How to Upload Fonts to Cricut & Create a Subway Art Sign

– Hello everybody, my name is Jennifer Maker Welcome back to The Great Maker Show and Tell (bright ukulele music) Today we are making a personalized subway art sign, which is a sign made with different types, colors and sizes of fonts But before we can do that we need to talk about fonts Specifically how to install and use them on your computer and mobile devices, so that you can use them in Cricut Design Space Now, I am going to bet that you already know what fonts are, but let’s just do a refresher on them Fonts are a set of displayable text characters in a specific style When you type a word anywhere on your computer or mobile device, it calls upon whatever font you selected, or was the default, to display the letters, numbers, and other characters on your screen So when we type on the canvas in Cricut Design Space we can use that display text imagery for our own purposes in creating our cut files and our designs, right? Cricut Design Space already has a number of fonts installed for you to use These are all the same fonts that came pre-installed on your computer or device, plus any fonts that you install later, plus extra fonts provided by Cricut Design Space So we can divide our fonts into two general categories System fonts and Cricut fonts System fonts are computer system wide and not specific to your illustration software, or any other one specific kind of software Cricut fonts on the other hand, are pre-installed by Cricut and can only be used in Cricut Design Space So the first question most people have about fonts is, can I install new fonts? And yes, you can! You aren’t limited by the fonts already on your computer You can install more Installation of fonts differs, based on whether you’re on a Mac or Windows computer, or using a mobile device But the general principle is the same You install the fonts on your computer or device, not from within Cricut Design Space So, in a nutshell you would find the font online, and I’m gonna tell you more about that in a little bit, download it, unzip it, and then locate that file itself It usually ends in .OTF, or .TTF And now, I am fortunate to have a Windows computer, a Mac computer, an iPad and an iPhone, all here in my craft room So let’s head on over to each one, so I can show you exactly how to install a font and use it in Cricut Design Space Then once we’ve done that, we’re gonna create some fun subway art, in Cricut Design Space And I will show you how to cut it and apply it to the canvas, just like this So let’s begin with a PC computer, running Windows 10 and the Google Chrome browser, which I recommend in general So first we need a font So we’re gonna start with a font that I made, go to, and click on libraries And then scroll down until you get to the, enter the free resource library link Click on that If you have the password already, which you can get for free by signing up for my newsletter, enter the password If you don’t, you just use the form that’s right here on the page, to request it So once you’re inside my library scroll down and look for my font If you have a problem finding my font, because there are rather a lot of files in my free resource library, I recommend that you search for it So on your Windows computer press Control plus F at the same time, and a box will pop up in the upper right hand corner of your screen, usually that’s where that is Type in the word font and hit return And locate all the instances of fonts on this page So, here’s my maker pen writing font You click it and it downloads, and you can see in the lower left corner, that it’s downloading If we click this little arrow, it’ll tell us it’s still working on it And we wait until it’s done and then click it again then choose open And it’ll open it up in your Windows File Manager And sometimes it decompresses it for you, and sometimes it doesn’t If it doesn’t it’ll look more like this over here where it just says maker pen writing font And when you hover over it, it says compressed zipped folder To open this just double click it, or right click it and select decompress One of the two will work Once it’s open, double click the maker pen writing font folder and double click it again to open it again Now you want to double click this maker pen writing file It’s an open type font file And once you’ve clicked that you will get an installation screen that looks just like this Just click that install button up at the top And give it a moment to install and that’s it

You can close this window, your font is now installed Congratulations Now, if you already have Cricut Design Space open you need to reload it, okay? You won’t be able to see the font until you reload it But once you have, let’s go on in there and click new project and click on text And we’ll type a test word Now, to change the font, you want to go up to the font menu And type in the name of the font that you just installed So in this case, maker And there it is, when you click it, your test text changes to the font that you installed And that is it, that’s all you have to do Now let me show you how to install a font on a Mac, using OS 10 and the Google Chrome browser, which again I recommend So, we’re gonna need a font We’ll start with the one that I made So go to, and click on libraries Scroll down and click on enter the free resource library And type in the password If you don’t have the password, just sign up for my newsletter and it gets sent to you for free Once you’re in the library scroll down until you find the font If you can’t find it in the long list of free files I have, I recommend that you search the page for it Go to the edit menu, choose find, and click find In the box that comes up, type font and click enter, and you’ll see the font highlighted on your screen Just click on it and it downloads and this window in the lower left corner appears When it’s finished click the little down arrow and choose show and finder and once you’ve done that you’ll see it It usually goes to your downloads folder Let me zoom in on this so that you can see it better So here’s the zip archive To open a zip archive just double click it, it’s that easy Then double click the decompressed folder that we have right here And here are two fonts, it’s the .OTF that’s the actual font Double click the .OTF file right here like this And when you do that font book opens for you You see a window like this Just click the install font button And that’s it, that’s all you have to do Now let’s go ahead on over to Cricut Design Space Remember if you already had this open you need to reload Cricut Design Space for your font to be installed, okay? So let’s do some test text Click on text and type in the word test And then go up to the font menu and search for maker, the name of the font And there it is, so you click on it And that’s it You now have the maker pen writing font installed and you can use this same process to install any other font on your Mac and use it in Cricut Design Space All right, so let me show you how to install fonts on an iPad or iPhone, running iOS 11 or higher The process is the same regardless of whether it’s an iPad or an iPhone So first we need to go to the app store We need to get a free app called iFont So once you’re in the app store, click on the search button down at the bottom And type in iFont, i-f-o-n-t, and search for it It’ll probably be the first result you get, so click on the download icon Wait, give it some time to download, it’s not too big, though It was pretty quick for me, click on open And it’ll give you a little tutorial on stuff That’s all you need to do for now with iFont So now we need to go get a font, and we’re going to go get the one that I created So go over the And click on libraries, scroll down and click enter the free resource library And when the screen comes up type in the password that I sent you an email If you don’t have a password, sign up for my newsletter and I’ll send it to you for free Now locate the font in my list If you can not find the font, because there are too many free files in my library, which I think that there probably are, too many at this point It’s a little hard to find things Here’s a tip, go up to the bar at the top of your screen where the URL for your, for the webpage is, and delete everything that you see in that top bar Just you’re gonna hit the backspace key, which is all I’m doing here Type in font, and then down where it says, on this page, tap find font And then it highlights for you on the screen, it makes it so much easier to find things So click that and you’ll get a screen that looks like this, tap more And then tap copy to iFont Now you’ll see it’s opened the zip archive for you So you can unselect about this font, but keep maker pen writing regular selected, that’s your font And once you do this you’ll be directed back to iFont

And over on the left you’ll see an option to install the maker pen writing regular font Tap the install button And then you’ll be guided through a series of menus, so tap allow, and then tap install And then you’ll need to put in the passcode for your iPad or iPhone, if you have one Tap install, and then tap install again And then tap done So you have to go through this process to install the font on your iPhone or iPad So now we can go to Cricut Design Space Now if you already had it open, which you probably did, you have to restart it Otherwise your font will not be visible So, if you don’t know how to restart an app you just double tap your home button, right? So that’s the big round button at the bottom of your phone, or your iPad, double tap it twice And you get a screen that looks like this And find the Cricut Design Space window, and swipe up with it So by that I mean you hold down with your finger and you move your finger up quickly to swipe it up and that basically removes it as an open application It doesn’t de-install or anything like that So now when you go and open up Cricut Design Space again, it’s restarting it from the very beginning, okay? So you have to restart to see new fonts, after you install them So back in your restarted Cricut Design Space, click on text at the bottom And a insert font window comes up And you need click on all ‘Cause it defaults to Cricut So click on the all tab at the top of that little box there And then type in the name of the font that you just installed, so we’re gonna type in maker And you can see it right there at the top So just tap that and then put in some text, so that we can see what it looks like And there is our test, make that nice and big and there we go, we have installed a font in Cricut Design Space on the iPad and the iPhone Now here is an awesome tip for you If you like to use both your iPad and iPhone and your laptop and computer, whatever, you like to use all of them, just make sure that the same font is installed on all the devices you use And then regardless of where you design or cut from you know that any saved projects that you created have that font That’s all you have to do, okay? All right So now let me show you how to use these awesome fonts that you found and installed in a project So we’re going to make a subway art sign So head on over to Cricut Design Space and click on new project, then click templates So we’re gonna use a template for this one So just type in canvas at the top there in the upper right and select basic canvas So here is a basic canvas, it luckily defaults to a 12 x 12 cutting mat, which is exactly what I want, because my canvas is 14 inches If your canvas is a different size, you’ll want to change the size Also, I’m going to click in the upper left corner of my grid on my canvas, I’m gonna click twice and it’s gonna remove my grid lines So that we can see the screen better And I just don’t need those grid lines there right now So it makes a nice, clean canvas for me All right now, it’s time to put in text, so we’re gonna click that text icon And I’m gonna start with the word maker So I’m going to make a subway art sign themed around things that I really enjoy when it comes to being creative and making things I suppose is really the theme here So my maker theme I am just gonna make that text and go up to the font menu and choose a font And I’m just gonna go crazy, I’m gonna pick a whole bunch of different fonts for different things I’m starting with this couture font because I really, really like it I got this font at And it is free So that’s d-a-f-o-n-t dot com And I’m gonna go ahead and make this text as wide as my canvas, ’cause it’s gonna be the primary word, it’s gonna be the big, bold word And then at this point I’m just gonna start adding new words and changing the fonts to different things as I feel like There’s not really a rhyme and reason, you get to choose what you like, what fonts you like, what words you like You can choose the orientation and the size, and the color and everything It just needs to be pleasing to you, nobody else, just you. (laughs) Unless you’re making this for somebody else, then you keep their aesthetic in mind But Yeah it’s not you know, I like the idea of having a big, big word to sort of give you,

this is your general theme So my general theme of this subway art canvas is gonna be maker Other than that it’s just gonna be other words that I associate with this And you don’t even have to do it this way, you could just do it, you could do it with sayings, or phrases, or lyrics to a song Whatever text you would like to create, right? But the idea is that we’re gonna use different fonts, and sizes and styles, and just make something really interesting to look at So it’s not just plain text, it’s really interesting text People call this, also call this font art, or typography art And one thing, you know that you’ll want to keep in mind is that, little, fragile, skinny, delicate fonts will be a lot harder to cut, and a lot harder to see on your canvas So generally speaking you’re gonna want to choose big, bold, audacious fonts Ones that are gonna, you know, that have some substance to them So that when you cut them out and they’re on your canvas, you can actually see them and they’re not lost on the background Also, of course it’s gonna be a lot easier to weed your vinyl when your font is not teeny tiny. (laughs) Well let’s just talk about cursive fonts ‘Cause I just did one and here’s another one You want to make sure that your letters are touching when you make a cursive font So you do that by selecting the text that you just made and then you click on letter space, and you make it smaller until they’re touching Because when we write cursive our letters touch, right? And it just looks better So I mean of course this is your personal, you know you can do what you want. (chuckles) You can totally do what you want, but as a font maker and as a graphic designer for 35 years, goodness that’s a long time, I don’t know Yeah we’re coming up on 40 years actually Actually I think it’s 40 years this year That’s a long time. (laughs) Anyways when it comes to a cursive font they just look better when the letters are touching, right? And sometimes, especially in Cricut Design Space it’s hard to get the letters to touch just the way that you feel they ought to And that’s because Cricut Design Space doesn’t really honor what’s called kerning So some letters, even though like you might type them in another program would look beautiful, they don’t always look so great in Cricut Design Space So you may need to go up to the advanced menu and ungroup to letters and then move each individual letter separately, so it’s just right the way you want it I didn’t do that for this project, because there was a lot of text, and I was just trying to you know get this finished for you, but I have shown that in other tutorials But it’s just advanced and you ungroup to letters And then you can see, and you can move each individual letter into place Do make sure that you have space in between all of your words so that when you start layering your vinyl, it’s not so tight that it’s really difficult and you accidentally have a lot of overlap, right? I mean if you need overlap, because that’s what you want, that’s fine, just keep in mind that it might be more difficult, and if you are off by even like you know a millimeter, it might not look quite the way that you intended Having a little white space between your words, a little white space, because the idea is that this is a pretty dense bit of text, right? It’s really art with text And it generally looks better when it’s dense But again, you can do whatever you want I’m trying to fill in the white spaces with words and, what font I choose makes the big difference, doesn’t it? So some fonts are wider than others, or taller And so, I’m just experimenting with finding a font that fits in the space that I want to use And it takes a little while to find these fonts, thankfully Cricut Design Space shows us what each of the fonts looks like And of course if that’s not quite good enough for you there are alternatives to this So one of course is to print out all of your fonts into a binder This is something that I did back in the ’90s. (laughs) But since then I’ve decided that that’s a lot of paper and a lot of effort to print out every font And so I use font book on my Mac to see all of my fonts But if, another alternative to font book, especially if you’re not on the Mac, is to go to a website called, Wordmark, dot it And when you do that you type in a word that you’d like and it brings in all the fonts on your system and it displays it for you

So you can see exactly what that word looks like in the fonts that you currently have So that’s a really good resource to try And something else that’s cool Is that some fonts have pictures in them right? They’re called glyph fonts, or I don’t know, ding bat fonts, right? And you can use these as cutting files as well So here I’ve used one that’s of a little decorative icon thing and I put it in between crate and soul at the type of my subway art canvas And I had this heart that’s in my maker pen writing font that you could use Although, I think that, the fact that it’s, it’s really the pen writing font is really ideal for pen writing, not for vinyl cutting So, I think I’m probably gonna remove that, I’m not gonna keep that on the canvas I wanted to see that it looked like But, here’s another little glyph font You just type it in there and place it where you want it to be You know finding the glyphs themselves is still a little bit tricky, because it’s not always obvious where you know which letter creates which picture So to see these special glyph characters and figure out which letter to type to get them, on Windows 10 you can type map in the search box on the task bar, and choose character map from the result And then over on the Mac you can just go to font book and you can choose to have it show you the repertoire of all of the characters in the font And now I’m gonna save my project just in case I accidentally lose my internet access or anything So I like this, it looks really good the way it is So that looks pretty good So I’m gonna select everything and I’m gonna click attach And if I do that it keeps everything in the position that it’s in, which is great if I want to keep it this way But I want to make some changes And there’s a couple things that we need to do here So I’m gonna click cancel So the first change I need to make is to weld my cursive letters together ‘Cause if I don’t do that then where the letters are touching, they will cut out there, right? So go through and select all of your cursive letters and weld all of those You can keep the other ones unwelded, it’s fine The cursive letters needs to be welded I’d like to change the color of some of these fonts I think I’m gonna use three different colors for my canvas I have some really pretty foil adhesive vinyl that I’d like to use And it’s in sort of an aqua color and a reddish color and a dark gray, almost black color So I want to pick some words and change them to the aqua color, and then I’m gonna do the same thing with another set of words and change it to the red color And those will be my three colors then, aqua, red and black And I’ve decided that heart is not gonna work it’s just too skinny So we’re gonna just replace this heart entirely With a basic shape that’s here, available right here on Cricut, so really easy to use So let’s just delete that And then go over and click on shapes and choose the heart down there at the bottom And we’re gonna resize this, we’re gonna change the color to match our red color and resize it And then put it into position, just like that So there is our completed design This is our subway art design Let’s save this again Always good to save as you go And we’re gonna click on color sync to make sure that we have all three colors, just the three colors, no extra colors So if we were to click make it right now, what would happen is that Cricut Design Space would separate our words out like this Which frankly, is not super helpful Yes, you can do this and you can cut it out like this and it’ll save on vinyl But honestly, it’ll be a big pain in the butt, and you’ll have to worry about placement and you’ll have to worry about things being straight I’m not gonna do it this way, I’m gonna do it differently, and I recommend you do as well just to save yourself, you know a little bit of a headache We’re gonna select all of the elements that are the same color, and then we’re going to attach them, so first we’re gonna do all of the red And then go over and do attach And then we’re gonna do all of the blue, so just hold down your shift key as you select and click on each one And then we attach it And then we do the same thing for the black Just make sure you get each black element,

holding down that shift key as you click And then click attach And now each of the three colors are attached and when we click make it, everything is exactly where we want it to be Super big deal here. (laughs) Now if we cut out these 12 x 12 sheets, everything is right where we need it And so we’re gonna be able to layer this so much easier than if we cut out each individual letter So, this is all we have to do at this point, is there’s no extra steps for cutting this out You do not have to mirror, because this is adhesive vinyl You don’t want to move anything on your mat, so don’t start moving things Keep everything just where it is here, click continue And select your Cricut We’re gonna click browse all materials And I’m using that foil adhesive And that’s it, we cut it, now I need to show you a tip, if you’re gonna use this foil adhesive as well It is really stiff and it’s, it’s rolled up like this and it does not want to lay flat at all, so what I’ve done is I’ve used this StrongGrip mat A brand new StrongGrip mat in fact. (chuckles) And I’m going to get it as straight as I can on this mat, it is very, very rolled up and very stiff Now smooth it all out You want it to be nice and smooth without any bumps and wrinkles And even though this mat is brand new and it’s a StrongGrip it’s still kind of is starting to pull away So I’m gonna use my painter’s tape, just on the very edges Just to keep that in place And so if you don’t have a StrongGrip mat, just use whatever mat you have and use some tape For the side here you don’t want your tape to wrap around the edge I notice that when I do that it kind of will get gummed up under the wheels and can cause a jam So instead, you know use a more narrow strip of tape, so that doesn’t come to the edge of your mat Okay So I’ve cut out all three of my mats And it’s time to weed And now I have sped up this process considerably, otherwise we would be here for quite awhile We did this because yes, it took awhile This is a full 12 x 12 sheet, and some of these letters are finicky, especially that skinny believe down there That was probably the worst one And also this was foil adhesive, it’s not, it’s very stiff, and it’s harder to weed, but entirely possible with patience You just need to go slow And I found that pulling it perpendicular to the letter helped a lot Also you see me here cutting, squares around the words with my knife This is a great tip that I have for you So when you do this, you can then concentrate on just that one element to cut out, and you don’t have to worry about your vinyl sticking to everything Of course you can also set this up right in Design Space You just put a rectangle around the element that you want to do like this You can totally use your knife as well Just when you cut it, you don’t want to cut so deeply that it cuts your backing layer And there we go, we put on our transfer tape onto one of the layers And then we’re gonna pull that off And it’s a bit stubborn, so. (laughs) But there we have it off, so now we’re gonna take that same piece of transfer tape and put it on our next layer of vinyl that we weeded And we’re gonna do the same thing for the last one So see how everything is right exactly where it’s supposed to be without having to worry about it? And then we place it on our canvas We want to make sure that’s down really well I’m using my brayer and my scraper, I’m doing it from the back And then I flip it over and I carefully remove the transfer tape Again, it’s gonna be a little bit fiddly, because adhesive foil is very stiff, and it doesn’t want to bend very well But if you use this method that I’m showing here, Greg taught me this, because he used to work in a sign shop But you take your transfer tape and you basically pull all the way over, so it’s now flat against your canvas And you pull it across your canvas, or whatever surface you’re working on And, so it’s like flat It actually helps get all of those, your vinyl will come off easier this way And it’s also creating like a nice, smooth surface to work from if you have to like place things down as you go So, I just went across using my weeding tool

to keep the letters that wanted to pop off down And then when I was finished used my braying tool and my scraper tool to make sure that all of that vinyl was down nice and good, and tight and smooth. (laughs) And there we go! This is the finished product Really, it was really quite simple to make And it’s gonna look really nice on my wall in my craft room There’s one little mistake and that’s on the R here in maker It started to tear And I didn’t catch it in time But whatever, I am not worried at all about the R having a little rip in it But if I were, it isn’t different to just recut that R and then replace it there, right? We don’t have to recut the whole thing We just fix the one little bit if we wanted to And that’s it, that’s how we use all those awesome fonts that we’ve installed to create a beautiful subway art canvas and make a lovely topography art work So as you could see, using the right font for a project makes a big difference Generally speaking, delicate and skinny fonts never seem to cut out very well I favor big, bold and audacious fonts for my cut projects On the other hand, if I’m using my Cricut pen to write something, those skinny fonts always look better So, it’s also important to weld any fonts with letters that touch one another, unless you think that you might need to adjust those letters later on individually, after you cut them out And be sure that your cursive fonts are touching to the extent that you want them to, by using letter spacing, and then weld, right? So having the power to add and use fonts is such a big deal You don’t even have to make subway art to appreciate the power of fonts Just try adding a name to your next project, set it in the font of your choice, and you’ll see how powerful this is You can personalize everything this way. (laughs) All right, so tomorrow I’m gonna show you how you can make perfect bows using paper, that’s right Don’t forget to send in your project ideas at And remember if you can tell me what you want to make I can show you how to make it Until tomorrow (bright, ukulele music)