Timing Solution: Planetary & Projection Lines! WD Gann Style!

hey guys today is May the 22nd of 2016 and I’m going to be using as an example of the pound dollar using astral trading techniques using planetary lines and planetary projection lines so there’s going to be an educational video is going to show you some tricks and tips if you want to get an edge using double D gain style trading so please pause the video and read the video describing today is called timing solutions advanced this is their website and the technique that I’m going to be showing you is called Astro trading using planetary lines I’ve put in parentheses titi ta-a theory which is tunnel through the air theory I’m going to show you why some I think I believe in my opinion there’s a connection between these two and a planetary projection lines into the future to forecast possible price action pivots wings supported resistance we’ll be using the pound dollar current low of the February 29 2016 1 38:35 you know yellow might be different but it should be pretty close as an example I’m going to show you the website real quick before I get into the chart this is their website I recommend if you want to have an edge and use more of the W gain techniques I’ve noticed it on the internet there’s a lot of people talking about though he began his theories as calculations but no one’s really showing real time you know examples of you know what’s going on how to use it and I figure you know might as well break the ice and show you some examples of how to use it you know you could take it on your own and take it to a next level but at least this would be a good starting point and you could practice time your solution is a great software so I recommend that you check it out and if you like it you know invest in it and it should give you an edge trading you know the markets alright so here it is this is a timing solution this is the palm dollar we made a low on the 29th right here and this is a price action that we have until May 20th which is right here take a little sip of coffee here ok so first thing is this is not a standalone system and I’m going to teach you this is something you incorporate with your own calculations and your own indicators you know let’s say you use the RSI or what not this is you know you use it whatever indicator that you have that you’ve been using for years or something you’re comfortable with and you’re back tested for whatever reason but this is not a standalone strategy using estriol trading but you can nothing’s written in stone in my book you could you know dig deeper and experiment and you know and try it and if you like it this could be like your you know your style but I don’t do it I recommend it with other calculations using price and time using geometry using you know astro trading the heavens everything numbers calculations of numbers of support and resistance and then you determine Plus indicators to see if everything is lining up what you want to do is you want to find out is there’s a cluster of things lining up and letting you know that they could be a possibility that somewhere around here we could make a pivot you know we’re gonna make a pivot high somewhere around here it could be a possibility that you know we could have oops we could have a pivot high somewhere around here there’s a possibility I think I’m gonna get it next time there we have a pivot low somewhere around here could be a possibility that we have a pivot low anything here so we go for casters and have an idea this there could be a possible turn it would be a great idea and there’s a lot of tools that can help you doing this the key is to get them all to line up I mean if you have one it could work out sometimes

just having one that it’s accurate you know it’s really good but through the years that I’ve been trading I’ve noticed that if you have a cluster of things lining up the greater the probability of it becoming a pivot swing low where you could go long or you could go short but you go short here long short increases when you have a lot of them confirming your calculations with this technique I’m going to teach you all right so the first thing I’m going to teach you is planetary lines planetary lines are these right here this is a combination of planetary lines pretty much like the way they are in the sky and what the software timing solution does it takes these calculations of the planets and maps them out and Ana chart and plots it against price action so these are these are you know in their embed it they’ll change and you know with the scaling of price but once you get the exact pricing the software does the calculation and plots these lines and then they stay there so you can see right here it’s finding support it’s in this channel it pretty much is like channels I mean if this was in here you a lot of traders would you know and it’s not wrong a lot of traders were just oops wrong one we’re doing like channels like that you know we’ll do that that’s an that and that’s a channel right they’ll try to you know they’ll put a channel there if this hasn’t you know if this is developing they’ll pull up just a channel there if it breaks it you know then it’s down you know then they’ll put a channel there and this is chopping around here and once it breaks it there you know then they’ll put a channel here and if that breaks it you know so it’s kind of like this is what traders are doing you know I still do this too but a lot of people do this and software’s do this these little channels and now we’re here current where this could be a possible you know channel within this big channel you get the idea so that’s one way traders do it but planetary lines are pretty much the planets and these are their channels now you could get channels of planetary alliance trending on the uptrend and you can have the planetary lines channels going on on the downtrend so if price action you know pound dollars been selling it could show you every time where it’ll come up you know this could be a possible resistance but it broke through this could this was possible you know was resistance it sold off hit it again went up and now it’s hitting you know so now this is resistance now currently so was having a tough time here and it came down so it could show you that you know in a downtrend on an uptrend since we did a swing pivot low here you can see where it’s finding resistance and sometimes they find supports and it cracks it but then it goes up and it finds support right here it’s finding support right here so this is like a channel it’s finding resistance right here pieces it seals off it’s having a tough time trying to get it back here and now the imagine there’s like a channel right here in between these planetary lines well there is and that’s what you call harmonics so within this planetary line there’s a harmonic line that intercedes right here so it’s like a channel within a channel and you can see that the pound/dollar found support here this is just using planetary lines this is nothing to do with Fibonacci you know percentages or anything like that this is just strictly planetary lines plotted on the chart on price action so if you think this could be an edge and this could be a thing for you you know to research and digging deeper you know you could get timing solution and check it out and now you could go an extra step and do a third harmonic so you got harmonic 2 & 3 within these planetary lines you could continue going up as you can see the

lines just continuing you know growing I normally use three and I’ll show you why the next thing you could do is you could do mirroring so we have channels going up a planetary lines and then you’ll have channels going down planetary lines the key thing is within the trends going up and trends down that you’re going to come to a point where you’re going to hit these intersections right here right here these are what I call vibrations you ever heard that we began to talk about vibrations and this is in my opinion you know this is just my observation vectors vibration and every time prices hit these vectors or you know vibrations of intersections of planetary lines of going up and down something happens you either have its stall like right here price action just stall right here for a little bit and then shot up or you could have it you know find resistance and shoot down or you can find it as support as right here vectors or vibrations that’s a nice example right there currently where we at this one the sold off a little earlier you know but he didn’t do it there so you can see that sometimes it works and sometimes it doesn’t work sometimes price action had for some reason it sold off here ahead of here but this is great for timing so if you have probabilities that it might turn here and all your indicators are showing that you know if you’re using like a RSI or something like that you know you’re kind of over Saul and you see that it’s raising up yeah you might want to go along here and you know do the swing trade here going up as an example so the cool thing about timing solution is you could do this planetary mirrored technique and then you can add the harmonics to it so that’s harmonic too and then that’s harmonic three one of the reason why I use three because of the power three that’s three there bear witness in heaven the Father the Son and the Holy Ghost and then you can see EE again he really was a key into the number three the number six and the number nine this right here is a box if you really look at it and open that box or square you got one two three four five six seven eight nine nine three six and nine if you look up and do some research on those three numbers especially nine you’re gonna find some fascinating things and I just leave it at that just to tickle your ears if you want to do some more research but that’s that right there and you have that square and then prices jump up and they’re in this square and it’s just you can see finding support resistance support chopping long breaks through picks through and now it’s in this square and it’s traveling from square to square within these channels now take the mirror off tunnel through the air doesn’t that look like a tunnel tunnel through the air tunnels through the air tunnels through the air so that’s one example of using planetary lines another example on the pound dollar where you could get an edge forecasting with probabilities is using planetary projection lines the prance planetary projection line is forecasting in the future what price action could possibly do and this is a planetary projection line and as you can see pound dollar you

know this showed off that it could possibly sell here on the knife and it’s stalled but it’s shot up came down shot up and sold off on the 18th came down this cycle then is showing that it could possibly do a low not like price level wise but timing wise that’s one thing you got to remember when you’re using this it’s not saying that the palm dollars going to go up here to 48 it’s just telling you that the palm dollar could possibly turn on the 9th and remember I said possibility as you can see it didn’t do it but it did it here this is saying that possibly in the future the palm dollar cut you know have a pivot swing low here and that said this I would probably do about it right here the said was 1/4 and 1/4 was around here 4/5 and it pushed it even even lower and the next day the 6 they did a low and then it shot up and then right here saying that it could possibly do a pivot swing high the 22nd but it stalled for like 1 2 3 4 days and then shot up and then put a swing high on the 3rd so the projection lines this pellet sorry projection light showing you could possibly do a pivot long on the 13th and this one and nailed it and now this one is shooting is so you could possibly through a pivot swing high on the 28th so let’s see how that pans out so using that with your indicators that you normally use whatever it is the Mac deal whatnot you could kind of have a confirmation in regards you know Astro training with your technique and your you know strategy to see how it all works out so to put this in motion let’s let’s make pretend that this was the the low right here that’s the low right there let’s add this planetary lines and let’s take it from there this is how I would trade it so we do a low there the power of three if there’s one two three candles to the upside the fourth one then you would put your calculations with planetary lines on that twenty nine flow and the line projection planetary line projections on the twenty ninth flow and then take it from there and see how that pans out you can add the mirroring so you can see that price action winds up goes up let’s see if I could just hide this yeah so like right here I would think that if this was the low and we had three days up like I wouldn’t add any of this until I have three days to the upside they say this is importance why the third day is emphasized the third day have a swing low on the third day once you have three there and you go on the fourth and it’s up you do your calculations and build from there same thing here you got the low on the 21st one two three and the fourth day you put your calculations there and work and work your way up so right here I would probably think you know that the pound dollar will probably sell off I got a vibration level there and I have this come from you know confirming that if you want to do the RSI you can or whatever so those two right there confirming it could be a possible swing high if you want to add a harmonics two and three you can but just to make it easy on the eyes I’ll just leave it with main planetary lines about harmonics and then you see that price got volatile right here inside a inside a you know outside a and then shout out right here and I kept going so we’ll continue going next thing I would probably think if it was in here a swing pivot high could probably be anywhere between the 23rd and somewhere around the 19th right here so we look at price action and see what happens let’s get this a little closer and price action sold off on the 18th so

it really didn’t do it on the 23rd but did it on the 18 and if you pop in your RSI you can see that you’re already getting overbought and I’m using the hard side as an example you could use whatever you want MACD you know stochastics so right here this was another possibility where possible pivot swing high up here and in here too so the 23rd or somewhere between the 17th and the 20th actually was right smack in the middle 19 he’s probably maybe yes that was probably maybe a Friday because maybe 19 for Saturday these are gaps so these are weekends so then it starts you know the cycle planetary projection line is telling me that you know pound dollars gonna go down to the downside now it’s gonna be a swing low projection trending down so what you do is you push down let’s get this and from here to here I was thinking maybe you could do a swing low here on the 4th or could be a possible you know somewhere around the 8th pound dollar did a low on the 6th and you see that it found support on the planetary lines right here so you got the planetary projection telling you we’re coming close to a low we got the vector point right here or the vibration point where they could be a possible low so planetary is confirming a possible low here and then it does a low so this one worked out great you know give or take but you can see the price act and you could have just figured it out right here with this planetary got along so then looking into the future I’m thinking somewhere around here we probably might put up put a high swing pivot high so we try and hit resistance here find support here you know if you got add the second and third harmonics you can see that it gets even tighter and it it popped right here see when you add these harmonics within the bigger harmonics you see this sometimes procession moves see like right here so I’ll make it easier on the eyes we shot up didn’t do a pivot high here kind of stall here and then shot up higher and now we keep going so this you know if nothing lined up or brought confirmations I could have kept writing this up you know time my stops probably would have gone stopped out but if anything wrote it up higher and would have said you know what either this the May 7th or May 3rd we’re gonna have a swing high and that happened to be on May 3rd so we sold off came down and mind you none of this has you know printed out yet so possibly you know I’m thinking maybe May 13th will put a swing low or somewhere around the 20th so now we add our price action and you see that on the 13th that’s a Saturday you know Sunday Monday 15 we shot right back up so now the projection line planetary projection lines telling me that it could continue going higher all the way to the 28th of May but right now we add a vector intersection right here or vibration level where pound dollars having a tough time we could add the harmonics and now we’re getting to the point where we’re real time right here real time so that’s the good thing about showing your wtan techniques you know in real time and what’s happening so we’re right here now so what you think possibly could do just using these techniques maybe just using these two techniques let’s look at the harmonic level you know I could probably do a little pivot low here and maybe you know shoot up so if price action gets above here and it’s following this projectile eteri projection line chances are it might continue going higher but if it you know starts breaking down and going down these channels especially this main one right here and going down then you know it may not work so planetary projection lines telling me that’s going to go up and

possibly do a high on the 28th now that doesn’t happen because it hasn’t been happening here what’s been happening here is that it’s always a pivot swing high here so the key dates to watch would be the 28th and when I see a 20 a if I say you know 28 ish it could be the 27th could be the 29 give me your three-day window remember that date and number three day window third day the third day he rose three start thinking that way you start getting in my mind or what I’ve experienced an edge and to these things that W get taught right here same thing the 6 June 6 though deagan’s birthday v 6 7 so could be possible the 28 ish three-day window to be a possible swing pivot hi June 6 ish which could be 5th 6th 7th mind you and hopefully is not on a Saturday whatever so if the 6 is on a Friday chances are to be there if this happens to the 5th happens to be on a Friday check it could be there you know or when it opens on Monday Sunday night session they could probably shoot down and that’s just following the projection line chances are may not and me doing in what they call inversion which when Pam Tyler my can didn’t continue going down you know and either make a low here you know or continue going down and somewhere around here find a pivot swing low and shoot up so it sometimes price action does what it’s an inversion it goes the opposite and then it lines back up you know pressure section is weird sometimes but three years of me noticing it I’ve seen some weird stuff and I’ve noticed patterns like that also so I just wanted to keep you posted so a forecast for the palm dollar to possibilities is that it’s going to invert and go against the planetary projection line and maybe make a pivot low the 28th ish or June 6 ish around their price level wise I can’t tell you because I haven’t done any calculations to determine how low could it go but that’s what you’ll use all these other confirmations and indicators and mathematics to see possibilities if it does go low against you you know an inversion of the cycle using planetary forecasts you could determine that if it goes down but the timing you have is already in the future so this is what you’ll be looking at now if it’s correct as is following the planetary projection line into the future then this was a pretty much bear trap and you know today’s price action and Monday we’ll just going to squeeze all these bears out early because the trend is still higher the cycle is still pushing higher its forecasting to go higher and it could either turn there or turn here as a swing pivot high so those are the two you know pretty much or you know which it could happen to we just go sideways you know chop suey but you know it does it for a while it could be and you’ll notice that it’ll go sideways like right here it just did his sideways right in this little square and then broke down and did a head fake and shot up but sometimes he could do it long like the yen that it was going sideways for like months so that’s just an example so keep these dates and let’s see how this forecast plays let’s see how this planetary and projection line works timing solution look that up and read all their articles get idea if you want to do the dollar Deegan astro trading technique may 28th fish june 6 ish could be a swing pivot high or a swing pivot low and using your other indicators you know could give you an idea as to where we at the RSI is kind of smack in the middle so and it’s pointing down so let’s see what’s going to happen this week my bet just looking at this is that you know why go against it I mean the main trend is downward but we got a swing pivot low of February the

29th so maybe we’re consolidating here and maybe building a base to go higher but you know with all the bricks bricks exit and all that stuff and the fundamentals and things not looking to get in Europe who knows maybe we could just continue pushing lower but right now let’s take it one step at a time and see how this forecast works using WN techniques as planetary lines and planetary projection lines hope this helps and let’s see how this pans out make some pips