all about our oh it’s an enemy texting hmm right page that that was that was a huge doubt of mine that’s awesome though my god I really hope the wyvern spawns otherwise we might have a problem Oh choreography for your graduation party oh man makes it sound like you’re going to be a dancer oh I see so it really does add it okay so what we can do as a matter of fact because of what I added there’s now a unique wing so let’s not throw that away there we go now their default man herps are not spawning still wait nope hey hang on that’s a hurt perps are spotting I can kill the herps now awesome more herps and your misery good day nancy boy hey man that’s awesome huh born in King Walker that’s even cooler dude man graduate in hell yeah buddy freedom adulthood taxes you know how it goes you kind of like to re exotic think tour is pretty all right they are the chests salesman so what marching scout excuse me excuse me oh my actually really hurt so I’m thinking is maybe I need to bring water candles and battle potions up here because that does increase the amount of mobs you can have in one spot okay I’m almost as excited about the harpie spawning as I am the 1k man all right guys down we go dance salsa I can’t dance

that’s not something I can do but I do know how to rhythmically bob up and down like it prom and stuff that I could do that that did happen all right I’m gonna use up all these eyeballs here I’ve got a little Chompy ready go do serious damage mana I suppose this would be the better one to be using I wish I could just spawn them in all at once that’d be nice what’s up DJ how you doing buddy terraria who knows tires a spooky place these binoculars man here hop on back over here I think I think the the the bee’s knees default is probably do a better job maybe not maybe not I don’t know I can’t tell much of a difference actually wait your action wait are you joking or are you actually doing something High School Musical related I feel like Joel did that in one of his streams perfectionist I don’t I think it wasn’t during one of his like see how fast he can crash a desktop type of thing I don’t remember exactly what it was what the is this this hungry thing doing that’s actually really kind of funny minecraft people get triggered when they see terraria oh man so the terraria people are gonna get triggered when they see Minecraft on this channel update the description it was sort of updated I added a thing at the end it’s not exactly the same strawberry raspberry cupcake that sounds beautiful I’m already hungry how the is he oh he’s so slow I rest in pieces okay Cthulhu let’s hope to get an annoying prefect on every boss in the future what is that oh okay that’s cool interesting finally got a suckin trophy after four hundred kills tastes awesome and that sounds awesome I guess so I the prefixes seem to coincide with what the reforge upgrades do like the prefixes you get for weapons so for instance if we were to have a legendary eye of Cthulhu it would have more crit speed damage size and knock-back but annoying is a bad prefix which there’s another mod I wanted to install but a lot of mods were actually outdated I actually looked into the that pumpking mod marathon and I could do it but the problem is it is not updated to meet the requirements for the most recent updated launcher it’s not it’s just not updated so I can’t do it just yet but if they update it I can and then there’s a another mod that was called even more modifiers which is cool because it actually gives them like special effects like this eye of Cthulhu could shoot lasers or throw me millions of miles up into the air man headphones are broken that’s not good he did that’s awesome in always you go he’s gonna make a a trophy room oh isn’t something a sighted I have Cthulhu yo-yo overload I don’t think I got yo yo overload I don’t really use yo yos that much honestly though they are very viable they’re very viable options I got a triangle mask let’s see it is a triangle is that an Illuminati mask are you serious

okay wait now have an Illuminati mask that’s beautiful okay we will play some trophies around oh nice yeah why am i farming the I I was just using them all up for some more gold because like as you can see I got a ton of gold from that that’s nice to have because there’s more things in this like for instance these loot bags and look at all that chrome teen or that can be sold like Jesus that was almost that almost that mean entire platinum we’re not done selling stuff yet so actually could this very well might give me an entire platinum holy a victory shards are nice to have to almost it almost gave me an entire platinum awesome welcome back yet II godly Moon Lord is possible that yep according to this thing that’s very possible it could happen potentially that wouldn’t be very good not for me at least okie-dokie we are almost at four and a half platinum so I’m feeling pretty good about money feeling pretty good about that I don’t know if I want this I’m really not thinking I want this I might a spark I mean it’s good but it doesn’t let me hit stuff what’s up Keanu daelin parent how you guys doing okay I’d say that going for the the the altars is now in order so this is going to be an adventure I have to do this actually no it did net me a platinum I just didn’t sell something that I could have sold I’m doing pretty good myself Kiana thanks for asking I want that last prism very very bad I want it very very bad hellborn ya know there’s that it’s all there man daelin Clark thanks for subbing buddy I’m not sure if any of you guys can notice any differences in the stream but do let me know if it gets better or worse I I did change some things do I like books um well I like reading and listening to stuff but I don’t like actual hardcover copy looks I really haven’t read them in a long time I do most of my stuff through internet and related things on the core stories and stuff my sister though now she is in a complete book nerd like an entire wall of her bedroom because he’s been my bedroom and my dad had that put together but an entire wall of the room is just shelf and so much of it is full of stuff like books and stuff she’s crazy about him boom fell off we got here to get it Oh that’s what that was I got a Amen Lord oh that’s cool that’s actually really cool-looking fahza and you killed moon Lord that’s awesome an awesome system you are fahza right sorry I don’t often talk to as many people as I do during the actual stream verses when I’m you know like discord versus stream chat and the names are different what’s up sushi I doing buddy do I listen a creepypasta creepypasta for stories countdowns all that type of stuff yes I eat it up and I’m particularly a large fan of the SCP foundation and related things it’s of HTT i doing buddy I’m amazed how I still don’t have max mana let’s work on that uh Melissa currently this is a single-player playthrough I’m sorry friend okay now we have max mana soda my favorite SCP I don’t know um after looking at one there’s an S EP called

scp-1325 ye ye pod not like you’re thinking which ones do I listen to um well as far as the channels go that I listen to I listen to a lot of smaller ones but again a lot of big ones like mr. creepypasta creeps Mecosta king spook unit five to two I think that was the number just call him unit but um I love them there’s so many of them like tat stops videos too they do a lot of really good coverages or certain things like I just watched at stops videos of their top 20 little misters where they put the little mr. si PS on one thing and that’s super cool too like they can make an entire game based off of a facility just full of the little misters honestly what’s up Delta how you doing buddy welcome back hey that’s no worries counting just glad you’re here man good talking to you alright let’s hurry up and pave a path to destroy all these things oh you’re pretty okay cobalt orichalcum ha Louisville orichalcum about an titanium that’s the exact opposite of mean Jarrett’s playthrough that’s funny get out of here race ain’t got on me yep I was the very last thing we did was getting a hard mode wow this this summon thing does pretty damn good job honestly that would be more cobalt at the same town just going mine this right here what’s not an SCP marathon we’re not just talking about a PS we’re talking about a creepypastas as well and laughing Jack’s a creepypasta I just said that out of horror story related things the S AP foundations one of my favorites SCP 131 I just I really want one there they’re so cool they’re like little eyeballs are like the perfect house pet because they don’t they don’t need to eat they don’t need to sleep they don’t they don’t like making messes in the forums of needing to use the bathroom the only thing they need is visual stimulus and I play video games that’s plenty of visual stimulus and they’re cute and loyal and smart and they’re just so cool rip system first in pepperoni wait what are we okay was this a son bat I want to kill that what do you do essence of cinder okay I actually need that well I know how to get it now scp-682 yeah it depends on what type of thing we’re talking about sucking JC oh hey I can fight a boss let’s fight this boss again I want to fight this boss again now I got to be careful though I might die though it might make the boss harder that’s weak hopefully it translates to boss being weak rest in macaroni alright this boss is about to feel a lot of pain here we go lots of pain this boss is about to feel here we go oh yeah rest in peace rest in peace that actually healed me more than I hurt me awesome rekt in pepperonis rustic peace

perforator folly pony thanks for subbing front the brain of cthulu really that’s interesting didn’t know the brain of cthulu actually really had that many fans that’s cool hammer thanks for 7 bud um Moon Lord on multiple other playthroughs I’ve gotten multiple kills on in both solo and with Gareth I’m on this playthrough I’m just gonna take out my time and enjoin the mods man there’s a lot of really cool stuff I’m a little disappointed there’s not that many altars here that’s problematic nothing huh Oh get out oh okay I’m dead see that’s the thing I don’t like that I can’t hit it with my sword because my sword get like 2 or 3 shot that thing but because it’s hitting it it’s giving it I framed I didn’t know enemies had invulnerability frames yeah the idea for the brand igloo is pretty cool though I like his attack patterns are there rapiers in this world you counter-attack bosses it returns with double damage that’s interesting what’s up snip see how you doing buddy oh no my my sleep rhythms totally up – a system will suffer together buddy sausage maker though okay possessed leggings technically that is better but I’m really enjoying having this this immunity to debuffs that’s cool as awesome okay we’re just put everything away now I wonder what I can make with mana crystals I bet there’s something cool I should check that out too bloody rupture blood orbs do not want to dilute bag I’m also a mili – okay that’s good thanks man glad you like it buddy with the item viewer this right here this is actually a storage mod called magic storage it’s very nice you access it through here and these are your storage bins that you can build multiple of it’s awesome it’s so nice awesome make more ramen Shrek I should I should make more Roman dear dear dear barrel oh that’s how you make ascension orbs I don’t need one most amplify the chant Minh solution oh okay scientific magical things huh see troll bomb what could go wrong only snek knows oh really that’s cool shadow alter an artificial demon alter that is awesome I’m going to make that okay cool where’s the mods everywhere man I’m glad you think so Hellboy I appreciate that buddy how hot is it at my place it’s it’s pretty pretty hot it’s not fun what’s up Fred night core bro huh fix well I’m glad you like the content man okay so there’s a dude that’s sold bars by like 20 of those I really hope the Dryad cells specifically vile powder I don’t think she does oh no that’s right she only does it on blood moons damn it I think I need hang on can I can I fight this guy in the Crimson someone explain this game’s you exotic um well basically just go through and you kill stuff until you kill more good they do I’m sorry probably pony did I miss something I’m sorry see do I have the calamity mod in the

crystal ahmad i have the calamity mod but i already had this world made when I found out about crystal iam I really wanted to add Chris Fillion and I still do but unfortunately I can’t because I would have to make a new world I’m super sorry about that I did not see your message I apologize 84 degrees oh my I can’t I thought I’d be able to damn it that’s that what is this what is this what is this a hallowed crimson cave oh my goodness what has happened to this place what is this place this is not the same place super awesome to farm stuff I think what the I thought that said anal probe honestly and if it takes too much knock-back awesome it’s like a highlight to show someone that you’re trying to get their attention and what biome was that I’m not sure I think it’s a glacier biome but I’m not sure I’m not sure it might have been it might have been falling I’m not a hundred percent sure I love the music in it though I love the music in it I’m a filthy otter she still thinks that she’s the filthy otter so that’s good or Morales down how awful make the biome blade now oh yeah that is a thing isn’t it different effects in each biome that’d be cool you leave an exotic see you later buddy or I am a silver or that’s right I can’t break that anymore God what the Christ happened to this this biome but we are gonna we’re gonna we’re going to kill more it’s really pretty what’s up clownfish I doing alright exotic later buddy take care man yes thank you King Walker we are growing going with a swiftness more or there must be more we will make all the or it’ll be orrible what’s up al Quang welcome buddy how you doing man all right exact see you later buddy you dirty boy there’s any of the mod items have a biome scanner I don’t think so not anything that I’m aware of if I was a frozen funny Brennan thanks for seven that’s how broke this is it’s a hollow biome I didn’t know the hollow could override crimson like that but will clear out all this just badness that still makes it count as a crimson it’s just nice having an actual hollow biome now this means Jarrett’s plate there it sucked there was no hollow biomat and make one what’s up Colby how you doing buddy your rights might owe you place my to Brendan who do you mean who is your main I must know it’s a snowy hallo to I don’t really do a sub for something JC I apologize buddy I just wasted this worm food heck wrath of wrath walk you know what high school wrath of wrath this looks cool I don’t

know what this is but I think I like it we are now in that biome again that’s very cool I’m really looking forward to doing a playthrough with Gareth we’re going I’m going to set up a mod thing for me and Jared sometime in the future and we’re going to do another playthrough a lot of area light here I don’t think I need any other dough that guy really wants me just going to keep going down see what happens it’s awesome that’s really pretty Adrienne thanks for subbing friend and then it gets ruined by going a little bit lower darn that’s good I’m pretty sure I can make vile power this vial powder with viscous mushrooms which I should have a few at least should at least have enough snip see thanks for subbing friend a whole bunch of new or is al Quang Hecht up Oh Kevin Garcia thanks buddy what’s up Adrian all right spray the jungle into the deck yeah rest in peace jungle so more fun that way right where’s that other do that it’s not you it’s you this abomination not nope I need Dorf cycle shop go hard mode I can’t buy any yet though I definitely can’t do that oh my god wow it really has everything here huh I want to fight the hive mind plushie doll Death Bringer fairy really hang on all three hardmode bosses hang on I want to do this one second I got to go to the crimson though all pre hard mode bosses will I be able to handle that Skeletron the eye the brain the bee does that also include mob bosses hang on I’m about to do this well thanks for subbing Kevin I appreciate that buddy and later Walker I like you too Adrian I like your face even more buddy this would be fun expand the jungle so it’s as big as possible for when I fight Yaron isn’t Yaron a dragon think he’s a dragon it’s gonna be cool thanks Sam wait this might have corrupted some stuff that wasn’t previously corrupted I’m not sure all right let’s do it Hey this is cool here we go what you mean snip see um I do thing with that I do stuff with everybody well we’re still alive must punish that hand for thinking could hit me oh it’d be nice if I’d an actual platform it’s the stuff down here that’s killing me the hard mode enemies

I think Skeletron is dead that’s one down is this damn bee man sorry guys I know I’m missing some people I feel like I could build an arena specifically to allow all of them – the brain is awake multitask harder right all right cool music’s gone that’s just the dumby nobody likes screen B so I’m gonna murder Queen B pretty hard though hang on we got this that’s that’s a good source of boss orbs killing moon Lord is never easy I’ll show you how to make them easy but there will always be a way to cheese always go scream these savage hack I will not give up in ten will not give up an antenna okay I think we’re good though let’s go away for the me to come back rip that’s that you cleared it you know I’m just gonna just gonna leave a bunch of here though I do want the trophy I don’t need another one of those but dropped up here Oh God was that no awesome go we’re very wealthy in this playthrough I bet that gave me a bunch of stuff too teardrop cleaver I just got to sell all these other things a mechanical skull good one ah do that one later here we go we did it modded bio marathon oh yes it’s it’s just modded everywhere we got a bunch of rare loot bags – I could be good I’m just gonna put most this stuff away yeah the famine scepter we don’t need that awesome alright let’s see what these loot bags give us though another one of those two huh I guess they’re not crazy good but the Titan glove is nice I needed that I can combine that with the Pharaoh clause and then into who knows what this mod has in store think I think I can make like a destroyer glove or something like that and my cringe probably man we just fought every pre hard mode boss at the same time marcos glacier biome something like that all right prankster man yes indeed I do remember

you sorry I was scrolling up I missed a couple comments there because of the stuff we were doing we are Guide curious as there’s any modded things that are new like a power glove am I actually alright well a Ferro claw then gentleman thanks for subbing just got to expert mode on hard mode awesome man I fought plant air yet not yet we’re about to do some magical flower frost okay we’re about to be doing some sort of a [ __ ] my brain keeps dying we’re going to be doing some mechanical bosses that’s that’s what I’m looking for that’s what I’m looking for power glove now what can I do with this I’m sure many interesting things right mechanical glove but I need an adventure emblem for that to get the Avenger emblem I’m gonna need to go do some fleshy walls but I think that’s all I need right there see oh flight that’s new I didn’t realize that’s what you need City avenge your emblem never mind that’s going to be a little bit then so I’m not going to use that pumpkin moon ha look up MEMS and download and run it huh some meds the MEMS virus can kill you but be careful with that all right are there any of these that I actually want to put on not really guess it can put on the climbing gear but you know let me grab my grab potions let’s go get all the other floating islands we missed that sounds like a good idea to me right it’s going to happen next who knows to mystery at all found to so there should be a bunch more over here let’s go whoops and off we go I’m gonna just clear up this this undiscovered area right here all right now we can continue moving I was quick hopefully has a balloon no but I think I can I can transfer it to a balloon so that’s nice the sushi stuff too like it just makes this it makes the game so much easier oh um if you check the description I think I added 5 or ish um there at the very bottom of the list if you check it out and here’s another one Wow I mean there’s about to be a whole lot of nothingness in two minutes huh for that succulent Amazon Code right man really so is it four or five islands I don’t remember I forgot how many Islands there are we already have four as you guys can see just kidding here’s the fifth one Jesus Christ there’s so many of them we have the sky mill we needed and the balloon perfect I think that’s all of them oh is that the case sushi I’ll check it out for you we got the balloon at least so that’s nice I got your update by the way I updated it to your most recent version as a matter of fact here I know it’s not a lot to do and we’ll see what we can do I don’t think sky tokens would be that hard to come by right all right so clearly that’s what this is gonna be I’m gonna make a blizzard in a balloon just because it’s cooler well let’s see if I can swap the horseshoe for anything now it doesn’t seem so it appears you were correct sushi

all right 50 more to go to 900 that is phenomenal you guys but hey sushi I’m glad you’re enjoying the stream though I’m glad to have you here man that’s really neat having one of the developers here I’m glad you think I’m worthy of your time friend Blizzard my bottle I like the blizzard in the bottle more the sandstorm the bottles all right I’ve never had a fart in a jar I’ve just never went through the trouble of getting the whoopee cushion I’ve gotten the whoopee cushion once and that was on console was it in a balloon but what can I do with that is there anything new I can do with that I’m not sure look at dr. sushi that’s no worries man mmm that would be really nice to have that would be very very very nice to have but it appears it’ll be far into the future before I ever have a quad jump but I will aim for it I will aim for the quad jump reforge it hopefully get some armor out of it five gold awesome six gold six gold that’s a lot of gold movement speed that works I’m just going to hold on to the tiger climbing gear then just for the boost better to have it than not I suppose oh it’s nice we’re a little bit further ahead once we had twenty-five we can evolve this even further thank me for my streams I mean I enjoy doing a man come on it says it’s as pleasurable of an experiences for me as it is for anybody else that enjoys it you know I’m saying no need to thank me buddy it’s a pleasure beetle turtle any good armor like that well we just got in the hard mode so we’re going to wait a little bit until we get there all right where’s this gonna take us just just to see very serious now I’m really curious if there’s more sky islands man damn I’m really curious now because there could be I feel like it’s almost be five that sounds like that would be a throwers item marathon kind of make this multiplayer sometime in the future Connor some leaf wings you’re right I’m on the scrub a subscribes for wall of flesh I mean really all you got to do is just build a really long bridge I just have your equipment and weapons pretty up there like I’d say a full meteorite with a space gun is very nice but if you have your equipment like you have let’s say like your homies boots which you can have up to frost bar boots pre hard mode by the way you can upgrade it quite a bit rocket boots cloud in a bottle balloon the bottle horseshoe all that stuff can make it a lot easier for you buddy potions are another really good idea there are eight sky islands ok I’ll keep looking them I will keep on a looking okay I don’t know why I have this flare gun but I’m gonna keep it anyway undertale dog that is very right what’s up Jason how you doing buddy I liked it awesome let’s see can I upgrade this now what did I need upgrade my warrior spark I don’t remember it’s been a while air fragment and

sixteen rubies I can I can I can I can do that oh hey he actually sells everything now I don’t know what leads him to sell it but thankfully he does okay what else that I need air fragment should be much a problem warrior spark hell alright maybe it’ll be worth having well I can make a larger Ruby well heck I’m not sure where to upgrade that up hang on what I got to do good what is the secrets altar of enchantments what the is that altar come on you can you can do the ER as well currently not okay infinite cobalt solution oh that’s something huh this is cool though a plastic replica let’s see here we are two stones of life 30 glooms don’t oh I knew that would come back to haunt me I think I have everything though let’s see I see flare your name well hey thanks for subbing guys darkhero and under fell thank you guys so much had a choice would I be the destroyer the eye of Cthulhu I wanna be the Iook to Lucas and you fly on fly ins awesome man so I need those life crystals really glad I collected them if if I have any Oh gloom I have plenty of gloom stone but do I have that crystal that that life heart thing I should have some I don’t remember what they’re called though I only have one stone of life how do I get stones of life does anybody know how to I get stones of life though what am i doing Lisa I’m currently just making some upgrades I’m pretty sure this guy doesn’t sell stones of life goddamn it um I don’t know how to get stones of life if anybody knows how to get stones of life I would be very very happy if they could tell me how to acquire such a intricate thing actually was gonna look it up let’s see stone of life terraria tremor mod let’s drop by um granite elementals well then to the granite biome friends I did google it but yeah we’re going down to the granite biome thank you sir system frosted cake I really don’t know man what’s up beef and B how you doing dude I be friendly virus the absorber what does the absorber that’s new to my knowledge will hit me oh rip it why is that perfect wait what okay uh looks like our best bet is gonna be to go here dorm stuff oh there’s an item that I can make with this um night is’s spark and I really want that item I don’t know if that’s the same item but I really want it okay well that was really

convenient thank you elemental well there we go there’s our stone of life well that’s awesome sushi I’m glad you do that kind of stuff man that’s really cool I think I have no I need a book oh no how do I get books I think the wizard sells books if not I can go to the dungeon I’m sorry I just I do not feel like going there man what’s up Gareth ninja plays how you doing that is the absorber I really want that that looks really hard to make Bella perfectionist I would love to have it I’d love to make that’d be really cool if I knew the stuff would go after it probably maybe where’s the wizard at I thought I rescued him no I don’t think I did rescue the wizard nevermind what’s up Trek Gandalf I do and friend do I really perfectionist that’s the hardest thing to get right here ha all right perfectionist what do i do then what’s our the the things I need all the music bugged out hang on got to fix that sometimes I have to reload all the pre hardmode ones how do you download mods and ten yogurt if you look up the team mod loader it makes it very easy to do that oh my cat’s about to be an [ __ ] well excuse me nope come here cat I love you but not that much go on awesome okay now grab a blanket I’m gonna curl up into a fetal position in my chair because I’m not a large person and I can do that it’s it’s quite an ability if I if you asked me okay facecam um I do not do facecam as a matter of fact my cat really does a cat really does Harry how you doing man glad to see you’re here buddy here we go I don’t know what you’re talking about perfectionist what’s a recipe browser well okay that’s I don’t know what they drop from that’s the thing perfectionist I don’t think it’ll tell me what they dropped from What’s Up kitty gamer I literally just um restarted the game just so this small part that I’m running through this biome has music I died yet nope I don’t die man I’m just oh my god I am the rest of a [ __ ] tie gear what’s up twirly Pelican heck oh good trick Gandalf at some we sometimes have people that will like repeatedly asked over and over but now you’re totally fine dude when we mint I have no idea of iris I don’t even know how to get into the blizzard chests honestly wait Skeletron was on the side right yeah I know burnt it’s awesome man it’s awesome dude oh you’re Tanner Fox JC I didn’t know that does that count as a shout out twirly Pelican if so man there you go buddy yes kitty I am indeed using mods scoop remover I know hobo hairy that it’s cool isn’t it I don’t know how long you can last with those without running out man but I

would I would go through them very quick ok sushi let’s see you later buddy really calling that’s how you do that ok wait now I just need books okay I’m gonna grab some more books while we’re here just because he’s trying to rip me right now guys oh no oh no let’s see okay yeah that altar or orichalcum bro bro sips and broseph unni okay oh you actually told me everything holy so I need the c-shell grande gelatin will figure I’ll make it happen man I’ll build this thing okay seems to be everything I have a strange feeling it’s not son-of-a-bitch the blood moon is rising perfect I still really need to know what’s up with this oh god hurry I need to know before we start getting go damn it no I just the recipe browser would have been a much better alternative Oh what have I done all right listen listen all of you things here all of you bad awful things here that’s a shame limit it’s a shame dude it’s a shame because I love you on it get the here : better get back in here with a haste there we go we’re all safe and sound now all right what else that I need bucket recipe browser I need stone should have stone – not any stone on me I don’t have any stun on me how surprising that is that is just really shove down an altar of enchantments how beautiful who will have this set altar I’ll put it in an empty room all right cool we have a warrior focus now I still don’t know how good that is but I’m gonna see if I can upgrade it further Oh what is that you yep that’s that’s that’s a blood gazer they don’t want us to be safe here they don’t like our safety here god that’s like a straight-up boss my lord chocolate can go with anything than anything wait I’m still using the wrong goddamn goddamn blood gazer better not spawn another one not about that

what girl what now I listen here you intense True Blood gazer your very intense and that’s making me uncomfortable there we go cool vein stone awesome I don’t spawn anymore I’m to do game I would trust I can upgrade this more 3 opals and a warrior emblem oh I can I can upgrade that to awesome sorry if I miss anybody’s messages friends well JC you can actually summon plantera until you’ve killed all the mechanical bosses my dude not you cool I just grabbed that warrior emblem which really won’t be that hard to replace later murder derp derp derp derp derp derp derp doo-doo-doo doo-doo-doo doo-doo-doo-doo-doo-doo doo-doo-doo-doo-doo alright now let me see if I can upgrade it even further don’t need air kill my man here we’re very angry you can’t ah well oh that literally increases it by 15% that’s actually kind of cool how much does it cost the respect because I could actually give it a bonus 4% if it’s cheap enough or bonus armor hey that’s eight defense right there that’s like a solid armor piece addition that Warriors soul too bad it can’t be upgraded more that’s a shame I was kind of actually really hoping it would hang on this back up here here this is it positive I can’t man I was really hoping I could upgrade that more that would’ve been cool all right guys there’s kind of some baddies outside so we’re just going to go ahead and clean up shop with our wrath of wrath this weapon is so powerful and I have so much mayonnaise to spend you see if I can make it a mythical wrath of wrath after I clear up this side that’s your perfectionist that’s a great way to end the game a great way I tell you oh god damn another blood gazer well let’s see how this works out on it that’s cool I don’t want to use that what am I doing here I want somebody to add that remixed boss theme for this theme into this game it’s as repetitive but it’s just a little bit better and I keep expecting this to transition into it it doesn’t and it makes me upset that’s another one dead just kidding here we go third time’s a charm the boss orbs are nice though but now you’re fine cat what’s up we’re gonna penetrate it Skylar we’re gonna do that well sorry kitty gamer oh this is a flush going to well this is certainly gonna do a number on them well nevermind it’s not third time’s a charm it’s gone

perfect I really didn’t wanna mess with that Knights ray magic weapon huh they’re just a whole bunch of things that can make calm perfectionist right some of god damn all right I’m actually not sure virus I have not talked to one bottom yet I have not talked to it about them just yet but I will get onto that eventually friend I’m so tired of these blood gazers okay I mean the lutes nice the lute is nice I will give it it is nice to have all this extra stuff but unfortunately there are other things I want to be doing I’m not even sure what I can do with blood shards oh god damnit of vein stones actually it’s actually some pretty strong stuff maybe I will kill him a few more times maybe this isn’t as troubling as I thought it was going to be what’s my favorite boss I am Not sure actually that’s a hard one hey Christy thanks for subbing friends oh but welcome what’s up paladar how you doing buddy this thing really lasts a while when you have enemies to kill it’s gaining on me and that that goes the male here are you standard stuff how much damage this does actually it’s not that bad and now there’s pirates life is empty we are very close Marcus I know right buddy it’s no worries buddy no worries Delta you’re good man okay that’s the thing that changes your mind Bellator of course right now what can I do with that main stone oh my god grace – what it’s not a boss that looks really easy to make and that looks really strong a bloody ward what pathogen word toxic extract and vine stone oh my well hell let’s just make this set of this then that that’s awesome that’s actually a lot stronger for now but we’ll still we’ll still keep the same look by 2006 getting hit has a 10% chance of spotting blood from this guy all right you pirates oh my god these pirates are actually rather strong but are they strong enough when I go into knocks up up overdrive okay maybe they are I knew I should have

got the brain that’s many things that I’m unaware of what they do possess the blade that looks stronger than what I have god I I just need time to process it’s not giving me time Oh a moment just hurry up and cram all this back in had three to spare if you’re here beast get rekt hey Thank You pellet or that’s awesome man thank you buddy I appreciate that that’s really nice of you I did manage to get everything working though palador with paypal I did get that all fixed up man thank you so much Oh Fox gaming I will accept any requests you don’t worry about that buddy they’ll be good all right I’m gonna just take care of this now oh that does that way faster I haven’t I’ve been quick stacking alright now it’s time to wreck breasts in pirate but is beast here to get rekt though beast here stampy like 4/7 buddy that’s how those pirates feel man sheesh I’ve barely been using my melee stuff at all this game and you can see why really doesn’t do me that much good but I’m sure it’ll get better later on I should really be doing pirates pirates yo-yos beasts might be lurking beasts hum beast summoning you the Beast never the Beast will never deny a summons pride is too high this isn’t helping me that much wait what holy that does a lot of damage rest in the piece guide all right what the who threw a sickle okay so we’re having difficulties here a rather I am stigmata that’s a binding of issac item well it’s not it’s not it didn’t originate from Binding of Isaac but they said that the same item of the same names in it though that’s cool what have I done so far this stream not a whole lot we um we did all the pre hard mode bosses there was a summoning item that spawns them all in which is kind of cool other than that nothing too crazy all right it’s gesture time we will be the deadest of the pools well that guy was so tiny I still haven’t killed me a pirate captain yet though wait wait wait hang on let me nurse need you alright now we continue slaughter I like all these numbers man cryo Jin what’s better a ps4 to ps3s are you guys seriously debating on what you’re going to send me is this going to happen

you guys are you guys are hilarious what’s up IDK XD how you doing buddy welcome what’s up Nicolas sub Helio again I’m really sorry if I ever miss anybody’s messages it’s not my intention to it’s it’s really hard multitasking actually I I found how bad am i I am at it actually pretty bad at it it seems yeah comes the Dutchman what I think the switch would be pretty awesome oh oh where the hell’s the other pirate captain all right well he’s trapped hang on here we go rest in peace Dutchman your reign will not be much longer you know I really wish that was stronger my lord follow me step higher captain’s still in there half dead nope I just wasted all that on them god damn it hang on this oh god it even changes the palette of the Dutchman that’s kind of cool he’s a little awkward to hit that’s the only thing I don’t like about the Dutchman he’s kind of awkward to try to hit he did not drop anything that Dutchman just gypped me the out what that’s not too hard Bob tap holy is actually doing quite a number on them I hope I killed him rip just gonna get me a bunch more gesture arrows after this though I love gesture arrows they’re so strong what you guys are spooking me I keep looking at the chat and I’m seeing things that spooked me what you guys going on about there man Wow I was close whoo all right yeah palador I saw that how the does that happen the p90 that’s another really Oh these goddamn invasions oh it’s nice to get the hard mode loot tokens I do like that we have another NPC coming to PES of it how much damage my sword do to you oh my goodness here we go use the book on them again sorry I will respond everybody as soon as I’m done with this I’ve just had to cluster

in a row happen not a mayo rip rip rip rip I’ll rip all these guys all these hardened with loot tokens I’ve been getting I might be able to get stuff without having really tried to already virus see you later buddy you have a good one man what’s up red bullfighting buddy hang on you know what let’s hit this [ __ ] up with some bees there we go eat some bees I’ll do it sorta that’s sort of doing it how to finish off the rest of Tim but alright okay I’m just gonna use magic on this last one a much better job right there here we go got a trophy those that’s cool blossom well that happened I don’t want to do it again sell that furniture and though holy a discount card that’s pretty rare it’s nice to have was this was it fire though I’ll actually take that since I don’t have any bullet weapons right now all right I seriously need to do some more organizing here boop boop doop doop doop that’s ten that could be something not good that could actually be something can’t they can’t discredit it just yet phantom soul hello excuse me have I ever played any of the dishonored games I played the first one for a bit burnt um I don’t have the modpack file out yet but I will put it out sometime I haven’t actually thought about it in a while I kind of forgot I apologize I’m gonna hold on to the stuff this golden right here put it right here got another day time bye p.m. awesome for the love of Christ go easy on me tonight just a normal night please please please I’d be great please and thank you did I really just get that a scaly truffle got a dual hook though that’s pretty badass I like that I just got a pig Ron mount jerath would grind so much for that um I never actually beat it but I played it on PC because I believe it was free something like that it was along those lines palador I love this hook the red and blue one it’s awesome actually grab some of those tokens all right Hellboy later buddy glad to have you here man Oh hmm Ellen Mellon

we’re actually reaching fullness wow that’s that’s a lot of tokens already hey guide are you doing there friend what can I do with this hopefully they’re 10 and not 25 but I got a strange feeling here 25 they are 25 damn it okay what I scream so long AJ why not so that’s what I can make huh I start a bad list whoa I can get this Oh No come on this early you’re gonna do it to me this early Oh No let me grab potions I got a hurry archery oh no this can’t be good this cannot be good for me oh so bad but I’m gonna try I’m gonna do it right here we’re going to use the Dudley goob oh hang on towards the calamity progression I got your perfectionist come on hurry up you’re wasting luck my downs here at least it’s the destroyer at least it’s just a destroyer holy actually making leeway Wow there you go ball really is life this is going well scarily well where’s all the faith in your voiceover everybody seems to be lacking it right about now I’ve done crazier tell them didn’t even need the nurse as of yet rest in pieces that could have been worse should I even bother getting the hardmode oars that that’s a good question if I should even bother doing hardmode oars goddamn

but what’s this do destroy your blueprint there we go let’s see each ink guidance huh that takes a lot of stuff that takes a lot of stuff okay what does brain what kind of this brain Brainiac okay so does this that actually doesn’t really matter never mind you could probably get rid of that would let the stigmata anything with that huh chaotic amplifier yeah good point freshness I’m gonna need the pickaxes – what’s up tails Prower are you doing buddy destroyer is easiest filthiest daughter I wish the same thing upon myself okay only subs for the free frigate spinners that arrives when summing your right I want to see a Reaper Leviathan fidgets spinner that be actually kind of dope all in favor for the Reaper Leviathan fidget spinner palador I see you’re eight dollars and raise you twelve dollars more are you serious goddammit beast I really hope pallet or is still here oh no pallet over had to be right back he might not have seen it he might not have seen it jad Nelson thanks for subbing and thank you so much beast your gifts are endless no donation was my Hut cannot take it you know what I’ve never even touched a fidgets spinner before thank you so much beast holy that’s at least three tacos kidding I know Gavin and salchow launch ice Bo Oh later goob oh you’ve been replaced Thank You Beast thank you so much I really appreciate that buddy that was really nice you’re hacking me up dude you hacking me up oh my goodness well technically terraria is just brought in the most out of everything at this point now make a Mega Shark I don’t think I want it though god damnit thank you buddy thank you so much master of the hollow my where’s Ambra um amber I think is actually currently at Disney actually to check goddamn in bro you got me hex bro bro Deacon of eternal abyss that sounds good nice almost like a good thing to do angel treads one step closer a half son of a [ __ ] though thank you guys so much you’re right beast you’re right thank you so much again that is oh my god I don’t think it’s a lot of stuff I can make here a lot with hollowed bars though they’re so just such an overwhelming amount of stuff god I don’t know what to go after mmm dirt shaker interesting bouncing around upon hitting the ground the filth at least oh okay

what would be a good bow me a fidget spinner Nicholas no you totally fine manna did donations are not necessary but always appreciated never necessary always appreciated banana rain a lot of damage pop this and go down and see what we can mine can I make the modpack Jason I will do that eventually burnt I apologize I could probably put it in the discord chat hang on let me see we shall see in a minute or two or three or five or maybe an hour or seven just a pen fan just depends the dalish storm bow what’s the Dayla storm bow all about is making the Terra blade like even worth it in this game okay thanks burn appreciate that buddy the burden breaker kind what the [ __ ] a burden breaker Oh okay tough we go I think that’s enough or for a drill I think what are you get out of here observer yeah yeah heck and heck oh he’s still alive or is that just another one and I was just another one hang on what does this was his or another us geode geode I don’t know the that’s where we look school have I heard of a 3d printer pen I feel like I have that sounds very interesting you are now a god among men system drops off the hallowed mimic oh I think I know isn’t Dale a storm Bo isn’t that a vanilla item I could be wrong what is that hang on I’m about to make my lightning here all that beautiful Mool I just got five platinum were they at you or that please tell me someone all right you don’t seem to sell one actually oh you do cool awesome here I’m just gonna put this away a lot of this stuff away I should really see if I can make that though hang on alright let me have that cobalt ore but that that pickaxe would be incredibly better okay that’s fine that a little be enough damn it anything click the drill oh well rip rip me that’s fine I meant to click the pickaxe but hey I Will Survive right I want to see what these these are for these geodes that’s kind of cool I mean these are a little out of out of sorts because ya know school to happen though I guess oh the day Dallas storm buh I got you yet i I do recall that being vanilla right should be what kind of bullets can I buy from you you have anything cool there’s a bell of a steampunk er well howdy ho there friend are these just the same thing our unholy arrow is better I remember them being

better I happen to palador and virus I think they died buddy that’s really cool Nikolas oh you can really that’s interesting I will go try that all right down to lava we go thought um unholy arrows did Pierce what’s up Richmond ideal buddy put attention a bad eye whatever I’m sure that’ll be fine and bars everything I could have ever wanted except not because I need more now and if I didn’t already have bars that could have actually pretty hit I got I actually could have screamed me a little bit oh that’s cool thank you for that tip cool thanks guys I appreciate that wolf fur the storyteller steam cracker your baby slam is stronger than you rest in pieces mine in time hello orichalcum cool being able to mine fast again that’s that that’s a nice feeling I want to know what that red is though what is this oh well gives me geodes oxygen not included what’s that one all about still can’t mind that huh peculiar that sucks what is that hopefully we plant some not milsim orichalcum down here just a flip hmm I forgot what titanium look like that’s not good yeah man you’re more than welcome to post that if you want honestly I probably should have considering I was on the put together but you’re more than welcome to if you might all mind doing that for me I’d really appreciate that it’s a room key Oh are these these room chests they are and they appear to be garbage no yep yep definitely garbage yep that’s at least 24% garbage damn little rest in pieces let’s keep going best place to look for bad things is in Hell why you can get good things from

the bad things in Hell that’s always playing what why is there a perforator assistant help okay I’m going to destroy it justice you out I think it’s just being all perforated though oh yeah Norma perforator doesn’t seem to really know what it wants to do well then it’s broke oh it’s so broke oh it’s so broke what’s up arraign I doing buddy oh you don’t have to give me a portal to man I appreciate it though red double red double how many fire wings do it do it bish every all red double can really you up not careful but I don’t know what that is that’s a strong dragon’s skull oh I haven’t ride this gun out yet I suppose okay are we still Splunk in’ we are we’re very much socialist punkin if we go what’s up bunny this titanium probably I sense a good chance of that good bidding welcome to the stream how long do these last eight and five minutes that’s pretty long time let’s skip that name well Maude is this galaxy if you check the description I have a list of all the mods I’m doing there’s quite a few to say all just here right now Oh do the hearse die that’s not good that’s the snow best on way know what gross what is tomorrow Friday I actually might not be streaming at all as a matter of fact Jeanne Jewett the name Jeanne sounds familiar you’ve been one of the strings of war friend apologies we’re getting closer to the end of this though at least we’re in hard mode now it’s not being super drawn-out he’ll run River Run well welcome back palador how you doing buddy how you go friends that’s what this is right here the bloody edge would be nice to get a broken hero sword and upgrade it surprisingly it just doesn’t do that much man

all right later bunny those damned observers they aren’t annoying that’s for sure that is enough orichalcum for parables and with the pic yeah this titanium as well how much do I have orichalcum 76 kilogram or its adamantite and titanium armor is the same exact armor bonus or was titanium better I can’t remember if there was a difference hey what’s up Sparky long time no talk man hey it’s no worries the attain iam is really that much better all right wait that fire wing rip okay yeah I really put down a lot of titanium let me go see if I have enough yeah that could that could certainly do it Schuyler how long have I been playing this game quite a bit man titanium is better already well thank you guys you shoot that five more subs than nine hundred we are in the final stretch of things you guys Oh No magma stone they drop so frequently though I think so I’m not sure I’m really sorry my brain is not good all right where the does this this thing this rusty lantern but where the is the rune altar gholem can be pretty hard to people that are just getting into it it can be I’m going to need to make that envelope I can do anything can rip okay more cobalt for whatever reason why not I’ll need it for stuff in the future well I like how you can actually make the cobalt shield now in the Muramasa that’s cool I like that what the flavor would be sure remember bunny yes indeed a fox gaming this is a solo play everybody remember well I have a rusty lantern now I can I can ancient dragon fight cool hmm I got a Mario hat am a row super mayro here whoa where what am I looking for oh yeah my piggy bank that’s right sometime in the future Fox no worries bud okay yeah so oh I just dropped something I did drop something oh that’s not good oh I see Jaime Bunny I gotcha language it’s to uh to hack and bad for you buddy

too much big ass cook all them okay so we didn’t have enough to make the pick but we had enough to make the anvil least the best I can tell you Fox is I would go on to YouTube and Google it OBS it’s pretty simple to get it set up you just have to have the right equipment hmm like oh excuse I um like a strong enough computer good enough internet connection stuff like that you know I mean that bugs me is this is this the ruin thing is that are these the ruins it is isn’t it but where’s a rune altar though that would be a nice discovery hang on a second there we go why okay my limited knowledge ease that Arun alter feel like that’s a ruin alter maybe maybe I was just expecting this before I’m more extravagant than it really was so I’m going to do a thing curious might get but you know what it’s for science okay I’m just not sure where it would be I guess it would be here yep alright let’s go kill us an ancient dragon I’m sure is big and extravagant and spooky it is okay you’re not quite what I thought you were going to be don’t be having a very good time what’s with this knock back okay rest in peace Incan dragon bye have a great time ancient times edge interesting alright well that was that that’s one more boss down that’s not what I pictured him being haha not even a little bit okay back onto our quest now the quest for the orichalcum that looks quite different in Skyrim versus versus terraria and loveliness here I’ll go a little lower good I mean it’s technically illegal technically here we go all right you actually be careful not to myself okay well mr. low enough you must find all the orichalcum mean product thanks

for subbing buddy glad have you here man I’m sorry for having a hard time here in me sorry everything should be alright heck okay it’s been a big cave system that we haven’t been to in a while it’s bound to have some I cursed myself for not lighting everything up with torches before yet maybe we’ll find us some good good yeah that’s one of the big things about the type of stuff you only get a virus man you got to be careful what kind of stuff you download on your computer buddy king turtle thanks for 7:00 buddy what’s up Ryan how you doing man welcome to the stream buddy all right earth fragment no no I know how to get those I love never needing to worry about potions ever again that’s nice well I’m glad you think I’m a nice guy I’m a decent okay guy I guess better yet what would be even better is to find a mine rail I don’t know what that was but I killed it there’s a lot of things I’m killing that are dropping a lot of random ass is that a 10 me an annoying dog give it a glove I’ll take that and that just in case awesome make that yo-yo bag in no time earth elemental underground merchant dude he’s always such a swell guy alright let’s just go down then I mean those were some good areas to probably check what’s up Terry how you doing buddy indeed is that titanium what is that don’t tell me that’s titanium and Adamantite though stuff that’s been down here Omega thanks for sub and friend and I slow can’t mine it so the metal pill pickaxe will tell the tale there’s Toby Fox you’re right totally right buddy okay there’s a particular item that bones there that you can drop that I want but I have a feeling I’m going to have a sneaking the difficult time wait for it to come back up here yeah nine hundred subs fantastic we are very very close alright perfectionist – see you later buddy glad happen to your man hope to see you in the next one hahaha oh man from humble beginnings am i right we are almost there I can’t tell that’s our calculus I think it is a hundred more and we’ll hit our goal what am I gonna do I’m gonna try to schedule a 24 hour stream of nothing but multiplayer stuff with Gareth maybe it’ll be successful I’m going to post a link to all the games we’re going to be doing I’m going to post it in the steam group and the discord chat so everybody knows what the download and what day to be there and we’re going to play everybody together man it’s gonna be a good old time what’s that Terry what’s up buddy sparks

which means sparks your new best youtuber well I’m really glad you think I am buddy I’m glad you think I’m worthy of it of such a title what platform PC buddy this is about to go unwell but I can make it go well there you go there we go I’ll be fine what the is that hello there fiery Trident you made me miss miss my or oh god egged egged egged back what’s up super Luigi well I’m glad you’re enjoying watching buddy that’s all that matters to me is if he’s enjoying it that’s not good launch the problem I’ll for the love of Christ why does it why did it take so long like it huh there was a big delay between when I got lava melted can you join in the future we’re gonna do multiplayer stuff but right now this is just a single-player play for you buddy I’m sorry I’m looking forward to just having a ton of people on a new terraria world god dammit really wanted those maybe I’ll go back there a custom-built computer Terry orichalcum for us good I think that’s just enough just by early all right now the truth will be revealed to see what the that stuff is down there see what it truly is corrosive acid huh extremely potent crime isn’t key what well we can get vampire knives but I don’t know if they’re very useful what what what I didn’t realize I got that I want to go grab them but hang on let me get my titanium stuff first then we’ll go grab it well version is it galaxy what you mean buddy I know it’s awesome happy put most of this stuff away uh they still gotta check lightning rod Oh second Nimbus Rodman that’d be cool if you could craft it into stuff briar heart assassin armor Gaia’s wrath that’s cool looks strong looks really strong massive hammer anything all right selling it what about this selling it about this this looks about like just bunch of outdated stuff ancient key I don’t know what to do about that so hold on to that let you anything oh you can’t be something to enchanted staff really cool I’m gonna hold on to that then the key be putting anything corruption key see I see okay I could actually switch that around to anything else but do I have to re on Android I do not friend I apologize well I am glad to hear prankster no worries buddy notification

squad I gotcha put all this stuff away well well actually hold on to that pick X for later so so not surprising that that’s not worth anything one of the rarest items in the game is worth no money how sad all right now to really go to hell now that we have this pickaxe you can actually see what’s going on okay why do you hate your life sloth what’s up buddy now we can mine all the doors the mortals spoke a ghost nope not even that okay what the hell’s at the bottom then I’ll be really convenient that was all titanium let him but didn’t done here burned it down okay I’ll actually mind some more orichalcum just cousin eat it mind so fast at the potion active awesome Oh gold so many manis okay let’s go back down if you just hold shift and click when your inventory is when you’re not anything else to shop during the shop shift click will do it if you don’t have anything else open other than just your inventory shift-click will trash I believe believe that’s how that works just I’m really happy it’s not damn it I’m gonna have a really hard time figuring out what’s what things I don’t remember what titanium looks like is that titanium no it’s the lead that looks like it’s titanium to me I don’t know what the hell that is then how to get it well this is going to be tough that it nope not a bit of a loss of this tithing I looks like platinum a platinum unless that’s titanium god I don’t remember what it is the biggest requirement to get a position on streams is to not ask for position or to ask the requirements I think this is it yeah that’s it I up aim so that’s what it looks like just stay up more that this kind of makes it a little bit more difficult as a matter of fact exam I’m going to miss a lot of titanium now hang on let me get a good look at them Oh hookie dragon dragon rip I want to see this guy jaw drops me a fire flower or fire feather I mean nope you got me some essence still need essence of cinder though

I’m having such a bad time there we go there’s more it’s all around lava though why must it always be around lava gosh darn it unbelievable ha I don’t think that’s that that’s too frequent to be titania see that looks like I’d be titanium I’m pretty sure it’s not that upsets me another two citing goddamnit it looks so similar heck maybe they use the same the same stuff I’m not sure it’s like trifold map cool first piece of the puzzle done time to keep looking so when we need lots ideas now it’s a dais OOP what’s up Sabian hi doing buddy hopefully I pronounced him right I don’t know just don’t have any on me I guess if I knew where to get essences of Synder I could actually make angel treads which that does offer a lot with protections matter of fact oh I’m not a Splunk that’d be problematic let’s cobalt right digs it like it’s nothing man precious very precious that’s my alarm meter that’s my alarm compilation goddamn that fake titanium that’s a heck and heck and dumb thing that he has befo but it appears like to be a lot of titanium here so I’ll roll with that look I don’t want you are but I already don’t like you was this awesome you just drop a hat oh dude his hat I want is here oh dude that’s awesome got it here I do not condone piracy son of a [ __ ] it’s all fake be very careful whatever you download like that on their net though not always what it promises to be me in don’t want to get new fortresses here I’m actually going to check something in the meantime I’m done oh no okay nope hang on oh no you can find just about anything on the internet if you look hard enough that’s

how things seem to be until they tend to be alright is this actually what they look like side-by-side is that what’s different that’s a good comparison that’s pretty good one okay cool I actually might have done this one early oh no I do not want to do that heck take to the nanny on my favorite I hate it when they make them the oars look so similar that’s such a frustrating thing that is like I’m pretty sure that’s not that is that’s not though and I think that I think that’s what that is that a lava turtle those exist I think I’m pretty good mr. Dale’s but thank you buddy wait that’s not very book oh wait oh he dropped his trident bow on us trident I mean it’s strong hot really is strong maybe we can replace the book okay wrist and peace Raven you will not be missed you will not be missed Raven okay AJ sounds good buddy I think this is titanium as well yep I’m so glad oh that poor demon oh god I accidentally hit nvidia geforce lots of goodies to be found down here in hell ain’t that true yeah DJ we’re still going buddy we’re still going man though unfortunately I don’t think tonight’s going to be as long as most nights I do actually have something I have to do I am sorry though friends but I will definitely pick this back up at the end this weekend so dead space 3 stream might not be this Saturday there might not be a stream this Saturday at all actually um as a matter of fact it’s actually going to be my birthday on Saturday with Sunday and I’m gonna be what now fondling dick alright hang on one moment I gotta I gotta end this boy alright let’s let’s end this awful man why thank you marathon all right hang on wait Thank You friends

Oh Skelly’s get thirsty yeah teach their own beast teach their own well yes the 25th of June is my lovely day of spawning as the day I spawned in with this world we’re actually going to Disney as a matter of fact possibly and Friday stuff possibly as well just depends DJ thanks for subbing man thank you guys for the birthday wishes I appreciate that hopefully it’s an extravagant day maybe maybe it’ll feel be full with like tears and sorrow smashing comedy thanks for subbing man it was from I was from us from us from wait those not rip okay get cooked was that me I’ll throw her a lot of those get rid of oh that’s a lot of titanium ball of flesh oh it’s a throwing item I see up a mask got that I want that emblem nobody donated for Silver’s birthday silver doesn’t need donation Oh No oh hi Lucas thanks for subbing buddy awesome that was the last emblem that I didn’t have actually we’re gonna make us a forge that just sounds cool to me just sounds cool man there we go titanium time there we go a titanium railgun what that sounds cool I think I’m gonna make a tight tight tight tight it’s titanium pickaxe so there we go there’s that hallelujah you know not like in mine even faster you already donated your soul to another person that’s okay man I’m on a soul diet I can’t have that many I’ll get so fat I’ll get so fat oh no oh oh there’s a lot more armor and I thought it did oh yeah oh yeah galaxy there’s a lot a lot a lot of things in this that are going to be happenin that I don’t know about I know about all the vanilla stuff everything vanilla I’ve done before and plus but well a-blazing I’m glad you’re enjoying it buddy I’ll be looking forward to coming back it’s kind of funny despite all that cool stuff I might be doing like I’m still like man I want stream isn’t that something still want to stream despite birthday stuff it’s crazy man it’s crazy perhaps I shouldn’t gotten rid of that that does go through walls all right okay let’s see I need to check one more thing and then I’m thinking I’m thinking this will be coming to a close and John teats thank you so much buddy okay guys yes thank you all for your birthday wishes I really do appreciate that you guys see let’s see what’s hand in here I’m gonna need to upgrade these things or make more at least oh-oh-oh-oh a storage unit time I did okay cool let’s

so I’m gonna need it’s up Lucas I doing buddy to make here I’m gonna open this back up maybe I’ll figure this out well well we’re on our own how funny system it’s not my birthday today it’s my birthday on the 25th okay that’s right I need to keep looking over here someone’s going to make a bunch of these so silver chests and storage components a lot of those we’re going to that again that’s right so we need a ton of wood you know on it kind of kind of iron and let’s kind of silver Gucci all right let’s get on this stick you’re right marathon that’s exactly what I want for my birthday the only thing it’s going to make this now now to make chests now what off that I need for that ten silver no problem awesome here we go alright so I’ll be six more storage units hang on like I conveniently made this the right size though that’s kind of nice but do I have enough connector that is the real question um I’m not sure how do I make connectors yeah it I’ll just make more okay that’s nice Lucas here here that’s the most I’ll ever need to that looks like some kind of cool engine of sorts Oh goddamnit me it’s just barely just barely sunset all the pain of asymmetry the pain the pain oh god that’s gonna that’s going to be really annoying alright let’s grab that hellstone oh wait that is my household storage that’s right how many health smell bars I got plenty plenty of that perfect okay am I gonna have to upgrade this from like Krim tain to okay I don’t have that much crimp tain dammit heck Frick that’s a lot of freaking heck I don’t even have enough amethyst hang on where’s that dude this sells bars I’m just gonna buy the demonite make the demonite variants alright oh no he sells contain I’ll do wait that’s not that’s hell stone goddamn it oh god damn it that just wasted so much of my stuff oh I hate myself now damn it I probably would have been easier just to get boss stuff honestly I just wasted so much money

oh that’s awesome plenty oh man attack of the teats all right here we’ll just do that our clear well it certainly holds a bit more that is for sure yes a little bit more that’s that now all right okay my lovelies I’m sorry um something actually came up we’ve been streaming almost three hours this is gonna be one of my really short streams I’m very sorry um and I hate cutting it this early man and I’m so used to so doing doing more and stuff you know I mean but I do need to try to get my it’ll help get the sleep schedule back on track anyway so I can start streaming uh earlier in the day so man this is a this is a very premature end what’s up unknown beast that’s very fun system I like on ending the stream before 20 that’s hilarious okay guys welcome back AJ got your right at the end I’m sorry guys man okay so announcements there are a few to make to those of you that are here so this weekend would have been pretty great for the 1k it looks like 1k probably won’t be hit until probably Sunday because if I scream again it’ll probably be Sunday that I do so tomorrow I’m kind of like a preparatory stuff to my birthday and are we doing a bit there my girlfriend actually leaves on my birthday fun fact there yay so the day before we’re going to Disney so that’s going to be kind of an all-day thing it’s not a set in stone yet not quite but if it happens that’s why I won’t be here if it doesn’t happen I might stream if I can I was going to do dead space 3 and 1 sitting or extraction with Gareth but he’s also rather busy so that’s kind of a bottleneck there but big announcement since we’re already far past 900 now what I’m going to do is I am going to um I’m going to start looking into the games that we’re going to do if you guys have any suggestions for multiplayer games free-to-play games are awesome unturned is going to be one of the things are doing tf2 lots of stuff like that she’s gonna be a lot of craziness you know I mean if you guys have any suggestions in discord if you guys want to post there what types of things you want to do or in on the steam group if you guys want to post what you guys like stuff you’d like to do please let me know and I’ll get it set up I’m gonna make a schedule of what time what games are going to be played what games we’re going to be doing throughout that 24 hour stream and what games to install and advanced so those of you guys that have issues with installing stuff you know can get it out of the way in you know I mean so yeah Minecrafts gonna be one too now don’t worry minecraft will probably be a thing hope it well if awesome server setup and maybe but save the suggestions for discord or steen which there are links for both of those in the description below Julie thank you for subbing friend glad to have you buddy but yes I have if you guys want to hit me up on discord or steam you’re more than welcome to add me personally there the links right now or both to the groups for discord and steam you can add me through there personally send me a PM whatever you want to do man um I’m gonna start setting up for the 1k that’s bad I can’t believe I’m actually saying that

man I’m setting up for the 1k it’s happened so fast less than a month guys we’ve acquired a thousand people in less than a month isn’t that isn’t that fantastic almost a thousand people I mean I can’t get four sumptuous here um but yes yes yes yes it has been one hell of a ride and one thousand is just the beginning folks that that’s that’s that’s big thing right there I just want to say thank each and every one of you guys so much for this this was really nice of you all you guys you know love and support especially my moderators here and a lot of the people that are my regulars Jason I’m looking at you too AJ all you lovely people um and I hate to be stopping the stream this early but I have to I’m sorry it’s great being able to be here man um but yeah I think I think this is it you guys I will see you all in the future thank you guys so much good night what average amount of people yeah that cat at one point the average amount of people was like 2 or 3 man the chat was just filled with one or two people just or you’ll just see like the entire live chat just one person talking that was palador at one point I’m very sorry you guys um we usually stream much longer than this what’s up Alex a great how you doing buddy zipper all right guys okay I think that’s thing it’s about everything I wanted to touch on I’m going to get in contact with Gareth and see what we can do with him as well but yep all right thanks each nobody guys so much good night everybody sleep tight now we’ll see you guys in the next stream later guys