Crime Patrol Dial 100 – क्राइम पेट्रोल – The Missing Child And Wife – Ep 561 – 1st August, 2017

Gunjan Sharma! Sir, there is a number in Pooja’s call records

over which she talked quite often

It belongs to some Gunjan Sharma

Yes, sir. She is Gunjan She visited Pooja often

Sir, I also found this bus ticket

Take this ticket and find the bus route Take this ID along Check if she was the one travelling in this bus on the 25th of August or was it someone else. – Sir Take it Pooja, along with her son, went missing from an eatery The investigating team found her corpse And the discovery of her friend, Gunjan’s corpse brought a huge shift in the investigation The big question was, where was the child The police started searching for the child Sir, as per the post mortem report, Gunjan was murdered a day before Pooja was that is on the 25th of August between 5 and 7 p.m Both were killed in the same manner They were strangulated And, sir, we didn’t even find Gunjan’s phone near her corpse Sir, it is astonishing that on the 26th of August Gunjan’s first location was near the eatery Later, it shifted to the place where Pooja was killed Sir, if Gunjan had died on the 26th how can her mobile be at those two locations? Singh, is it possible that they have been killed by one person? He, firstly, killed Gunjan later carried her phone with him That is why the phone was active at Pooja and Gunjan’s respective murder locations. But to confirm that we need to look into Gunjan’s call records again Find out all the calls that were made to Gunjan during the two weeks before the 25th of August and the people whom she called up Singh, there is something in this case which is visible to us but we are overlooking it Sir, I found this number in Gunjan’s call records which she had dialed on the 24th and 25th of August a couple of times Calls were also made to Gunjan from this number Sir, this number is registered under some Viren Chug When we talked to Viren Chug he said he doesn’t know Gunjan But he recognises Pooja Hello.. Hello, sir. Sir, I saw a girl sitting in Rakesh’s car Look. I don’t get this Why are you following me? I have already given you so much money I apologise to you for that Come on Speak up Sir I’ll.. I’ll tell you Sir, I lied to you that I don’t know Gunjan because I was scared that if you get to know the truth you may link things and I may get trapped in Pooja’s murder case That was the only lie I said, sir. Trust me, sir

Sir, he is lying to you His name isn’t Rakesh It’s Pradeep Singh He was married to my sister Madhuri, in Bareilly But two years after the marriage, one day he came home in a state of fear Inside.. Get in.. In What happened? Why are you scared? Hey.. Listen – I’ll tell you when I’m back Brother-in-law, what happened? – What happened? What happened? Say something Here’s Rs. 25,000 Keep it. Manage with it I’m going out of town for a few days Hey.. – Brother-in-law, after all, what’s the matter? Tell us about it I’m not a cop And if I stay here, I’ll get caught Yes, sir. I had lied about being a cop That’s because the police uniform commands reputation and respect People respected me Whenever I went shopping with my wife she’d be impressed The uniform would fetch money as well The greed for this hollow fame made me lie to people Sir, for five years, my sister waited for him With a hope that he’ll return Even I tried a lot to search for him But of no avail However, three months ago my aide, Mr. Mohan, saw him in Agra Yes, Madhuri I’m speaking the truth Your husband Pradeep has taken a new name, Rakesh Srhivastava and is living in Agra’s Vashisht colony And he’s working as a supervisor for some builder What! Then why didn’t you bring him along? I didn’t meet him, Madhuri But I did learn that he has got married He also has a child No, sir! What are you saying! Don’t pretend! Even you know that three months ago, when your first wife learnt that you were cheating on her, she committed suicide Speak up S-Suicide! R-Rita never told me about this Sir, I committed no sin by lying to a liar Because of him, my sister committed suicide That is when I decided that I won’t let him live in peace That’s why, I came to Agra, a month ago went straight to his house and threatened him If you don’t give money for my sister I’ll expose you before your second wife Listen Sir, it is true that I did a wrong thing by masquerading as a cop After fleeing from Bareilly, when I came to Saharanpur I still kept using this uniform for more than a year And during this, I fell in love with Pooja Even Pooja liked the way I moved around as a cop That’s why we got married And that’s why I told Pooja the truth What! Did you lie to me that you are a cop? But I haven’t committed a big crime. Just that After getting married to you I can’t live this lie anymore I love you a lot Sir, I’m speaking the truth I demanded money from Pradeep only to annoy him Sir, I haven’t murdered anyone We’ll find that out But you will be arrested for blackmailing Here. This dual-SIM phone Didn’t you use this to call Rita up so that nobody learns about you? You never gave its number to anyone Yes, sir Tell me. Why did you kill Pooja and Gunjan? Sir.. I swear on my mother I haven’t killed anyone Sir, I’m not lying to you I loved Pooja, a lot And I love my son, a lot Sir.. I have a request Find my son Arman Until we find him and uncover your truth you’ll remain in the lock up Sir Sir, please Sir, this is getting complicated. – Singh Let’s meet Viren Chug again The one whose number we got in Gunjan’s call records No, sir I don’t know her How about her? – Yes, sir. She is the one who was supposed to give us her baby Munna Hey! She is taking my baby She is taking my baby My baby My baby Somebody stop her She is taking my baby My baby My baby Pooja, Armaan is crying Pooja, Armaan is crying Where are you lost? Why is he still crying? Pooja! There’s no milk in the bottle You had warmed the milk, right? Yes – What? – What happened then? I think I forgot to fill the bottle Oh, God! What is wrong with you? What happened to the car? Oh, ho! I think the tyre got punctured There’s an eatery right there I’ll stop the car there Oh, God! The rear tyre is punctured You fix the tyre I’ll go to the washroom at the eatery Do one thing Go to the eatery and get milk for him Mister, where is the washroom? It is behind the eatery Thank you – You are welcome Would you like to have anything else? Mister, a woman wearing a black and yellow salwar had gone to the washroom with a child Yes – Did you see her? Yes, I saw her a long time back She had gone to the washroom It’s been half an hour Pooja Pooja Pooja Pooja Where did she go? Armaan Mister, my wife had gone to the washroom with my child half an hour ago Did you see her? No, I didn’t Greetings and welcome to ‘Crime Patrol Dial 100’ As we saw just now Rakesh and his family stopped at an eatery on the Delhi-Agra Highway to change the tyre But Rakesh’s wife, Pooja, and his son, Armaan went missing from there after some time We find Pooja’s phone lying in the bushes Pooja’s phone pointed towards the fact that Pooja and Armaan were in trouble No matter what the reason was somebody was trying to commit a crime This incident had raised many questions and the police was called immediately Sir, I was the one who called you My car broke down on the highway And I don’t know anybody in this area I think the tyre got punctured There’s an eatery right in front of us. I’ll stop there You change the tyre I’ll go to the washroom My wife had gone to the washroom behind the eatery When I went to check on her after some time I didn’t find anybody there Search the nearby areas Sir Did any of you see anything? You are sitting outside Did you see that woman or that child? No, sir We didn’t see anything Did you hear any screams from the bathroom? No, sir I had gone to the washroom But I didn’t find anybody there Who is the owner of this eatery? I am the owner, sir Come out Who all work here? Do you work here? Only the two of you? Yes, sir. – Have you guys done this? Tell me. – No, sir We have not done anything We are poor people, sir We have been working at this eatery for a long time Why would we kidnap any woman? I’m telling you the truth, sir We have not done anything Your tyre got punctured when you reached the eatery Yes, sir – You found nails in the tyre Yes Are you the owner of this eatery? – Yes, sir What is happening here? Women and children are going missing from here – No, sir Nothing as such happens in our eatery Our eatery has a clean record, sir Sir, I don’t even know that man and woman I have not done anything, sir Do you have a doubt on anybody? No, sir I am just an ordinary guy My wife, Pooja, is an ordinary housewife How can anybody have an enmity with us? What do you do? Sir, I work as a project supervisor for S.H. Builders in Agra Sir Sir, I didn’t find any sign of struggle in the nearby areas Sir, I found this mobile in the bushes Sir, this is Pooja’s mobile Sir, something is definitely fishy Sir, my wife, Pooja, and my son, Armaan Please, sir Please find them somehow, sir. Please, sir Okay, come with us to the station and file an FIR Sir, his car’s tyre got punctured outside the eatery due to nails and his wife and child went missing after that Sir, this can be a case of kidnapping I spoke to the people in the eatery But I don’t think any of them are involved Singh, we will need a solid clue to proceed with this case Do one thing Circulate Pooja and the child’s photos to the local patrolling team and the highway police station Also, check the footage of the CCTV cameras on the highway We need to find some clue very soon Sir Pradeep Singh, you will be in trouble if you don’t give my money in time Sir, I checked all the CCTV footages of the highway But I didn’t get any information about Pooja or the child Sir, Rakesh will get a ransom call soon if this is a case of kidnapping I don’t think so, Singh If you concentrate on this case Rakesh is an ordinary employee Nobody can get a huge amount by kidnapping his wife and child Where did a woman disappear to with her child and why? She went missing from an eatery This is strange The matter is something else She could leave on her own with the child Sir, this angle may have a triangle too This may be Pooja’s plan She first got the tyre punctured with somebody’s help She ran away with the man by giving an excuse of going to the washroom when the car stopped at the eatery Nobody heard any screams at the eatery There were no signs of struggle either Even she could throw the phone so that nobody can track her This angle is possible There is a possibility that Rakesh has an affair with somebody and he wanted to get rid of Pooja and his son Yes, sir This is also possible Many things are possible Ask Rakesh’s neighbours about him and Pooja Talk to Rakesh’s colleagues too Along with Rakesh, check Pooja’s call records too We will definitely get some information if it is a case of love affair or some other angle Sir The police was trying their level best to find out where Rakesh’s wife, Pooja, and son, Armaan, had disappeared to The police tried to investigate this case from every angle This case was investigated from every angle that could lead to Pooja’s disappearance Who had made that call to Rakesh? And why was she addressing Rakesh as Pradip? Did Rakesh have a secret that led to this crime? Or did Pooja go with Armaan of her own accord? Cops were trying to get to the bottom of this and find out the truth Rakesh and Pooja Shrivastava who live right in front of you Since when do you know them? Sir, it’s been four years now since the time they arrived here to live Sir, Rakesh did told us that Pooja worked as a salesgirl before marriage Their marriage was a love marriage But he stopped her from working after marriage He wanted her to stay at home and take care of the family Sir, Rakesh loves Pooja a lot but I find Pooja to be very moody There was an event in our colony a few months ago so we went to Pooja’s home to invite her and we heard them fighting I don’t wish to go, that’s it! You are just too much! You’ve been acting as the incharge of ‘Holi’ preparations and now you are throwing a tantrum to not attend the event? Tantrums? Rakesh, these tantrums were fine with you before marriage and now And now you seem to have a problem with them Pooja, things were different before marriage Well.. Now you know that I am working in a private company We are surviving on the monthly income I am trying to live an honest life So.. You have to adjust a little bit It means, Pooja wasn’t happy with Rakesh I won’t say that but yes Pooja’s desires couldn’t be fulfilled with Rakesh’s income Did you ever feel like Rakesh had an affair? Not at all. Rakesh isn’t that kind of a person Did you feel that Pooja had an extra-marital affair with someone? Sir, I won’t say that but how would we know even if it were true? Sir, there is a number in Pooja’s call records that she used to dial frequently That number is registered in the name of Gunjan Sharma But that number is currently switched off Get Gunjan’s address and interrogate over there And about Rakesh Did you get any information from his office? Sir, no. Everyone is happy with his work at his workplace His call records didn’t have any number on which he called frequently In fact, from their background checks and call records it doesn’t seem like they were in an extra-marital affair Where did Pooja and her child disappear to? Listen Please come here Sir, yes Does Gunjan Sharma stay here? Sir, there is a number in Pooja’s call records that she used to dial frequently That number is registered in the name of Gunjan Sharma Sir, yes Do you know where she is? Sir, no. I haven’t seen her for the past few days When was the last time you saw her? Day before yesterday on 25th August Gunjan, where are you heading to? Ma’am, I am in a rush now I will talk to you later, okay? Is this her house? Sir, no She’s rented this house Who is the owner then? – This is Mr. Altaf’s home Sir, Gunjan is a simple women Six months ago she came to me to rent my house and as far as I know she works as a tailor for her living Did she have a friend or relative that visited her? Sir, she lives all alone As far as I know, no one ever came to meet her Do you have any idea, where she used to live before coming here? Sir, no I wouldn’t know that She never told me nor did I ever ask her? Do you have any idea of her current location? Sir, no. I wouldn’t know that We’ll meet the DSP tomorrow Your work will be done then Sir during interrogation, we came to know that Gunjan left her house with a bag on 25th August She never returned after that day As per call records Pooja spoke to Gunjan the most and then Gunjan leaving her house on 25th August without informing anyone and Pooja’s disappearance on 26th August It is hard to digest the facts Sir, excuse me Hello What! Sir, there are marks on neck She was strangled to death This can be an abduction and murder case Right This is either done by a heart-broken lover or a monstrous husband Sir, Pooja’s corpse is over here but her child, Armaan, can’t be found That’s a food for thought But to get hold of the child we need to first find out how Pooja reached here in Atrauni? Which is 8 kilometres away from the restaurant I think the tyre got punctured There is a restaurant right there. Let me take it there You replace the tyre I need to use the washroom Pooja! Interrogate the villagers Maybe someone witnessed something Sir After Pooja’s murder, who went missing with her son the case took a shocking turn Until now, the cops were under the impression that all this was done by Pooja’s lover or Pooja’s husband, Rakesh But after Pooja’s murder this case became more complicated Where is Armaan and with whom? Was he a victim of any such conspiracy? In the search for truth cops started interrogating the villagers And the facts that came out were utterly shocking! The corpse that was found on the outskirts Have you seen someone around it? Sir, I saw a man passing by Will you be able to recognise him? Sir, no He had worn a black helmet so I couldn’t see his face But, I remember that he was in a police uniform But by the time I could get closer to him he went far away on his motorcycle Singh Check with the local police stations as to which officer was patrolling yesterday? Especially, someone who owns a motorcycle I still don’t understand one thing what can a cop have any connection with Pooja’s murder? Do you know any cop? Sir, no Try to remember if you or Pooja met any cop in the past few days Sir, no Fine Do you know Gunjan Sharma? Pooja’s call records had Gunjan’s number No Listen, don’t hide anything from us Your son’s life is in danger Sir Pooja is dead but please find my son, Armaan Sir, please find him Sir, we checked in about 15 police stations in Atrauni But no cop went to that village that day Listen. Find out if there’s any cop who has been suspended recently in Agra and the nearby areas If there is, then what’s his relation with Pooja and Rakesh? Rakesh is hiding something from us Sir Hey What is this? See for yourself and enjoy! Okay Wow! Isn’t it nice? It’s a beautiful saree I love this style of yours And also your uniform! So if I don’t have this uniform you will leave me and go What are you saying? I have lied to you Lie? What lie? Sir, as per the post-mortem report Pooja was strangled to death between 8:00 a.m. to 10:00 a.m. on 26th August Any traces of physical abuse or molestation? Sir, no What about the suspended cop? What about that? – Sir He was in a police uniform Sir, in Agra and the nearby areas there is no cop that has been suspended in the last 2 years Who can this cop be? Sir, this is Gunjan’s call records As per this, her mobile was at the eatery on 26th August Sir, Gunjan can be connected with Armaan and Pooja’s abduction and Pooja’s murder Absolutely possible As Gunjan is missing since 25h August Did she switch on her phone? Sir, not until now Singh, Gunjan needs to be traced to solve this case Find out, where Gunjan bought her SIM card from? So that we can track down the history and find out what was the connection between Gunjan and Pooja? Sir, Gunjan and Pooja know each other well Why did Rakesh state that he doesn’t know Gunjan? Do you know Gunjan Sharma? Sir, no – Do one thing Ask Rakesh’s neighbours if they saw Gunjan and Pooja together? Also check with the restaurant Did anyone see Gunjan over there on 26th August? Let’s find out what is the connection between Gunjan, Rakesh and the cop? Sir Have you lost your mind! Police must be tracing my phone too If anything happens to me just remember even you won’t be spared Disconnect the call now, come on Have you ever seen this woman with Pooja? Have you seen her visit Pooja? Yes, sir. She is Gunjan She used to visit Pooja’s house frequently They were good friends Pooja and Gunjan studied in the same school Then, I wonder where Gunjan went away Now they have met after a gap of five years Which school did they go to? I never asked them that Have you ever seen Gunjan and Pooja getting into a tiff? No, sir. They were good and nice girls Sir, Gunjan and Pooja studied in the same school But we don’t know which school Gunjan’s mobile phone records have revealed that she had bought her SIM card from Tundla a town which is 28 km away from Agra Enquire at the address under which the SIM is registered We may find Gunjan there But Rakesh not being able to identify Gunjan, is dubious Perhaps he is hiding something from us May be because Gunjan’s last mobile location was on the 26th, near the eatery And Rakesh was present there at that time Besides when we showed Gunjan’s photo to the eatery’s staff nobody recognised her. Your suspicion may be right, sir Perhaps Gunjan has an affair with Rakesh and, Pooja and Arman are a hindrance to that Quite possible. But Rakesh won’t speak the truth We need to dig deep into his past We may find some clue from Tundla Where have you hidden your sister? Tell the truth Hidden? Sir, I haven’t met her since six months Gunjan is a suspect in a murder case If you are hiding her, you will be in trouble Why would I hide her, sir? I’m telling the truth She is a nice girl We had differences over selling the house. That made her upset and she left for Agra Tell me in detail Sir, this is our ancestral house She wanted to sell this and buy a flat in Agra to run a tailoring and training centre I refused. Out of rage, I also said that she has no right on this house That’s just about it, sir And you didn’t meet her for six months, just for this! Do you think we are fools? Sir, she told us not to contact her Even I was blinded by ego. That’s it Pooja and Gunjan studied in the same school Which school is it? Arya Public School in Saharanpur is where they studied together Later, when dad passed away she had to come back to Tundla Saharanpur? Yes. Sir, my sister is a very good girl She can do no wrong Perhaps you are mistaken The mystery of Pooja’s murder was getting complicated at every step Pooja’s mobile location matching with that of Gunjan’s was raising many questions After all, where was Gunjan? And what did she have to do with Pooja’s death and Arman’s disappearance? Who were the people with whom Arman was, right now? How did Arman end up with them? After Pooja’s death, was Arman’s life also in danger? The events indicated at an involvement of a cop Who was this cop? What role did he play in Pooja’s murder? The next headway in this case was so shocking for the cops that it completely changed the course of investigation Sir, Pooja hailed from Saharanpur Possibly Rakesh met her at Saharanpur Enquire about Rakesh in Saharanpur Tell your informer to keep an eye on Rakesh I’ll get a search warrant of Rakesh’s house, issued We’ll have to play rough now Take this money And get lost from here. – Get lost? This is a chance to earn money Pradeep Singh Yes, Gupta. Tell me What! Okay. Stay there Let’s go to Sikandara highway. Fast Greetings, sir – Greetings. – Sir, this way The corpse has decomposed completely Check the surroundings for clues Sir, we found this bag Perhaps it belongs to her Check it Sir Gunjan Sharma! Sir, we’ve been married for 10 years now We wanted a child Pooja told us that she has an offer Look You know that it is not easy to adopt children from adoption agencies Your request may get rejected If you wish, without any legal paperwork I can get you a child Actually, I need money for my husband’s treatment Rs. 9 lakh I can give you my child in return of that money Just like any other mother, even I love my child

But I’m helpless If you want, I am ready to sign any legal document And I promise you that I will never come back to claim my child Thank you Where is the child now? Sir, the child isn’t with us We were about to adopt the child She was to get the child to us, on the 27th We tried calling Pooja up on the 25th But we couldn’t get through On the 26th we got a message from her ‘Deal cancelled’ After that, her phone was switched off Pooja lied about her husband’s illness to sell the child I don’t get this It is astonishing that the child wasn’t sold and has gone missing now Sir, possibly, Pooja and Gunjan are hand-in-glove Because the SIM was registered under Pooja’s name while Pooja used it to make calls And Pooja was greedy as well She wasn’t happy with her husband’s lifestyle And even Gunjan had fought with her brother, over property Is it possible for Pooja and Gunjan to have made this plan, together? To sell the child and settle somewhere away from Agra But Singh as per the post-mortem report Gunjan was murdered before Pooja Perhaps Rakesh learnt about their planning That’s why, he joined hands with Rita murdered them and is now lying to us Perhaps the one in uniform was Rakesh One more thing We found Gunjan’s corpse near the highway This is the very highway which leads to Gunjan’s village That means Rakesh knew which bus Gunjan will be taking Singh, get the footage of all the CCTV cameras on the highway. – Yes, sir Stop.. Stop – Sir, where is our baby? I want my baby – Sir, my baby.. Please One moment Calm down Get me my child, sir Tell me what the matter is Every night, after dinner, we go on a stroll with our baby We did so even tonight Since he was a cop, we weren’t cautious All of a sudden, he sprinkled chili powder on us and we couldn’t see anything Had you seen this person before? Yes, sir He passed by us yesterday as well Do you remember his appearance? No, sir Because of the helmet’s tinted glass, we could see nothing We know nothing, sir Will you get us our baby? He was wearing something black on his head That’s why I couldn’t see his face Another incident in which a baby was kidnapped and again the terror of the uniform-wearing child thief After all, who was he? What would he do with the kidnapped babies? This was the most serious case the police dealt with Pooja’s murder, Arman going missing Gunjan’s murder And the reports of new incidents These things has complicated the case further Singh, this uniform wearing guy is a murderer and a child thief Along with Rakesh’s son Arman their son Chintu is also missing This indicates at a gang involved in child trafficking Till now, we felt that the uniformed guy was Rakesh But Rakesh is in the lock up Sir, look at this This is the same bus which Gunjan took from Agra to Tundla Now, look at this, sir Here The uniformed guy riding a bike, following the bus Stop it Zoom in That’s the bike’s registration number It’ll be easy for us to get to the bike’s owner Search the entire house. – Sir Aren’t you fond of donning the uniform? let’s give you a taste of it. Come on What’s the matter, sir? – Put him in the car Carefully Sir, we found this child inside Sir, don’t Don’t hit me, sir Sir, I’ll tell you – Singh! Sir, I will Sir.. Sir, I was masquerading as the cop The greed for money made me use the uniform to steal the babies So you are the mastermind behind this No, sir. Not me Pooja.. It’s Pooja Pooja? Yes, sir I know Pooja since the time she studied with Gunjan in the school Gunjan had told her that Mr. Vinod is jobless and that he remains worried That’s when Pooja lured me with money and told me about this plan of stealing kids She said that we can mint millions I believed her She’d steal babies and, I’d wear the uniform and keep an eye So that I can take care if things go wrong But why was Pooja doing this? Sir, she wasn’t happy with Rakesh’s earnings She knew certain orphanages from where she’d get phone numbers of childless couples Where would the babies come from? We’d steal them from anywhere Why did you kill her? Why should I pay you more? We have stolen just one baby From finding a client to stealing the baby I plan everything Not you Whatever you earn, it is because of the uniform You put in no efforts If not you, I’ll partner with someone else

On the 28th of August, somehow we had to give the baby to Chug and his wife I thought of sealing the deal alone To take all the money and sideline Pooja That means, even Gunjan was your partner No, sir.. Gunjan had no idea about it Who killed Gunjan? Sir.. One day, Gunjan went to Pooja’s house And by mistake, she left her mobile there Coincidentally, that day Pooja’s mobile wasn’t working She called Chug up using Gunjan’s phone The other day, Gunjan brought her mobile back That’s when Chug sent a message to Gunjan’s phone This! Isn’t this SMS meant for you? Your client had sent this I received it, by mistake and I have read it too I will expose you and Pooja before the villagers and police One more thing. You were talking about the property I will go to Tundla without any worries I will sell the property there and buy a flat in Agra Whereas you and Pooja will rot in jail I got scared, sir I thought, if Pooja gets caught then so will I That’s why, on the 25th, when she left from Agra I followed her and as soon as I got a chance The greed for money made you murder Pooja You were the one who’d strewn nails on the highway near the eatery You knew that along with Rakesh Pooja is going on a trip to Delhi Yes, sir Pooja Vinod What are you doing here? It will be a problem if someone sees us here Come with me There is a great deal It’s really good It’ll fetch us Rs. 10 lakh Rs. 10 lakh! – Yes You may keep 70 percent for yourselves Vinod, Rakesh is with me He is changing the tyre Let him change It’ll take around 30 minutes Hey… Come on Careful with the baby Vinod, where have you brought me to? Where is the client? You wanted a percentage of the share, didn’t you? I’ll give you the entire profit, today What nonsense! Stay away – Hey My baby! Hey Leave him! You didn’t give the baby to Chug No, sir I had another client who wanted the child I sold the baby to that client for Rs. 3 lakh You defame the police by masquerading in a uniform And you separate innocent children from their parents Sir Pooja’s greed brought about her fall In order to fulfil her dreams, she took to a path whose destination she was unaware of Vinod was charged under Section 302 of the IPC for murder, and was arrested The police busted this racket and rescued many babies who’d have entered the field of crime otherwise Only honesty, hard work and perseverance lead to success Remember. No matter how lofty goals you have set the path that leads to them is beneath your feet So instead of looking at goals with starry eyes keep your eyes on the path so that you don’t stumble On that note, I, Anup Soni, would like to take your leave We shall meet again in the next episode with yet another shocking case Till then, take care of yourselves and your family and keep watching ‘Crime Patrol, Dial 100’ Punishment to a criminal serves as a lesson to all Jai Hind