Betaabi {HD} – Chandrachur Singh – Arshad Warsi – Anjala Zaveri – 90's Movie – (With Eng Subtitles)

I entered without permission Oh, Ajmera My friend. My partner You didn’t inform me that you’re coming The arrival of a storm can be forecasted But Ajmera never informs before coming Stay away. You might spoil my suit Dry cleaning is so expensive these days You’re still the jokester that you were Because I’m a joker And it’s a joker’s job to crack jokes Congratulations. Now ask me why – Why? Do you know why I’ve come to Mumbai? To sell my company What? You mean our company? But how can you take this decision alone? It’s very clear. You have 30% shares And I have 35% shares And the remaining 35% are in the market Now, I bought 20% from the market So now I have 55% And I’ve sold these 55% shares to the Tatas Now the Tatas will kick you out Are you crazy? – No, I’m not crazy And I’m not a fool either What do you think? That I’ll be staying at Prem Nagar and you’d make money here? These are false allegations I can give you an account of every penny Even an ordinary clerk can give an account of every penny But you better remember. I’m Ajmera The master who taught you the ABC of business you shouldn’t dare to teach him grammar Well, what’s the use of repenting now that everything is over? Since this was your first mistake, I’m just warning you But next time, I won’t spare you for any of your mistakes So better behave yourself Ajmera, people think Brij Gopal is a dangerous man How dare you challenge this dangerous man? But don’t worry. We’ll meet again

No, this time I don’t want to listen to any of your excuses Because this time I’ve decided to take Sameer and you along with me But, Brother – No ifs and buts I just don’t understand your problem Why don’t you come to the city to stay with me? Look, Sameer has grown up now He’ll get acquainted with the city’s atmosphere and get some experience in life And he’ll have the opportunity to get the best education Whereas over here, in the village he’ll be complacent and ambitionless Brother, I just get scared to think about the city I feel there’s some strange force over there in the city which breaks relations and makes a human a slave of wealth And I don’t want to lose my only son That’s not true, Sister It depends upon the values we instill in our children If your logic had some meaning then I wouldn’t have come here to take you along with me Even I live in the city But I’ve not forgotten my sister and nephew Think over it, Sister You’re struggling alone over here And even I’m alone over there in the city We both need each other’s moral support Okay, fine I’ll talk to Sameer about this But he’s not seen anywhere Where’s he? Here’s the mango from the topmost branch of the tree And don’t bet with me next time Mind it. Once I decide to do something I can even stake my life to complete it Is that clear? Now let’s go You’re talking as if you’ve plucked a star from the sky I can even bring stars for you But first, I must find a beautiful girl to whom I can present those stars Look there, Brother Why is this bull tied here? It will represent our village at the bull fight during the fair What are you saying? – Yes, and it’s said that no other bull is stronger than this one in the entire district Till date, it has won 30 fights And it has killed 12 bulls The chief has paid Rs 25000 for this bull That reminds me If you’re really very brave, then untie this bull and tie it again Yes. Plucking mangoes from the tree is child’s play Try doing this – Yes No way. My mother will cane me if she finds out How convenient! He’s taking mother’s support to hide his fear You better accept that you’re afraid of it. Coward No. I’m not afraid of anything No? No? Then untie it and tie it again Coward Is that so? Then just watch me What are you doing? Run Brother Sameer? Aunty Aunty Aunty. Aunty Sameer. Stop it Stop the bull. Help Leave it – No Sameer, move aside Run Aunty. Aunty – What happened? Brother Sameer has untied the bull tied near the temple on his friend’s prompting. – What?

My child Help. Please, help Somebody save my child Save my child. It will kill my child Save my child. Save my child Mind it. Once I decide to do something I can even stake my life to complete it Yes. Life is so cheap that you can stake it for anything Mother? – Aren’t you ashamed of doing all this? But, Mother – Are you still a kid? Uncle? When did you come, Uncle? You didn’t even inform us. I’d have come to the station to pick you up Uncle, what have you brought for me? Mother, he has become so thin Don’t talk to me Look at your condition first Your hand is bleeding Are you aware of the pains I’ve taken to raise you? I’ve faced so many troubles till you grew young Let go off it, Sister Let’s go home now What are you saying, Brother? His useless friends.. – Uncle They prompt him everyday and he gets carried away. – Mother They wouldn’t have lost anything had something happened to him today But I would have lost my entire life’s earnings. Now tell me I’m sorry, Mother. Next time I won’t Shut up. There won’t be a next time We’re going to the city with your uncle today Come on, Brother – City? Here, my son. Have this curd Mother, you’re offering me curd as if I’m going to war Curd is considered a good omen when starting something new in life You’re right, Sister Son, this is the receipt of your college admission Okay. Okay, Mother Bless you Uncle Bless you, Son Friends, once again today a motor cycle race is going to take place in our college in a very unique way The one who takes a full round of the compound and picks up the bottle of Pepsi without touching this row of bottles will be today’s winner And today, Sanjay Paul is daring to take part in this competition Sanjay. Sanjay And he’ll try to defeat the famous motor cycle champion of our college. Shekhar Ready? Get. Set. Go Nobody can ever defeat Shekhar You worthless fellow Why are you feeling proud after winning a competition against kids? If you’re so brave, then compete against someone your own size There’s nobody as good as me Okay, let me shatter your pride today Challenge me Somebody please explain to her A woman never challenges a man Her job is to adorn herself and manage the kitchen Go away, baby Go to the girl’s common room and discuss henna designs Come on, now get lost. Move it Those who make a hue and cry about being a man have something wrong with them

If you have the guts, then try competing with me I’ll stop calling myself Sheena if I don’t defeat you Okay, fine. Let’s fulfill your wish But let’s make it a little difficult All of you, who have bikes park them one by one at fixed distance from this row of bottles What do you intend to do? Nothing. The one who jumps above these bikes and picks up this bottle without touching this row of bottles will be the winner You’ve created a maze here Are you scared? My father never taught me to get scared He’d always say, “The one who gets scared is as good as dead” And what will I get if I win this competition? Anything you wish Think about it. I might ask for you First win this challenge But mind it. If you lose, I’ll humiliate you in such a way that you’ll forget to challenge anyone in your life Okay She’s a strange girl. She’s risking her life just for a motorcycle Friend, even bad luck changes its direction upon seeing this girl Ready? Go Come on, Shekhar. Come on Come on, Shekhar. Come on Come on, Shekhar. Come on Sheena. Sheena Sheena. Sheena “Yeah! You!” “Don’t challenge me I’m master in all this.” “Don’t challenge me I’m master in all this.” “Don’t challenge me I’m master in all this.” “I can defeat boys like you in a pinch.” “Don’t challenge me.” “Don’t challenge me.” “Never challenge us.” “Mind it.” “Never challenge us.” “Mind it.” “Don’t challenge me I’m master in all this.” “Don’t challenge me I’m master in all this.” “I can defeat boys like you in a pinch.” “Don’t challenge me. No! No!” “Don’t challenge me.” “Never challenge us.” “My dear.” “Never challenge us.” “Never challenge.” “We’re lovely butterflies, and lightening of your way.” “We’re lively fire in the form of girls.” “We’re the stormy wind.” “We’re lovely butterflies, and lightening of your way.” “We’re lively fire in the form of girls.” “We’re the stormy wind.” “Mad hero, trying to challenge me?” “Never challenge me Never challenge me.”

“Never challenge me Never challenge me.” “I’m a lively girl I’m hot than the smoulder.” “I won’t pity you I can’t tolerate any injustice.” “I’m the dark raining cloud.” “Now we won’t stop Now we won’t forget.” “Don’t challenge me.” “Don’t challenge me.” “Don’t challenge me.” – “Challenge me.” “Never challenge me.” – “Challenge me.” “Never challenge me.” “Don’t challenge me I’m master in all this.” “Don’t challenge me I’m master in all this.” “I can defeat boys like you in a pinch.” “Don’t challenge me Don’t challenge me.” Here comes the storm. Missile. Tornado Help Where will you escape today? Sheena baby, please. Help Sumitra, come out quickly Look, our daughter is riding the motorcycle like a plane Oh, no. He might die. Please stop her Make him run. Dear, don’t let him go Don’t spare that fatso I’m a goner So you’re a goner Oh, God, you’ve given me a wonderful daughter Nehru got Indira as a daughter And I’ve got Sheena Dear, tell me something What did you eat during your pregnancy to give birth to this tigress? You must feel ashamed about all this Why? Your daughter is behaving like an international goon And you’re thanking God? She might be a daughter for you But she’s like a son to me Look, you can’t change the laws of nature Don’t forget that your daughter has grown up now Sooner or later, you’ll have to send her off to her in-laws Can’t we send her off on a motorcycle? Let’s do one thing Let’s find a live-in son-in-law who knows cooking, stitching and is committed towards his wife I’m serious And you’re making fun of it? But mind it. If you keep pampering your daughter like this you’ll have to cry one day Never mind. I’ll happily do so Daddy My tiger. My king You know this woman standing here who is supposed to be your mother was instigating me against you Who cares? – Who cares? Who cares? Henceforth, I’ll jump into mud before Sheena comes So that I won’t have to run My brother is lucky to work as a peon At least he keeps ringing a bell after every hour Principal, your love has made me a peon Oh, my dear, please be pleased with me and be mine You are already in my heart Now please come to my house My heart is Kanhaiya, who were you talking to all alone? To my girlfriend I mean I was busy worshipping So sweet Kanhaiya, you’re really very sweet Really? ‘The stone is melting, Kanhaiya.’ ‘Better hug her now. She’ll soften up.’ But I don’t understand one thing, Kanhaiya Why are you working here as a peon in spite of being well-educated? I have my own compulsions, ma’am Really? What kind of compulsions? Tell me I might be able help you Only you can overcome my compulsions Yes, so tell me, Kanhaiya What happened?

Actually, ma’am.. I wanted to say that Yes, please. If you want some money, then feel free to ask I can get you a loan What are your compulsions? I don’t need a loan, ma’am Actually, I was saying that…I Okay, tell me about it later The period is over Go ring the bell Bell? That’s what I was trying to tell you, ma’am If I resign from this job, then who will ring the bell? Strange man Ringing the bell is his compulsion? He should be working with the fire brigade God knows when I’ll be free from this bell When will my life be full of flowers? Flowers? Excuse me – Yes? It seems you’re new in this college, young man Yes. But how do you know that? Because you’re carrying flowers It seems you’re in love – Yes Ever since Sheena has come to this college nobody can talk about flowers with their girlfriends But I’ve brought these flowers for her For Sheena? – Yes You’re the first person to bring flowers for your own tomb Looks like you belong to a respectable family Have you got your life insured? What do you mean? – Tell me your name I’ll get your address and telephone number from your admission form Then I’ll call for an ambulance so that I can send your family members directly to the hospital Are you trying to scare me? – No, Brother. I’m warning you Many crazy people are in love with that stunning beauty But out of fear of death, nobody dares to go to her with his proposal That’s the difference between them and me Once I decide to do something I can even stake my life to complete it What do you mean? I’ll show you Idiot. An obstacle in my path Your symbol of love, these roses, is mashed now Would you like to have them? You modern guys, do you think love is like instant food that you can cook in a couple of minutes? That doesn’t happen. Love is devotion It’s worship. Love is penance You’ve explained to me a deep meaning of love, Kanhaiya Are you in love? Do you think it’s my hobby to work as a peon here in spite of clearing Bachelor of Science with first class? Who’s that lucky girl? The college principal Radha ma’am? – Yes I was in the last year when I got attracted to her But till today, I couldn’t express my love to her And here you are Got here a couple of days ago fell in love with her yesterday and today, you want to present her flowers? But if I’ve taken hurried steps, don’t you think you’re too late? Yes, but I don’t know why I just start stammering in her presence But today, I’ll do something I’ll finish it once and for all You go to Sheena and propose to her And I’ll go to Radha with my proposal Done Yes. Yes. What will you have? Pepsi? Yes, ma’am? – One sandwich and Pepsi for all of them. Quick Hi, Sheena – Hi Hello – Hello. Who is this? A sandwich, please Sorry for the trouble Will you please put the girl standing to your left on the line?

Sure. Ma’am, a call for you For me? – Yes, for you Hello. Who’s this? I Yes, tell me. What’s the matter? I…I just wanted to say What? – I fell in love with you at first sight Are you crazy? How dare you fall in love with me? And that, too, at first sight? Yes, I mean it Please don’t break my heart I want to meet you Please. Meet me once Will you? Will you meet me? How can I refuse when you’re requesting so lovingly? Thank you. Thank you very much So, where can we meet tomorrow? Tomorrow 9:00 am. At the riding club? – Yes, okay But how will I recognize you? You don’t need to do that Your heart will hear my heart’s call Anyway, I’ll be wearing black trousers and a green shirt tomorrow And what should I put on? – Anything of your choice Okay. See you tomorrow Thank you Sheena. Sheena. Oh, Sheena I’m so happy Is that so? Sheena, I’m so happy – Yes Oh, my darling. I’ve come No, my love dragged you here You? Who are you? The one whom you proposed to yesterday? You? That means everything went wrong because of the bus Listen. You said you fell in love with me at first sight They why are you showing hatred on second sight? Idiot. An obstacle in my path This is a place for horses, not for donkeys Lover boy, if you keep falling in the mud like this then she’ll get married some day and her kids will call you uncle Did you get something? That won’t happen 50% of the job has been done Just a little work needs to be done and I’ll win her over When will you propose to her? In your next life? No. In this very life But I’m waiting for an opportunity Okay, I’ll give you that opportunity It’s her birthday tomorrow Go gift your heart to her But I’m not invited Buddy, lovers get into their girlfriends’ dreams without an invitation and you are Look, my twin brother works there as a servant He’ll manage everything Just go propose to her before someone else enters her life Hey, mister “Let’s have a party!” “Listen my boys, if you got a style and impression..” “..waiting in down to the hot swing.” “If you know what I mean..” “Beauty calls me.. she makes me crazy.” “Beauty calls me.. she makes me crazy.” “She captures my heart.” “Beauty calls me.. she makes me crazy.” “Beauty calls me.. she makes me crazy.” “She captures my heart.” “Sometimes I want to cry while laughing.”

“Sometime I want to sleep while I am awake.” “I never weaved any dream.” “My heart is all empty.” “Somebody please give me a dose.” “And overcome my restlessness.” “Do it now.” “Sometime this beauty gives intoxication.” “Sometime I loose my heart.” “Girl surround me for the entire day.” “Somebody make me sleep and rest.” “Somebody make me cry.” “Beauty calls me.. she makes me crazy.” “Beauty calls me.. she makes me crazy.” “She captures my heart.” Did you enjoy? By the way, handsome, what do you do? I’m lovesick. I give and take love I enjoy life and travel in a new car everyday. – A new car every day? Yes. You know, it’s a tradition in our family to change cars everyday It’s our style Like, Mercedes on Monday Toyota on Tuesday Wagner on Wednesday – Wow What’s today? – Saturday Saturday is red color Red color. Come on, girls. Come on Let me introduce you to a car which doesn’t run, but flies As if it has wings instead of tires Wow. – And its color is so appealing Really kissable Wow. Is it a car of a fairy? Look for yourself. It’s there This is not a car It’s a flying machine This might not fly, but the passenger will surely fly away My car Watchman Yes, sir – What’s that? It’s a tin box – Even I can see that But when I had brought it, it was a modern showcase piece But now it seems to be an insurance case Did you see how it happened? – I don’t know, sir Then do you expect me to know? What do you stand here for? Sir, my duty is to salute people here Otherwise, there’s a board here “Parking at owner’s risk” You’ve shown me this board But my car is a mess I’m ruined I see. So this is your car? Do you think you own it? Will you please come with us? – Why? We’ll tell you. Come – Come on Let me go Those girls will be left alone They’ll find someone else You come with us We’ll give you a lift. Come Come on. – Just a minute – Come on Get in. – Brother, listen – Come on Relax – Don’t push me Quickly – Hello Keep quiet Let’s go – Why do you need this gun? Quiet Nonsense. Where are you taking me? To the owner of the car Who’s he? The real owner of the car Mr. Brij Gopal Birju? Brij Gopal? You mean that goon? He has many illegal businesses Yes. And now it’s your turn – What? God has given us two hands, but we never make use of them We don’t work hard or take efforts Instead, we try to rob or snatch things. Shame

I feel ashamed of myself You have a gun. Please shoot me I don’t want to live anymore That’s why we’re taking you there You’re doing the right thing The one who has arrived has to depart one day Everybody has to go We’re the enemies of humanity How will we face God there? You tell me. What will you answer when He asks you what you were doing here? How will we answer him? You tell me. Do you have an answer? Do you? Just stop the car. Just stop it Before my seat gets wet here I mean with tears, you idiot Stop the car. Stop it Stop the car. Stop it Stop it. Stop it quickly Please take it off – Sorry This car, this bungalow, this palace and everything will be left here “This world of palaces and powers..” “This world of the society, enemy of human..” What’s the use even if you win the world? Right. What’s the use even if you win the world? Dust thou art, dust thou shall be You’re right That’s why I’m telling you Close your eyes Concentrate on God and pray to him “O god, we’re your salve..” “Our deeds should be such..” This song is from the movie ‘Do Aankhen Barah Hath’ (Indian movie) Quiet. V. Shantaram won’t come to collect the royalty at midnight Keep quiet. Once more Please close your eyes. You, too “O god, we’re your salve..” “Our deeds should be such..” “..that we must walk on the path of truth..” “..and never get mislead by wrong.” “So that we can happily cross off..” “O god, we’re your salve..” He’s escaped He has fooled us. Catch him – Catch him Come on Why are you pushing me like that? Can’t you differentiate between a human and a parcel? Was he working at the post office before? No. He was at the post-mortem office Now let’s go But Hello. Actually, you look like their boss You’re right. I’m their boss Sir, he stole your car So, it was you? It was you who stole my car? And some goon stole its parts thinking they were his wife’s dowry Do you know the price of that car? It must be worth Rs. 30 lakhs and stamp duty worth Rs. 20 lakhs I mean it must be around Rs 50 lakhs to Rs. 60 lakhs. Not more And you have turned it into trash? Who will pay my loss? Your father? Had my father been rich, I wouldn’t have had to steal your car Nonsense Let’s do one thing. Let go off it What difference does it make? Claim your insurance And buy a new car. Right? Good idea. Very good idea Jaggu, take him away and shoot him What? Throw his dead body in our planting factory’s acid tank Okay, boss – No. What are you doing? Why are you behaving like a villain? Let me go I don’t want to die. I don’t want to die. Why do you want to kill me? If you spare me, you can recover your money I’ll accept your slavery I’ll steal somebody’s car Or kidnap somebody for you But I don’t want to die. I want to live Just a minute. Let him go What did you say?

Are you ready to do anything to save your life? Yes Shoe polish. Oil massage, you know I can do anything. Anything Can you get married? I don’t mind if she is lame, blind or squint eyed I’m ready to marry your daughter, Father-in-law. – Shut up Shut up She’s not my daughter You must woo Prem Nagar’s richest man Ajmera’s daughter, get married to her and bring her here to me But I don’t know her I’ve never seen her Don’t worry about it I’ll arrange for your entry in Ajmera’s house How? Ajmera’s friend’s son Chetan is coming from America and plans to get married to an Indian girl I’ll send you to Ajmera’s house as Chetan What if the real Chetan arrives? Don’t worry about him I’ll remove that real Chetan from your way You’re great. Where are your feet? No more dramas. Listen Get him some nice pair of clothes And throw away this suit One Rolex watch and Thank you, sir. Good bye Ajmera Send him “My friend’s son has come from America Salute him.” “Feed him at night.” “And show him a girl in the morning.” Why do you sing such nonsensical songs at this age? You people are like that Do you know my childhood friend Saxena? The one who runs pickle business in America? He had called up His son is coming to India He wants me to show him some beautiful girls I knew of only one beautiful girl whom I married Tell me if you know of a sample that can be exported to America You’re still an idiot The girl is right here and you’re searching outside? What do you mean? I mean Sheena is of marriageable age now If the guy is really nice, then why let him slip through your hands? Are you a mother or her enemy? I don’t want my daughter to go away from me And you want to send her to a different continent? Listen. Girls are meant to be given away Okay. Then I don’t want to give her away I’ll secure my right to her Forget everything Where are you going now? Mumbai airport I like it Excuse me – Yes, officer? Your passport, please? – Yes. Sure This is my passport. Hello Mr. Chetan Saxena? That’s right. I’m Chetan Saxena – Please come with us Me? – Yes, please I like it I love India. It’s a lovely place Handicapped? Excuse me, officer. I’m not handicapped Come on, fast Take this Uncle Ajmera – Son Hello. Hi. Myself, Chetan. From America? Excuse me – What’s the matter? Get out. Vomiting? Vomiting? No. Jogging. Jogging Excuse me. I’m Ajmera Get out. Who’s he? He’s interfering between uncle and nephew. Get out. – Just a minute Just a minute. Just a minute Do you think he’s your uncle Ajmera? – Yes Look at this. See I’m uncle Ajmera. He’s my bodyguard Uncle. Good body. Good guard Son, you’ve come at the right time We’re throwing a party today On the occasion of my arrival? No. It’s my daughter’s birthday today Congratulations. Where’s your daughter? At home – Where’s your home? Come. Bring the luggage Happy birthday, Sheena – Thank you Happy birthday Thank you Go wish her happy birthday

I’m going Let me gather some courage first You’re too much. If you’re taking so much of time to wish her then what will happen when you’ll have to kiss her? Shall I serve you anything? – Yes, can you bring some courage for him? No, but a person named ‘Himmat’ (Courage) Singh is expected in a moment How are you? – Mummy Excuse me Why has she not come yet? Don’t worry. She’ll come Why is she so late today? Every year she’d come in the morning Go on – Go now Yes, I’m going I’ll just take care of the guests – Okay Reshma, you’re so late I’m sorry. I’m really sorry Happy birthday. – Thank you How are you? I’m fine. And how are you? – Fine Ladies and gentlemen welcome to my daughter Sheena’s birthday party Applause Stop now But I want to make one more announcement before cutting the cake All of you can see a handsome young man standing beside me Made in America My dearest friend and his father Mr. Saxena has sent him to India to get married He wants a girl…made in India So the parents of all the beautiful girls are requested to have a look over here Uncle Sorry You can fall in love with him at first sight Hello. – Bless you, Son – Please come What’s your opinion? I find every guy to be a monkey – What? Sheena, my lovely, lovely child Here. You must meet.. What’s your name? Chetan – Chetan Saxena. My friend’s son And this is my lovely daughter Happy birthday, Sheena – Thank you very much People flew from America and wished her And you’re still waiting here Now go. Come on Now let’s cut the cake Everybody is hungry Come on. Let’s cut the cake Come on. Come “Happy birthday to you Happy birthday to you.” “Happy birthday, dear Sheena.” “Happy birthday to you.” – Yes. – Lovely Ladies and gentlemen, attention please I’d like to present a song in praise of the birthday girl on this auspicious occasion What? Permission granted Applause “I’ve found a humming river..” “I’ve found a friend in an unknown place.” “With you in my life, I’ve got the reason of living.” “I’ve found a humming river..” “I’ve found a friend in an unknown place.” “With you in my life, I’ve got the reason of living.” “You’re mine! You’re only mine.” “Poets have got the poetic words..” “This dark city has got moonlight.” “With you in my life, I’ve got the reason of living.” “I can see you everywhere around me.”

“I’m far away please call me close to you.” “I’m the love. Hide me in your heart.” “Hug me today.” “I’ve got a friend.” “I’ve got a poem.” “With you in my life, I’ve got the reason of living.” “You’re the heavenly nymph of my dream.” “Dreams are after all dreams But you’re a reality.” “My heart is a temple of love And you’re the statue of it.” “You’re the god’s gift to this land.” “I’ve got the prayer.” “I’ve got all the happiness.” “With you in my life, I’ve got the reason of living.” “I’ve found a humming river..” “Poets have got the poetic words..” “With you in my life, I’ve got the reason of living.” Fantastic. Fabulous. What a song! “With you in my life..” You really sang well, Son – Thank you. Thank you Listen. Listen to me What? What’s the matter? Look. Now leave them alone We have many guests in the party Yes, please enjoy yourself Everyone enjoy yourselves And let’s enjoy ourselves, too. Come on Oh, I forgot to introduce This is my best friend Reshma And he’s.. – Mr. Chetan Saxena. I know – Yes. That’s right You really sing well – Thank you Excuse me – Yes? I’d like to say something to you – What? Come on Hey – Excuse me Excuse me. Are you really American? Why? – No. Just like that There’s a question in my mind If you are from America then how come you know Hindi music so well? I made a mess – What? No. Let me explain What difference does it make whether you are born in America or in South Africa? After all, every Indian is an Indian by heart For example. No matter how high the branches of the tree grow but its entire concentration is at its roots Very nice Tell me. What do you want to say? I’m in love with you And I want to marry you He’s a goner. I’ll be right back – Where are you going? To call an ambulance We’ll have to admit him in a hospital Wait and watch what happens We never insult our guests Otherwise, instead of dreaming about marriage you’d have been serviced at the hospital today Have I seen you before? I tried to get noticed by you But luck never favored me

Actually, you look okay But what are you? What’s your status that you want to marry Sheena Ajmera? No. Don’t get me wrong I don’t discriminate people on the basis of financial status and caste Then? – You know what? It’s my hobby to ride a horse It’s in my nature to get on a bike or in a car and zoom away Are you eligible to marry me? Can you be compared to me? You’re like a delicate earthen pot How will you marry me? You might get broken into pieces without your knowledge I agree I can’t compete with you But give me some time I’ll do all this and prove myself So much confidence? What do I do? I’m helplessly in love You can test me Very good I’ve got a chance to play a different game after a long time Okay, mister What’s your name? – Sameer Yes, Mr. Sameer, how will you prove your smartness to me? Whatever you say – Let’s make a deal I’m giving you 15 days to prepare yourself Fifteen days from now, if you can kidnap me and take me to Gateway of India in Mumbai then I’ll be convinced that you can compete with me Will you marry me if I succeed? Sure Then it’s my promise to you That I’ll make you mine 16 days from now But mind it Once I decide to do something I can even stake my life to complete it Why are you in such a hurry? He’s going to stay with us I’ll talk to him later Listen. Never delay a good deed Listen, Son Aunty You’ve come here to get married, right? – I had to come What do you mean? – No. I mean So what do you think about our daughter Sheena? She’s nice. Very nice Would you like to marry her? ‘The fish got stuck in the hook by itself.’ Son – Mummy You’ve read my mind. I had come here Son, actually you know we must take Sheena’s opinion about this first Uncle, leave everything to me I’ll convince her so smoothly that you’ll be impressed Now I understood why America is ruling the world Why were you born in America? Hey. Congratulations Congratulations, Sheena Congratulations What for? Your parents are planning our marriage So you also want to marry me? What do you mean? Is there someone else in queue? Yes. Somebody proposed to me just now I hope you didn’t accept his proposal No. I’ve kept a condition If he kidnaps me and takes me to Mumbai after 15 days then I’ll marry him Very interesting And if you stop him from kidnapping me I’ll marry you Such a small thing? Silly girl. I’ll do it Now tell me. Where would you like to go for our honeymoon? No need to be so confident Fulfill the condition first And then dream about me As you wish, princess Mr. Brij, Vicky here. I mean Chetan Yes, Vicky. Tell me. Why did you call? To thank you I’m ready to do such jobs everyday What a girl! What a party! Wonderful If you tell me not to marry her I’d still marry her Don’t forget that you must get married to Ajmera’s daughter and bring her to me You’ll get her But you must promise me something After blackmailing my father-in-law you must return my wife to me What? – I was just joking You haven’t mended your ways even after coming to the city? Before accepting such a risky condition you should have thought about me for once I’ll die if anything happens to you Mother, nothing will happen to me How can you say that? They are very rich

They have contacts at high levels They are very influential Who are they and how powerful are they? What do you know about them? Mother, I only know that father and you had dreamt of marrying me to his daughter That man had also given his word Do you know that? – Yes, Mother And that was the biggest reason why I wanted to come to the city And I also know that he went back on his word after father’s death I know everything about your pain and your humiliation I know each and every word Ajmera said to you ‘Are you out of your mind?’ ‘The only daughter of the richest man in Prem Nagar..’ ‘..will marry an illiterate villager?’ ‘How could you even think of it?’ Mother, I’ll make your dream come true ‘Truth is always very bitter.’ ‘A person standing on the ground shouldn’t aim for the sky.’ ‘My daughter cannot marry your son in her next seven lives.’ Mother, I have a right over Sheena and I’ll have her Son, wealth has made them arrogant Arrogant people can never understand the language of love So don’t be so stubborn Forget that girl Mother, swear on me and tell me something Are you saying this from the bottom of your heart? No, Mother You, too, wish the same, don’t you? Then trust me I’ll win over that girl’s heart along with the challenge I’ll crush their pride I’ll make them accept our love and only then will I marry Sheena Wish me success Bless you You know what? How will it look if I ask for a beautiful wife from God? No, it doesn’t sound good That’s why I always tell God that I want nothing But arrange for a beautiful daughter-in-law for my mother Very smart. You love your mother a lot? “You’re mine!” Who doesn’t love his mother? My mother What happened? Nothing. I’m missing my mother Now make me laugh Otherwise, I’ll start crying here I’ll have to tickle you to make you laugh Instead, I’d better introduce you to someone. Come Can we join you? You didn’t take my permission before dwelling in my heart And you’re asking permission to sit at my table? Wow Chetan, this is Sameer the one who accepted the challenge to kidnap me And Sameer, this is Chetan, who has decided to stop you Yes, my friend, this battle is not one-sided I’m also taking part in this groom choosing ceremony What difference does it make? Even Ravan had come to take part in Sita’s groom choosing ceremony But Sita married Ram (Mythological characters) You’re right. But only time will tell who is Ravan out of the two of us Hello. Hello. Hello, friends Champ, it was breaking news last night A guy named Sameer proposed to Sheena at her birthday party He must be dead by now No. She changed the entire game She said, “If you kidnap me and take me to Mumbai..” “..then I’ll marry you” Had she said it to me, I’d have taken her to the Bermuda Triangle That’s the guy I see. So he has accepted the challenge to marry Sheena? I must tell you This girl is really very strange She has chosen a good toy to pass her time with She can’t challenge a man like me Because she knows that she’ll have to marry.. – Hey Mind your language. I love Sheena And don’t speak anything against Sheena otherwise This toy gets angry as well Otherwise what will you do? You Hit him You You rascal

Hit him. Catch him Hit him. Don’t spare him Come on You dream to touch the sky and Young man, you still have to work very hard “You’re mine. Mine only.” “You’re mine. Mine only.” “You’re mine. Mine only.” “You can ask this to the wind.” “To this dark clouds.” “To this flowing water.” “Ask it to the crazy rivers.” “You’re mine. Mine only.” “You’re mine. Mine only.” “Reside in my heart through my eyes.” “Reside in my heart through my eyes.” “Reside in me in such a way that we’d always be together.” “Ask this to the cheeks.” “To the style of clouds.” “To your dreams and desires.” “Ask it to the strangers and your own ones.”

“You’re mine. Mine only.” “You’re mine. Mine only.” “I’ll feel you. You be my feeling.” “Come so close to me that we can’t see each other.” “Ask it to the seasons.” “To these scenes.” “To these valleys.” “To the queen of this season.” “You’re mine. Mine only.” “You’re mine. Mine only.” Good It’s a woman’s nature to lower her gaze in front of her lover Thank God you’ve realized that at least I can see that you’re growing in confidence You’ve changed a lot People totally destroy themselves in love I have just changed Wait for the D-day I’ll definitely kindle love in your unkind heart Overconfident fool Sheena, you’re here? I searched the entire house for you What’s the matter? Why do you look so gloomy? My marriage has been fixed What? To whom? Obviously, to a boy But who’s he? How is he? What does he do? According to my parents, he belongs to a rich and respectable family And what about you? I’ve not seen him yet And you’re going to marry him? We don’t have a custom of meeting our partner before marriage Besides, we never get what we wish for Sometimes, we have to compromise, Sheena No way. The other day he created a scene at the party It was his good luck that he got away Now if I help him with this kidnapping I will also go to prison along with him Okay then Let’s take advantage of being twins What do you mean? Let’s change places for some time Think over it again I’ve thought about it Okay, fine. You’re elder to me by three and half minutes. – Yes How can I avoid my elder’s suggestion? Tell me. When are we changing places? Right now. This very moment Here comes trouble Why are you looking at me like that? The sight of you has left me speechless What? – Yes You’re a stunner

What are you saying? You’re very shameless I’m shameless by birth What are you doing tonight? Want to go for a movie? Yes, I’ll come Will you? – Yes Good morning, ma’am The period is over Go ring the bell first Okay, fine The wedding procession is here Let’s go see the groom. Come on Let’s go, Reshma – No, I don’t want to Just hide behind me and see him Come on No. I feel shy. You may go Okay, fine. I’ll go see him The groom is very handsome – Come, Son Come That is Shekhar – Yes, his name is Shekhar I know him very well – How? He’s the biggest goon of our college He flirts, teases and rags girls He has all the bad qualities And you’ll marry him? Perhaps, that’s my destiny Have you gone mad? Only the weak curse their destiny Then what should I do? – Refuse to marry him. Run away Where can she go? – Where has she gone? Search each and every corner of this house Uncle, no need for that It’s useless searching for her in the house Reshma has left the house What? – Left the house? Because she knows everything about her fiance What does she know? That you’re a goon. And a loafer Mother, bless me It’s the 16th day as per Sheena’s condition I’m going to make her mine A mother’s blessings are always with her son Go. Be victorious Bless you Okay, tell me. Why didn’t the ant and the elephant get married? No? The ant’s family complained that the groom’s teeth look very odd It’s enough I’m feeling sleepy. I’m going to bed But I’m not feeling sleepy Shall I sing a lullaby to you? Why? Is your singing so horrible? No, I sing so well that anybody can lose his senses Ma’am, I want to sleep I don’t want to faint What about being intoxicated? – What? Nothing. Looks like he has left his brain in America Good night She said good night as if she was a salesgirl selling mosquito mats Are you ready? – Well set. Is the car ready? Yes, the car is also ready The smoke from this mosquito repellent will set off the fire alarm The moment it goes off I’ll turn off the main switch The moment the lights are off, go to Sheena’s room. Okay? Which is Sheena’s room? Third room to the left, upstairs It seems there’s a fire in the house What’s happening? – Get up. There’s a fire in the house Fire? Fire. Fire. Help. Fire Shucks Come here. This way Mosquito repellent Which idiot kept it under the fire alarm? Sheena Chetan

Reshma? Shucks – Chetan Where are you going? – Come on How is that possible? It’s the same house, same room and same bed But some other girl? It’s impossible She was not Sheena – She was Sheena She was some other girl – I can’t believe it Please go check I have very little time Sheena. Sheena Sheena Sheena Sheena Shucks What happened? Why are you shouting early in the morning? Uncle, where’s Sheena? – She must be in her room She’s not. – I’ve searched the entire house. She’s not here She’s not at home? So where could she go? You idiot Catch her. Catch her You scoundrel, I told you to bring Reshma Why did you bring this nuisance? Got confused in the dark How dare you? Let me go What’s the hurry, baby? Now that you’ve come here, I’ll trade Reshma for you Hello – Hello. Is it Mr. Ajmera? Yes, speaking Your daughter is with me since last night What? What do you want? Your daughter Sheena’s friend Reshma is staying at your house Bring her to the forest ground at 1:00 pm and take away your daughter Otherwise, I know you’re a wise man And a wise man doesn’t involve the police in such matters Daddy, don’t listen to him Dear Your daddy will have to listen to me Pal, had my daddy been here, he’d say “What do people from Prem Nagar feed their daughters?” Boss, she prevented your wedding from taking place Why don’t you take revenge on her? You mean one groom and two brides? I’m sure this is Shekhar’s doing What do we do now? Call up the police – No. They might kill my daughter Then what do you expect me to do? Should I sacrifice someone else’s daughter for mine? Uncle, I have a plan We’ll take away Reshma with us But, Son – Uncle Do you trust me? – More than my life Babloo, they are coming. Be ready – Yes, boss The moment both the girls come in the centre I’ll take them away with me – Very good Shekhar, I’ve brought Reshma with me

Let Sheena go Both girls will start walking from both the ends. Come on What killer style! Come on, move Go, dear Come on, move it. Go ahead Who is he? What is he doing here so early? Who’s in the other car? Sheena, Chetan is over there. Run Come on Sameer? Stop. Stop him He’s taking away my daughter Boss, stop God knows who has taken her away? Both the girls escaped because of you You idiot Uncle, it was Sameer. Sheena had planned to get herself kidnapped He has kidnapped her I’m going to save her See you at tea. Bye-bye Sameer? What are you looking for in the mirror, ma’am? Is someone coming for your help? No, ma’am It’s useless looking back now It’s much more necessary to look back in such times Sometimes you should also look to your side You’ll always benefit I didn’t get you I’ve come across a foolish man What do I do? What? – Nothing Hello, sir I see So the guy who kidnapped my daughter was your son? That traitor? Sir, you have so much wealth When will it be of any use? Why don’t you get your eyes treated? A brave man is a traitor for you? You must get your brain treated first Your son might spend his whole life in prison He has kidnapped Ajmera’s daughter? Mr. Ajmera, my son just took part in the groom choosing ceremony organized by your daughter And he’ll also win it with my blessings But I’m sorry to say that now you’ll be compelled to get your daughter married to my son Daughters are not given away to beggars And I won’t be compelled Your son and you will be compelled to beg for mercy Sir, my son will definitely bow at your feet Because he’ll have to come to you for your blessings after getting married to your daughter Go begin the preparations for your daughter’s wedding You’re a prestigious person Whether happily or unhappily you must permit them and bless them now You’ve said a big thing today Here you are, sir Have this cold water now I don’t want to drink water in your house You’re too much, Brother We don’t have the custom to drink water at our daughter’s in-laws’ house Good. How long will you stick to old customs? I won’t spare you. I won’t You’ve challenged Ajmera I’ll do anything, but would never let this house have the honor to have a wedding ceremony No, I won’t Is it bothering you?

Now you can say something romantic to me Please untie my hands Not at all. You don’t get so much concession in a kidnapping How can you be so cruel to the one you love? Now that you’ve reminded me of my love, I can offer my life if you want Go on, jump If you’re so fond of breaking your bones, then I won’t stop you. – You “You’re mine.” Uncle, the car behind us is very much in a hurry, it seems Small vehicles are always in a hurry Are we here to roam around on the road? I won’t give you side today Let me go Look there. It’s Sameer’s car He has overtaken the truck Uncle, the small car has gone ahead of us This is a shame for our community Why do you cry? Victory and defeat are two phases of life Uncle, if you let him overtake now, I’ll commit suicide Even I don’t like to get myself insulted so often Will you overtake my truck? Come closer He was trying to defeat my master Oh, God Oh, God – Oh, no Now how do we take this car on the road? – In my arms Just thank God we survived Now we must walk. Come on Come on – What? Look. There’s a car Let’s ask for a lift Lift. Lift Lift What happened? – Look Your ex-fiance is going with his wedding procession Thank God, my perfect eyesight saved us Can’t you see anything that is close by? No. But right now, my common sense tells me that we must stop Shekhar from getting to Sameer and Sheena But how? – Come on Why have you blocked the road with your sheep? This road is closed Vehicles are diverted to the other road Okay. Come on, let’s go Take this – Salutations, sir Good Inform all the check posts that a guy has kidnapped a girl and they are traveling in a Tata Estate Be alert Mr. Ajmera, we’ll get news about your daughter very soon Lift Hello? Stupid. Idiot Can’t give us a lift? Come on, walk with me Showing your thighs

Oh, God. The road is closed here We’ve taken a wrong route Come on, reverse. Come on, fast Get up I can’t walk any more. Please carry me What do you think? Am I a porter or something? Now get up and start walking, otherwise I’ll leave you here Now I must take a lift from this man Listen, you must be my wife for a while – Only for a while? Then do you want me to spend my life with you? – Yes Now hold it as if it’s our child. Okay? What? Do I have to adopt a puppy to become your wife? – Quiet Come on Just a minute Please stop the car. Please. Stop What do you think of yourself? Why are you standing in the middle of the road with a red signal? What’s the matter? – Listen. My baby’s condition is critical Will you please give us a lift? Definitely. Come on, get in fast Why take my permission? Your baby is sick and you’re wasting time in taking permission Come on, now hurry up Please get in fast, dear. Come on Thank you. Thank you very much No need to thank me But yours is a love marriage, right? How did you know? It’s not rocket science If a beautiful, respectable girl is found with a loafer type of a guy it’s obviously love marriage Am I right, darling? What are you saying, darling? Please don’t mind him He has a habit of joking By the way, is it a boy or a girl? It’s suspense Suspense? Are you sure it’s your baby? ‘I feel like slapping him.’ Actually, we’ve taken a vow not to see the baby till we take blessings in a temple Do one something Go meet the Guinness Book of World Record’s management Nobody must have taken such a vow in life The baby is sick Will you please start driving now? Sorry. It just slipped out of my mind Okay, let’s go. – Thank you Now I’ll see how you take me to Mumbai Do you think I can’t get these keys? Idiot. How dare you do that? Do you think you’ll demoralize me with such stupid behavior and I’ll happily come to Mumbai with you? No. But what do you think? That I’ll be able to take you to Mumbai in this car alone? Watch this Here go the car keys in the water What have you done? I’m trying to explain to you that there are other ways to get to Mumbai Now come on. Shall we start? – No, I won’t come with you Come quietly Otherwise, I’ll drag you like cattle Try doing that Son, look, that boy is trying to force the girl Master, just jump for her help – Wait Hello? Wait Boy, why are you trying to force the girl? – It’s nothing, sir Husband and wife are having a little argument. – What? Is she your wife? But she doesn’t look like she is She’s Mumtaz. And I’m Shahnawaz No, he’s lying He’s forcibly taking me to Mumbai What? – It’s true. But I have no other option Wait. Talk something sensible Explain to me in detail Actually, she wants me to build another Taj Mahal for her the way Shah Jahan had built after Mumtaz’s death I told her we can hardly maintain the one we have It’s getting darker day by day Now why burden the people by building one more? You’re absolutely right She got annoyed and left for her maternal house I’ve begged her Now what’s the other way to convince her if not drag her? Okay. Listen, girl A wife’s real happiness lies in her husband’s house. Go with him But he’s not my husband Sir, I swear on your mother, she’s my wife Sir, he swore on your mother, but he’s lying You liar – You No, sir. Please believe me Let go of my hand. She might escape I’ll prove to you that she’s my wife Now come on, prove it Otherwise, you know what I can do Let go of me. I’ll prove it to you now Come on Why is your baby mimicking a dog? That’s the problem That’s why we’re going to the doctor

I’d warned her not to watch dogs’ circus during her pregnancy Thank God she saw dogs’ circus What if she’d gone to watch tigers’ circus? Wait. Stop. Stop Why? What’s the matter? Nature’s call Oh, really? Hurry up, Son Where’s your wife? She must be here somewhere We’ll find her Come on – Let’s go Why is your husband taking so much time? Does he have a kidney problem? Will you please take care of my baby? I’ll go and see Okay. But please hurry up. Okay? It’s a sweet couple. Isn’t it, darling? Yes, but not like us Is it a boy or a girl? No, darling. They have taken a vow Please let go of it But the parents have taken the vow. Not us I can’t tolerate this suspense I’ll check it No, please. Listen to me Oh, my God There you go. You’ve spoiled everything You’ve broken their vow That’s why the baby turned into a puppy Now what do we say to the parents? They will kill me. Now what do I do? Let’s escape from here What do you expect then? They’ll bless you? Your intuitive nature is a problem “Sweetheart, darling, silly and annoyed girl.” “Please, listen to me.” “Please, listen to me.” “Sweetheart, darling, silly and annoyed girl.” “Please, listen to me.” “Please, listen to me.” “I’ll make the bonding stronger.” “I won’t stop following you.” “Girls attract me unknowingly.” “Girls attract me unknowingly.” “Girls! O girls..” “An ordinary stupid man, a useless!” “Just go away.” “Just go away.” “Learn to slip like this I’ve seen many like you.” “Girls attract me unknowingly.” “Girls attract me unknowingly.” “Girls! O girls..” “Your style is so appealing.” “You walk like a crazy wind.”

“I know your intentions are not pure, my dear.” “I know your intentions are not pure, my dear.” “His heart gives me a secret call.” “I am an untouched henna branch.” “He’s expressing his false love to me.” “You can complaint as much as you want.” “Never mind if you act, but act to love me.” “Just confess it once from your lips.” “Don’t fight and love me.” “An ordinary stupid man, a useless!” “Just go away.” “Just go away.” “Don’t interfere between us.” “I’ve seen many like you.” “Girls attract me unknowingly.” “Girls attract me unknowingly.” “Girls! O girls..” Come with me quietly Hey. Stop there Hit him from behind Let’s go help them You! I’m the lion of Punjab Enough. Enough This team of Punjabi people is very strong We can’t fight them – Wait. I’ll do something Stop playing the drum

You people are dancing here And they are beating up those two guys. Come on Sameer Let’s go Stop. Wait Stop. Stop Sir, why are we fighting? How do I know? We were just accompanying you in the fight But the people we were fighting for have escaped. – What? Let’s go Where are we going? Sheena, I’m taking you to Prem Nagar by a shortcut Idiot, read the milestone first You are also taking me to Mumbai Oh, no. Oh, God Look Sameer? I won’t spare you today I won’t Oh, God. Let Sameer win. Let Sameer win What are you doing? Sheena, they both are fighting because of you Please go with Sameer – What? Yes. He’s a nice guy You won’t find anyone who loves you so much Have you gone mad? Are you my friend or his lawyer? What’s your problem? I’ve fallen in love with Chetan Please accept Sameer for the sake of my love Forget your love So you won’t listen to me? – No No problem Let me go. Let go Reshma, I’ll kill you You’ve betrayed me Everything is fair in love Sameer, tie her to this cot – Good idea Let me go Let go of me. No. Let go of me Take this – Here Don’t shout. You’ll get a sore throat And if you feel thirsty, you won’t get water in this jungle So keep quiet There’s danger on the road Take her through the hills But what about you? I must do something to bring him back to consciousness Okay Let go. Let go of me I won’t spare you And don’t forget to invite me for your wedding Stop. Stop the car Who are you? – You Hurry up. Hurry up Come on. Fast. Quickly – My car You can try as much as you want Now it’s impossible to cut loose You’re treating a girl like an animal What kind of a man are you? Is this how you behave with a girl? So now you’ve realized that you’re a girl? You claim to be powerful than a man You’re fond of showing them down, aren’t you? Just let me get loose I’ll put a dog’s belt around your neck Now you’ll be released only after the wedding I’ve decided to be a henpecked husband It doesn’t make any difference whether you put a belt or anything else Just keep a nuptial necklace around your neck Now what happened?

Help. Help. Help Help me. Help Help me, please Help Don’t be scared, Sheena Give me your hand You didn’t accept my love At least give me your hand so that I can save you Help Help. Help Help Help You’re my life How can I let you die so easily? Thank you. Thank you very much Are you thanking me or borrowing money? So how do I thank you? Will I have to teach you that? Fine. I’ll teach you This is how lovers say thank you I believe in love and non-violence I’ll kiss you as many times as you slap me How did I get here? You didn’t come. She put in a lot of efforts to bring you here Who? – You’re really lucky to have a devoted wife She hasn’t had even a drop of water in these three hours Strange. I was a bachelor before passing out How come I became a husband on regaining consciousness? It seems the injury has affected your brain You mean I’ve gone mad? I don’t have a wife Then who is the one sitting up over there? You? You hit me. I won’t spare you Stop. Why are you running now? Chetan Oh, God Chetan, are you alright? Chetan You’re a strange woman You hit me and then saved my life? What’s your problem? – I’ve fallen in love with you I love you. I can’t live without you No. That’s impossible Why? What’s wrong with me? Am I not beautiful like Sheena or educated and well-cultured like her? That’s not the issue So what is it because of which you’re after her just to win a bet? It’s a personal problem It’s none of your business Now that I’ve expressed my love, all your problems are mine I have a share in all your joys and sorrows You want to share my problems and dreams? Who am I? What am I? Where have I come from? What do you know about me? Is this the car? This is the car But where’s my daughter? – Shall I check the trunk, sir? – Shut up They must have gone ahead by some other car You mean to say we must check all the cars? Sir, listen to me. Forget all this

They will go to the Gateway of India as per the bet No matter which road they take, they will go there And you have to go to Mumbai because Chetan’s father is coming I’m getting you now. Let’s go to Mumbai – Let’s go “This drizzling night and smell of wet soil..” “..and feel of your presence around.” “..and feel of your presence around.” “..and feel of your presence around.” “This drizzling night and..” “..moments to express our feeling..” “..and feel of your presence around.” “..and feel of your presence around.” “..and feel of your presence around.” “Let me claim my right on your breath with mine.” “Let me claim..” “Write an unheard and unfamiliar allegation.” “Write..” “Sky of my dream and my unfilled desire..” “Let this desire be fulfilled.” “This drizzling night and..” “..moments to express our feeling “..and feel of your presence around.” “..and feel of your presence around.” “..and feel of your presence around.” No This is not possible But why? I don’t have an answer for your question

But you must give me the reason for refusing my love Why don’t you try to understand? It’s a question of my life to get Sheena Sheena is so fortunate that two men love her like this Okay, fine. Then kill me. Kill me Kill me right here Because I don’t want to live Kill me. Please kill me Don’t be crazy – Then what do I do? The one, whom I love, loves someone else So of what use is my life? I don’t love Sheena So why is it a question of your life to get her? I’ve caused a big loss to a dangerous goon If I bring Sheena to him, he’ll spare me. That was the deal I’m not Chetan. My name is Vicky And I’m a fraud Do you still love me? Yes. It’s a matter of the heart Once you lose it to someone, you can’t take it back No matter what happens after that But I’ll always be sorry for one thing That the one, whom I love, has dealt a girl’s life to save his Then what do I do? – Fight. You made a mistake Now find a way to come out of it bravely Think over it You might lose your love in this I don’t care We’ll meet in our next life Instead of being a coward’s wife I’d love to live as a brave man’s widow Today, you’ve shown me the right path, Reshma I’d never dreamt that someone would love an orphan like me so much I can challenge the entire world for your love, let alone Brij Come on. Tell me Who are you? Why did you attack me? On Mr. Brij’s order Why did he order to kill me? Because I informed him that you are trying to double cross him So you’re his detective, right? What else did you tell him? And.. and I also told him that Sameer is about to reach the Gateway of India with Sheena And what’s his next plan? To kidnap her from there Reshma, come on We both have the same goal Sheena and Reshma ‘I’m in love with you and want to marry you.’ ‘Now that you’ve reminded me of my love..’ ‘..I can offer my life if you want.’ ‘You’re my life How can I let you die so easily?’ Let’s go This moonlight and this pleasant atmosphere Two hearts in love always crave for such atmosphere But I’m sorry to say that one heart is very restless and the other has decided to maintain a hard stance But still, I’m madly in love with you

‘Sheena, you won’t find anyone who loves you so much.’ “It’s the restless situation and climate is also romantic.” “Light intoxication and sweet scare in heart.” “Ask it to the seasons to the mountains.” “To this valley ask it to this Princess.” “You’re mine. Mine only.” “You’re mine. Mine only.” As per your condition we’re standing at the Gateway of India today You’d promised to marry me if I win But I, too, had promised my mother that I’ll win your heart along with the challenge And only after that will I marry you But I’m sorry to say that I failed to keep my promise It is said that love has the strength to melt stones That happens only in stories Today, I’ve lost even after being victorious And you’ve won even after getting defeated For me, marriage is a long lasting relationship You’ve turned it into a game The game has ended today And you’re free Forgive me for my misbehavior during the journey Let go. Let go of me Kid, I have no personal enmity with you But never come in Brij’s way And go tell her father that if he wants his daughter alive then he should pay Rs 5 crores to Mr. Brij Return my Reshma and then take away his daughter Catch hold of him Let me go – Where’s my daughter? But where’s my son? Haven’t you learnt any manners in America? You shouldn’t talk about your son when I’m talking about my daughter Sameer. Sameer, are you alright? Where’s Sheena? – Shekhar has taken her away Someone named Brij was with him So Brij and Shekhar have joined hands I know where he must have taken her Come with me Well done, my boy Did you see that, Saxena? Your son has become a James Bond in India Which son? Whose son? He’s not my son It’s too hot in India That’s why he has a tan Otherwise, he’s the one whom I’d received at the airport I mean it. He’s not my son Saxena, this is no time to crack jokes I’m very much tensed about my daughter Excuse me. He’s right He’s not my father and I’m not his son That means you’re also a fraud? Catch him Take him to the police station first I’ll get him beaten up and then search for my daughter Uncle, please try to understand Brij Gopal had forced him to kidnap Sheena He has told me everything, Uncle We’d come here to help Sheena Please let him go, Uncle Are you telling the truth? – Yes, Uncle Yes, she’s right And I know where Sheena must be I know all of Brij’s dens Believe me. Please come with me Yes, come on, let’s go Everybody let’s go Come on, hurry up But my son? I’ll shoot you You shouldn’t talk about your son when I’m talking about my daughter

Had my daddy been here, he’d say “Now the game will get exciting” Did you double cross me? I won’t spare you I won’t spare you. You rascal Wait My throat This fire will never douse Stop these scoundrels Yes, hit me. But slowly Catch him. Stop him Ajmera Don’t move Ajmera, I won’t give you any time Just transfer your property in my name Right now Thank you, Son We have a tradition to save our enemy as well And you’re my father’s friend It’s a different story that you’ve forgotten that friendship Hit him. Hit him. Hit him harder He wanted to usurp my property Take him away He was trying to challenge Vicky Look, our daughter is safe and sound My child Vicky Let’s go, Mother Son, won’t you take away the prize for winning?

Go, dear It seems now I must call you a relative Yes, better late than never Correct Kanhaiya, where did you find this photocopy of yours? Brother, she loves me thinking I am you But actually, she loves you A small gift from a younger brother to his elder brother Now move on, Brother I love you I love you, Kanhaiya Dear, now we must bid our daughter farewell After she leaves, we’ll miss our daughter So what do we do now? Let’s do one thing Let’s adopt him Yes, not a bad suggestion But such a big man How will he fit on our lap? Just say yes It’s my job to fit on your lap “Reside in my heart through my eyes.” “Reside in me in such a way that we’d always be together.” “Ask this to the cheeks.” “To the style of clouds.” “From desires and dreams.” “Ask it to the strangers and your own ones.” “You’re mine. Mine only.” “You’re mine. Mine only.”