Inside Justin Bieber's $17,000,000 Utah Vacation Rental

(soft music) (birds chirping) (leaves rustling) (beeping) (distant cheering) – Hi everyone my name is Enes and this is Mason And today we’re in Park City, Utah, and about to tour this incredible mountain estate right behind me A lot of celebrities rented this home over the years, including Justin Bieber and Taylor Swift And I’m not surprised because it’s one of the best ski in-ski out mountain estates we have here in the city Stats on the house, we’ve got nine bedrooms, 14 baths, 18,695 square feet of interior space, built on a 4.6 acre lot This property is currently valued at $17 million, and you can take 1/4th ownership of this home for $4,250,000 I’ll explain how that works later in the video And before we start our tour, I wanna thank Pacaso for inviting us out here and allowing us to tour the amazing listing (barking) Now let’s begin (soft music) (upbeat music) The house is situated on a 4.6 acre lot We have the private driveway coming down from the street level And right here we have the guest house, two bedrooms, one bath, three car garage, little over 2,000 square feet Unfortunately, we cannot tour the guest house because it’s currently occupied and we have the driveway taking us up to the motor court Fun fact, this entire driveway is actually heated So during the winter season, you never have to shovel any snow As we were coming up to the motor court, we can actually get a really good look at the exterior architecture of this home It’s beautiful They have a massive motor court here, carport on the side, kind of another wing of this house on this section, three car garage, really nice peaceful setting over here, super private, we’re surrounded by nature, snow everywhere I mean, it’s a really cool setting Now let’s talk about the exterior of this home We have a lot of exposed structural elements on the exterior and those structure elements are also exposed on the interior as well Lot of metal plates, turnbuckles, really unique architecture And I think it goes really well with the landscape of Park City Lot of windows bringing natural light in, and we have the sky bridge right here, which is one of the cool details Again, connecting the main house to this section of the home Exterior door access that gets you into the second floor And we have the main entry right here Let’s go inside Here we are at the entry, beautiful, solid wood door, and we have a lot of windows here bringing natural light into the entry of this home As I’m going up, I wanna briefly talk about the staircase design, beautiful woodwork It’s nice and wide And here we are at the landing of the third floor Now on my left hand side, we have the family room On my right-hand side, we have the kitchen And right behind me, we have the skybridge taking us to the other wing of the house, where we have the private office, gym and the spa It’s one of the coolest features of this home In fact, it’s right on top of the carport We’re gonna save that for later in the video Now let’s go this way and check out the family room On my left hand side, we have the bar section, and this is where we have the family room Immediately, let’s talk about these roof trusses We have these exposed beams, all connected to each other with these metal plates, bolts and rods and the architect of this home left these structural elements all exposed, which gives a lot of character, very specious and cozy room We have a lot of windows throughout the room and Mikey, can we pan up to the ceiling for a second? I even wanna show all those windows that we have right on the ceiling, bringing natural light in And let’s talk about this massive stone gas fireplace I mean, look at the size of this thing Incredible – [Mikey] Yeah, it’s really nice – And I love all the rustic woodwork throughout the fireplace as well And this living room area, guest access to an outdoor deck Let’s go check it out This is one of the many outdoor spaces this home has We have the gas fire pit right here Outdoor seating, A bit of a covered section I mean, look at the scenery It’s so cool – [Mikey] Yeah, And it’s incredibly quiet out here We’re not really used to it being an LA So last night was our first night staying here and it was, took a little bit of getting used to – No I know, but it’s so peaceful It’s so refreshing and I mean views are incredible And this is the other set of French doors

going back in to the family room Overall, great space, nice and open Fireplace, lot of stone elements and these exposed structural elements gives a lot of character to the space Now let’s go back to the hallway We have the staircase going down to the second floor and the fourth floor And we were back at the landing We have another massive gas fireplace here Beautiful stonework around This one is actually double-sided We have the formal dining room area on the other side, a bit of a seating area And Mikey, let’s get a close up This is the Olympic torch for 2002 Salt Lake Winter Olympics – [Mikey] Yeah, right next to it, we have a signed snowboard from all the American competitors too As we go around the house, you all are gonna see there’s a lot of cool little like staging elements, kind of art pieces around the house – Exactly, we’ve got a lot of rooms and art to see Now, as we go to this space, this is where we have kitchen Again, we have this beautiful roof truss design, also here as well And when I get a chance to talk with the owner, he mentioned it to me that he was inspired by the mining culture here in Park City, Utah And he wanted to design a home where he brought some of these industrial elements Thus, he came up with this exposed roof truss design, and he added all these metal plates to give a lot of character and warmth and embrace the history of Park City Very spacious kitchen Let’s start with the island setup We have this unique shape One of the sinks are located right here, dishwasher, dual elevation, contrasting countertops Right here, we have the other section of the kitchen with the microwave, plenty of storage As we go this way, we have the Thermador gas stove, pot filler, and we have Thermador commercial vent right above it And Mikey let’s actually, can you see right above the kitchen cabinets? It’s actually open – [Mikey] Yeah, I noticed that yesterday – It’s a unique detail And I’m gonna explain why they left it that way, once we go to the other side of the kitchen Going this way, I wanna show detail that I really liked God bless the soul of this person who came up with this idea, dishwasher that is actually positioned a little bit more elevated from the ground So when you’re loading up your dishes, you don’t have to bend down – [Mikey] Yeah, that saves a little energy And I gotta break in here and say real quick that you might hear me or Enes out of breath through this episode That’s because Park City is located 7,100 feet above sea level And we’re actually 1,800 feet above Park City So we’re at 8,800 feet right now – That comes out to 89 – [Mikey] 89 well, I’m bad at math (laughing) Anyway, you’re gonna hear us breathing hard, but we’re gonna get this done for y’all – We’re gonna try – [Mikey] Don’t go too hard on Enes in the comments (laughing) – You guys are never hard on us, but it’s a lot of house to tour, but we very excited Now we have a full-size freezer right here, extra storage, built-in ovens And this is where we have the fridge And let’s go this way for a second And we have the breakfast nook right here Kind of like a small kitchenette on this side One of my favorite details, dishwasher drawers – [Mikey] You love those dishwasher drawers – I love them, I love them This is our personal favorite probably There you go – [Mikey] Ooh, I actually didn’t even know that was there but – There you go, Sub-Zero ice maker – [Mikey] I wanna use that tonight – And we have another sink, there’s three things in this kitchen, which is incredible And we have another fridge on this side, freezer drawers, and this is the breakfast nook area Look at the views, incredible More storage on this side, we have the family room kind of like a TV area on this side Before we see that, let’s go this way Let’s get some fresh air So this is an outdoor deck off of your kitchen area We have the barbecue set up right behind Mikey Outdoor seating, outdoor dining area This section is a little bit covered and I mean, I’m gonna stop talking Let’s just enjoy this incredible view – [Mikey] Yeah, it’s really nice – So nice So peaceful And we have a little bit of snow, just mountain tops and it’s so peaceful It’s so quiet All right, now let’s go back into the house And right here we have the TV room Built-ins on this side where we have the TV, two windows above bringing natural light in Casement windows on this side, nice little cozy seating area And following the hallway, right at the end, we have a powder room right here, conveniently located for the kitchen and the TV room Now on my right-hand side, we have the staircase going down to the second floor and the first floor And before we go to the outdoor patio, I wanna show this detail, the left wall that’s kitchen, right? And this hallway has a lot of casement windows bringing natural light in And they didn’t bring the kitchen wall all the way to the ceiling because they wanted to benefit from this natural light coming in and actually filling the center of the home – [Mikey] Yeah, so that’s what you were talking about earlier – Exactly, that’s why they kind of left the short Now this is pretty cool

Let’s go outside We have this patio space facing the backside of the home and this is where we can get a closer look at the snow Pretty cool – [Mikey] Yeah, It’s not something we’re used to on these tours – No, we’re not But I mean, just look at the scenery It’s so peaceful, so cool And it’s nicely clad with stone on the floors Again, these are the casement windows bringing natural light into the hallway and we have another slider right here (door sliding gently) Opening up, back to the hallway Right in front of us, we have the formal dining room area, nice and spacious, ton of windows bringing natural light in And we can actually get a closer look at some of these beam and column details of this home I mean, look at the size of this thing – [Mikey] Yeah, and this, basically the same ones that we have over the dining room or the TV room and the living room – Exactly And I actually forgot to mention another detail These were all Great Salt Lake train tracks – [Mikey] Yeah, so they, the salt flats, about two hours from here, there used to be a train track running through there and you know, they just pulled them and used them as beams – Isn’t it cool Like your structure of your home is part of history – [Mikey] Yeah, it’s really cool – It’s really cool And let’s talk about this formal dining room table, sits 12 people, two chandelier’s above I love that they went with solid wood look And this is where we have the gas fireplace, double-sided fireplace off of the top floor (indistinct) – [Mikey] Yeah and just imagine Enes, we got the head of the table right here This is where Taylor Swift or Justin Bieber could have sat down and eaten their dinner – I know, I hope it was yummy (laughing) Overall, this is a great sized room Again, complimenting the third floor of this home The last part of this floor, we have a powder room right here, complementing the family room and staircase like I mentioned earlier, going up to the fourth floor where we have the master bedroom We’re going down to the second floor In fact, let’s go check that out next (upbeat music) All right, we have the second floor landing right here Nice stone floors Some built-ins, this door opens up to the three car garage And right here, we have one of the exterior doors and that’s where we have the motor court At the end of this hallway, we have two storage closets and a powder room for this part of the home You kinda have like a little seating-lounge area, very cozy I love the chandelier above Again, exposed structural elements Let’s start this way Let’s go toward the bar first I love how they clad the bar with reclaimed wood as well Copper countertops And Mikey let’s come in for a second You gotta appreciate even this part has a dishwasher – [Mikey] I love how the clad that with that kind of rustic looking wood as well – I know, I know, so cool There you go You get your fridge Some open shelving microwave and wrapping around, bar kind of continues We have another fireplace on this side Again, same finishes clad with stone with woodwork In fact, this home actually has eight fireplaces, which is crazy Although it’s over 18,000 square feet, how each space in this house feels very cozy and intimate This space opens up to the room here, where we have the movie theater Very spacious room I love how comfortable all the seating looks Dual elevation We have the projector right here, carpet floors I love how they clad all the walls with cloth finish And then the seating area here We have the screen on this side with some built-ins I mean, it’s a cozy, comfortable home theater – [Mikey] Yeah, and it’s really nice They have furs on the ground They have just one window, but I can imagine sitting in here with the snow falling outside, enjoying a movie or a TV show or something – I know it’s a cozy, intimate setting And I hope everybody is enjoying the video so far If you do, make sure to give us a like, if you enjoy our videos and you don’t wanna miss them, make sure to give us a sub as well Now let’s get out of the movie theater And this sitting area continues into the section right here, where we have the pool table, nice and spacious room We have the recess lights and this door actually opens up to a bathroom, but this bathroom actually connects to that bedroom So we’ll show it once we get to that bedroom And now let’s take this hallway and continue our tour And the first room on our right-hand side is the kid’s room This might be the coolest bedroom in the house I love how they have all these built-in bunk beds, spacious room, high ceilings, and other nice cozy setting We have some built-in closets right here and going this way, this is the bathroom I just showed it to you guys There you go That’s where we have the pool table, double vanity set up I really liked these conquered countertops with recycled glass in them

and stone floors at mosaic inlay, full walk-in shower, water closet right there Now let’s get up because this bedroom has another bathroom, which is on the other side Since you have eight kids here, you’re gonna need another bathroom, water closet, full walk-in shower, same finishes They use the lighter tone, concrete countertops here with recycled glass as well Now let’s get back to the hallway Right on the other side, we have the mudroom Now this is a proper mudroom because this is your ski in ski out access right here So when you come in, you have your skis You have all your clothes have snow on it So you’re not afraid to get the floors wet That’s why they have this stone finish here You put your gloves here, store all your shoes, all your stuff And this might be my favorite part You know, your boots are wet They have the system right here that blows hot air so it can dry your boots – [Mikey] And the last thing you want is to come out here the next day and have to put your feet in a wet boot – Last thing – [Mikey] And then you go skiing – That’s right Let’s show that access Mikey It’s really cool You go through this hallway and let’s open up this door Ooh, it’s chilly But there you go Actually, your ski access is kind of right here and you have a catwalk and you come to this edge right here, take out your skis, come up the stairs and access to the house – [Mikey] Yeah – Pretty cool Now let’s go back to the hallway We got a lot of walking in this house – [Mikey] And a lot of elevation to run out of breath – I know Right here, we have the staircase going down to the first level of this home And I wanted to point this out because once we were done with this level, we’re gonna be coming right back here to go to the lower level Continuing the hallway, we have another hallway here, full of storage closets And at the end we have the laundry room, two washers, two dryers, plenty of cabinetry for storage And on this side, we have a full bathroom, vanity set up right here Now at the end of this hallway, we have two guest suites and let’s start with this one right here Again, built-in closets And this is the bathroom for this guest suite Again, same finishes, wood tone cabinetry, full walk-in shower, casement windows, looking towards the incredible views and going out, we have the first bedroom right here Let’s immediately focus on this corner We have four windows, perfectly positioned for the view We have the bed on this side I mean, what else do you need? Super nice Now I really like this section We have the pocket door right here Two of these guest suites shared this kind of seating area Currently staged as an office, when I had the chance to talk to the owner, he mentioned it to me that he designed this room for his kids to share because he had his kids living on each one of these guest suites Built in section right here Again, views are incredible We have more built-ins on this side, another pocket door to seal off this bedroom right here Again, it’s kind of like a replica of the other bedroom We have this corner glass detail looking towards the other kind of wing of the house More incredible views, great ceiling heights, king-sized bed, casement windows I mean all really spacious guest suites We have all these built-in closets here, and this is the bathroom for the second guest suite, same style, vanity design And I really liked these concrete countertops They kind of have a retro feel to them and we have natural stone floors with the mosaic inlay and they use the same materials for the walk-in shower Also, I forgot to mention, throughout the whole home, we have heated floors, every single level, every room, every bathroom, which is great Lastly, really cool detail I love how they framed the mirror with these skis – [Mikey] Yeah, it’s really cool, I like it – And that’s just for the second floor of this home Now let’s go back to the staircase and tour the first floor All right everyone, here we are at the first floor I really like how they use the skis as part of the railing And they have this design kind of throughout the home And on this level we have three special guest suites Here’s a twist, The owners of this home were kind enough to let us stay in this house during the shoot and enjoy Park City for a few days So the next three rooms we will be seeing are the ones that we’re staying in Let’s start with this one first This is the first guest suite This is the one I’m staying in On this side, we have the full bathroom, natural stone countertops with chisel finish, same wood tone cabinetry is also here And they use these natural stones around the tub setup as well And we have a jetted tub, with handles and everything you need Now going in, this is where we have the bedroom Like I mentioned earlier, every single bedroom in this house is very spacious King-size bed, built in closets, ton of natural light And we have the slider opening up to the patio space In fact, let’s go check that out next Oh, it’s such a good day – [Mikey] Little crisp but I still only have a t-shirt on, but it’s nice – It’s super nice So we have this patio level right here shared by all three bedrooms that we’re gonna be touring

and little bit of an outdoor space Again, the views are incredible I’m just gonna kind of shut up and let you guys enjoy it because it’s so beautiful And going in, this is the guest bedroom number two So this one is Mikey’s room Again, very spacious, king size bed, built in closets And this is where he has his full bathroom Again, same finishes, natural stone countertops, full walk-in shower Mikey, what do you think? – [Mikey] I’m not complaining We’ve been here for several days now and it’s really nice I need a humidifier for the air, but other than that, it’s great – I know it’s really great It’s very peaceful I think it’s been really good for all of us to see in this setting here in Park City Third guest suite, this is where Jayson stays Incredible views We have the slider again, opening up to the patio Wood elements are also here Bed is situated on this side and really Jayson got the biggest bathroom too, look at this We have the same natural stone floors with the mosaic inlay all around it And they use the same stones also in the walk-in shower Very spacious And we have casement windows looking towards the view, dark wood countertops here Wood vanity kind of uniform finishes throughout the home Now let’s go up all the way to the fourth floor and check out the most important bedroom in this house, master bedroom All right guys, before we go up to the fourth floor, I wanna briefly reestablish where the master bedroom is That’s the landing of the third floor where we entered the property Formal dining room area, family room and this staircase is kind of located right in between Now let’s go up to the fourth floor All right, let’s go toward the master bedroom suite First room on our right-hand side is the office Might be the coolest office ever We’ve got a ton of built-ins here, peak where you can see your living room area and some of the exposed beams close by And we have more windows here looking towards the hill side Desk continues, and this might be one of the coolest art I’ve ever seen Super cool to have all these circuit boards here, It’s very unique Now back to the landing In the second room is where we have the master bedroom The scale, the volume and the warmth in this bedroom is incredible Again, on the ceiling, we have this exposed roof trusses, gives a lot of character to this bedroom A lot of picture windows and casement windows, all focused towards the views I mean, Mikey, let’s focus this section The framing right here, looking towards the hillside, looks incredible And we have the TV situated right here A bit of a seating area Lot of built-ins on each side And this is where we have the king size bed Again, a lot of warmth I like the carpet floors And overall you stay in this bedroom for the views, it doesn’t get much better than this – [Mikey] Yeah, it’s really nice – Now we have a door opening up to the master closet Again, very spacious We have ton of built-ins on this side, a bit of an island section right here, more built-ins on this side, hangers, drawers Now we have another door right here, opening up to the master bathroom, but let’s check this detail first, wash and dry, convenience I love this – [Mikey] That’s nice, right next to your closet – There you go Now we have the master bathroom here We’re gonna talk about that later Sorry, master shower, heated towel rack You got to have it Now first vanity on this side, Mikey, I don’t know if you can show this view Look at this view from the sink It’s incredible And actually, while you’re there, you can see the roof, better with snow – [Mikey] Still have a little bit of snow, it’s on the shady side So it hasn’t melted yet, but yeah, it’s really nice – And they have the same polish concrete countertops also here bit of a makeup area And here’s the detail I would like to point out, there you go, Mikey, can you get a close up right here? Every single vanity plug they painted with the same color as the concrete countertops – [Mikey] Actually didn’t even know what you’re talking about for a second Cause I couldn’t see it – Every single one of them So cool We have wall sconces here Same wood tone cabinetry, natural stone floors And we have the jetted tub section right here, built in mosaic steps and use the same concrete countertops, to clad the jet Again, incredible views of all these picture windows focused towards the view We get a balcony set up right here, which is really cool And another vanity set up Again, plugs are perfectly blended into the countertops and right in the center Let’s focus here We have the walk in shower I don’t need to go in there, but it’s massive We have the rain head, handheld, steam, everything you need Lastly, this part, let me turn on the light We have the water closet And we are back at the lending of the master bedroom Now, like I mentioned, at the beginning of the video, you can take partial ownership or this house for $4,250,000 So why don’t we go downstairs briefly talk about that, then go check out the skybridge and other wing of the house Now let’s talk about Pacaso Pacaso is a new real estate service where you can buy, sell and own a share of a second home like this one

and enjoy true ownership benefits for less costs and pretty much no hassle Pacaso is actual real estate property ownership, not like a resort timeshare Buyer’s, co-own a single-family home with no more than eight owners How does it work? From setting up the ownership structure, bringing together co-owner’s, property management, interior design and owner app to book the dates you would like to stay Picasso takes care of everything for you You can take a look at their current listings on their website Find the home you love and purchase a share Shares are 1/8th to 1/4th ownership Overall, it’s a very unique real estate service that makes second home ownership way more accessible for more people To learn more about Pacaso, you can visit their website at I’ll also leave their information down in the description Now we have the skybridge right behind me, let’s go check it out We’re back at the third floor landing, that’s the staircase And let’s talk about this skybridge design It’s right on top of the carport It’s a really cool space The idea behind this bridge is to change your mood and kind of leave the house behind you and go to this section of this house Same structural elements are also here While we have all these windows bringing natural light in We also have great views to look at on both sides That’s where we have the motor court and that bridge takes us to the best outdoor space this home has to offer Before we go there, why don’t we go downstairs Check out my favorite room in this house, the office All right now, and we have these rustic doors opening up to the office And on the other side, we have this exterior door opening up to the carport That’s our Denali right there So you can come straight to the office Let’s go check it out A lot of warmth with all the wood details I love this built-in section more built-ins on this side I mean, look at it You get a little fridge What else do you need? – [Mikey] We’ve been here for a few days And I’ve been wondering where you are This is where you’ve been hiding – This is where I stay I mean, this is where I spend most of my time I love how secluded it is Mikey knows this well, I like to work in peace I like to stay focused on my work So I mean, I would die to work in an office like this where this is my view – [Mikey] Yeah, yeah Really nice in here – Agreed So right below us, we have the gym complimented with the powder room and the level below that is a spa area where we have a steam shower, sauna, all opening up to an outdoor space where we have the spa in the center, a lot of stone details And it’s another nice private outdoor space here in this house Now let’s go back up and check out the sundeck All right, let’s talk about this upper space We have natural stone floors, outdoor seating area, fire pit in the center And it’s all about these incredible views I mean look at it – [Mikey] Yeah, this is pretty incredible I don’t know if y’all can see, but behind Enes we have a part of the ski terrain So you can see the little trails We don’t quite have enough snow for them to be open yet, but all around us, we have a ski lifts and we have trails for you to ski or snowboard on – Yeah, I agree It’s so peaceful and tranquil, and I’m glad we made the effort to drive all the way out here and tour this incredible property here in Park City, Utah And now let’s spend a few more minutes and learn a little bit about the city and the region Park City is a global destination for outdoor adventures, luxury seekers, art and cultural enthusiast and even some Hollywood elite The town retains the aesthetics of its early silver mining days and the central buildings nestled between mountains create a ski village with an old world, almost fairytale like quality Park City’s natural and architectural beauty are complimented by an array of cultural activities Most prominently, the Sundance Film Festival, which brings thousands of independent filmmakers, aspiring artists and Hollywood moguls to Park City’s main street every year Adjacent Skiable Train includes 7,300 acres of powdery slopes, 300 trails and 41 lifts across the Wasatch Range, making Park City, the largest ski resort in the United States The summer heat doesn’t dim the fun either Melting snow reveals hot Springs, endless forest trails, through which to hike, bike or ride horses Park City has been deemed one of America’s most beautiful towns by virtually every travel magazine And it’s not hard to see why It’s a bustling cute winter town by day and a dreamy winter Wonderland by night The house we just toured is situated in a private community called The Colony at White Pine Canyon, which overlooks the whole town At night, the surroundings fade away into a tranquil darkness that you can’t find in any city The home comes alive with a soothing orange light with all the fireplaces warming the estate It’s one thing to see the home through the screen, but to spend time exploring the surroundings and experiencing the home during the day and night gives us a new found appreciation for this wonderful town All right guys, that’s it for the video I hope everybody enjoyed it

If you did let us know in the comment section below, we’ve been planning to tour homes outside of California for a while now and Park City was our first choice Next week, we’re going to Lake Tahoe, California We’re gonna tour an incredible mansion there, if you don’t wanna miss that, make sure to subscribe to our channel, even hit the notification bell Also, if you want us to tour homes and other states or countries, leave us a comment down below And before we end this video, I wanna thank Pacaso for inviting us out here, allowing us to stay in this incredible home and share it with all of you I wanna thank the listing agent Thank you guys for watching and we’ll see you guys next week in Lake Tahoe (upbeat music)