The role of HR has evolved. Meet the 21st century HR Leader

in the beginning the role of your HR team was largely functional it was centered around payroll leave policymaking and training recruitment generally meant putting an ad in the paper and hoping for the best or hiring a recruiter then things changed technology and social media happened and as a result your role the head of HR began to evolve being just a brand name company was no longer enough because of social media everyone knows what it’s like to work in a company you can see you works there if you have cool complete perks what your company culture is like even if your office has a slide the employer brand was born now every employee is an ambassador their experiences are shared with a captive online audience who in turn share it with their audiences today the first step of recruitment doesn’t start with a job application it starts online the very first thing a prospective job candidate does is run a search on you not just your company it’s also your LinkedIn profile they are looking at as the head of HR you now also need to be a brand builder and a marketer recruitment began to change to technology opened up a whole new world of talent not just actively op seekers hundreds upon thousands of qualified candidates who weren’t actively looking it was a game changer you now have direct access to talent you no longer have to wait for the right CD to cross your desk your employees were also increasingly becoming a valuable source of recruitment as ambassadors for your company they were best placed to identify the right people to join your team but for them to do that efficiently you needed to give them the right tools a strong employer brand a great completely narrative and an inspiring work as the head of HR you now also need to be a communications expert and motivator technology also opened up an overwhelming world of data to HR leaders there was so much opportunity to utilize this data to improve the decision-making process make better hires and retain all at your fingertips you just have to make sense a little because you now needed to be an analyst and an insights person today the role of HR in an organization is no longer functional it is transformational as a head of HR you are responsible for building your employer brand so that you attract the right talent you deliver value for your company by understanding and using data-driven insights to improve efficiencies you hire the right talent by connecting with the right people you are a brand builder an analyst a communicator a motivator and a collaborator and as your partners at LinkedIn we are here to provide you with just the tools and inside you need to get the job done