Invicta NFL Kansas City Chiefs Pro Diver

welcome back didn’t they tell me big time video tell me big time stands for Tommy’s my name and I love big time pieces tell me big time right and I’ve got a group big time game it’s hashtag big time game you guys are interested in that the link is always in the description Kansas City Chiefs NFL Invicta this is my buddy Gilbert watch he asked me to cyberform and of course you know I’m not gonna leave the big time gang out so I’m gonna make a video and my voice sounds a little funny I’m sorry but I’ve been sick I really picked the box the NFL logo on top get that football pattern I’m not sure if you guys have seen these up close and personal but they’re very nice so my buddies always do the plastic on so I’m gonna take this off if you’re not interested I’ll I’ll put this towards the end of the video I guess or you can just skip it this has always been like one of my favorite things to do is unwrap a watch and seeing somebody doing on video I think is almost as satisfying as doing yourself and like this watches in mind so I’m unwrapping it but I just come home with me so um it’s almost the same as watching me unwrap it right I’m not sure what I got but I’ve been sick for over a week so might be bronchitis or something like that I’m on antibiotics hopefully I get better soon the Fernau the next couple videos might sound a little horrible but the grind don’t stop so I’m still making videos even though I don’t feel very well alright so plastic is almost all off there we go and mr. Prodi we’re just like the one mom and dad got me just different teen and I’ll do a side-by-side comparison in another video because my Cardinals watch has a couple little different color schemes but they see Zach same watch pro diver and yet the NFL logo on the back and this is officially licensed by the NFL this isn’t known you know they will knock off watch this is legit and this is model number then get that done there you go 302 7-0 Kansas City Chiefs so I’m gonna get the size real quick stay tuned for that if you like it and then I’ll take a whole bunch of pictures and post them at the end of this video stay tuned if you’re shopping for a watch make sure to check out Georgia Mountain watches the link will be in the description alright and the size is bad boy so it’s a very thin bracelet most of the pieces I I own are very thick on the bracelet this one is very very thin so I think I’m gonna take three links out and see if that fits them we’ll do two at the six o’clock and one at 12 o’clock now Gilbert’s about the same height I’ve seen as tall as I am maybe a little shorter and I imagine we got to have close to the same size if not some new off so I wouldn’t their tunings out of my pro diver so I’m guessing if I take out three out of here that should be good

somebody had asked me in the last NFL watch video i did what i meant by scissor clasp and stamped clasp so this is stamped you see it’s got done Victor logo under Victor edging in art stamp in it but it’s a stamped clasp and the difference is this is what a scissor clasp looks like on my granddaughter and I’m wearing on my wrist today you see the difference here this is my shame pieces of metal this is just a stamp piece of that chin so quality wise scissor little scissor lift since we’re looking Tina work scissor style clasp there’s a lot better and see this even says stainless steel stamped in it there’s nothing to judge a watch on I mean it doesn’t really matter here if you want to get technical and be nitpicky I guess you know you can say I just I noticed these things so I thought I’d point it out not a deal-breaker at all doesn’t mean the watch is cheaper or saltier like he does the class really matter that much as long as it keeps the watch on your wrist right you so we’ve got three things out now I put these back together oops now like I said it took two out of the twelve O’Clock and when I was six o’clock that’s the way I do my own watches so well now good where should we sit and stay tuned I have some up close pictures of this bad boy Victor got down with these NFL models so stay tuned for the photos have a great day god bless