Crafting Maccaroni and Cheese

hey it’s time once again with the mechanics discussion hey you know what that means it’s time to bring it okay why does there really nothing to see here honest anyway today’s topic is crafting the Pistons and games he said before he came to help to make it happen system in the first place little question is why do we want a graphical system at all don’t monsters just carry around late like every single drankin ever has like 50 magic plus two swords smacking around on a salsa why even bought in the heel stuffed in the first bucket well starters giving enemies alii that particular manner he really all that realistic yeah it’s not recently it’s a game isn’t one realistic he wouldn’t be playing yet the more fitting answer is really twofold his first off a crafting system gives the GM more nuanced control for the players follow up on tabletop games my game designer gets that control instead for video games weather is sodium anyone regardless the point is that if you want to give players an item either it’s on item values which is strict control Orton item they won’t use and they’ll wind up sign which that money then goes to things that are less controlled in which can cause problems for the health in the game by strictly controlling the items which are needed for crafting your own gear the GM or designer even sure that the player doesn’t get stuff they shouldn’t have selling up plastic swords and eventually you can just buy a plus but wait before you should have access to it after all the second feature issue yes that’s nice for players to find legendary items from previous adventures and such right all that stuff come from these legendary items out to come from somewhere in D&D for example there’s almost never any reason to ever make magical items so why are there somebody Leonard about why can’t a player custom order a specific item that is exactly what they need so they get their own personal is legendary item because it ain’t we don’t really just isn’t as our were like shall we say as fortune your own destiny or fortune your own armor for that matter the problem here is mostly that crafting stuff takes a long time to get good at it you don’t make a single set of armor and call it it you may doesn’t let them over the span of decades only to make one purpose flawless make them office pinnacle of your career and crafting armor rocked from only the finest of materials fit working right now fortunately we’re talking fantasy so we don’t need to be quite so picky we can find the genders learned a lot over time war that is Magic to help them out after all if these are magic swords there be a magical blacksmith hammer to make more sort you think of all the things to a chance the blacksmith hammer would take priority since they going to make every single sword made from that point on that much better this issue is Matt the length of time it takes to me a single item in reality he’s a pretty hefty chunk of chronological change here i’m looking at about 40 hours or so for crappy sword 200-plus for a rather good quality one by an experienced men like considering players will want guys quality gear they get he could be looking at weeks or months of downtime in your campaign at a time yes I doesn’t work for all systems systems seem a degree of downtime don’t with that mind run meal for example others are very much so meant for pretty fast-paced with very little downtime and it’s rare for characters to get months at a time off and they won’t have time to practice by

making dozens of sorts you might want to consider part of the advantage having high quality Smith in her letter Larkin tools and so on is that enchantments vastly speed up the process so that it’s reasonable for a character to be blacksmith part time instead of devoting their every waking hour to it sure it’s not realistic but the goal of the game is fun and if character has to sit out of several sessions relative Portuguese rather then it’s not going to encourage players to be marginally crapping their own gear because it’s simply not fun unless you’re making a hyper realistic simulation game and I put gaming quotation marks there because its sacrifices too much to our big game at that point well mama charted it is down the side of fun over the side for realism especially you have magic speed things up mind you might want to explain your system they get accelerated to have to match contravention is all most players won’t but ponder they’re willing suspension of disbelief self if you try to prepare a rudimentary explanation crafting yeah usually a problem at games in that it normally is not given much attention kappa terials make item yay not so much fun nor does it feel very happy if you’re going to make housing as if some per game or any mechanic at all for that matter it really should be fully formed and flushed out instead just after to mentor a basic system with a little thought put into it otherwise he needs oh my father additional to such it also needs to fulfill a few different purposes to be worthwhile you don’t just randomly throw in the can express they have a mechanic’s out at all now yeah mechanics because they’re needed in order to fulfill some goal now let’s take a quick look here and make a list of what would want our crafting system to accomplish shall be first off a ship grant players the ability to make personalized items you want these items to be so will you be mother characters have some degree of control over what to make use of just basic patterns these are their weapons and armor as well as other equipment instead of like i see their personal stuff and it really should feel like it was me just for them second on the list a good crafting system should increase total gameplay don’t just the actual crap this means what does that have no such a way that it offers plot hooks and enters other since our players to do next you should have packed an investment for players not just in the cure itself but also in the making their off then this can be an anchor what you had just the player characters before hope in a meaningful way so they really feel like they wanted to say the world that it matters to them personally rather than just because random NBC numbers excessive 832 offers a reward after that let me think of silence softening games there’s simply not a lot of reason to throw money around and if you can’t buy magical items because it’d be overpowered then you’re stuck with the issue that you can carry around a huge amount of land with no more distended I mean once you can start buying castle oh yeah we have neither be giving one castle they didn’t do six of them um I mean 1401 open cottage of the keygen home I suppose you can tell you share them out but to be perfectly blunt point is you often do get to a point where you start making obscene amounts of money as your characters start getting stronger they say the kingdom that’s not cheap it costs money to pay off somebody just like a freaking dragon dragons combat pretty high value so the point is that you’re gonna have a lot of money laying around as your characters get stronger and stronger and a well-designed and burns crafting system can give a very reasonable answer to where all that money gives finally at least for this list the

crafting system should really allow for finer regulation of what players can do in terms before I want to give them a tough challenge but one that’s reasonable to accomplish that means knowing exactly how strong the players are and so more control over how much however they have everyone’s level the batter in that game so the break this happens natural sections let’s begin with materials quality items for players don’t come from banare and this can be a great way to encourage players to be more stuff dragging ravaging the town but they can’t afford video Oh consider all the raw materials that drink must have its fire yard it’s near impenetrable scales the firm leather of it died the drinking’s very lifeblood is also quite valuable each of these things could be put to good use and crafting fitting a sword in water to cool it while working the blade is great enough but using traigan spud that’s gonna be better message Les Mis players something to work towards if they want dragonhide armor have to skin the height of a dragon entrance don’t typically take too kindly to being skinned while they’re still alive and kicking can’t possibly imagine why wow if we take that end us and things like having to earn respect from certain groups before they’re willing to part with various materials for crafting Borbon prizes from contests of strength or skill it’s easy to use such to draw player characters in you can play elsewhere so what else can we do yes let’s consider the investment aspect if you want to work Metro mostly since I wrote the rules on it I’m not think of that I won’t win that you’re going to need more than just generic tools from your local blacksmith to work best stuff properly no you’re going to need to rest in high quality stuff such as an anvil that’s harder to the mineral or a seven chatted blacksmith tools capable of actually manipulating vijayan quality material this means you’re not just going to use any old blacksmith shop drop in and build stuff no you’re gonna need a place to help them for a bit no more murder hovering over you set up shop invest in a town use your heroic exploits to build it up and create high quality smithy so you can work with the materials you get settling down into a single spot with a group of heroes but you can calm even if it’s just on phase is an important psychological aspect towards games saving a town from rotters large dragon is alright but it doesn’t billion best players in the game world saving their town that they built with their money however yeah players don’t take kindly to modders attacking their home turf or messing what their stuff and where they pour into it the more attached they tend to become do that’s a good thing it means when a GM starts messing with their home they’re vastly more likely to become emotionally involved not every newbie Geonosis so it’s Hindi to nudge them in the right direction with mechanics that specifically work towards such now you have an investment in the game world what else can we do well just creating praise audience kinda defeats the purpose of crafting system doesn’t it I’m sure it does require years ago in mine and I’m all RPGs but what love has the point these days amazing such especially for tabletop games where I GM can directly oversee what’s being created there’s no reason that you can’t have a basic item that grants different properties based on how you make it and what you make it well consider a generic sort yay it’s a sword I’m very sorry as a pointy sharp bed and a not so pointy bit to hold on to so that you don’t grab the shark bit blatant hell nobody now if we weren’t going to be here from mithral instead of bronze I have feeling that the quality is gonna go up a fair bit if we working right at Carnac things into the metal

applied enchanted gemstones Apollo and so on we cancel credit new abilities like the plate Catching Fire and other handy things like that which players kind of love now this isn’t just making the legendary sword blargle but instead making the swords the players as physically wants to wield themselves personally this customization if mod pizza crafting system real unique and valuable you’re not just getting the black sword as a priest application plus five you get your personally designed sort of supreme specification classified but it’s only make little tricks that’s making yours there’s also has a nice advantage that yeah but GM doesn’t want you using a fiery place and all i have to do is make sure you’re only fighting new frost dragons problem solved or let’s say they want you to have my replay but they don’t want it to be as strong as withdrawal you can begin the materials for the pirate art but only iron to work love the point is well in the materials comes nuance in power as well more control in the dm’s are towards games designer means more control over how powerful the characters are and what they can fight on even trim now this makes it easier for bouncing the game to maintain a challenge but not so hard that it’s hopeless to know what various changes will affect walking that fine line is it happen to do and every bit of control you can give the designer GM in regards to such is usually a good thing about cases at least a long as the updates are clear in their effectiveness fire plate is pretty easy to tell what does instead of say piercing or slashing damage and me now deal magical damage of the fire elemental persuasion meaning its dominance thing sorry to fire and we do things that are strong against but this is the ones been active yeah the one bouncing begins the tools to jazz what players will be fighting but you want something on that it’s hard to tell how effective it will be now blend to rethink together the way I handle is he orsa was also include the legend of the webinar top see you can change the blade of a sword and a gross doll and it’s still the same sword replace the health makromol still the same sword replace every single aspect of it and it’s still the same sort the thing is the concept of the sword even in the sword itself it is the wheel there’s mind the sword can get a full overhaul but there’s always spirited linkers what is the character and as such each time character does something epic so just I don’t know say playing at Reagan that same dragon from the earlier though it stands out pin strengthens their sword the sword is infused with that heroic need I think you know cool that you can learn than before in this manner players are directly rewarded for performing well Slater I could get a better sword even without directly before Jean as such it just means that the player wants a nice work now they can swap out hommel Tim’s there you go still same sort so I’m still saying that that’s of that continual profession amount of overtime instead of the player trading out swords constantly every other week or holding on to like 50 different swords just locking them around but that’s also part of investment aspect if someone steals a sorbent players worked hard on making sure they still have this spirited up their sword with it but someone took their sword and it’s not just national but their sword that was custom-made just presume exclusively oh that was bad idea that that’s a very bad idea to eat you think space on players or the touch of their junk unless they’re bars and they’re probably into that sort of thing anyway we can also look into the concept garden see and I don’t just mean gold a Japanese one form of currency one that crafting can be pretty handy towards getting players something to invest it not just the sword itself but the Smith Ian the town to support crazy the sword in the first place beyond that we also have other forms of currency such as social currency earning a favor very respect during iteration you don’t just walk into a kingdom and find out of you

gold bars and say hey I’d like to buy your crown jewels are some people do but seriously pal mom never works if you want that tears shed by a goddess has her mate was damned for helping out mortal raise then tears now the heirloom of kingdom as a as a reminder of turtle thanks I but wants to see the plugin down million goal just gonna cut it ya know if you want something that big and shiny you’re gonna have to some equally on car this means Molly came by but also currencies reputation whether you use discrete quantified measurements reputation such as MRSA does or how the more freestanding Levin doesn’t matter so much just that it directly means that the crafting mechanics he’s giving players stuff to do no pleased it’s been on I trust either making be acquainted or favors after all just save the kingdom is reward even on its own so I’m just gonna want some kind of showing that yeah they have art reward of mythological proportions and more called is not a very good way to show it’s tough crown jewels a little bit more meaning to them regardless the point is had a crapton system makes a lot more sense for all linking as a whole but I mechanical sign is one more time you get your items pre-made and laying around on the ground instead of tracking toward might include Slava Matoaca firon it was he as any other pillow yeah I don’t know then I’m freaking cat dragons mostly bloody well anywhere what I’m trying to get at is that it’s much more sensible for slaying the dragon to increase the players capacity while using the dragon’s hoard and body are also wise choices you can fill up here that matches your players you can make them unique in diving below as having their personal items more than just scavenging the ring means on other heroes after all why would you use a plus 2 sorgi that after you on a dragon I mean he obviously wasn’t cutting up says it she’s hooked in now Blass guy otherwise he’d still be up winged dragons instead of having his memories Destler toothpick Jesse yeah but ya don’t think routing system needs to involve more than just raw materials and characters go there’s so many ways to tie the character into the world to become feel more real like they have a direct impact on line of them as inviting everything has to have a purpose you don’t have lines the head nothing to the story of characters development if want to head a crafting system it has to be because directly benefits the game somehow preferably in many ways some of those have been covered here today others you’ll have to figure out on your own as there’s simply too many ways possible too many reasons to implement a crafting system that I can realistically counter here rather than try to list them off one on one at a time the real genious think about what you want out of mechanic and what it can accomplish and then the figure out ways to expand that to include even more value if you really do just need to quad 5 control bars the heart of a dragon to the wrap leather to create the legendary zoran firebrand that you do much more than that the crafting system all the players into the game they do feel like they’re directly apart of world history instill in them a sense of ownership of what goes on random mechanics aren’t just numbers the representation of ideas in concept use them to make it easier verging eligible players into the game by setting them up in such way that they make it easy to add flawed hugs rather than just be the money think some of this is the gm’s responsibility but really if you can build it into the core mechanics of a game in this damage easier for all GM’s from that point on now I could rant about this for hours probably be best for all of us where I not to do so so

let’s talk you what that’s the everyday episode or I’m just gonna keep going forever so blah blah standard retains permit Adrian subscribe chair do whatever it is you’re told to do in other videos I am I’m not good filtering this account so have a nice day gone side and have fun instead lots of training but i guess that inside much thing because a total equal to or mala turns I’d point again wouldn’t hurt either if you catch me see it