Crime Patrol Dial 100 – क्राइम पेट्रोल – Torture Part 1 – Ep 604 – 14th September, 2017

Greetings Welcome to ‘Crime Patrol, Dial 100’ It is not necessary that things are what they appear to be It is not necessary that an incident is as simple as it seems It can happen due to some other reason too Our today’s episode is full of mysteries and conspiracy where words like trust, responsibility and hope don’t exist at all And the past was equally devastating Mister, give me half a kilo of this How much is cauliflower – Are you done? – Yes It’s done Why is she crying? You can’t even take care of her Give her to me. – Why are you losing your temper? I don’t have experience in all this I have become father for the first time It will take time to get used to it Even I have become a mother for the first time No Give me the money What are you looking at? Give me money Deepak – Yes What are you looking at? Let’s go Take it Mother-in-law You must be feeling very hungry, right? Yes.. – Here is the food. Have it Mother-in-law What happened? Have food Come in I have given you the entire amount Please pass my project now Consider it done Go and make the necessary arrangements for the project You What are you doing here? What do you mean? – I mean I saw you outside Suddenly, you are here Yes, our daughter has urinated So, I have come here to take fresh clothes for her But why are you behaving weirdly? No Suddenly, I saw you Anyway, I am getting late for my office I am leaving now See you in the evening Let’s go out in the evening We will have dinner outside Okay, I will call you up as soon as I leave the office Be ready, okay? I will pick you up Are you not taking your car? How will you go to office? The roads remain jam-packed at this time I remain stuck in traffic for hours I will take metro today And I will reach office in ten minutes Okay, see you in the evening – Bye Auto Auto

Open the door, Mother-in-law Someone, please open the door This is not for you Here is your food Have these Have these You must be feeling hungry, right? Have these Have mice Look You won’t get even these later I am feeling hungry What’s the matter? Why did you stop the vehicle? No There was a sudden brake Let go of me! Who are you? Let go of me It’s you! Where Where had you vanished? Do you know? Mother-in-law ill-treated me Don’t you panic I am around Don’t worry I will set everything right Come on, let’s go inside and speak No I don’t want to go I don’t want to go Rakhi, I am around Let’s go No – Let’s go No Nagesh Nagesh, no Why did you bring me to the storeroom? Let’s Let’s go to our bedroom Yes We will go But before that, I need to speak to mom I need to calm her anger down, right? So that she wouldn’t ill-treat you again I’ll try to convince mom – All right But until then, wait here in the storeroom All right? Nagesh, I am I am feeling very hungry Please give me something to eat Yes.. – Please – All right But not now I will surely get you something while returning All right? – Sure? – Sure Oh, my baby! What are you doing?

Your dad isn’t in a mood to go to office Ask dad what the matter is Why is he still here? What! What’s the matter? What are you thinking? No Nothing important Listen If you have any problem, share it You will feel relieved if you do so Tell me Sunanda Sunanda, I’ve been noticing since a few days Two people are following me I have spotted them even around the house Sleep here, dear What! Is someone following you? – Yes How can someone trouble you like this? If someone troubles you, won’t you step out? Come with me Show me who it is Come Mother-in-law, please take care of the baby I will be back Let’s go. Come on! Let’s check who has been sneaking around Where was he peeking from? Come Come, let’s check Come. Where is he? Show me who it is Where is he? Is anyone around? There’s no one around You are worrying unnecessarily Here you go All this is your misconception There’s no one around Leave for office, without any worries Rickshaw! Please go Come on – Fine Get in Don’t worry too much Let’s meet in the evening Bye Rakhi, get up What is this? I’ve brought you food by hiding from mom What a miserable condition our family has been reduced to! But your dad is responsible for all this If he had given the money, all this wouldn’t have happened Firstly, let me have food I am I am very hungry – Yes Have it What happened? It has It has only chillies Are you serious? It has even spices Red and hot! Tasty! Come on, have it No! I’ll have only the Roti – Hey! You won’t get only Roti You need to have this ‘Mirch Sabzi’ too I will feed you Hold on No! No! Have it – No! Open your mouth – No Eat Open your mouth A girl who is being ill-treated by being held captive has been putting up with torture On the other hand, the mystery was, who were those people following Deepak And what was their motive behind doing so? Was this an indication of some upcoming storm? Had Deepak, Sunanda, and Rakhi anything to do with each other? And if yes, how could these two stories be connected with each other? Stop Who are you? Why are you following me? Who has sent you here? Are you trying to usurp my money? Have you been sent by the income tax personnel? No I don’t need anything from you If you don’t need anything, why have you made my life miserable? Hey! Are you beating me up a senior citizen? Aren’t you ashamed? You should be the one ashamed You should be ashamed to follow me Why are you following me? Why are you troubling me? What do you need from me? Speak up or else, I will break your office! Who are you to break my face? You are going through a bad phase yourself Scoundrel, let go of me! Let go of me What are you doing? He is a senior citizen Don’t preach me Go mind your business Do you consider us helpless like him? What will you do? Answer me! Let go of him Why are you hitting Mr. Deepak? Advise him He doesn’t know how to speak to elders He doesn’t have manners to speak to senior citizens How did this happen, dear? Why are your clothes torn?

What happened to you? How did you get hurt? I had an argument with a man He hit me and I hit him back Will you become a rogue like others? Will you start fighting on the streets? I will hit the person who hits me no matter what happens Deepak Deepak Stop Why are you following me? I taught a lesson to your partner Haven’t you learnt a lesson yet? Do I need to make you understand separately? Think about yourself The woman whom you are staying with is very cunning She will ruin your life one day I will not spare you if you talk nonsense about my wife Remember one thing I don’t want to see you again! Leave now! Go! Wait, I’ll come with you Take this, Mother-in-law Why? Otherwise, you’ll fight with somebody again I won’t fight You don’t worry You had told me the same thing last time too But you did fight with somebody I won’t pay heed to you I am coming with you Sunanda is right Take her with you Okay We’ll get late if we go by car Let’s go by metro No, we’ll go by car I don’t want to take any chance I’ll drive. I’ll drop you off to office and come back Let’s go now Come Mother-in-law, I’ll come home soon Lata, what are you thinking about? What are you up to? Just wait and watch I will settle the score today Sunanda, what did you do? I – Lata This is the same woman who was following me What? What did you do? You crazy man! Are you drunk or what? No. – Take her to the hospital first Come on – Come, help me. – Hospital You guys wait here There are no external wounds But there is a lot of internal bleeding So, the case has become very complicated So, nothing can be said as of now Okay, Doctor Who was the one driving the car? I was driving But I am not at fault That woman came in front of the car all of a sudden Do you know her? No, sir – Were you drunk? No, sir I drink occasionally But I don’t drink during the day We won’t believe you so easily You’ll have to get a blood test done Tawde – Sir Take him along for the blood test Ms. Patil – Yes, sir Take all the details from her You guys can go home after giving the details and after the blood test is done

But you guys cannot leave the city till this case is solved Go Patil – Yes, sir Go to the accident spot and check whether there’s a CCTV camera close by or not Talk to the people in that area and ask them about what had happened Okay, sir My baby Your mom will be back soon Where were you two? My baby. – I was calling you two up But you guys didn’t answer my call My phone was on silent That is why I couldn’t hear the ringtone And an elderly woman collided with my car So, we took her to the hospital. We got late there Is everything all right? Did anything happen to her? No, you need not worry She is fine I’ll just freshen up and come I’ll go and feed the baby Deepak why didn’t you tell the cops that the woman has been troubling you? Had I told them this they would’ve believed that I had hit her intentionally And one more thing If you had applied the car brakes on time this accident could’ve been averted Sir Sir the elderly woman who’d met with an accident has passed away Powar, please check at the nearby police stations if any missing complaint for a woman matching her age and appearance has been filed And hand over the body to the one who recognises her Fine, sir Sir.. One more thing I have extracted information on the man who had hit her with his car His name is Deepak Borkar And I’ve got to know that he’s a corrupt municipality officer Sir, I don’t think this is just an accident case Did you find any evidence? Nothing as of now, sir as there were no CCTV cameras around the spot where the accident had taken place Sir, we don’t even have any eyewitness So what made you say that this isn’t just an accident case? Sir, he sounded confident when talking of the accident but he’s nervous when he said that he didn’t know that lady And he had signalled to his wife when talking And he appeared quite nervous after that Sir, I feel, he is lying to us He is trying to hide something from us So you mean to say that he already knew that old woman And this was a murder, not an accident? Son! The cops are here! You.. You go inside! Go inside! S-Sir What brings you here? What’s the matter? I wanted to share a news The woman you had hit with your car She has passed away I-Inspector it was not his fault He didn’t do anything He didn’t do it deliberately Listen, please clam down We have to enquire We need to first identify that woman Are you sure you didn’t know her? I don’t want to see your face again! Just go now! Leave! I-I am telling you the truth I don’t I don’t know anything Pawar – Sir? You were right He is hiding something from us for sure Sir his alcohol test result was negative But I still feel that it wasn’t an accident Patil – Sir! Take that elderly woman’s photo and ask people around See if anyone here knows her We need to get her identity first Pawar, listen – Sir Enquire at all the tea stalls and restaurants around Deepak’s office Because if he really takes bribes he must frequent any of those Check if someone had seen that woman over there Okay, sir A mysterious elderly couple

The woman was already dead And the man, though roaming around in the streets didn’t have an identity and was now, missing Who were they, who used to follow Deepak? And what was their intention behind doing so? This case had such shocking aspects that it posed a tough challenge for the cops Listen Yes, sir? Do you know this man? Yes, sir He is Mr. Deepak He is an officer in this municipal office He comes regularly to drink tea here He loves our tea But, sir What’s the matter? I mean Did he get caught while accepting bribes or something? Have you ever seen this woman here? Yes, sir Some days ago, as Mr Deepak was having his cup of tea she’d come here and they had had a fight I will not spare you if you speak rubbish about my wife! And remember this! I don’t want to see you around again! Well Can you tell me why they had fought? No idea, sir Sir, you You’d said that it was a routine enquiry so why did you get me here? What’s the matter? You look petrified Did you get to know that we know that you have been lying? Lie? W-Which lie? You knew that woman and you’d threatened to kill her which you eventually did by staging this accident Come on, tell me now How did you get to know her? How were you related to her? Tell me! Sir, I don’t know anything She had been following me Not just her she was accompanied by an elderly man as well She is a wretched woman She’ll destroy you one day for sure Oh, come on! Your life is doomed! Who was that man? Sir, I I don’t know I had never seen them before And how can I hit her with the car when it was my wife who was Then why had you lied to us? Tell us! W-Well I did that to save my wife from all this I-I lied to you all for that I-I Sir, I don’t know them Deepak never told me anything about it If you had nothing to do with that woman why did she say that you will destroy Deepak’s life one day? Really? Sir, I have no idea why We are very happy with each other I I have never hurt Deepak You may ask him that if you wish to Please ask him Were you driving the car when the accident had happened? Y-Yes, sir, I I was driving the car B-But, sir I-I didn’t do it on purpose I am not lying P-Please trust me If you don’t believe me you may arrest me M-My child is hungry You will have to come along to the police station to get the sketch done for that elderly man Sir Sir, according to Deepak’s description This is the sketch we’ve been able to make, sir We’ll know if Deepak is speaking the truth when we find this person Ask around in the areas where Deepak saw him See if you can find a clue about this person Okay, sir Police filed the case of road accident against Deepak, but because Deepak’s alcohol test results were negative and since there were no eye-witnesses of the accident, Deepak got bail immediately, through his lawyer But the case is still going on Mom, tell me what’s to be done about her! She is a menace! What kind of parents has she got? They left her daughter here and disappeared Do what you feel is right now, okay?

Priest, have you ever seen this man here? I’ve seen him many times here! He sits in front of the idol and says only one thing He prays to God to grant him the power to destroy him I even asked him once about what he was speaking but he didn’t answer Do one thing The minute this man comes here call me on this number This is my visiting card All right – Let’s go Can I ask you one thing? Are you doing this to get rid of me? What nonsense are you speaking? It’s not nonsense I’m only asking you because when the husband gets bored of his wife he begins to have an affair And you’ve done this already Look, it was my mistake! I’ve admitted to it It doesn’t mean that you’ll keep reminding of that every single time and torment me I’m annoying you? I’m taunting you? Perhaps, you’re forgetting everything I did for you Remember, when you were caught taking a bribe I slept with your boss to get you off the hook You know everything about me, right? I told you everything about my first husband How much he tormented me, how much he harassed me Despite that, you want to put me in trouble Right? And for what reason? Because you’re having an affair with someone? Sunanda! Sunanda Why are you thinking so much? This is a time when we need to be together I love you I really do We can’t support you anymore now You’re of no use to us Your father has disappeared Who will give us the money now? Yes. That’s why we’ve decided to set you free now Forever Mom! Mom! Mom! What happened? Mom! Hey, stop! You hit my mom! I won’t spare you! Dear Even if we give our lives for these men they won’t value us Because they love themselves the most But I want to say something to you If my son tries to betray you I will stand by you Don’t ever think that you are alone, dear Mother-in-law, why did this happen with me? I don’t know who has cast an evil eye on our family Don’t worry. We will go to the temple tomorrow and offer prayers to God for peace in our family Sir, there’s no lead about that old man yet

whose sketch was made with the help of Deepak We’ve also circulated that sketch to all the police stations but we didn’t find any lead yet And I’m sure this old couple has some connection with Deepak and his family And Deepak’s family is intentionally hiding the truth from us Ms. Surekha Ms. Surekha Is there anyone at home? Ms. Surekha Is anyone at home? Oh! Who’s she Who are you? Please move – Give way Move Check if you find anything around.. Here Sir, her wrist has been slit but there are no blood stains around But look at this, sir Looks like, she was strangled to death Look at these marks Who is she? I-I don’t know Her dead body has been recovered from your house’s compound Don’t you really know who she is? Believe me We don’t know her Pawar, send the body for the postmortem All right, sir Such incidents are happening one after another with you all That accident, and now, this murder Will you please tell us now as to who’s behind all this? Sir, I can tell you something only if I know about it And sir, we don’t know anything about this We had gone to the temple to offer prayers to pray for peace in this house We had no idea that this would happen here There are lot many houses in this area Then why was it recovered only from your house? Look, we don’t have any answer to that Deepak and Sunanda were yet to come out of one shocker and they came across another horrifying incident In the compound area of Deepak and Sunanda’s house in Mumbai Rakhi’s dead body was found who was actually a resident of Pune After all, who killed Rakhi and why? Was it a suicide? And most importantly, how did that dead body come to Deepak’s home Was it dumped there intentionally? You We want to search your house What? How can you do that? You cannot do that without the search warrant Go ahead, Pawar Show him the search warrant Are you satisfied now? Sir Sir, see this I found these documents of the flat this key and money in their bathroom Were you aware of this flat? I had bought this for my business purpose So, they don’t know about this And it’s completely vacant You don’t have to tell us that We will find out that ourselves But remember this, you’ll have to give an explanation regarding the possession of this flat and this money Pawar, publish that girl’s photograph in all the newspapers We might find someone who knows her All right, sir Don’t you really know that girl

who was found dead here? Are you hiding anything from us? No And that flat? Don’t you know anything about that too? I’ve understood everything now You had an affair with that girl And you had bought that flat for her, right? Both of you will make me go mad! I can’t do anything if you don’t trust me Sir, after finding her photograph in the newspaper few people have recognised her Her name was Rakhi and she was a resident of Somwar Peth She’s a resident of Pune, but her dead body was found in the compound of Deepak’s house in Mumbai Pawar, this case is getting more complicated We will have to send a team to Pune Okay, sir What is its price, mister? What is this? Why are you packing your bags? I am going to my mom with Munni for some days But why? Because I feel scared here I’m scared about my life A man was following me today Someone was following you? It must be that culprit But there’s nothing to get scared about in this The police is searching for him When will the police catch him and the murderer of that girl? I can’t take any risk now, Deepak I’m taking my baby along and going to my mom Look, Sunanda, there’s nothing to worry about in this Listen to me You can go in the morning in you want to I will drop you off Don’t try to stop me I’m going Listen to me Sir, according to Rakhi’s postmortem report she died as her wrist was slit Somebody even tried to strangle her and those marks were of the same And sir, according to the report she was being starved from many days because we found banana skin and red chillies in her stomach And sir, they are minor abuse marks on her body which are 2-4 days old It’s clear that Rakhi was tortured But I still don’t understand something Did she slit her own wrist or somebody else did it? Because there was not even a drop blood where we found her dead body Pawar, this case has perhaps become a murder case from a mere accident case We will have to find those elements first which are complicating this case The police’s investigation had now broadened to bring Pune under its ambit But it was raising a lot of questions too Who was that couple spotted following Deepak and Sunanda and why were they doing so? Was there any connection between Rakhi’s death and the Borkar family? And who was this girl whose body was being burnt in the darkness of the night? And the police was supposed to find all these answers and they were giving their best to do that But we will find out all these answers tomorrow night in the second and last segment of this case And the answers will be so shocking that you won’t be able to believe them