Bully Dog GT Install (Gas)

Today we’re stepping out of our comfort zone, and we’re working on a gas vehicle There are some of those running around out there, and we’ve seen a few, but here at Thoroughbred Diesel, we offer Bully Dog and SCT products One of our most popular tuners that we offer is the GT gas tuner, so again, part number 40417 Today we’re going to be installing this on a 2016 Chevrolet, half ton truck, 1500 with 5.3 liter motor in it So what I want to do now is I want to go ahead and unpack is the GT gas and show you what comes inside the package And then we’re going to go down and do our update on the tuner So this is actually Bully Dog’s new packaging If you’ve been looking at some of these unboxing and installation videos, you’ve seen the older packaging This is the new packaging from Bully Dog here All right So inside the box, first off, you get the monitor You get the windshield mount, will come with it And then in the bottom of it, you’re going to have This is your registration card Then you’ve got a little quick glance card that tells you all of the fuses that you need to pull for a Chevrolet application So if you’ve got a Chevrolet guys, keep this You’re going to want to use it This is just a little brochure that tells you some other products that Bully Dog offers A big warning sticker here to go to bullydog.com for instructions Let me talk about this for just a second Now this is a very simple thing This kit actually doesn’t come with a printed set of instructions for the unit in it You go to Bully Dog’s website, you can print off the instructions They’ve also got a quick start guide, and we’ll show you that on the video And then this is the warranty mumbo jumbo, a bunch of legal jargon that I cannot read Now, as Adam would say, the piece de la resistance is your SD card Inside of here is the SD card, and your SD card, you’re going to be using this for the update This actually will go in the unit, and we’ll show you the functionality of that This is the kit that comes with all of your wires, your power cord, your OBD II drop as well that’s in the bottom of the box You get the OBD, or the Shoot… the SD card dongle that you will need for updates So make sure you keep that and don’t throw that away This is the power cord that you will run to a key-on power source in some of the applications Then you have your OBD II connection here HDMI cable that takes you from the OVD II cord to the head unit of the Bully Dog And then we’ve got a mini USB cord that comes in the kit that you will use for the updating process as well Inside of here, you’ll get a sticker pad If you decided you don’t want to put this on the windshield, you want to put it somewhere else, we’ve got a provision Bully Dog sends you that Then a couple of wire connections for the power cord And then a couple of really nice I don’t know what the proper word for it is puffy, very nice Bully Dog stickers So that is what is in the wiring kit So now what we’re going to do is we’re going to head downstairs, and we’re going to do our updates So we’re going to take the SD card dongle, our SD card, which is in this envelope We’re going to take the head unit down with us, and we are also going to take the mini USB cord Those are the four things that we’re going to need for our update And now I wanted to just show you how to put the micro SD card into the dongle I just call them jump drives or whatever, but the contact side of this You can see that… contact side goes towards the pocket, towards the It actually goes towards You can see there’s metal contacts inside of there The copper contacts go towards the middle contacts, for lack of a better word So go ahead and slide the micro card in here And seat it, and then put that into your USB port And now we’ll start the update process So I had had an error come up there that said that I was not connected to the internet or Bully Dog server was down I fixed that situation What I also did was I came out, and I took the Bully Dog updater, which was in my start menu

It’ll be different [inaudible 00:05:00], but it wasn’t my start menu I drug it from the start menu out on the desktop I definitely suggest doing that So now what I’m going to do is I’m going to go ahead and put my SD card in the dongle in a USB port The computer should recognize that that has been inserted, and we will fire up the updater here Just double click it, and it will start So this found the driver for the SD card, and there we go The device is now ready to use The update agent has already found the card, and it says that it’s for a GT Platinum, for GT Platinum all So we can do that So we hit select device Highlight and hit select device I apologize It says update is needed So we’re going to click update right here Now it tells us the upgrade of that agent is retrieving correct files from our servers, and files have been downloaded The update will continue, though this is just a update for the device So we’re going to pause right there while this is finishing Once the updates have been done to the file or they’re downloaded, it will begin unzipping and updating the files on the SD card automatically At this point, you will have a box come up that tells you that the latest files are now on your GT Platinum It tells you to install the SD card into your GT Platinum and complete the update by selecting update on the GT Platinum menu Please close update agent before continuing If needed, refer to your quick install guide, step 4-C for complete instructions All right, so we’ve got our SD card updated We are ready to update our firmware and also change the vehicle onto the GTU unit All right, we have got our update done now So what we’re going to do is we’re going to take the SD card out of the USB slot, and then we’re going to take it out of the dongle Then we’re going to put the SD card into that notch right there on the bottom onto our head unit And it will only go one way, so do not force it, but once you have it going the right way, you can feel that it’s going to want to engage the slot correctly So once you get it there, just take your fingernail and push it until it clicks And then once it clicks, you’ve got your SD card in Now we’re going to take our mini USB cord, and we’re going to go to any USB port on our computer I’ll be right back All right Magic of TV I’m back We’re going to plug the mini USB into the head unit here just to power up the head unit All right There we go Once the head unit is up here, it shows us to be in USB mode We don’t want to be in USB mode So we’re going to hit this second button down here from the top, and that will exit to USB mode In the bottom of the screen, it will say USB mode off, and then it will come up, and it will go to the platinum gas Now what we’re going to do is we’re going hit the menu button, and we’re going to change the platform So this is the up and down button right here I want to turn this around and see it because I’m not smart enough to do it backwards We’re going to go to change vehicle here, and we’re going to choose Chevrolet And we’re going to go down and go to Silverado And then it is a 5.3 liter, so we’re going to check the 5.3 liter And the year is 2014 to 2016 We’re going to choose that And now it will say, do you want to change the vehicle to a 2014 to 2016 Chevrolet You’re dadgum right we do And that will do the updating that you need to do on the tuner, and it will put in all of the fancy files that you have gotten off of your updater

It will reboot the head unit as well, so you’ll see power fall away from it, and then it will come back on And away we go Now it came back up in USB mode again, so turn USB mode off Hit that second button down USB mode is off again And it will reboot for GT Platinum Gas And it says an update is available So this is the update that is on our SD card It wants to update that Do you want to update it? And you go to select down for more And I hit the update option here on the computer Man, this is hard to see Update Got it And application for the 14 plus trucks, SV Do you want to load this file now? Yes to upload it So, yes, I want to do that Here we go So that’s automatically going to update the files in the GT Now that this is done, we are ready to take the GT out to the vehicle and plug it into the OBD II port All right Now, what we’re going to do is we’re going to install the download on the vehicle Now for different applications, you have to do different things to install the download Some applications, what you have to do is actually you’ll pull your stock file out, take it in, run it back through the updater, and then you’ll be good to go On some applications, a lot of GM applications, you have to remove fuses So please make sure you go to bullydog.com and download the installation manual for the 40417, and that way it will give you the ability to look at your specific model and let you know what needs to be done for the download So for this truck, on the 2016 trucks, we don’t have to remove any type of fuses for this truck So what we’re going to be doing on your OBD II cord here, you’ve got two choices for key-on power source or battery power source We’re going to switch it over to battery first off Then we’ve got our HDMI cable that came in the kit, so we’re going to just attach our HDMI cable to this And then the HDMI cable goes to the back of the Bully Dog head unit Now, it’s worth noting at this point that this head unit does not have to stay in the vehicle You can tune this truck with the Bully Dog GT and then unhook it and take it into the house If you don’t want to watch the gauge screen or whatever, whatever reason it is, you don’t have to do it You can tune it and take this out But we’re going to tune it and leave ours in So we’re going to actually do a physical installation So step one in this is you’ve got everything hooked together here, your HDMI cable, your OBD II drop You’re going to go ahead and plug into the OBD II port, making sure that you are switched to the battery connection That way you’ve got power Make sure that your batteries are charged on your vehicle before you start working on it When you start working on it, if you feel like the batteries aren’t charged up enough, start the truck, let it run, or hook a battery charger up So now what we’re going to do is we’re going to go to menu, and we’re going to let this thing stop dinging at us for just a second And it’s probably not going to do that because of the hood being open You know what? Adam, I don’t want to listen to that Do you? Not necessarily Let’s do this Now we’re going to go ahead and click install download here, and it’ll want you to verify your vehicle type So we’re 14 Plus Chevrolet We’re going to go ahead and hit yes And Adam says we’ve got to take the plastic off screen, so we’re going to do that now I’m nitpicky about that I like to to leave it on until I’m done with installing, but for video purposes, we’re going to take it off All right This is all the legal mumbo jumbo, a lot of big words in here that I can’t read So I’m going to say yes to all of these If you can read multi-syllable words, I definitely suggest that you read those Where I can’t, I won’t be doing it So we will agree here This tells you to make sure that your battery’s in good to excellent condition This is worth noting, that you need to read this and make sure that your battery is ready to go So let’s continue And this is just preparing the tuner to download

Now it’s downloading the instruction file That was a bad joke All right, tells us to turn the key to the off position, which we will do Now it tells us to turn the key to the run position, which we will do Communicating with the vehicle Turn the key back to the off position It’s going to ask us to wait 15 seconds Go back to the run position Back to the off position 15 more seconds Run position Communicating Do not interrupt the download One good thing about Bully Dog, if you have an accidental disruption, it will take you back to where you left off, and it will start over Bully Dog has worked hard to make these units very safe for your ECM and to make it to where this is going to be a process that even if you have some sort of a catastrophic failure on your download, i.e., you unhook it or whatnot, that it’s going to be able to recover your ECM and get you back there Now we’re going to take a little break here We’re at 10% Take just a few minutes to do this download We’re going to go ahead and read this stock file, and then we’ll be right back Once it has read the file and saved the file, it will tell you to turn the key to the off position Can you see that? Just going to wait 15 seconds Turn key to the run position We got ourselves a valid stock file here So now it asks you what power level do you want to run? And then this is going to also be dependent upon the octane level of gas that you use here So you’ve got stock, regular, and premium gas They run regular gas, so we’re going to select regular and then hit enter here at the top Do you want to adjust the speed limiter? Absolutely So we’re going to click yes here Should be able to get it up here to I don’t know… some sort of a land speed record for a half-tuned stock, stock wheel and tire Chevrolet So 200 miles an hour should be just good enough to suck the paint off this thing Enter We have no tire size adjustment because these are stock wheels If you did, you would say yes here So we do use the stock base, so we’re going to hit no Do you want to adjust the gear ratio? If you’re changing the gears on this truck, you would do this here No on that Brake torque management Do you want to enable that? Or do you want to disable that? We are going to leave it enabled for this truck? Hit enter Now it’s going to build you a file to put in the ECM Everything is good on the checking off part of it here So key to the off position Run position Communicating with the vehicle

So now you’re downloading your tune that goes into the engine So this’ll take just a little while, and then we’ll be back as soon as it’s done So we’ve got the download and went into the truck We’re at the kiosk screen This was actually really, really fast It took about what? Three minutes, Adam, or something like that? And then we were done there So we’re going to go to the off position Another 10 or 15 wait’s are pretty popular All right Key to the run position Congratulations The download is done So what we’re going to do is we’re going to hit continue here We’re going to go out to the main screen All right, so I’m going to start the truck and just make sure that we’re okay here All right, so some of the different functionalities of this I’m going to let this run for just a second Then I’ll click back over All right What I’m going to do here, just show you some of the different functionalities on this You can click list save If we got a code we wanted to read, you could hit menu, and then you want to go town to diagnostics You can click on diagnostics This is going to pull in diagnostic trouble codes that are in there No DTCs are present, so we can go back You can clear them here You can display them You can save them if you want to use them, if you want to read them at a different time So you want to go back here This gets us back to the main screen And then we’re going to go back again This puts us on our gauge screen So if we want to change any of the gauges, we want to hit menu here We can do gauge setup The pyro one, the big gauge, that’s the one that we’re going to look at here We’ve got speed We’ve got RPN We’ve got coolant I want to do Let’s do trans temp and put that here So there we go So now we’ve got trans temp in that So you can play around with the different ways to move gauges around on the GT You can do performance testing What I’m going to do also here is I want to set up the driving coach So we’re going to the driving coach setup And we want to set an economy goal Let’s set it to 20 miles to the gallon You set it to whatever you want to And then we go back, go back So our driving coach will be in there You can change to the nighttime, daytime All right, so we want to talk just a little bit about gauge setup on the Bully Dog GT Changed some things here and got it to where I actually wanted it It had been a while since I’d set up gauges on a gas vehicle, but I want to show you what we did here So to change the gauges, you get four different parameters that you can follow on the GT Now, whatever of these four parameters that you want to display on the big screen over here, you just touch it, and it will actually read that over to that screen there So if we wanted to put the throttle percentage over there, we could do that If we wanted to put the coolant over there And I don’t know why that comes up for that, but anyway, here’s the RPM And then we’ve got our economy So this economy, we set a 20 mile per gallon goal on here This will actually tell us where we’re going to be as far as getting to our goal

So we’ve got our download done We’re ready for our physical installation of the GT now Now again, you do not have to physically install this in the car or truck unless you want to The customer wants this because they want to use the driving coach feature That’s one of the reasons why I would have it in the truck all the time, but we’re going to go ahead with our physical installation All right, for the Bully Dog GTX, what you have to have is you have to have a key-on power source run inside the cab to the truck Now, you can pick up your key-on power source from the internal if your vehicle has it, if you have a fuse panel inside the truck I’ll be honest with you, as far as the new Chevrolets go, I don’t like taking the panel door off of the interior of it Scares me to death I’m afraid the damn thing’s going to fly apart on me So I just don’t do it So I’m going to use the panel here underneath the hood So what we’ve got to do now is we’ve got to find a key-on power source So to open up the fuse box on these trucks, you pull your tabs back, and then that lets you lift your lid off So I’ve got a test light here You don’t need much amperage A small 10 amp fuse will get it if we can find it So let’s see, Adam Here’s two good 10 amps right here [inaudible 00:26:21] still on over there What about that one right there? There’s a little 10 amp of that by itself Let’s see if it’s got power to it when the key’s off All righty The key is off Still got power That’s no good Let’s look at this little 15 here [inaudible 00:26:58] power when the key’s off [inaudible 00:27:04] 15 Number 42, cooling fan clutch All right Key is on It’s got power to it Key is off No power All right That’s the one we’re going to use Inside your handy dandy little Bully Dog kit here, you get a little fuse tap and then a splice for your fuse line So what we’re going to do here is we’re going to pull the fuse, and we are going to find the hot leg of the fuse So we’ll pull it Pull the fuse back I’m going to turn the key back on, and we’re going to try to figure out which side of this is hot I’m going to need to get in there All right So what we’re looking for here is we’re looking for which side of this is hot with the key on That is the side we want to go to So we’re going to know it’s going to be the left hand side here Key off Take our little leg here, and then we take our fuse, and we just put the fuse through the leg Folks out there in TV land, you ever had one of those days that everything you touch just doesn’t go according to plan, and it doesn’t matter how many hundreds of times that you have literally done it in your life, it just don’t go?

And today I’m having one of those days So I am doing the best I can- Not to curse Not to curse and thanking the man upstairs for the little bit of patience that I’ve got left All right And then on days like that, when everything you touch goes awry, those are also the days that you have to work on the most intricate little things All right Life lesson aside, back to the fuse panel we go here We will push that fuse back in Okay All right Now we want to check that with the key on, make sure she’s good to go All right Key is on Excuse me, Adam Get back in here, check this thing Bada bing We’ve got power So what are we going to do? We’re going to take this tap now on to the power wire And we are going to pull that back We will splice this on here just like so I’m going to get a pair of crimping pliers We’re going to attach that right into our little tab Then we’re going to run it We’re going to put our lid back on the box, and we’re going to run it right through this grommet and into the cab Our OBD II drop, you’ve got a couple of ports on this First thing you want to do is you want to switch this over to key-on power sources, so switch it over to key And then with that, you will go ahead and insert your key-on power line Then you will take your HDMI cable, and you will put your HDMI cable into this OBDT II splitter And then guess what? You’re going to take your OBD II splitter, and you are going to plug it into the OBD II just like so And what we will do is we will check and make sure that we have key-on functionality of the Bully Dog GT So we heard her chip She chipped up there Now we won’t shut it off and make sure it goes off with our key So we shut off That’s it So we’ve got key-on functionality of the Bully Dog The Bully Dog is installed in the truck Why do you want to install the Bully Dog inside the truck? Well, it’s good to have your gauges, even on a gas vehicle It’s good to have your gauges There’s parameters in the Bully Dog that you could pick up and that you can watch on this that you can’t necessarily watch in the DIC here Sorry I had to start the truck and let the wind blow through my hair for just a minute And also the driving coach So driving coach functionality inside of this tool is a very, very powerful thing It’s going to help you to be able to save fuel, get your driving correctly to be able to save fuel And saving fuel is going to save you money Saving money means you’re going to get to buy more things that are a lot funner to spend your money on than gas, like guns and fishing rods and things of that nature, whatever your personal preferences are So Bully Dog GT, definitely suggest getting one I could tell you the backstory on this truck The reason why that we went with a GT in this truck was we were having some TCM problems with the truck Really, the owner just didn’t like the shifts We had had reflash done by Chevrolet Just wasn’t to his liking Let’s try the Bully Dog It smoothed out 95% of the problems that he’s got with some shifts The adaptive learning with the transmission Eventually, it will overcome the other problems that it’s had So yeah, that’s it Bully Dog GT Gas for the 2017 Chevrolet If you have a question about this install or any of our other products that we sell, please give us call Like us, subscribe to our channel And thanks for watching Appreciate it