Farming Simulator 2013: Ferguson System – Ferguson Pack By NI Modding – Mod Showcase | Part 1

alright hey guys me TC dudu Rob and I’m here I’m very very ill but I’m very excited this one they were been looking forward to for a long time it’s the Fergus impact by ni modding yeah our muddy so they’ve got a complete pack of Ferguson stuff and I hope you’re all excited as I am hi I can’t believe they released it like I think it was something like 2035 to 1125 past 25 past 11:00 at night or something so there’s no chance of me getting on it last night but I’m here this morning not as brightening is I like it’s actually about 10 o’clock but anyway I’m gonna get on so we have folks of all the t20 this is a complete pack of bought everything and we are of course on my let’s play map because I need that feel bailing and what what better way to bail it in an old school so we’ve got t20 the lovable little thing we have one of these in our workshop era wait awaiting restoration this winter and we’ve got the diesel one then we have the t20 of the loader and that’s a little spot lamp as well then we’ve got the t20 four-wheel drive matter little thing mm of the focusing dual Drive not sure if that’s a real thing I it must be here and I mind to make it but I’ve never never even heard of one to Lysol this pack let me have the t20 industrial this one is of course just you know doesn’t have a three-point link right – yes it does I can’t remember what the difference is between the industrial I’m pretty sure there any supposed to be tearing stuff but we could put a forklift on this one the main difference of course being the colour and the tires then we have the door wheels we’ve got some cage wheels and of course normal tires then we have Palatine muck fork and a bucket then we have a three-ton tipping trailer that’s actually really really pretty like the so she’s on that one remove a set of discs a drag Harrow drag cultivator and then two for apply out three for plow and a potato planter little Fergus someone and over here we have a fertilizer spreader slash cedar that’s a very cool little thing and then we have broken we have the sprayer being crushed by the muck spreader so the farm the Ferguson system is slightly flawed there and no idea I did that then we have the cutting bar mower 7-foot mower and a swather or a rake there was actually quite nicely detailed they may have the Ferguson baler it’s amazing how comprehensive this the focusing system was you know bail grab I mean it just has everything and a bale sledge Bale Forks real weight link box with seed and fertilizer and a low loader and finally and but great so it’s quite a comprehensive archive quite a comprehensive mod if you’re into article so let’s jump on the TE twenty it’s about what I expected excuse me very old school sound there’s nothing interesting as no eye sees there’s no control V to take the the real link that I like you can on the forgot the four forces got a spinning rate it’s been a radiator fun there all team so I saw 15 then flat-out says polish on the baler no we need to swat them first cuz I think they’re a bit of a mess see if I remember after work this piece of kit is worth that meteor don’t we go yeah it revs up nicely there’s no slowing down script like he gently comes to a stop fully see like a Denis would you guys like to see an old school let’s play I don’t mean old school I don’t mean no mix-and-match I mean properly old school Ferguson Ford forces the Ford conversions no anything like that old John they’re popping Johnnie’s that sort of thing if you do leave it in the comments because actually that sounds like a good idea to me anyway

so see how much of work it takes to swap them together I’m gonna say a lot just to prove a point that I remember how to use these yeah nice and simple and go quite quick as well that’s a you can see where it’s been a bit of a mess weather mowers weren’t quite happy with doing this job but I’m pretty sure these account converted and then like edited a bit I’m not really sure because well I think there was a Ferguson pact the old game so probably what that’s prob about probably what it is I mean I’m not a little complaining I mean it’s finally nice to have these things back oh nice to have these things because they’re so cool it’s a lot of work just because you know these are quite big swaths it’s gonna be even bigger now one of the beta is gonna handle it but so have enough tractors so we can leave this guy on this one but I’m not really sure I’d say these have me I think these are quite have some running problems but I’m not sure if that’s true because I’m using my let’s blame map and my let’s play map is you know just quite bad because I have a lot of mods so now we get another t20 just because we can just want to run that on the baler so here we go you fire you up they’ll be on the horn light yeah that’s quite boring ETO on for the bail sledge on I’m gonna miss that yeah I didn’t quite get that one there we go beautiful don’t know moving dials they’re moving anything so that’s what makes me think it’s just a comm I can work with a bit of fixing everything on whatever you want to call it but a cool mod it’s just how tiny is you know how we’re always struggling to get bigger stuff on this map and it’s just this easy so I’m gonna unfold it and what the counter looks like it’s an actual book yes yes just yes how and nifty is that right so how do you turn on you hope you have to do it manually oh right so so turn it on I have to blow the tail off that makes sense just right lower the pick up no is it pre lowered and he turned and he lower the pickup hitch that’s not very safe there’s no bail straw is there something else I have to get out and do ah yes yes yes yesterday manually of course so yes guys you have to get out and do do it yourself because there’s no hydraulic excuse me right now

let’s turn it on from inside and one aware this would block it off in real life see what speeds we can achieve but it’s already almost full that’s slightly unrealistic but look at the speed but we ought to slow it down a little bit uh I don’t know how many barrels this thing can handle whoa let’s open the gate well slowed you have to actually go to get it do my bidding I thought it was gonna be one of them although static things but I was obviously mistaken so this isn’t the best and they just sort of fall out but at least he’s getting everything I have a feeling labor and auto start trying to do a better job it’s a good thing on the best bail stacker ever so I can fix this that’s a lot right so speed one of your best bet for even some sort of neatness I guess you won’t really call it that it’s not a big fan of corners either apparently some look at the Sun look at the notebook and the boughs are we done 80 it is fairly difficult to do that let’s try again from the inside view – the pale we don’t like that much damn down down down down down no I’m going to come back for that what I missed here was it 200 215 for a full belt 220 for a full belt so this is obviously more design for and the claisen if you guys want to see an old-school let’s play then please do tell me cuz I think that’d be quite a cool thing to do got a nice way to say goodbye to this game sir it’s only a month month and a bit until it’s gone when it’s gone it’s gone guys as it started to get a little bit neater like when you turn corners and you know do stuff it sort of does arrange itself some somewhat but anyway it’s enough of bailing border that now turn you off put in 133 bales now I need to find a bail trailer I suppose you could use the and get a loader first we’ll just use this um this flatbed when we can do nothing stopping me there we go I don’t know how much this weighs and I doesn’t say it’s $5 a day to run it so it’s not like it’s not much so this this looks like it can hold probably 6 bales close the grab would be open it to that go away course plane here we go let’s see if I’m any good with this caught imagine I will be cuz

all the bells are in a mess excuse me right here we go if I can grab anything there’s even slightly neat I think I will have achieved everything okay me grab Oh is Otto stack sweet you see that I kneading it up so until it’s full it much does it keep going if I do this and get it in position and then I grab them it made another Bell disappear see if we can just grab that one on its own over there there you are there you go here we go so it’s also stack awesome awesome awesome awesome now we need to get a trailer the four-wheel drive will do still the same horsepower just four-wheel drive 20 of the finest British horsepower unlock the load so yes we can use it put a lock in script I’ll probably do part two of this showcase where I will do some Graham work after I finished bale in this field and yeah I do part two of this give me two parts the groundwork Elena’s gonna be field work so you know bailing this and stacking it in everything that’s gonna be part one part two is probably going to be a bit later on after I’ve done whatever I need to do today I haven’t really checked so that’s that’s unlocked maybe down here just give me I better leave it up here actually no yes no you leave it here just the note slide off I suppose you have to get on from the back yeah well make it slightly neat Rob come on what on the spotlights look like excuse me another cough there that’s quite cool so the stamen wants to obviously don’t have lights alright here we go once more oh that is almost beautiful I don’t like how it always rolls back though look anyone whose worth there what the stuff is pretty decent on the collage okay oh that is just perfect if I do say so myself so does this thing just Auto stack from whatever yes it does well done and I’m modding it doesn’t tell you how fun it is though they’ve got it you’ve got a percentage thing that really doesn’t work but like I said you hold 6 bales come on let’s try and do this in one like one sweet just because it’s so bad rolling backwards might as well just do it my like there’s no room for any more I’m just beautiful okay so it’s not very effective at

picking them up quickly you’ve got a sort of B jet nice and gentle with it they’ll work and it is nice to have it the auto stack I’ll just makes it so much better it’s so much easier hello in real life you well unless you add the Ferguson system you’ve probably had morning these I know a lot of people still do to this day but then obviously start this thing you start them in the fields or the machines and then if they don’t miss you another machine it’s in your stack and by hand at home there we go get those ones over there now you see that then yeah the little cylinders not happy we’re missing one assets cruise control one when when it’s collecting bells nice to know on the how hi let’s have a look at the reach on this thing and that’s quite high and it goes vertical there so you get quite a few we can do quite a lot with this thing so gots it we’ve got two loads that strike I see how she’s like so she’s like on the road see if these do actually lock yes they do the nice little bells as well it’s not bad stuck in funny you say so does this have a drawbar Mary doesn’t so this is gonna take a lot of bailing and stuck in with those a little baler that’s where spawns back then didn’t have as much land or they just didn’t complain I don’t know probably just didn’t complain I shouldn’t really be go out I wouldn’t be complaining now back in the 50s if I back in forties fifties fired brand new and the Ferguson system you just feel so privileged what you mean it’s amazing well used to say we did I want to forego the industrial alright let’s do it we can use this back at the farm to stop them so let’s go get the bail fork but we’ll be facing the other way sweet right they can unlock the veil and it’s Jane okay oh here we go operate masked left shift and that’s quite call it rose the engine as well good reach on it damn good reach then we can so we can push it forwards and backwards right so in the next episode guys it’s gonna be a long one I think the next one is we’re going to do a lot of groundwork so I hope you join me hope you enjoyed this and I’ll see later guys bye bye