Farming Simulator 2013 Mod Sptlight (part 1) :: Ferguson Pack

hey guys what’s up Fred I came here welcome to another farming simulator 2013 mod spotlight know why you got in there today we only have one pack I just down let it just installed it so let’s take a look at it is Ferguson pack massey-ferguson old-time man took a while for tragedy section d load we are going to go down to 0 oh man there’s a lot we have the Ferguson te 20 3700 g37 words three thousand seven hundred fifty dollars by what else do we have here forty five dollars a day 20 horsepower focus really good to it this is actually what Ferguson’s look like back in the day they I think they were rather American to be honest I’ve seen quite a few of them here in America so go ahead and buy that we had the TE 20 as well with the front loader now 2000s power $45 a day four thousand two hundred fifty dollars four thousand two hundred fifty dollars okay that didn’t sound sound right in my brain we got the Ferguson te twenty four wheel drive I 20 horsepower with four-wheel drive 45 dollars a day 4500 to buy do that you guys can pause the video and read these if you want who excuse me used in World War two nice first and dole drive nice this thing looks bad Oh what the heck did I try and say they’re 40 horsepower England is that the motor I don’t know four to five dollars a day 8502 by that I think when it’s just 8,500 or 3,800 know like little 50 or 25 someone seat make it makes life easier extend te 20 industrial so this is if you are a highway worker mowing the medians of the highway or grading a road back in the day grading the dirt roads put and gravel down whatever you may be doing you would use this today 3800 buy sell buy sell buy that we have the Ferguson wheels for 500 oh how much was that day 45 we got four dollars a day on the wheels looks like there’s some steel wheels in there too that’s it is there anything for the front loaders in here yes there is first emperor lift shift j + + km to operate hmm so be interesting eight dollars a day a thousand dollars to buy that we had the Ferguson pallet forks price oh oh it has a lock script that’s awesome makes life so much easier yeah three dollars a day 292 by let’s do so we have the Ferguson dung fork poo fork grass chaff straumann or two dollars a day three hundred twenty dollars by so by that why do I keep saying bye so we have this person shovel wheat barley seeds rape maze potatoes sugar beet silage manures for forge mixing so I forged feed cattle feed Forge and fertilizer three hundred dollars a day or four hundred dollars a day 30 does to buy um let’s go ahead and check other places just to be safe because I didn’t really look at the pictures I saw the picture is all it was an old tractor downloaded it here we are today ah i see something no i didn’t Oh yep brixton 310 trailer nine hundred fifty dollars a day 28 hundred liters four dollars a day I messed that up twenty-eight hundred liters four dollars a day nine hundred fifty dollars to buy it accepts wheat barley Mays Rapeman or potatoes sugar beet grass grass windrow chef salad did it the other just stop moving cuz I I just said that perfectly hmm may have stopped moving yeah like i was saying i love mazda had their custom

background on everything so like with these it has a bit red background so all i had to do is look for a red background for extent disks eight-foot disks three dollars a day eight hundred seventy dollars to buy do so whether cultivator eight hundred seventy dollars to buy eight foot again and five dollars a day alright got any plows yes we do we got that Ferguson to furrow plough this is a bigger back then I thought all right as a day father interested to buy we have the 340 for an extra two hundred and two dollars a day so in all seven dollars a day 7 o’s youtube I be nice of this cedar and there’s a cedar there’s a potato planter sweet this is actually really needed what’s really needed in the fs community anyway today I do pillow enter four dollars a day 870 does to buy what else we got we have fertilizer sour spreader x2 it toggle between seton mm-hmm that’s interesting we’re going to have to look at that this may be a really long mod spotlight four dollars a day and six hundred fifty dollars to buy yep low volume sprayer sweet four dollars a day seven hundred twenty dollars to buy I’m running at breath oh so much this is a bigger bag that I knew I mean it’s 60 megabytes megabits whatever you want however you want to say but wow x to engage the ground drive Wow dry rather than 0 oh cool so okay so that what that’s what i mean so it doesn’t need a horse pto um if you guys know the old rake that came into this pack I didn’t review it because it’s kind of old and it’s broken in this recent patch but um basically however fast you’re going is this will keep up basically I think basically three dollars a day did words 30 hours a day 1650 dollars to buy dude that’s due soon any of this nope mowers yep we got a nice little circle bar Ferguson cutting bar 12 2.1 meters sewing foot I love when they put the feed conversion banks it makes him feel more American you know four dollars a day so I’m gonna words seven hundred fifty dollars a day no so 950 dollars to buy I hate mondays I hate him I hate him I hate him ooh oh no that’s how it was like a big old V rake that’s not I first inside rake so it’s essentially one of these bed a little bit of a better picture to see this is why I was just talking about anyway three dollars a day and seven hundred fifty dollars to buy set it right that time nothing in there and you nope Baylor’s yep sweet oh oh wow I know me cool we have the first time baylor press 0 next to the oh so you actually had to get off the chart and operate it sweet four dollars a day two thousand dollars to buy we have the bail grab be to open and close the grab five dollars a day five hundred seventy dollars to buy Ferguson bail sled I I assume that’s what that means or is supposed to say press X to open gate and unload bales it’s pretty this is a pretty cool pack for two hours a day six hundred dollars to buy let’s do so and then the bail fork for 300 others and one dollar a day and it also has the lock script on it and that is it for a Bailey no no wait yes there is a wait Ferguson wait five dollars a day two hundred dollars to buy anything a misc at this point I have to check everything this is it if I didn’t say oh yeah if I didn’t say this before and if you haven’t figured it out and I my teammate

it so expecting a lot yeah the Ferguson transport box 250 litres transport your seeds and fertilizer with the transport box five dollars a day 300 are three hundred dollars to buy Ferguson drop bed trailer v raise and lower and unlock load five dollars a day fourteen hundred dollars to buy I need to take this episode excuse me may the Ferguson buck rake so grass chap and straw for this four dollars a day and seven hundred dollars to buy anything else I highly doubt there’s going to be anything in the missing subcategory categories i should say just in case holy just to make sure okay you never know and okay we’re finally done oh my god all nice and lined up perfectly though beautiful I like this start with the tractors and work our way down we are pretty taller than this this actually feels really to scale I actually saw the one some of these indie at the app referent oh boy I put up a montage of it none of these were in the picture picture montage of it our videos i should say but still pretty cool it feels pretty much this scale i like it can’t clip through the tires can you cliff through here you can’t can you oh I like you I like you a lot can’t clip through here let her know gonna assume this week we have to check the articulation here nope double wheels Kevin clip through you know wow this is a good mod i love this steel checks just walk around here ok we can clip through here we may or may not figure out why later just walk over these clip through here anywhere we can walk over this so that’s not clipping nope don’t mind that don’t mind that oh no clipping here sweet oh maybe no I I see where I’m climbing upward climbing up on the three-point we are ok again push it which is actually pretty realistic i think it’s only about 300 pounds i would say pretty cool I’m liking this back way bigger eyes out there ok we can clip through now wait we’re stepping we’re stepping over a guy I stepping over this and you and you and you oh I was expecting this to uh be close durable because I think this is this opens I do this is bail grab Baylor and push it which is actually really easy okay we clip through the back a little bit a little bit no this is huge look they’re here no even folded up you can’t clip through it sweet and this you can’t clip through it at all awesome okay so now we can get into the interesting stuff testing it out later our little guy the guy out there sweet uh my headset quite let me see look at my hit’s that’s why I’m always adjusting the volume on so I never now sounds good little sounds like there’s a little scratching that may just be my copy headset because it’s they are a little working but anyway it sounds really good oh-ho-ho engine picks up yes really nice I like this I like this a lot yeah 50 miles an hour anything moving oh we got a family win no gauges any liveries no levers that’s perfectly okay awesome that’s a let’s get to this hook up to this here you may have to remove something I don’t know did it by yourself by itself and if we press X to

where the blaze definitely now so it knows better I wish I could test is I’m sorry guys I’m going to just start again so we can test these things but yeah you would progress x and then that would start spreading your manure and they even had the lever to show you awesome it’s awesome i’m loving this back all right i’m gonna say that so much during this I am it’s a spark you here and I’m expecting the same engine tone for this I just want to see the front loader nice oh wow this looks pretty accurate to the time it’s built around a lot of the charges actually had the front loaded like that look at the little front light that’s cute so cute okay back it up actually has a pretty good backing up speed it does so let’s look up to this bail grabber like so this is awesome a little bit much for this little guy a little bit ain’t too bad though it’s a crispy oh wow so it looks like you can probably grab about six bales with this now can we clip through anything no we can’t i love this this is awesome I we’re going to assume the physics for the front attachments are all the same and turn you off check out the what’s next this is the four-wheel drive now yes so it’s always on four-wheel drive so is there a speed difference we just get a little straighter 14 15 miles an hour it’ll just power through the hills a little better I’d expect at least still no sound difference see if this beast has it probably give in back here I still the same well they are the same chapter so I would expect I’m expecting to get a little more speed than this with this I expect more speed I really do but still has a lot of power it looks really cool and funny and so it’s all good and shut you off and the industrial all right now can we hook up to these what hooks up to those I should be asking try the just the flat-out regular one go over here and see it may just be the duo over there yeah that’s what it’s looking like yep and while we’re here let’s hook up to this little thing so we were gonna cuss be oh whoa wow thank you and then that may see nice and flat and we could just bagged a charter on there right oh sweet I like that okay let’s get back in the deer and a deer oh I about said get back in the duo and see what we can do here Oh a little bit of a beast to turn i would say OOP Senate’s line hmm I’m not seeing a trigger to attach these beetles Ellie nope I’m completely stopped

interesting it’s a different wonder why anyway let’s use this to test out the thing back here this sounds a little different hello say that is there a front loader attachment here no it’s a three-point and of course I’m completely in the oh I just realize what this might be for okay okay that’s what that looks like okay and o.j oh mkay oh so this is k so you can’t use the mouse buttons which is okay that’s a I think I know what this is for I think you can hook up to these stuff these stuff yeah you can’t hook up to this stuff I believe it has the front loader attachment on the back of it yep that’s pretty cool I like that oh we actually select the mass I like this then we can just hope you have to hold shift in this jay how high does it go no what this is cool I like this I’ve never seen something like this is awesome I mean I’ve seen him for like fork fork lifts but not something like this yeah I like this oh this I like there’s a lot like I can actually see this being useful especially being using the bail grabber stacking the bales up nice and neat definitely see it there let’s start with the hay equipment and then we’ll move over to that equipment hook up here and go yeah go ahead and cut a little hey over here x and then V Oh cute oh I love the sound of it like that I actually do know what these sound like in real life day it’s pretty friggin accurate it is I actually used to a I grew up around quite a bit of Amish farms and over the years they made one of their corn fields into a grass field for a couple years because that’s mate that’s what you want to do and this is this sounds exactly like that of course they had like that if you guys have ever seen Amish farms operate they have that a condition or thing they pull along with it so turn that off though raise it and then like that and we’ll go ahead and jump it here we want the rake next assumingly melee at seminole we’re coming out oh I want to check something open we come up back here and remove this bar no okay had to check it cute alright so assumingly this will do the teddy as well so it may get in from grass into dry grass or hay just like the one the little New Holland one from the small farming pan and since there’s no Tedder in this pack let’s go to lower oh I almost forgot that cute we’re gonna hit the tree with this on me okay so it’s not doing the Teddy which is perfectly fine because it still race the grass a lot of breaks didn’t break grass one farming simulator first came out believe it or not at least my tricks did it I don’t I can’t remember if the game Wednesday oh look at that like I

like this just take a look at it right here very nice i love how the engine changes tone charlie oh yeah now we can bail it I loved it and see all the rods turning and stuff that’s awesome almost mr. Baylor I was so amused by he’ll we have to do stuff back here like 30 X anything else lower pick up once we get to the field this is awesome huh this is really cool yeah and roll up to the field or the spot when I press X and we want to lower now it looks very nice nice just take it level one since we’re on a little bit of curve oh nice this looks good it looks real good it really does I’m liking nice little Bailey we can press Delete for a bail counter oh look at that it’s a little book that’s awesome i love that it’s amazing that’s what it is it’s just flat out amazing can we get a bailout I really want to test this baby iver please let a bale come out they don’t see it empty Baylor option come on you can do it you can pop a bailout Oh nope yeah I don’t see a empty it unless we get out okay nope okay so does that unfortunately we can’t test the bail grab sucks i really wanted to see that thing in action go ahead and check out some of this stuff before I do let’s see if I remember to do this I’m going to cut the episode here and make a part two so yeah I would say I would conclude the video but I’m gonna upload part two along with this so see you in part two