Create SVG (Cut files) from Google Images for Cricut

good morning everybody patty in here hang on just a second okay you know what I think I need a little fresh coffee wait a minute hope you’re having yours with me oh okay anyway let me take a real quick sip and today I’ve got something really fun to show you but you have to be willing to put in the extra time and effort to do this but once you do it a few times you are going to be so happy to have learned let me show you up at Cricut design space what I’m talking about okay here’s Minnie Mouse I found an image of her on Google and of course you must know that we can only use these kind of things for personal use you cannot ever ever ever sell them but just for personal use they’re kind of fun to make so what I did today was I went into Inkscape now don’t let Inkscape scare you when I show you what it looks like because all of these buttons over here you’re not going to have to use all of that stuff and if you get the exact same image I have and work on it step by step by step by step with me you’ll start to understand the process so look down here at my desk for just a second and what I’ve already done is I did cut Minnie out of card stock I’m going to do the rest of the stuff out of vinyl just regular vinyl but I didn’t want to use a whole slew of my card stock for the just the backing of this so I’m just going to do it with card stock and she cute can you tell she’s gonna be pretty big I originally cut her in half so that I could make her even larger but then I thought no just for this sample that I’m making here it’s it’s not for anything it’s just a sample I don’t want to use up all of my materials so anyway speaking of materials that’s why I like you guys to use my affiliate links and I really really appreciate it because it helps keep this YouTube channel going okay so on we [Applause] okay I already cut out of white vinyl this part the hands and those things I did make sure that I used mice cricket paper that is older and not really really sticky because I don’t want it to take off parts of the cardstock as I go here we go I’m just gonna burnish it lightly I’m not sure how hard I need to burnish it to get it to stick it looks like not very hard and it’s sticking and like I said I don’t want to peel off any of my cardstock I should turn this upside down I guess I probably hear you guys yelling this was a little part that got messed up on my original cut but you can see how she’s starting to look already okay let’s look up at Cricut design space so I’ve done the white the next color I have to do is well actually it’s like a silvery color it’s gonna go right here for her it’s going to go right here where her microphone is so go cut that out and then I’ll skip the black because that’s what I’ve already done in cardstock and I’ll go on to the pink which is our little teeny-tiny tongue so I’m gonna do the gray and then the pink and I’ll be back so I’ve already cut Minnie’s face her mouth and the microphone so I’m gonna put those on now and maybe you’re asking could I do this in heat transfer vinyl absolutely I did not do it in that because I don’t have that many colors and I’m not sure that this space color is going look great for mini but I’ll have to do there we go for that now for the microphone let’s see I need to look up here at my diagram I can’t really I think I just put her mouth in and I’ll wait to the microphone when I can get back and look at the image again I could

look at it and Inkscape I guess and I could even put cut another piece of this cardstock to back it with so it’s stronger now when I put the other piece on here the arm won’t be as bad or I could even cut chipboard because we can do that with our explorers twos or ones the first one sure I think that just goes like that so I wonder if I can just peel it off of here and get my can just stick it all in there there you go okay let’s look up the Cricut design space and see what’s next so this is done the next thing I have to do oh there’s a little gold piece yeah and then the green that’s the leaves of the strawberries her dress the bow and her shoes and then what is that the strawberries alright so the first thing I’m going to do now I can tell what’s already been done right because there’s check marks beside it it doesn’t realize I did this already because I restarted it but see how there’s a check mark there that’s done check mark there that is done so now I’m ready to go to this which is the gold look how cute she’s turning out so far she’s looking great isn’t she love her okay be right back and added a few more things and now I’m working on our shoes and a little bit of the microphone and unfortunately I can’t see where the cuts are so that I can save some of this glitter don’t have the case of when you try to be frugal but you ruin something because you’re trying to be so cheap I’ve heard of people saying to use uh to use baby powder or something to help you know that’s it looks like there’s supposed to be a cut there is that correct okay yeah I get it all right now I had to get my transfer paper and just do her bow first so I think I left my squeegee and see if that’ll work well enough it may be hard to use this really old transfer paper for this yeah see it’s not not working and it look at a newer piece of Transportation okay since this piece is a lot Durer I’m gonna have to be careful that it doesn’t mess up my cardstock I was over there should’ve looked for my a lot of times they say there’s that one strong transfer tape that you should use for glitter and that’s probably right now when I should be using that but I’m just trying to use the regular it probably almost put it on without the sticker paper or the transfer paper I’ve seen it where does this piece go this

looks like this would go like that and this piece goes I’m not sure where those two pieces go off to look at those in a little bit so here’s what she looks like so far and let’s continue on at Cricut design space let’s see I’ve just done this so I have not done this yet and this is the whoops the strawberries I believe yeah so I’m gonna make those out of red so I’ll do the strawberries I’ve already done the stems they’re here and that’s almost it so I’ll be back hey everybody patty in here hang on just a second okay so this is what we’re going to learn how to do today and you need to be patient and just follow along step-by-step you may not want a Minnie Mouse but I suggest that you do this exactly with me and then after you get comfortable doing this you can branch out and choose any image you want to on the Internet so the first thing that I recommend is the type of image that you get if you look at this one right here it’s very clear there’s no shading it’s a very clear image and I’ve asked you to download this if you can now what I do was I right I click on this to make it as large as it can be and then I great click on it and I say save picture as and then I just saved it like it was it’s named Mickey singing and it’s a gif gif that’s fine and I save it in my downloads it’s gonna say already have it because I do so I’m gonna replace it sure okay and another video I’ll show you how to go about finding good images but the most important thing is nice black lines it’s kind of like it is clip art there’s not any shading that makes it for the easiest okay so let’s see the other thing I asked you to do was to go ahead and download Inkscape go to Inkscape dot org and here’s where you download it and then follow the instructions there once that’s downloaded we can open up Inkscape okay here’s the one that I did already and I do have another one ready to go now don’t let this program scare you oh let me get rid of that don’t let this program scare you at all there are a bazillion buttons here right but you’re not gonna have to use many of them at all so just relax and follow along step-by-step so the first thing you’re going to do is you’re going to come up here to file click on that and say import you can also go to file and open that will just open a new version of or a new instance of Inkscape if you just go to import it’ll import it right into this old currently open one so I’m gonna go to import and I’m going to my downloads folder because that’s where I put mmm singing Minnie Minnie singing there she is so I’m gonna open that and I’m going to leave this box just as it is and just say okay so there’s many and one thing that’s nice about Inkscape is if you want to make her smaller all you have to do is hit the minus key on your keyboard and that makes it smaller or the plus key right up there you know by the backspace key and that makes it larger so this is the first thing you’re going to do you’re going to come up here to path trace bitmap and since this is a color image I’m not going to look up here at the top stuff I’m not interested in that I’m gonna come down here where it says multiple scans and I’m gonna click on color I’m going to uncheck smooth and I’m going to make sure that stack scans is checked and remove background is checked and

live preview is checked so there’s a live preview of what we’re going to get now right now it’s set to doing eight scans you would change the number of scans based on about how many colors there are in your image so for example if I change this way down look if it’s only going to do color two colors that’s all it’s going to show three colors still not enough for note five no six getting close maybe so probably six or seven I can’t really tell that much difference between them oh wait no I want to go all the way up to nine notice the microphone right here when I go up to nine see when I’m at eight it’s a pinky color I want it to be the real color that it is so nine is what works so that all I do is I come over here and I hit okay when I hit go okay it’s going to execute the trace as you can see it says there it’s not going to look like anything happens but it does so I’m gonna say okay and did you notice how the light came back on on the okay button once it was done watch when I click on it well now that I’ve done it it comes on very quickly but if I hadn’t already done it would first turn gray and then come back on and what I know when my mouse is over it and it comes back on it’s done so I can X out this box okay so I’m going to click over here off of this thing that I had highlighted I’m gonna come over and click on it again and I’m going to drag hold my mouse key down my left key and drag this thing over to the right the one on top is the one I’m going to use the one that was underneath I’m gonna make it smaller now if I hold down my control key it makes it so it won’t get wonky I’m just gonna make it smaller and put it up here over here so I know what my mini is supposed to look like and this is my working mini over here okay so the next thing you need to do is you’re going to come up here to object and ungroup so you know what that kind of does it has a bunch of layers over here and it ungroup them now here comes an important part so I’m gonna click off of it and then click back on it and it’s gonna let me start dragging some images away or some layers I’m going to hit the plus key on my keyboard so I can get in closer and I’m gonna look at these things now this first black one that I get off looks great what I’m looking for is to make sure that the lines are complete and solid okay this looks really good right here so I’m going to probably use that one I’ll move it over to the side this one would not work as look how it’s all colored in so I’m just going to hit delete on my keyboard to get rid of it same thing with this one delete oops okay this one looks pretty good well let’s compare these two can’t actually think this one might look a little bit better look at the little dots in the strawberry I just this one seems like it might just have a little bit more detail and see how the shoe right here it goes the whole way around we’re here it doesn’t and so so now I’ve chosen this one I’m going to click on the black one and hit my delete key so this is my best one so far I’m gonna bring out another one no see how things are colored in black I don’t want that one oops this one too has things that are just blackened in don’t want it nope and nope okay so I’m left with this one that I like the best so the first thing I’m going to do since it’s not the black one is I’m going to make it be the black one so I’m just gonna come all the way down here where the color swatches are come way over to the left and hit the very last one and it turns it black okay the next thing I’m going to do in case I make a mistake is I’m going to right click on it and I’m gonna say duplicate and now I have two of them I’m gonna just put this one way over there and

hide her come back over here and then I’m going to use my minus key again so I can get out a little bit all right so once again this is my working Minnie and this is the one I’m kind of copying so I usually start at the top and work my way down so the first thing I’m going to do is I’m going to unclick so nothing is selected and I’m going to choose the color I want to use for her bow so I can choose any color I like down here I’ll try this pink one right here then I come over to the paint bucket and click on it and then I come back up here to the bow and click click click I click everything that’s pink oh I made a mistake there don’t want that one I can either come up here and go to undo or notice I could hit the ctrl and the Z but I come up to edit and undo I went to that spot right there alright is there anything else that’s the same color of pink well I’m gonna get hit my plus key and go in a little closer so it looks like the shoes are the same color thing is I don’t really like that pink so I’m gonna do something I’m gonna scroll way over here cuz I’ll find some more Pink’s I might like better okay yeah I like that pink better so I’m gonna just change these to this pink but maybe that’s a little too dark because of the strawberries maybe I’ll try this one alright that looks good and then I’m going to come and I think I will click on her shoes now notice not all of our shoe got done so I’m gonna hit the plus key again on my keyboard which is right to the left of the backspace key so I can get in here and click there with the pink and there and there and some of this stuff doesn’t matter if it doesn’t get covered in like that little bit right there it’s not really that important so now what I need to do is this I think I’m going to hit the minus key now and go back out I think I have all of the pink that I want for this part maybe I made the microphone the same pink so I’ll do that too and see I tried to get that part right there but I couldn’t so I need to hit the plus key so I can get in better and see it and get my paint bucket in there and then hit the minus key again to go out alright so far so good now what I need to do is I want to Union these together and Union is just like weld and I’ll show you how you’ll be able to tell that so the next thing I need to do I’ve got this Paint Bucket attached to my mouse I don’t want that right now I want to come up here to the selection tool select and transform tool click on that so those are the two tools basically you’ll be using this one right here the Select tool and the Paint Bucket tool so we’re going back to the Select tool notice something over here is selected I don’t want that to be so I’m just gonna hit anywhere on my canvas to deselect it and now what I’m going to do and what I’d like you to do with nothing selected just click on minis ear and drag that part away do you see how you’re just left with the things that you may turn pink that’s exactly what you want so you’re going to draw a box around them just like we do in design space and then you’re gonna come up here to path Union notice that little Union symbol right there doesn’t that kind of remind you of the weld one that keeps everything together so I’m gonna move that stuff over there in the box where I’m gonna build her okay so remember I said I like to start from the top down so the next thing looks like it might be the strawberries so I’m gonna find a strawberry color oh oh do you know why that happened that happened because I have something selected and it automatically changed it to that color since it’s still selected it will change it to any color I click on but that’s not what I want I’m gonna come up here and hit

undo and undo so this item is still selected I don’t want it to be the way you deselect something is just click off of it then nothing is selected and now I can choose the color I want for the strawberries and nothing happens I’ll come over and get the paint bucket and then I’m gonna hit this strawberry and again these are kind of small and hard to see so I’m gonna use that plus sign on my keyboard get in close and click these strawberries just one at a time see is that all nope two more four more okay so that’s all the strawberries and I believe that’s all that I make that color but let’s go with the minus sign so I can see the other one looks like maybe I made this heart over here red as well can I get that yes okay now notice that the paint bucket is still attached to my cursor I want to get rid of that I’m gonna come up here and get the arrow notice something else so something is still selected see that I don’t want that selected so I just click off anywhere and watch what happens it’s not selected anymore so now once again I’m gonna grab Minnie by the ear and drag her over which leaves me with the strawberry stuff I’m going to come down here and just draw a box around it just like we do in design space and I’m gonna come up to path and this one that looks like the weld symbol but it’s Union means the same thing so those are all hooked together now I can bring those over here because that’s where they will go when we build her all right following the same thing and moving down it looks like her face may be next so I’ve got a first thing I have to do is unselect this right because if I leave it selected and I just go and pick a color for her face using this scroll bar let’s say I use this you see what it does since she was selected not what we want so I’ve got to come up here to edit and undo I’ve got to make it so this is no longer selected with a box around it just click out here anywhere and then I can click the color that I want after I click the color that I want I can come over to the paint bucket and come back over to her face and color it in okay now you may think that’s done but it’s not and the way I know this is from trial and error so what you need to do now is hit that plus key on your keyboard and scroll way in and you’ll be able to see what’s wrong look her lower lip is missing and this stuff up here by our eyebrows is missing her face and the face to the right of her eye now she’s good okay so once again I have the paint bucket attached to my mouse to my cursor I don’t want it I’m gonna come up here and get this election tool notice something is still selected I don’t want that so I click off anywhere and then I can click Minnie’s ear and move her over whoops and I’m left with just the part of the face that I want I draw a box around it and then I say path Union and that keeps everything together and I can just move that over here for now and again I’m gonna hit that minus key so I can scroll back out and see what’s going on so let’s see I need to do white the white of her eyes you may not think so but you do so I’m going to do the white of her eyes the white of her dress and her gloves now I’m not gonna make them totally white because they wouldn’t show up very well it’s not gonna make them sort of a grayish color and I can walk oh what’d I do wrong this was still selected when I change the color I can’t do that so I got up do you select it by clicking out here now I can click the gray and once again I’m going to zoom in with that plus arrow on

my keyboard and start picking those white things gotta get the paint bucket and click in that eyeball and that eyeball so notice that not everything gets selected all at once I have to go bit by bit if something is missing and I think that’s it so notice this is selected you can see a little selection box a little marching ants sometimes they call it see those little dashed lines that means that selected I don’t want anything selected you see how it’s still selected so I click off and then you can see which tool I have selected though I can move Mini over over over a little more then I can come down here and select all of this stuff notice this works differently than in Cricut design space in Cricut design space if we just have a part of an object selected it selects it in this program you have to select select the whole thing so for example if I go like this not everything is selected you see how it doesn’t select everything so you have to make sure everything’s within the box that you draw with your mouse and then you go to path Union and I’m gonna hit that minus button again to get this back out and bring the hands over here okay so I did the whites and I’ve done her face and this and the strawberries I’m going to do the gray or the silver color of her microphone now so this is selected I don’t want to do anything yet I need to deselect it first by clicking off then I can click pick a silver color come to my paint bucket and click alright so I come up here to the selection click off move mini over and I can just take this over into the working box where I’ll be working over here okay let’s see now Minnie has will do her blue dress now okay I can’t click the Select the blue yet this is still highlighted here I got a click off of it first then I can go and find the blue that I want so I’ll just use this one click on the color I want to use click on the hey I forgot something in the white did you notice that let me show you in a minute click on them this bucket and click on her dress let me go in and make sure I got it all nope okay your dress looks pretty good okay so I can come up here to the arrow click here to select off of everything mover by the ear and just grab the blue and come up here at a path Union now did you notice what I forgot with the white okay here’s the white stuff let’s see if I can drag it over and you can figure out what I forgotten remember I just made this these this color so that we could see them easily I got the whites over I got that got that yep I forgot this part right here so I can deselect that what I’ll do is I would just change all these to a different color there we go so I’m going to get the Paint Bucket change that and that oh I didn’t hit it perfectly so I need to go edit undo and that’s why sometimes you like to zoom in too so you can make sure that the tip of the Paint Bucket is going exactly where you want it to go and pretending all of this is white now and so what I forgot before was down here all right did I forget anything else I think that’s it so now once again I’ll come up here to the selection tool something is selected I don’t want anything selected click off move or you’re over and there’s the new

white and I have it all selected in the box I’m gonna come up here to path and Union all right let’s go to the minus key again so this doesn’t this is really easy it’s just time consuming so let’s see what do we have yet to do what’s use the plus key and see a little bit bigger on this one all right what do we have yet to do we did Herveaux I’m gonna start at the top we did her bow we did this strawberries we did her face we did the white we didn’t do her tongue yet so we have yet to do her tongue and then the green leaves so let’s do her tongue first just have to select off of everything because this is selected over here just click then I can come down here to the paint bought the paint bucket and find a red that I like and just make it red there we go come up here and click off and move her put our little tongue over there and I said the last thing that we need to do now are the green leaves so I’m gonna use my plus sign and scroll in so I can see them more clearly something is selected notice the marching ants around here I don’t want anything selected sought to click off to deselect and then I can come down here and pick a green color anyone I want can always change that with the vinyl that I use in Cricut design space okay I clicked on something but I don’t see that anything happened I’m gonna try that I think I need to zoom in a little further so let’s see hit that plus button again and hit this one too these are little teeny tiny things they’re almost kind of useless this one I’m not sure notice how there’s a gap right there let’s see if it fills it nope see that you see what happens since there’s a gap right there it doesn’t fill in the way you would want it to so we can fix that but that is another lesson and I’m not going to confuse you so that little strawberries just not going to have greenery all right let’s zoom out using the minus key looks like I got all of the green that I need to I’m checking over here oh yeah I did okay so now I’m going to hit this button up here the arrow click off hold her ear and move her over and there are all the teeny tiny little leaves that I have to get in the box and I’m gonna say path Union okay the last thing we have to do is the weirdest thing you’ll think so what you need to do now is you come up here to path break apart path break apart what I’m doing now is I’m making the black vinyl or the black piece of cardstock on to which we will place the other items so when I go to break apart watch what happens and you’re thinking yeah what is that mess well those are all each individual cut things think back about what you know with Cricut design space if we want something then melt meld into one thing what do we do we hit the weld button in this program they don’t call it weld do you remember what they call it yep there’s the same looking button that was a square in a circle and they’re welded together so it’s Union and then see how it becomes one whole piece okay and now we have mini and we can build these pieces onto her simply by moving them over like this and you can hit the arrow keys they work really well in this program on your keyboard to move things just a little bit when you want to come the strawberries if I want to move them a little use the arrow and that that’s really makes it easier for me these guys I’ll change white I will change them to

white in Cricut design space and again I can move them with the arrow there’s our little dress and the arrow and the top of her mic and the arrow keys just hitting the arrow keys on my keyboard to move that and what is this over little tongue whoops Oh accidentally change the size of it whatever do I do easy get it undo now I’m gonna move it over here into place and use the arrow keys and of course I can make this image a lot bigger using that plus key on my keyboard so I can see better why don’t I do that the plus 1 plus key click off these strawberries need to be fixed a little bit but again this is just what we’re seeing here it’s not what’s going to be on our vinyl last thing we’ll do is we’ll bring these leaves over here and I know that little bottom two should fit on those strawberries pretty much like that so then there’s one there and there’s one up there okay just so you can see how this is really going to look I will turn her little gloves white now you’ll be able to see because of the black behind it now change it to white and you can see just how cute she is I’m not crazy about the pink I changed try it out but you know that can be changed easily in Cricut design space let me move that over a little bit and down okay now the next thing that we have to do is this I’m going to go ahead and go back out with my minus key and I think that I will go ahead and go to object and group I’m going to group her together and I’m gonna get rid of this girl over here I don’t need her anymore so I just click on her and hit delete and I really don’t need this one anymore either so I’m gonna click on it and delete so now what I need to do is this I’m gonna go to file save as and I’m gonna save it as mini mini singing and I’ll name it – since I already have one here is one of the most critical things you’ll probably forget to do and be really frustrated you see that right now it says save as type Inkscape SVG that will not will not work in Cricut design space even though it says SVG I promise that will not work in Cricut design space you must change this with this drop-down arrow to say plain SVG you do not want it to say Inkscape SVG you must have it’s a plain SVG click on that notice it says now save us type plain SVG and just go to save I’m remembering mine’s Minnie singing – alright and now that’s all we have to do with this now I’m going to open Cricut design space I already have our here once and I like those colors better I think but I’m gonna do it again upload I’m going to look for her by going to upload and browse and I’m going to look for mini singing – mini singing – now yours probably won’t look like this with a pair of scissors on it that’s because of the probe another program that I have on my computer but yours will say something about an SVG file that’s what you want I don’t want the gift that we started with the gif or the JPEG I want the SVG file click on that that’s it open there it is and I can put some tags in here if I’d like go to save there she is go to insert images and here she is coming in and notice she looks pretty much like this one except for a few little different colors I’m gonna click on this one and I’m going to hide her so let’s

imagine we were going to make this girl right here we would just go to make it and these would go on to one this would need a bigger map because it looks like it’s made it almost 13 inches tall so I need the larger maps for these since I don’t have the larger mattes I would go to cancel and I would go back to her and I would make her instead of it being 12.5 inches tall I would probably make it 11.5 because our mats can do 11.5 and hit enter and now that should make it so they can all fit on my smaller mats so the white fits the black fits all of these colors fit so that’s all you’d have to do now now on mine what I did was I cut this first out of cardstock you can do it out of I know you could make this for htv-4 um you know a shirt or anything else she wanted but I did my black first so that I could begin to layer things then I came back and did the white and the pink the red little tiny mouth her face the little top part of her microphone the leaves which you can’t hardly even see they’re so tiny they seem like a waste her dress and all the strawberries so that’s it I hope this makes sense to you I hope you try this do mini a couple of times and then go out into the internet and find a really simple simple simple clipart so say you wanted to do a unicorn so if I’m going to unicorn all I would do is go to unicorn then I would type in images and then I would come over here to setting tools and after I go to tools I tell it what type of image I’m looking for this would not be good so I would need to talk what type and I just want clipart and usually I come up here to size and I want large ones so then I could click collect any of these there’s a really pretty one here it is and I would right click on it save picture as unicorn and then I would do the same thing I would come down here to Inkscape file I’d make a new one and then I go to file and import I would come to unicorn leave this box alone comes in really big so I would just hit the minus button so I could get it smaller so I could see and this is when I would now go up here to path trace bitmap there’s one two three four five six will say six colors so I’ve got this in here with six scans I’m gonna say okay now I can X this out and now what I would do is take the top one because that’s the one we’re going to use I move over here to the right because that’s the one I use the bottom one is the one we’re not using and I make it smaller for my reference and I put it over here and then the next thing that I do is I simply come to object ungroup click off of it and then back on and it’s gonna start bringing things apart one by one now that piece looks perfect notice the lines they don’t look like they’re dashed or missing at all okay that one has a part colored in I would not want that one I’ll delete it I’m sure all the rest of these do as well so I’ll delete all of these and then the next thing I have to do is simply to come start to color it so the first thing I do is make sure there’s nothing selected I’ll come down to the color I want come to the paint bucket and click and it’s there and there okay come up to this tool something selected I don’t want it click off come to the

next color I want click on it click on the paint bucket click and click ok come up here – selection – deselect click off I’m gonna get the yellowy color click on it come to the Paint Bucket click the yellow e and we’ll pretend like this is yellow okay the last one is the purple but first I come up to the arrow click off to deselect get the darker purple and the Paint Bucket and paint and that’s all there is to it the only other thing I can now do is this is I can move these things off like I had done before move all of these parts off remember I put them over here in this working square then I can take this guy right here if I want to make a backing and so I can go to path break apart oops I forgot to select this first path break apart see how that breaks it all apart and we know how to put it back together with welding or Union so then we’ll go to path and Union and then again as I said we could just build this right back on here and we’re going to take this and we’re gonna send it to first our file folder and then into cricut design space so I’m gonna take all of this actually I can delete this one first so delete this guy otherwise mmm our Cricut machine will say we’ve done something wrong so I’m gonna I have this guy and I’m gonna come up here to object and group and now what am I gonna do I’m going to go to file save as I’m gonna save him as unicorn okay okay something’s wrong here if you just go to save right now you’re gonna be so frustrated and not know what’s going on what you need to do now you do not save it as an Inkscape SVG save it as a plain SVG save and now if we open up Cricut design space move her over I’m gonna upload upload an image browse and it was called unicorn or ate unicorn SVG open there it is save it’s a little bit of a mess because I didn’t quite finish it all the way but you’ll see how easy this is now and these are all cut pieces and that cool so I would just rearrange these how they’re supposed to be according to the picture that we had had but notice I can’t rearrange anything right now why because they’re grouped together they need to ungroup and then I can rearrange these so I get rid of these guys as they sure don’t go there this gives you the idea how easy it is to make your own SVG cut files in Inkscape so once again I hope this helps if you like my videos please give me a thumbs up and share them and comment I really appreciate it and I appreciate y’all have been using my affiliate links that has really helped a lot to keep this YouTube channel running so thank you again see you again soon bye bye