Compare and contrast HRD and HRM

hi welcome to human resource development i’m lara chaga and today I’m going to discuss to you the topic that I am assigned with which is compare and contrast HR d and HRM success strategies and techniques in relation to organizational structures so with the shift from training to learning comes the need to understand where HR d fits in the organization the growing understanding of the contribution that HR d can make to organizational performance has much to do with the growth in interest in HRM and in the contribution that people can make for business so it’s any organization may it will profit oriented or nonprofit the most vital asset is its employees and for this organization to maximize their assets they should manage employees working condition with intelligence and efficiency they must be allowed to be involved in making work-related decisions to further enhance the organizational structure furthermore the structure of tasks among implies strengthened organizational performance it is necessary to understand the employees for organization to be effective the development building motivation enhancement and enrichment of employees of any organization largely depend on the leadership when date and vision of the organization so let’s go to definitions HR d human resource development according to Werner and DeSimone it is a set of systematic and planned activities designed by an organization to provide its members with the necessary skills to meet current and future job demands while HRM it’s effective utilization of employees to best achieve the goals and strategies of organization as well as the goals and needs of the employees another definition of HR d it’s an organizational learning activity arranged within an organization in order to improve performance or professional growth for the purpose of improving the job to individual and/or organization HRD includes the areas of training and development career development and organizational development and add also another definition of HRM is it’s a field which includes HR research and information system union labor relation employee assistance compensation benefits selection and staffing performance management HR planning and organization job design so in here with this diagram you will be able to see the function of HR D which is performance administration personal development professional development and organizational development while HRM it includes recruitment selection introduction personnel administration training and development performance and reward management talent management succession and career planning liberally relative and HR planning so let’s discuss the similarities between HRM and HR d so HR D is similar to HRM in that it is too directly related to employee performance and therefore organizational profitability HR d activities that are intended to ensure that employees have the skills and competencies Durga’s organization needs to fulfill its goals and objectives in the present and in future like HRM the HR d function is strategic function that requires specialist to be knowledgeable of the strategic plans of the organization having the ability to work in concert with the line managers and functions throughout the organization in stand-alone capacity or as a major function in human resource development so in this table you will be able to see the function of HR D and HRM so with regards also to the diagram before it’s also the same in here which you could see that HR D is training and development organizational development career development organizational job design human resource planning performance management systems selection and stopping while HRM involves research and information system union labor relations employee assistance compensation or benefits organizational job design human resource planning performance management system and set of action and staffing so let’s also

discuss the difference between HR D and HRM so HR d professional works with strategic decision makers to our coordinate educational planning and training programs they work with HR management in the design development and implementation of HR programs and intervention strategies they design and implement change strategies and advise management on the efficient use of Human Resources as a learner program specialist they identify design and develop learning programs as well as selecting the appropriate learning materials they also function as learning instructors they council employees regarding competencies and career goals and coach line managers on intervention to improve individual and group performance so research is the tool that they use to satis sadistically determine the efficient effectiveness of HR d and practices and programs so in this diagram also it has also difference between HRM and HR D so let’s focus on HRM HRM is a routine function while HR D is continuous development function HRM is an independent one while HR D is Subsystem HRM is inclusive responsibility of personal development while HRD aims at developing the capabilities of all its managers HRM considered salary economic rewards and job simplification as important motivators while HR d considers informal workgroups job enrichment as main motivators so we have common elements in successful strategies for HRM and HR d so the successful strategy has effective implementation and below with this you will be able to see the long term simple and agreed objectives profound understanding of the competitive environment and objective appraisal of resources so what I have discussed to you with regards to compare and contrast HR d and HRM success strategies and techniques in relation to organism organizational structures here is my conclusion for this employees are is increasingly demanding change choice flexibility and variety in their work so basically the judges the suggesting that with the layering of organizations and empowerment of individual employees the feature for both the organization and individual slides in in developing devalue and individual as capital or human capital so basically HR d and HRM are similar as well as different so HR is a major part of HRM function that focus and focuses and strategy training and development for the purpose of impacting profitability by increasing productivity and performance effective HR d intervention can be accomplished using a four phase framework consisting of the needs assessment program design implementation and evaluation so thank you for listening and have a great day