How To: Streaming with Shoutcast and Winamp

hey guys grout crew here again after a few take outs and repositioning my screen I got this take care of alright this tutorial assumes that you have already installed and know how to use win app and to play music it also assumes that you have got the DSP plugin off a shoutcast website and installed it but if you do not have that please look at the website you have got this video on there is most likely going to be a link or a link back to my website with the information how to get those or just download links ok first we want I want you to open up win app I have about jumble of little windows but let me get sorted out into a little bit of a organized mess here first if you first I want you to open up your shoutcast these people again if you do not how to do this because you just installed it that is perfectly fine I am actually gonna run you through it let me go ahead and organize my windows here alright now if this is not that’s your DSP source at section not gonna be there when you first load it up you need to go to options preferences down here in plugins and go to DSP slash effect then you click on know soft shoutcast this one right here after you click that it should open up and I’ll drag it to a viewable location for you guys this this part is very self-explanatory it’s very simple to actually stream your own radio and it’s very easy to learn how and I hope you guys know how basically all you need to do is contact your administrator or whoever the administrator of your radio is and get the the information from them and if you could DJ or not basically my information from my server would be 192 let’s excited at 1 to 10 for the IP address and the port number would be 1 through 37 and then my password is chicken pickles this is just some random password that I thought of to connect to the stream then you want to set your encoder this is important because you want to set your encoder something’s not being used typically ones default but I set mine to 3 because I use output 3 so I want to use encoder 3 it doesn’t really matter how you have it organized I just did this for the tutorials sake you want to select your encoder type 2 three so a 10 B 3 and then change your settings the higher this number here the better it sounds but the problem is the better it sounds the more bandwidth is going to take I recommend for most shoutcast users to start around here and then make their way down if listeners complain that the stream is laggy most people would be either in this range you can be able to DJ in this in Philly and shout cat or play in the second life okay and it can go away down to here for really crappy quality but I recommend you to 128 96 or 64 our general ones to say around not 191 128 96 sound for good quality 64 sorts of and crappy quality I’m going to select 96 kbps or 96 kilobits per second because I know my my my network can handle at and that’s what I’m set to back over here after we have all this set up it should look somewhat similar like this we also want to go to the yellow pages and you want to set the description to your dj name mine’s gonna be DJ grout then you want set your URL i’ma leave my blank but you can type in a euro all you want it’s just a little reference URL for the administrator now after you that you want hit connect now say I have an error and I missed out my password it’ll tell them valid invalid password so you type that if you get the IP address report wrong it’ll take a few seconds to timeout but I got that correct so it’s going to automatically connect now if you’re not playing any music you’re not playing any anything at all then you’re going to have this just sentence your advice and that means you’re not playing anything at all right now I’m going to play a really quick song let’s see let’s just find something here I don’t know I haven’t listened to many this music much music here but we’ll just throw something out here this was good so as I start playing music you see this start going this means you’re basically streaming you’re putting music and putting sound on the air now the music plays comes fear there’s also other options you can do when app to use your voice chat on the radio like most DJ’s use you want to switch this to sound card input and you want to lock this down and when you talk it’ll be streaming your music or restring your voice excuse me you can this because the little bars right here are going up and down as I say things and this really doesn’t matter because if this is held down my configurations a little messed up but I usually leave some Mach and then I go switch back and forth so such as if this song is almost over I come up here once it over I would stop the song would go to sound card input and say hey guys DJ growl I’d be jig for you on my radio I hope you enjoyed my tutorials take a look at it please give me the tip jar if necessary that’s what sparked this next song we’ll go ahead and be Earthshaker

with odd world I hope you enjoy names groundcar you hit me up on second life and enjoy the show and then you switch this back there and just click play again that’s how easy it is DJ it takes a few seconds to get used to it but that’s it in a nutshell please visit my next tutorial and it should be over how to set up your own radio server without paying the high fees enjoy