DIY Glitter Ornaments – Personalized on a Cricut!

– Welcome back, everyone, I’m Jennifer Maker, and this is The Great Maker Show and Tell (cheerful music) Today, we are making glitter ornaments! This is a fun, if a little messy, craft that is perfect for the holidays A glitter ornament is a little less scary than it sounds Basically, you put glitter inside a clear ornament, like one of these And the way that the glitter stays put, it doesn’t get all over the place, at least one can hope it doesn’t get all over the place, is because it’s enclosed Now, despite the way it may look, it’s not completely covered with glitter, like filled with glitter So, what we do is, we coat the inside of a clear glass or plastic ornament like this, and the glitter sticks to the side And there’s three school of thoughts on how you can get your glitter to stick: one is to use polycrylic, another is to use a product called Glitter-It!, and the third is to use Mop & Glo I know, right? (laughs) So, if you’re anything like me, you might be wondering, well, which one is the best to use? So, I’ve tested it for you I’ve gathered nine glass ornaments, I’ve made nine glass ornaments using these three options, and I’ll be showing you the results in this video Now, to make this project, you need one of these three adhesives; and you also need a clear glass or plastic ornament, the kind that have a pop-off top, just like this, right? You need a fine or extra fine glitter, that’s important You need little cups that you can put your ornaments into while they’re drying And you also need some vinyl to decorate the outside of your ornaments And you’re gonna need some transfer tape to apply the vinyl And, of course, some ribbon or string or something to hang your ornaments I’ve also prepared nine different designs for you to play with And if you want to use any of those, you’ll find them free on my blog at So, I have three different cams I have a Santa cam, and I have a Grinch cam, and I have an angel cam And I have different seasonal greetings, one for Christmas, one for Hanukkah, and one for New Year’s And then I have three different snowflakes that you can use to personalize with a name inside Now, let me show you how to glitter your ornaments, and then I will show you how to layer and apply your vinyl around the curved surface of this ornament OK, so, here we have our ornaments and the three different adhesives that we’re going to use First, you wanna take the top off It pulls right off, it’s just little wires in there We’re gonna start with the polycrylic first And I’m using the matte, and you just pour a bit in there, and you swirl it around gently The polycrylic is a lot thicker than the other two, and it takes a while to coat But you wanna get, then, a whole side coated all the way down to the base, just like this So, I’m just kinda turning it and then letting it drip right into the little cup that I have And we’ll do the second one, as well, with the rest that we have there, so that we can put the rest of this in here But you just, you don’t wanna shake it up, right? You just wanna swirl it gently around to make sure it all gets coated If you needed a little bit more, ’cause this polycrylic is really quite thick, just pour a bit more in there, and just keep swirling it, and then let it drain And you want it to drain out before you put the glitter in But the good news is the polycrylic actually, it’s so thick that it’s not really an, I found that it wasn’t a long wait time So, you just pour your glitter in Now, if you don’t have a good way of pouring it in, you might wanna make a little funnel out of paper My glitter poured out fine And you just do the same thing, you turn your ornament around until the glitter coats the side And if you need more glitter, you just pour that in You don’t really need all that much It’s, I don’t even know, maybe a teaspoon if I were to guess, I’m not sure But you just want it to coat the sides Now, I wanna note that this ornament that I have here, this glass ornament, it’s got some kind of coating on the outside that makes it almost iridescent So, as you look at it, you might think that there’s streaks of the glitter, but it’s actually just the coating on the outside, can you see that there? So, it actually, it’s kind of misleading, but it has fully coated the inside, there, of the ornament So, and you should double check it for sure But once it looks good, you put it back into your cup, and you’re gonna want to let it keep draining So, you don’t wanna have to, you don’t wanna turn it upright and let it drain, you’ll want it to drain into your cup, right, that’s really very important So, let’s do the red glitter, as well And we’ll get that all covered, the inside all coated with our glitter So, just must make sure you’ve got glitter everywhere And again, it is a little bit messy, so, eh, it’s just, it’s glitter, right?

Alright, so, now we’re gonna use Gitter-It! You’ll notice it’s a lot, it’s a lot less thick, it’s almost just like water, really, in it So, it coats much faster, right? I mean, just look at that, it’s just really, it’s a lot thinner So, it coats a whole lot faster than the polycrylic does But you still wanna swirl it gently, right? And you’ll see there’s a little air bubble in there Yeah, I don’t know, so, but you’re gonna definitely wanna let that one drain out So, and before you can put glitter in there, you gotta check to make sure, and there’s still an air bubble in here, so I don’t think these are ready yet These take longer, the glitter, it takes longer to be ready for glitter in my opinion So, let’s do the Mop & Glo one now So, we’ll take that top off and prepare another ornament, so that we can do both at the same time (laughs) And the Mop & Glo is also really quite liquidy It’s very similar in consistency to the Glitter-It! So, we just swirl that around, and it coats very quickly And just make sure you get everything coated, and then just let it drain into your little cup And do the other one the same way You’ll notice that the Glitter-It! and Mop & Glo are a lot easier to put into than the polycrylic is, unless, perhaps, you came up with some way of pouring it out a little better than I had, which was a cup Now, when I check these, I noticed there were still air bubbles in the Glitter-It!, so I took a little wire, and I sort of rubbed it against it just to get the air bubble out, ’cause I don’t think I want a air bubble, I don’t think the glitter will stick to our air bubble And then I went ahead and put the glitter in I would say I waited about 10, 15 minutes with the Glitter-It! and the Mop & Glo; whereas with the polycrylic, I was really able to put the glitter in right away, right? So, and the way that I determined when it was time to put it in was when it was no longer dripping out, like in a major way Yeah, so, sump’n like, I’m sure there’s a science to this, but whatever, you just don’t want it to be sopping wet, because if it’s too wet, the, it’ll run down the sides of the inside of your ornament and make a big mess, and it won’t look good So, you wanna make sure that it’s coated You don’t want it to be dry, right, you don’t want it dry, you just want it not just, just a huge amount and dripping out Alright, so, here are all of our ornaments and the three adhesives that we used So, it’s been 24 hours, I’ve let them all dry, and we’re gonna compare them now I need to explain something So, you’ll notice that they look a little bit different from one another, one that looks different than the other two So, I decided I wanted to do three of each color of glitter, and I went back to the store to get them I must have picked up a slightly different brand because the ones that I got don’t look the same Even though they’re exactly the same size and they’re both glass, they actually have a different sheen on the outside They don’t have, the new ones don’t have the iridescent sheen So, this is significant because it’s not just the glitter and how you adhere it to the inside of your ornament, but it’s also the finish on the outside of your ornament that makes it look the way it does So, just keep that in mind OK, so, now, let’s compare how well each of these adhesives coated the inside And I’m gonna do this by shining my iPhone’s flashlight underneath, so we can see how much, how opaque it is, right? So, here is the polycrylic; here is the Glitter-It!, you can see that’s got a lot more light coming through; and here is the Mop & Glo, also a lot more light So, the polycrylic is definitely coating better Now, with these white ones, you can really see a difference here The polycrylic is a lot more opaque than the Glitter-It! here and the Mop & Glo Really, it’s actually quite a bit different with the white, and you can see that really well So, I think if you want awesome ornaments, go with the polycrylic If you’re going to be making a whole bunch of ’em, do the Mop & Glo I think the Glitter-It! is kind of just expensive for what it is So, my suggestion is to get the polycrylic because it’s not expensive and it gave the best coverage of your ornament And it even was, I was even able to put the glitter on sooner, so I think polycrylic is the winner! Alright, so, I made some designs, right? And you are welcome to them, they are on my blog So, here’s how you prepare them in Cricut Design Space So, you go to Cricut Design Space and click New Project And then you’ll want to click on Upload, and then Upload Image, and then Browse

And then you’re gonna look for the SVG that you downloaded from my blog, which has all of the ornament designs in it And it should have an SVG on the end of it, so that’s how you’ll find the name Alright, so, once that uploads, you wanna click Save And then click on the image under Recently uploaded images and click Insert Images And here it is, there’s not really a lot that you have to do to it But you could add a name down to the snowflakes at the bottom if you wanted to personalize your ornaments, right? The way to do this is, you wanna click on Text over on the left and type in the name that you would like to have, so I’m gonna type in my name And it usually turns out gigantic, (laughs) so we’re gonna resize this with the resize icon in the lower right corner of it And we’re gonna bring this down and put it in our snowflake It’s still too big, so we’re gonna resize this again And now, I think that I would prefer all caps instead of upper and lowercase, so I’m gonna retype this as all caps I think that looks a little better with these snowflakes And I’m going to also change the letter spacing ’cause it looks a little bit close together right now So, I’m gonna widen the letter spacing here and then resize it so it fits within those two lines Here we go, so, that’s actually all you have to do to create the personalized snowflake ornament, right, it’s really, really easy So click Make It, and you’ll see that Cricut separates it into all of these different, all of these different mats So, this is what I like to do I like to click on it, and click on the three little dots and choose Move to another mat, and then I move it to my first mat And I do this for each item And the reason why I like to do this, guys, is ’cause I can be lazy (laughs) Maybe lazy is not the right word, maybe just really busy, and I don’t have a lotta time to be constantly getting up, going over to my machine, taking out the mat, putting in a new mat So, when I put them all on the same mat like this, and I’m gonna show you how we’re actually going to do this when we get there, but when I put them all onto one mat, that means that I can then put my different colors on that mat at the same time, right? So, then all I have to do is load one mat in I have to put my different colors on, of course, but only one load and unload, which means I can walk away and go do something else and not babysit my Cricut So, this is, you’re not gonna wanna do this with all things, but when I have all these little bits like this, this is a really, really helpful tip, right? I do this mostly on projects like this So, here, you can see that I’m moving them to very certain sections ’cause I’m, and I’m keeping all the colors together And then I’m going, so I’m keeping track, too, of where I’m putting things And then I’m gonna go ahead and I’m gonna send this over to my maker, and we’re gonna put it on vinyl, right, so premium vinyl Now, this is what it looks like So, this is all the colors that I want to cut out, and I put them into the right sections And then I just cut it, it’s so awesome So, this is a tip that you should try Now, I recommend you maybe just, for the first time, just try two different colors if you haven’t done this before, ’cause you gotta make sure you put your vinyl in the right area on your mat But once you get the hang of it, it’s a super-big time saver So, we’re just gonna let that cut, and here we go, it’s finished But if you look at it, you’ll see I have a problem My black did not cut very well Now, I had forgotten that, before this, I had cut glitter cardstock, and that tends to dull my blade So, what I did was, I took out my fine-tip blade right here, and I’m pushing in the plunger, and I am going to use this ball of aluminum foil to sharpen it This totally works, OK, so, you gotta push the plunger in like this, and then hold it, and then you basically stick your aluminum foil over and over and over I don’t know how many times to do it, 50, 100 times, I don’t know, but you do it a whole bunch of times And this will make a difference, it totally does This is one of my best tips (laughs), because, in the beginning, I didn’t know this, and I would go out and buy new blades And at this point, I’ve had the same blade for over a year So, here is the original, and I recut it with that blade, and you can see the difference, see? That’s the, that’s pre and post aluminum foil ball (laughs) I don’t have to buy new blades anymore now that I know how to do this aluminum foil trick This was not my idea, I read this online somewhere And it absolutely works, I do it all the time Whenever I notice that I’m having an issue, I just sharpen up my blade

Yeah, alright, so, now, we have all of these colors of vinyl, and we’re gonna need to take them off the mat, and then we need to start preparing them for our ornaments So, we’re gonna get ’em all off the mat And I have a bunch of duplicates here, so we need to sort everything here So, it’s time to get this vinyl ready So, we start off, of course, by removing the excess around the edges, though So, if you saw my first video of this series, then, with the vertical welcome sign, then you saw me do this So, and we just remove all of this extra stuff here You might have to help it, sometimes the little bits will want to not come off, right (laughs), especially when we get really tiny like this These are very small, intricate designs, and they’re more likely to want to not come off as easily But there we go, so we have that off there But now, we need to weed it So, weeding is to take out these little extra bits here that we do not want transferred So, the A has a center that, often, the A doesn’t come off when you peel off the vinyl the first time, you have to go in with a weeding tool or your fingernail, when I’m, just like I’m doing here, and get rid of that A So, we do the same thing for all the rest of the bits So, the little bit here in the R needs to come out, and A in the cam, as well And just double check that you got everything It looks like the, oh yeah, the snowflake has little, little void areas, holes in it, so we’re going to remove those, as well I don’t think the other snowflake does, though, just this one And weeding is a little bit tedious Some people love it, some people don’t I am one of those who doesn’t love it (laughs) But you just wanna do this for all of your pieces Everything that you’re gonna put onto your ornaments needs to be weeded Now, you’ll notice this E here, it came right off, right? That’s super irritating, and it tends to happen with the little stuff especially, right? Same, this, this, it just, so what I do is, I sort of set those things aside, and I come back later, and I fix them because I have them there, and I just, I set them out So And it looks like I’m missing my C and my H on merry Christmas This is typical (laughs), this is, I will admit I am not huge fan of vinyl, and this is one of the reasons why, it’s very fiddly But I, hey, I have that second piece from when I recut it, so I’m just gonna take the C and the H from there If I hadn’t had that, I might’ve had to recut it again This happens, I’ll need that E there, as well And then we’re gonna need to weed the whole thing, the As and the P and the, ah, and it stuck to my mat Yes, I just love vinyl (laughs) So, there’s all the little bits inside the name here, all of this has to go So, when I have a lotta little things like this I have to do, I’ll stick it on the side of my hand like this because one thing that’s really important with these little tiny bits is that you actually want to keep track of them and not let them be floating around your work surface, because they’ll get stuck to your design again And then when you go to apply it, it’ll be underneath it and causing a bulge or a buckle, or it’ll be covering up some other part of your design, and you won’t even notice it ’til later So, put them somewhere where you know they’re gonna stay and your hand works just fine And then you can clean it up afterwards That’s what I do, it works pretty well I’d say 99% of the time, but even then, sometimes, those, like that A, that, that, it’s tiny, guys, that’s really hard It’s hard to pick up just with your fingernails or that weeding tool It’s very, this is very small So, sometimes it happens, you just have to go back and clean it up later if you get a little, a little bit stuck somewhere Alright, so, now, it’s time to apply our vinyl So, the trick to doing this, and there’s definitely a trick to layering vinyl, is to start with your top layer and work down So, you’re only gonna wanna put transfer tape on your very top layer So, in this case, that’s my pink snowflake here And I’ve put some transfer tape on it already And the name Alexa is my second layer So, I’m gonna go ahead and peel off my vinyl with the transfer tape, OK? So, the secret to layering vinyl is to do it

before you put it onto the whatever you’re gonna put it on So, layer it first, layer it top to bottom using one piece of transfer tape So, we’re just gonna, and this is the easiest one to layer because it’s two colors, and they’re not even touching (laughs) Alright, so, super easy So, we’re just gonna center that snowflake over the name and then press down and that’s it Layered vinyl, super easy to do That’s the easiest one, and this is the one I recommend that you start with, so that you can see how it works Then you can peel off the transfer tape, and then, oop, the E got stuck (laughs), burnish that down You can peel that off, and now you have a layered vinyl piece that’s ready to put onto your ornament So, let’s go ahead and do that, let’s put it on our ornament, so you can see how, the best way to put a design like this on a curved surface, like an ornament So, I’m gonna set it in this cup like this, give myself, so it doesn’t roll around And then I’m gonna position it where I want it to be, and just, but only press down in the very center, nowhere else Now, I’m gonna need some scissors And what we’re gonna do, and this is the trick to getting it to curve, is we’re gonna make small cuts all the way around the design, wherever, and we can get in it as far as you can, right, because what happens when you curve it around the surface is that is gets stuck, and it has no place to go By cutting it, it’s gonna give it more flexibility, and it can move into the position that it naturally wants to go, which will mean that it will not buckle and crease and fold, which is what we wanna avoid We want a nice, smooth application So, here, you can see it with all the little cuts in it And now, starting from the center, we smooth outward, from the center out So, sort of like the rays of a sun, just go from the center outward And the transfer tape will shift underneath your finger, and it might buckle, but the vinyl underneath should be applying smoothly So, you can see that the tape is buckling But what’s happening is, it’s kind of, it’s overlapping itself where you cut it, right? And it’s allowing you to put that vinyl down smoothly So, let’s see how we did, let’s remove the transfer tape It’s gonna probably come off in chunks because we cut it That’s OK, so just be patient and remove it gently, making sure that all of your design stays on the ornament And if it doesn’t, you’re just gonna wanna help it out, just take your fingernail and make sure that it’s, help it stay onto the ornament In this case, this one actually came off really well So, all of the tape is off now, so let’s just smooth it all down And this one actually turned out perfect without anything extra So, you can see it’s perfectly applied around that curved surface, there’s no creasing or buckling or anything And that’s a really small (laughs) design there, guys I think it turned out really great, and it was actually quite easy And this is the easiest one (laughs) So, we’re gonna put that top back, and you can just squeeze those two wires and insert it back in there, and Sometimes, it’s a little fiddly Those tops are kind of soft metal And then you need a ribbon or a piece of string, so that you can put this on your tree or hang it from wherever you’re gonna hang it We don’t, we can use ornaments all year round, really, so this doesn’t have to be a Christmas ornament, but Yep, so, there we go, make a nice, pretty little bow, and then loop it up again at the top, so that it can hang from a branch or from a hook or whatever There we go, isn’t that pretty? I think that turned out great OK, so, now, the second hardest one is one that has three different colors, and the position is fairly important, OK? So, again, we’re gonna start with our top layer, which is merry Christmas And we’re gonna lay that over our second layer, which is this holly So, you just wanna position it so it’s similar, either it’s the way you want it to be, or it’s similar to the picture, whichever one you want There’s really no rules, it’s however you like it And then, now that we have those two layers together, we’re gonna put the third layer And then you’re just gonna press it down onto that third layer And it’s gotta go right in between the two leaves and below the letters And that’s it, and we now have a layered vinyl piece with three colors That wasn’t difficult So, same thing, we’re gonna do just like before, or you can cut it first if you prefer But you just wanna make cuts going from the outside in towards the center, as far as you can go without cutting your piece in half or something, right, that’s not gonna help you

And then set it on your ornament Press down in the center and smooth it outwards, just like this Yep, always going from the center outwards as you burnish it down That’s the way to keep those letters nice and smooth And so, we can remove this tape, and remember, sometimes you have to help the letters, like this C is just, obviously doesn’t wanna come off, obviously (laughs) It wants, it does not wanna be in here So, but once it’s on there, this is, I’m using permanent vinyl here, so once it’s on there, it should be fine You just might need to burnish it down a bit And there we go, make sure everything is nice and smooth If there’s any little creases, you can fix this right now You can just kinda pull it up and smooth it back down And there we go, a nice, nicely curved, smooth ornament OK, time for the hard one This one has six layers, guys (laughs) We’re gonna start with this one on the bottom I have these in order, so the one at the bottom is our first layer So, we’re gonna cut a piece of transfer tape that’s big enough for the full pattern, so a nice, big square, OK? So, and we’re gonna go right in order, starting with the lower, the first layer, which is, and the first layer is the lens shine of the camera (laughs) This is a tiny little bit here, OK? So, we’re gonna transfer that over Alright, and so, the next layer is the little, I guess it’s supposed to be a red LED light on our camera to indicate that it’s on and recording I think that’s the idea (laughs) And so, there we go, we have the little red light and the little lens shine Then we position that over our lens itself So, now, we have three layers OK, now, we need to put the wings on This is tricky because we don’t have the backing, but we just need to put it in the center just like that So, now, we have the wings, and then we put it over the background, so, yep, just like that, and smooth it all down Pull it off, and then the final layer, just center it in the angel cam letters And there we go, that’s six layers of vinyl, right? And again, it’s super-tiny design here A bigger design really would actually be easier Alright, so, let’s put this on Oh, I, we’re gonna use a different one I wanted to make sure we stick with, that’s the polycrylic one right there, so we’re gonna use it on that one I’m putting all the cams on the polycrylic ones, so I remember in case anyone asks me So, don’t forget to make your little cuts around the edge, so that you can put the ornament on nice and smoothly Here we go Oh, I guess I changed my mind, oh well, whatever (laughs) Alright, so, again, you start in the center, and you smooth outwards, right, from the center out And just go all the way around the edge, and then you can start taking the transfer tape off when it looks like it’s good to go And there we go, smooth everything down, make sure everything’s nice and clean and neat If there’s any little bubbles, smooth them out now Yep, get them all smoothed out, that’s good There we go, all nice and smooth going all the way around the ornament Pretty awesome, huh? I think it turned out great It was tricky, I would not say that that was particularly easy, but totally doable And so, let’s go ahead and finish up all the rest of these quickly Our happy Hanukkah We have a Santa cam, isn’t that cute? Those are so adorable So, these glittered ornaments are a fun way to give a personalized gift or create a keepsake for your Christmas tree So, one thing I do want to point out is size So, I use standard 2-1/2 inch ornament size; but, in retrospect, I wish I’d gone with a larger ornament It would have been much easier to apply the vinyl, and the designs would’ve stood out more, as well So, bigger is better, I think

Now, but still, I think they turned out pretty sweet, don’t ya think? And I’m looking forward to hanging them on our big tree out in the living room This is my daughter’s Christmas tree that she graciously let me borrow for this tutorial Normally, it lives in her bedroom OK, so, now, if you plan to give any of these ornaments away, you might need something to put them in, like a gift box And I’ve had a number of people request that I design a gift box specifically for ornaments So, watch for that on our future episode of this video tutorial, show, whatever So, tomorrow, we’re gonna be changing gears a bit, and we’re going to paper, and we’re gonna make a card, specifically what is known as an impossible card It’s called that not because it’s impossible to make, of course, but because it’s nearly impossible to tell how it was made, which is the cool part But I’ll be showing you exactly how to do it tomorrow There’s a really cool twist to it Now, don’t forget to send in your project ideas at And share your completed project with us in our Facebook group or on social media with the hashtag #MakerShowAndTell So, remember, if you can tell me what you want to make, I can show you how to make it Until tomorrow (cheerful music)