Challenges of HRM

hello everyone welcome back to my channel in this particular lecture I will be talking about the various challenges of HRM we’ll also be discussing the different categories of challenges in HRM so let us begin this topic so let’s talk about the challenges of HRM being HRM a function very important function of an organization the coffee Thurrock a different different types of challenges they target coffee broad topic here it’s going particular video may I spend some nanika finish filter but what I did is I categorized so what sorry challenges cleavages say what I did is I summarized this into three categories from the theme category Misco summarize career first is your environmental challenges guarantee second is your organizational challenges and third is your individual challenge so let’s talk about one by one in kicker case comedy koshish curtain the first is the environmental challenge environmental challenge kya hota so environmental challenge is that challenge which is out of your control you have to control many hooter or up of cha who you are not sure who you challenge aku time-to-time dick nahi porrica so the first challenge is the rapid change from Nepal am i shocked at how we do business environment wrote a book off a dynamic kotha or it’s not dynamic Unni Kiva just say Mohammed Shah kuch na ko changes are they retain each I would change in technology which I would change in competition who have a change of new product so market may so it will keep on coming up something coach ba coach may authorize Joko as a challenge the unique ability a hula gotta change authorized change keeper just say up HR department head yeah job Human Resources an unguided active una both important day otherwise no survive in either fine you know there are two things were both important to the other hate to adaptability both important without the or a crow activeness both important tools out there who active mr. Kamath lemon the app was changed cook policy since kirpan ki kahani Jerry was off either milega next is your workforce diversity yeah opportunity we have or a challenge we had a spirit we can arrive with the rise of globalization most of the companies are hiring employees from different different countries from different different states so what the heck a local aha Culture Club Accra coordination McCarthy the C coupe was out of Idaho tie in terms of diversity you can hug her person of Nichols just a couch to couch ideas Conley Carazo on the other side get challenged k7 Java three challenge is slippin Java because it’s not diversity unique Eva just say in my parity banana-bot muscular Halawa conflict agita beach my civvies are ado problem a Tiago I got a stereotype niches phenotype map the police saying he could flow inclusive Appalachian culture focus on meager pay religion copper sunny Kurt a history shoes job Beach miageta who organization hunger it’s absurd challenging upper chaotic gap work whose diversity but I’m not – cha – but Agora Bernardo Duke Aiona conflictual politics favoritism should attack coffees our issues are nothing third is your globalization given every just a first for me but I the global edition keep I just say Cooper valid do no cheesy booty work full diversity be booger or rapid changes before in globalization TV agency quit technology India colony who’s at P but would technology Pele each anime on Suki yet is your use philosophy a – ma / KO ta t up Google additionally when you say what technology what Judy up the country maybe I je just like automation automation going decline artificial intelligence Cody claim who skewer Jessica over both are a loop in jobs annual cat rahbaniya so that’s the reason why it is very very important to understand that all these challenges or you see what just say HRM up kind of HR department who skill every challenge coffees other budget I next is your legislation legislation is related to laws of Joe a charge okay yet you company a government Kendra McCarthy or being a part of a government of government Kesari rules and regulations or skill loss who follow the Roberta they say apke minimum basic pay up couch it down on the mini set clear coated in a bodega as a both are a rule sang about shooting a government-appointed ilgar TiVo up code in a bodega to Easter SFO sorry legislation ski bar even Jana it took both important but subsidy cheese cable legislation fixed Nagar meant change OTA their rules are they may regulations are the thing to whopper hrg live or challenges or apples killer who’s winning receptive you can’t do anything apart from one thing which is most possibility cavil lobbying Carlo government quesadilla walk if ever make Banali that is completely in etiquette next is your technology again technology is one of those things Cheerilee boys are challenging here because technology K but the lycĂ©e up the training Kakashi Bharata hockey Luke both sorry outdated who’s out there and just like what happened when computers were introduced to banking sector or to the government sector so who work as a computers I or the government introduced here table give us majority workforce as he things is core technology are thinning or other government training they make you be cautious key to Volo

get me capable enough night they are signalling chatter Thea was sickening pie so finally care what it took a lot of time was our time apologia whose technology co say Lucas economy or na loko adapt economy next challenge is obviously lack of skills or below challenge head is key when you say how much are you gotta think about of ten people only two people are employable so dual over no cream milk tea because there are lack of skills come completely degree based go to Kenya in the terms of education or Carina a charcoal efed a coffee or challenging with a kooky happening SLO boku higher KD skill set to youth me achieve me to throw saw that put in unibody aluminum for Vogel’s di watering it but all these things sub say what it is care you to be environmental challenges these are not in your control up is to control no other choice up going quite happy karna padega either up adapt curly they are proactive okay so since curly okay next we have is organizational challenges of organization challenging America’s chaos at the organization level Parramatta the scope control yourself first is your controlling of cost obviously one of the major thing is cost control her company Costco control crotchety oh you do jkoper the hopper subsidy of the ski costly cutting OTA one is your marketing cost cutting another is HR human resource a Gurkha with rocky company will also not shrew that the company’s of several layoffs should ready T sub simply have no conical nozzle uber they Thea that’s the reason why the controlling cost go up killing more challenging yeah absolutely away to a P Costco baladeva but I got up come logo Kolya wait okay okay hikami irani over to do new ETA up quiz kind of balance banana was of Sarah challenges next is your improving quality again quality versus quantity kheh a challenge the a turn-off of lavaca the operative who jabo tzadikim kuru a quantity produced kuru quantity of work kuru on the other side optic at the open book a cup quality come kuru quality for focus kuru the people are get confused you have a quantity become her maqam equality maker then again a balance is required capo quantity we tiger or a qu quality of each ie and that’s the reason why we see that we are looking for people who are effective as well as efficient a Madoka roccaluce these are a challenge you have more definitive capabilities how go as a nature yet they cannot bodegas and it says do a look Oakley distinctive capabilities training aku you don’t find you don’t need people who have same kind of skills you want people who should have different kind of skills somebody can be very good at marketing somebody can be very good at finance somebody could be very good at operations somebody can have great capabilities of creative work of designing something to appoint cheese oka the unworthy way up we ignore prodigal job the complete workforce a una be complete workforce may octopus different different skillset yellow version and then the last challenge is restructuring of restructuring chaotic your organization Mohammed Shah kuch na could structural changes okay nothing a bigger plant manager think of a good product mondo jatha curvy companies up Nicky CBC cheese crowdsource karate is your code aditya become chemically do is directly the restructuring OTA to Boubacar fees are challenging mood attacks are is the rock a restructuring boss or a looping job bless who negate chances with nothing so that’s the reason why all these challenges are from the perspective of organization but again HR department has to look into it and they have to discuss with the top management can stock up every decision company later a to study i impact force a tie on the human resources last but not the least is your individual challenges to individual level / how could the a poor thing the first is your matching people and organization how much i think you do HR cut department and it’s more like marriage bureau basics extra do t shaadi make a out cap quick perfect match banana cake oh she’s curve after thinking capability Bonita here between the husband and the wife that’s very very important similarly organization or employees be a pic married couple neither are they okay Beach make cuts are much clearer to that to quell that in coordination coffee grow Kirti or do no coffee cushy who’s your Mozingo our nation our liberty but a guru mismatch oh yeah then challenges receptor next is again the productivity and we are talking about individual productivity up or a more national productivity Kiba three individual activity but quake but some is Nadia Theory coordination is solo come Kathy whose sock is solo different different skill set required on sub-q productivity very Gertie who use a chopper from the robot number from Niger or get task to task where a bigger thing you see we just say up ways but karna padega individual productivity impressive all acceptance or waha / up team motivational motivation or up cardio benefits of the thing or up cuz you reinforcement evoke a feel of a comma that next is your attrition in turnover attrition or turnover cover monopoly we both had them at the bar about our own job octopus lube up curation cause all that short occurs on a larger in that’s

called accretion or turnover gig both Bala Challenger escapes on okay fella the other in the Midway gurko a push for catch a logical body for a terrific we have been about pachala gay or Beasley can a person could Runa ink replacement do not kill oh yeah that’s the biggest problem second problem is geography important employee here who would forget about that through this reorganization major gabo mostly up you competitor capacity yoga the housing industry make is your company image I got to vote up Kesari secrets cogent ahead he knows the in and out of your organization or whoa because in some they use it that next is you’re keeping employees motivated or employee come motivate attract my challenge because job was monotone associati hey job both routine huija ta is really really difficult for HRM to look into the look into strategies that how we can release a redesign the job or how we can rotate people so that they don’t feel that they don’t feel demotivated next is job insecurity again in the private sector is other applicable heron in the government sector private sector Makaha techie exam your problem look face cut away taking the job more insecure a doting mania performing away and you will be out of the organization and that is the reason why look it’s not insecure Hungate okay over on the commitment level both loads I go very away one cup for risk was other took care of that we they will not be able to perform who relax see Mia to perform considering it so that is also very very important the egg but a challenge a cam loboko secured a cord blood challenge month adar a discord counter productive behavior reproductive behavior game yes hello hence your organization may already come current but over a period of time counterproductive okay much about productive work and eager papers counterproductive calm Unni need it they come whoo yeah – who name is it a Jaeger Kirby reduce Kody motivate come to girl the asses do look in kind of counterproductive behavior or acts are Easter okay look Joe have a logo Kovac a Phoenix Unger thing because if they create an atmosphere of negativity to identify karma he took blah blah blah challenge a orographic identify kirby little blood challenge then managing work-life balance oxer of coordination may female employees duty as well as male employees during case Joe’s family here and keep us calm here or don’t know T Zuko balance coffee problem arias key I just say go stressful her thing and Mahaprabhu a charger role coffee hey Kibo history case a balance curry oath nahi workload dolly logo / jitna will a second key witness soon come work life balance a Chopin are a last but not the least is your theme term with the biggest disease of organization is your conflict groupism and politics if he know he bought the other problematic we’re over conflict hora hey Sookie over Luke interpretive Oh Johnny acoustic a group is Mosiah odd elevator of a goose with rough company bundling a Kobe Bazar politics Ruo Jie rather than discussing how we can excel in organization will be discussing that how we can stop people from excelling in optimization is the racket which issues into for for a chair so this was all about the challenges of organization challenges of HRM understood this topic really well so thanks for watching I hope you enjoyed this particular video if you really like my channel do subscribe to my channel and hit the like button to get the notification from my side this is this is dr. Ahmed signing out for the for current and I will be back with a new video very soon thank you